Wikileaks Diplomacy Cables While Europe’s Students Rise Up

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ΩΩAssange and Wikileaks answers the government sex charges with an explosive charge: they are releasing previously secret cables and memos from the State Department which are chock full of funny stuff like how the US secretly ran a civil war against the Turkish government.  Also, the Irish are not smiling as their country goes steeply into debt to bail out the bankers and riots spread across the earth as many people suddenly realize, the enemy is the government and the bankers.  The PIIGS nations of Europe go down while Germany is increasingly unpopular, being a creditor, not a debtor nation.  And a quick look at the future for all workers: a robot factory that makes robots in Japan.


ΩΩThe news is rather dramatic.  The usual transformation of a hot global economy fueled by easy credit suddenly collapsing into a world of fear and potential wars, look at North and South Korea with the US pouring on gallons of gasoline!  And lots of riots and insurrections as well as a rise in crime, the seeming darkness is like any social/economic winter.  The rising discontent is a potent time bomb for aggression.  One of the many excuses for having a bloated military is, the best way to protect America is to control distant populations. In reality, this means suppressing civilian populations often in rather violent ways.


ΩΩThe history of US interventions in foreign lands is very heavily on the fascistic side.  That is, we consistently support and enable or even put in power, fascists who are also often ethnic cleansers.  It is no shock to see the US being the primary financial and military supporter of one of the ugliest fascist regimes on earth, Israel.  As US support grows, Israel gets more and more fascist.  This is true of Spain or Chile or Greece or any number of African nations.  That is, if anyone even slightly socialist wins any elections in any country we can control, our government overthrows it and replaces it with a fascist government.


ΩΩThe US military industrial complex is rapidly forcing the US into fascism.  One of the reasons why so many leftists are feeling betrayed by Obama is, he had to turn fascist when he walked into the White House.  The entire Democratic Party turns quite radically fascist when in power and of course, fully supports fascism in Israel.  The Democratic party is multi-racial, civil rights as a base for voter support but in action, is focused on justifying, expanding and enabling very racist forms of fascism (Zionism).  This contradiction is just beginning to break apart the Democratic party which gets most of its funding from Zionists but still has the increasingly passive support of blacks and is slowly being turned into a Hispanic power base which also happens to tend to be hostile to blacks.  I foresee this party breaking down entirely if the Zionist wing jumps ship and takes over the openly racist Republican Party.


ΩΩThe Democratic party leadership promotes illegal aliens and tries very hard to make us feel sorry for people who sneak into the country illegally.  Yet, when it comes to Israel, even the most blatant racism is coddled by the Democrats:  Israeli town launches campaign against foreign workers | Citizens for Legitimate Government





  • …Bnei Brak city hall begins public campaign against renting flats to migrant workers yet simultaneously employs them. 24 Nov 2010 Bnei Brak city hall launched a public campaign against renting flats to migrant workers and refugees two weeks ago, but it appears the municipality actually employs migrants, Haaretz has found. The city employs 10 foreign workers in its sanitary department through the subcontractor Ford Municipal Systems. The municipality, in confirming this, said all 10 had residence and work permits, and that it could not restrict the workforce under its current contract with the subcontractor.


ΩΩHere it is: subcontracting work to make it cheaper, hiring foreign or even illegal aliens to do the work while simultaneously not hiring the local Muslims who are very poor and kept locked in to ghettos.  And the Jews want these few foreign workers locked into ghettos, too!  Amazing, isn’t it?  Our entire diplomatic system is totally warped by supporting this racist society in Israel and this is why the Wikileaks release of diplomatic cables will be a real eye opener.



ΩΩThis is why Wikileaks scares our government yet again.  The uproar over the cables is causing our military and our state department to issue warnings that revealing our real communications will cause people to die.  This is rather amusing in a very dark way since many of our diplomatic dealings are actually double dealing with nations and this double dealing is causing many, many deaths already.  The Wikileaks site is down right now (surprise!) but their twitter feed is still up and running (but for how long?).  Here is a bit of this feed:  WikiLeaks (wikileaks) on Twitter



  1. UK Government has issued a “D-notice” warning to all UK news editors, asking to be briefed on upcoming WikiLeaks stories.
  2. US briefs Russia over embassy cables according to Moscow press.
  3. US briefs Iraq, Turkey over embassy cables according to AFP, Turkish media
  4. Poster: “One Word of Truth Outweighs the Whole World”
  5. Poster: “Intelligence needs Counter-Intelligence”
  6. Israel contacted by US Embassy in Tel Aviv over presumed pending release according to Haaretz



  1. Sky reports US Ambassador visits Downing Street in advance of Wikileaks document release
  2. NYT briefed the Whitehouse on Monday over Embassy Files: Now we see every tinpot dictator in the world briefed prior to release.



ΩΩI must applaud the bravery of the Wikileaks people all of whom live outside of the US empire.  Anyone within reach of our government is put instantly in prison with our fascists doing the usual thing fascists do:  US Congressman calls for Wikileaks whistleblower to be executed – We don’t like whistleblowers in the army | TechEye.Soldier in WikiLeaks scandal held in solitary confinement and is suffering every day just for releasing a video that shows clearly how a photographer and some people he was interviewing was murdered.  War crimes never phase fascists.  They fear exposure ever since the Nüremberg Trials.  This is particularly true with Zionists committing many war crimes:  Israel police under fire for abusing east Jerusalem children | Raw Story.


