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GOP Plans Apocalyptic Social Pain After Rich Tax Cuts

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.. As I predicted several years ago, the banking crash would translate directly into a collapse in the government bond markets of countries participating in the banking credit bubbles.  Even though many actors within this dramatic crash pretend it was all the fault of home buyers defaulting on loans, this crash was caused also by vast government overspending and corporate take-over games in the US/EU/Japan economic system.  The Japanese carry trade lending system is now buried nearly entirely in conversations about ‘what caused this mess’ even though there is some emerging fears that Japan’s 2 decade mess is now the model for our own messes. Continue reading


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Three Feet Of Snow

..No mastodons yet, I spent the last 2 days working nearly nonstop, snow plowing, shoveling snow and other global warming delights.  We had a very major blizzard and I assure everyone, I was snowplowing at 1am in near zero visibility and I wasn’t wearing a bikini, I was in a snow suit.  Imagine that!


ΩΩThe point here is, finally my mountain joined all the other places with lots and lots of fresh snow.  And as always, the elements that created this ‘weather’ have been the usual suspects: volcanic eruptions and the phase of the ENSO Atlantic Ocean oscillation coupled with a very strong La Nina in the Pacific.  What is really annoying about all of this is the need to shovel snow off of roofs.  Dangerous work!


ΩΩAnd even more amusing is the wind.  Lots of that, too.  All mere weather.  Things are getting rather hysterical lately as the push to convince us that we are going to be roasting to death is faltering in the face of vast, icy, wintery weather so of course, the media works very hard to tell us otherwise:  Is the world really getting warmer? | Environment | is a fine example of ‘don’t look out the window!’ type of reassuring us that we will be wearing bikinis and not mukluks.  The latest missive is, the weather is changing even faster.  Wow, I can’t wait!


ΩΩPerhaps I should expect some robins to come bobbing to my mountain next week.  The Guardian article does mention the ENSO and La Nina effect and even volcanoes but assures us these are coincidental and we should all tremble in our snow boots for fear it might not snow another 10 inches.  For the last two days, we had snow an inch or more an hour for many hours and now have around 30 inches and thankfully, it stopped.  By the way, in the photo, I am standing on snow, not the ground.  Holding a shovel.


ΩΩHere is another amusing article:  British wildlife benefits from return to ‘traditional’ seasonal weather.  Ah, the weather is now traditional again!  That is a false story.  Of course, the present life forms conform to present conditions but the climate has changed greatly over the last few million years.  Nearly all of Britain as well as significant parts of the US and Canada and Europe have been under miles of ice.  When the first Neanderthals and then humans came to these places, virtually nothing was the same species or environment as we are now accustomed to having today.  It was tremendously different.  Ask any Giant Ground Sloth or Mastodon!


ΩΩThere is still some debate about what caused the Ice Ages and why they ended (hint: no one really knows totally, we mostly guess about this but I am betting this has a great deal to do with our frivolous sun and its changing character as it ages).  Indeed, thinking about an elderly sun not functioning quite right due to too much helium and not enough hydrogen brings up really, really, REALLY scary thoughts.


ΩΩFor if we think we control the weather and thus, the earth, we are nuts.  But it makes us feel really good as we struggle to control things we can never control.  We do impact nature tremendously but our best efforts just might be mercilessly brushed aside by the sun as it pops us abruptly into another Ice Age.  History tells us, this is much more likely than global warming.  That is, every interglacial has been short (ours is already less than 12,000 years old which is about the time limit for interglacials) and we may end up in another nasty cold cycle (the cold phases last over 120,000 years each!).


ΩΩAs I keep saying, human vanity can be most amusing.  Anyway, tonight it will be near 0 degrees.  Rats.  I keep waiting and waiting for the warm weather. Where is it?  I am curious.

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The Enola-Guy Quakes Frightens Arkansas

..At CNN is an interesting story about a cluster of earthquakes in Arkansas.  It is, as per usual, a poorly researched story that has some impact on how we will do things in the future since the good people in this small village think their problems are due to hydro fracting for gas.  It appears to me to be a symptom of something far more dangerous.  That is, this area in the US is prone to extremely violent earthquakes.  Geologists still struggle to understand why the center of the US is subsiding.  What causes this is an important geological riddle.   Continue reading


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The Bugarach UFO Cave Of Wealth And Death


It is of great interest to me how many stories about buried wealth, death that comes to those who seek it and magic thinking.  This is very ancient and seems to be a very powerful part of our brains.  All religions partake in this magic realm and its iron clad rules.  Reality fits, too, as we saw recently with the cave deep in the mountains of Chile.  In the British media is this queer little story from France that shows the durability of the ‘Cave of Wealth and Death’ religious concept and how this has become an integral part of the UFO cults. Continue reading


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H1N1 And Obesity Surge


ΩΩFirst off, swine flu has, as predicted by real experts last year, gone into hibernation last summer and is now reappearing in Europe in an even more viral form, killing the young and pregnant women.  Last year, no one died of any flu shots despite obvious hysteria from the anti-vaccination brigades fighting their heroic battles on behalf of the Germ Empire.  Time for your flu shot if you don’t enjoy being dreadfully ill.  Also, speaking of insanity, Palin has taken up the banner of ‘It’s OK for you to be obese’ on behalf of all diabetic children wishing to eat candy.  This is because Michelle Obama is focusing on having people eat their veggies.  The debate about food rages onwards in tandem with the debate about vaccinations.  These are curiously connected, as far as I am concerned, and worthy of examination even if this pisses off everyone on earth. Continue reading


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Sovereign Nations Will Collapse As Debt Ratings Collapse

..Back when the first crisis hit the banking system when that invisible glass ceiling was hit whereby a system couldn’t cause housing values to rise any further, I said that no housing bubble collapse ever repaired itself in less than 5 years and the bigger the bubble, the longer it takes to recover.  I also said there was no way to repair a housing bubble except via letting time pass and ultimately rising wages coupled with a fully-restored economy.  Any attempts at shortening this process is disastrous.  The main cures for this untreatable disease (collapsing housing values) are to recapitalize the banks who have huge losses from loan defaults or to hand out money like candy, in other words, to print money via the QE solution.  All these things do is speed up the overall collapse of an economy and indeed, an entire political system.

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Train To Hell: From Baltimore To NYC

..Our own Wretched Wrailway trains are in the news again due to the lousy service, slow trains and lying officials running this decrepit system.  Seems that a train took over 10 hours to go from Baltimore to NYC.  Meanwhile, he Chinese have the world’s fastest train system.  It is now one of the wonders of the modern world.  Here is a video showing the light, airy, clean stations and the sleek, clean, beautifully engineered bullet train:   Continue reading


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