H1N1 And Obesity Surge


ΩΩFirst off, swine flu has, as predicted by real experts last year, gone into hibernation last summer and is now reappearing in Europe in an even more viral form, killing the young and pregnant women.  Last year, no one died of any flu shots despite obvious hysteria from the anti-vaccination brigades fighting their heroic battles on behalf of the Germ Empire.  Time for your flu shot if you don’t enjoy being dreadfully ill.  Also, speaking of insanity, Palin has taken up the banner of ‘It’s OK for you to be obese’ on behalf of all diabetic children wishing to eat candy.  This is because Michelle Obama is focusing on having people eat their veggies.  The debate about food rages onwards in tandem with the debate about vaccinations.  These are curiously connected, as far as I am concerned, and worthy of examination even if this pisses off everyone on earth.



  • Analysis by SDI Healthcare, which models flu rates based on reports from GPs and chemists, suggests infection rates are at a five-year high….Three strains of influenza are in circulation: H1N1 or swine flu, flu B and H2N3. Swine flu is proving the most deadly and has claimed 14 of this winter’s 17 victims….Chip Schaible, an SDI Healthcare director, said last night: ‘We’ve seen an explosion in cases in the past two weeks


  • ‘It is one of the highest peaks we’ve seen in the past ten years and significantly higher than the five-year average for this time of year.…The 17 most seriously-ill patients are on heart-lung machines, known as ExtraCorporeal Membrane Oxygenation units, which are usually used to treat premature babies unable to breathe for themselves.


  • Doctors say they are receiving five or six new referrals every day for this treatment.   Even at the height of the swine flu pandemic last year only 12 of these machines were ever in use at the same time.



ΩΩEvery year I get flu shots.  On very rare occasions, the shots don’t cover unexpected viral mutations and thus, don’t work.  But over the last 30 years, I have virtually never gotten sick in winter with the flu.  Nor have I grown two heads, dropped dead, walked only backwards, talked in tongues or acted like Linda Blair in ‘The Exorcist’.



ΩΩHumans are prey to psychological fears that lead us to think in destructive ways.  One thing is absolutely certain: throughout the history of Life on Earth, all living things have been prey to invasions of the Alternate Life Forms that existed since the beginning of all things on this particular planet.  This ‘alien’ life form is called ‘viruses’ and they don’t like oxygen all that much but love the environment inside of living things which has all the reproductive conditions which existed in the earliest oceans that formed a billion years ago.  The early earth chemical stew still exists inside of all of us and this is where viruses thrive.


ΩΩWe have enjoyed many, many goofy movies over the last 100 years.  And the subconscious stories told inside of these popular ‘entertainments’ are very deeply embedded inside of each of us and we can’t escape this, it is our cultural matrix we inhabit.  Coupled with this are the mad dreams of the ruling elites who fund and exploit movies that disturb our equilibrium.  The interplay between what stories we are fond of and watch and the need to keep us all distracted, confused and above all, fearful, have turned into this toxic mess which leads to paranoia at the top, the middle and the bottom of all societies.


ΩΩThis, in turn, is causing a breakdown in all systems from top to bottom. We are very deeply disturbed.  As an experiment, back in the late 1960’s to the mid-1970’s, I avoided movies and TV pretty much.  Had no TV at all, saw it only when visiting someone and this helped clear my mind of many things and enabled me to develop analytical skills.  Watching things while analyzing them is most useful.  Watching the manipulation of the audience is most useful.


ΩΩWhat all of this has entailed is a world fearful of modern science.  Science is like any tool, a rock, for example, can be used in many ways including killing people.  When our apish ancestors first began to delve into the many uses of rocks, it took very little time for them to latch onto the idea, you can kill rivals with rocks.  As humans battled each other with rocks, they also used rocks to make life much better.  That is, via using rocks, sticks, grasses and finally, taming wild animals, humans have thrived even as diseases ravaged us mercilessly.


ΩΩWe always recovered from epidemics to move ever onwards, overtaking the entire planet and becoming the dominant mammalian species alongside species that attached themselves to the human matrix of survival.  Ever since the Age of Enlightenment and the invention of the scientific method for verifying analytical systems, the many, many successes of modern technology and science has been so great, most humans live twice as long as before.  We have a much, much, much better chance of living to over 70 years of age these days thanks entirely to modern science and technology including sanitation systems and food preservation.