ΩΩBoth the US and Israel no longer even bother with pretending to be shocked when the veil of secrecy is ripped away and true war crimes are revealed.  Simple undiluted rage is the chief response.  Even our ‘liberal’ Presidents go on the warpath whenever brave souls reveal crimes.  This reversal of morals is now so total, it is not even remarkable.


ΩΩHere is a side story from Germany where a secret diplomatic document shows our previous President, Bush, is a total liar:  Classified Papers Prove German Warnings to Bush





  • It is facts like these that have helped stoke the outrage since Bush recently published his memoirs, “Decision Points,” in which he claims that Schröder — the very man who won re-election in 2002 in large part based on his opposition to the war — assured him in January 2002 that Germany would support the United States if it decided to go to war against Iraq. For his part, Schröder was quick to deny Bush’s comments, claiming instead that “(t)he former American president is not telling the truth.”


  • SPIEGEL has now obtained a previously secret copy of notes taken from a conversation in February 2003 marked “Classified Information — For Internal Use Only.”…The crux of the German argument was that the political costs of a war in Iraq would be “higher than (the) political returns.” While Rice predicted that Iraq would take advantage of the “opportunities for reconstruction” like the ones Germany enjoyed after 1945, the delegation from Berlin countered that the rapid establishment of a democracy in Baghdad was “not (to be) expected.”


  • The Germans also predicted that the real beneficiary of a war in Iraq would actually be Iran, and that a US-led attack would further complicate efforts to reach a solution in the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians.


  • Likewise, they prophesized that going to war would precipitate a “terrorist backlash.” Scharioth stressed that it was important “to win over the hearts and minds of the Muslim elite and youths,” according to the notes, and that this was “not to be achieved” by going to war. He also added that doing so would greatly increase the danger of prompting an “influx to Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism.”


ΩΩBush can’t tell the truth about anything since he is a criminal even in his youth.  His drug crimes were covered up, his going AWOL was hidden as much as possible, his cheating in school by using his DKE connections to have other people write papers or his fraternity gave him answers to test questions, etc, he rode through life on a raft of lies.  He can’t help it now. For example, his dragon of a mother was always for birth controls and was a big honcho in birth controls to prevent the birth of ‘defective’ children yet he ran into office on the back of the born again anti-birth control mob so he reflexively kow tows to them at every turn.


ΩΩHe got so used to this, he even claimed in his book, his mom kept a fetus of one of Bush’s siblings in a jar to scare him about pregnancy issues!  This totally insane ‘memory’ is simply a sop thrown reflexively to the born again Christians he courted so heavily in the past.  His mom had to demand he retract this fake story and even then, he couldn’t do it very well since he has no real memories of anything thanks to a lifetime of being a drunk.


ΩΩRight now, the government is in hysteria about the release of cables hurting our image but I remember how Bush and his gang and all of our gangsta media went after Schroeder of Germany and even more, after France for defying our desire to invade Iraq illegally.  Since then, more fascistic leaders replaced the ones defying the US and our government was much happier. But as the populations of these nations rise up against the domestic economic policies of these leaders, the US already has gone against the right wing in our previous election only to be betrayed by the Democrats who took over all three rings of the DC circus only to turn instantly into Republicans.


ΩΩThe US diplomatic disaster is merely a symptom of the great underwater changes going on in the world.  China, Russia quit dollar in trade settlement – People’s Daily Online: this is fairly big news since the entire premise of our entire financial system rests on the floating fiat currency game set into motion by Nixon in 1971.  This presumes that all international deals have to be done in US dollars.  And we could order countries to change values of their currencies via negotiations coupled with FX markets.  The FX market in 1971 was rather small.   Nearly didn’t exist.  But today it is immense and is responsible for unbalanced trade, the suction of dollar creation feeding mainly international currency dealers and filling foreign FOREX holdings to the bursting point.


ΩΩIt seems that the solution the US is choosing in the FX markets is to flood it relentlessly with endless paper dollars as electronic digits (shades of total hyper inflation lurking in the wings!  Don’t even have to print the loot!).  The other solution is to sail many US war ships next to hot spots so we can provoke a violent reaction.  This works like magic!  Examples abound: the US Maine sent to Cuba blows up most likely due to improperly functioning boiler.  Voila: a war!  The Vietnam war escalation also was a great ‘sitting duck’ opportunity.  All our major wars began with a ship being attacked or the sinking of various ships.  This is why the US likes to shove ships into situations that egg on attacks and then leads to a war.


ΩΩThe reason why we have to show more caution with our ships is due to their propensity for triggering wars.  Right now, the US is sailing right next to China while our President verbally blasts away, thumping our chests exactly at the same time South Korea and Japan are also making territorial claims that are quite aggressive.  So of course, Russia and China will do various things that draw them closer which is a total diplomatic catastrophe for the US since this is a huge alliance.  This is no small matter.  It is huge and the US pushed this into being by being too aggressive on behalf of our allies, especially the allies who run the biggest trade surpluses (aside from China) with the US.


ΩΩAs the US dollar is used less and less to settle foreign trade deals, the euro confederacy is teetering on the edge of annihilation and the only ones who can enforce it are the Germans and this makes them very unpopular with the rest of Europe:  European Commission slams Merkel over euro comment | Deutsche Welle |



  • The European Commission on Wednesday rejected German suggestions that the bloc’s common currency was in danger. A spokesman for the EU’s economic and monetary affairs commissioner, Olli Rehn, insisted that the euro was a “stable” currency and that its continued existence was not threatened by eurozone debt or banking crises.


