Apres Arab Deluge

The above photo is from the news pouring out of Egypt.  As I predicted, Egypt’s US puppet ruler is ripe to fall from the tree as he is incredibly unpopular.  Due to this, he had to have a show election to pretend the US supports ‘democracies’ even though the US has a very long and very odious record of supporting vicious dictators all across the planet.  The US puppet is about to have his strings snipped by enraged mobs.  A word of warning to all dictatorships: if the dictator creates fear, unemployment and debts, if people get poorer and poorer, the government eventually crashes down.  It doesn’t matter who it is who is the dictator.  Communist or capitalist, religious or secular: if the masses are unhappy, this eventually leads to utter collapse.



ΩΩAfter Day of Protests, Egypt Bans Demonstrations – NYTimes.com:  The above photo shows how the new revolutions happen.  Instead of the mainstream media controlled by either billionaires or governments dictating what really happened, we have a host of people recording the real news as it happens.  Note all the cell phones and electronic cameras.


ΩΩThe US dictator of Egypt has stopped Twitter and will stop the internet from disseminating real information as it struggles to impose controls on the masses who hate the dictator with intense passion.  Here is a demonstration on behalf of the dictator (he did not win any elections, either) of the West Bank Palestinians:

..Note that the ‘demonstrators’ are not filled with passion nor rage.  They all carry the identical photos of the US/CIA stooge and they chant in unison since they are actually paid employees of the US State Department and Mossad.  They hope to eke out an income betraying their own people.  They are the Kapos of the Kamp.


ΩΩThe US is desperate to have the recent news pouring out of Al Jazeera to go away.  The paperwork detailing how the Palestinian Authority has been turned into a branch of Mossad is just beginning to penetrate the Middle East.  This is all on top of the information from the Wikileaks cables showing the two timing behavior of all the Arab Sheiks who betrayed the Palestinian people over and over and over again.


ΩΩAs Hamas charged several years ago, Abbas is a CIA/Mossad puppet regime leader, not an honest broker working on behalf of the Palestinian people.  In the papers Al Jazeera released, we see this poor man begging for ‘just one fig leaf’ from his Israeli/US bosses so he wouldn’t appear to be a total tool.  Even that was refused.  So he bowed his head, held out his hand for a few million more dollars in bribes and pretended to be negotiating for ‘peace’.


ΩΩThe definition of ‘peace’ in any US puppet regime is simple: the people of any given country must be suppressed by some military force and locked into perpetual ghettoes if they are Muslim.  This plan is a failure in any Asian country so we try to control things by encouraging internal dissent and support for terrorists operating against places like China or Iran.  Terrorism is perfectly OK with the US so long as the CIA is the terrorist operants.


ΩΩThe recent terrorist bombing in Russia’s main airport probably is tied to Chechnya and Putin’s rise to power was due to his very violent suppression of Chechnya.  Putin’s rise to power came in the wake of the death of General Lebed who was killed in a helicopter crash in 2002.  I sort of knew the general because we corresponded during the 1990’s.  We discussed his ability to win in an election against Yeltsin.  I talked with him about how the US and CIA puts stooges in power who strip countries of their resources (Yeltsin is an excellent example of this).  General Lebed and I discussed patriotism and national honor and how Russia had to develop this.


ΩΩ Lebed’s death (assassination) came after he had worked hard to negotiate with the Chechnya fighters so they could stop fighting and have some resolution of differences with Russia’s central government.  After successfully dealing with the war there and pretty much stopping it, he turned on Yeltsin.  When Lebed won the election for governor of Krasnoyarsk, he had a pretty nifty potential power base.

ΩΩLebed wasn’t dumb.   He knew that this province cut Russia in two and he would control Siberia.  This is why he had to be removed and only the KGB guy, Putin, could engineer this.


ΩΩBack to the West Bank:  here is Abbas hotly denying he is a Zionist/US tool:


ΩΩHere is the stooge, Abbas, in 2009, at the UN, pretending to be in favor of the 1967 borders deals and the right of return:

..This was all very fake.  The new document dump shows clearly that he was working for the exact opposite in the dark, hidden from view by the US and Israel so he could pretend he was negotiating when all he was doing was giving up after appropriate bribes were passed over his very corrupt, dirty little sweaty palms.  Well, now he is sweating bullets.  It is a matter of time before enough Palestinians are angry enough to go knock him down. After all, the US and Israel both agree totally that assassinations are great tools, good things, utterly useful and totally  moral. So the moral thing to do in this case is for Palestinian patriots to assassinate their ‘leader’ who has betrayed them utterly.


