Happiest Nations Are Mostly Northern Socialist Nations

Diamond Dust Drops: it is below zero today, all day, and the moisture in the atmosphere is turning into ice and falling even as there is no wind nor clouds.

The US/UK empire complex is involved in this massive internal debate about what sort of financial and social systems we should have.  The choice so far seems to be a ‘no social system’ and a ‘free money printing hyperinflationary’ system.  That is, we will withhold services and cut the pay of the poor whilst flooding the empire with credit and paper capital for the bankers.  The alternative solution seems to be social services for everyone…and flooding the markets with incredible amounts of free money via endless ZIRP credit created by the government!  Wow!  Talk about insane.


ΩΩFirst, let’s go to the far right wing anti-socialist magazine by rich boy Forbes.  He absolutely hates socialism and is totally pro-free trade and is perfectly OK with offshoring US jobs.  Incidentally, he has an annual ‘which countries are the best?’ lists which include all sorts of things like, is your country pretty?  Is it full of goodies?  First, let’s look at the list of the winners:


The World’s Happiest Countries Page 2 of 4 – Forbes.com

  1. Norway
  2. Denmark
  3. Finland
  4. Australia
  5. New Zealand
  6. Sweden
  7. Canada
  8. Switzerland
  9. Netherlands
  10. US


  • They are all borderline socialist states, with generous welfare benefits and lots of redistribution of wealth. Yet they don’t let that socialism cross the line into autocracy. Civil liberties are abundant (consider decriminalized drugs and prostitution in the Netherlands). There are few restrictions on the flow of capital or of labor. Legatum’s scholars point out that Denmark, for example, has little job protection, but generous unemployment benefits. So business owners can keep the right number of workers, while workers can have a safety net while they muck around looking for that fulfilling job.


  • Of perhaps utmost importance, nearly all the nations in the top 10 are adept at fostering entrepreneurship and opportunity. Legatum’s researchers concluded that a country’s ranking in this area is the clearest proxy of its overall ranking in the index….Consider that Denmark and Sweden rank first and second in entrepreneurship and opportunity, but only 77% of Swedes and 84% of Danes think that working hard will get them ahead. Compare that with the U.S., the No. 3 country for entrepreneurship and opportunity. Fully 9 of 10 Americans think that hard work will pay off.


ΩΩWell, at least the writer admits that capitalist-socialism works just fine!  Hooray!  Too bad the entire magazine hates this idea.  The US right wing is totally state-sponsored draconian social engineering which is why these lunatics are screaming about making abortions much more dangerous and harder to access.  Plus the churches screaming for everyone to have a zillion babies.  If you are a Christian, of course, not if you are a pesky Muslim, for example.


ΩΩThere is some propaganda in the reporting of this list.  Examples abound: these countries are very certainly NOT ‘few restrictions on the flow of…labor’.  Australia, for an example, tremendously restricts legal and illegal immigration.  Ditto, New Zealand.  Hell, Switzerland is having a huge debate about letting in ANY immigrants right now!


ΩΩThe US rightwing is also against increasing immigration and wants to deport illegal aliens.  But Forbes likes this free movement of labor because it destroys unions, kills social systems and provides for cheap mass labor to be exploited for profit.  Thus, the lie that the above list is full of countries that seek more movement of labor.


ΩΩOne feature almost all of these countries have in common is a very, very low birthrate coupled with being quite cold.  There seems to be a ‘colder=happier’ ratio here.  Even New Zealand is relatively colder than most places.  Certainly, Switzerland and the Norse lands are all quite chilly.  In the US, our population is fleeing the colder regions and moving to the hot regions and these places do not produce mass happiness mainly due to the lack of social services, I might suggest based on the list of happiest countries being mostly cold and socialist.


ΩΩSadly, there is no screaming headlines claiming that cold, immigration-restrictive socialist nations are happier than most other places.  The ideological forces on both the right and the left in the US forbid anyone from suggesting Nordic-style solutions.  Instead, we have infinite fantasies.


ΩΩAt home, thanks to open bribes via ‘campaign contributions’ we have a corporate socialist system that rewards the very rich and very powerful while punishing the workers and destroying the lower classes:  Corporate contributions have surged for new Republican leaders in House

  • Much of that money flowed to the GOP chairmen overseeing banking, energy and other key committees – leaders who will play a central role in setting the House agenda over the next two years.


  • The impetus behind such largess is simple: Many companies and industry groups hope House Speaker John A. Boehner (Ohio) and other Republicans will succeed in rolling back Democratic policies they find objectionable, including environmental and Wall Street regulations.


ΩΩThe GOP always gives us endless social restrictions and barriers while feeding us to the corporate wolves who enjoy no barriers to moving capital, labor and goods.  This corporate rule has utterly decimated our country.  The US public opts for this sort of nonsense because we are told, this is the road to free funny money riches.  That is, we can cut taxes and still run merrily in the red forever due to our trade rivals bankrolling this game by holding excess US dollars and buying our endless debts.


ΩΩAlas, there is nearly zero difference between this ideology and the Democrat’s positions:  Obama Picks Jeffrey Immelt, GE CEO, To Run New Jobs-Focused Panel As GE Sends Jobs Overseas, Pays Little In Taxes


  • Immelt’s firm stands as Exhibit A of a successful and profitable corporate America standing at the forefront of the recovery. It also represents the archetypal company that’s hoarding cash, sending jobs overseas, relying on taxpayer bailouts and paying less taxes than envisioned.


ΩΩGE’s Capital Bank is an international money creating machine and naturally, woefully undercapitalized and thus, needed a $140B Bailout -which leads to the question, What’s the Point of AAA?  Indeed!  So, the fox that was bailed out two years ago is going to tell all the hens how to lay eggs!  Loophole Helps GE Benefit From Bank Rescue Program …it seems that GE created $340 billion in new funny money and flooded the planet with this stuff before being bailed out by several governments.


ΩΩThis totally irresponsible corporation has also relentlessly offshored US jobs.  Timothy P. Carney: How GE’s green lobbying is killing U.S. factory jobs.  GE is closing the last US lightbulb factory this year (which moved from the unionized north to the former slave states before running overseas to communist countries).  GE (NYSE: GE) Appliances Unit Will Provide Jobs For 500 American …that is, by 2014, a handful of Americans might (big question here!) get jobs assembling washers and driers.


