The Bugarach UFO Cave Of Wealth And Death


It is of great interest to me how many stories about buried wealth, death that comes to those who seek it and magic thinking.  This is very ancient and seems to be a very powerful part of our brains.  All religions partake in this magic realm and its iron clad rules.  Reality fits, too, as we saw recently with the cave deep in the mountains of Chile.  In the British media is this queer little story from France that shows the durability of the ‘Cave of Wealth and Death’ religious concept and how this has become an integral part of the UFO cults.


ΩΩThe UFO cults always amaze me because they are so naive about their beliefs imagining these fancies are hard reality backed by observations. Yet, all the time, almost all of the UFO beliefs are nearly identical to religious practices and are of course, a way to traverse between ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’.  That is, these flying beings also are cave dwelling entities at the same time.  How odd is this?  Read onwards!


French village which will ‘survive 2012 Armageddon’ plagued by visitors – Telegraph

  • …In the past few months, the quiet village has been inundated by groups of esoteric outsiders who believe the peak is an “alien garage”. According to them, extraterrestrials are quietly waiting in a massive cavity beneath the rock for the world to end, at which point they will leave, taking, it is hoped, a lucky few humans with them.


ΩΩA common theme of all ‘End of Times’ beliefs is ‘we believers shall be the only ones left.’  This flattering view is extremely attractive to mere humans caught up in the mania of their own minds.  Rich or poor, people seek solace in this exceptionalist belief.  Whatever system is chosen, the main thing is, one IS chosen.  Whereas everyone else dies.


ΩΩThis is a very dangerous belief.  Many a military leader who possesses nuclear bombs can’t help but think this way.  This is truly scary since all the rulers in the US, Russia, China, etc. all have secret, well-stocked bomb shelters.  They really can kill everyone in a mass suicide move.  And even survive!


ΩΩThese people are not space aliens nor Jesus Christ or any fabulous thing.  They are real, live humans.  And thus, extremely deluded and frail.  That is, the temptation to make these deep religious urges to have an extreme destruction event followed by a few survivors getting everything on earth can actually happen in reality!


ΩΩWe see with the insane news from South Korea that this can be generated even OUTSIDE of the ruling elites who have secret bomb shelters and thousands of armed missiles.


ΩΩLook at this week’s news!  China Seen Defusing Korea –

  • China has made a public show over the past two weeks of urging all sides to show restraint, but to Washington’s chagrin has refused to blame North Korea for the sinking of a South Korean ship in March or the Nov. 23 artillery attack that killed four people on a South Korean island in the Yellow Sea.


ΩΩInstead of cooperating with China to restrain both Koreas, the US plays possum.  China cannot constrain South Korea.  Like Japan, suddenly South Korea has become extremely militarily aggressive.  This cannot be done without strong US permission.  Obama has turned into a total war monger after he surrendered to the Pentagon, CIA and Congress on every war issue from enabling Israel to expand its nuclear arsenal and delivery systems to hiding CIA war crimes and escalating US drone attacks and this week, announcing that the US is throwing away the Constitution and will hold prisoners forever with no charges…on every front, he is a warmonger.


ΩΩSouth Korea Drills: North Korea Attack Prompts More Exercises

  • South Korea vowed Wednesday to “completely punish” North Korea if it attacks again, and mobilized hundreds of troops, tanks and helicopters for a massive military exercise prompted by high tensions on the peninsula.


ΩΩThis sort of hot talk should be tamped down by US diplomats.  Instead, they sit aside and watch passively. Why?  I am baffled.  Or not. The US elites feel that China’s ability to make all of their wealth vanish in a flash is too dangerous so they hope to intimidate China by threatening nuclear war.  This is beyond stupid.  Yet, is tremendously powerful force inside of these many brains trapped inside of bone skulls.


ΩΩNaturally, the dying despot in North Korea thinks nothing of making a nuclear tit for tat:  North Korea makes nuclear threat in standoff with South | Reuters.  Instead of being very alarmed, the US seems to be sleepwalking into a death trap!  The US military is filled to the gills with lots of Christians who believe that Jesus will hand over the entire planet to them and them alone.  And the tool for this generosity is via nuclear war.