  • He was reacting to a statement by Angela Merkel, in which the German chancellor said Europe was in an “extraordinarily serious situation.” Merkel said Germany’s support for Ireland was conditional on Ireland “making clear what steps (it) must take to get back on a path of stabilization.” Merkel added that Europe should have the “courage” to set limits on markets by ensuring that private investors bear some of the risk of future eurozone bailouts.


ΩΩThere are several layers to this piece of news.  One is, Germany is a creditor nation like Russia and China and thus, has power over the other, debtor nations.  Secondly, the German public wants to see the traders and bankers lose some skin in this game, indeed, the idea of skinning all of them is quite popular in the public mind, but the rich people who own the various political parties in the NATO nations hate being skinned so they want to skin the entire population to pay for the collapse of the banking system…and in order to stay in power in Germany, the leaders there have to side with the voters, not the super-rich.


ΩΩThe euro catastrophe seems nearly unavoidable.  If the dollar goes down the tubes, it has to be replaced with some currency and so far since 2005, this has been the euro and this is why the euro has shot up against the dollar.  Ditto, the yen.  But this kills the export power of Europe and the EU, not the US, is the world’s biggest economy.  So of course, it will displace the dollar.  Only problem here is obvious to me: the entire US can be held hostage for our banking messes but in Europe, it has to be done country by country, not the entire EU all at once.


ΩΩThis is very significant: the main way of insuring the value of a currency and the payment of bonds issued by bankers in bubbles is the ability to strip all value of all things held by all people of a sovereign country hostage to paying off the debts!  In Europe, this has to be done piece-meal which makes it infinitely harder and more likely, various nations would rather default and not bother with paying anything at all.  Whereas, individual cities and states in the US can go under but the Federal government will still take what is necessary to pay off everyone in the bitter end.


ΩΩThe EU has no army that can go into say, Greece, and seize all the assets and heavily tax the populace.  In the past, the US did this via military coups.  But according to EU rules, a country can’t use this form of dictatorship solution.



ΩΩGermany Dismisses European Plan to Double Emergency Bailout Fund –





  • The European Commission floated a proposal Wednesday to double the size of Europe’s €440 billion ($588 billion) bailout fund for indebted euro-zone countries, but the idea was quickly dismissed by Germany, according to people familiar with the situation.


ΩΩ Germany has no desire to be the one responsible for all of these financial problems because Germany has no military power over the other EU states.  So there is no motivation to make the sacrifices and have the German people stripped of all of the value of their assets to fix the financial messes in other countries.  This has led, paradoxically, to Merkel’s Reputation on the Decline in Europe.  The Europeans want the Germans to fix things (Germany being a solid creditor nation with a very large asset base) but they don’t want the Germans to dictate terms and Germany is trying to pretend to be merely a small part of the EU when it is actually a potentially hostile foreign power out to protect its own precious sovereignty.


ΩΩThe fracas over the US diplomatic cables is due mainly to information coming out proving the US runs many ethnic war schemes against even allies such as Turkey.  The decimation of entire economic bases of many countries is a long-running US policy for gaining power and leverage over populations and in particular, natural resources.  Europe absolutely seethes with ethnic/language/religion identity problems and this was papered over by EU economic wealth.  Now that it is turning into a looting expedition as bankers seek to restore capital by basically stealing the value of all assets of all the people who own something such as land or businesses, we see an absolute volcano of potential hatred suddenly erupting all over Europe and aimed at Germany.  From Der Spiegel:


  • Ever since the sovereign debt crisis began shaking the euro zone, Germany has been the target of criticism more frequently than it has in a long time. And the image of the chancellor has been badly blemished. European papers these days are full Merkel, looking tight-lipped and severe.

  • In the middle of Europe’s crisis, the former image of the ugly German — all-powerful and arrogant — has returned. Groaning under the weight of the euro crisis, Ireland sees itself as a victim of German conceit. The Irish press writes of “neo-colonialism.” One of the largest newspapers in the country, the Irish Independent, quotes Fine Gael politician Michael Noonan, saying: “Can I ask whether this is what the men of 1916 died for: a bailout from the German chancellor with a few shillings of sympathy from the British chancellor on the side?”



ΩΩThe Germans are getting quite angry with the Irish.  It was the Irish PM who said the government of Ireland was going to cover all losses of the international bankers!  As the Der Spiegel graphs clearly show, Ireland’s plunge into bankruptcy is due entirely to the bank bail out.  Ireland was in the black, financially, until the bail out.  It is three times the size of the nation debt!  Greece, Portugal and Spain will show a similar sudden rise in national debt as they, too, go under.  This isn’t the fault of the Germans.  It is how our international banking system was structured when various nations decided to get rid of sovereignty and then attract foreign investments by acting as if they were Queen Elizabeth II’s many pirate islands.



ΩΩThat is, little to no corporate taxes, no border controls on finances or movements of money, no taxes on bankers, etc.  All of these countries forgot one important detail: the many tiny pirate islands are…tiny islands with virtually no real population and much of the other population is transitory, not citizen and thus, the capital base of these tiny islands is nearly zero so if the bankers goof and go off the cliff, they can’t force say, Bermuda or even the smaller Cayman Islands to pony up and make good these losses!


