US ‘Warsaw Pact’ With Muslim Dictators Collapsing

As the US empire falls apart nearly exactly the same way the Soviet Union collapsed, we see the long line of military-enforced ‘alliances’ with Muslim dictators falling like dominos.  Just as the US was pushed out of SE Asia due to the failure of the Vietnam War, the expensive hostile rule of a billion Muslims is collapsing due to the US going literally bankrupt.  The failure in SE Asia led directly to hyperinflation and the loss of the gold standard and the failure of the Muslim dictatorships will mean hyperinflation at home and the loss of oil resources…yet again.


ΩΩThe SE Asia failure happened alongside two key events in the Middle East: Israel took over huge parts of Palestine and defeated Egypt and the oil embargo began due to these wars at the same time the US hit its own Hubbert Oil Peak.  This hit our domestic economy and finances very, very hard.  The solution for our oil problems has been, since day one, entangled inside of the Zionist ethnic cleansing efforts in the Middle East and this mess is core to possible provocation of WWIII just as the excessive US military presence offshore of China and in Muslim lands next to China can easily trigger WWIII.


ΩΩWWIII is a highly important thing to track.  Mere economics are merely prelude to or a causative element to this monster event.  That is, WWIII is global nuclear warfare and 90% of the destruction from this will happen in the first 6 hours or less.  We remain on this horrible hair trigger potential event thanks to our many missiles and warheads which remain so immense in size and impact, all major cities on earth can be blown up just with the US arsenal alone, much less, if Russia and China were to indulge in destruction, too.


ΩΩCareful diplomacy and a sane view of reality is required to avoid WWIII.  This, we lack. Big time.  This is due to our pampered, protected elites being totally unreasonable, totally irresponsible and completely guilty of destroying the entire Western banking system.  They are meeting at Davos and are obviously unable to lead anyone anywhere except to hell:  Davos WEF 2011: Wealth inequality is the “most serious challenge for the world” – Telegraph


  • Inequality is increasingly emerging as one of the underlying causes of the financial crisis and subsequent recession. “Wealthy people invest in financial assets, creating asset bubbles,” Sir Martin said. The argument is that a more equal spread of wealth would mean more money is recycled back into the economy by consumers, underpinning businesses by providing stable demand.


  • Mr Zhu said raising taxes on the rich would not address the core of the problem. “It’s not just about tax, we need to go further. We need to look back at how and where this wealth is being created,” he said.


ΩΩHAHAHA…the obvious, easy and sane solution is a 90% tax on billionaires.  Period.  All we need is for all the Davos nations to institute this tax and if the billionaires wish to run off to other countries and hide, we confiscate all of their property and obviously, attack them wherever they run.   Since they tend to run to Queen Elizabeth II’s islands, we simply go there and invade the place.  Invade the Queen’s palaces in England, too.  Might as well. Loot it like Victoria’s minions looted the Chinese palaces.


ΩΩThe very rich are worried about the gap!  HAHAHA.  I am surprised they didn’t issue a press release, ‘Davos billionaires want the poor to eat cake.’  When we look at history, people marvel why didn’t the French aristocrats do sane things?  But look here!  The rich do not want to pay taxes.  They prefer to give ‘charity.’  Which is useless since it doesn’t work if the ‘charity’ goes only to the rich.  Here is an example:  Fraud Plagues Celebrity-Backed Global Health Fund


ΩΩVirtually all the money that Davos Divas handed out to bring healthcare to Africa ended up being pocketed by corrupt politicians and assorted people.  Most charities hire the children of the very rich who are paid this way so they can get money from mum and dad and pretend to have a job.  The Haiti earthquakes shook oodles of loot from concerned people only to see virtually all of it vanish into the wrong pockets while the Haitians suffer endlessly.


ΩΩNow, on to some very interesting news via Fox TV.  Now, I despise Fox TV but on the other hand, the people in this story are not allowed to appear on any of the other networks because they are non-humans like me (talk too much about the wrong things) yet Fox TV had them on so they exist again, thank goodness!  Anyway, this is a fun story:  Ron Paul, Ralph Nader agree on ‘progressive-libertarian alliance’ | Raw Story


  • “I believe in coalitions,” Rep. Paul echoed. “They talk about we need more bipartisanship, and I say we have too much bipartisanship because the bipartisanship we have here in Washington endorses corporatism.” Paul added that he agreed with Nader on a host of issues, such as cutting the US military’s budget, ending undeclared US wars overseas, restoring civil liberties and civil rights by dumping from the Patriot Act, and withdrawing from the NAFTA and World Trade Organization agreements.


ΩΩWOW.  Ron Paul sounds…like a revolutionary!  HAHAHA.  Good for him!  Cut to the chase!  I agree with everything he said in this press conference.  I hope we do have such an alliance and would join it in a heartbeat if…we don’t attack each other all the time…and if this alliance includes a realistic talk about protecting our nation via tariffs and barriers.  A key issue.  I am in many ways, very conservative as well as progressive depending on all sorts of examinations of ‘what works and what fails’.


ΩΩHere is the son of Ron Paul being allowed to talk on CNN (I used to be a regular at CNN back when I was Mrs. Levy until I mentioned Palestine years ago):  Rand Paul: End Aid to Israel – Hit & Run : Reason Magazine


ΩΩWolf Blitzer is a neo-Nazi Zionist who is a Mossad agent, for crying out loud.  Note how little he cared about the fact that the US is going bankrupt.  His main maniacal focus was on whether he and his fellow Jews will keep getting US loot nonstop.  Over and over again, he demanded to know if the Jews would lose their goodies until Rand admitted this.  Now, the storm will descend on the guy and he will be kicked back out of Congress after the media rips him apart and AIPAC funds an army of people to go against him, etc.