ΩΩWe already know that both Germany and Japan’s warlords tried to drive all of their own people into suicidal battles which would end with everyone dying.  Since these two first rank industrial nations tried this just 50 years ago, why not today?  That is, our rulers can be equally insane.  Back to the Telegraph story about the French mountain where the UFOs are supposed to hide:

  • Most believe Armageddon will take place on December 21, 2012, the end date of the ancient Maya calendar, at which point they predict human civilisation will come to an end. Another favourite date mentioned is 12, December, 2012. They see Bugarach as one of perhaps several “sacred mountains” sheltered from the cataclysm…The internet abounds with tales of the late President François Mitterrand being curiously heliported on to the peak, of mysterious digs conducted by the Nazis and later Mossad, the Israeli secret services.
  • A visit to Bugarach is said to have inspired Steven Spielberg in his film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind – although the actual mountain he used is Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. It is also where Jules Verne found the entrance and the inspiration for A Journey to the Centre of the Earth.


ΩΩEvery possible fancy will attach itself to this mountain because it has a deep cave, it has various properties mountains have in general.  Many, many religions have this mountain/cave duality.  This is yin/yang, night and day, fire and ice dualities.  The Devil’s Tower looks really neat but unlike the French mountain, it doesn’t have caves, too.


ΩΩOne site that has been fought over for eons has been the ‘threshing floor’ where death supposedly stood still on a rock outcrop in the heart of Jerusalem.  Jerusalem’s Mysterious Well of Souls — National Geographic

  • The Well of Souls is purportedly located below a natural cave under the rock upon which Jewish tradition says Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac. Islamic tradition indicates Muhammad ascended to heaven from this same stone.
  • No one knows with absolute certainty whether the Well of Souls—or the Ark of the Covenant—actually exists. Though knocking on the floor of the cave under the Muslim Dome of the Rock shrine elicits a resounding hollow echo, no one has ever seen this alleged chamber.
  • The Temple Mount itself is rife with a network of some 45 cisterns, chambers, tunnels, and caves.


ΩΩHere is one story I wrote in the past about all of this:  One God Into Many Gods: The Relentless Battle Over Who Owns Jerusalem | Culture of Life News


ΩΩNote how this cave has to be very secretive yet everyone has to know about it.  And various people fly into the air or see alien beings when on top of this cave.  And of course, there probably are caves here just as they exist all over the planet especially where there is limestone mountains.  Limestone is actually many, many tiny dead creatures.  It is an ocean graveyard.  Eons old.


ΩΩThis is also one of many important hair-trigger sites.  Especially since several religious cults with about 2 billion members believe this is where ‘God’ is particularly special and this god happens to be very much a death god cult creation, we know from history, a very bloody history, that all the believers will quite cheerfully kill anyone and everyone in order to control this magical cave/mountain complex.


ΩΩIt is a very, very dire place due to human insanity and of course, just like a volcano sits idle for hundreds of years only to suddenly roar to life, this site does the same.  It explodes at least once a millennium though sadly, much more often that that.  Of course, with everyone being increasingly distressed this particular time cycle, tensions are growing in this quarter.  Religious wars are brewing.

ΩΩBack to the Bugarach UFO insanity…here is a Wikipedia information packet about it:  Pic de Bugarach – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • The Pic de Bugarach or Pech de Bugarach (puèg de Bugarag in Occitan, i.e. ‘Bugarag Height’) is the highest summit (1230m) in the Corbières mountains in the French Midi.


  • The geology of the Pic de Bugarach is odd, since its top layers are older than bottom ones. It is not difficult to climb up the Bugarach: a classical route called “voie de la fenêtre” because of a big hole in a cliff, climbs the South face. One may go down via the easiest route, North, and join the “col de Linas” [1].


