Flying Fortress America Crashes In Central Asia

..Nearly consistently, the US has turned global power gold into straw dross.  That is, we fight people all over the planet and bankroll or rather, nuclear umbrella trade rivals so they can be boisterous and aggressive while at the same time, running trade surpluses with us.  The key to world domination isn’t military, it is economic and this is tied very much to trade.  That is, if one’s military is expanding trade that is beneficial, then it pays for itself and is productive.  When wars are unproductive, they are expensive and lead to a loss in trade power.  The US continues to protect trade rivals who compete with us in all other zones which we try desperately to dominate using our military whereas our trade rivals enter via the front door to make deals which undermine our own attempts at making deals.

..Worse, our military adventurism is very unpopular in nations we often seek to occupy.  Say, Japan’s Okinawa province dislikes our military presence and certainly Iraqis and Afghanis don’t like us much at all, either.  The only way we can maintain a military presence is to offer bribes or pour in endless sums or in the case of Japan, let the Japanese politicians strut and fret in front of nuclear armed China, pushing to expand Japanese spheres of military influence while using goofy gaijin warriors who are disposable.

..The Wikileaks memos showed clearly that the Chinese ambassador to one of the ‘Stan’ countries was flabbergasted as to how stupid the US ambassador was when it came to bribing foreign governments so they do things you want them to do.  The US ambassador was worried that the Chinese would outbid her in the bribery game and thus, shut down our military base there.  The Chinese almost said to her, ‘We don’t want to occupy anyone’s backwater, we want to do business with them!’

..Actually, I thought he was pretty clear about this.  China forms alliances.  China does not occupy.  The US, the minute any nation offers to do something with us, immediately asks to move military into that country.  We foolishly think this is how we will win the game of diplomacy.  It is beyond stupid.  It is suicidal.

..Even as the State Department and Pentagon behead anyone in their organizations (sic) that dare to read any of the diplomatic cables, the Chinese read them all and I am certain, had a lot of laughs.  Meanwhile, the Hu & Wen high-speed diplomacy train continues to move into areas the US wishes to militarily dominate.  From Xinhua news:  Chinese premier, Pakistani president vow to boost ties


  • China will maintain the frequent exchanges of visits by state leaders and increase dialogue at different levels, he said.  The two countries will enhance their strategic coordination, scale up the cooperation of mutual benefit, better safeguard their shared interests and realize common development, Wen said.


  • Regarding the floods which hit Pakistan this summer and caused huge losses, Wen said the Chinese government and people shared the pain of the Pakistani people.  China would help the flood-hit Pakistanis to weather through the difficulties and rebuild their homes, the Chinese premier said.


  • Zardari, for his part, said China and Pakistan are true partners and close brothers with multi-dimensional cooperation, holding the same or similar positions on key regional and international issues.

..Most Pakistanis fear to wave the US flag in public.  It is more often burned than waved in Pakistan.  The US fully supports the Pakistani military but they don’t reciprocate at all.  Far from it.  The peasants actively despise us.  We seek to control them via remote-controlled assassin robots which are very much hated.  And viewed correctly as cowardice.

..China is very cheerfully going about the planet strengthening both economic and most importantly, diplomatic ties with all Muslim nations.  Even though the Uighurs (who are 1% of the population) have had a recent riot/uprising inside China, the Chinese government isn’t suppressing the Islamic religion, it is an ethnic tension. This is quite different from the Israeli/American attempts at driving out the last remains of Christian or Muslim Palestinians.  There, the Jewish religion is advanced and enabled and supported whereas the others are suppressed with an ultimate aim of total removal.  Since there is no religious tension between the Han Chinese and the Muslims at large, China can form cultural friendship centers pretty easily:  Pakistan-China Friendship Center inaugurates in Islamabad


  • Built in the forest garden area of Islamabad, the China-aided center is a multi-functional building with facilities for conferences, lectures, performances, exhibitions, cultural and trade activities. The foundation of the center was laid by Wen during his last visit to Pakistan in April 2005.

