World Of Warcraft China

China is one of the most dynamic nations on earth today.  The latest example of this is the conception and birth of a vast new entertainment park in Wunjin, China: a World of Warcraft playground for all sorcery alternative world fanatics.  If this place is a fabulous as the online virtual world, it will be a hit.  In the US, we pioneered these sorts of theme parks with the Disney franchise but the Chinese will probably surpass us in this area, too, over time.



I know certain people in my own family who would be overjoyed with this sort of concept amusement park!  ‘Joyland’ Blizzard Theme Park Being Built In China (PHOTOS)


  • So geek fantasies do come true. At least they do In Wunjin district, China. Reported way back on February 7, 2011 by a French gaming blog, the videogame studio Blizzard’s World of Warcraft and StarCraft themed amusement park appears to be more than just rumor after recent photos of the construction surfaced along with a Chinese news report.

Click here for the music and portal to information about the park which is only in Chinese:  嬉戏谷.  If you click on the menus above, you get all sorts of music and nifty pictures of details for the architecture of the park:

If you pass your cursor over the various buildings and rides on these virtual maps, call this ‘Google WoW maps’…you get to see details about the individual rides.  This site is very high-definition so it loads slowly (there probably are other reasons for this such as the several layers involved and the music, etc.).

Anyway, what fun.  Wish I were about 30 years younger…now on to more Chinese news:  GM: China ‘The Crown Jewel’ Of Our Universe


  • “China is central to our global strategy,” he said at a news conference. “We want to understand the preferences that the China market wants. We bring our best designs, best technology to China.” GM sold more cars and trucks in China last year than it did in the U.S. for the first time in the company’s 102-year history. An expansion of sales into provincial cities helped the company sell 2.35 million vehicles in China in 2010, up 29 percent from the previous year.

The US went deep into hock to bail out GM so GM could do its best work and keep its finest technology and create the most jobs…in China.  Isn’t this a delight?  Am I surprised?  No.  The only reason the Japanese built factories here over the last 30 years is only to keep our doors wide open to Japanese autos which are mostly, except for the least efficient, bulkiest production, are made in Asia.

In particular, Japanese cars built in India, China and Vietnam are shipped to the US.  This brings in the best profits.  So it is with GM: cars built in Asia are sold in Asia AND in the US.  While a token number of big behemoths are still built here.  But as gas prices soar yet again, hope of American SUV users is fading fast.

For a short while, there was panic over oil prices rising with the Gulf War I but then the price plummeted during the 1990’s to ridiculously low levels as Russia flooded the world’s oil markets with oil formerly sold only to Soviet satellite states.  Now, that bounty is finished and we see nothing but higher and higher oil prices.  All the lovely, big, fat, bulky SUVs are now albatrosses around our collective necks and the factories churning these out are closing production lines down.

To avoid pollution and worker’s rights laws and regulations as well as for cheaper labor, nearly all of our industrial production has moved overseas:  Wintek May Give More Compensation for Poisoned China Workers (1) –