ΩΩBut when major countries with large populations emulated the banking systems of the pirate islands, they sank their own ships!  That is, the people were seized as hostage for the losses and now must make good even if this means being very poor for more than a few decades!  OUCH.  Of course, this cries out for insurrection and revolutions and we will see if Europe will use military power to force these poor people to surrender all of their economic value to the bankers.


ΩΩIreland unveils bailout plan | Business |

  • The plan includes tens of thousands of public sector job cuts, phased increases in the VAT rate from 2013 and social welfare savings of €2.8bn (£2.37bn) by 2014. But there will be no change to Ireland’s low corporate tax rate.


ΩΩThe VAT is a very regressive tax.  Income taxes are no good if millions of people are being shoved into total poverty.  But since even the poor must eat, taxing everything else is most useful.  The best tax of all would have been the cap and trade tax which was entirely a tax on energy which had the added luxury of being the basis for a huge derivative contract casino based on vapid ‘pollution’ trades for buying up world forests or having countries claim private forests as national assets.


ΩΩNote how the Irish asset seizure plan excludes corporations!  THEY won’t be taxed at this emergency rate!  No sudden, catastrophic tax hikes on them!  The excuse is, if they were taxed, they would move to other countries that don’t tax and since corporations and money are extremely mobile (except this won’t be true once China sets in to motion their final stages of the 50 Year Plan!) the ability to tax these assets is vanishingly small. Whereas, property owners and citizens are a bit less mobile.


ΩΩOf course, young people who aren’t married or own homes are mobile and do flee their homelands when this sort of vicious wealth harvesting is underway!  But they have to flee to somewhere that wants them and in global economic downturns, there is nobody.  This was true in the Great Depression, for example.  Hell, inside of countries, cities and states were desperate to keep alienated and homeless fellow citizens out!


ΩΩIrish want political overhaul; end to cronyism | Reuters





  • In his book “Enough is Enough: How to Build a New Republic”, Irish journalist Fintan O’Toole said Ireland could not emerge from its current crisis without breaking the link between big business and politics. “There has been no attempt to deal with — or even acknowledge — the toxic nature of the intertwining of politics and banking, and thus no move to destroy the political culture that led to the crash,” he said.



ΩΩEveryone loves a bubble and everyone (except for the bankers) hates the high taxes that recapitalize the bankers after a bubble bursts.  Now, there are people who say, governments should directly issue money and set the terms of loans (interest rates) but this doesn’t solve the problems at all since no one is happier to run printing presses to be popular than democratic governments.  The only governments that can also issue money seems to be dictatorships like the communist party rule in China.  The government unilaterally tightens credit to prevent inflation and bubbles and even then, it is quite difficult if outside money is flowing into the system.


ΩΩThe cash for clunkers program in the US increased our national debt which we must pay off and it was a total catastrophe for the US taxpayers as well as feeding our trade rivals at our own expense:  Car Allowance Rebate System – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  • On August 26 the DoT reported that the program resulted in 690,114 dealer transactions submitted requesting a total of $2.877 billion in rebates.[1][11] At the end of the program Toyota accounted for 19.4 % of sales, followed by General Motors with 17.6 %, Ford with 14.4 %, Honda with 13.0 %, and Nissan with 8.7%.[1][12] It led to a gain in market share for Japanese and Korean manufacturers at the expense of American car makers, with only Ford not taking a significant hit.[13] Meanwhile, Japan’s own program excluded U.S. cars.[14] The Department of Transportation also reported that the average fuel efficiency of trade-ins was 15.8 mpg (miles per gallon), compared to 24.9 mpg for the new cars purchased to replace them, translating to a 58% fuel efficiency improvement.[1]


ΩΩSo, not only did we strengthen trade rivals and killed more US jobs, we had to pay for this via increasing our debt load.  And of course, the doubling of the national debt in less than 5 years is due entirely to the US simultaneously running several wars while propping up much of the global manufacturing and banking systems by dumping all losses into our national debt, to be paid by severe future cuts in social services and higher taxes.


ΩΩThis is already happening in England with riots and dissension growing in leaps and bounds:  Labour to stage Commons debate on tuition fees on Tuesday | Politics |




  • The shadow cabinet has agreed to stage the debate after two mass demonstrations in London and a growing outcry at the way in which the government is handling the issue….Lib Dem MPs know they are taking a hammering in what was once their power base of young voters and students….It is often the case that the opposition-led debates tend to lead a divided government to reunite against a common political enemy. But there will be some Lib Dem MPs who are likely to abstain, or find themselves under further constituency pressure.  As many as 15 Lib Dem MPs have said they will oppose an increase in fees.


ΩΩNormally, these demands for hearings would unite a party in power but in this case, the Tories did not win a majority and had to make a deal with the very stupid leaders of the Liberal Party which then tagged along as the Tories did what Tories always do: spark insurrections due to draconian cuts to social programs.  Now, the Liberals have to either vote to continue doing this or leaving the government and letting the entire enterprise collapse.  Of course, if the population gets entirely out of control and blood flows in the streets, governments do collapse.