ΩΩOn the other hand, the stresses of modern civilization are beginning to take a very real toll on us.  The peasant lifestyle was not all that great as far as old age is concerned (being worked to death does things to the body) but the vigorous lifestyle of the hunter-gatherers and primitive peasant cultures did mean a healthy lifestyle for the middle years.  That is, people tended to be lean but with lots of stringy muscles (not the hideous modern body-builder look with bloated muscles).  This lean/mean fitness means that people in primitive cultures can carry huge loads long distances, for example, without tiring very much.


ΩΩRight about now, about 50% of all humans now live in cities or urban mega-structures.  The medical and psychological condition of these masses are deteriorating in odd ways that shouldn’t surprise anyone who understands how evolution works.  Humans evolved by natural selection in that humans that trailed after animals or dug into the earth seeking roots and tending plants, thrived.  The more they used tools, the more they thrived.  Humans that had a solid culture in song, dance, stories and myths did better than ones that had none of these.


ΩΩThese various social and physical tools can also be lost.  When lost, society collapses and the humans literally die off.  This was quite visible in the fall of the Roman Empire.  The vigorous tribes overran the dying empire that had created such poor conditions for social collective thought, the people literally just gave up and ceased pro-creating which is why the monastery  movement was so great from 400 AD to 1200 AD.


ΩΩBack to flu shot fears: we are in another evolutionary selective process.  People who choose to opt out of the ‘natural medicine’ ethos and protect themselves from flues will probably end up running things since dead people can’t run things.  That is, if people choose to fear vaccinations of all sorts and opt out, they will fall out of the race to survival in the long run.  That is, as we divide into two nations with half choosing to never vaccinate, this will be a self-selection process which the anti-vaccinationists can only win if they have many, many children and are OK with losing 50% of them.


ΩΩThe fantasy that people protecting themselves with vaccinations will lead to them, not the anti-vaccinationists, dying is very comforting to people who have grown up seeing fearful movies and stories about how terrifying vaccinations are even as diseases are far more terrifying than any vaccination, hands down, 100% totally much, much more dangerous and worse.  That is, believing in the exact opposite of reality is magical.  All magic is widdershins, backwards and upside down, inside out.  And very, very dear to our minds going back to the very dawn of human societies during the Ice Ages.


ΩΩNow on to the latest upside down world of the mentally ill:  Sarah Palin Jabs Michelle Obama’s Anti-Obesity Campaign With S’mores



  • While searching for s’mores ingredients on a family camping trip, Palin remarked: “Where are the s’mores ingredients? This is in honor of Michelle Obama, who said the other day we should not have dessert.”





ΩΩPalin is very thin.  She is very vain and works very hard to be very thin.  Her very thinness makes her popular with the public which attacks anyone who is fat and loves thin women, the thinner, the better.  This woman is probably a bulemic if she eats ‘smores at her advanced age.  I can’t eat them!  Obviously, she is actually a wicked witch luring little children into eating unhealthy food so she can control them.

Hansel and Gretel and a very Wicked Witch:  


ΩΩTo review: the wicked witch first gets children fat on goodies and fun foods and then eats them since she is a cannibal.  I would suggest the wickedly thin Palin female is a cannibal.  She knows all the mothers of fat children who will die early of diabetes are feeling guilty about giving their beloved tots lots and lots of candy.  But children love candy and will shower love on anyone, even an evil witch, if she gives them goodies and tells them to not eat veggies.  It is laughably easy to undermine a mother trying to feed her children properly if the spouse gives in and tells them to eat candy instead of their veggies.  This also leads to divorce, trust me on this one.  Big time.


ΩΩPalin is quite popular in the same parts of the nation where obesity is killing the most people.  This is no surprise.  Always, when given a choice between the hard path or the well paved road, people select the highway to hell nearly every time!  For example, to find flu shots, take them and then deal with a slightly sore arm afterwards takes effort.  Not doing this is tremendously easy.  Once the disease takes over and the person is dying, it is too late to choose a vaccination.  Then, all the many tools of modern medicine must intervene to save lives and people die..

ΩΩObesity is obvious very bad for us.  Yet, we cannot resist the evil witch’s offer of free candy.  Palin is a cynic.  She knows this human frailty and exploits it to the hilt.  Just as liberals get mad all the time at her flubs and errors, this endears her with people who can barely remember what happened yesterday.  This intellectual laziness is extremely popular and smart people who are socially, not intellectually smart, instinctively exploits this.  That is, we are scared of smart people especially when they talk about logic (see the debate between antivaccinationists versus scientists).  But then, group think is a problem everywhere.


