Nüremberg Trials For Zionists

People can learn from history but only if they take history’s lessons and apply these to today not as excuses but as models for what to do or what to avoid doing.  A classic example of this is the Jewish community: very big on remembering history but only if the memories portray Jews as victims while learning the exact wrong lessons from times when Jews really were victims.  The most salient and hideous example of this is Naziism: everything done by the Nazis was pure evil and all the lessons learned by the Jewish community has been totally wrong, they simply became Nazis, themselves!

Don’t test Israel, Netanyahu warns Gaza militants | The Raw Story



  • Israel on Thursday warned militants in the Gaza Strip not to “test” the Jewish state, as fighter jets pounded targets across the coastal enclave after a Palestinian rocket attack.  The military said it targeted several Hamas camps throughout Gaza and a “terrorist squad in the northern Gaza Strip, in the same location where rockets were fired towards the Israeli city of Beersheva.”


  • Later, war planes bombed several other sites across the coastal strip, which the military called “hubs of terror.” On Thursday night, the army said warplanes hit “terrorist targets” in southern and “direct hits were confirmed.” Local rescues services said two people had been wounded in a strike on Rafah, on the Egyptian border.



The very foundation of Israel is pure National Socialism: the founders of Israel were mainly socialists from Europe.  They wanted modern social systems but wanted this only for Jews.  So they combined racism with building a nation and coupled this with selective socialism designed to further the needs and affairs of Jews while destroying everyone else who were denied these services.

This selfish, dangerous system was cemented by religious bigotry and enforced via active, violent ethnic cleansing.  Just as the British Protestants deported, starved, denied land and jobs, passed laws forbidding Irish Catholics from nearly all areas and enterprises, all in a vain attempt at ethnic cleansing, this odious practice was copied by Jews from Russia and Central Europe.

Instead of being horrified by the British who murdered or let die or deported more than three million Irish Catholics, the Jews used the Holocaust, which was equally horrible, as an excuse to deport, murder or let die, millions of Palestinians!  Eventually, the number of looted, displaced and dead Palestinians will exceed the number of Jews treated the same way by Hitler.  The only way to avoid this is for the Jewish community to realize they are committing grave crimes.

But just as the Brits to this day won’t pay reparations for the displaced and dead Irish, neither will the Jews do this for the Palestinians…even as they continue to pester the Germans to do this.

As the Jewish community commits graver and graver crimes against humanity in their eternal quest to destroy or deport all the natives of Palestine, they obsess about the Holocaust.  The headquarters for Zionist ideology is the New York Times.  The stories about the Holocaust are frequent and well-aired whereas Jewish crimes in Israel are totally Nacht und Nebel.  Here is this weeks wailing of woe:   Reflecting on the Essence of Auschwitz – NYTimes.com

  • To the Editor:
  • …As my mother was herded along as human cargo through the selection process at Auschwitz upon arrival in April 1944, she was told repeatedly by prisoners who understood that a mother with a small child had no chance of survival to give her 3-year-old son to an old woman.
  • At first she resisted, holding tightly onto him, but as her turn neared the front of the line, she was warned once again and passed the child to her mother. At that moment she was sent to the right, they to the left.
  • Even today, at age 90, not a day goes by that she does not see his outstretched arms, crying for her to take him back as he and my grandmother were marched to the gas chamber and death.
  • The pain is as visceral now as then. If it is possible for even a moment to understand the magnitude of making impossible choices in extreme moments of duress, that is a very valuable lesson.
  • Etty Stern WeinerFar Rockaway, Queens, Feb. 21, 2011

Ms. Weiner is totally correct: she and her family can never, ever forget.  Alas, she imagines that a  million Palestinian families would easily forget!  Why should they be upset about being deported, locked into ghettos, starved, beaten and have all their possessions taken from them?  They should just get on with their lives, in between abuse sessions!

The horror of Hitler should have moved world Jewry into demanding true liberalism, the right to vote, no religious dictatorships, civil and religious rights of minorities, etc, etc.  Instead, they have steadily built a world model for a violent religious dictatorship nationalist socialist state.

Here is this week’s news from the Nazi-Zionist state of Israel:  Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel:  ISRAEL : Proposed bill seeks to outlaw human rights NGOs:  These organizations embarrass the Jewish Nazis.  They hate them and so they want them gone so they can be even nastier to the Palestinians and no one can stop them.  So far, the UN can’t do anything since the US vetoes any condemnation of Jewish civil and human rights abuses.

Meanwhile, the cock of the walks in the State Department here are trumpeting moves to condemn Gaddafi.  Gaddafi is embroiled in a civil war.  He deserves to be removed and strung up from a lamppost.  His people will hopefully succeed.  So long as he is not protected by the EU or US, he could be overthrown.  I pray for the success of his long-suffering people and may they find real democracy and some sort of true civil liberties!

At least they can fight him off!  The Palestinians can’t fight off the Jews since the world’s biggest and most militarized empire works tirelessly to disarm them while assisting their attackers.  They cannot fight off this behemoth alone.  Their only hope is, the US goes bankrupt.  This desire for US bankruptcy is one held by more than a million people, perhaps billions pray for this to happen.