  • Wintek Corp., a supplier of displays to Apple Inc., may pay more money to workers in China poisoned by chemicals while making touch-screen panels, Chief Financial Officer Jay Huang said….Workers at a Wintek Group factory in Suzhou, China became ill in 2009 after using N-hexane to clean display panels, the company said in a May 17 exchange statement. Employees wrote a letter to Steve Jobs, Chief Executive Officer of Apple, appealing for help after the poisoning, Reuters reported yesterday, citing a letter signed by people who claimed to represent the workers.
The US executives work hard to isolate themselves from their workers.  Physically having them all on the other side of the planet and hoping a draconian dictatorship would keep them quiet and less troublesome is key to vast oceans of personal wealth.  So naturally, when one of the more successful dictatorships on earth opened the doors for businesses to relocate, they rushed in.
It is all a trap.  The Chinese knew that corporations would move in but if working conditions improved or laws were passed to force industries to treat workers better, they would all leave to new places to brutalize workers.  But the plan, hatched long ago, was for these corporations to move in, form alliances with the Chinese, show them how the technology works, how to do the creative side of things, give these foreign devils lots of very educated workers and then…TAKE OVER!  Yes, the goal is to kick out Apple eventually and become Apple’s competitor.
The Chinese already half own GM and in ten years will totally own GM.  They wish to take over Toyota, too as well as Boeing.  Speaking of the devil, the US has long been Boeing’s sales staff with Presidents trolling the planet, desperate to balance the trade deficit by selling big, fat Boeing jets.  In return, the Chinese and others demanded Boeing move factories and DESIGN to their countries which Boeing did.
  • But much of the blame belongs to the company’s quantum leap in farming out the design and manufacture of crucial components to suppliers around the nation and in foreign countries such as Italy, Sweden, China, and South Korea. Boeing’s dream was to save money. The reality is that it would have been cheaper to keep a lot of this work in-house.
  • The 787 has more foreign-made content — 30% — than any other Boeing plane, according to the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace, the union representing Boeing engineers. That compares with just over 5% in the company’s workhorse 747 airliner….The drawbacks of this approach emerged early. Some of the pieces manufactured by far-flung suppliers didn’t fit together. Some subcontractors couldn’t meet their output quotas, creating huge production logjams when critical parts weren’t available in the necessary sequence.
Will this cause Boeing to come home?  Nope.  The opposite. Seeing how things are not working so hot, they will…relocate to China!  End of story.  GM is rapidly doing this with the Chinese most anxious to facilitate the process.  This goes under ‘duh’.  Why we passively allow this or listen to the idiots who assure us, if we export more and more Boeing jets, we will eventually have a trade balance…this is all lies, of course.
Meanwhile, US wages continue to decline as do Japanese wages while…Chinese Wages Undermine Bond Investors as Prices Accelerate (1) –
  • China, the biggest brake on global inflation for two decades, is embracing wage increases that threaten to erode retailers’ margins and demand for bonds.
Oh, our hearts bleed for the bond market gnomes!  And yes, profits will go down.  Why?  They have to be shared with the workers!  But lo and behold, the Chinese workers get more money, they buy more manufactured goods!  So they become GM’s biggest, fastest growing market!  While the US workers go deep into debt and the Japanese workers building Toyotas have to live in dormitories and ride bikes like Chinese workers did just one generation ago.
Everything having to do with transportation and trade, we see China surpassing the US.  Here is this month’s example:  China goes on the rails to rival Panama canal.  Teddy Roosevelt had a little coup whereby Panama was divided from Columbia and became a banana republic run by the US.  The canal itself was owned totally by the US.  Now, it is basically owned by the Chinese.  We had periodic coups to overthrow pesky Panamanian military leaders but this didn’t save the canal for us, it simply handed over everything to the Chinese who BOUGHT it.  No coups.  No military invasion.  Just US trade dollars at work for the Chinese.
Meanwhile, the US can’t build anything and besides this, if we want high speed rail like the Japanese which is now inferior to the Chinese systems, we have to buy from Japan, not build it here!   Florida to forego high-speed rail project, disappointing Japan › Japan Today: The Japanese desperately want us to catch up to Asia by buying even more things manufactured in Asia.  We are not escaping the collapse of society at all by spending huge amounts of tax credits in Asia.  But our politicians, bankers and stockholders love this mess.  It makes them very rich, but they are too silly to see, this is entirely temporary.

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25 responses to “World Of Warcraft China

  1. melponeme_k

    “I know certain people in my own family who would be overjoyed with this sort of concept amusement park!”

    VRs are among the reasons why protest is slow to start here in the US. It allows the brain to substitute one reality for another. It calms the unrest when, in the case of our impending collapse, the unrest should inspire people to take to the streets.

    Also, the internet is filled with even more problems undermining democratic governments. The question of IP rights for professional and unprofessional people alike. A great majority of sites scrape data for free and would like to keep it that way. Again the creation of an underclass.

    Read Jared Lanier’s “You are not a Gadget”, he outlines all the major problems in the setup as it now stands.

    Some of the people in the internet biz state that China’s moment in the sun will fail faster than our 200 years. Because of the mediocrity the net fosters more than the actual good content.

    So many more issues (such as the cult concept of Singularity), but I’m not one of the smarter people protesting. But I do know that I don’t want the internet oligarchs to disenfranchise me on the net anymore than I want to be disenfranchised citizen of the US.

  2. charlottemom

    re panama canal — Panama is filled with Chinese between the duty free zone and canal (managed by Hutchinson whampoa out of HK ) and the US has lost panama. ALL canal zone land was returned to Panama which was then sold to intl real estate developers.

    Check out Hutchinson Whampoa website as it is global ports, travel, infrastructure, telecom etc. and posts its major milestones monthly. The growth and breadth are staggering!

  3. As a Wow fan myself, you might be interested to know that one large aspect of the game is what they call “chinese gold farmers.” They are chinese workers paid to play WoW to collect in-game gold and then resell it for real money on websites. They probably make a dollar a day playing WoW, and they probably love it! One chinese youngster played himself into a deathly coma the other day:
    Not the worst way to commit suicide if you ask me. Our economic model will soon enough suicide all of US.

  4. Jdjohnjd

    You’ve probably seen this, but I thought this Chinese version of Disney Land might give a different perspective of how not eveything made my the Chinese can compare with the original.
    And it made me laugh too.

