Madoff Morals And GOP Budget Hysteria

Bernie Madoff tells the media that he is a victim of his own greedy criminal Ponzi scheme.  You see, the scheme itself seduced this little wretched gnome and forced him to commit crimes.  At the same time, the GOP which cut taxes over and over again while spending money like there was no tomorrow are now on the warpath right after cutting taxes on the rich, yet again, claiming that balancing the budget is a moral priority.

This is exactly how criminals and sociopaths operate: they are both helpless due to their various passions and greed but are also victims of circumstances they created, themselves and worse, we all have to be very, very moral ourselves in order to survive after they wreck everything.  And they lecture us on this, too.   The amoral preachers on various pulpits shout at us all the time while committing grave, moral crimes.  Why do people put up with this?

First, Bernie the Jailbird:  Bernard Madoff: remorse, tears and a good character reference from his therapist | Business |

  • In an in-depth interview with New York Magazine, Madoff argued he has been unfairly portrayed as a monster since his Ponzi scheme collapsed in the autumn of 2008. He said deceiving investors and his own family for almost two decades had put a severe strain on him personally and that he had not meant to conduct such a huge crime, but could not extricate himself….his prison therapist had assured him that he was not evil.  “She said, ‘You’re absolutely not a sociopath. You have morals. You have remorse.’ ” Madoff told the magazine. “I am a good person,” he added.
  • Madoff argued that the investors who were attracted by his track record of regular double-digit returns should have realised the risks. “Everyone was greedy,” he continues. “I just went along. It’s not an excuse.” He also believes that his early investors, in particular, have little cause for complaint, and even claimed that the regulators who investigated his enterprise had sympathised with the burden of carrying the secret for so many years.

The therapist should be removed.  Aside from that, Bernie, like all criminals before him, thinks he was the victim of these strange passions and desires that came out of nowhere, not his own dark little interior brain itself.  Ergo: once he got used to stealing and cheating, it was all so easy and his victims are to be blamed for falling for his various con games.

This Pied Piper is blaming the rats for following him.  Yes, they were also greedy but this doesn’t excuse his own greed.  He was greedy and he used criminal tools to conceal from everyone the fact that he was really stealing their money, not investing it.  He has forgotten that he told everyone, he was investing the money in various enterprises.  He and his inner circle knew otherwise but no one else could know this.  They could only guess.  He, on the other hand, knew.

The entire financial collapse was created by greedy fellow gnomes who rigged the games so they would always win and everyone else gets poorer.  So naturally, they have taken over more and more wealth in society while the rest of us get poorer.  This has a natural conclusion.  All kleptocracies die the same way: their own victims finally riot and rip things apart.

The rich in the US has lobbied Congress to legalize their various Ponzi-style games with CDOs and OTC paper derivative games concealing the fact that there is no capital foundation to lending, for example.  They reduced the capital holding expenses this way allowing them to make money out of thin air, for example.  The Fed had to control inflation via the interest rates alone, not restricting the creation of money via lending.

This, in turn, displeased everyone so they conspired with the Fed to hide the real inflation rate so the Fed could lend the bankers money super-cheap.  So the Fed and the government both decreed that food, fuel and medical care were all too vapid to track so they would  be deleted from inflation records!  Policy Makers Pledge to Halt Any Inflation From Oil Price Surge –

  • The Fed won’t “sit by” if higher oil prices are passed through to other costs, Yellen said yesterday in New York. Constancio said the ECB “must be willing to be preemptive” to combat a greater spread of inflation “if need be.” The officials appeared together on a panel discussion at a conference on monetary policy yesterday.
  • Yellen and Constancio didn’t say whether they’ll act soon to control prices…“The general feeling of the panelists was the appropriate policy is not to react, and wait for evidence of inflation to show up in wages or passing through to core,” said Peter Hooper, an economist at Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. in New York. “Inflation risk, they think, is still pretty low.”

See?  Want a revolution?  Continue to control inflation in commodities which are run up by international hedge funds and bankers protecting their profits by bidding up the price of food and fuel, instead of controlling THEM, the bankers intend to control WAGES of the workers!

This insane solution is fraud.  So we have raging inflation in core financial quarters (try living without food, fuel or medicine!) while the offshoring of jobs fixed the ‘high wages of US workers’ part of inflation records.  That is, ‘wages’ both in America and overseas, went down like a rock while inflation in core goods shot upwards. This ‘balanced’ the books neatly especially when true inflation was left out of the reckoning and thus we have no inflation.