ΩΩHere is just one example of what the Zionists in the US and Israel demanded of Abbas:  Palestinians condemn US plan to settle refugees in South America:The Guardian.  Shades of Adolf Hitler!  The Nazis claimed that they simply wanted to resettle the Jews and asked England and the US to provide a new homeland for the European Jews.  Various utterly ridiculous places were suggested.  The idea that people are citizens of a country was alien to Naziism just as it is alien to Israel.  Israel is all about religious identity, not citizenship which is inherent in the concept of a ‘nation’.  Israel is a ‘tribe’.  Tribal warfare is common in the world and all tribes want to be ‘countries’ while never granting ‘citizenship’ to anyone, one has to be a tribal member instead.  This is a direct cause of ethnic cleansing.

..Here is where we can see the data:  Palestine papers: Browse the documents | World news | guardian.co.uk.  The Palestine papers reveal MI6 drew up plan for crackdown on Hamas, and they Document proposed ‘direct lines’ to Israeli intelligence which is particularly fascinating since Mossad, like the CIA, loves assassinations and loves spreading rumors of betrayals in order to start infighting in organizations.  And of course, Hamas has more fuel for their charges that Abbas is like Yeltsin: a corrupt tool of the Zionist empire:  New files reveal Israel requested assassination of militant.


ΩΩThe British documents, which have been independently authenticated by the Guardian, included detailed proposals for a security taskforce based on the UK’s “trusted” Palestinian Authority contacts, outside the control of “traditional security chiefs”, with “direct lines” to Israel intelligence.  There is this news:  Palestine Papers: Did Britain Fund Fatah Torture Brigades? Obviously, Britain is the US poodle so of course, the Brits were totally OK with rape, torture and murder so long as the ‘wogs’ took it in the rear.


ΩΩZionists have cynically tapped into rank racism in order to push Muslims around. They tend to be ‘dark’ skinned people who are ‘alien’ (most Jews who run Israel are white Europeans) and they act funny, being a different religion than the European religions (as Europe’s various Christian cults think Jews are aliens, too).  The whole issue of torture is one that the US, UK, NATO and Israel skip around.  Even as obvious proof of obvious torture surfaces over and over again, denials are issued while nothing is refuted.


ΩΩAn example of this is the recent Jewish report stating that the terrorist IDF attack on the Freedom Flotilla is perfectly legal.  Whatever the US or Israel does is ipso facto ‘legal’ because we are the ‘good guys’ and so anything we do is good by definition.  This happens to be the definition of ‘good’ in both the Christian and Jewish religions.  Whatever the destructive ‘god’ does is ‘good’ even if it is mass murder, condemning aliens and foreigners to burn in eternal hell, etc.


ΩΩAs Papers Leak, Palestinian Officials Rail at al-Jazeera, blaming the messenger for telling the truth. Just as our government rails at Wikipedia for the same reasons.  Rumors that are utterly insane are spread by these desperate governments hoping to distract people. Accusations that Al Jazeera and Wikipedia are both secret Zionist operations is a typical example of silly rumors encouraged by corrupt traitors.  Anything to distract people from looking at the raw information is used.  Sometimes, successfully such as in the US which seems still to be dreaming of peace and plenty from our own corrupt rulers.  But in Palestine, this won’t fly at all.


ΩΩI will note here that in the US media, these stories are not appearing.  No surprise.  The US is cut out of the information stream all the time.  This, in turn, protects the assassins, warmongers and ethnic cleansers favored by Zionists.


ΩΩHere is an editorial from al Jazeera:  The ‘bin Laden’ of marginalisation


  • Bargains, but no democracy


  • On the negative side, there is no ‘democratic spring’ in Algeria. Bread riots come and go. But regimes stay on. The absence of a critical mass that produces a tipping-point dynamic means that regimes know how to buy time, co-opt and fund themselves out of trouble when pushed. Genuine democratic bargains do not ensue. The states have not invested in social and political capital.


  • Oppositions and dissidents have not yet learned how to infiltrate governments and build strong political identities and power bases. This is one reason why the protests that produced ‘Velvet revolutions’ elsewhere seem to be absent in the Arab world.


  • The momentum created by the bread rioters is never translated into self-sustaining critical mass by opposition forces. Regimes wait until the last minute after use of force fails to kill off the momentum through the offer of concessionary and momentary welfare.