..So, during the time the US moved our very unpopular embassy from the capital of Pakistan to a remote area where a huge facility was built more along the lines of a prison or crusader castle in the Holy Lands such as this Krak de Chevaliers.  Syria/The-road-to-Damascus


..Here is our embassy in Iraq that looks more like Sing Sing:  Iraq Property, Real Estate Boom in Baghdad


..Even in ‘friendly’ countries, the US embassy fortresses are located in fairly isolated spots where they can be converted into castles used to terrorize or militarize occupied lands.  Since we use our embassies for cover for actual occupation sites, this grim reminder of the main function of all our diplomacy is all about the biggest sector of our government, the Pentagon.

..Our beleaguered diplomats, in between sending out endless cables whining about Iran arming itself, live in these hostile fortresses and this is ruining morale.  HAHAHA…as the Wikileaks exposure is eating up morale, too!

..Fortress Embassies: A Tanka or Two | Diplopundit

  • In 2003, Embassy Zagreb moved into a new embassy compound (NEC) whose fortress-like exterior and remote location are seen by many employees as a source of irritation and an impediment to conducting efficient, open relations with Croatia. Falling staff levels mean that current occupancy is 20 percent lower than the level for which the building was built. […]

..Diplomatic residences were supposed to be sacrosanct and thus, were traditionally considered as ‘sovereign’ land for the countries being hosted. That is, the military and police of the state where these are located cannot enter an embassy.  It is ‘foreign territory’.  Thus, the aggressive abuse of this by establishing huge fortresses inside of many countries is similar to the abuses endorsed by that CIA operative, Hillary Clinton, when she demanded all diplomats moonlight as credit card thieves and sneak purses.  She still hasn’t resigned.  Yikes.


..All of the Chinese embassies are much smaller than US ones and this isn’t because we are #1 but rather, our diplomacy is a total failure and we have to resort to military occupation to do any business.  That , and bribes.  Lots and lots of bribes.  I noted, when snooping around for  picture of the US embassy fortress in Pakistan, it is nearly impossible to find good pictures of that thing but I did find this photo of the Afghani embassy in Pakistan!

..An overgrown lot with a worn out sign.  HAHAHA.  All of Afghanistan’s government buildings and things are paid for by the US taxpayers.  Just last month, Congress decided to spend more on school lunches for children and to pay for more money for the school cafeterias, they cut food stamps.  Way to go.  Starve the kiddies at home and then feed them at school.

..We don’t have money for lunches but we have plenty for military junk in Afghanistan:  Yearly Price Tab for Afghan Army: $6 Billion, Indefinitely–that is, there is no plan to stop.  This is on top of the $3-6 billion spent on the IDF in Israel.  We pay for Egypt’s military, Pakistan’s military, Japan’s aggressions offshore of China, we spent nearly three quarters of a trillion dollars annually to run our vast military empire.  And can’t feed our own children.

..India chose to side with the US in the US/China push for dominance.  This, of course, is due to India sucking down millions and millions of US jobs which is why millions of US children need foodstamps and subsidized school lunches.  But India is now falling behind China’s diplomatic surge in Central Asia.  But then, like Israel and the US, India is at war with Islam:  The Hindu : News / International : China’s western push strengthens Pakistan links


  • The Silk Road oasis town of Kashgar, which lies a few hours away from the Pakistan border along the Karakoram Highway, is at the centre of China’s plans to develop its restive Muslim-majority Xinjiang region, which neighbours Pakistan. China has recently announced it will build a trading hub in the city, which will serve as a platform for Beijing to deepen economic and strategic links with energy-rich West and Central Asia….Trucks carrying construction equipment clog the roads, as construction cranes work day and night to transform the historic old town into a sprawling Economic Development Zone — the “Shenzhen of the West”, as one Chinese official says, referring to China’s first Special Economic Zone.…Sixty per cent of China’s imported oil comes from West Asia. The construction of a pipeline from the port at Gwadar, which is being built by China, will reduce Chinese dependence on the narrow Malacca Straits, through which 80% of China’s supplies pass. “It will provide China with the shortest possible route to the oil-rich Middle East, replacing the dangerous maritime route through the South China Sea, East China Sea and the Yellow Sea,” Mr. Li wrote in the Global Times this week.