This is collapsing the economy.  Leaving millions of workers with no jobs, ravages the retired who make no money in a ZIRP lending system and destroyed incomes which have no wage or benefit hikes while money is being sucked out by food and fuel!  This is why mobs are storming many government buildings across the planet: the US system of dealing with inflation is killing everyone all over the planet.  And it is a crime.

Also, the Fed is waiting passively for the high cost of food and fuel to travel through the system before reacting by raising interest rates.  This is plain insane, too.  The Goddess of Infinity, once her wings are freed from any bonds, takes off like a rocket.  She does not slowly glide to a start, she always loves the hockey stick graph of sudden flight to ends of the universe.

The authors of these frauds should join Bernie in his tiny cell.  Pack them in like clowns in a phone booth.  Here is a typical GOP clown:  John Boehner: Debt a ‘moral threat’ to the country – Jennifer Epstein –

  • Speaking in Nashville on Sunday night, the Ohio Republican described the country’s mounting financial obligations as “a mortal threat to our country … [and] also a moral threat,” calling it “immoral to bind our children to as leeching and destructive a force as debt” and “immoral to rob our children’s future and make them beholden to China.”…And Obama has squandered his chance to tackle the debt, Boehner told CBN. “The president had an opportunity when he submitted his budget to deal with this, and he melted like an ice cream cone on a Phoenix street in July,” he said.

Right on the heels of making the richest people richer via tax cuts, the GOP demands a pound of flesh from the rest of us.  The GOP gets away with this because their followers, mostly middle class white people who  hate blacks on social welfare programs, imagine they will keep their own cute little social services programs while ‘those people’ get to starve to death and be homeless.

They don’t think about what might happen next, of course, even with vivid images appearing on TV every day as enraged mobs go after the elites across the planet!  So far, thanks to tons and tons of US debt being sold overseas and US trade dollars sitting totally idle in FOREX accounts overseas, the huge overspending overload created by the politicians here and their deluded voters isn’t destroying everything…yet.

To this day, I see many a smug story here about how the Chinese will never, ever destroy our empire by dumping a ton of US debt and dollars onto international markets!  But this is exactly the plan!  They figured this would destroy US imperial power in Asia and the world for the next 200 years!  They said to me, back when the dollar was worth ten times what it is worth today in gold or oil, ‘We would gladly sacrifice a trillion dollars in losses if this destroys the US!’  And that is still very much true only it is now about $3 trillion they are willing to lose.

Here is why they will inevitably do this:  AFP: US military to boost naval fleet in Asia

  • Van Buskirk dismissed suggestions the US would cut its military presence in the region, saying there were an average of 70 US naval ships and aircraft operating in Asia daily, up from 50 to 60 a decade ago.  “Some worry that the US — with our sluggish economy and continued military engagement in Afghanistan — is weakening its position and its commitment to Asia,” he said.  “I can tell you that our commitment to this region has never been stronger.”

The US has doubled its military activities right off of China’s shores.  This would be as if China were doing constant military war games in the Gulf of Mexico.  China has taken over the Panama Canal (ahem, letting only CHINESE military through in the future!) while the US tools around within easy shooting distance of the Chinese military on land as well as sea.  The Chinese express irritation with this and our military Samurai spit back in Chinese eyes.

Worse, as I have detailed here from reading Japanese news all the time, the Japanese government has a deal whereby they let us sit in Okinawa (to hell with the Japanese citizens there!) and in turn, we will fight for Imperial Japanese island demands in Asia!  Talk about insane.

Meanwhile, the dying white middle class in the US continues to support their GOP leaders despite them being sex-crazed maniacs,  nearly as bad as Catholic priests, Jewish rabbis and Protestant preachers: Immunity prevents Arizona lawmaker’s arrest after freeway fight –

  • Officers responding to the scene of a reported altercation on a Phoenix-area highway Friday night found state Sen. Scott Bundgaard and his girlfriend, Aubry Ballard…Bundgaard, a Republican and the state senate majority leader, said the dispute began on the way home from a charity “Dancing with the Stars” fundraiser, after Ballard accused him of “inappropriately touching” his dance partner.

