Egypt’s Kleptocrats Flee To England

The Mubarak dictator’s rapacious clan has fled Egypt and flown to Queen Elizabeth’s refuge for gnomes and assorted criminal types.  Meanwhile, the army has joined the revolutionaries.  The Saudi King is sweating bullets, he is next on the list of ‘too big to fail’ failures. This is very much due to the Wikileaks documents that clearly show all Muslim leaders except for a few (IRAN) working with Israel to crush the Palestinians.  Even the PLO worked to crush their own people!  Darn!  Obviously, the ‘Arab Street’ is fired up and will set on fire all the institutions and operations run by these guys.


ΩΩWhat a surprise…NOT. This whole event is inevitable.  The Wikileaks documents clearly show how US bribes (we are going bankrupt due to all of this) kept a whole bunch of despots on our side and this money was spent mainly for one purpose: to please Israeli Jews.  Not Israeli Palestinians. The PLO was bribed and Abbas should probably flee to Israel since his utter craven betrayals were revealed in stark clarity by al Jazeera this week, too.


ΩΩIn classic revolutionary style, the MILITARY HOLDS BACK:   but Omar Suleiman Named Egypt Vice President As Protests Continue.  Who is he?


ΩΩHAHAHA…he has a snowball’s chance in hell to run Egypt except if we give him lots and lots of weapons to use against his own people!  The US was all outraged and our media in a hissy fit over Iran’s ruling party suppressing the population after an election that was rigged but of course, there is zero sympathy for the Egyptians who had a very rigged election, too.


ΩΩWell, guess what?  These uprisings will happen if the public is cut out of the political stream!  Duh!  The Jews in the US love to talk about how Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East (a very false boast!) but of course, the reason this is so is directly due to US/Israeli policies.  We hate the ‘Arab Street’ and wish it were dead.  We want it to go away or be locked in a ghetto and starved.


ΩΩDespite installing the most hated man in Egypt to be the VP to the other most hated man, the uprising continues:  Curfew fails to stop Egypt protests – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


ΩΩNaturally, all the assorted rats and creeps who run roughshod over the millions of suffering masses are fleeing their sinking ship:  Report: Egyptian president’s son Gamal Mubarak arrives in London – Israel News, Ynetnews


  • Gamal and Ala Mubarak, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s sons, have arrived in London with their families, Al Jazeera reported.


ΩΩThe US, UK and EU get all hot about criminals fleeing countries when these people are not our puppets.  But whenever our puppets fall, they flee back home to their owners and bosses.  Naturally, the Queen will entertain them.  After all, England is directly responsible for the Middle East mess in the first place via rash promises to the Rothschilds during WWI.


ΩΩThe revolution is growing, spreading and beginning to surround the Arab kings and oil sheiks of Araby:  Yemen’s Opposition Goes to Code Pink.  These demonstrators are in addition to outright violent insurrection in the countryside.  The US uses assassin drones to bomb peasants and hopes this will stop revolutions.  This has got to be the stupidest, silliest, most futile idea, ever.  It obviously does not work at all.


ΩΩLebanon has gone to Hezbollah and Thousands protest in Jordan.  Jordan is run by a US/UK puppet put in place by the Brits some time ago and not exactly beloved, either.  These rebellions aren’t just in exotic places where people yell, ‘Allah akabar!’  They are happening closer to the Queen:  NUS leader targeted by student protesters – Telegraph


  • Hundreds of protesters called for his resignation, directing their anger towards him as he made his way towards the students’ union building.


  • Campaigners shouted: “Students, workers, hear our shout! We want Aaron Porter out!” and “Aaron Porter we know you, you’re a ******* Tory too!”


  • Mr Porter is facing calls to step down as NUS president by members of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts.


ΩΩAcross the entire planet in all the countries run by the US and UK or in the EU where the bankers ran riot and the spies and crooks controlled the governments, we have the same thing popping up.  Will this lead to a huge surge in revolutions?  Well, history tells us in no uncertain terms, when there is some major global bubble collapse, we get a huge surge in insurrections.  When major empires collapse into bankruptcy, we get lots and lots of revolutions.


ΩΩBack to Egypt: everyone who lorded it over the Arab Street is fleeing down every dark alley and jumping onto any plane, ship or train out: Israel airlifts dozens of nationals out of Egypt – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News


  • The Israeli embassy in Cairo has been closed since the riots broke out, and will remain closed on Sunday.  El Al does not usually fly on the Jewish sabbath to appease observant Jewish passengers who do not travel on the day of rest. El Al refused to comment.