..Instead of having a hostile Pakistan on the vulnerable and hard to control frontiers, China is embracing Pakistan and is very, very content with the US bombing Pakistani pesky peasants on a daily basis.  This proves to the people there, China is a friend and the US is an enemy which naturally, plays well into Chinese hands.  Japan and China are increasingly hostile right now but this is due entirely to them being total international trade rivals and they both know this (unlike the clueless US which imagines one of these countries is an ally!).

..China’s commercial and commodity ties with all of the Stan countries is fated to grow over time.  China has goods to sell them and they have materials to sell to China.  The US forgets, trade has to have a circular flow.  Right now, we view it as a destination issue.  Things flow here.  We consume.  We send back paper IOUs.  End of story.  Right now, there is this huge movement in America to print up endless IOUs to pay for this dead end economic cycle.  This is a fatal response.  But understandable since it is laughably easy to do (need another trillion dollars to send to Afghanistan?  Crank up the printing press!).  Congress just passed a huge military spending bill with nary a peep, after all.

..Afghan Ultraviolence: Petraeus Triples Air War | Danger Room |


  • November is ordinarily the month when the air war in Afghanistan — and really, the whole American-led campaign — ratchets down for the winter. This November, with Gen. David Petraeus in charge of the war effort, things have been different. Radically different. NATO fighter jets and attack planes launched their bombs and missiles on 850 separate missions this November. That’s three-and-a-half times the number of attack sorties they flew in November 2009.


  • It’s another sign of the bloody turn the Afghan conflict has taken since Petraeus took over. Petraeus unleashed special operations forces, who have killed or captured thousands of militants.  His generals relied on massive surface-to-surface missiles to clear the Taliban out of Kandahar, and ordered tanks to help crush opponents in Helmand province.

..Basically, we are crushing the Taliban uprising so that China can move in and take over the economic situation with no worries about difficulties from the peasants.  This expensive experiment in bulldog bully boy (Holbrooke’s surname) diplomacy is bankrupting us.  It is like building a business by attacking one’s future customers.  ‘Buy my stuff after I kill you,’ doesn’t go all that far.  The US killed lots of Germans and Japanese when storming into Europe and Asia during WWII but then, we were freeing people plus giving them lots of goodies.

..Then, in the Pacific, we changed over to lying to them about our intentions and then using their home islands to explode nuclear bombs, totally destroying these once-lovely atolls.  We became the monsters we threw out.  We still can’t figure out why no one greets us with flowers.  We can’t figure out why they hate us after we storm in and then butcher everyone.



  • The desolate plain in southern Helmand province that Afghans call the “desert of death” has turned into a hive of frenetic activity, underscoring President Barack Obama’s decision to expand the US military commitment to the war.

..It always amazes me how people walk straight into hell.  Anyone who names a place, ‘Desert of Death’ is giving out a free warning.  The US used Death Valley to test nuclear bombs.  Most appropriately named.

Pakistan Denies Revealing U.S. Spy’s Identity –


  • The top C.I.A. officer in Pakistan was removed yesterday after American officials said the C.I.A. station chief had received a number of death threats since being publicly identified in a legal complaint sent to the Pakistani police this week by the family of victims of earlier drone campaigns

..And here it goes: the US ‘spy’ who targeted various civilians for assassination has to flee the country  because of a totally legal court case whereby someone was complaining about this odious and criminal operation!  Assassinations stink!  We now boast of assassinating THOUSANDS of Pakistani and Afghani peasants and claim we are ‘decapitating the revolt’ but what we are doing is creating lots and lots of very bad ill-will and rising rage.

..And killing lots of children, too.  Universally, before the US became corrupted by the Mossad-style of fighting, big countries using assassinations to win wars were considered to be odious, creepy and furthermore, war criminals.  Not honest, forthright warriors worthy of emulation.  The Romans assassinated each other left and right.  All this did was create paranoia and insanity at the top.  India has assassinated quite a few leaders and this didn’t ‘win’ anything, it sowed chaos which even today, causes terrible problems.

..Assassinations are a terrible tool which is why only the politically weak have to resort to this.  When the top military empire has to do this, it makes us weaker than the weakest anarchist revolutionaries seeking to start WWI.  And it is a total failure:  Politics in Iraq Casts Doubt on a U.S. Presence After 2011 –


  • “Maliki can’t start asking right now for a large, extended American footprint,” a senior administration official said. “First of all, there is no Maliki government. And second, it would introduce a hugely controversial issue just when he doesn’t need it.”