ΩΩFor example, in the global warming debate, the intellectuals looking at some data has led them to lie about other data because they feared no one could finesse the ideas behind global warming.  So they had to pretend the climate is stable except for humans causing global warming.  So when the sun went quiet at the same time volcanoes erupted, we got lots and lots of snow and cold for the last two years.  This was obvious to me but had to be discounted by anxious scientists, falling prey to their own emotional fears and the need to have a perfect construct of nature.  They wanted to discount the effects of volcanoes and solar activity.  To the point, they tried to eliminate events like the very well-documented ‘Little Ice Age’ and ‘Medieval Warming’ cycles.


ΩΩSo instead of predicting events correctly, they were blindsided by some of the wickedest winters in living memory!  No surprise to me, I knew this would happen.  But this also makes people like Palin look smart and the scientists, dumb.  And the scientists are dumb!  They should have easily foreseen this last two winters being nasty!  It was painfully obvious two summers ago!


ΩΩBack to the Palin/Obama battle over food: Michelle is 100% right and Palin is 100% evil but we love to be indulged so the one suggesting we are happiest if we eat like pigs and look like elephants wins the popularity contest.  On the other hand, modern civilization where only 2% of us farm our own food is leading us into an evolutionary dead end.  Child Nutrition Bill Clears Congress – NYTimes.com



  • Congress gave final approval on Thursday to a child nutrition bill that expands the school lunch program and sets new standards to improve the quality of school meals, with more fruits and vegetables.  Michelle Obama lobbied for the bill as a way to combat obesity and hunger. About half of the $4.5 billion cost is financed by a cut in food stamps starting in several years. Mrs. Obama said she was thrilled by passage of what she described as a groundbreaking piece of legislation.





ΩΩWhat is not thrilling is, food stamps are being cut so lunch programs can expand.  Every child knows, school lunches are pretty nasty.  I grew up nearly never eating these.  My mom baked her own bread and then, after a while, I did likewise for myself and combined with a good cheese or peanut butter, it gave my youthful body plenty of energy.  Store bread has nearly no heft nor weight.  Light as a feather and as nutritious.  Real bread has heft and body.  Kids in school make fun of kids eating real bread.  But we have the last laugh.  We have health in later years.



ΩΩI always disliked soda pops when I was young.  On the other hand, many, many people love sugary drinks and consume vast quanities of this poison:  Save the Children Breaks With Soda Tax Effort – NYTimes.com



  • At the same time, executives at Save the Children were seeking a major grant from Coca-Cola to help finance the health and education programs that the charity conducts here and abroad, including its work on childhood obesity….In interviews this month, Carolyn Miles, chief operating officer of Save the Children, said there was no connection between the group’s about-face on soda taxes and the discussions with Coke. A $5 million grant from PepsiCo also had no influence on the decision, she said. Both companies fiercely oppose soda taxes.…the grant under discussion was significantly larger than past donations from the soft drink giant. Coke has given the group about $400,000 since 1991, according to a company spokeswoman.



ΩΩJust as Palin pets obese children and tells their deluded mothers, ‘Oh, he is so cute, here, have another ‘smores!’ so do all the child health charities: they are being cynically bought out by rich executives seeking greater wealth at the expense of all of humanity.  These people who run these operations all get flu shots and watch their own weight like a hawk and their families are also quite skinny and spend a lot of time and attention in avoiding the very things they sell.  No fashion-model thin wife of a male executive drinks any of this garbage nor allows her children to touch it.


ΩΩSo the executives of ‘Save The Children’ hire themselves to the wicked witches and cease fighting off the schemes of the wicked witches and instead, make themselves skinny while sitting passively while all the darling little Hansels and Gretels of the middle and lower classes eat themselves to an early grave.  Too bad for them!  Why bother saving them?  Obviously, they are all grist for the grisly cannibal mills.

Obesity and Overweight for Professionals: Data and Statistics: U.S. Obesity Trends | DNPAO | CDC

..Before foodstamps. the average poor family got government excess food hand outs.  That is, rice, beans, flour, butter, cheese and various odds and ends.  No soda pops.  No candy.  When I was a child, you could see who was poor for the children were slender.  But oddly enough, they also were able to survive and even more interesting, thanks to the surplus food program, they entered adulthood in fine physical shape.  When foodstamps first came along, concerned people wanted them to be confined to certain groups of food.  Instead, food producers lobbied for them to be for everything.