Here is a story the NYT, all up in arm about Nazis, can’t publish because it puts Jews in a bad light.  Yet, it is another story of how the Jews are putting everyone around themselves into literal prisons:  Palestinian house inside cage in Jewish settlement – KansasCity.com

  • The al-Ghirayib family lives in one of the stranger manifestations of Israel’s 43-year occupation of the West Bank: a Palestinian house inside a metal cage inside an Israeli settlement.
  • The family’s 10 members, four of them children, can only reach the house via a 40-yard (meter) passageway connecting them to the Arab village of Beit Ijza farther down a hill. The passageway passes over a road used by Israeli army jeeps and is lined on both sides with a 24-foot-high (8-meter) heavy-duty metal fence.
  • The same fence rings the simple one-story house, separating it from the surrounding settlement houses. Some of those dwellings are so close that the family can hear the insults shouted by a nearby Jewish neighbor….Al-Ghirayib, who works in a local metal shop, said he and his family tried to stop the construction crews and the army detained them. When they were released, the cage was in place, he said. Security cameras at the heavy metal gate at the end of the passageway monitor all who come and go.
  • He said army officers have recently threatened to shut the gate, saying village children come in to throw stones at the settlement…..The Israeli army did not comment on whether the land was confiscated, how the fence was built or if there are plans to close the gate.
  • In a statement, it said the Israeli Supreme Court was examining the issue of the family’s land and that the army had “invested” tens of thousands of dollars to make sure the family can leave the home without coordinating with the army.
  • The neighbors are very close. On a recent afternoon, Gary Bar Dov, 15, who lives in a third-floor apartment overlooking the house, walked by while children on the inside gripped the fence and watched.
  • “It’s very strange to live this way,” he said. “It’s strange, but you get used to it.”
The Jews have tens of thousands of MILITARY dollars to use on the West Bank to imprison Palestinian families because all of this money comes from US taxpayers.  We paid for these fences.  No US President dares stand in front of hundreds and hundreds of miles of Palestinian Wailing Walls to say, ‘Tear down these walls!’  Nope.  Instead, they say, ‘How much money do you need for building more walls?’
These ghettoes are ‘made in the USA’.  Note how the Jewish teenager admits this is ‘strange’ but then says, in pure Nazi-fashion, ‘You get used to it.’  Quite.  Exactly as the Germans said when the Allies came into Germany and were horrified.  The illegal settlements are filled with people who are not even slightly different in ideology, attitude and cruelty as Nazi Germans.
The real question here is, why isn’t the NYT covering this story?  It finally made the news in an American paper.  The NYT covers all things Jewish with nervous attention.  The paper abounds with Jewish reporters, editors, commentators, researchers.  It teems with teams of Jews who could very easily go to Israel, and they go there all the time, and they could easily write a rip-roaring expose about the truth about the Jewish ethnic cleansing…but they will not.  No, they revisit Auschwitz over and over again.
Incidentally, the gist of the Auschwitz story was about how outraged Jews are that other victims of Nazi extermination are being mentioned there!  Hitler wanted to kill all Serbs and Gypsies, for example.  Not to mentions, Czechs, Hungarians and other ethnic groups in Eastern Europe!  Jews were simply #2 on his list, after ‘mentally ill’ victims who were #1.
The need to keep the Holocaust as a ‘Jews Only’ event is vital to Nazi Zionists.  If we drew the correct lessons, we would be forced to arrest all the leaders of Zionism in the US, Europe and Israel and charge them with crimes against humanity!  Can’t have that, can we?  So the need to keep the Holocaust story all about Jews and not ethnic cleansing in general.
The horrible fact is, the Serbs conquered by Hitler were not  moved to ghettos, most of them were farmers.  Hitler simply starved them to death, had them shot in mass groups and buried or worked them to death.  The point was, he wanted them dead.   And killed at least 3 million Serbs.  Russian prisoners were treated every bit as badly as the Jews.  Few survived and the people responsible were hung after the Nüremberg Trials.

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9 responses to “Nüremberg Trials For Zionists

  1. CK

    I go away for my yearly trip through the “heartland”, come back and this is the ONLY article to which no one can respond?
    EMS you are either singing to the choir or the choir is deaf.

  2. emsnews

    No, I posted several stories in one day so people usually comment on the last one posted. A busy time for us all!

  3. Adamchik

    It is a foolish comparison – Jews are not making death camps, systematically killing millions of Arabs. There are a lot of nasty things going on here on both sides, but the comparison to Nazi genocide seems absurd.

    Why the obsession about Israel? Are you looking for recent genocides? How about Bosnia? Rwanda? Armenians in Turkey? Cambodia? Israel and the Arabs are bombing each other, with poor Lebanon stuck as a proxy in Iran’s wars, and Israel stuck as a proxy for the US (Chomsky makes this point often, that Israel is forced to do things against its own interests by the US).

    Hyperbole is one thing, but this is just silly.

  4. wellwell

    Elaine, you’re holding up a mirror into which no Jewish person wants to peer. Instead, they prefer this kind of narcissistic nonsense from the New York Times:

    ‘In a Field of Reason, Lawyers Woo Luck Too’
    By Benjamin Weiser
    Published: February 17, 2011

    Gosh, aren’t those Jewish lawyers cute?

  5. Freddy el Desfibradddor

    You are quite correct, Elaine – Zionism is a racist ideology.

  6. seraphim

    I will never tire to repeat: Jews did not “became Nazis”. They have ALWAYS been Nazis! Just read the Bible, it’s all there, in no uncertain terms.

  7. Over at Kevin Mac Donalds [or somewhere] the definition of
    Anti Semetic is ‘those who dont want Jewish Superiority’
    or ‘any one Jews dislike’

  8. Palestinian house inside cage in Jewish settlement – KansasCity.com

    link doesnt work

  9. Palestinian house inside cage in Jewish settlement – HuffPost.
    Link works for me. Did you try using HTML, 90404?

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