ΩΩNote how El Al is just like Iran or Saudi Arabia: the religious rightwing gets to dictate how things operate.  It is not a liberal state.  It is a religious dictatorship.  The Saudis are one of the most drastically horrible, anti-women’s rights, anti-religious freedom, anti-liberal countries on earth, BAR NONE.  There is zero things ‘moderate’ about Saudi Arabia.


ΩΩIt is a terrorized dictatorship nation run by a bunch of whiny, fat, ugly, horrible hypocrites who beat women to death for having sex while running around, themselves, with European prostitutes.  They beat men to death for drinking a beer while they guzzle booze by the barrel.  They deserve to be treated this way, too.  That is, beaten to death for violating their own laws they impose without elections, on their captive populations.

Egypt protests draw mixed reaction in region –


  • Saudi Arabia slammed protesters in Egypt on Saturday as “infiltrators” who seek to destabilize their country, while a a top Palestinian official affirmed “solidarity” with Egypt.

  • An official in Iran called on Egypt to “abide by the rightful demands of the nation” and avoid violent reactions….”During the call, the king said, ‘Egypt is a country of Arabism and Islam. No Arab and Muslim human being can bear that some infiltrators, in the name of freedom of expression, have infiltrated into the brotherly people of Egypt, to destabilize its security and stability and they have been exploited to spew out their hatred in destruction, intimidation, burning, looting and inciting a malicious sedition,'” the news agency said.


ΩΩSeems that the PLO wants to go down with the ship, too.  Yes, Abbas is as evil as Mubarak.  No question.  He betrayed his own people, too.  That is now painfully obvious.  The US and Israel will keep this creep around for as long as possible so they can pretend he is negotiating for the Palestinian people.  I doubt this will work for even two weeks but of course, he could hide in a Mossad closet and have them spoon feed him through a small hole.


ΩΩNow, I wish to explain something about how ruling elites control anyone who is cooking up a revolution.  Always, always, always, police agents infiltrate the organizations.  The ruling elites might give them money and support so that various factions will fight each other rather than develop alliances.


ΩΩThere is much mischief to be made and governments are great at playing double games with everyone.  The downside here is, these games can get things really screwed up if some revolutionary group actually does a TRIPLE double deal and takes over, kicks out the rulers and the foreigners and has a real revolution like in say, Iran!  Obama Administration Cut Funding To Promote Democracy In Egypt, Disappointing Human Rights Activists


  • In its first year, the Obama administration cut funding for democracy and governance programming in Egypt by more than half, from $50 million in 2008 to $20 million in 2009 (Congress later appropriated another $5 million). The level of funding for civil society programs and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) was cut disproportionately, from $32 million to only $7 million. Though funding levels for 2010 are not yet available, they are expected to show an increase to $14 million, says Stephen McInerny, the director of advocacy at the Project on Middle East Democracy. He notes that the Bush administration slashed economic aid to Egypt in the 2009 budget but kept the funding for democracy and governance programs constant, while Obama cut funding to those programs in an effort to make the cuts more proportional and under pressure from the American embassy in Cairo.


ΩΩThese funds had zero to do with building any sort of democracy.  They were used to buy off and control anyone who wanted to reform things.  Naturally, nothing ever is fixed.  If the reformers throw away the money and go off to do real revolutions, they are instantly killed or put in prison.  When I was very involved in US counterculture antiwar activity, I saw all the student leaders and others being lured into the government’s control this way.


ΩΩSometimes, I would dig up proof, one of ‘us’ was now working for the FBI or CIA.  People found this hard to believe!  DUH!  It happens A LOT.  Hitler and Lenin were paid by governments to infiltrate and control revolutionary groups and they succeeded totally in this…to the horror of the people who hired them.


ΩΩOur State Department is totally schizoid in all of this:  State Dep’t says democracy is OK for Tunisia but not Egypt because of Israel.  Hillary thinks it is OK in Tunisia only because it isn’t all that important, she figures we will buy out anyone who gets into power and reimpose our despotic rule there.  But Egypt has a grand history of NOT bending to our will.  So it is a lot scarier and more difficult to control.