ΩΩThis led to a huge growth in sweets and soft drinks which are highly addictive.  Poor people feel happier if they consume sweets so it is like a drug addiction.  Children of the very poor are given soda pop when infants because this quiets them.  Children wanting something can be coddled with candy so families now keep big bags of candy at all times and the children have access to this every day.  When I was a child, we got candy exactly once a week, one thing on Sunday as a treat.  Now, it is the main course for more than one family.


ΩΩNote from the maps above, how obesity has grown as all of our culture has gone wild for sweets.  Each generation is worse off than the one before it.  The barriers to giving out candy have collapsed even as Halloween has swollen from a child getting a few sweets for just one night to this mass orgy of candy eating by children and adults. Like Xmas, this has been commercialized into a mass hysteria of mass consumption which leaks out into the entire year.  Even as we drown in material and food goods, as obesity and hoarding destroy homes and kill children, our country is doing all of this while running deeper and deeper into debt.  This is a most unhealthy cultural cycle.


ΩΩEven as the poorest parts of America can barely walk due to obesity, we still get the ritual stories about hunger:  Hungry at the holidays – Eatocracy – CNN.com Blogs


  • The kids, he said, often show up hungry. “They’ll polish off their meal, but they’re allowed to get a second meal in public school – it’s called a ‘hungry meal.’ It’s generally a sandwich – peanut butter and jelly or cheese – and there are always those good-hearted lunch people who will give the kids whatever they want, which I think is a great thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the kids took that extra sandwich home with them – and you’d be surprised to realize how many of the lunch workers are hungry at home themselves.”


ΩΩGo to any low income school and try to find the starving children.  I believe that the few that are starving are the anorexic/bulimic children who are this way not due to lack of food but a violent reaction to the surrounding obesity and the media siren calls that slender people are superior to fat people.  In the media, fat is nearly always a sin.  Thin is beautiful.  Most children and adults can’t take the monastic life of a thin person and give up after barely trying and this ups the value of the thin person because…THEY ARE NOW RARE, not common!


ΩΩThin children are proud, not sad!  Of course, self-imposed starvation drives people insane and it is also a killer just as much as obesity.  The fact that we have the two extremes at the same time and that the rich=fat and poor=thin system has totally reversed so that rich=thin and poor=fat is the new culture and very hard for BOTH sides to escape this dynamic and find some balance.


ΩΩAnyone watching this show can see why lower class children are so obese:Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Full Episodes and Clips streaming online – Hulu


ΩΩChildren are sent to school with bags of candy.  The school lunches are prepared foods made by corporations with very little nutritious value.  The children don’t even know the difference between a tomato and an apple.  The children want processed food over organic food.  This is Palin territory and it is dying in a literal huge way.  This obesity is spreading, not vanishing.  Nothing lasts longer than candy or is easier to produce than soda pop.  Here is a fine example:  Brazil’s obesity rate could match US by 2022 – Telegraph



  • Around one in seven Brazilians are classed as obese (13.9 per cent) up from 11.4 per cent four years ago and still far lower than the rate of one in three (33.8 per cent) in the US.


ΩΩIn the Middle East, people are rapidly getting very fat.  India still has real starvation so the lowest classes are still extremely thin but the middle class is turning rapidly obese.  Here is the latest story from England:  A quarter of children are overweight or obese by the age of FIVE | Mail Online


  • And by the time they leave primary school at the age of 11, more than one in three will be too fat and at serious risk of long-term health problems.


ΩΩHere in the US, it is one third.  We lead the world in this matter and watching Palin stoke the fires to stuff fat little children into the oven is rather depressing especially since this wondrously skinny skank is doing this on the Learning (sic) channel!


ΩΩMeanwhile, in the land of infinite zeros, people are truly starving to death and can’t even afford to buy cokes:  Zimbabwe’s Poor Barter Goods for Health Care – NYTimes.com



  • “We literally are providing medical services for peanuts!” exclaimed Kathy McCarty, a nurse from California who has run this rural hospital, 35 miles from the nearest tarred road, since 1981.


  • The hospital, along with countless Zimbabweans, turned to barter in earnest in 2008 when inflation peaked at what the International Monetary Fund estimates was an astonishing 500 billion percent, wiping out life savings, making even trillion-dollar notes worthless and propelling the health and education systems into a vertiginous collapse.