ΩΩOn the other hand, if Rand goes around his state saying over and over again, ‘Why are we sending money there while cutting spending here?’ and he will be most popular as time goes by.  So I expect some Swedish ladies to waylay him and lure him into their bedrooms and then scream about rape because his condom ripped.  After keeping him there for a few more days of fun, of course.


ΩΩNow, the rabid rabbis of Zion are going after another rightwinger.  Now, remember, only Jews are allowed to act like Nazis.  Other forms of Naziism are not allowed.  Not even talking like Jews about Nazis is allowed.  We all have to watch what we say whereas rabid rabbis can openly gloat about ethnic cleansing and calling other people ‘dirty’ and ‘subhuman’.  Here is the latest slap against a US TV personality:  Glenn Beck Responds To Charges Of Anti-Semitism (AUDIO)


  • Glenn Beck responded to charges that he is anti-Semitic on the same day that 400 rabbis took out a full-page newspaper ad calling for him to be “sanctioned” for his repeated invocations of Nazis and the Holocaust.


  • Speaking on his radio show, Beck did not directly address the rabbis’ letter, which urged News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch to stop Beck from making analogies to the Holocaust, and which condemned his “completely unacceptable” attacks on liberal billionaire George Soros–attacks many have called anti-Semitic.


ΩΩHAHAHA…the Tribe trumps all things.  As I say over and over again, fascism is for Israel whereas liberalism is OK for the US since this gives Jews more civil rights.  Civil rights for Palestinians is zero but for Jews in the US, 100%.  So we have this moral schizophrenia that will boomerang against all Jews in the long run.  For, if Naziism is natural, good and even holy in Israel then…the same is true here.  A dangerous ideology that is idiotic.  Namely, by embracing Naziism’s theoretical underpinning that ethnic/religious cleansing is good, the Jews will end up being ethnically cleansed from the US.


ΩΩI do not want this to happen.  Not even slightly.  I am 100% against ANY ethnic cleansing.  This is why I want it to stop in Palestine.  It is a contagious disease.  Watching people being driven out of their jobs, silenced and abused because they irritate the Zionists is inevitably going to provoke this happening suddenly in the media…against all Jews who are very heavily represented there.  It doesn’t take more than a few weeks for armed gunmen to invade all the offices and studios in the US and removing all the Jews!  This is why this game is dangerous and should stop…in Israel.


ΩΩThis week, it is now totally out of hand after the howls at Palin about ‘blood libel’ remarks.  Now, everyone is shooting the ‘Nazi’ accusation at each other which is actually rather funny since all our  media from top to bottom supports Nazi-style ethnic cleansing in the Holy Land:  Jon Stewart’s rebuttal to Bill O’Reilly on Nazi accusations – Morning Clip –


ΩΩWatching that clip illustrates the level of dementia at the top of our media pyramid.  The Zionist Jewish community should have been scared of the influx of right wing KKK racists into the Zionist sphere back when they formed this ugly alliance.  The Jews wanted the US to fund their fun ethnic cleansing and got it and use the Born Again End of Times Jesus Will Kill All The Jews fundamentalists in order to fund Israel’s wars.


ΩΩThis deal with many devils will bedevil the rabid rabbis.  The rabbis want all Jews to be forced into Israel and the Christian allies believe that when this happens (especially if all the Jews are forced to do this due to a New Hitler in the US) then Jesus will come and voila!  The Apocalypse will happen and everyone will be either killed or loved by Jesus, amen. OMG.  Literally.  I do not want this to happen.


ΩΩThe US empire has created this monster Muslim ‘Warsaw Pact’ with a long laundry list of evil dictators who oppress their own people. But thanks to the Internet, Wikileaks and al Jazeera, the truth about these dictators is flowing all over the place and now the reaction is setting in.


ΩΩWhen Hillary and her Zionist buddies were yelling about Wikileaks, it was entirely due to all fears that the schemes and tricks of her gang working to crush Muslims via corrupting their rulers and keeping the rulers in power with foreign aid would feed revolutions within.

Europa & Palestine News «Kawther Salam


  • Palestinians around the world and all their supporters watched in shock, but not total surprise as secret documents, “The Palestine Papers”, detailing carefully the years of so called peace negotiations were released by the news network Al-Jazeera during the last few days. While Palestinians are struggling to win back their rights to their homes and lands, some in the un-elected leadership of the Palestinian Authority (PA) were making offers to give away these rights.


  • The documents show that they were willing to give up the rights of seven million Palestinians living in forced exile to return to their homes and lands. They were willing to cede Palestinian control over most of East Jerusalem as well as nearly all the land on the West Bank on which the major Israeli settlements around Jerusalem were illegally built. Even the major Muslim holy site the al-Aqsa mosque, Harm al’Sharif, was open to “creative” solution.


ΩΩThe US Zionist media tried desperately to pretend the Palestinians hate al Jazeera and support Abbas but this is fake.  They hate him.  The fact that Abbas totally surrendered to the Israelis and Hillary who then slapped him in the face and gave him absolutely nothing in return has now shorn him of his last ‘fig leaf’ which the poor man begged Hillary to give him.


ΩΩHe is doomed.  There is no end except him fleeing to Paris.  He can’t go to Egypt or other places since his co-conspirators who worked behind the scenes to betray the Palestinians are now scared to death.  They know the tide of revolution will come knocking at their own doors. They betrayed Islam.  They gave away Jerusalem.  This is quite significant and the US press refuses to appreciate how significant the al Jazeera leaks really are.  Worse than the Wikileaks.


ΩΩFirst, back to the news about how Zionists are shutting down all discussion about Palestine in the US, here is the latest attempt at censorship in academia:  Showdown over Israel and academic freedom – War Room –


  • An adjunct political science professor was fired Wednesday by Brooklyn College following complaints by a student and a local politician about his pro-Palestinian political views.