ΩΩNow, here is the actual cable sent by the Zionist State Department discussing how Egyptian anti-Mubarak students could be dragged into our nets:  Egypt protests: secret US document discloses support for protesters – Telegraph—Do read this most carefully before assuming stuff:






CAIRO 2454 C. CAIRO 2431


Classified By: ECPO A/Mincouns

Catherine Hill-Herndon for reason 1.4 (d ). 1. —————————- Satisfaction with

the Summit —————————- 2. (C) xxxxxxxxxxxx expressed

satisfaction with the December 3-5 \”Alliance of Youth Movements

Summit\” in New York, noting that he was able to meet activists from

other countries and outline his movement’s goals for democratic change

in Egypt. He told us that the other activists at the summit were very

supportive, and that some even offered to hold public demonstrations

in support of Egyptian democracy in their countries, with xxxxxxxxxxxx

as an invited guest. xxxxxxxxxxxx said he discussed with the other

activists how April 6 members could more effectively evade harassment

and surveillance from SSIS with technical upgrades, such as

consistently alternating computer \”simcards.\” However, xxxxxxxxxxxx

lamented to us that because most April 6 members do not own computers,

this tactic would be impossible to implement. xxxxxxxxxxxx was

appreciative of the successful efforts by the Department and the

summit organizers to protect his identity at the summit, and told us

that his name was never mentioned publicly. ——————- A

Cold Welcome Home ——————- 3. (S) xxxxxxxxxxxx told us

that SSIS detained and searched him at the Cairo Airport on December

18 upon his return from the U.S. According to xxxxxxxxxxxx, SSIS

found and confiscated two documents in his luggage: notes for his

presentation at the summit that described April 6’s demands for

democratic transition in Egypt, and a schedule of his Capitol Hill

meetings. xxxxxxxxxxxx described how the SSIS officer told him that

State Security is compiling a file on him, and that the officer’s

superiors instructed him to file a report on xxxxxxxxxxxx most recent

activities. ——————————————— ———-

Washington Meetings and April 6 Ideas for Regime Change

——————————————— ———- 4. (C)

xxxxxxxxxxxx described his Washington appointments as positive, saying

that on the Hill he met with xxxxxxxxxxxx, a variety of House staff

members, including from the offices of xxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx),

and with two Senate staffers. xxxxxxxxxxxx also noted that he met

with several think tank members. xxxxxxxxxxxx said that xxxxxxxxxxxx’s

office invited him to speak at a late January Congressional hearing on

House Resolution 1303 regarding religious and political freedom in

Egypt. xxxxxxxxxxxx told us he is interested in attending, but

conceded he is unsure whether he will have the funds to make the trip.

He indicated to us that he has not been focusing on his work as a

\”fixer\” for journalists, due to his preoccupation with his U.S.

trip. 5. (C) xxxxxxxxxxxx described how he tried to convince his

Washington interlocutors that the USG should pressure the GOE to

implement significant reforms by threatening to reveal CAIRO 00002572

002 OF 002 information about GOE officials’ alleged \”illegal\”

off-shore bank accounts. He hoped that the U.S. and the international

community would freeze these bank accounts, like the accounts of

Zimbabwean President Mugabe’s confidantes. xxxxxxxxxxxx said he wants

to convince the USG that Mubarak is worse than Mugabe and that the GOE

will never accept democratic reform. xxxxxxxxxxxx asserted that

Mubarak derives his legitimacy from U.S. support, and therefore

charged the U.S. with \”being responsible\” for Mubarak’s \”crimes.\”

He accused NGOs working on political and economic reform of living in

a \”fantasy world,\” and not recognizing that Mubarak — \”the head of

the snake\” — must step aside to enable democracy to take root. 6.

(C) xxxxxxxxxxxx claimed that several opposition forces — including

the Wafd, Nasserite, Karama and Tagammu parties, and the Muslim

Brotherhood, Kifaya, and Revolutionary Socialist movements — have

agreed to support an unwritten plan for a transition to a

parliamentary democracy, involving a weakened presidency and an

empowered prime minister and parliament, before the scheduled 2011

presidential elections (ref C). According to xxxxxxxxxxxx, the

opposition is interested in receiving support from the army and the

police for a transitional government prior to the 2011 elections.

xxxxxxxxxxxx asserted that this plan is so sensitive it cannot be

written down. (Comment: We have no information to corroborate that

these parties and movements have agreed to the unrealistic plan

xxxxxxxxxxxx has outlined. Per ref C, xxxxxxxxxxxx previously told us

that this plan was publicly available on the internet. End comment.)

7. (C) xxxxxxxxxxxx said that the GOE has recently been cracking down

on the April 6 movement by arresting its members. xxxxxxxxxxxx noted

that although SSIS had released xxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx \”in the

past few days,\” it had arrested three other members. (Note: On

December 14, we pressed the MFA for the release of xxxxxxxxxxxx and

xxxxxxxxxxxx, and on December 28 we asked the MFA for the GOE to

release the additional three activists. End note.) xxxxxxxxxxxx

conceded that April 6 has no feasible plans for future activities.