  • Since then, a power-sharing government has formed after years of decline under President Robert Mugabe, and the economy has stabilized. Zimbabwe abandoned its currency last year, replacing it with the American dollar, and inflation has fallen to a demure 3.6 percent. Teachers are back in their classrooms and nurses are back on their wards.


ΩΩThere is a shortage of US dollars there so money has value again.  Digging out of a depression via degrading the currency and creating inflation doesn’t work as Zimbabwe shows.  I would suggest the entire US will be put on an emergency diet some day due mainly to a collapse of our social and economic systems.  And maybe this may be good for us!  Certainly, following Palin into eating ourselves to an early grave isn’t a good plan.


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31 responses to “H1N1 And Obesity Surge

  1. Steve Murgaski

    I’m extremely thin because I simply don’t like most food. When I read about how it’s mass-produced, that doesn’t seem surprising.

    But we do have fantastic drugs. Caffeine and sugar and alcohol and anti-depressants…

    Living in a delusional, post-imperial empire is pretty shitty some ways.

  2. Claire Voyant

    Brilliant, dead-on analogy between Palin and the Wicked Witch! The Witch is a powerful archetype, a self-serving loner and con artist who cackles at other peoples’ misfortunes. Her lack of compassion and repudiation of the rest of humanity reveals her as the opposite of the nurturing mother, a role Palin loves to play. Human suffering doesn’t move the Witch … it amuses her.

    The Witch’s scariest quality is her power to enslave others, her uncanny talent for using children’s own greed to entrap themselves. She convinces the kiddies that she will provide for them, handing them all the cookies and candies they want. The kids could leave her at any time, but instead they stick around accepting her handouts, growing fat and complacent. In suspending disbelief in free goodies, in stifling their own gut instinct that something is very wrong with this picture, the children willingly relinquish their human logic and intelligence and become like barnyard animals waiting to be slaughtered.

    Disaster befalls them, of course! Like greedy gnomes or like the selfishly greedy Tea Partiers (both of whom insist on free lunch) the children are ultimately betrayed and devoured. But it’s not the Witch who destroys them … it’s their own greed, and their willingness to follow someone who takes delight in others’ misery.

  3. see sidney mintz’s book sweetness and power for a historical and anthropological approach to sugar

    like tobacco, it’s an addictive drug that has caused much suffering, both in production and consumption

  4. Onion

    I think in this instance you’re overeacting to Palin. Spot on on H1N1 – we may get overwhelmed in UK intensive care units this year

  5. w3g

    Elaine, what are the chances that the fearful masses will actually vote for Palin to be president in 2012? Please give an opinion, since I will make my future plans based on that possibility (e.g. find nuclear shelter etc)

  6. the fool on the hill

    When I was a child growing up with my dad, television and sweets were forbidden, and he too made homemade bread.

    My life sucks, but it’s really not my fault. I had to play the cards I was dealt. The world sucks, and I really don’t care that much if it gets blown to hell. I won’t be intentionally trying to help blow it to hell though. So I am not a bad person, so long as nobody gives me any crap.

    I am going to study kung fu.

  7. Aussie

    @ w3g
    Re: …..Elaine, what are the chances that the fearful…

    Of Topic.

    It is sad to read how many of us fear next year for reasons beyond our control…

    My comments in Elaine’s last blog “Sovereign Nations Will Collapse As Debt Ratings Collapse” commented on how workers from China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan worked very hard to help their countries modernize.

    I forgot to mention how I found American oilfield workers were also hard workers and regarded work as a privilege.

    Several times, I heard them remark it was a privilege to work offshore because work in Texas was hard to come by – at the time.

    Several weeks ago, in my local Australian library, I met a middle aged American electrician using his skype phone contacting prospective employees in our mining and oilpatch industries.

    I was touched and we talked.

    Obviously, he was unable to work in the US and was finding it difficult seek work because our work place is more regulated.

    I suggested he simply walk into the offices because we need people like him – he found employment.

    Unfortunately, from my experience, many of our people feel more entitled and demand more for less effort than many Americans.

    Hhowever, in fairness, our workers do work much harder than they did a decade ago.
    I don’t believe in exploitation but as with anything there needs to be a balance between exploitation by employers and by employees.

    My point being, it was not the ordinary American that is lazy but your ruling elite with their hubris, greed and overweening sense of entitlement.