  • The college maintains the instructor, graduate student Kristofer Petersen-Overton, was let go because he did not have proper credentials to teach a master’s level course on Middle East politics. But there’s evidence that other graduate students with the same level of experience as Petersen-Overton have had no trouble teaching advanced courses in the department both in the past and the present.


ΩΩNeither in the media nor in our universities can we have real conversations about this very vital issue.  That is, all discussion about the Apocalypse and WWIII is terminated at the start due to Zionists wanting to do all sorts of things that will definitely cause them to happen.  Israel is persecuting anyone there who tries to discuss this, too.  It is shutting down rapidly and is more and more like the Soviet Union.  As the US is imitating the Soviet Union.


ΩΩWe all remember how the SU collapsed due to too many imports including the need to import food, the collapse in the manufacturing base except for the military/ industrial complex.  Too low tax revenues while the elites looted at the top.  Loss of jobs, loss of income at the middle and bottom.  An energy system catastrophe destroying the environment.  Allies who hated the empire and all the people very restive and ready to take to the streets.  And finally, defeat in Afghanistan.


ΩΩWe got all of this now and the inevitable collapse of puppet governments is now gathering steam.  Fresh protests erupt in Egypt – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


  • Cairo, normally vibrant on a Thursday night ahead of the weekend, was largely deserted, with shops and restaurants shut. In the city of Ismailia, hundreds of protesters clashed with police who used tear gas and batons to disperse them.


  • “This is a revolution,” one 16-year-old protester said in Suez . “Every day we’re coming back here.”


  • “The intensity continues to increase,” Al Jazeera’s Jamal Elshayyal reported from Suez.”There have been fierce clashes with rubber-coated steel bullets being fired by the riot police as well as tear gas.”


  • Barack Obama, the US president, urged both the government and protesters to show restraint as they expressed their “pent-up frustrations”. Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state, had earlier said that the protests offered the Mubarak government an opportunity to institute social, economic, and political reforms.


  • “It is very important that people have mechanisms in order to express legitimate grievances,” Obam said as he answered questions from an online audience on the YouTube website. Obama also urged Mubarak to make changes to the political system to appease the angry protesters. “I’ve always said to him that making sure that they are moving forward on reform – political reform, economic reform – is absolutely critical for the long-term well-being of Egypt.”


ΩΩWell, welcome to the revolution where everyone yells, ‘Allah akabar!’  Since liberals betrayed Egypt, the sole place to go for revolution is the religious right.  The schizoid US policies meant crushing any and all liberals in any Muslim lands since they would demand an end to Israel’s fascist policies!  Nasser was a liberal in Egypt.  And went to war against Israel on behalf of Palestine.


ΩΩThe Palestinians were quite liberal once upon a time!  Now, Hamas is not liberal at all.  But all the liberals were killed off, bribed like Abbas, or sent into exile.  The ‘reforms’ mentioned by Hillary are exactly the reforms the people in Egypt hate the most.  I detailed these reforms the other day.  Odious and obviously designed to insure that the rich get richer and the country would be looted.


ΩΩThe political reforms can’t happen since the people will insist on voting for things we don’t want  them to have.  Above all, voting for someone who forms an alliance with Gaza is verboten.  Gaza is being starved to death, literally, because they voted for the wrong people.


ΩΩEgypt’s rulers are committing economic suicide when they  turned off the internet – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


  • “It can’t happen here,” said Jim Cowie, the chief technology officer and a co-founder of Renesys, a network security firm in Manchester, New Hampshire, that studies internet disruptions.


  • “How many people would you have to call to shut down the US internet? Hundreds, thousands maybe? We have enough internet here that we can have our own internet. If you cut it off, that leads to a philosophical question: Who got cut off from the internet, us or the rest of the world?”


  • In fact, there are few countries anywhere with all their central internet connections in one place or so few places that they can be severed at the same time. But the idea of a single “kill switch” to turn the internet on and off has seduced some American lawmakers, who have pushed for the power to shutter the internet in a national emergency.


  • The internet blackout in Egypt shows that a country with strong control over its internet providers apparently can force all of them to pull their plugs at once, something that Cowie called “almost entirely unprecedented in internet history.”


ΩΩThe US is imitating the Soviet Union.  Of course, we will have the internet shut down here, too, if we dare to revolt.  The swift way the government isolated Wikileaks from getting money or appearing online shows us how easy it is.  The Soviet Union tried its best to control information and failed.  No one believed anything the government said even if it was true and people found other ways to pass information.


ΩΩWhat is even funnier here is, all the YOUNG people who tend to fuel all revolutions in the street, can’t be entertained online anymore.  Worse, I know from my own kids, turn off the internet and they get quite enraged.  So shutting down the net in Egypt is fueling these fires, not dowsing them.


ΩΩAfghanistan shows  us that primitive tools can still stop and empire, more than one empire.  Egypt isn’t primitive at all.  And the people there are not stupid.  They are now emboldened and angry and have little choice.  Starve to death or stand and fight…especially if Congress cuts foreign aid as the Tea Party wants.  I am all for this.  Foreign aid=dictators anyway.

U.S. cables: Mubarak still a vital ally –


  • But the cables also show that Washington sees Egypt as an important and — until now — stable ally on issues, including Iran’s nuclear program, promoting negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and making life difficult for Hamas in Gaza.


  • And above all, Egypt is regarded as a moderate bulwark against Iranian-sponsored Islamist fundamentalism….Ahead of Mubarak’s visit to Washington in May 2009, Ambassador Margaret Scobey wrote from Cairo that “the Egyptians want the visit to demonstrate that Egypt remains America’s indispensable “Arab ally.”


  • Scobey continued that Mubarak was “a tried and true realist, innately cautious and conservative, and has little time for idealistic goals.”


  • He viewed himself as “someone who is tough but fair, who ensures the basic needs of his people.”…On pressure to improve human rights, according to one cable from Scobey in 2009, “Mubarak takes this issue personally, and it makes him seethe when we raise it, particularly in public.”