The group would like to call for another strike on April 6, 2009, but

realizes this would be \”impossible\” due to SSIS interference,

xxxxxxxxxxxx said. He lamented that the GOE has driven the group’s

leadership underground, and that one of its leaders, xxxxxxxxxxxx, has

been in hiding for the past week. 8. (C) Comment: xxxxxxxxxxxx

offered no roadmap of concrete steps toward April 6’s highly

unrealistic goal of replacing the current regime with a parliamentary

democracy prior to the 2011 presidential elections. Most opposition

parties and independent NGOs work toward achieving tangible,

incremental reform within the current political context, even if they

may be pessimistic about their chances of success. xxxxxxxxxxxx

wholesale rejection of such an approach places him outside this

mainstream of opposition politicians and activists.



ΩΩHere is my own take on this based on my own life experiences (take this or leave this): the State Department plays a double game all the time.  The US/NGO operations, the money for ‘building democracy’ and other games are done by the US government in order to keep tabs on opposition to our puppet dictators or to corral them into our own system if it looks like the upstarts might get the upper hand or to destroy any opposition via graft or corruption (bribes and honors showered on people so they cease causing trouble).


ΩΩI highlight the parts about the various opposition groups.  One of the more important and oldest of these is the Muslim Brotherhood.  This organization has great depth and lots of history.  And some very significant violent acts, that is, these aren’t pussy cats who mouth off but don’t draw blood.  They draw a LOT of blood when necessary.


ΩΩThe subject of this cable, the person who met with our AIPAC Congress to discuss what is going on in Egypt, is smart enough to know that the kleptocracy run by Mubarak has to be stopped at the US/EU/UK banking systems.  The US can do this but obviously, refused.  This, in turn, upset the Egyptian who was a top ‘April 6’ member.  Right now, this very night, Mubarak’s odious family is cleaning out the bank accounts in Egypt and transferring Egypt’s wealth to a foreign bank where they plan to use it to lead idle, silly lives, maybe, go to Davos and listen to speeches about saving the poor or something.


ΩΩVarious government entities always like to fund upstart and even violent revolutionaries especially if they are going to attack someone the government wants to destroy.  The April 6 people want to arrest Mubarak and his family which the US and Israel do NOT want, thus, money and help was withdrawn (the ‘democracy building’ funds to these groups was cut by more than half!).  Here is a fine example of how this works:  Hamas history tied to Israel


  • Israel “aided Hamas directly — the Israelis wanted to use it as a counterbalance to the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization),” said Tony Cordesman, Middle East analyst for the Center for Strategic Studies.


  • Israel’s support for Hamas “was a direct attempt to divide and dilute support for a strong, secular PLO by using a competing religious alternative,” said a former senior CIA official.


  • According to documents United Press International obtained from the Israel-based Institute for Counter Terrorism, Hamas evolved from cells of the Muslim Brotherhood, founded in Egypt in 1928. Islamic movements in Israel and Palestine were “weak and dormant” until after the 1967 Six Day War in which Israel scored a stunning victory over its Arab enemies.


  • After 1967, a great part of the success of the Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood was due to their activities among the refugees of the Gaza Strip. The cornerstone of the Islamic movements success was an impressive social, religious, educational and cultural infrastructure, called Da’wah, that worked to ease the hardship of large numbers of Palestinian refugees, confined to camps, and many who were living on the edge…. According to U.S. administration officials, funds for the movement came from the oil-producing states and directly and indirectly from Israel. The PLO was secular and leftist and promoted Palestinian nationalism. Hamas wanted to set up a transnational state under the rule of Islam, much like Khomeini’s Iran.


ΩΩIt was a roaring success up until Hamas began to win elections.  Then, Mossad joined with Abbas to suppress Hamas on the West Bank and Israel then penned the rest of Hamas in the Gaza Ghetto with the huge help of Mubarak in Egypt.  Then, Abbas was pushed into a corner, giving every possible negotiation point to the Israeli-American negotiators and now has been revealed to be a total tool, a complete fool.


ΩΩThis is the fate of ALL secular popular movements.  The destruction of the PLO is typical, not atypical.  Now, there is nothing left for the Palestinian people but to go to a much more violent and reactive organization such as Hamas since the secular, nationalist one has been utterly destroyed and disgraced.  Of course, the Jews want this because they can then yell, ‘Look, they are radical Muslims who hate us!’  Naturally.  This is the default position of people pushed to the very edge.