ΩΩAll very true except for one thing: if there is a common thread, a force at work outside of the local system, then you get real revolutions.  We know what force lurks off stage in all of these Muslim countries: the Islamic revolutions which are sweeping all of these countries, rich and poor.  This, in turn, is being fed by the fires in Palestine.  The logic of Zionism is spreading, not contracting.  It is the justification for all sorts of mischief.  Some of which will come to the fore in the US and cause us great harm (a form of Naziism) if we continue our endless economic decline.


ΩΩOur vain attempts at setting up puppets in Iraq and Afghanistan are failing, too:  Anger as Karzai opens parliament as Obama Considering Major Boost To Afghan Security Forces.
  • Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) said Tuesday in a briefing with reporters that the White House may seek to expand the Afghan National Police and Afghan National Army by a combined 78,000 on top of their standing targets, which have been a combined 305,000 soldiers and police officers by October. Afghan security forces grew by approximately 70,000 in 2010.
  • Levin and fellow Sens. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) and Jon Tester (D-Mont.) returned a few days ago from a trip to Afghanistan, Yemen and Iraq. During Tuesday’s briefing, Levin said the July 2011 date to start withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan has been the “action-forcing mechanism which it was intended to be.”


ΩΩI will note here that Levin is a Zionist so while Michigan self-destructs and Detroit looks increasingly like Beirut in 1985, he is hopping the plane to Afghanistan to worry about security there!  The SAME WEEK several police were shot inside their station in Detroit!  Indeed, all over America, in Portland, Oregon or in the Deep South, police have been shot up.  Not to mention the political assassinations in Arizona.  So why are our politicians so fixated on the police in Afghanistan?


ΩΩLebanon is blowing up, incidentally, along religious lines.  Afghanistan is doing this along ethnic lines just as all the ‘stans’ formerly part of Russia are doing.  The US has spent well over a trillion dollars and beggared our own finances to lock into place, a series of potential dictators, all of whom are either going to be toppled by enraged masses or who will bankrupt our empire.  This story is proof that our ‘leaders’ are not even slightly interested in our own country.  Their eyes and their loyalty lies elsewhere.


ΩΩEither way, this is just plain silly.  What are we gaining, collecting trillions in international debts owed to the communist Chinese, so we can keep a bunch of inept dictators in charge of raging masses of increasingly revolutionary Muslims?  Who is laughing at us?  As terrorism continues to stalk our international airports, as assassinations rage hither and yon?  Are we better off?  Is the War on Terror killing us as well as these nameless, faceless masses of Muslims?  And note that Turkey is now doubly outraged by Israel after sending help to put out Israeli fires this last summer?


ΩΩNATO is on the rocks thanks to our wars and assassinations.  And Russia’s KGB ruler, Putin, licks his chops, doesn’t he?  A ruthless man who has declared, he will war with the Chechnyans to the bitter end which takes me back to Lebed: he tried to bring peace there and ended up dead.  To no one’s surprise, least of all, me.

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43 responses to “Apres Arab Deluge

  1. Another great and timely article!
    As usual I take issue with some of your remarks relating to religion:
    (1)(as Europe’s various Christian cults think Jews are aliens, too). Where is this? As far as I can see the Protestants have by and large supported the Zionists totally, and the present Pope of the Catholic Church has done so as well. So-called Christians are falling over themselves to prove how much they love the Jews.
    (2)”we are the ‘good guys’ and so anything we do is good by definition. This happens to be the definition of ‘good’ in both the Christian and Jewish religions. Whatever the destructive ‘god’ does is ‘good’ even if it is mass murder, condemning aliens and foreigners to burn in eternal hell, etc.”
    This is certainly true of the book of Deuteronomy – but much less true of the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah. It is not true of the God of the New Testament.
    It is the great tragedy of this age that Christianity has fallen down and has ceased to witness against Empire, torture, financial inequality and predatory behavior, etc. Such a fall is not an occasion for flippant remarks, and no one – not even anti-religious people – should be glad at this turn of affairs. The very flawed Good to which Christianity witnessed in times past (as recently as the civil rights era) is better than no Good at all or the outright substitution of Evil for Good – in the hopes that the deluded masses wouldn’t notice the difference.

  2. Caryl is right. Christianity offers a universal religion and a universal ethic, unlike the tribal-centric ethic of the Old Testament.

    I would also take issue with the characterization of the Giffords shooting as a “political assassination”.

    I challenge Elaine to either back up that statement or retract it. If she bothered to look up the facts of the AZ situation with as much concern as she does in Middle Eastern affairs, she will be foreced admit that there was no political motivation at work there.