    Merry Christmas and hopefully a more hopeful New year to Elaine and fellow readers.

  8. Melponeme_k

    We developed as a race to pack on the pounds because most of our history it was feast/famine. Its unfortunate that we are now, at this point, in a time of plenty. Which means we are bigger.

    I’m in favor of good eating habits and good food for all. But in most cases people can’t afford the good food. When money is tight that dollar meal at Mcdonald’s looks okay.

    Also there have been studies about weight set points. Some people will always be larger, no matter what diet they follow. The most any of us can lose is about 15 to 20 pounds before our bodies start to rebel. The most any of us can gain is the same amount. And believe me, it takes hard work to gain 20 as it is to lose 20.

    When I got sick, the most I lost was upwards of 30 pounds. Then gained back 5. Now I’m hovering at this new set point with no work on my part. But do I still look like I could lose a few? Sure, I’m not fashionable weight. But I am at the perfect weight for a person whose ancestors evolved in the frozen tundra of the far north.

  9. Joseppi

    In the annexed colonial territory of Hawaii the state’s favorite food is spam. It’s a cultish left over from WW11 when C-rations were widely distributed.
    Since the cane sugar corporations abandoned Hawaii, corn syrup has become the #1 sweet drug of choice amongst the growing population of diabetics.
    Polynesians have traditionally admired big corpulent bodies, so the epidemic of obesity has flourished within this cultural bias.
    With the resurgence of traditional Hawaiian culture that promotes non-imported foodstuffs, there is hope.
    Elaine, I am concerned that the arm that has been bothering you is the one you get your vaccinations on every year. Is it?


    ELAINE: No, it is not. Vaccines don’t cause arthritis or stressed tendons. Hard work does this.

  10. Mike M

    I have to take issue with you Elaine regarding flu shots. Simply put, people in whole react to these shots in a simple bell-curve.

    The military considers it’s vaccination programs to be successful as long as casualties are under 2-3%. I play cards, and don’t like those kinds of odds regarding fatality, regardless of the potential benefits.

    As you are already well aware, I’m quite conservative, but yet I agree with at minimum 95% of your views. Sarah Palin really needs to go away. She’s nothing more than a tool, and she’s too stupid to understand that.

    Thanks 4 a great blog, and have a happy whatever we non-religious folks want to call this time of year!


    ELAINE: ‘Casualties’ means ‘hurt’ not dead. The thing that really irritates me the most about antivaccinationists is how they exaggerate everything, make up stuff and then have this wide-eyed assurance that they are not doing this. Stop with the made up stuff. The death rate from flu vaccinations hovers around 0 people dead.

  11. w3g

    You are much likelier to die when driving than from flu shot, so Mike, do you ever use a car?

    Modern humans will probably only live half as long if a dozen deadly diseases run rampant all the time. By rejecting vaccines, you are wishing for a world of 50% causality. Or maybe you just want everyone else to get a vaccine which will protect you as side-benefit. That would be selfish.

  12. nah

    website laggggggg… read i1.ytimg.com
    laaaaaagggggggggg appears to be google lag
    nuq04s01-in-f101.1e100.net… website is still reading… bugged out pic or what jeez

    took me 10min to post

  13. JT


    Contents: Cauliflower, beef, carrot coleslaw, mashed potatoes.

    “School meal service in Finland is one of a kind in the world, since free school lunches are served at comprehensive schools as well as at upper secondary schools and vocational institutes every working day. This system has a long tradition. The first catering kitchens in schools were established in the early 1900’s. It was, however, not until 1943 that a law was passed requiring the municipalities to arrange a free lunch for all pupils at elementary schools by 1948. The same benefit was gradually introduced to all levels of primary and secondary education. In addition, university students have had subsidized meals since 1979.”

    We were at war with the Sovjet Union for years and at the same time we started giving children free lunches.
    So I guess you should be able to find the funds for this?

    Carrots, knackebrod and coleslaw how hard can it be?


    ELAINE: I love knackerbrod! I love any rye bread. It is a hardy grass and if fed to horses and cattle, makes them strong, too. 🙂

  14. RobG

    The new tax cut bill, “creating Treasury IOUs out of thin air”:

    Next year, as you probably know, workers subject to Social Security taxes will pay only 4.2 percent of their “covered wages” -wages up to $106,800 – rather than the normal 6.2 percent. This will reduce Social Security’s cash proceeds by $112 billion, according to Congress’ Joint Committee on Taxation.