ΩΩThe Muslim Brotherhood is very focused on the exact same things bin Laden is focused on:  Atta was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, as was his father


  • November 5, 2004 – Venice, FL by Grant Noah


  • Even though terrorist ringleader Mohamed Atta was a member, Bush Administration officials are quietly advocating “reaching out” to the Muslim Brotherhood, according to a recent article in the Washington Post, to “become a barrier against jihadists worldwide.”


  • As more information about his almost-lifelong extremist connections becomes known, it appears that Atta’s association with the radical Brotherhood dates from at least the very early 1990’s….


  • “The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928… and preached that governments should be ruled by Islamic law, or sharia… They were organized into tiers of membership, with some forming a covert military wing…”


  • “Another Brotherhood leader, Sayyid Qutb… advocated militant jihad against nonbelievers and revolution against impure Muslim states… Qutb’s books would later provide the philosophical underpinning for jihadists such as bin Laden…”


  • After all, the 9-11 Report has stated that Atta was radicalized by al-Qaeda during his time in Hamburg in the late 1990s. It added Atta was a reserved young man, raised with little religious background by a father who was a practicing attorney.


  • Apparently, neither the Bush Administration nor the 9-11 Commission came across the following reports which shed some light on America’s potential partners in the war on terror.


  • From the BBC, December 12, 2001 by reporter Jane Corbin:


  • “But Mohamed Atta’s father had sympathies with a militant Islamic organisation opposed to the government.  This was the political background against which his son grew up.  The father’s views haven’t changed to this day.”…“Atta made no secret of where his sympathies lay. He had graduated from a faculty that was a hotbed of fundamentalist agitation and gone on to join the Engineers Syndicate, one of three professional associations controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.”


ΩΩYes, the group poised to take over Egypt is the Muslim Brotherhood.  They have many targets and one of these are the royals of Saudi Arabia and such ilk.  This is why Saudi Arabia’s dictators are freaking out tonight.  They know very well, they are next.  Bin Laden’s game plan is to ride into Mecca on a white horse after disposing of these guys.


ΩΩThe 9/11 hijackers mostly came from Egypt and Saudi Arabia.  We must not neglect this fact.  There are people who have tried valiantly to erase the real hijackers who pulled off the 9/11 event.  But alas, they were very real and had very real goals which are going to be quite bloodily real in the future.  Remember: the oil we lust for won’t be ours if the Muslim Brotherhood takes over huge areas in the Middle East.


ΩΩThe least of our worries will be fears about Iran and Hezbollah.  The pressures of US/EU imperialism coupled with the economic decline of the US and EU plus the huge surge in wealth into the coffers of the very rich in the Middle East while not filtering down to the masses equals revolution, wars and a resurgence of ‘faith of the Fathers’ we see today so very clearly.


ΩΩWe had this small window of opportunity when Obama went to Egypt and gave a rousing speech.  But already, the students suspected they were being two-timed because Obama said nothing about the butchery of Palestinians in Gaza which the Cast Lead attacks inflicted on them.  Nope, he said not a peep about that and after AIPAC Congress turned on him later, he ceased having any opinions about anything in the Middle East.  He is paralyzed.


ΩΩAnd so the youth of Islam now mock or ignore him.  They see a red flag flying high and will act on the knowledge, they are the future.

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33 responses to “Egypt’s Kleptocrats Flee To England

  1. sri

    Hi Elaine, here is a video of Zbigniew Brzezinski giving a speech in Montreal worrying about those pesky youth with cell phones.

  2. adamm

    The monetarist debt system is collapsing all over the place, and the symptoms have spread to the current Mahgreb region, Syria/ Yemen / Jordan and etc. The natives are restive, and cannot take any more of the imposed organization; the failed systems …. imposed by the former colonial rulers. Who still rule, via proxies and plenty of money to “help” the military with fancy weapons. And training on how to control the people.
    Lets hope it all tumbles into the abyss from whence it came… we should be so lucky.

    If we get another bunch of monkey puppets who are still within the same type of banking/bankster dominated IMF etc. system; then nothing will have been gained. There is revolt just under the surface in many countries of Europe as well; its just bubbling away.. as nothing has been fixed. The UK is headed into the dumpster v. fast as inflation of food is starting to bite.

    Yes, we save the bankster ponzi kings; but the people are suffering. When will people get that thru their heads??

  3. Dar

    I disagree about the Saudi govt. falling. Many Saudi citizens are satisfied with it.

    Also disagree abotu Wikileaks. The people in the region didn’t need Wikileaks rto tell them their rulers were puppets of the US.