ΩΩI was curious about what the UFO/magic mountain people thought about all of this so I found this most interesting story:   The Magic Mountain

  • The entire region is limestone, and hence there are numerous caves. Bugarach has its fair share of underground caverns, some of which are unknown to the general public, some of which are known to certain “initiates” and some which have perhaps never been discovered. It is an area with large underground salt deposits, specifically in the neighbouring Rennes-les-Bains, whereas Rennes-le-Château is often said to have a large underground water tank, which might go as deep as several hundreds of metres. The underground network is complex, largely unexplored, and runs for miles. It is known that an underground river near Bugarach is connected as far west as Salses… no doubt before entering into the Mediterranean basin. The river does not appear on any maps, but underneath the surface, it runs its course.


ΩΩCaves all over France have been explored…by Ice Age people.  Some of these caves have the most amazing artwork.  Lascaux is one of the most famous of these caves.  Lascaux was found by some boys seeking a lost dog.  It seems pretty obvious to me that these 17,000 year old paintings were done for ‘religious’ reasons.  The animals on the walls represented wealth to these Ice Age hunters.  We have no idea how many people saw these paintings back then.


ΩΩI would guess, very few.  The need to hide these pictures probably is a key factor since many, many caves including human-built caves like the Pyramids and many royal graves in many cultures and empires all have fabulous artwork that is sealed off from all other viewers and are strictly for celestial beings.


ΩΩThat is, the magic needs secrecy and dark to operate.  Although archeologists have worked hard to uncover and reveal these secret paintings and artwork, the spells may be broken but they are simply replaced with other, new spells.  The UFO community works very hard at creating new magic cave spells and it amuses me to see them do this so carefully.  It is very primitive.


ΩΩHere is some more information on the Magic Mountain website that confirms to me, how this mountain fills a deep spiritual and psychological need:

  • Verne was not the only author with such an interest. There is Maurice Leblanc, Gaston Leroux, George Sand, Andre Malraux, Louis Fédié, Henri Boudet, Daniel Réju, Serge Hutin, Luc Alberny, to quote only those. It is a long list, but when one looks beneath the surface, it becomes clear that these authors belonged to various initiatory organisations, some obscure, others better known. But in all cases, the references are few and far between. Though clear works of fiction, they are nevertheless clearly “manmade”, written by a human being, conscious of what he is writing. Can it therefore be really a coincidence? Instead, is it certain knowledge that these authors are able to pass into the public conscience, who is unaware of it, and even those who are looking will never be able to say more than observe “the coincidence”, which is all that we can do here… but is it not like the magician, who is sworn to secrecy not to reveal his act, but who can nevertheless hint and point at the mechanism of his profession… so that those who are observant, will see and learn?


ΩΩHAHAHA.  These images, stories and imaginings are all so very similar because ALL these sorts of things are the same.  It doesn’t matter what culture, time frame or belief system people have, everyone cycles back into the Cave of Wealth and Death.  That is, not only can one get fabulously rich if one finds and enters a magic cave.  But there is a price to pay.  Everyone is very certain about this.  We know that one of the most dangerous jobs on earth happens to be working in caves!  And yet, wealth is there for the daring which is why 33 Chilean miners were trapped deep underground, seeking silver and gold.

  • They uncovered a work on the mythology attached to the mountain, written by a university student during the war. Its author had been called up for military service, finding a heroic but early end during one of the attacks of the German troops. The thesis had several legends and myths, all about the sector that the two researchers were interested in. Some of the legends went back as early as the 15th century. True, such a compendium is not an archaeological report. But the stories did show a superposition between various myths and locations around the mountain. The student furthermore added an overview of various fortuitous discoveries made on the site over the last two centuries: vestiges, testimonies, memories, reports, etc. The whole showed a strange correlation between certain mythical accounts, often related to legendary underground universes, and actual events that had been witnessed and reported. As a result, Bettex reconstituted a strange chronology of the mountain…


ΩΩThis pleases the human mind.  All the reports are unverifiable, dark, mysterious, confused and…magical.  And fits all the various legends and beliefs like a glove.  Of course, it is exactly that in the first place.  Any physical mountain with caves can fulfill this role very easily.  It conforms to our brain’s expectations: all caves in mountains must have treasures and must connect us with desires for eternal life and lots of running deer, horses and cows.  These animals vanished and are now ‘wealth’ instead of running free.