  3. Daliwood

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”


  4. Hey Elaine you got this one right. Where’s all the accolades and reporters seeking your audience? So now what can we expect? The United Arab Democratic States of Arabia?

  5. First thing when i heard the news as i woke this morning, Elaine got it right!

  6. Z


    You are one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever read … maybe the most.

    It’s got to be hard to know so much before everyone else does … and then watch preventable calamities happen due to ignorance or, worse, psychopaths’ greed and lust for power.

    I know … and have figured out … a lot more than most too … though not as much as you … and at times it is psychologically difficult for me to watch what is going on any more.


  7. melponeme_k

    I hope the revolutionaries topple their corrupt leaders before the US attempts to attack Iran. The next terror attack we have will push them to it.

    Iran is special, it symbolizes Ancient Persia and a lot of citizens in that area are very proud of that heritage. Obviously the crazy people in charge want to destroy that, and loot the nation in the way Iraq’s heritage was looted.

  8. DeVaul

    “It’s got to be hard to know so much before everyone else does …”

    It has to be even harder to know that she will never be given credit for her foresight even by the most fringe-type bloggers, all of whom trumpet that they saw this or that coming back on this or that date, which just happens to be years after Elaine first started talking about it.

    I know. I am damn tired of reading their self-accolades when I also know that Elaine foresaw whatever they claim they foresaw years ahead of them because I read it right here myself. I have a memory.

    She is never, I mean NEVER, included among those who “foresaw” this or that, and I find it rather dishonest since many of these bloggers and authors know damn well who she is and what she has written.

    They also happen to be 99% male, so I guess the idea that a woman without an economics degree or whatever might know something before them is just intolerable to them.

    If you want to know what is going to happen in the world, you should come here first.

  9. Claire Voyant

    “I would also take issue with the characterization of the Giffords shooting as a “political assassination”.

    Loughner’s was absolutely a political crime. He didn’t pick just anyone at random to shoot. And he didn’t attempt to assassinate her at home. He picked a female politician,acting in her very public and official role as a Congressional representative, and he chose a very public political event to carry out the deed. With collateral damage among what he probably viewed as her admirers. In his psychotic world view, women should not hold positions of power (also a ‘political view, or a socio-cultural one promulgated by certain fringe political elements). He also seemed to believe that the government is more or less in cahoots with shadowy ruling elements manipulating the system for their own benefit — a rather jaundiced political view that you don’t have to be crazy to hold.

    Loughner’s disturbed mind picks up and refracts ideas that are floating around the zeitgeist (as Elaine pointed out in a previous post) and cooks them up into crazy stew. He is nuts enough to act out, but not so deranged that he doesn’t see the obvious, and resent it. He sees a world where politicians and media tell the public crazy things that contradict the evidence of their own good sense.

    Take a look, and you don’t have to be crazy to see a world built on lies, and acting accordingly. Stock, commodities, F/X markets– all have uncoupled from reality. More and more Americans are now exiled from the good life, while the criminal elites who invented the alternate reality of a shadow banking system get bailed out, forcing taxpayers to live the American Nightmare instead of the Dream. The same misery is being inflicted on more and more Irish, Greeks, British, Egyptians, etc. Even to a nut job, it’s obvious that things are coming un-glued.

    How’s this for a crazy world: loose talk of US defaults, debt ceilings not extended, Chapter 9 bankruptcies for states. Economic pundits and market makers unmasked as frauds, posers, yes-men, shills. Don’t forget wild Japanese debt alongside permanent depression, potential Irish and Greek defaults, Italian and Spanish credit losses, German intransigence over EU fiscal union and Chinese hyperinflation. All the entities in trouble running massive energy deficits, including China, who needs a strong dollar, at least for the moment, to pay its energy bill. The cost of China’s insatiable mercantilism is running up the tab on its cost for energy, housing, and food for the masses. And the cost of our own insatiable consumption has run up the tab on an unsustainable way of life.

    In the words of an old, gravelly-voiced song from the wild, wild ’60’s when anything could happen (and probably would): “And you tell me over and over and over again, my friend, ah you don’t believe we’re on the Eve of Destruction?” [Harmonica fade in]

  10. billibaldi

    China does not need a strong dollar for oil. They just need to have something that the Arabs will trade for. In Australia we will sell them all the coal they want for plasti-crap.