    How can a $112 billion cut in Social Security revenues not affect the trust fund? Because Treasury will give the trust fund the same amount of bonds it would have gotten had the two-percentage-point tax holiday didn’t exist.

  15. Palin has her fans, but not a broad enough appeal

    My current guess as to likeliest next president – Jeb Bush

    Democrap or Rethuglican, it don’t make much difference

  16. Mike M

    I used to take flu shots regularly, never having a problem. Now I don’t. I haven’t even had a cold in nearly 10 years.

    We all die of something, so wtf? Still, it’s entirely stupid to ignore facts. Read up on the anti-anthrax vaccine the military gives young folks in the Middle East. DUH.


    ELAINE; The anthrax thing is a whole different issue. Note that our politicians got these anthrax shots when the anthrax letters were sent and not one of them died or walked backwards all the time.

  17. Mike M

    Continuing on my previous point (apologies for behaving like Nah), anybody who thinks the gooberment and it’s supporting corporate donorship for their continued existence is actually looking out for the general public’s good has to be out of their minds.

    Damn, who with an IQ over 120 hasn’t already figured out our population is WAY up on the hockey stick graph, and that the global population needs to be reduced, sooner rather than later? Gads!! It’s not rocket science.

    It’s gonna happen one way or another. That is also fact.

    Nobody in our gooberment cares about our health. They care about corporations, their profits, and therefore their own campaign contributions. Slap, slap…wake up folks. It is MY OPINION that profits prevail over the disillusionment that the gooberment is actually looking out for us, which is why I refuse to take vaccines that have not been around for decades.


    ELAINE: So, your solution is for us to die of germs?

  18. Mike M

    Tks 4 that WB. As an insider in military intelligence for a couple of decades, sworn to silence (HAHA) I love Wikileaks to death.

  19. Mike M


    I find in nearly incomprehensible that you believe vaccines are actually about health issues, not about profit.

    What do you think people usually die from, old age?

    I realize you made the upper .0005 percentile on the CIA’s aptitude test.

    That doesn’t make you right all the time…and I know you know that.

    The day is coming when the “authorities” will tell me I am required to take some sort of inoculation. No I’m not paranoid, but am simply an analyst who interprets trends.

    When anyone tells me I HAVE to have an inoculation, kind of like our new “health care” bill, which is all about funding insurance companies, with nothing to do with actual health care…that’ll be the day I pull my .44 out (it’s with me always), reminding some silly dipshit that this is the USA, not a dictatorship.

    I don’t look forward to that day, but I think it’s right around the corner. You aren’t helping much in this particular department.

    It’s about profit, not health. Let’s say we respectfully disagree here, and leave it at that…

  20. Onion

    H1N1 hospitalising young and pregnant (in ICU) compared to the other strains. The UK ICU system is under strain. And we’re out of ECMO machines


    After the Xmas break, my surgery will be calling all our pregnant women to encourage them to get the flu jab.

  21. Hugh Jass

    Elaine, You get to the heart of so many things and then are so off the wall on vaccines. Big Pharma is the wicked witch, luring you with the promise of good “helf”, but they kill and kill. and kill.

    Carbs are killing the country. say what you want, but a candy bar and a glass of OJ is the same…so is a slice of bread or a potato. Its all carbs, all turns into sugar. I see a pattern that a standard dose of carbs in this country is 30-40 g. 10 a day is about a pound. GO USA. That’s why people are dy7ing and dead. you can’t live without your carb rush….caffeine, nicotine and carbs.


    ELAINE; Understanding nutrition is not difficult. A candy bar is not the same as orange juice. One has some nutritional value and one is ’empty calories’. ‘Big Pharma’ happens to be also the fake medicines churned out by antivaccinationist magic health cure believers. Go look at some of the tripe they put out!

    If modern medicine especially vaccinations are killing us, it is doing an absolutely lousy job of it. That is, places where modern medicine exists and is being used has populations living long lives. Places without it have short lives and a high child death rate. Contagious diseases hammer children, this is how evolution works.

    Now, in the West where we have ‘Big Pharma’ we also have a very, very, very low child death rate. I don’t know about you but I would hate to see that return. On the other hand, maybe Mother Nature wants us to revert to this system. In nature, the survival rate to old age for any living animal is about 5%. Most animals die before they reach adulthood. A clue as to how dire a death rate an animal has is easy to see: they have huge litters. For examples, cats and dogs have litters of more than three, often, more than five. This means, 4 out of five will not make it to reproductive age and of the one survivor, it won’t have more than one in four will have two litters, etc. Elephants have one baby every four years and the survival rate is much higher for each baby than say, kittens.