  • Last year, General Electric Appliances & Lighting announced that they would hire 830 new United States employees by 2014 and also invest $600 million into this effort. GE spent most of 2008 trying to sell this unit, but opted to keep up, is now committed to adding around 1,300 jobs in the United States and is investing more than $1 billion in the United States research and manufacturing departments for this.


ΩΩSo, they get rid of 200 jobs this year but create 1,000 jobs so this isn’t going to exactly fix what is wrong with our system since GE offshored 90% of their production in the first place.  Expanding it ever-so-slightly won’t make a dent in our job prospects.  The fact is, Obama, like the GOP leaders, shows scant interest in protecting US jobs.  This should be drummed in to everyone’s heads: NEITHER party is doing anything to protect US jobs!  There are plenty of advisors around that could lead the charge towards fixing this problem but the problem here is obvious to me: nearly no one working for job-offshoring corporations or university economics professors support trade barriers and tariffs!


ΩΩI can’t tell the President to wake up and smell the coffee because there is this immense wall of rich corporate bankers and industrialists and an army of propagandized economists telling the US public that barriers to the movement of labor and capital is evil and is the cause of the Great Depression.  The idea that WWI debts caused the Great Depression isn’t discussed since this brings up the most obvious cause of nearly all depressions: a post-war collapse in government spending coupled with a mountain of war debts in all sectors and the sudden reentry into the job markets of millions of discharged soldiers.


ΩΩThanks to free trade and our corporate entities moving most US jobs offshore, we have this lovely news tidbit:  Hu’s U.S. Trip May Augur Japan-Style Investment Push by China – Bloomberg.com


  • Hu’s welcome in the Midwest — Mayor Richard M. Daley called him a “man of vision” — contrasts with the cold shoulder he received from some congressional leaders in Washington. It reflects the desire of local leaders to attract foreign investment, giving China the opportunity to improve its image in the U.S. much as Japan did two decades ago when its car companies began to build auto plants in places such as Tennessee and Kentucky.


  • “The Chinese have taken a page out of the Japanese playbook,” Michael Paulus, head of the Asia Public Sector Group at Citigroup Inc. in Hong Kong, said in an interview. “One of the things that the Japanese did is that if you are going to put a plant in Tennessee, suddenly you’ve got most of the congressmen, the senators and the governors saying look, we really want these guys here, and suddenly you change the political dynamic as well as the rhetoric.”


ΩΩAfter utterly decimating our economic system in the name of free trade, we now welcome the victors in this game back into the US and have them colonize our economic system.  This is due to the sad fact that few US citizens have the vaguest idea what labor and capital is and how they operate with each other!  We cannot look at how many menial jobs, mostly in former slave states, we can eke out of foreign corporations that are invading our country and taking over.   We have to understand that ALL PROFITS from this invasion LEAVES THE COUNTRY.


ΩΩThese foreign entities don’t want corporate taxes. Our own domestic corporations are no longer American but international so they, too, don’t want corporate taxes paying for our government!  They want to offshore their profits by having an address in the Bahamas or Bermuda islands, for example!  They want to suck the country dry of all capital and leave us with only debts.  If they struggle, we bail them out so we can keep about 15% of our former job base but then, only if we also cut social services and reduce wages.


ΩΩThis process has totally destroyed major American cities.  Here is the most productive business in Detroit these days: MGM Grand Detroit posts second-highest income of casinos owned by MGM Mirage Inc. – Crain’s Detroit Business. Yes, the vampire gambling culture is sucking down the last dregs of the Northern tier manufacturing states.  This useless, amoral and destructive economic activity is a destroyer, not a builder of nations.  The curse of gambling is spreading like a plague across our decapitalized nation.


ΩΩMeanwhile, thanks to the destruction of US jobs and capital base, the banks continue to flounder and need more bail outs:  BofA’s Kitchen-Sink Writedown Means Moynihan ‘Better Do Better’ – Bloomberg.com


  • Moynihan’s quarterly report showed Bank of America’s loss widened to $1.24 billion from $194 million a year earlier. Bank of America posted a $2.24 billion net loss for 2010 as revenue declined 7.9 percent to $111.4 billion. That compares with a $6.28 billion profit in 2009.


  • The bank paid $2.8 billion to U.S.-owned Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac last month to settle disputes over bad loans, and said that future demands from various mortgage investors eventually could trigger $7 billion to $10 billion in losses.


ΩΩRecapitalizing the banks is impossible if borrowers continue to destroy future earnings.  This downward spiral can’t be fixed by GE since GE is directly responsible for these actions happening in the first place.  The solutions we got from our corporate bosses have all been total disasters.  The track record absolutely stinks.  The occasional stabs at creating jobs is a fake designed to fool us, not help anyone.  The bad loans situation is directly tied to the job offshoring situation.  Free trade is killing our banking system.  Even as our bankers expand overseas such as GE did during the last 20 years.


ΩΩMeanwhile, the insane US/Zionist moves to punish the Iranians rolls onwards and this includes stopping trade, of course:  US may punish China firms evading Iran sanctions: Clinton.  The US is very big on boycotts.  The more free trade=the more boycotts it seems.  Meanwhile, the flood of US paper dollars to Asia is causing inflation there:  India Orders Suspension Of Local Taxes On Food As Prices Soar.  China is very aware the people there can be restive.  But India is on the verge of a collapse of society like we are seeing in the third world.


ΩΩThis is due to population pressures as well as a corrupt government.  Tunisia’s continuing revolution is scaring the elites of India who are virtually all Brahmin.  China has a society where one can advance based on education.  India is a stratified society where one can make money and still be firmly affixed in the lower strata.  This is tinder for revolution.  Even as the US madly exports our jobs to India, this can’t keep up with population pressures there.


ΩΩInflation isn’t happening just in the BRIC nations, it is coming back home to roost in the US and UK, too:  Millions of savers need 6pc to beat inflation – Telegraph.  As usual, savers will be savaged.  Someone has to see their wealth confiscated when systems run in the red.  This is why the sane solution is to tax the rich.  Since the US and UK won’t do this, the solutions are ugly ones and inflation happens to be very bad for savers if the lending rates set by the central bankers is lower than the rate of inflation.