  11. JT

    This guy is hilarious.
    “They call the palestinians extremists. They fight the 4h largest army in the world with rocks. They´re not extremists, you throw a rock at a tank, I´d call them optimists…”

    (poor quality though)

  12. Aussie

    @ Elaine

    Re: …A word of warning to all dictatorships: if the dictator creates fear, unemployment and debts, if people get poorer and poorer, the government eventually crashes down….
    …Note all the cell phones and electronic cameras….

    I am sad to hear of your member is suffering from a kidney failure.
    My mother lived a long life after she one removed in her late teen.

    Thank you for another timely and insightful commentary.

    Obsessed blogosphere and media talk of the global imbalance whereby the west is suffering chronic trade deficits and debtor status whilst major emerging countries enjoy chronic economic growth, trade surpluses and therefore creditor status.
    However, very few note the west enjoyed chronic economic growth, trade surpluses and therefore creditor status for several centuries at the expense of the previous colonized world until about the 1980’s.

    Simply put, the present global imbalance reflects a fundamental shift in global power relationships that has occurred because the former colonized third world no longer hemorrhaged wealth to the west post WWII.

    Manufacturing and organizational technologies and capital became mobile and simply exploited labor and tax arbitrage opportunities worldwide and China brilliantly exploited the opportunities from WITHIN the US hegemonic system.

    The US founding fathers recognized the dangers of the British Empire that used their East India multinational corporation (and other peers of their era) to extract wealth from colonies and successfully fought for independence.
    Your founding fathers then created the world‘s first Constitution with provisions limiting the rights and life expectancy of corporations as well as armed forces and how war can be sanctioned.

    Unfortunately, over time the US choose to ignore the hard fought wisdom bequeathed by the founding fathers because the temptations of Empire, wealth from corporations now as “legal entities” with more rights and eternal life spans exceeding the US voting citizen as well as a huge military and security complex and media that “controls” to preserve the privilege of empire.
    The banks are simply another subset of survival of the fittest corporations that facilitated empire and prey on all consumers when the country allows them to do so.

    Corporations do what they do over time as, say, “spiders trapped and eat insects trapped in their web because that is their nature”.

    Basically, we are witnessing the decline of empire because the forces your founding fathers confined by the constitutions have been unleashed and they evolved to its logical end point because the center became rotten.

    A similar process is happening worldwide as part of a tectonic shift as so well captured by Elaine’s above quote “…A word of warning to all….” – end quote.

    The internet and other information capturing and communication devices has allowed us to see thru the veil of secrecy required to keep natives compliant from internet to as Elaine above quote “…Note all the cell phones…” end quote.

    The way money is used and defined helped create the debacle and rot we now witness.

    No Doubt an ascendant China will in the future also lose “their mandate from heaven” because we are humans.
    This will be despite China’s serial history of dynastic demise because of eventual corruption and rot in the centre.

  13. Colin

    @Caryl Johnston
    “This is certainly true of the book of Deuteronomy – but much less true of the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah. It is not true of the God of the New Testament.”

    I think, the world would make a step forward if christians actually tried reading the words Jesus actually spoke rather than listening to all the made-up christian propaganda about love and peace.

    “Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I came to turn man against his father, and daughters against their mothers, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s enemies will be the members of his household. Matthew 10:34

    “But now, whoever has a money belt is to take it along, likewise also a bag, and whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one. Luke 22

    “Vengeance is mine, I will repay
    Romans 12

    Jesus never mentions love anywhere either; rather the propagandists try to manipulate the Ancient Greek word ‘Agape’ to mean ‘love’, it means nothing of the sort. And from that they create a whole spiel to lure the gullible into their evil cult. The general public is too ignorant to learn Ancient Greek, and so when presented with translations of the Gospels hasn’t a clue what was in the originals, and so falls for any old propaganda. In reality the gospels tell the storey of a bigoted warmonger who hated all foreigners, and had the deranged belief that the world was about to end.

  14. Clueless

    Question: if Egypt’s President is a puppet US ruler, then what does that make the American population, Wall street marionettes?

    Case in point: “After the U.S. lost 8.36 million jobs over a two year period from December of 2007 through December of 2009, the economy recovered 1.12 million jobs as a result of the Federal Reserve and U.S. government spending, $4.6 trillion on bailouts and stimulus programs. That is over $4 million spent for each job created.

    Instead of bailing out Wall Street and allowing non-productive bankers to receive record bonuses, the U.S. could have sent a check for $550,000 to each middle-class American who lost their job.” (http://tinyurl.com/6fcpsrv)

    For a “capitalist” country this is a really stupid business model. Where does one learn profit to ruin? Only in America.