ΩΩAll our paid dictators are ‘moderates’.  HAHAHA.  Without exception.  Especially if they are installed by the CIA.  If they are despotic kings, they are moderates even if they are as drastic and violent and draconian as the dictator who rules North Korea.  Saudi Arabia is a fine example of this.  Zero human rights, civil rights and women’s rights.  Nada, nothing.  Utter tyranny of the worst sort.  Even the dictator of North Korea gives women more civil rights than the King of Saudi Arabia!


ΩΩEgypt is indispensable due to the Suez Canal and our control of the Palestinians.  Lose both and Israel has to start WWIII.  The US needs to keep the Gaza Ghetto going and just like when the Soviets freed the Jews in Poland’s death camps, so will the Egyptians free the Palestinians trapped in this death camp.  And it is a death camp.


ΩΩHere is another amusing commentary about Egypt from the Zionists at CNN:  Will Egypt follow Tunisia’s lead? –


  • Looking at the protests Tuesday in Cairo, Mamoun Fandy of the International Institute for Strategic Studies told CNN he was not seeing a “turning point or tipping point yet.”  Noting the strength of the army, he said, “The Egyptian system is too strong and too resilient.”


ΩΩThe Egyptian army is now a paid arm of the Zionist/US machine. It is a foreign occupying force.  The split second US bribes stop, the army will turn on the rulers.  The rulers wrecked the economy so there is great interest in the masses to revolt.  And they have little choice.  It is either revolt or be doomed.  Here is some more from Time magazine from writer Abigail Hauslohner (Note: nearly invariably, our media owners send Jews to Muslim lands to do reports and analysis) in Cairo headlined, “After Tunisia: Why Egypt Isn’t Ready to Have Its Own Revolution:’


  • Some Egyptians “believe the time is now” for protests to bring about change like in Tunisia, and several people in Egypt have set themselves on fire or attempted to in recent days — much like the self-immolation of a young unemployed man in Tunisia that sparked protests in that country,” she writes. “But in Egypt, it doesn’t go much deeper than that.”


  • A greater percentage of Egypt’s population than Tunisia’s lives below the poverty line, she writes. “The citizens of Egypt regularly complain of a neglectful regime that knows more about torture than it does about public service, and they’re furious with a regime that seems to swallow any domestic profits before they can reach the lower classes. And yet no one predicts a revolutionary reset anytime soon.”


  • Two factors distinguish Egypt from Tunisia in this respect, Hauslohner writes: Tunisia’s government spent generously on education, creating a frustrated educated but unemployed population. And in Egypt, “the military stands with” Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.


ΩΩThis poor Zionist reporter thinks that having MORE people living in great poverty=no revolution.  HAHAHA.  This is how bad the insanity is.  Note how the reporter details the exact conditions that inevitably leads to revolutions and then breezily declares, due to these very factors, it can’t happen.  Naturally, the comfortable middle class academics who are not removed by the dictator, can’t see a revolution coming!


ΩΩThey will notice it only after their own comfortable offices are set on fire by their own students.  Note also how this bitch claims that not educating people means they can’t revolt.  Interesting, considering how the Russian and Chinese peasants who could barely read actually managed major revolutions.  Not to mention the French peasants.  Or peasants in many other revolts in history.


ΩΩIf the US empire was rich and strong, we could crush all Muslim revolts.  But we are not strong at all. We are going bankrupt.  And the Muslims now all know that if they continue to revolt steadily, they can drain our coffers of the last pennies we have.  Afghanistan and Iraq both sucked down well over a trillion US dollars!  It works!


ΩΩSpeaking of the devil in the details:  Karzai wins Russian backing on milestone visit – Yahoo! News


  • But Karzai found warm support in Moscow during a visit in which he also held private talks in the country residence of Russia’s de facto leader, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. “I told the president that we expect to see Afghanistan provide for its own security and state independence — and that the Russian government was ready to extend Afghanistan thorough support,” Medvedev said after the talks.


ΩΩIsn’t this ironic?  The US can’t hold Iraq, it is moving rapidly towards Iran as an ally and both support Muslim revolutions in word and deed.  The rest of the Muslims see that our military can’t stop them, either.  This is emboldening everyone to go on the attack.


ΩΩSaudi royals build gold palaces while the country falls apart:  Floods inundate Saudi city – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


  • At least four people have reportedly been killed after heavy rainfall submerged streets and cut off electricity in parts of Saudi Arabia’s second largest city Jeddah.  Cars floated in streets turned into rivers on Wednesday, while putrid odours filled the air as sewage from underground tanks overflowed and mixed with flood water in the Red Sea port of four million people which has no sewage system.


ΩΩHuge oil profits and no infrastructure coupled with corruption equals violent revolution.  The information about the betrayal of the Palestinians is still penetrating the censorship terror state system and eventually all Saudis will know all the raw details and will hate their own dictators who are fat little doves just itching to be devoured by the jackals.


ΩΩMeanwhile, our CIA assassins operating in Yemen are, as usual, pushing more people into revolt:  Anti-government rallies hit Yemen – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


  • Tens of thousands of people in Yemen have taken to the streets in the country’s capital, calling for an end to the government of Ali Abdullah Saleh, the president.


  • Inspired by recent events in Tunisia and Egypt, opposition members and youth activists rallied at four different locations in Sanaa on Thursday, chanting for Saleh, who has been in power for 32 years, to step down.


  • “Enough being in power for [over] 30 years,” protesters shouted during the demonstrations….In the southern port city of Aden, a 28-year-old unemployed man set himself on fire to protest the economic troubles in the country, an act that echoed that the sparked the uprising in Tunisia. Fouad Sabri was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, medical officials said.