We all long for this ancient Ice Age Garden of Eden.  This is different from the African Garden of Eden that pre-dated the Ice Ages.  That lost land of plenty is even deeper inside of our minds and alas, is attached firmly to the ‘End of Times’ longing of virtually no humans.

  • There are many accounts of accesses to this underground empire. One finds these legends in French provinces like the High Loire (Pradelles), Ariège (Miglos), the Pilat (Annonay), the Ardeche (St Pierreville) the Maritime Alps (Falicon), Provence (the plate of Clansaye, Baux of Provence), etc., to only quote the best known.


ΩΩNaturally, there are zillions of these beliefs that all sorts of caves are all part of an underground empire.  This is the ‘lost subterranean universe’ which is very much part of the Heaven/Earth’s surface/Underground caves’ business we know so well from say, the Norse myths, for example.  The constellations above are  one world, the rivers and seas on earth are the connective tissue of the streams of stars of the Milky Way and according to all myths, all the waters of the earth can suddenly vanish underground in to the occult world or shoot upwards and suddenly flood the whole world like in the Noah’s ark fable.


ΩΩOne thing often left out of many modern myth making is the Tree of Life.  This tree has many, many incarnations.  One of which is, being cut down and then having floods of water issue from the trunk, for example.  Many of these myths are connected to the constellations and one tricky matter for us is, when the constellations shift over the eons as the earth wobbles on its axis, the constellations are not steady but rather, ‘travel’ in time so that the succession of Zodiac stars that rise and set where the sun rises and sets, shifts over time.


ΩΩFor example, we are now in the Age of Pisces.  The shift from Pisces to Aquarius is very tricky since the fish stars are very scattered and cover a great deal of the sky but are not aligned at all with the sun’s track.  There is a big gap between Pisces and Aquarius.

  • Though details and aspects may differ, in essence, each story follows the same structure. Normally, it is an animal or a small child that falls in the opening and is found again, sometimes days later, in perfect health. But if this befalls children, it turns out they have no memory of their adventure.


ΩΩThe reason children find these caves is simple: children are small and curious as well as incautious.  If anyone is in a cave for a long time, they are not in perfect health when found.  This is a typical exaggeration by believers who need to make caves magical.  It is safer being lost in a cave compared to other places.  The temperature is even and usually there are few predators, for example.


ΩΩThe Magic Mountain website goes on to talk about a modern person who gets tangled up in this business of caves being entrances to the world of wealth and death:

  • Confronted with such reports and documents, Daniel Bettex initially considered it possible that under Mount Bugarach one such facility existed… an entrance to a mythical underground world… could he be the one who would localise it, and finally to reveal its existence? Would he prove Verne was not a fiction writer, but had written a factual account?
  • Daniel Bettex took a long time to locate the place where he would carry out his research. Once he had determined the location, he made sure that he could work in all solitude, concealing the place of his endeavours.
  • In 1988, everything accelerates. Bettex is normally calm and methodical, but now he is highly excited and excitable. He visits her, to tell her that he is almost at the end of his work on the ground. At most, four or five days separate him from the final goal. He tells her that within the week he will be back, carrying with him part of the treasure. “You will be immensely rich!”


ΩΩNote how this secret cave digging done in a very odd way in a very odd spot on this odd little mountain gets this guy all excited.  He no longer is looking for a mere cave or even another universe.  No, he is now going to be fabulously rich!

  • Three days later, she learns that Bettex has been found in Bugarach; dead. There are various versions surrounding the events of his death – and its cause. For some, a gallery inside the mountain collapsed, causing his injuries and death. Others believed that he had left Switzerland with serious cardiovascular problems, which resulted in his death once he laboured in the South of France. Other rumours argue that he was stricken on the spot – dead. Some state he had died in the gallery, others that he had been found inside a cavity, others that his body had inexplicably dehydrated. Others argue he was able to walk to one of the gardens of the first houses of Bugarach, where he collapsed, apparently the victim of a violent heart attack.