  • It could remain so for many more months, even after Mr. Maliki completes his cabinet of ministers and submits it to the new Parliament, now scheduled to happen within a week. That has raised anxieties among American officials and military commanders presiding over what the Obama administration calls a “responsible drawdown” to end the American war here.


  • They are already planning a steady reduction of troops and bases, which will begin in earnest by spring and is to reach zero by this time next year. Those plans have been complicated by the uncertainty over what troops will replace them — or whether any will at all.

..Iraq is anarchy.  Lots and lots of assassinations and terror attacks on a nearly-daily basis.  The US will eventually be forced out and if they don’t do this, we will have to exit anyway due to bankruptcy.  The Chinese are already moving in very aggressively by making business deals and offering aid.  They will eventually be the dominate world power allied with Iraq, not the US.  There is a snowball’s chance in hell the US will be influential in Iraq in 10 years.


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24 responses to “Flying Fortress America Crashes In Central Asia

  1. Aussie

    @ Elaine

    Re:….The US ambassador was worried that the Chinese would outbid her in the bribery game and thus, shut down our military base there. The Chinese almost said to her, ‘We don’t want to occupy anyone’s backwater, we want to do business with them!’…

    I feel like an echo constantly agreeing with you and despair that Washington is so blind and bereft of insight.
    Again, you present good insights.

    The US reminds me of a headless chook (chicken) thrashing around in its death throws and we can only witness in helpless horror.

    The drone assassination of people in Pakistan is a case in point.
    It can only make some sense because some corporate makes a profit producing drones because Pentagon needs a cost effective and expedient military tool to ally domestic politics – NOT the national interest.

    It is a tragedy to witness the few of privilege destroying the great nation that is the US into a Manga cartoon character and leaving the decent American majority destitute and impoverished.

    Plus killing so many innocents abroad in the process.

  2. eso

    America is experiencing the jitters of one being on the top of the heap not because of solid achievements, but because of overextension and overreach.

    If the U.S. were to become a mature nation, it would relax, slide back a bit, and turn turn until it comes out right.

    At the present all signs lead me to believe that the the U.S. is becoming viscious, and I fear it and fear for it.

  3. JT

    @aussie and @eso

    Well said both of you.
    That is my gut feeling too.
    I fear the wounded weak old empire much more than the old strong one.

    “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”
    – isaac asimov –

  4. CK

    Issac Asimov was AIPAC too.
    Violence solves much, solves it efficiently, and allows one to move on to new problems and new vistas for violence. If it were so poor a tool it would not be chosen so often, so quickly by so many competent people.

  5. JT


    Yes. Afghanistan, Iraq, taleban, al-qaeda, palestine…

    And debt problems can easily be solved by bombing China?

  6. Steve Murgaski

    “If it were so poor a tool it would not be chosen so often, so quickly by so many competent people.”

    It’s important to use the right tools at the right time — as opposed to trying to turn screws in with a hammer. It doesn’t matter how excellent a hammer it is: if you try to drive screws with it, you screw things up more than fix them.

    Lots of liberals (in both its European and US sense) argued in 2001 that the way to deal with terrorism was as a legal problem, not a military one. How many times was it explained that a “war on terrorism” was a stupid idea?

    It’s still a stupid idea, ten years later.

  7. Claire Voyant

    “We don’t have money for [school] lunches, but we have plenty for military junk in Afghanistan”

    How true it is that U.S. priorities have been screwed up! For many decades the US has done a lousy job of replacing and expanding its aging infrastructure, and an absolutely brilliant job of destroying and replacing infrastructure on the other side of the world. And each year, the scope and cost of dealing with our decaying infrastructure here at home increases, adding to the debt.

    But policy-makers have done a poor job of presenting and dealing with the debt picture, leading to more foolish policy. For example, Washington recently let the Build America Bonds program expire, roiling bond markets and saddling states like California with millions in additional infrastructure debt cost. Conservative policy-makers view BAB as “a failed jobs program that has mired states in an unreasonable amount of debt.”