  • However, Motahar Rashad al-Masri, the Yemeni interior minister, ruled out any resemblance between the protests in Yemen and the public outcry in Tunisia and Egypt. “Yemen is not like Tunisia,” he said, adding that Yemen was a “democratic country” and that the demonstrations were peaceful.


ΩΩHAHAHA…same story, same outcome.  True, just like the Soviet Union, up until the very end, we can crush these pesky people if we try hard enough.  But this will eat up more funds we can’t afford to spend.  The bin Laden strategy is to bankrupt the US by egging us into attacking more and more Muslims across more and more countries.  It is working just great.


ΩΩSince the Zionists want us to fear Muslims, they love this too.  But driving the US into bankruptcy is fatal to Zionists since in the bitter end, they will be blamed for all of this and this action will happen in the future due to someone being forced to take responsibility for bankrupting America.  Of course, welfare families and illegal aliens will also be blamed.


ΩΩThe US can’t afford to go bankrupt and if we do, it will shake our political system to its roots.  And people will become radicalized.  Left or right, the tendency is, when bankruptcy happens, people like to find scapegoats.  This is a problem for Jews in America.  You see, in Egypt or Tunisia or Iran, the rulers were Muslims, too.  Whereas, the superrich have a huge number of Jews in their ranks and in all instances where a religious or tribal or ethnic minority runs a country and gets very rich, if that country goes bankrupt, they are ethnically attacked.


ΩΩSo if I am a historian, I would have to say, this will happen in the US.  This is why Jews must disown Zionism, racism in Israel and stop the ethnic cleansing there.  This is all about self-preservation.  Not anti-semetism.

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19 responses to “US ‘Warsaw Pact’ With Muslim Dictators Collapsing

  1. Judging by the friendly tone of Obama/hilary comments about Egypt, i am guessing they plan to replace Mubarak with another puppet.

  2. charlottemom

    Interesting points. I still wonder if this Egypt uprising started off as staged but now has spun out of control by its stagemanagers. Where is Mubarek – at a bookfair? WTF?!. Egypt police and army clashing. Shut down of internet/facebook/twitter. hmmm

    Below from

    All these revolutions coming at once are almost too good to be true. And perhaps they are. There is some violence – especially in Egypt – but it seems like the dictator has forgotten how to be merciless. (Or at least has taken some time to work himself up to a fever pitch.) Are these regimes being pressured? Is it possible after 30 years that the West wants to make a clean sweep of its puppet states in the Middle East?

    All this is speculation. We are meme watchers not mind readers and Egypt and other countries in the Middle East may or may not topple old regimes. But we do keep in mind the goals of the Western power elite and try to analyze their influences and promotions around the world. It is not merely a hypothetical exercise. The Egyptian stock market is down sharply and one may make profitable investments by betting on either the current regime’s survival or its disappearance.

    Conclusion: If the revolution reaches all the way to Saudi Arabia – and if this is the elite’s intention (to blow up the price of oil while fatally wounding the dollar) – then heaven-help the world’s commodity prices. Isolate the memes of the elite within a free-market context, determine the potential for success or failure and then make corresponding, judicious bets.

    BTW, I love that Clinton is urging Mubarak to make reforms and call a new election. BWAHHAHHH! Shades of “Everyone remain calm!”


    ELAINE: No way in any hell are any Western ‘elites’ trying to destroy their own puppet regimes.

    Nor do they want the Egypt stock market or our own to collapse. Nor do they dare say dictatorships are good things, either. They need to pretend these regimes are good and can be reformed.

    The revolutions they want are in rival empires like Russia and China, not client states!

  3. It is good to see Nader and Paul come together on a Populist agenda. We need to see an actual Populist Party resurgence to hope for any institutionalization of these goals, however. I think a Populist Party would create a very powerful coalition.

    Populism and the Four Quandrants of Political Identity

    If Nader would abandon his left-of-Left Green Party, and instead concentrate on a centrist Populist Party, he could reinvigorate his political career and achieve some positive change.

    Elaine, you would make a very good Populist, if you would only drop your persistent anti-religious rhetoric!!! The Democratic Party has certainly left you.

  4. nah

    we have tons of educated patriotic citizens in the US… we have tons of resources… we have a excellent military… we have phones/computers/cars/guns/warehouses/clean water/NYSE floor
    we have the capitol in short
    we also have an empire… as it is we are white knuckling a bad vision of global government that allows Israel/China to essentially dictate THE LARGEST 2 TENETS OF FOREIGN POLICY… safe travel/trade, and war
    in order to listen to our inner judeo-christian fascist zionist we faked a world of payments and power structures that STAND BEFORE US AS INSURMOUTABLE… because theyre total bullshit
    however if we want to maintain the empire AS IT IS we are going to have to play ball even to change it… imean we need to get the tanks/airpower/US citizens out of asia and home
    but really the US will remain #1 as long as we dont let the globalist empire subdue the American via POLICE STATE BACKED CREDIT
    American 14yr olds should not be slaves to the world by claim of citizenship
    fucking quit then

  5. JT

    Military coups are arranged. Not revolutions.

    “It’s always the small people who change things. It’s never the politicians or the big guys. I mean, who pulled down the Berlin wall? It was all the people in the streets. The specialists didn’t have a clue the day before. If you read the newspaper a few days before…nothing…no one was talking about it. And even the French revolution, we just said “That’s enough”, and took the king.

    The famous line about the French king was that he didn’t even know what was going on. He said: “Is it a revolt?” And the other guy said: “No, it’s a revolution.” The king was thinking it was nothing.”
    – Luc Besson –

    Singing Revolution:

  6. Aussie

    @ Ziff house
    Re: ….i am guessing they plan to replace Mubarak with another puppet.

    The US has put their puppets into play. They are el Baradei and one unnamed and still unknown dissident presently in Egypt’s custody.

    The internet help create a global world of politically aware ordinary people.
    Unfortunately, the ruling elite retain their illusions of control thru secrecy and managed media therefore unable to adapt to the new reality.