ΩΩHAHAHA…note that the three days makes its typical appearance in this story!  A magic number of days!  And then the usual confusion as to where the body is, what happened, etc.


ΩΩThe reason there are various stories about how he died is simple: people love to make up stuff. So, to make him conform with our need to keep the typical mythology pure, various mysterious deaths have been attached to this poor, deluded man.  Of course, his death is no great mystery only…not one of the websites that talk about this nut ever refer to anything concrete.  They all repeat the same dumb rumors with no examination of the truth. That is, they don’t really care to know what happened, they are happy that there is uncertainty and thus, room for romanticizing this guy’s death.


ΩΩThis is pretty much how religious entities are treated.  There is no solid information about how they die.  The preference is for them to either not die at all or are punished for looking at or seeking something amazing.


ΩΩThe UFO people are not the most dangerous on earth.  All the major religions are as deluded and dangerous and this is because the part of the brain, our Ice Age brains that are upset about changes in the stars, the sun eclipsing or the moon changing each month, all of these things greatly disturb us.  And we head into wars because of these matters.  The hysterical part of this is, human technological advances from the ability to turn rocks into sharp weapons to creating nuclear bombs and missiles to deliver death…we want to settle all psychological and mental health problems via waves of tremendous violence.


ΩΩChristmas has this slogan, ‘Peace on earth and good will towards men.’  I wish this for everyone but fear that the other side of this particular coin is the Apocalypse.  We just went past a dual winter solstice coupled with a rare lunar eclipse.  And nothing terrible happened except for maybe some coincidental bad weather including snow in Australia, of all places.  And Ice Age conditions all over the planet.  Make of this what we will, we don’t control nature today anymore than we did using cave and fire magic 20,000 years ago.

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27 responses to “The Bugarach UFO Cave Of Wealth And Death

  1. CK

    I bet there is no sanity clause too.

  2. Clueless

    Mankind has been on this rock we call Earth for approximately 200,000 years. A rock between 2-3 billion years old, give or take a few hundred thousand years. Only an arrogant and willfully ignorant fool would even think we can control nature, or ever.
    Having said that, Season’s Greetings to all! Hoping for a more enlightened global leadership in the coming year. Fat chance. Enjoy this perspective:

  3. Melponeme_k

    Garden of Eden…

    Once, after watching a nature show about primates, I was struck with their rigid social structures. They have a strong impulse to shun primates who don’t make the cut for whatever reason. In this show, one female couldn’t catch a break. She was always on the outside. Until the scientists allowed her to adopt an orphan. All at once she climbed in the other’s opinion. Amazing.

    But that got me thinking about Eden. We weren’t thrown out by some GOD. We were thrown out by our relatives. We probably didn’t make the cut.

    I believe the sane primates are still in the same places they evolved. They never left Eden.


    ELAINE : Correct! 🙂

  4. Christian W

    Speaking of the Madness in Germany… This insane GOP thug boasts about his Masters in Communication… you should read his speech, it’s hilarious but not in the way he meant it…

  5. JT


    Here in Finland Santa Claus knocks on the door and visit´s children on the 24th.
    “Another difference is that instead of sneaking in through the chimney during the late night hours, Joulupukki knocks on the front door during the Christmas Eve celebrations. When he comes in, his first words are traditionally “Onkos täällä kilttejä lapsia?” (Are there (any) well-behaved children here?)”

    It was quite scary I remember it well.

    A man´s life has three stages:
    he believes in Santa Claus
    he does not believe in Santa Claus
    he is Santa Claus

  6. nah

    Instead of cooperating with China to restrain both Koreas, the US plays possum. China cannot constrain South Korea. Like Japan, suddenly South Korea has become extremely militarily aggressive. This cannot be done without strong US permission.
    a counter point to the MSM? not everything surprises me but the obvious
    people talk about the pyramids and ‘who made the damn things’ and why… believe it or not i have an opinion… the egyptians made the pyramids and the believed in a world with such passion that we really cannot fathom… desire blooms leaps of humanity… less and less alien civilizations incorporating human religion into a multi millennium plots to play foolies on your kids… when their older
    aliens are a simple direct threat to humanity… we know more about the taliban al queda and wikileaks combined
    astrology and pyramids are cutting edge enlightenment that drove millions to the grave believing in a better world the mechanics of which seem so out of touch… we tune satelites into alien radio frequency 2011AD style hoping to find LIFE
    the fool can be whatever you wish

  7. wb

    @Elaine “And Ice Age conditions all over the planet.”