    That picture is just plain wrong and misleading. For example, California, the most avid user of the BAB program, faces a grand total of $2.9 billion in debt service this year, about 0.4% of its GDP. So comparing California’s debt service to that of Italy, whose debt service amounts to 20% of its GDP, is not exactly accurate. Nor have any of the US states even begun to exploit their tax bases, European-style.

    The states (and the U.S.) have a serious policy crisis, more than a debt crisis. Plenty of funding available … but it’s been miserably misspent.

    All of which underscores your point, Elaine, about our stupid penchant for wasting money on military disasters moving troops in and blowing stuff up around the globe, when these efforts would have been better spent on smart trade and foreign policy.

  8. Hurray! Finally someone else willing to mention China and Pakistan in the same sentence. I have been blogging for months about Chinese investment in Balochistan and feel like I’ve been talking to myself. More and more Pakistani commentators feel that Pakistan (not Afghanistan) is the real target – because of its strategic importance as an energy transit route. You can find declassified Pentagon documents on-line discussing the US desire for energy and mineral rich Balochistan (yet another “stan”) to secede from Pakistan and become a US client state (like energy and mineral rich Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and other Soviet Republics). Yet there’s never any mention in the mainstream media of the Chinese built Gwadar port as a gateway for Iranian oil and natural gas. Nor about CIA training Baloch separatists in bomb making and other terrorist activities. I blog about this at

  9. emsnews

    Thanks for coming here Dr. Bramhall!

    Yes, keeping one’s eye on the ball is tricky if one doesn’t read lots and lots of foreign news sources! The Chinese have been boasting at home, in their own media, about the headway they are making in Pakistan. India is tilting more and more towards the US so naturally, Pakistan moves towards either Russia or China.

    30 years ago, it was the reverse!

  10. Aussie

    @ CK and JT
    Re: .. Yes. Afghanistan, Iraq, taleban, al-qaeda, palestine…

    Unfortunately, violence is scripted into our DNA.

    However, violence is the last resort used by the desperate and by the clueless.

    Sun Tzu in his art of war regards winning without violence using wisdom and subtle strategy is more intelligent and superior. The major religions including Buddhism and Baha’I preach the need to use our better nature to avoid violence.

    Do we want to remain as members of the “Planet Apes” or follow our better nature?


    ELAINE; Never forget who conquered China over and over again starting with Genghis Khan: foreigners took over using overt violence and lots of blood.

  11. Aussie

    @ Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhal

    Re: …More and more Pakistani commentators feel that Pakistan (not Afghanistan) is the real target – because of its strategic importance as an energy transit route….

    Pakistan is close to being a failed state and nearly insolvent before the Afghan war.
    That is the reason why state education was eclipsed by Islamic schools filling an unfulfilled need.
    Unfortunately, the Islamic schools created religious scholars with no skills required in a market economy that Pakistan aspired to.
    The circumstances created a huge cohort of unemployable young men with 1800 mindsets.

    Afghanistan was invaded in part to destroy Al Gaeda as well as oil geo-strategy.
    I suggest the US drone war and attempts to de-stabilize Pakistan was an idiotic attempt to destroy the Taliban sanctuary and control Islamic nuclear bombs.

    The Afghan war is a national liberation war by the Pashtun majority that is shared by its cousins in the Northwest Frontier.

    China is simply re-building the ancient Silk Road to continue its nation building and modernizing its Western interior provinces.

    China thinks long term and the US is all about expediency and military solutions and justifying its existence plus furthering AIPAC interests.

    Imperial hubris and simple ignorance of other cultures explains the US interests in Pakistan.

    Pakistan gets their F16 jet fighter they desperately need and their corrupt politicians get e3lected with US support. Pakistan is in a better position to resist India militarily and the pay the price by allowing US drones to kill civilians in the Northwest.

    Meantime they covertly help the Taliban Pashton nationalists and keep ties with their brethren in Northwest Frontier.

    Wheels within wheels whilsht hatred against US imperialism and the corrupt Arab royalty and dictators build up to dangerous levels waiting for the opportunity to explode.

  12. @Elaine:

    “I did find this photo of the Afghani embassy in Pakistan!