ΩΩThis means, the system will be decapitalized even further as savers run off to gold or foreign currencies to save themselves.  Just as all our rich people are already doing in droves.  Below is an Australian news story about how Ireland is being forced into poverty to keep the bankers and foreign entities richer:

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84 responses to “Happiest Nations Are Mostly Northern Socialist Nations

  1. Martin

    ΩThere is some propaganda in the reporting of this list. Examples abound: these countries are very certainly NOT ‘few restrictions on the flow of…labor’. Australia, for an example, tremendously restricts legal and illegal immigration. Ditto, New Zealand. Hell, Switzerland is having a huge debate about letting in ANY immigrants right now!

    You’re wrong in case of Switzerland: There’s no such debate, on the contrary, Switzerland grants the freedom of movement and residence to the member states of the European union, despite being a small country with already 20%+ foreigners.


    ELAINE: The anti-foreign labor party scored quite big in the last election in Switzerland.

  2. “…lunatics are screaming about making abortions much more dangerous and harder to access. Plus the churches screaming for everyone to have a zillion babies. ”
    Unworthy of you, Elaine! – an example of your reflexive liberalism. How can you be so good on the economy and so blind when it comes to domestic issues? Especially since the horrible truths revealed this week in Philadelphia with the murdering abortion doctor. Here’s an article about it – you won’t like it because this lady blogger is a conservative — http://www.thinkinghousewife.com/wp/2011/01/the-principle-behind-right-to-choose/#more-19511
    —but I think this writer is correct: that abortion is analogous to, or even worse than slavery.
    Personally I believe the abortion regime has totally brutalized and corrupted America. How can you not connect abortion with the killing of Muslims – which you deplore – as I do?
    We all have our blind spots. You’re really good, Elaine – but I will continue to challenge you where I think you’re mistaken.


    ELAINE: Ah, so there is this crummy ‘doctor’ and to fix him you outlaw abortions???? If we applied this sort of solution to all doctors who are inept, we would have no more hospitals or doctors.

  3. CK

    That list of the ten happiest countries =
    the list of ten whitest countries. I suppose I should not have noticed that.

  4. wellwell

    Elaine, the United States has turned into a reckless, gambling culture – I used to believe the when the entire mess teetered and wobbled to the edge of the abyss that the American people would wake up and pull back. Now I realize that the population will plunge eagerly into the chasm, hoping that somewhere down there they will find their heart’s desire. This might be tragic if it weren’t so stupid.

    P.S. You’re right about socialism, abortion and guns – the right-wing nutbars, as usual, are fiddling while Rome burns.

  5. Aussie

    @ Elaine

    Re: ….Well, at least the writer admits that capitalist-socialism works just fine!….

    Your comments are broadly on the mark.

    I had the choice in late 1070’s to take up US citizenship to further my career with a US multinational but preferred return to Australia.
    Australia remains a gracious country intent on helping the more vulnerable in our society.
    My bitch is the inept bureaucracy when measured against what can be done with the budgets they receive.

    However, I suspect their inefficiency is probably less than their US peers.
    Australia is not perfect and can do better.

    US societal and cultural norms are usually copied in Australia after a 15 year lag.
    Hopefully, we will be more selective in importing the less desirable aspect of US habits because of the Wall Street and Washington debacle has become so obvious.

    At the end of the day we remain your cultural cousins thru a shared legacy from Britain.

  6. JT

    Finland is the third happiest place in the world?
    That is a really depressing statistic.

    “A comedy about a place where the sun never shines!” 😀

  7. nah

    regular people are getting screwed for sure… i work with security a bit and let me tell you from what i hear break-ins have gone from ZERO to 18 or so a year in some 200 or so high end gated community houses…
    break ins in broad daylight sometimes… people cutting holes in the wall to defeat security… its amazing
    on top of that the cops have killed 5 people this year… one guy was a preacher who thot the cops were prowlers… these internationalist bankers walk free while regular people pay for their mistakes on dollar at a time
    is it murder to destroy communities, pervert government, and create neo-social ism for globalcorps
    without justice it will be the government vs. the people a little more all the time stealing the protection the law provided… for maneuvered dollar credits
    why do we pay for leadership when its so bad

    Al Gore invented the internet

  8. nah

    social ism
    is a banned word on your comments setting toots
    minus the space

  9. nah

    by WestVillageIdiot
    on Sun, 01/23/2011 – 17:57

    I believe there is this thing called “the military industrial complex” that would disagree with you. Plus, I believe Israel has a couple ties into the higher levels of the United States government. It seems that there is a lot of moolah to be made by talking peace in the Mideast but encouraging war. Just think how much money some segments of our population could make if/when Israel attacks Iran.

    Making bombs is a lot more profitable than making bon-bons.

  10. eso

    I am of that very old school of thought that believes that democracy ruled only while humankind still lived in the forest. Everything called democracy after the invention of the polis is a romantic notion.

  11. Wu Wei

    Nah said “social ism is a banned word on your comments setting toots

    Nah, it isn’t. If that was what you meant.

    Socialism sucks, even more power to the government, more rules, more laws and most of all more TAXES. In short, more money for them, even less for us. Distribution of the wealth, mwuhahahahahha, good one, made me chuckle.

    And happy, Elaine? Then why does everyone look grumpy as f*ck on the subway on their way to work down here in the Netherlands? They look the opposite of happy to me.

    And happy, Elaine? I don’t think many people get to experience happiness, not as long as they continue to cling to this imaginary thing called “I”.

    I am not happy, that’s a fleeting emotion, when you’re attached to fleeting emotions, you will be unhappy. I am content, 24/7, 365 days a year till “I” die 😀

  12. PFO

    Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta told the Congressional Prayer Breakfast in January 1994:

    “The fruit of abortion is nuclear war.”

    And 17 short years later we have front-row seats to the fulfillment of that prophecy!

    Pray for us Mother . . .


  13. PFO,

    Did you notice how little publicity Mother Teresa’s death got compared to Princess Di’s, both which occurred at the same time?
    No one likes a true prophet, except those who love the truth.