    When a central bank prints trillions of dollars out of thin air, and when a government has an annual cash budget deficit of over $1 trillion (estimates are up to $1.5 trillion for 2011) these cannot possibly be balanced by raising taxes. The resulting massive inflation will finish this culture of stupid soon enough.

    Better stop Mexican immigration, and open the borders to the French, Egyptians and Tunisians, you will be able to get much more bang for buck from them.


    ELAINE: Give everyone half a million bucks for free and you get instantaneous inflation. First, everyone pays off all of their debts and the money used will be worthless (it can’t recirculate fast enough to transform into some asset or commodity). Weimar and Zimbabwe shows how that works pretty damn clearly. Anyone who denies this is brainless at this point in time. No excuse to not understand how very destructive instant inflation really is.

  15. igneous

    Gun markets in Pakistan.

  16. LesserFool


    You are deranged in your religious beliefs, and a confused liar. Where to begin?

    Matthew 10:34. Jesus is speaking metaphorically about dividing the world, because he knows some will accept him and some will not. He’s talking about the need to give up your very self. “He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it.” or “He who seeks only himself brings himself to ruin, whereas he who brings himself to nothing for my sake discovers who he is.” —Matthew 10:39 EGO is the enemy. We don’t find out who we are until we give ourselves up to a higher power. Good luck with that. Keep with the hating and see where it gets you.

    “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.” Romans 12:29. Dude, get a clue. For someone who said “I think, the world would make a step forward if christians actually tried reading the words Jesus actually spoke rather than listening to all the made-up christian propaganda about love and peace.” Yes, let’s listen to what Jesus was quoted to have said. Why are you speaking about a letter written by one of Jesus’s followers, Paul (the author of Romans), as if Jesus said it? You are ignorant of this fact, but claim to be a Bible scholar who understands the original Greek?

    Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount, “38 You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ 39 But I say to you, Do not resist one who is evil. But if any one strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also; 40 and if any one would sue you and take your coat, let him have your cloak as well;”

    Jesus sounds real violent, huh?

    Your quote of “vengeance is mine” is Paul quoting Deuteronomy 32:35, you fool!
    “Revenge is mine, and I will repay them in due time, that their foot may slide: the day of destruction is at hand, and the time makes haste to come.” This just supports what Caryl Johnston said about Deuteronomy.

    “Jesus never mentions love anywhere either.”

    “In reality the gospels tell the storey of a bigoted warmonger who hated all foreigners…”

    Jesus’ commandments were to “Love God with your whole being” and to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Every example of his life was how to love other people. Can you give one example to disprove this? Then to his disciples, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” Matthew 28:19. ALL nations, including foreigners.

    You must live in backwards world. I guess I know what they mean when they say “darkness” is someone’s “light.”

  17. Seraphim

    Are you suggesting that Putin is a Zionist stooge?

  18. Clueless

    @ Colin & LesserFool: Let me guess, Colin you are an atheist, and LesserFool a Born Again Crusader, am I right? 🙂 I am trying to be funny guys, not judgmental. No offense meant.

    Colin, Matt 10:34 is about Jesus telling his followers that to follow his teachings one has to place God above all else, including family, oneself or the material world. He was not preaching violence. He was an Essene Jew, a mystical sect of Jewry and totally non-violent. The Romans wiped them out when they adapted and combined Roman religion with Christian beliefs in order to stem the tide of conversion to Christianity and to reengineer the Roman empire into the Roman Catholic empire. Suggest more homework on your part.

    Jesus path is not an easy one, and it is not for timid comfort seekers who are more concerned about convenience than true spirituality. There is always religion for those.

    LesserFool, I agree with your interpretation of Matt !0:34 & 39, however, Ex 21: 23-24 is about creating sin/karma/cause and effect whatever you want to call it. As you sow so shall you reap (Matt 7:1), if you turn the other cheek when slapped you stop the violence there, if you return the slap you start the cycle over again. Action – reaction. Cause and effect.

    BTW, are you a pundit, too? Pundits are all knowledge, no practice. Why do I ask? Because if you believe Christ preached Love, and follow his teachings then you should practice what you preach. You can start by being more tolerant and less venomous with Colin. Peace brother.

  19. emsnews

    Jesus was a revolutionary whose words were totally perverted by the Emperor of Byzantia when he had ‘scholars’ devise the book, leaving out TONS of stuff and leaving in only a few bits and pieces that are very disconnected.