  5. nah

    You know the way they value entertainment and ‘basic’ information makes them great communists
    the next asian power yes probably… cutting edge thoughtless government is under the Big Top… and to be a super power contender… people will have to ‘go to the communist supershow’
    read marx-engles… call it starcraft… call it warcraft… call it communism… call it corporatism… call it global trade
    they really dont care

    this is smoking hot shitty

  6. nah
    And Wow: Fed’s Hoenig Says United States Has “Deeply Undermined Free-Market Capitalism”
    know what else is sexy

  7. ob1

    Been reading that China has over-invested in basic infrastructure (unoccupied cities, high speed rail that creates huge debts but little use). It’s not surprising that a centrally planned economy would build something nobody needs, in order to keep people working.

    I can’t remember the best article along this idea, but here’s one.

  8. Wu Wei

    Elaine, the USA has about 14 trillion in outstanding debt that is never going to be repaid, and is being rolled over indefinitely.

    How is this not the same as an government issuing its own money debt free?

    It is exactly the same!!!! We don’t need to repay it. Ever. Time to rethink our economic paradigm, which currently is corrupted to the core.


    ELAINE: Did you know that several governments over the last 500 years thought the same delusional thing??? HAHAHA. And guess what?

    THEY ALL WENT TOTALL BANKRUPT. And ceased being ‘powers’. Starting with poor Venice, and the Florence city/state, on to Spain and Portugal…on to France which fell not to foreign powers but to revolutionaries…etc. A bad idea, perpetual debt never paid off. Even, as Japan is finding out, perpetual debt owed only to itself! It does not work. It is suicidal.

  9. JT


    “It is exactly the same!!!! We don’t need to repay it. Ever. Time to rethink our economic paradigm, which currently is corrupted to the core.”

    You will never repay it. That is a fact.
    But you will not buy any oil or foreign goods with it either.
    Eirabs and chinks will want gold or labour.


    ELAINE: Yup. As I keep pointing out. North Korea is a lousy social and business model. 🙂

  10. Wu Wei

    JT said “But you will not buy any oil or foreign goods with it either.”

    What has the USA been doing since 1970 then, when the dollar was no longer redeemable in gold? It’s all based on faith and trust. Fiat money is fiat money, whether it’s created as debt or debt free. If we were to create REAL money, as in money merely a being a receipt for goods and services created, and most importantly DEBT FREE, we could exchange them for other goods and services of equal value. All countries could exchange these tallies with each other, all based on trust and good faith, just like we do today. There is no difference here!

    The only thing that would changhe is that we would turn money into credit, which BENEFITS all, instead of debt, which ENSLAVES all, and benefits the few.

    Debt is the opposite of money, it destroys, it annihilates, it is financial antimatter. We need CREDIT. Screw DEBT.

    Time to rethink!

  11. JT


    Dollar is based on many things:
    a faith
    b trust
    c amount released into the wilderness
    d level of interest at central bank
    e reserve currency and petrodollar status
    f US taxpayers and industries
    g US natural resources
    h US military power

    Not faith or trust alone.

  12. Clueless

    @ JT: the dollar is based on Fed bullshit and the people willing to eat it. The Arabs realize this which is why the shit is hitting the fan. Fed inflation has been exported across the globe, time to reap the whirlwind. You will be running those carriers with soybean oil before long.

  13. JT


    Or the you can take deflation, 1930´s depression and 6% interest rates.
    The losers in this game are starving to death all over the world right now.
    We are not the victims of this inflation game and we should stop whining.

  14. LesserFool

    We are all the victims of this inflation game. The only winners are the ones who get to create the money as debt (and maybe those who use it first before it loses its value). By the way, large US banks “made” >$40B last quarter (not to mention the $B in compensation), even though they are insolvent, all a gift due to the Fed’s policies and our stupid, bought off Congress.

    “…and we should stop whining” No. We should all whine very loudly about our unfair, corrupt, enslaving money as debt system, as Wu Wei says.

    Maybe you’re saying we (assume you mean the US, or maybe the West in general) have it much better than other countries, which is true. But we will all be effected sooner or later.

    Interesting story over at Washington’s Blog about the CIA guy in Pakistan. An alleged Russian report, probably propaganda from someone, says the CIA guy was GIVING WMD (nuclear and bioweapons) to Al Qaeda in Pakistan in order to provoke terrorist attacks against the US. Pretty scary sh*t if true. I’m reading some of the history of the CIA in Woodward’s “Secret Wars of the CIA” circa Reagan and DCI Casey in the 1980s and the Iran – Contra affair. Lots of discussion about the Middle East. Interesting how things really haven’t changed much. Who knows what our government is really doing “in our name”?

  15. JT


    “By the way, large US banks “made” >$40B last quarter (not to mention the $B in compensation), even though they are insolvent, all a gift due to the Fed’s policies and our stupid, bought off Congress.”

    Yes. Why does US government not own a big chunk of the stocks of these banks?