  14. Clueless

    I am more impressed by the Global Peace Index as a measure of the human condition than the “happiness index” of a rag like Forbes. Happiness defined by an elite media gatekeeper is pretty twisted.

    Following Wu Wei’s example of the smiling faces in the Dutch subway, instead take a ride on the Brooklyn-Queens Crosstown local and try to look for any smiling faces, and you’ll probably have better luck in Amsterdam. FYI, the US is ranked 85th right in front of Angola on the GPI which pretty much validates the point.

    Forbes is a window dressing propaganda tool. Call it, Quantitative Advertising Inc. 😉

    The Peace index uses a methodology based on the UN definition of a culture of peace: a culture that involves values, attitudes and behavior that, reject violence, endeavor to prevent conflicts by addressing root causes and aim at solving problems through dialogue and negotiation. I prefer that to the pursuit of happiness through decadent greed.

    It is pertinent to a humanity oriented agenda. You may download a copy of the 2010 GPI Results report here: http://tinyurl.com/322cu4f

    Comparing the Forbes index with the GPI:
    Forbes Global Peace index
    1. Norway 1. New Zealand
    2. Denmark 2. Iceland
    3. Finland 3. Japan
    4. Australia 4. Austria
    5. New Zealand 5. Norway
    6. Sweden 6. Ireland
    7. Canada 7. Denmark
    8. Switzerland 7. Luxembourg
    9. Netherlands 9. Finland
    10. US 10. Sweden
    11. Slovenia

    Of the countries listed in the Forbes index, only four made the top ten in the GPI, namely, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand and Sweden. I included Slovenia because there are 2 tied for 7th place.

    The rest, Canada (14), Switzerland (18), Australia (19), Netherlands (27), US (85) are out of the ten.

    However, something has to be said about the factor of “socialism” in this equation, which an obvious distribution of wealth, government services, etc. as propounded by Elaine. Notice though how it works well in small countries, with small populations, small government and a high level of education. The difference between a thinking proletariat that has control of its government, and a sleeping proletariat that is bred as cannon fodder for the glory of empire.

    Wu Wei, non-action is beyond mind. Until one gets past the Illusion of mind, all is flux. Therefore the difference between happiness, which is fleeting, and contentment which is permanent. The level of pain or happiness (which are illusory) one experiences is dictated by the degree of one’s attachment to the Illusion. Taking the red pill is a long and many times difficult process that takes time, but the rewards are infinite and beyond this illusion. 😉

  15. JT


    “However, something has to be said about the factor of “socialism” in this equation, which an obvious distribution of wealth, government services, etc. as propounded by Elaine.”

    High taxes protect from 3 things:
    a globalisation (more revenues are spent in your country)
    b going too deep into debt (duh… 😀 )
    c high unemployment benefits protect from slave wages. People will not work for less than their benefits.

    People feel safer in a “welfare state” as we like to call it.
    Basically the 2 first steps of Maslows hierarchy of needs are met for everyone (physiological and safety).
    – food, housing, clothing, free education, cash and healthcare is provided for everyone (even sex is available, we are pretty open about it), if you get into an accident you have government pension, low crime rates etc…

    I agree safety is important. And trust, people still trust each other and feel that we are all in the same boat here.
    Everybody goes to the same health clinics, no private schools, almost every child goes to communal daycare (rich and poor alike).
    Finland is a very homogenous society.
    People are willing to pay taxes when they like what their taxes are spent on.

    In the US you have one in a million chance of becoming a millionaire, but you have 43 million people on foodstamps.

    Since the word socialism has a bad ring to it you could use the term “nordic welfare state” that´s the one we use here.

  16. Clueless

    JT said: “…people still trust each other and feel that we are all in the same boat here.”

    “People are willing to pay taxes when they like what their taxes are spent on.”

    Well said.

    People feel they are in the same boat because “their government” is, well, theirs! It is in the boat with them, and it spends the taxes collected on what benefits the collective whole, the people on the boat; not on some company making war profits and sending their children to die in wars far away from home.

    Correction, in the US, it’s the one in a million that create and keep the 43 million on food stamps.

    Nordic welfare state. Hmmm, sounds better than North American warfare state, eh?

  17. if

    The other major issue and the main reason why the markets are being supported (other than theft and keeping face) is Underfunded Illinois Pension Fund Under Investigation By The SEC For Accounting Fraud. With SS and MC busted, the last thing the government needs is for pension system collapse at this time. This is a problem that they will not be able to address, and when the markets finally fall I believe that every pension (and 401(k) and IRA) will be nationalized. Yes, they will combine the pension system with the already bankrupt SS system to make and even larger entitlement state. Plan on it. there is no other way out as the obligations and funding are already being stretched beyond limits. This will really piss some people off (FINALLY!)

  18. Wu Wei

    Hahaha Clueless, I see you also know about the Asian way of none thinking 😛

    The mind of the past is ungraspable;
    the mind of the future is ungraspable;
    the mind of the present is ungraspable.

    Diamond Sutra

  19. Clueless

    @ Wu Wei: Two quotes best represent this perspective. Both by Rumi.

    “The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore.”

    “Come out of the circle of time, and into the circle of Love.”

  20. nah

    pure truth man… important shit is important but wtf are we doing… and are we going to do it?
    or just keep running out of energy? healthcare? money? water? food? warriors? stable nations? FOR AMERICA!
    really man

  21. nah

    tell you what…. at this rate
    dig it china gets stealth air power, anti ship weapons, and LOTS AND LOTS OF OTHER PEOPLES BUSINESS in 20 yrs
    we lost in afghanistan in pure american duality style… hands off washington
    china goes to war with the US FOR ASIAN INTERESTS… we get all fucked up and go home again
    poor communists… the state that rolls trucks over peoples heads for PROPERTY… dumps toxins in the air and water killing lots of people CUZ CAPITALISM CANT TELL THEM WHAT TO DO… steal farms to build 30 story skyscrapers TO BLOW THEM UP 5YRS LATER IN THE NAME OF CENTRAL GOVERNMENT PLANNING
    yeah, those communists……… tell me why they couldnt win an asian war against our corporate bozo ass
    dude they can poison their own people with impunity like hitler… yesterday thanks to US labor getting fucked over, tomorrow the world right

  22. nah

    social ism… mmmm dude i cant, or id call those chinsees darn socia lists

  23. nah

    sociali s
    thats where it stops… the little s

  24. Clueless

    @ tio: thanks for the Einstein link, a very good read. The man was clearly way ahead of the curve.