ΩΩTypical of British Tories, the fascist right wing Republicans here are egging on exactly this sort of ‘blood in the streets’ activity here with the expectation that the military and police will side with them and kill fellow citizens with impunity.  This, then, cows the rest of the population into handing over their wealth to fund banking losses.  At least, this is the expectation.  Of course, the history of revolutions is quite clear: the minute the military joins the revolution, the leaders fall rapidly.  Right now, in the US, the right wing is quite powerful and itches to kill fellow Americans.  So I don’t see them uniting with any mass demonstrations.


ΩΩOf course, in our case, the GOP does’t run our government entirely, yet, so if right wingers demonstrate against Obama and the collapsing remnants of the Democratic alliance, the police will turn a blind eye if these demonstrators attack Democrats.  But the left is thoroughly cowed since they can’t demonstrate against Obama yet they also don’t like or support him or his ilk anymore.  They are demoralized by the betrayal of ‘change’ promises.  The knowledge that Obama is owned by the same bankers who are looting Ireland and England depresses the left.  But if a GOP President takes over and accelerates the looting, this will cause a major eruption of leftist anger like what we see in Europe.


ΩΩAs these two screen shots from the BBC show, riots are spreading all over Europe:  BBC News – Italian student protesters occupy Leaning Tower of Pisa


  • Italian students protesting at education reforms have targeted two top tourist attractions, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum.  Tourists were moved away as some demonstrators hung out a banner from the top tier of the medieval tower while hundreds more stood by on the ground. In Rome, students jumped over turnstiles to protest briefly inside the ancient amphitheatre.


ΩΩItaly has been run by a media mogul for a number of years.  He has so many sex scandals attached to him, he should run as a GOP governor like Mark Sanford who won re-election after sex scandals.  It is all rather sad, actually.  Italians put up with a great deal of sex with teens scandals while the Pope sits in his little jewel box, blurting out ‘Yes, you can’t have a condom, you can’t have a condom today’ as he swings back and forth on the issue of whether semen is precious or should be prevented from entering every vagina.  Meanwhile, Italy teeters on the edge of total destruction.  Like Greece, it does have a lot of goodies that can be hijacked by bankers as ‘credit’ that is, lots of things of historical value. Traditionally, the Italians and French raid the Vatican in times of financial difficulties.


ΩΩMaybe they will do it again.  Lots of great historical loot there, lots of valuable artwork that could be auctioned off.  After all, when China’s government fell in the 19th century, the palaces of the Mandarins were systematically looted.




ΩΩHere is a rich guy in England whose wealth is being protected by the government, telling the truth about how the rich feel about ‘democracy’:  Party funding: major donors expect to gain influence and shape policy, inquiry told | Politics |





  • People who make large donations to political parties expect to gain influence and shape future policy and it is “absolutely natural and unobjectionable” for them to do so, a former major Tory donor told an inquiry today.


  • Stuart Wheeler, the self-professed largest ever donor, at one point making a single donation of £5m to the Conservative party, today called for the cap on donations to be lifted and dismissed allegations that the big donor culture has made politics less fair, saying: “Fairness isn’t the be all and end all.” He also claimed it was “an assault on freedom” of the wealthy to prevent them spending their money as they please.



ΩΩSeems our own Supreme Court agrees with this philosophy.  Certainly, AIPAC and the GOP also endorse this.  The rich believe in personal freedom and the right to buy a government that pleases them the best.  Of course, the main reason he and his buddies are spending money on political parties is so they can avoid paying taxes while imposing enormous taxes on the rest of the populace so the assets and deals made by these rich people can be fully protected from all losses!  This is just jaw-dropping.


ΩΩThis isn’t just a student protest. It’s a children’s crusade | Laurie Penny |







  • “We can’t even vote yet,” says Leyla, 14. “So what can we do? Are we meant to just sit back while they destroy our future and stop us going to university? I wanted to go to art school, I can’t even afford A-levels now without EMA [education maintenance allowance]”.  I ask her who she thinks is in charge. Her friend, a young boy in a hoodie, grins at me, gesturing to the front of the kettle, where children are screaming “shame on you” and throwing themselves under the police batons. “Us,” he says.


  • This is a leaderless protest with no agenda but justice: it is a new children’s crusade, epic and tragic. More fires are lit as the children try to keep warm: they are burning placards and pages from their school planners. A sign saying “Dumbledore would not stand for this shit!” goes up in flames.


ΩΩThe adult political parties all ignore the concerns of the children.  This is true nearly everywhere.  I noticed this when I was a young student.  Much of the adult agenda is to hold onto previous privileges and income streams. In the US, milking the young for income by driving them all deep into debt before they even begin working, has been totally accepted and so far, the youth have not united on this at all.  But eventually, when the government openly seizes the remains of their incomes to pay for our hyper-deep in debt empire, maybe the young and old will unite.



ΩΩMeanwhile, in South America:  Brazil Marines join slum battles, 30 people killed | Reuters.  Several months ago, this was the game plan in Jamaica and it has been full out warfare in Mexico for the last year.  Drug profits do feed the banking system but it also means a loss of sovereign control for the state and illegal drug smuggling can’t be seized by the state to fund systems like we see in say, Ireland.  And in general, drug smugglers prefer to be armed and fight back.