    “Maybe you’re saying we (assume you mean the US, or maybe the West in general) have it much better than other countries, which is true. But we will all be effected sooner or later.”

    Yes. Effected in ways other than starving to death.

    “An alleged Russian report, probably propaganda from someone, says the CIA guy was GIVING WMD (nuclear and bioweapons) to Al Qaeda in Pakistan in order to provoke terrorist attacks against the US. Pretty scary sh*t if true.”

    CIA is not giving nukes or wmd’s to Al Qaeda.
    That is silly.
    They are on your side.

  16. nah
    Conservatives vow to make gay marriage 2012 issue
    Washington Post – David Crary, Lisa Leff – ‎1 hour ago‎
    AP NEW YORK — Angered conservatives are vowing to make same-sex marriage a front-burner election issue, nationally and in the states, following the Obama administration’s announcement that it will no longer defend the …
    not again… seriously the ne0-conz really care about this crap… its not even a federal issue so the democrime have the high moral ground the Constitution provides : “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”
    republicans are demigods and should be ashamed of themselves… let the gays move to California and usurp the will of that body politic from the bench… KEEP IT OUT OF FEDERAL POLITICS…
    really if gays dont know why people invented a word for having sex to build a family and seek to disrespect thousands of years of traditional religious law… well then let them just make nonsense up, pass frivilus laws and cram it down state legislatures
    what is money worth anyways if not that… i dont hear republicans talking about SOAP BOXING THE BANKS AND THEY GOT AWAY WITH MURDER

  17. emsnews

    Yes, the GOP is going to run on the ‘omg! A gay guy just kissed his lover!’ platform. This silly game shows how decrepit and tottering that party is. But I expect the Democrats to be even dumber. Like, ‘Hey, let’s spend another trillion dollars trying to kill Afghanis who hate us and are totally insane, too!’ party.

  18. JSmith

    So the Chinese are building high-tech amusemant parks? I don’t think Mao would have liked that. And it’s funny how “new Chinese developments” are so frequently versions of stuff we’ve had for decades, like amusemant parks and video games.

    And speaking of amnufacturing… check this out.

    a href=>3-D Printing

  19. JSmith

    Hm. Not sure what happened there bu the link should work – if not try this one.

  20. Wu Wei

    Elaine, you are wrong. Never, ever, in the entire history of the Occident has there been a government that issued it’s OWN fiat money. This power has always been in the hands of private bankers. And yes, they always printed too much money, why would they care, it’s only the people that get to suffer from it. Not them. So, you are attacking the people you also defend time after time (Rothschild et al). Really weird you are.

    Oh, your precious corrupt gold standard has always been mixed with paper money too, just another fractional reserve scheme pretending to be “safe” and “sound”.

    There isn’t even enough gold on earth to back 1% of the world’s economy, let alone 100%.

  21. Clueless

    @ JT: This pretty much sums up what has happened, continues to happen and how we will end up fixing the problem:

  22. JT


    Yup. If the safe haven status is gone that is interesting news.

    But debts will never be payed off in any case.
    We will try this inflation method first so we can limp along paying interest.

    The next step is a new currency.
    Hope we can figure out who issues it without WWIII.

  23. JT


    “Bank of India has become the first Indian bank to offer trade settlement facility between the rupee and the Chinese RMB from Hong Kong. This follows intense persuasion by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, which is trying to gain acceptance of the RMB as an international currency.

    “We are the first Indian bank to offer real-time settlement facility in RMB to Indian exporters and importers. It will be save a lot of time because settlement in US dollars usually takes three working days,” Arun Kumar Arora, BoI’s chief executive in Hong Kong, said during a recent visit to meeting regulators in Beijing.”

    US wants a cheap dollar. I´m trying to figure if this is good for US economy or the beginning of the end.

  24. emsnews

    Thanks for that news. The US dollar will cease being the basis of all FOREX holdings and this means…the currency parked there will MOVE…HERE. Thus: inflation no one here can control.

    Pointless to issue a new currency if the problem is, our own dollars coming back home. Either way, we won’t be able to buy any foreign goods or oil. The oil part will destroy our economy which is based heavily on oil use.

  25. Clueless

    @ JT: Good article. I think it is a sign that critical mass is approaching tipping point in the dollar dynamic as a world currency. This does not bode well for the future of the dollar. Elaine’s point is spot on.

    Negatives aside, it should finally cause the morons running the show to stop focusing on their profit margins, stop the band aid solution of printing money, and actually do something to fix the problem and serve the country and people they have sworn to serve. Hmmm, fat chance, eh?

    In my view, it has to come to a reset, repudiation and a new system across the board. The only other solution would be to halve the global population.

    So the real question is, do the sociopaths have it, or not? What do you think? Deeply disturbing thought.

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