    Unfortunately there is a disconnect between thinkers and alpha’s, this is where the problem lies. Historically the alpha’s are better at execution of ideas than the thinkers and as such control the human agenda.

  25. emsnews

    Sorry about posting nothing this last two days: family emergencies!

    One member in the hospital with kidney failure. First operation is tomorrow morning.

    And we get yet another blizzard on top of all of these things!

  26. nah

    best wishes blog queen

  27. tio

    Elaine, as always, my best wishes to you and yours.

  28. Wu Wei

    Einstein, the man who thought space is empty and has no physical qualities whatsoever.

    Einstein, the man who believed there are only 4 elements in our universe.

    Einstein, the man who killed Nikola Tesla and free energy.

    Einstein, the main reason why science of today is at least 100 years outdated.

    Einstein, the status quo approved “genius” of the 20th century.


    ELAINE; It is no surprise you believe in magic energy on top of everything else.

  29. Clueless

    All the best for the most positive outcome, Elaine. Hang in there.

    @ Wu Wei: Einstein may have been a lot of things but the article referenced by tio, that he wrote, was spot on. Besides, the man was in no position to dictate to the alpha’s of his day. We play the hand we are dealt. Then we die.

  30. emsnews

    There is no real positive outcome from renal failure. Kidney transplants are only for the young and strong (because it is extremely hard on the body).

    By the way, a sign there is something wrong with the mind or body is the attempt at erasing reality. We have to face reality all the time, it is how we survive but in humans, we have this added factor of needing to believe in impossible things.

    I surmise this is due to our large brains allowing us to foresee our own futures which is, we are aware of death as a real outcome and this drives us to internal despair. To deal with this, we created a series of fantastical alternative realities and our desire for this is so immense, we do this automatically all the time.

    Science is all about stopping this process and trying to look reality straight on. And guess what? This is so hard to do, it fails an awful lot.

    Einstein saw some segment of reality. So did Tesla. Both men had people append fantasies into the glimpses of reality and thus, turn science which is all about seeing reality into fantasy.

    The Einstein people think the universe is expanding at faster and faster speeds even as the data says we are misinterpreting the data (all galaxies are falling into each other, not away from each other, for example!) while the Tesla fanatics who think he found free infinite energy are delusional, there is no such thing since it is impossible in the real world (infinity can’t exist as a real thing, it is only a concept that defines reality’s boundaries).

    Whenever humans hit some sort of real, physical boundary (especially death) we retreat from it and protect ourselves by indulging in fantasies. This allows us to endure life with its many bitter fruits. We would dearly, dearly love infinite funny money, infinite eating, infinite energy, infinite sex, infinite reproduction but the iron laws of nature forbid all of these things, all of these desires leads us into destruction and death…thus my constant talking about the Cave of Wealth and Death. We can’t escape this cave, we all enter eventually, the question is, do we bequeath life and security on our children and grandchildren or do we make this impossible after we destroy everything in our quest to have everything?

  31. Wu Wei

    Elaine, Westerners today recognize only 4 elements. The Western philosophers of old knew there were 5 elements. Asians know there are 5 elements. The pentagram has 5 points, not 4. 5 elements that make up the material universe. The 5 elements are the ether, fire, air, water and earth. Everything arises from the ether, the ether is the quintessence. You know it exists, you just play dumb because you know that admitting this element exists means the end of Einstein and the beginning of free energy, free from having to be dependent on finite resources (oil & gas), free from those who control these resources.

    Just another bloody conspiracy to suppress this knowledge at all costs by the status quo. Free energy does not exist they say, yet solar, electromagnetic, gravitational, hydro, wind-energy are all possible today.

    Your theories don’t stroke with reality. Reality always wins when fighting with theories, for it is REALITY, miss Soepkip.


    ELAINE: how charmingly medieval. By the way, I know I am not smart since I don’t believe your stuff but really, can’t you update your propaganda by a few hundred years?

  32. Wu Wei

    Clueless said “We play the hand we are dealt. Then we die.”

    I disagree, man decides his own fate. You gave up already?

    I am disappointed.

  33. Wu Wei

    “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

    Lao Tzu

  34. Clueless

    Don’t be disappointed. We do not disagree. You dealt yourself that hand you are playing, you just can’t see the beginning of it. One cannot give up what one does not control.

    Whatever we perceive in the world around us tends to reflect who we are and what we care about most deeply, as in the old saying, “When a thief sees a saint, all he sees are his pockets.”

  35. emsnews

    Every time you both, Wu and Clueless, try to convince people you are sane, you destroy this illusion by revealing all sorts of PREDICTABLE theories that are insane. Stop drinking all that online kool aid. 🙂

  36. Wu Wei

    Ha Ha, yet again, Elaine wants to evade the debate, this time on free energy, which she knows she would lose because, well, lies run out eventually.

    The “debates” Elaine and I have always follow the same pattern:

    Wu Wei: Elaine, The monopoly of money is the greatest of all monopolies, for it controls all others! It gives its controllers supreme power over production, trade and commerce nay, over life itself! If such a monopoly must exist, let it be owned by the nation.


    Wu Wei: Dear Elaine, there will be no inflation, we will put a cap on the money supply only increasing it when required, and for every dollar issued by the government, we will demand one dollar of goods and services in return, in this way, money will only be used as a receipt of all the goods and services created by the people, the wealth of the nation!


    Wu Wei: MMMMM, Elaine, when grownups debate, they tend to use actual arguments to back up their point of view, not just random rants in CAPSLOCK 😦

    Elaine: ………………………..

    Elaine thinking to herself: I have to ignore him, he is always making me look ridiculous on my own blog. If I just ignore him and his message, my readers will think he is a looney, not worthy of my responses. Yes, this will be my masterplan. I am GENIUS, if I do say so myself!

  37. Wu Wei

    Once upon a time the people thought Earth was flat.

    Once upon a time the people thought the Earth was the center of the universe.

