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Madoff Morals And GOP Budget Hysteria

Bernie Madoff tells the media that he is a victim of his own greedy criminal Ponzi scheme.  You see, the scheme itself seduced this little wretched gnome and forced him to commit crimes.  At the same time, the GOP which cut taxes over and over again while spending money like there was no tomorrow are now on the warpath right after cutting taxes on the rich, yet again, claiming that balancing the budget is a moral priority. Continue reading


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Japanese Fatalism Versus Muslim Energy

Japan is the world’s most important dystopia.  It has been the world’s #2 or #3 economy for nearly half a century.  All it has to show for this is a collapsing society.  The birth rate is plummeting, wages keep declining, too.  The standard of living has grown worse, not better for nearly 20 years.  Social disconnection is growing rapidly as the people turn actively suicidal.  The beauty and style of old Japan has fallen off a cliff, the aesthetic culture is collapsing faster than the population upon which it is based.  Continue reading


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Nüremberg Trials For Zionists

People can learn from history but only if they take history’s lessons and apply these to today not as excuses but as models for what to do or what to avoid doing.  A classic example of this is the Jewish community: very big on remembering history but only if the memories portray Jews as victims while learning the exact wrong lessons from times when Jews really were victims.  The most salient and hideous example of this is Naziism: everything done by the Nazis was pure evil and all the lessons learned by the Jewish community has been totally wrong, they simply became Nazis, themselves! Continue reading


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Revolutions Rock Thanks To The Internet

In all revolutionary cycles there lies a fundamental basis which creates these events: sudden food and fuel hikes due to bad harvests or various disruptions especially credit bubble collapses.  Credit bubbles happen because of various systems revolutions.  That is, when a new industry or manufacturing or labor market opens up, there is this sudden surge in profits which in turn, fuel the credit markets which need some sort of capital reserve in order to lend money.  Thus, we have credit bubbles every 30-50 years.  The latest one developed thanks to the opening up of one half of the world’s workers to international manufacturing exploitation coupled with the computer revolution, the latest part being the internet revolution. Continue reading


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Gaddafi’s Youngest Son May Be Leader Of Rebellion

Most NATO nation media dare not cover the real story behind the uprisings raging across all Muslim and incidentally, non-Muslim nations: people are demanding a more socialist society!  What a shock!  Actually, these are really ‘IMF riots’ in that people are protesting the free trade/floating fiat currency/privatization ideology so dear to the dark hearts of the very, very rich who also happen to be the Davos/Bilderberg gang.  The people want to get rid of their most rich and powerful people in their own countries.  Truly revolutionary! Continue reading


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Oil Prices Shoots Higher As Socialist Revolutions Grow

Ultimately, the Wikileak’s release of so many US Middle East cables revealed how utterly duplicitous the ruling elites were in regards to working secretly with the US and Israel to crush the Palestinians and of course, attack Muslims in Iran.  The Shi’ite/Sunni rift which is even older than the Orthodox/Catholic rift in Europe, was fed by cynical oil-pumping despots.  The revolutions shaking the very foundations of control of the Muslim world are also shaking other major institutions such as European capitalist dominance of Africa and Asia as well as the entire economic system of the entire planet as the price of oil shoots rapidly upwards. Continue reading


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World Of Warcraft China

China is one of the most dynamic nations on earth today.  The latest example of this is the conception and birth of a vast new entertainment park in Wunjin, China: a World of Warcraft playground for all sorcery alternative world fanatics.  If this place is a fabulous as the online virtual world, it will be a hit.  In the US, we pioneered these sorts of theme parks with the Disney franchise but the Chinese will probably surpass us in this area, too, over time. Continue reading


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