    As for Egypt, I for one want the Muslim Brotherhood to take over. They are currently the only group untainted by US/Israelis control.

  4. Aussie

    @ Elaine
    Re:…The Saudi King is sweating bullets, he is next on the list of ‘too big to fail’ failures…
    …The revolution is growing, spreading and beginning to surround the Arab kings and oil sheiks of Araby:….

    The Saudi practice of selling oil in US dollars is similarly threatened because the US dollar hegemony and Saudi kings share the same throne.

    This implies US economic problems have barely begin to unfold?
    US, Israel and Saudi Monarchy interests are linked thru collusion.

    It seems kids at Wall Street and Washington playing with matches to create the Global Financial Crisis plus playing god in the Middle East simply did not understand what they have started.

  5. Billibaldi

    In 2006 Hezbollah was supposed to be destroyed, now they control Lebanon. In Dec 2009 HAMAS was supposed to destroyed by Operation Cast Lead. Now Israeli Military Intelligence and former Israeli ambassador said that Hosni Mubarak was going kick ass.

    If I were Bibi Netanhayu I would be asking some rude questions of my spies.


    ELAINE: And we are trying to destroy the Taliban with similar results. It seems that using various assassinations isn’t working all that hot.

  6. Billibaldi

    Sorry Bibi, Netanyahu not previous spelling.

  7. tio

    “rash promises”?? we were losing! HA!

  8. JT

    Interesting times.

    Yemen and then Saudi Arabia?

    Well looks like the Palestinians are going to get some help finally in Gaza.
    Muslim Brotherhood will tear the wall down.

    One statistic about Yemen and Tunisia.
    Gun ownership per capita:
    Tunisia 0.1 nr 178 (least in the whole world?)
    Yemen 54.8 nr 2
    Saudi Arabia 25.0 nr 7

    Could not find the number for Egypt.
    In Yemen and SA the revolution will shoot back.

    Long nights and a lot of cigarettes needed at Mossad and Saudi intelligence this weekend?

  9. billibaldi

    @ JT
    Revolutions occur when the government loses the consent of the governed. The collapse of the Iron curtain is the prominent one. Guns are important but not essential.

  10. emsnews

    Dictators fall when they fail to win over the people at the bottom. The entire point of having a democracy is to have the consent of the people via voting. When a kleptocracy takes over and stunts democracy by wrecking the voting system via either flooding the country with paid propaganda or bribing whoever wins so they betray their own voters (OBAMA big time did this) we get social disorders and uprisings.

    All the tricks in the world don’t mean a thing if people get mad enough. The Tea Party was a revolutionary group when it began and was swiftly taken over by FOX TV and the kleptocrats but with Rand Paul suddenly openly talking about defunding rich Israel…this will cause an internal earthquake within the Tea Party as the rich guys hang their hat on another right wing lunatic female rather than let Rand lead that faction.

    Eventually, there will be no outlets for any US dissent that isn’t controlled by kleptocrats and when this happens, we will see the same sort of explosion that is rocking Egypt.

    Many US media outfits were predicting just two weeks ago, the Tunisian revolution would not come to Egypt because the people were apathetic and satisfied. Our media crowed that Mubarak won his election with a 90% vote. Of course, this was a fake election.

    Our elections have severe problems the major one being our media’s unfairness and partisanship has been used to prevent candidates who the media wants removed, to be denied any access in the news, etc. plus corporate money is now flooding the system thanks to the Opus Dei guys in the Supreme Court.

    So eventually, if workers eventually have a 20-30% unemployment rate, we will also have a revolution here, too.

  11. This is from the ‘illuminati ‘crap gang but it parallel’s my suspicions about El Baradei.

  12. if

    The Elite is already studied, analysed and written about ex.:Political Ponerology (A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes)
    Andrzej M. Lobaczewski (Author), Laura Knight-Jadczyk (Editor).

    The first manuscript of this book went into the fire five minutes before the arrival of the secret police in Communist Poland. The second copy, reassembled painfully by scientists working under impossible conditions of repression, was sent via a courier to the Vatican. Its receipt was never acknowledged, no word was ever heard from the courier – the manuscript and all the valuable data was lost. The third copy was produced after one of the scientists working on the project escaped to America in the 1980s. Zbigniew Brzezinski suppressed it. Political Ponerology was forged in the crucible of the very subject it studies. Scientists living under an oppressive regime decide to study it clinically, to study the founders and supporters of an evil regime to determine what common factor is at play in the rise and propagation of man’s inhumanity to man. Shocking in its clinically spare descriptions of the true nature of evil, poignant in the more literary passages where the author reveals the suffering experienced by the researchers who were contaminated or destroyed by the disease they were studying, this is a book that should be required reading by every citizen of every country that claims a moral or humanistic foundation. For it is a certainty that morality and humanism cannot long withstand the predations of Evil. Knowledge of its nature, how it creates its networks and spreads, how insidious is its guileful approach, is the only antidote.