    Once upon a time the people were dependent on finite resources for their energy needs.

    Once upon a time the people believed the most important monopoly of all: the power to create money, belonged to private individuals.

  38. JT

    @Wu Wei:
    “Dear Elaine, there will be no inflation, we will put a cap on the money supply only increasing it when required”

    Governments can´t put that cap even on money with interest. What makes you think they will ever close any cap on free money?

  39. DeVaul

    Once upon a time, many eons ago, a man named Wu Wei claimed to have flown around the world like a bird and discovered that the world was round. People called him a liar, and they were right.

    Once upon a time, thousands of years ago, Wu Wei claimed to have traveled to the sun and distant stars, and that the earth revolved around the sun. People called him a liar, and they were right.

    Once upon a time, Wu Wei claimed that trees were finite in number, and could not reproduce, nor could there be any more buffalo chips on the plains than there were right then and there. People called him a liar, and they were right.

    Once upon a time, Wu Wei claimed that there was only one monopoly that ever mattered in human history, involving the printing of green slips of paper, and that human beings were actually composed of two different species: private and public humans. A man called DeVaul claimed Wu Wei was a narrow-minded, myopic idiot, and in the year 2500, historians have yet to prove him wrong.

  40. Wu Wei

    JT said “Governments can´t put that cap even on money with interest.”

    Of course you can’t put a cap on the money supply when there is interest to pay and this interest is NEVER created in the first place. To pay back this interest owed, the government has to go deeper and deeper in debt all the time or the system will collapse. Our current system is no different from a Ponzi scheme.

    JT said “What makes you think they will ever close any cap on free money?”

    What free money are you talking about? Money has NO intrinsic value, it’s neither free or has any actual value, it’s merely a token representing the goods and services created by the people. The cap will be limited by the goods and services created by the people. You might want to read up on the tally system the Brits used in the middle aged. It is exactly the same system. It has been done before and it worked magnificently.


    ELAINE: The ‘tally’ system didn’t work at all. And England constantly struggled with bankruptcies and or looting expeditions to fix things. And peasant revolts due to all of this.

  41. Wu Wei

    Haahhaha De Vaul, ad hominem attacks, when you can’t shoot the words, shoot the messenger, hey! 😛

    The Jerry Springer show is that way ———>

  42. Wu Wei

    “The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shall come down very low. He shall lend to thee, and thou shall not lend to him; he shall be the head, and thou shall be the tail.” Deut. 28:44-45

    “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender”(Proverbs 22:7).

    “If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor by thee, thou shalt not be to him an usurer, neither shalt thou lay upon him usury.” Exodus 22:25

    “Take no usury of him, or increase … thou shalt not give him thy money upon usury.” Leviticus 25:36-37

    I am no Christian, but there is definitely wisdom to be found in that book they worship so much 😀


    ELAINE: See how you imitate religious fanatics? Including being unreasonable.

  43. DeVaul

    Glad you could take it in stride, Wu Wei. Not many people can do that.

    I don’t read Jew books even if they do contain some wisdom mainly because Jews will argue to the death over the meaning of each and every word in their precious books.

    Oh, and sometimes, the messenger should be shot, or at least chided for bringing the same damn message to your door over and over again.

  44. JT

    @wu wei

    “The cap will be limited by the goods and services created by the people.”

    The cap will be limited by the honesty and integrity of politicians IMHO.
    Which is <0.

  45. Colin

    Just checking back in to see if the comment section is as mad as ever. Still as mad as ever. Keep up the good fight Elaine, you’ve got a hell of a lot to put up with.

    “Westerners today recognize only 4 elements.”

    I thought there where 118 elements. It’s enough to make me stop reading the internet.

  46. Clueless

    Elaine, clearly your definition of sane is: stupid. You can keep your illusion, I prefer to be your definition of insane. Suggest you open a Cathedral of the Sheeple, you will do very well and prosper. Hail Jenny Springer! 😉

    Wu Wei, people have a problem relating the metaphysical to the physical (5 element to 118 elements). Kind of like explaining flight to Pacific islanders (who were still in the Stone Age) during WWII. The islanders thought aviators were gods. You can only fill an empty cup, otherwise what you keep in your cup stagnates.

    Most people are terrified of thinking outside of their conditioning, the current state of docile subservience in the US is a perfect example. They look down on other countires, yet look how the French, Greeks, Egyptians and Tunisians have stood up for themselves. It’s a very deep rabbit hole and the deepest part is closest to the core, the source of the illusion. Ignorance is the greatest evil and it carries a very big stick. Consider your self fortunate.


    ELAINE: And you are terrified of thinking?

  47. LesserFool

    Elaine, my and your other readers’ thoughts, prayers, and best wishes are with you with your family emergency.

    Wu Wei, I agree with you regarding money, but Einstein was a genius. What did he do wrong exactly? BTW, his thoughts on the gold standard “The gold standard has, in my opinion, the serious disadvantage that a shortage in the supply of gold automatically leads to a contraction of credit and also of the amount of currency in circulation, to which contraction prices and wages cannot adjust themselves sufficiently quickly.” Which is as you argued against Elaine that gold should not be the basis of money, because it is too limiting.

    The real people who set physics back 100 years are Schrodinger, Bohr, and others with their nonsensical (non-physical) mathematical descriptions of the atom and quantum mechanics. How can an electron have no volume and exist everywhere at the same time? How can you have quantum entanglement, with two particles communicating their state faster than the speed of light? How can you have “spooky action at a distance”?

    I just read Stephen Hawkings three books “Brief History of Time,” “Universe in a Nutshell,” and “The Grand Design” and was very unhappy with the current state of physics, with no grand unified theory, and many things that just don’t make sense.

    Then I ran across Randell Mills from BlackLight Power and his “Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics.” He builds on Newton, Maxwell, and Einstein, and recognizes modern quantum mechanics as unrealistic and self contradictory, to say the least. He derives things the others assume, and shows where they went wrong.

    The reason I mention him is because Elaine said something about expansion of the universe. Mills explains that spacetime expands when energy is converted to matter, and contracts in the opposite case. This is why the universe is expanding – we’re at the beginning (13 billion) of an expansionary cycle from a near all energy universe (with v. v. small spacetime) at the Big Bang that’s expected to go on for a 1,000 billion years before reversing back in a big crunch.