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  1. nah

    Great article… your right, we are either spreading facism/oligarchy or its just something to expect from the future… a planet of government induced swindles dis-empowering the people in the name of a state designed to prosper under cronyism and lies… teaching our children they are just eaters to be carbon taxed out of existence, the government must decide your fate, your economy, your money, your job, your credentials… and even then they can label you a child molester if you make a peep about it.
    LIKE WIKILEAKS, the site is boaring but the news is awsome… its obvious that 20yr wars are fucking stupid, so what HAVE we been up to for say 10 years.
    We got somali kids in Oregon planning car bombs… so 1 billion muslims and then what… we win/they loose a 20 year war… imean we own the cities in afghanistan at will, and they want us to leave or what… 10yrs and its still full of terrorist threats???
    Wikileaks knows something i can smell it or hear it or whatever
    Europe should rise up, if the Governments wants ‘reparations’ CUZ WE ARE 2 STUPID FOR BANKS… lets go broke its all a lie anyways
    The Constitution of the United States provides no venue for this corruption, therefore it must end. The deflation/hyperinflation/total collapse/jobs debate is meaningless, these banks are operating way outside of the intention of our constitutional sovereignty. It is fair to say the intellect of Blankfein is novice to that of say Jefferson for good reason.
    Our markets empower and promote bad government, and undermine rights of citizenship at every turn.
    Wana know why the elite dont have my respect? Cuz they didnt earn it and i dont care what they do with the money they stole from the US Treasury.

    Vote for Wikileaks, justice, and the American Way

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    fight fight…. fight
    we need soem of r embended VDOs toots

  3. nah
    Nov 27, 2010 9:01am EST
    To who do the Irish banks owe the money.
    Banks all around the world owe huge amounts of money to these mysterious lenders who are never named.
    Who are the moneylenders that taxpayers all over the world are paying. It would be nice to know who is getting our money.
    Why is this a secret?
    Is there a plan or just mo’ money for the extreme gouging… risk/reward is a idea?

  4. zooey

    In the comment section there is a link to the exact benificiaries of the next 3-4 generations of Irish sweat.

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    @ Elaine

    Re: Wikileaks Diplomacy Cables While Europe’s Students Rise Up

    US as the modern Imperial Rome is symbolized by the article and emblems below.
    I suggest Wikileaks represent covert rebellion from within the bowels of Pentagon by Americans of conscience.

    Your “leaderless revolt” is spot on and very “Spartacus” as in the revolt of slaves in imperial Rome.

    I hope the Spartacus analogy ends differently because the revolt of slaves ended with their crucified corpses lining the Appian Way.

    Good riddance to US Empire and fascist bankers and politicians everywhere.

  6. PowerToThePeople

    “Now, there are people who say, governments should directly issue money and set the terms of loans (interest rates) but this doesn’t solve the problems at all since no one is happier to run printing presses to be popular than democratic governments. The only governments that can also issue money seems to be dictatorships like the communist party rule in China.”

    If you read the true history of money, such as found in Zarlenga’s “The Lost Science of Money,” I imagine you’d feel differently. He gives numerous examples of how government supplied money *for the benefit of the people* is far superior to privately created money. When the US Treasury issued money, they never issued more than they were allowed by law to issue. It got the US through several wars without incurring debt.


    ELAINE: ALL of his examples are pure bunk, totally bogus.

  7. nah

    so the national debt is like what 13 trillion lies
    A “Who Is Who” Of Countries About To Fund The IMF’s Bail Out Of Europe
    tell me how these banks havent stolen 10% of everything and are charging us 5%+ interest on everything else… who are these ky assholes… why do they represent US
    100 billion is still alot of money, even if its being stooged on europe… banks my ass more like fools and thieves

  8. if

    The Korean Peninsula seems to be on the brink of war as reports indicate North Korea has deployed surface-to-air missiles near its disputed Yellow Sea border with the South.

    “(The missiles) appear to be targeting our fighter jets that fly near the Northern Limit Line (NLL),” a South Korean official said on condition of anonymity, referring to the Yellow Sea border, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported on Sunday.

    According to the report, the North has deployed the Soviet-designed SA-2 missiles that have a range of between 13 and 30 kilometers.
    The South Korean sources also report that the North has deployed Samlet and surface-to-surface Silkworm missiles as well on its western coast with ranges of up to 95 km.

  9. PowerToThePeople

    “ELAINE: ALL of his examples are pure bunk, totally bogus.”

    Please, enlighten us and debunk his examples, then. Talk is cheap. It’s easy to be lazy and overly critical. You’re very good at it.


    ELAINE: All the examples such as the Revolutionary war money printing and the Civil War paper shows clearly that governments print paper money to have wars and this leads to INFLATION and when done in peace time, also leads to INFLATION and during the last 90 years our money has lost about 90% of its purchasing power. Eh? Where are the good examples of paper money based only on government fiat work? I see none.

  10. FireStar


    Judging the character of the diplomats from the data released by wiki leaks can be a futile exercise if you ask me. We are not privy to the exact circumstances under which these cables were sent or the original and real intent of the sender.

    May be he was trying to defy and thwart 24 X 7 pursuing digital stalkers, by pumping out fake data and adopted an unconventional tactic to throw off these snooping forces. Any strangers reading such communication without understanding the real situation and the mental duress of the sender, can only be misled.

    In a nutshell, you cannot judge CORRECTLY the character of the diplomat who was writing those dispatches from the front lines when you read and draw conclusions from them without the real context.

  11. Wu Wei

    Hey PowerToThePeople!