  13. charlottemom

    Sueliman was a nonstarter — always meant to be a strawman. The elites want (maybe will accept is a better description) El Barandi. He is the Egyptian Gorbachev.

    Is this uprising really about Democracy and freedom….or maybe freedom to eat food and have a job? Keep an eye on Kuwait. Kuwaiti Emir dispensing $3500 and free food for 14 months to all citizens.

    Some dictators are more scared than others. China has restricted Egypt news on internet, Al Jazeera restricted. Our phony American MSM is of course all allowed as it is massaged and edited so to be satisfactory. It is an endless procession of policy pundits wringing hands about Israel. When did this become all about Israel?

  14. mike


  15. Clueless

    @ Aussie: Tunisia & Egypt are just the start. Revolution is coming in 2012 and the US will not be spared. Watch this video. It gets interesting starting at 3.40 minutes.

    I have to agree with Celente, his trending analysis is spot on, it just comes down to how accurate his timing analysis plays out.

  16. Clueless

    Yup, critical mass is gaining momentum at an accelerated rate in America. The signs are unmistakable. Natural law dictates that “what goes around comes around”; it is inexorable. You can at best delay it, but never stop or change the results of your actions. Once an arrow leaves the bow it has to reach it’s mark.

  17. billibaldi

    @ Charlottemom

    Alas, Israel seems to be about 60% of US foreign policy. So anything that affects Israel gets noticed very quickly. Since Israel’s longest border is with Egypt..

  18. Clueless

    Here is the beginning spark of contagion spreading to Saudi Arabia. There goes the US oil supply. It’s started to look like a calibrated anti-US effort.

  19. Clueless

    Again, let’s not forget how easy it is to create critical mass.

    How to Start A Movement (

  20. Joseppi

    Here at the new offices of the Lesser of Two Evils Party headquarters, we have had an emotional discussion on what will happen next in the land of the last of the Pharaohs propted up by the US/Israel axis.
    Some think that under the present dynamics if Mubarak is air-vaked out and ElBaradei makes a semi-orderly new government with a Muslim Brotherhood alliance that this development would be totally unacceptable to US/Israel interests.
    So many of us comrades here at this raucous meeting think that Mubarak will be given the orders to maintain his throne and that he will be supported by his benefactors.
    This will then cause violent chaos and an opportunity for some new manipulated action by the US/Israels to create a more favorable result than what presently looks like a new government that will hold the US responsible for Mubarak’s long reign of terror.
    A vote on what will happen next shows a predominance of raised hands betting on violence and chaos. Another vote on the validity of the first ballot that shows most hands also raised, which defeats the previous vote on moral grounds that violence has no place in human development.
    That’s it from the Lesser of Two Evils Headquarters.

  21. Clueless

    @ Joseppi: Been there, done that. My bet is El Baradei is in play as an acceptable and malleable figurehead for US/Zionist interests; an acceptable marionette. It’s the actors behind the curtain you have to focus and worry about, that’s where the real agenda will be made.

    Also, you have to look deeper and find the links to China in the background, to find out if they are in play, and what is their agenda. There are many ways to skin a cat, but it is the sharpest knife that gets it done. Good luck and Godspeed to your country.

  22. Shawntoh

    “Mu’d recalls…The last words of the founder of Islam (Muhammad [SAW]) were: ‘Treat people well, Mu’ad.'”

    “O people, those who have gone before you were destroyed, because if any one of high rank committed theft amongst them, they spared him; and it anyone of low rank committed theft, they inflicted the prescribed punishment upon him.”


    May the Muslim Brotherhood heed the warnings of the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) who they claim to follow. Perhaps the right spiritual advisors–Sufis, could help with that.

    Not that I’m advocating a theocracy but I’d hope if they could only just be left alone to evolve as a more moderate nation. Anyway…

    I have a feeling that we will be hearing a lot more about them (the MB), won’t we, Elaine?

  23. Aussie

    Clueless is definitely on the ball and NOT CLUELESS.