    Oh and “dark matter” is hydrogen with the electron orbiting in a below “ground state,” which Mills calls the “hydrino” and which modern quantum mechanics says is impossible. Mills gives the theory showing it’s possible, and shows how a proper catalyst can induce hydrogen into this state, releasing lots of energy in the process. He’s raised $60M+, including from many electric utilities, and has working prototypes with energy output verified by several third parties. This is the closest we will get to “free energy.” Produces energy from water for around 1c per kWh. So, we have lots of clean fuel on Earth at very low cost!

    This process of hydrogen reduction is what occurs in stars. It explains why the surface of the sun is so cool (6000deg) versus the sun’s corona (orders of magnitude hotter). It explains many, many things as I grasp it so far (I’ve only through page 200 of his 1800 page book!), and I haven’t found any serious criticisms yet.

  48. Wu Wei

    Hello JT, you misunderstood me, please do your own research (start with the tally system of England) on it, don’t take my word for it, nor Elaine’s nor CNN’s nor FOX news. Imagine the money power ruled by law, we could outlaw fractional reserve banking, derivatives, usurious interest etc etc. Basically all the things that got us in this mess in the first place. Another thing, knowing this power is so powerful, it has to be exercised in full view and full accountability. Why do you want this power to be exercised behind the scenes like it is today? Surely that has to be the easiest way to corrupt it?

    @De Vaul, correct, I’m an “always off topic money power is corrupt spammer”. I’m sorry, but the people on this blog are so much closer to the truth than those still watching Fox news and CNN for their info. I got to spam 😛

    @Collin, the first element is the akasa, the ouroboros, the ether, Isis, Mother Nature, God, whatever it has been called over the centuries. Out of the ether arise the 4 elements, these 4 elements are the building blocks of the material universe. This is all metaphysically speaking like Clueless stated earlier. Using your “holy” science of today: the water element is hydrogen, air is oxygen, fire is nitrogen and earth is carbon. Now the fifth element cannot be measured by our “holy” science of today, therefore scientists say it cannot exist. Our 5 senses are limited however, so all of science is limited! The 5th element exists, and it can provide us with infinite energy.

  49. Wu Wei

    Hello Lesserfool, sure, Einstein had some Hello Lesserfool, sure, Einstein had some nice views, if that was his view on the corrupt gold standard, then I kind do like him 😉

    But with Einstein we need to focus on his magnum opus, the theory that got him famous. And this theory is very flawed. May I suggest you stop reading that 5000 page book you’re reading and read this instead: 95 Years of Criticism of the Special Theory of Relativity 1908-2003 by Mueller and Kneckebrodt

  50. Wu Wei

    @Lesserfool, my copy and pasting went horribly wrong. I’ll try again.

    ““Description of a German Research Project of international scope, presenting a documentation of 3789 publications criticizing the theory, distributing this documentation to libraries, to the printed media and to eminent representatives of public opinion, and addressing open letters to the members of the German Federal Parliament (Bundestag) and to journalists of several German newspapers.”

    – to prove to the public that there exists a long and strong tradition of criticism of relativity physics,
    – to prove to the public that this criticism has been suppressed and never openly discussed,
    – to prove to the public that the democratic rights of dissident scientists have been violated and the critics’ persons calumniated and excluded from the scientific discourse for obscure reasons of personal interests of some leading figures who would loose any credit if the real state of the theory would become public.”

    Lesserfool, you can google for this PDF, because when I can’t seem to post a direct link to it on here.

  51. emsnews

    Outlaw fractional reserve banking and you get to live in North Korea for free, buddy.

    As for physics: HAHAHA…you can’t exist on this plane of reality while flying straight into the ground at top speed.

  52. emsnews

    And why do people want a bizarre North Korean/Zimbabwe banking system anyway? I am puzzled by this. It is interesting to watch, though.

  53. Wu Wei

    EMS ranted “Outlaw fractional reserve banking and you get to live in North Korea for free”

    Dear miss Rothschild, you applaud legal counterfeiting I see. You love for the people to be enslaved by bankers. You despise the people. I do not. Now in a DEBT free monetary system, money will never magically vanish into thin air like it does today, it will stay in circulation once it’s been created simply because money will be money again, and not some debt owed to private bankers. You do realize that all of our money today is NOT money but DEBT owed to these bankers you defend to no end?

    You comment on physics will be ignored, miss Layman.


    ELAINE: I expect you to come floating past my windows any day now. 🙂

  54. tio

    Only seventeen dimensions now, this means I have to take my socks off to count them all.

  55. Clueless

    @ Wu Wei: I’m wondering how they will be able to harness ether (the 5th element) in the physical, have you any links to the methodology for this application?

    @ tio: good link, good read.

    “…we can and will return to sound money, and the gold standard is one particular form that is fully acceptable from an economical-ethical perspective – if and when it is freely chosen by the people.”

    Unfortunately, nothing has ever been chosen freely by the people anywhere. Just the impression that it is freely chosen.

    The only difference is now people are starting to know and understand how this works. A step in the right direction.

    Elaine said: “Outlaw fractional reserve banking and you get to live in North Korea for free”

    Agreed. If you don’t play by the rules you are marginalized and embargoed. Talk about an Evil Empire. Everything is not what it seems, all that is seen in a mirror is an opposite of the real. 😉

  56. Wu Wei

    @Clueless, there is a lot available online, this site is pretty incredible: http://www.free-energy-info.co.uk/

    The most interesting book I’ve read on it so far is “The Manual of Free Energy Devices and Systems” by Donald A. Kelly. Please download it here: http://www.4shared.com/file/22660354/a5050c99/manual_of_free_energy_devices_.html

    There is an amazing patent in that book by John Searl who was able to create an anti gravity levity disc using electromagnetic propulsion. Maybe the word “UFO” rings a bell 😉 Man made technology that has been worked on for decades by the governments of the USA and Russia in secret. Nazi Germany was the inventor of this anti gravitation device using the knowledge of Nikola Tesla.

    Truth is stranger than fiction, folks!