    The one thing left in that amuses me is when Jesus attacked the bankers at the Temple! That, my friends, was very revolutionary and is directly why he was arrested and killed. Not his other speeches or actions.

  20. LesserFool

    @Clueless, “You can start by being more tolerant and less venomous with Colin. Peace brother.”

    Ha, you are definitely right. I get frustrated with him and also Elaine’s commentary about religion sometimes. I don’t like people spreading lies about religion. No, I’m not a Born Again Crusader, and I try to practice what I preach. I get riled up sometimes, and feel the need to vent. Sorry if I went too far with my words denouncing Colin.

  21. Seraphim

    It is Byzantium or Byzance, the Latinized name of Byzantion, the Greek city that became the Nea Rome, the New Rome, known otherwise as Constantinoupolis or the City of Constantine.
    Byzantia is the name of a genus of gastropods (Byzantia obliqua). The Emperor of the gastropodae!

  22. nah

    Israel ALPHA STRIKE TIME… cant have people thinking outside the mind cage
    serious tho, hamas/hezbolah got beet down like FERBLUNJIT LUFTMENSH for thinking about ‘that’ land.
    if egypt ends up with eyes to the east LOOK OUT for another 67 war… Too bad we spent 10 YEARS doing middle east WAR STUFF and could never fix the israel issue
    government = fail… imean, i understand the MSM refuses to get into meaningful US foreign policy but yo… war has consequences that we seem to ignore the cause of… the hard question of israel is who owns 70% of the ‘territory’
    and whos going to pay for it

    let me do it, your bullets aren’t this fast

  23. Clueless

    Elaine said: “Jesus was a revolutionary whose words were totally perverted by the Emperor of Byzantia when he had ‘scholars’ devise the book..”


    “The one thing left in that amuses me is when Jesus attacked the bankers at the Temple! That, my friends, was very revolutionary and is directly why he was arrested and killed.”

    Methinks your first comment gives meaning to the second. Preaching non-violence while practicing violence. Behavior inconsistent with the teachings of Jesus per the Essene Gospel of Peace, which was removed from the Christian doctrine during the first Council of Nicea in 325 A.D.

  24. seraphim

    Clueless, you deserve perfectly your nickname.

  25. Clueless

    Seraphim, explain.

  26. charlottemom

    Please…if you consider yourself a follower of Jesus (notice I didn’t say Christian), why are you still QUOTING OLD TESTAMENT!?!
    Those old ways were that Jesus sought to free man from. His message is found in the new testament. Short version: truth, love, peace, harmony for all!

    Elaine is right. ChristianityTM is managed for geo-political purposes. It always has been.

    As I watch Eygpt fall, I wonder why are the soldiers fighting the protestors? Who are the soldiers fighting for? Who is paying them? Me thinks that US and Israel are somehow involved behind the scene, but how? This is somehow looking more stage managed then Tunisia rioting.

    Syria turns off internet….Is this a roundabout way to pressure regime change in Iran. Surround it with govts and chaos.


    ELAINE: the US pays Egypt’s military. And President. We do this in all dictatorships our government installs.

    So, Syria cut off the internet? HAHAHA. This will simply send the youth into the streets. Universally, mess with kid’s access to the internet and they become instantly enraged. The elites don’t understand this at all.

  27. charlottemom

    We all need to stop quibbling over biblical scriptures and witness the present day destruction and corruption sowed by the elite and the moneychangers denounced by Jesus. Moneychangers’ religion is money, power, domination.

    (Perhaps even Colin would credit Jesus for this one, as his comments seem to be more anti-Jesus than atheist. Can’t blame Jesus for any modern day perverse christian doctrines. Jesus didn’t translate, edit or publish the Bible. And should add that I am suspect of ALL Pauline biblical entries (i.e. Romans.)

    Jesus would weep today – the moneychangers are winning big time! And this would guarantee misery for humanity.

    As Elaine illustrates, the supply side world of finance has destruction built into it’s fabric. It is debt, debt, debt fueled economic system. And there is no way it can survive, because there is NO such thing as infinite growth.

  28. seraphim


    I mean that you are clueless in regards to the history of Christianity. You can’t be totally blamed for that. You are not alone, by the way. It floats in the atmosphere you breath.

  29. Clueless

    @ Seraphim: What I meant to say in my comment on Elaine’s commentary was that she mentioned how the Emperor of Byzantia (Constantine) perverted the teachings when he had the “scholars devise the book” (referring to the Bible), then in the next sentence, and I assume she meant what she said (Elaine), she then quotes the Bible to point out Jesus was a violent revolutionary.