    Ems said on Zarlenga “ALL of his examples are pure bunk, totally bogus.” yet provides not one single argument as to why they are bogus? Why? Because she has NONE.

    People, the “real EMS” you are looking for is called Ellen Brown, Henry CK Liu, Stephen Zarlenga, Alexander del Mar!

  12. emsnews

    Well, fortunately for me, I don’t live in delusions. I puzzle about this all the time: why do humans love lies? Proof of this is all over the place beginning with religions. Our lies are dear to us because it allows us to ignore reality and this seems to be a #1 priority for humans.

  13. PowerToThePeople

    There can be many causes of “inflation,” defined commonly as a rise in prices or a loss of purchasing power, or a decline in the strength of a currency, but most accept it as an increase in the supply of money chasing the same amount of goods. On one hand, you claim “the government” caused our dollar to lose it’s purchasing power (“inflation), yet don’t acknowledge that the benefits of such “money printing” benefit those with the power to create it – the privately held banks. Did the fed bail out the people? HA HA HA. Nope, they created money to bail out their owners, the banks. It didn’t benefit the people much at all. In fact, it was quite harmful, as it increased the “debts” owed by our country, meaning every taxpayer.

    Leaving aside for a moment the erroneous notion that money creation always leads to inflation, let’s consider who should benefit from money creation. Should it be the banks? or should we create money for something productive that benefits all of society? Such as your favorite – solar homes, or infrastructure, or health care, or social security? If anyone is going to create money, it should be the government, and it should be for productive things that benefit all of society. Money rightly belongs to the people, not the parasites running our current money system.

    “The government” is NOT responsible for the loss of the value of our currency, because the corrupt bankers who run everything are responsible for money creation. The PRIVATELY HELD federal reserve, and the banks which create money as debt in our fractional reserve system are the ones who created too much money, caused numerous bubbles, and destroyed its value since 1913 (and long before)!

    Looking beyond the important matters of who is responsible for creating too much money and who should benefit from money creation, let’s consider some of the factors causing inflation during a few periods when the US government supplied money.

    Congress authorized $200m of continental currency, and never exceeded that amount.
    During the revolutionary war, England counterfeited HUGE amounts of “continental” money, purposefully destroying it’s value. Jefferson estimated they counterfeited at least $200m! In peacetime before the war, it led to much prosperity in the colonies. When England stopped allowing the colonies to use issue their own paper money, the people rightfully revolted. Also, money created for non-productive activities like WAR is more inflationary than that created for productive purposes. Regarding the civil war, there would have been inflation regardless of whether or not there existed “greenbacks” or not. Greenbacks saved us from borrowing our own money from banks, and racking up a huge national debt, like we did in wars like WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War, and Afghanistan Wars.

    And you cling to gold to protect us from inflation? Please. When Spain committed unspeakable acts in “The New World” for the purpose of stealing all their gold and bringing it back to Europe, the existing gold money in Europe lost much of it’s value. And what about deflation and who benefits from the gold standard? It’s the (rich) people holding the gold that make all the rules! If they want to hoard gold, guess what, no money for the people and deflation for the masses!

    Money is too important to let private people increase and decrease the supply at whim. You really can’t see the millions of people who died throughout history because of private control of money?

    Aristotle was right. Money exists only by law. All money should be fiat. It should exist in the public trust, and should benefit the people.

  14. PowerToThePeople

    “Why do humans love lies?” For you, part of it is because you love the Watchers. For most, they remain ignorant because of misinformation or laziness, and because they want to believe something that makes them feel good (that fits with their pre-existing notions of the world). I hope nobody truly loves lies, except those people that are truly evil and deceitful.

  15. Wu Wei

    PowerToThePeople, amazing posts!

    It is not fiat money that is to blame. It is the PRIVATE issuance and control that is to blame.

  16. emsnews

    Good gods, the Continental Congress issued money backed by NOTHING AT ALL and this includes the usual stuff that backs money (all the wealth of a nation). THIS IS WHY THE GOVERNMENT COLLAPSED!!!!!

    And had to be immediately replaced. Believing that this money creation game back then was a success except for evil people screwing up the printing of the money is childish.

    Again: all of history all together proves clearly and without the slightest doubt that money printing by governments always leads to degrading of the value of the currency. Always. There is only one barrier to this happening and we are seeing it in China: the government crushes the ability to make loans in various ways! See?

    After all, most loans which is rank money creating at work, are done by PRIVATE banks all over the world. And the government has to use various tools for this and the chief tool is a very simple one: raise the reserve ratio banks must hold to service any loan defaults!

    You don’t need to ditch the entire modern banking system to do this. But the US is in deep trouble because our government REFUSES to do this instead, allowed the AIG ‘insurance’ of loans to be the ‘reserve ratio’ and the actual reserve ratios dropped from the normal 5-10% to a pathetic 0.1% and then the entire thing crashed in 2008.

  17. PowerToThePeople

    Money isn’t backed by anything but the law. It’s only the government which gives it value. Thinking otherwise is a serious flaw, easily refuted with many examples throughout history.

    Our revolutionary government collapsed? Boy you sure do live in another world. I live in the United States of America, which freed itself from tyranny, but left out the most important part – freedom from economic tyranny = private control of money, enslaving everyone in debt with a corrupt system.