    ELAINE: What never ceases to amaze me is how people who think they have unlimited free energy never seem to get around much. Where is it? HAHAHA.

  57. Wu Wei

    @Tio, please read the following quotes by Arthur Kitson on the gold standard:

    “In short, the gold standard and the gold basis mean that trade and commerce must be cut down solely in the interests of the money-lending classes, in order that they may be allowed to continue their control of credit.”

    “In short, our financial system destroys
    prosperity, and reduces trade to the amount
    of gold available. So that the mechanism
    of exchange, instead of facilitating trade
    at all times, actually checks it. It first
    stimulates industry, and then destroys it.
    The gold basis has become both the life
    and death of trade.”

    From “Trade Fallacies” by Arthur Kitson, 1917.

  58. emsnews

    Yes, gold kills trade. That is, TRADE DEFICITS. That is its function.

    You see, the free fiat funny money system is all about having endless debt coupled with huge trade deficits. As we see in the US today. This desire to get something for nothing is a huge incentive to create and run such systems.

    Alas, these systems all collapse and worse, the countries trying this do NOT recover all that fast. Often, it takes literally centuries to recover from epic imperial collapses.

  59. Wu Wei

    Enjoy 2251 pages of free energy devices and patents from people all over the world. Now if we could only get the OIL companies to invest in it 😉

    Click to access PJKbook.pdf

  60. JT


    “Nazi Germany was the inventor of this anti gravitation device”

    Yes the notorious space Nazis…

  61. Clueless

    @ Wu Wei: Hartelijk dank broer. Dat is een aantal ernstige lezen. Proost!

  62. Wu Wei

    So, Elaine, you think there will be no more new discoveries in science? You really think mankind knows everything there is to know? Well then, stop all research, drop your books, quit all learning! We have reached the end. We are officially done! There will be no more new scientific discoveries because EMS said so!

    Remember what people told the Wright Brothers not too long ago “those aeroplanes won’t fly, they are heavier than air, you brothers are RIDICULOUS AND INSANE, it will never work” 😉


    ELAINE: Boy, you certainly love to jump to conclusions to the point of jumping off of a cliff.

  63. Wu Wei

    @Clueless, graag gedaan hoor kameraad! You used babelfish, didn’t you 😀

  64. Wu Wei

    Hi JT, you sound much like the people who laughed at the Wright Brothers!

    In 1900, any person alive would of thought the following:

    -A metal aeroplane weighing 350 tonnes can’t fly, you crazy
    -Television? You couldn’t possibly watch a person 10.000 miles away. Talk sense.
    -Telephone? You can’t talk to somebody who lives in another country unless you visit them, you lunatic
    -a F1 formula race car going 250 miles an hour? Hahaha, the fastest way to travel is a galloping horse, everyone knows that, crackpot!
    -A machine could beat a man at chess? Call an ambulance, you lost it!

    Science will develop, whether you can accept it or not….and it will develop things we think today are IMPOSSIBLE, it’s that simple.

  65. emsnews

    You are confusing illogical beliefs with people who are in reality-based thinking. Just because we can build rockets or airplanes doesn’t mean all the cooked up stories of various nut cases are also true. Far from it.

    Science is intensively dynamic and often difficult to understand but at no point in time does it become either illogical or impossible. It may be different from our understanding at this point in time thus the need to explore as incoming data reveals more things to understand and our technology advances based on understanding fundamental scientific information but this never means that stuff made up out of thin air is also true, far from it.

  66. Wu Wei

    Well, the devices I am talking about are not illogical nor impossible, in fact, we are already using several of them today: solar energy, wind energy and hydro energy. All provide us with free energy, do they not? Our current laws of physics apply to a closed system, the universe is an open system. That’s the difference.

    Now, there are more types of “free” energy out there. That PDF consisting of 2251 pages I posted is full with them!

  67. JT


    “solar energy, wind energy and hydro energy. All provide us with free energy, do they not?”

    Dams cost damn many lives to build?
    And quite a few tallysticks.
    And you even need a river.

    I do believe we will solve most of our energy problems through science and innvovation.
    Nuclear fusion? That´s kind of solar energy 😀 .

  68. John

    It’s easy to be a socialist nation when evil ol’ America is keeping the shipping lanes free of pirates and other vermin, especially since it’s all paid for by US taxpayers.

    Let ‘Murica stop being the world’s policeman and watch just how fast all those socialist utopias fall apart under their own weight.

    Believe it.

  69. ‘The US rightwing is also against increasing immigration and wants to deport illegal aliens. ‘
    I am in Los Angeles..I say both parties want Immigrants, as you know these third worlders destroy the middle class here.
    We have added 100 million to the US in yr lifetime.

  70. Also I know this is a nono to Liberals..but the ‘Happy’ places are
    White, Euro Culture and [nominally] Christian.

    Sounds like a ‘Bell Curve’ formula.

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  72. Huh? These are welfare states. Not socialist countries. Socialism is where the government controls a significant amount of production. These countries have mostly free market production and profits. Welfare statism is where the government taxes heavily in order to assist in the universal provision of agreed upon basics.

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  74. Jake

    This article is garbage. Socialism fails and the country list is among the highest in suicide rates. I don’t think happy countries commit suicide.

  75. steve

    you might want to reconsider australia. The extreme right are in power as of today and this place is going to go right down the crapper. Politics aside, Australia is way too expensive to live in.

  76. lucky1

    Steve, ;’extreme right’ as in ? AU ‘cut its throt in 1974’ when the ‘Whites only’ rule was ended. Now Asians are flooding in. And AU has limited water. A lot of space, but not much water.
    I agree with the attitude of some Whites there..’we grew here, you flew here’.
    Explain the ‘extreme right’? Pro White?

  77. Lou

    The World’s Happiest Countries Page 2 of 4 – Forbes.com
    New Zealand
    Think how much better these lands would be, free of Muslims, Blacks and non White ‘immigrants’–so much less crime. No need to fund the multi cult. Less welfare funding.

  78. A double Muslim male attack in Canada yesterday. The terrorists have arrived and Trudeau invited them in and is demanding more.

    And Sweden which is being bankrupted and destroyed by Muslims, is on that list???? HAHAHA. It is a crappy list.

  79. Lou

    JT, like father like son.

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