    Very inconsistent that. And I personally do not beleive Jesus was in any way violent as it would have been inconsistent with the teachings of the Essenes which he followed.

    That said, regarding my being clueless to the history of Christianity, may I ask which version you are referring to? (http://www.tyndalearchive.com/Scriptures/index.htm) 😉


    ELAINE: The New Testament is full of inconsistencies. Don’t blame me for these.

  30. seraphim

    The one that wouldn’t say that the “Essene Gospel of Peace (whatever that might mean)” was “removed” by the Council of Niceea. The one according to the Scriptures, not to “Da Vinci Code”.

  31. Clueless

    Again, what scripture are you referring to? And the Essene Gospel was part of the Dead Sea Scrolls that were hidden to protect from the Byzantium emperor.

    Further, check your timeline amigo, “Da Vinci Code” is circa Hollywood, why is it even in this conversation.

  32. seraphim

    Da Vinci is in this conversation because you think along the same lines, amigo. Hasta la vista.

  33. Clueless

    @ Seraphim: you are very confused, putti! It is the other way around, the Da Vinci Code is a fictional story based on knocked off fragments from different scriptural texts. You really have timeline issues, it must be the angel dust. 😉

  34. Clueless

    @ Elaine: Correct. The Bible is full of disinformation, so one has to do a lot of homework when navigating, disecting and quoting it.

    It would be great if the Vatican had a Freedom of Information Act but, alas, priestcraft is generally a very insecure, devious and depending on era, violent institution.

  35. emsnews

    I happen to believe that the Romans would not have taken up the issue of killing Jesus if the rabbis didn’t warn them that his radical actions against the money changers might backfire onto the Empire. That is, destabilize the situation. Which indeed, was very unstable: the great Jewish revolt was led by others who were much more violent. Jesus did one violent act. They did many such, fighting the empire with great bravery.

    This is why the Empire crushed the people there so thoroughly. Few people know that the great coliseum in Rome was built entirely by Jewish slaves taken when Rome crushed Jerusalem. Before Rome became an empire, Rome was relatively tolerant of other religions. After Caesar, Rome was much more vicious, killing off the religious pagans in England, for example, in a great massacre.

  36. Clueless

    What you have said makes very good sense, and may possibly be true if we can ascertain that Jesus really did commit that act, which is very inconsistent with what he preached. That is all I am saying. But, yes, you may be right Elaine.

  37. emsnews

    Why else would the Romans execute him? They didn’t give a hoot about what the priests (the Cohen clan) thought about ideological arguments. But cross the authority of Rome by rioting? That leads to severe sanctions.

  38. Clueless

    The Roman’s executed him, but the Sanhedrin pulled the trigger. They did it as a quid pro quo and it only cost them a Jew, or so they thought. In the end, they couldn’t beat the Christian tide they created with their lack of foresight so they adapted, assimilated and transformed the teachings in their own, after wiping out all the real Christians. Pretty evil bunch.

  39. seraphim

    How many people would see that the Jews were hand in glove with the Romans (and vice-versa)and remained so even after the successive revolts? The Jews living in the Empire did not lose an inch of their privileges and joyfully collaborated with the authorities in hounding the Christians.
    The facts are that the Jewish revolt was started by those who refused to pay the taxes to the Romans. Jesus advised that the tax should be payed (Give Cesar….), therefore viewed as a traitor by the Zealots.

  40. emsnews

    And who, pray tell, destroyed Jerusalem back then?

  41. seraphim

    It was mainly the Legio X Fretensis, in conjunction with V Macedonica, XII Fulminata and XV Apollinaris in the First Jewish War. And again Legio X Fretensis, supported by VI Ferrata in the revolt of Bar Kochba.

  42. emsnews

    Correct. The Romans used their various provincial troops to do this deed. I will note here that one of the strengths of Rome was to always station troops raised in one province, are sent to the opposite end of the empire. So all troops maintaining order are ALIENS never natives. This way, the troops couldn’t stage uprisings.

    On the other hand, the weakness was, they all were quite interested in marching against Rome. So generals often did this once Caesar did this back at the very beginning of Imperial Rome (when it ceased being a ‘democracy’).

  43. seraphim

    It remains true that the Jews living at Rome and other parts of the Empire have not suffered at all. Their privileges remained untouched despite the successive revolts. They always had the money.

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