    The ruling elite and analyst cohort are analogous to remnant dinosaurs post the “great extinction by a giant asteroid” trying to cope at the dawn of the age of mammals.


    ELAINE; The State Department hates el Baradei.

  7. Billibaldi

    Egypt by the numbers.

    pop 80 million

    Mobile phones 55 million

    Internet users 20 million

    Years of economic “reform”, 4

    Presidential term – 6 years.

    In the year of Our Lord 2011, good luck with
    trying to run your economy without mobile phones and the internet.

  8. Cheers Justin – Elaine’s a great populist and I would vote for her but if she keeps up the drumbeat of anti-religion I’ll have to challenge her to a (verbal) duel. Who knows, she might even accept.

  9. JT


    e-gypt is now just gypt.

  10. Billibaldi

    Good one @ jt.

  11. Clueless

    The reason Rand Paul wants to cut government costs is not rocket science just plain arithmetic, and he is on the right track. So too is Elaine about the Zionists going after him for declaring that billions of dollars in aid to Israel should be cut as part of the effort to lower the government deficit. But not for that reason.

    US Aid to countries like Egypt, Tunisia, et al is simply the fix given to US gatekeepers in those countries, to keep them in power and protect US interests, and in countries surrounding Israel it is the baksish that keeps the peace (with cyclical accoustic warfare to justify the money keeps flowing).

    The reason these governments are collapsing so quickly is because the well is drying up quickly. No more free ride. Notice how much quicker after Hu’s visit? China is lowering the boom on US excess at their expense. Rand Paul was spot on.

    Israel is another matter altogether. It is where the stash of the House of Rot is kept. And the American public has been footing the bill for securing their booty for a very long time. Pretty quaint arrangement that. This is a major cause for concern, 200 nuclear warheads worth. If ever WWIII will happen, this will be the trigger.

  12. emsnews

    When you are cheated online via emails you are egypted.

    By the way, ‘gypped’ comes from the word ‘Egypt’ because it was applied to gypsies who actually came out of India originally but the Europeans in the Middle Ages thought they came from the Pharaohs and ended up in Europe via the Crusades in an odd sort of way. Thus, the names sound the same because they are the same.

  13. Billibaldi

    “Democracy is something beautiful,” said Eli Shaked, who was Israel’s ambassador to Cairo from 2003 to 2005, in an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE. “Nevertheless, it is very much in the interests of Israel, the United States and Europe that Mubarak remains in power.”
    From Der Spiegel (english) which is normally pro-Israel. The german version is a bit different.,1518,742186,00.html

  14. Billibaldi

    The in-plain-sight Lt Gen Sami Enan, the 62 year old chief of staff of the Egyptian armed forces was being wined and dined in Washington this last week. This man has a major say in how the US $ 1.3 billion in Military aid get spent. That has got be a nice earner both for the General and the MIC.

    Don’t believe the bushwa about any mysterious Mr XXXXXX being sent to Washington for what us Australians would say “tea and bikkies”. (Would you waste your time with some wannabee when you could with the head honcho?)

  15. Joseppi

    As the discontent creeps towards Mecca the Saudi despots response to the Rioting Egyptians is that they are outside agitators and should be dealt with severely.
    The big question is whether the US and Israel will be able to install a suitable replacement to their liking in Egypt.

  16. emsnews

    The person the US and Israel liked a great deal was Mubarak.

    They have ZERO desire to overthrow him!!! Zero. And they can’t replace him with a better stooge since the Muslim Brotherhood is poised to take over even if it is quite bloody. They have no fear of shedding blood.

  17. Clueless

    How to Start A Movement (

    Not as difficult of complicated as one would think. You just have to understand human conditioning.

    Michael Reynolds describes the contained sewage treatment system and the roof insulation made out of garbage harvested from the streets of Port-au-Prince. This can solve the cholera issue in Haiti and around the world. This contained sewage treatment system alone can spread very quickly, like a virus.

  19. adriana

    Brutale moslim dictators en hun handlangers in Nederland

    Moslim Dictators en proces tegen Wilders!

    Het proces tegen Wilders, oorspronkelijk een internationale actie van de moslimdictators via Nederlandse verlenging, is een schande, het is niet legitiem! Zie eerder de opmerkingen van moslim dictators, als Abdullah van Saudi Arabië, Kadhaffi van libie, dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh van Jemen, Ahmedinejad van Iran , De Jordaanse dictator Abdullah, Marokkaanse dictator Mohammed, leiders van Turkije, Islamitische dictator Omar al-Bashir van Soedan en even later een rechtbank tegen Geert Wilders. Gezien deze dictatoriale regiemes niet legitiem zijn, zou die waanzinnige proces samen met die dictators, zo snel mogelijk moeten verdwijnen. Het proces tegen Wilders die mede dankzij door deze dictators tot stand kwam, is dodelijk voor Nederland. Het is een grote schande dat al die barbaarse dictators in Nederland rechters, advocaten, ambtenaren kunnen mobiliseren…Moslim dictators hebben niet alleen in hun eigen land, maar ook in het buitenland een enorme schade ingericht: In eigen land, onafhankelijke kranten en oppositiepartijen zo goed als verboden. In het buitenland willen ze ook geen tegenstanders: Wie doodsbedreigingen uit de islamwereld krijgen, kunnen dus óók nog strafrechtelijk vervolgd worden, met eigen wapen. Dit is een ergere doodsbedreiging. En als het zo doorgaat, kunnen islamitische lange tenen tot in het Europese Gerechtshof reiken. Ze hebben zoveel macht dat ze openlijk Nederlandse politicus met de dood kunnen bedreigen en journalisten, schrijvers, docenten van de universiteiten in het openbaar kunnen bedreigen. Rechtbank tegen Wilders is onderdeel van deze campagne.