    I suggest the Egyptian military is on hold whilst complex multi-party power transition is negotiated between the West (US, Israel and Saudi) with Mubarak and the various sections of the military (pro status quo and pro people) with the people waiting.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday: I’m not sure the time is right for the Arab region to go through the democratic process.
    Saudi king: Abdullah condemned “intruders” he said were “tampering with Egypt’s security and stability … in the name of freedom of expression.”
    US saying the same unless the power goes into hands they control.

    Washington + Tel Aviv + Riyadh can only delay change and increase the price in blood but cannot stop it this time.
    Generations of Western domination has left the Middle East with only Islam as their sole organizing resource.
    Wise immediate western support for the people helps modernizing Islam to prevail following the path of Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia and fighting the people creates a radical Islamic state.

    The choice is clear.

    We in the west face our own prospective choices should the power elite continue to marginalize the middle class to their benefit.
    Some form of class conflict will occur and radicalization on both sides may give rise to extremist political solutions that benefit no one and include ethnic conflicts.

    Hopefully, we retain some common sense and look into the abyss then decide that our democratic libertarian heritage remains our salvation then surgically excise the cancers that have led us to the present situation before it is too late.
    Our leaders need to look into the mirror and think.

    Our problems are self inflicted.

  24. Clueless

    Aussie, your analysis is well thought out and in the realm of possibilities. However, this will be decided by the side with the deepest pockets as you need to maintain and grease the status quo you put in place. My thinking is this will get complicated considering how the civilian population is behaving. The wild card, one where the people take back power. We watch and learn.

    Regarding “leaders need to look into the mirror and think”. Sorry, marionettes don’t think, their actions are manipulated, and their words scripted. You want real change? You will need real “terrorizers” to climb and follow the strings back to the puppetmeisters and send liberate their black souls to the happy puppet grounds. Otherwise, it will be a different puppet, same string.

  25. nah

    Dont forget iraq… tween the WAR and PEACE… betcha’ alot of practical terrorism era ultra modern middle east defeat US imperialism that shields israel is being born
    israel will have MORE problems if people in the middle east hold endless twitter good slave master protests… wont terrorism look funny if they stop killing people in lieu of popular revolution and the modern ‘high ground’ talked about in the communist manifesto
    i still think whoever runs tunsia will sell oil or whatever… if not… goodbye dollar via bernankeism grabass
    partying cuz israel is a total shithole… for who

  26. Aussie


    Yes it will get complicated. The puppeteers or mind control parasites cannot afford to kill the host.

    The French revolution and the US revolution cleansed the system just as the Chinese revolution did.

    Smart mind control parasites just swuck enough to barely keep their hosts alive and keep on thinking they have free will.

    The politically aware blogosphere is making life a living hell for such parasites.

    Good riddance to them all.

  27. melponeme_k

    If the elites don’t think there will be mass revolutions the world over when everyone has to go back to horse and carriage while they jet around in planes, they are beyond delusional.

    Turning off the electricity isn’t going to stop the revolution.

  28. DeVaul

    The Wall Street Journal is referring to El Baradei as a “moderate”. Front page.

    I am betting he is a stooge, but I would not be surprised if he betrayed his puppeteers after allying himself with the Muslim Brotherhood and securing control of the army.

    It is at that point when the lead will begin to fly between Egypt and Israel since the Ghaza wall will come down and that is a symbolic moment that all Arabs will latch onto.

    I hope someone assassinates Mubarak and his kin, just to let the Wicked Witch of the West and her fellow aristocrats know that justice does sometimes eventually arrive.

  29. JT

    It was just in the news here that Egyptian army will not use violence upon protesters and it thinks their demands are justified.
    And that the army is present only in order to protect the protesters.
    bye, bye Hosni…

    That is the thing about revolutions and armies.
    Your really should use police or hansomly paid mercenaries if you intend to shoot your own citizens in the streets.

  30. Clueless

    @ JT: The US elite are well positioned to do just that, with Blackwater as its spearhead. They already cut their teeth domestically during the Katrina debacle.

  31. Melponeme_k


    No matter. We already have the blueprint from the revolutionaries in the Middle East.

    Bankrupt them.

    They will never have an endless supply of money to pay the hit men. And China will laugh in their faces when they go for loans. Then proceed to confiscate all the infrastructure they were stupid enough to move there.

  32. emsnews

    Egypt’s economy is totally dead in the water this week. Amazing, isn’t it?

  33. Clueless

    @ Melponeme_k: Hmmm, nice thought that, but, no cigar! You cannot bankrupt the system because they control it. They make the rules and change them at will. Only if you hang the controllers will you be able to change anything. Here let Kitty explain it to you.

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