    “..An overgrown lot with a worn out sign. HAHAHA. All of Afghanistan’s government buildings and things are paid for by the US taxpayers. Just last month, Congress decided to spend more on school lunches for children and to pay for more money for the school cafeterias, they cut food stamps. Way to go. Starve the kiddies at home and then feed them at school.

    “..We don’t have money for lunches but we have plenty for military junk in Afghanistan”

    But we are spending something on the order of $52 billion a year on reconstruction aid for Afghanistan yet Afghan children are starving! (from Mediaroots) And where’s that money going? To purchase properties in Dubai!

  13. Excellent article, just another request, would you be able to elaborate the fourth paragraph in more depth please? Thanks

  14. Dupree

    It can only make some sense because some corporate makes a profit producing drones because Pentagon needs a cost effective and expedient military tool to ally domestic politics – NOT the national interest.~Aussie

    One of those “corporates” is Yuri Shamir who has moved into our agrarian state with his Israel Aerospace Indusries(IAI)…beating plowshares into swords(drones.). The State of Mississippi has opened up its coffers–Mississippi is the poorest of the fifty-states– to Shamir , providing the infrastructure to produce drones for the US military. One of Shamir’s first moves was to appoint the recently retired USAF General “Doc” Foglesong to his board of directors. General Foglesong was former Supreme Commander of USAF Europe before joining Shamir.

    One cannot blame the sins of the father on the son, but Shamir’s father , Yitzhak, was the Jewish terrorist /Stern Gang murderer who shot( at point blank range) the Swedish envoy sent to Plaestine by the UN during the planned partition. At the time, Count Folk Bernadotte was head of the Swedish Red Cross. His French aide was also shot to death as he sat next to Bernadotte.

  15. Dupree

    Have those people no collective conscience?

  16. Dupree

    “For while the Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim. It doesn’t even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks. “~Mein Kampf

  17. Dupree


    You do know that British Historian is denied entry into your country and all the British Commonwealth countries, along with Germany? Austria.

    His daugher and grandchildren are citizens of Australia, living there.

  18. Dupree

    That’s British Historian David Irving.

  19. Dupree


    WikiLeaks posting of the cables was followed the next day by a combination of a massive denial of service attack and a US judge’s use of the Patriot Act to issue a sweeping “production order” or subpoena against the anti-secrecy organization’s California-based Domain Name Server, Dynadot.
    The most damning of these cables memorializes an August 2009 meeting between Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and his son and national security adviser, Muatassim, with US Republican Senators John McCain (Arizona), Lindsey Graham (South Carolina), Susan…

  20. Dupree

    Love those Packards.

  21. Alex Yam


    Yup, once again they are making “regime change” to a “dear friend” they helped some years back.

    Libya is just Iraq 2.0.

  22. Alex Yam


    Let’s see what’s the Brits media are saying about this “Dear friend” of the US now:
    Gaddafi: a vicious, sinister despot driven out on tidal wave of hatred
    Despite his absurd, buffoonish persona, the Libya leader clung to power for four brutal decades

    It’s just comical.

  23. Dupree

    John Pilger on the framing of Al Megrahi in the Lockerbie bombing:

    On Scotland’s Banana Republic judicial system as seen by UN Observer Hans Kochler:

  24. Dupree

    Surely the Brits know of the German Frontal TV Report linking Mossad, CIA and German intelligence operatives for the false flag Berlin La Belle bombing and the framing and coverup that followed in the courts.


    …”These secret service intrigues present a task for the Berlin court that is almost insoluble,” concludes the Frontal report. “But one thing is certain, the American legend of Libyan state terrorism can no longer be maintained.”

    There are striking parallels between the 1986 bombing of Libya and last week’s missile strikes against targets in Sudan and Afghanistan. Once again Washington claims to have “proof” to justify its use of deadly force. But as the Frontal report shows, such claims cannot be trusted. Twelve years after the bombing of Libya, Reagan’s proof turns out to be anything but irrefutable. Instead there is powerful evidence that the La Belle attack was a carefully prepared provocation.

    It may come as a shock to many Americans, all the more so given the utterly venal and lying role of the US media, but US intelligence services are well versed in the most unscrupulous and bloody methods, not excluding those that result in injury or death to Americans. No serious consideration of the August 7 East African bombings can rule out the possibility of a provocation, organized either directly or indirectly by US agencies.

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