    Via islamitische cultuur-wetgeving gestimuleerde bevolkingsgroei is nog steeds exponentieel en als gevolg, in alle moslimslanden gevreesde overbevolking: Neem nu even Egypte, de overbevolking is een grote probleem. Het bewoonbare gedeelte van Egypte is zo groot als Nederland maar er wonen negentig miljoen mensen, vijfmaal zo veel als in Nederland. De hoofdstad Cairo beslaat een oppervlakte van Amsterdam en voorsteden maar herbergt meer mensen dan heel Nederland. Pakistan is weer hetzelfde. In Marokko, binnen 23 jaar 28 miljoen meer Moslims, Turkije stijgt naar 80 miljoen, Iran telt meer dan 85 miljoen Moslims: dit is een grote probleem. Snel groeiende bevolking en dictators die nog meer Moslims willen: moeder aarde in een grote gevaar! Turken hebben circa 12 miljoen Moslims geëxporteerd, 99% naar Europa en leider Erdogan die nog meer bevolkingsgroei wilt, beschouwt deze volksverplaatsing een buitengewoon belangrijke proces voor Turkije. Gelijktijdig zet hij Nederlandse autoriteiten onder de druk om G. Wilders ten val te brengen. Vreselijke Marokkaanse dictatuur die eigen volk onderdrukt, wilt geen G. Wilders in Nederland. Deze moslim dictators willen via hun vijfde colonne in Nederland domineren door te terroriseren.

    Het zijn juist deze dictators die massa moslims onder de controle houden. In Marokko, alles wordt streng gecontroleerd, zware onderdrukking wordt ook buiten de grenzen toegepast. Marokkaanse en Turkse leiders hebben hun handlangers tegen G. Wilders gemobiliseerd. Corrupte advocaten, rechters, gesubsidieerde stichtingen gaan gewoon door met hun activiteiten, terwijl in veel landen opstanden begonnen tegen hun bazen. Moslimdictaturen die nu aan het wankelen zijn, hebben miljoenen Moslims naar Europa smokkelt om hun strategische doelen te bereiken. 5 de colonne, hoofdproduct van deze dictators heeft vaste voet in Nederland. Deze moslims krijgen orders om het stichten van een islamitische enclave. Moslims bewegingen die hun steun vinden in de basis, in het wanbeleid van EU landen, hanteren antiwesterse ideologieën om mensen te mobiliseren. Het is hen weer gelukt, proces tegen G. Wilders gaat weer starten. Oude garde en hun dictatoriale nationaal socialistische islamitische regimes, proberen met deze proces de verdediging van Nederland definitief af te breken. Dit proces is een hetze die is aangewakkerd door o.a. Kleurrijk Nederland {een subsidievreter nep organisatie}, een obscuur clubje narrow-minders die nauwe banden heeft met de anti-nederlandse handlangers van islamitische regimes. Het is toch te gek, dat een rechtbank het OM kan dwingen, een zaak aan te klagen. Daar blijkt duidelijk uit, dat de rechterlijke macht vooringenomen is en probeert haar invloed buiten haar grondwettelijke grenzen uit te breiden. Orders (in die zin van “schakel eerst die Wilders uit”) aan de Nederlandse ambtenaren zijn puur terroristisch, er moet hoognodig een onderzoek komen naar de bevangenheid van deze personen, die indien nodig uit hun functie moeten worden verwijderd.
    Het is een politiek proces met de bedoeling een politieke partij te ontmoedigen die tegen de islamitische verbreiding is en niet om de grenzen van de vrijheid te toetsen.

    Het wordt alleen meer geweld, meer onderdrukking; kijk maar eens naar de vergiftigde verhoudingen in sommige wijken van grote steden, waar met name islamitische jongeren de autochtone burgers terroriseren en buurten onleefbaar maken. Kijk naar hun herkomstlanden waar de islamitische dictatuur heerst; je ziet dat ze geen respect hebben voor alles wat niet-islamitisch is. De islam ven deze dictaturen is in opmars. In 1973 waren er ongeveer een half miljard moslims in de wereld, vandaag is dat aantal ongeveer 1.8 miljard. In afwachting van een machtsovername in West-Europa bouwen zij met de steun van de Europese regeringen hun structuren uit. De Islam heeft in Europa voet aan de grond en zal niet rusten voor ze het publieke domein overheerst en andere levensbeschouwingen kan onderdrukken, nog voor het jaar 2050. Zoals bekend groeien deze Moslim sektes al snel uit tot de belangrijkste organisaties in West-Europa, met honderdduizenden leden en de controle over een groot aantal moskeeën en sociaal-maatschappelijke instellingen. Met dit machtige apparaat in handen, hebben Moslimlanden grote invloed op de politieke processen in Nederland. Nederlandse steden krijgen nog meer moskeen, islamscholen, moslim internaten, Turkse en Marokkaanse TV schotels enz.. enz.. De brutale massa moslims groeit razendsnel in Nederland; 9 keer meer dan de Nederlanders, verscheidene haatpredikende imams roepen op tot non stop groei tot de meerderheid, en jonge moslims polariseren via hun omgangsvormen en gelaatsbedekking. Dit is toch de basis van hun toekomstige Islamitische dictatuur. In de islamitische wereld word precies bijgehouden hoe ze de “racisten” via hun eigen wapens kunnen vervolgen en hoeveel moskeeën, moslimscholen er in europa worden gebouwd om hun eigen volk te laten zien dat europa veroverd kan worden.

