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Millions Of Egyptians Demand Mubarak & USA Go Away

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Egypt’s Kleptocrats Flee To England

The Mubarak dictator’s rapacious clan has fled Egypt and flown to Queen Elizabeth’s refuge for gnomes and assorted criminal types.  Meanwhile, the army has joined the revolutionaries.  The Saudi King is sweating bullets, he is next on the list of ‘too big to fail’ failures. This is very much due to the Wikileaks documents that clearly show all Muslim leaders except for a few (IRAN) working with Israel to crush the Palestinians.  Even the PLO worked to crush their own people!  Darn!  Obviously, the ‘Arab Street’ is fired up and will set on fire all the institutions and operations run by these guys. Continue reading


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US ‘Warsaw Pact’ With Muslim Dictators Collapsing

As the US empire falls apart nearly exactly the same way the Soviet Union collapsed, we see the long line of military-enforced ‘alliances’ with Muslim dictators falling like dominos.  Just as the US was pushed out of SE Asia due to the failure of the Vietnam War, the expensive hostile rule of a billion Muslims is collapsing due to the US going literally bankrupt.  The failure in SE Asia led directly to hyperinflation and the loss of the gold standard and the failure of the Muslim dictatorships will mean hyperinflation at home and the loss of oil resources…yet again. Continue reading


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Congress Can’t Kill The Derivatives Beast

The US government released a report about the recent near total financial collapse.  Naturally, it focuses only on banking, not on all the factors leading us to destruction.  It doesn’t examine the continuous festering sore which has afflicted the US for several generations now, that is, the trade deficit, nor does it address government spending and wars which is an immense credit-creating machine in itself.  No, it focuses only on banking and even then, it is not focused on the true global monster, the hideous Derivatives Beast which is much bigger than anything financial, bar none.  It is just staggeringly huge.   Instead, the report suggests housing lending reforms!  GAH.  That is like worrying about a common cold while the patient is dying of cancer. Continue reading


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Apres Arab Deluge

The above photo is from the news pouring out of Egypt.  As I predicted, Egypt’s US puppet ruler is ripe to fall from the tree as he is incredibly unpopular.  Due to this, he had to have a show election to pretend the US supports ‘democracies’ even though the US has a very long and very odious record of supporting vicious dictators all across the planet.  The US puppet is about to have his strings snipped by enraged mobs.  A word of warning to all dictatorships: if the dictator creates fear, unemployment and debts, if people get poorer and poorer, the government eventually crashes down.  It doesn’t matter who it is who is the dictator.  Communist or capitalist, religious or secular: if the masses are unhappy, this eventually leads to utter collapse. Continue reading


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Happiest Nations Are Mostly Northern Socialist Nations

Diamond Dust Drops: it is below zero today, all day, and the moisture in the atmosphere is turning into ice and falling even as there is no wind nor clouds.

The US/UK empire complex is involved in this massive internal debate about what sort of financial and social systems we should have.  The choice so far seems to be a ‘no social system’ and a ‘free money printing hyperinflationary’ system.  That is, we will withhold services and cut the pay of the poor whilst flooding the empire with credit and paper capital for the bankers.  The alternative solution seems to be social services for everyone…and flooding the markets with incredible amounts of free money via endless ZIRP credit created by the government!  Wow!  Talk about insane. Continue reading


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Greenspan Chuckles About Bubbles In 2005

The FOMC meeting minutes from the end of June, 2005 were released this week. In it we see an insane, childish and stupid debate about whether or not there was a housing bubble!  Back then, I was writing ferocious editorials about the obvious housing bubble and explained how this was very connected to free trade and the decline in prices in imported goods coupled with a sudden hike in oil prices…all of which showed that the destruction of the US industrial base didn’t kill inflation, it merely shifted it from manufactured goods into commodity goods and housing which is classic.  No surprise to anyone who understands basic economics.  Though this is totally obscured by modern US economic theology which ignores reality.  I have proof, the top economic pundits deliberately ignored reality in favor of free trade and free funny money. Continue reading


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