    “See?” No, you don’t see. The government unfortunately doesn’t control the banks, quite the other way around actually. The private banks (the federal reserve) “regulate” / control the banks and their ability to make money. Did the fed stop the absurd leverage in the banks and limit their ability to create money? NO. The government has no power to limit money creation. Well it does, but fails to act on it because, as everyone knows, the banks run the government.

    If we had full reserve banking, there would be no need to limit private creation of money, because private banks would no longer have that power to create money (they only loan what has been deposited with them, not 10-40x that amount), which they shouldn’t have in the first place. Why should private banks benefit from creating money, to be able to collect interest by loaning something they don’t have? And why should we have an unstable system where if people want their money and go to a bank to get it, the bank doesn’t have it, and it could collapse? Oh yeah, it’s the full faith and credit of the government (FDIC, big bank bailouts) that keeps the scam going. Well why not just have real money created and backed by the government for the benefit of the people? When I say real money, I mean money, not credit or debt money.

    You honestly believe our existing money system is a good, just, stable one? A little more regulation won’t fix the underlying problems with it. It’s rotten to the core.

  18. the fool on the hill


    Your assertion that ‘money isn’t backed by anything but the law’ may or may not be accurate, depending upon one’s point of view, (to paraphrase Obi-wan) but without delving into a complicated subject, even if that premise is conceded it serves no effect to counter the assertion that merely taking the power of money creation from the bankers won’t fix the underlying problem, which is the trade deficit.

    The point is that there is no magical fix, and this is what everyone seems to want.

    As far as the USA ‘freeing itself from tyranny’, that is just a plain childish statement. The struggle against tyranny is ongoing and always in flux. For example, I don’t think the grandchildren of Irish victims of the potato famine felt like they were ‘freed from tyranny’ when they were forced into the mines at gunpoint by the US military to support the fight to save the British devils in WWI. One may argue that life under the British devils may be better than the Germans, but what about our so-called independence?

    What we do have is a liberal constitution and legal system that is supposed to make the government meet certain standards before it can mess with the citizens and under no circumstances is cruel and unusual treatment of any person to be administered by the government. But guess what, they break the law all the time! Sometimes the courts protect our rights, sometimes not (more not, since *ahem* 9/11) A well informed, organized public may have a chance to fight back but the people who want magical fixes are not good candidates for leaders in this regard.

  19. emsnews

    The government after the Revolution DID collapse, we even had a internal revolt, too! This is why we had to have an emergency session which changed the ENTIRE government system and gave birth to the ‘Constitution’. This was the SECOND government and one of its first moves was to stop the wild paper money inflation and to honor FOREIGN debts. With real money, not the fake money handed out during the Revolution and the pre-Constitutional government.

  20. PowerToThePeople

    Yes the trade deficit is a real problem. The majority of it is to buy foreign oil. We’re selling the farm to foreigners to live beyond our means, and it can’t go on forever. Normally, under a gold standard, all our gold would be gone and we wouldn’t be able to continue this way. Or, our currency would be worthless by now. But dollar hegemony is alive and well, for now.

    I wonder what is the worst problem: the trade deficit, fiscal deficits (for wars and such), or a corrupt money system?

    I keep hearing I’m being childish, and I know things are more complicated than I’m presenting. We need to have an honest debate about what should be real money. Money as debt created by private banks is clearly not the answer. Look where it’s led us!

  21. emsnews

    Our biggest trade deficit is with….hold onto your hat, sir, CHINA. Not one drop of oil comes from China. Nor is our second and third biggest trade deficits from oil export nations.

    The trade deficit ballooned in the last 15 years after NAFTA and the WTO dropped all the remaining barriers to trade and zoom….all our manufacturing and now much of our office work suddenly evaporated at home and we had to import nearly everything that isn’t nailed down.

    The fact that you don’t have your facts down at all is proof, you haven’t been reading me for very long. I talk a lot about the Hubbert Oil Peak and US oil consumption. Ironically, we run big trade deficits with both Mexico and Canada both of whom export energy to the US but on top of that, we also run deficits in manufactured goods with them, too. Canada has nationalized insurance so their cars are cheaper to make than our cars and Mexico has oodles of very cheap labor.

    This is why all the noodling about having our lunatic government print and lend money directly does absolutely nothing about our trade deficit nor will it fix even one thing that is wrong (all wars depend on government borrowing money from itself via the printing press!!!!). Being realistic about this is important. Going after willow-the-whisp futile solutions is a waste of time.

  22. PowerToThePeople

    I don’t have my facts down? Hmm…

    And I have been reading you for quite some time. I’m pretty stubborn that way.

    “all wars depend on government borrowing money from itself via the printing press!” Correction. Governments borrow their own money from the banks and foreigners, to whom they then owe interest, and our children must pay off this debt some day (more likely see the money system collapse). The exceptions of course were the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, when the government issued their own money and didn’t ring up enormous debt.

    I can’t believe you want to keep our existing corrupt money system, with the Fed as the head. Did you see who the Fed money went to? FOREIGN BANKS and various random non-bank firms in the US.

    And the Fed keeping interest rates low (plus their other various schemes) acts to extract over $750B from US savers to the banks per year! What a great system – let’s let a private bank control creation of the people’s money and give it to all their friends, while the public remains poor. Fixing this is a waste of time???

    Fixing our money system is THE most important issue. Fixing the corruption in our government (lobbying and campaign funding) is right up there too. Right behind are the twin trade and fiscal deficits.

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