    Als je goed volgt hoe deze moslims middels onnoemelijke methodes worden gedwongen verlenging te worden… Nergens kan een immigrant zo snel het voor het zeggen hebben als in Nederland. Er is veels te zwak op de intrede van grote moslim populaties gereageerd wel 40 jr. lang. In Nederland zijn er voorbeelden te over. Je geeft een vinger en er word gelijk een hele hand genomen. Maar arrogant genoeg willen ze die hand niet schudden! Je moet wel heel erg naïef zijn om nu nog ook in Nederland medewerking te verlenen aan de bouw van gebouwen waarin deze haatzaaiende ideologie gepredikt gaat worden. Islamitische politieke ideologie is de basis van onderdrukking, dictatuur en geweld. Seculiere partijen of organisaties bestaan niet in de islamitische wereld. Er zal dus ook nooit secularisatie en democratisering plaatsvinden van binnenuit.
    Als we naar islamitische wereld kijken, zien we vooralsnog alleen maar armoede, analfabetisme, onwetendheid en onvrijheid, met steeds meer invloed van de radicale islam, waardoor deze landen steeds meer achterblijven en richting duistere middeleeuwen gaan.
    En nu moeten we al die islamitische ellende na 1400 jaar hier gaan simuleren, terwijl veel volkeren in opstand kwamen tegen de brutale moslimdictators. Een voorproefje van wat ons te wachten staat. Hier zouden dus ook ooit 90 miljoen mensen kunnen wonen.
    De islam overal te wereld voor ellende, zelfs genocide, terreur en vervolging zal blijven zorgen.  
    De laffe en walgelijke terreurdaden van dictators tegen de volkeren is hier het zoveelste bewijs van. De islam is een misdadige en abjecte ideologie en verdient het predikaat religie m.i. niet. Als de huidige, door de elite gedoogde, trend doorzet, zullen dat in meerderheid islamieten zijn, met alle gevolgen van dien voor de dragers van de oudere cultuur, weer onderworpen aan de moslim dictators! 

    Het is een feit dat allerlei politieke partijen meer dan 40 jaar lang dictaturen in het Midden Oosten financieel en militair gesteund hebben. Ze kunnen hun verantwoordelijkheid hiervoor niet langer ontlopen.
    PVDA, CDA, Groenlinks en D66 zeggen dat ze voor de hoofddoek zijn en bovendien is die voor hen een belangrijke breekpunt. Ze zeggen elke keer dat ze verdragen onderschreven en ook aangenomen met die moslimlanden, allemaal met die dictators. Deze partijen hebben allerlei banden met de verlenging (moslim “maatschappij” in Nederland) van de dictators en willen ze graag verder, terwijl onderdrukten hun vrijheid en rechten eisen. PVDA, CDA, Groenlinks en D66 hebben elke keer over de rechtsstaat, maar tegelijkertijd steunen ze in Nederland een nieuwe implementatie van al die dictatoriale regimes {Haram – Salam bij Utrechtse gemeente, Hallal eten bij overheid instellingen, onderwijs, aparte zwemplaats en regels voor vrouwen met een andere achtergrond, hoofddoek organisaties, militaire dienst in moslim landen voor in Nederland geboren jongeren} die geen rechtstaat zijn, ze vergeten weer dat het grondslag van de moslimregimes, een politieke ideologie die op tal van punten in strijd is met onze rechtsstaat. PVDA, CDA, Groenlinks en D66 willen niet stoppen met dat primitieve ideologie die hen zeker vastbindt aan een eeuwenlange onderdrukking en ellende die nu 1.8 miljard mensen ondervinden. Er zijn juist revoluties begonnen tegen deze praktijken, in veel Arabische landen wordt deze ideologie bestreden, mensen willen af van de onderdrukking, er zijn opstanden tegen het kern van hele systeem. Maar, PVDA, CDA, Groenlinks en D66 willen toch verder met hun implementatie. Ze hebben 40 jaar lang de immigratie politiek van al die dictators toegepast. Dictators wankelen maar onze partijen willen toch verder. Dit is krankzinnig. Iraanse Nederlandse vrouw doodgemarteld in Iran en PVDA, CDA, Groenlinks, D66 zeggen weer niks, voor hun walgelijke hoofddoek hebben ze wel een breekpunt!. Bij Nederlandse overheid deden zogenaamde “beleidsmakkers” alles wat hun dictators dicteerden en als gevolg huidige grootsteden ramp. Onder de naam positieve discriminatie zijn er tienduizenden Moslims gestationeerd bij de overheid instellingen. Velen ven hen hebben nog steeds banden met hun dictators. Deze implementatie is zeer gevaarlijk, Gemeente ambtenaren met de namenlijsten van Moslimlanden, ministers die moskeen openen, burgemeesters en wethouders die islam scholen oprichten, hoogste minaretten lanceren enz.. enz.. Maar welke namen stonden op die lijsten? Allemaal de namen van al die islamitische dictators!
    Deze partijen willen niet zien en horen hoe miljoenen mensen onderdrukt worden in hun geliefde Islamitische wereld….Je kunt aan de opstanden in Tunesië, Egypte en Jemen zien dat de mensen daar niet houden van dictatuur.

    De bestaande pikorde in het Midden Oosten stemt overeen met de ‘superioriteitsopvatting’ van de islam. De manier waarop de islam in het Westen op een voetstuk wordt geplaatst voedt die opvatting ook, maar dat heeft het behaagzieke Westen niet door.
    De onzekerheid over onze vrijheid in de toekomst kweekt wantrouwen. De Koran, het rode boek van al die dictators, geeft uitdrukkelijk opdracht tot de bekering en onderwerping van andersdenkenden. Dus: De islam is een misdaad tegen de mens(elijk)heid. Terecht wil Geert Wilders een verbod op deze misdadige politieke ideologie.
    Het is nu tijd om te stoppen met dit waanzinnige proces. Moslim dictators en hun druk op de Nederlandse politiek kan nu afgebroken worden, het is nu afgelopen: opstanden zijn begonnen. 
    Het is nu tijd om hele proces terug te draaien:niet Geert Wilders maar Moslim dictators moeten veroordeeld worden.

    Met Vriendelijke Groeten

    Adriana Thraces

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