    Humans have one baby every two to three years in nature. In farming communities, once a year or so, but the death rate before vaccinations was about 50% before adulthood. Just remember this whenever you get all steamed up about vaccinations.

  22. JT

    @Mike M

    “I find in nearly incomprehensible that you believe vaccines are actually about health issues, not about profit.”

    They are about health and profit both?
    You really do not want polio, rabies, tetanus back?

    You can die from a small cut in your foot without tetanus shots.

  23. emsnews

    There is this queer belief that you can survive these deadly diseases with magic water medicine or sticking pins in the body or bleeding in a medieval way. I am totally baffled by this insistence one has to have the most primitive medical systems and beliefs. This has attached itself to ‘liberalism’ and ‘libertarianism’ like a leech or a germ takes over one’s body. Or rather, a parasite that causes the organism to do things that will kill it.

    Parasites are really interesting creatures. They cannot live on their own but thrive when colonizing another creature. So, to keep themselves alive, the force the captive creature to do things that are good for the parasite but deadly for the captive body that is turned into a zombie.

    It is funny, odd, sad to watch people become zombies when discussing what should be obvious science issues. You can wave your hand in front of the face of a zombie and get only a glazed eyed look. The ‘Big Pharma’ stuff is typical. The minute someone says that, I can predict every single word that will issue forth after that moment.

    Same happened to 9/11: no one ever mentions this topic or those magical numbers anymore for fear that they will be trapped in a zombie conversation about bombs in the buildings. It is pathetic, stupid and above all, insane. So that entire business has been buried.

    The vaccination business has been a prime danger to all of us: if the antivaccination zombies win this fight to destroy minds, we are certainly going to see a mass die off.

    Perhaps this is Mother Nature at work: too many humans! They must be reduced in numbers. Best way: use germs! Germs that kill only humans would eradicate most of them pretty quickly! The only bar to this solution is vaccinations. If this is eliminated, so will many humans be eliminated.

    So looking at things very coldly, one can surmise that the zombie thinking of antivaccinationists is actually evolutionarily correct. They will succeed in killing most humans and ergo, save the planet earth in an odd way. I prefer to keep down human overpopulation via birth control. But that sensible solution is opposed by religious leaders and they are very pro-zombie thinking.

    That is, all religions actively require we don’t think rationally! Funny, that. Especially since religions are relentlessly driving us into mass warfare!

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    Best regards.

  25. Rezqun

    Good info, thank you. I also recommend this website
    Take a look and maybe you too may like to add this site to your favorites. I enjoy reading info from various contributors on this site (OH) and others.

  26. JT


    “ELAINE: I love knackerbrod! I love any rye bread. It is a hardy grass and if fed to horses and cattle, makes them strong, too. :)”

    Knackebrod is what we grow up on 😀 . From 7 years of age until you graduate from university. (it is the standard during the compulsory year in military too).

    Rules of engagement for school lunches here:
    a lunch break is 45 min
    b teachers eat the same food and sit at the end of the table
    c you have to show your empty plate to the teacher in order to leave the table (if you gobble up your food fast you can go outside to play faster)
    d if you don´t finish your plate you have to sit and wait for the full 30 minutes and be the last to leave the table
    e the normal break between classes is 15 minutes which you HAVE to spend outdoors exceptions are made only if temperature is lower than -20 degrees celsius.

    Such torment and cruelty towards children.
    This is how we northern socialists roll.

  27. V

    Myths and Facts: Study Verifies That There Is No Value In Any Flu Vaccine


    Remember Remember, Channel 4 News Exposes Swine Flu Scandal(March2010)


    Swine Flu Pandemic Outbreak Sweeping Through Britain Even Though 70 Percent Were Vaccinated Last Year


    So what’s next, Elaine? Fluoridation of water is a good idea too? Aspartame is great alternative to sugar? What flavour of Kool-Aid is it that you like?

  28. I think there is no value in any flu vaccine. Thank you for post.

  29. emsnews

    Sorry that facts are not on your side. You don’t need to have the shots, it is OK with me if you get very sick. I, personally, don’t enjoy throwing up or getting a lung disease after getting the flu.

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