    Ridiculous nonsense, Elaine. Where do you find such silly ideas ? Over this year, far more warm records have been broken than cold. This is also true of the last ten years, where the ratio of warm records to cold records was higher than any other recent decade. Exceptionally cold winters in some localities are an expected consequence of global warming. The Arctic is something like 20deg.F above normal.


    ELAINE: the Arctic was relatively warmer than say, Greenbay, Wisconsin, during the Wisconsonian Ice Age, just for example. At 20 degrees warmer is still around -20+ degrees. Not ‘warm’ just ‘not hideously cold’.

  8. if

    NATO has had no effective role in fighting the massive drug production in Afghanistan, Russian Federal Drug Control Service chief Viktor Ivanov says.

    Since NATO began its operations in Afghanistan, the country’s heroin production has grown 40 times, Ivanov said on Friday.
    “Clearly, therefore, the effect of the stay of the NATO military contingent in Afghanistan is, in this sense, zero, if not negative,” he added in his interview with the state Rossiiskaya Gazeta newspaper.

  9. emsnews

    Understanding the Ice Ages: at this time, it didn’t become -80 degrees below zero on the ice caps, it REMAINED NORMAL. The colder stuff was below that, that is, the overall temperature of the TEMPERATE zones became arctic.

    As we see today. Indeed, it is quite probable that the temperature differential between the temperate zone and the arctic zone became 0 degrees, that is, were the same. A clue about this is the fact that humans and Eurasian northern mammals all crossed the land bridge near the top of the globe and were quite able to transit south past all these massive glaciers. Alaska wasn’t all that much colder than it already is, today.

    But say, NY, was under a mile of ice! We still don’t understand exactly why this happened this way. The entire planet ended up cooler but I suspect, this was after the first storms swept the northern temperate regions and the snow simply didn’t melt. We still don’t know why. Already, scientists believe the Ice Ages all began very suddenly, not a ‘gradual glacier moving south’ event.

  10. JT


    minus 24 yesterday.
    All time snow record for Helsinki is due this weekend.
    Tied at 70cm from 1915 (all time record) a week ago.

    How do you calculate the average temp of the earth with 0.6 degree accuracy over a hundred years?
    Well you can’t.

  11. Steve Murgaski

    One of my favorite novels (“Restless,” by William Boyd) is about a group of British government employees working in the US at the beginning of WW II, to try and bring the US into the war on the British side. Their job was to influence American public opinion. They generated a lot of newspaper stories which were formatted along the lines Elaine associates here with religions: vague, mysterious references that capture the imagination, and leave room for people to romanticize. I think the British must have done public diplomacy of that sort.

    Newspaper stories still have the same vague, prophetic quality. Lots of phrases starting like “Reportedly,” “Sources suggest,” “It is rumored that…” Predictions like that have self-fulfilling aspects. (How many times we read that “Washington is dismayed,” or “Washington believes…” Who in Washington? It’s a disembodied, spirit-of-Washington; reporters diagnose its mood like psychiatrists, and report on it to we, the observing public. No one is accountable for what “Washington feels”. It’s simply in the air.)

  12. Christian W

    Yep, Steve, they deliberately leave things open for projections (positive and negative). The human mind cannot stand ambiguity, white spots on the map so to speak. Where it doesn’t know or understand it fills blank areas with projections.

    So “leaders”, ie. politicians, priests, generals, spin doctors what have you, know how to use this mechanism in humans and play on it. They very deliberately give ‘suggestions’ for people how to interpret the well chosen enemy pictures and sound bites they come up with. That way they can lead people not with facts and rational thinking, but with subconscious projections of rejected or valued elements of people’s psyches.

    Case in point. Scientific polls showed that about 90% of the US Military believed Saddam was behind the 9/11 attacks, the soldiers didn’t question the leaders who pulled them along by the nose into criminal war. The soldiers lacked the facts they needed, they even preferred to accept the lies fed to them over thinking for themselves.

    Imo, millions of Americans are similarily brainwashed by the US MSM/religion and are of a similar mindset. They’d rather be led by the nose than think for themselves.

  13. zip

    kind of on topic

  14. seraphim

    It is amazing how people can run after the wind in the middle of one of the loveliest wine growing regions of France. Or maybe because of that. It is not hard to see UFO after a few bottles of Corbieres wine! Alas, I could not see any, although I tried hard almost in all the terroirs of the Corbieres!

  15. emsnews

    Get drunk in a cave and maybe a goblin or leprechaun will give you a pot of gold. Or a hippie will give you some pot. 🙂

  16. seraphim

    The whole story has all the characteristics of a scam to fleece “les gogos”. The region is well known for that: Rennes-le-Chateau, the “Sangreal”, Monsegur, the Cathars, Templars, Indiana Jones. Real estate prices in the area have gone through the roof.

  17. ”Ice Age conditions all over the planet”

    Well in BC right now the snow is melting at whistler, i would LIKE to go snowshoeing this year..

  18. BigKev

    Check out some of the climate predictions of Piers Corbyn. Has some good short term predictions that have come to pass on northern winters

  19. nah

    Two years later, Busch IV was acquitted by a jury in St. Louis on assault charges resulting from a police chase that ended with an officer shooting out a tire on his Mercedes-Benz.;_ylt=At4s3hMUloWKvcyTa.PczBes0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTN0b3Y5djA5BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAxMjI0L3VzX3dvbWFuX2RlYWRfYnVzY2hfaG9tZQRjY29kZQNtb3N0cG9wdWxhcgRjcG9zAzEwBHBvcwM3BHB0A2hvbWVfY29rZQRzZWMDeW5faGVhZGxpbmVfbGlzdARzbGsDYmVlcmhlaXJpc2lu
    classic elitist power slurping luck whore… this guy is unbelievable 2 deaths both his girlfriends 1 almost 20yrs his junior… a prideless man that discards industry and responsibility FOR MONEY AND DEAD WOMEN
    why did the roman senators stab ceaser, cuz they could

  20. nah

    Government does good stuff… and ill drink to that

  21. emsnews

    Nah, I will delete posts that get racist or obscene.

  22. “China’s ability to make all of their wealth vanish in a flash is too dangerous so they hope to intimidate China by threatening nuclear war. This is beyond stupid. Yet, is tremendously powerful force inside of these many brains trapped inside of bone skulls.”

    Brains trapped inside of bone skulls. Yes, the longing to be immortal is inside us all. We want to be free of our skin shell. Nuke-yuh-lur war is not what Jesus wanted, but satan does. So what God are the elites following and what will be the result?

    “And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb”

  23. wellwell

    Elaine, I’m surprised you haven’t made the obvious link between the mountain/cave archetype and certain parts of the female anatomy: breasts/milk glands, mound of Venus/vagina. Having read for the first time in your blog about this ridiculous French mountain, and more generally about the myth of a magical mountain that contains a cave of treasure that is nevertheless deadly, it occurs to me that the psychoanalysts were right after all, at least with respect to male psychology. These people want to become children again, succling at their mother’s breast, or perhaps entering a lover’s vagina, but they are afraid of the consequences. This explains why the mountain/cave metaphor is stronger than the idea of a garden of Eden, at least for men. It also suggests that there is no need to link these myths with some real period in the human past; rather, they are psychological and biographical in nature.

  24. It is almost to a point where the belief in extra terrestrial life is a religion unto itself

  25. emsnews

    Well, well: all of my stories about the Cave of Wealth and Death has certain females that live there: the Goddess of Infinity, the Goddess of Zero, the Fates and Furies, the Gold Goddess and the Goddess of Death.

    This is quite a few females. 🙂

  26. Joey

    I want to go to the mountain. will someone please help and give me info etc.

  27. I searched all night and finally found working passwords…


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