Supernanny should go after all of these nitwit brats running the GOP.  These children are out of control!  They have no morals, no good behaviors, they are uncivilized hellions who run around screaming, kicking over the furniture and pulling mommy’s hair.  Time out!  A long time out, I would suggest 100 years of time out.  Same with the liberals on the left: stop yelling about how we should allow millions of illegal aliens to come here and tip our nation into chaos while screaming at the same time, we are doomed due to global warming, burning fossil fuels, etc.

And libertarians: want a world of Madoff pain?  Have no government controls over wealth.  Want to see your homes burn and gangs attack you all over the place?  Cut social spending to nothing.  Want to be invaded by foreigners seeking land and loot?  Have a weak government.

Back to sex:  Oral sex now main cause of oral cancer: Who faces biggest risk? – Health Blog – CBS News.  Well, there goes another fun thing we can do in our spare time!  Rats.  Realize, please, this is part of a much, much older struggle for dominance and power: the eternal battle of all living multi-celled organisms battling single-celled germs.  These mighty creatures can’t live out in the open easily, they hate oxygen.

We have two tools for fighting the Germ Empire: being super clean and doing nothing, touching nothing (a living death) or…vaccinations.  I side with vaccinations because I like sex, I do things that are rather dirty in the real, physical world and I hate being sick.  Passengers contacted after woman with measles goes through 3 airports – note how some person who didn’t have a vaccination merrily goes about the planet, assisting the Germ Empire.  That is stupid. The Germ Empire laughs at people who think eating various foods or worse, tolerating the Germ Empire’s invasions.

Remember: sex is dirty and germs love to colonize sexual processes.  They have exploited this since the first multi-celled ocean floating creature discovered the joys of exchanging DNA instead of simple replication!  This meant, instead of passively eating and then splitting in two, organisms had to touch each other and open up and let in DNA and this is what viruses are all about: carrying mechanisms for their own DNA.

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8 responses to “Madoff Morals And GOP Budget Hysteria

  1. nah

    the GOP which cut taxes over and over again while spending money like there was no tomorrow are now on the warpath right after cutting out bitchz
    if the GOP is right wing, the DNC are extreme right wing
    Imean it was Clinton and pals that played grab ass with the banks knowing full well its what the GOP was after… and cuz the DNC is not a real party Bush 2 rides in from Florida
    and he gets a mandate for everlasting war
    and the democrats didnt press their corporate masters ‘who wanted the fucking thing in the first place’ to pay for it
    but the democrats really believe they are different in some meaningful way… lets be blunt just cuz you dont see eye to eye with christ aint no reason to think you aint just another mindless sell out trying to squeeze blood from turnips

    thinking your different is the ultimate deception

  2. “They don’t think about what might happen next, of course, even with vivid images appearing on TV every day as enraged mobs go after the elites across the planet!”

    They don’t THINK. Could the problem be any more simpler? The whole Luciferian World Order is detestable. Elites take 2 TRILLION in tax dollars to pay for crooked investments and teachers are told to do without because “we’re 3 Billion in the hole.” 3 Billion is .15% of 2 Trillion. Tells you how the average citizen rates with this government. I suppose the Elites can justify it by saying “well if they weren’t so stupid they wouldn’t let us get away with it.”

  3. DeVaul

    Shockuzulu has a point here. I remember finding out — from Elaine, I think — how the Pentagon admitted that it had “lost 2 trillion dollars back in 2002 and could not account for it at all”.


    I believe this was actually before we started using the word “trillion” on a daily basis, yet no one stormed the capital or demanded that heads roll in Washington. The amount of money in question cannot even fit on a standard calculator.

    The reason criminals get away with their crimes is because no one is willing to stop them. If someone does try and stop them, they are stopped themselves by those who work for the criminals. When Dick Cheney came to Lexington to attend a party at a rich man’s home, citizens attempted to arrest him for crimes against humanity, but the police stopped them.

    It is the enablers who are the greatest danger to any society. Without them, the sociopath cannot do anything. They are too weak and useless to do anything on their own.

    When a society becomes like ours, only outright revolution will change anything, but if it does not deal first and foremost with the enablers, nothing will change. The enablers must be executed with the sociopaths. If not, then new sociopaths will simply step in and use the same old enablers to commit the same old crimes.

    So far, I have not seen one Arab revolution eliminate the enablers of the old order. The old order is still there, so they will follow the path I just outlined above. Already, western powers are elbowing each other aside to get their chosen sociopath put in charge of each new country.

  4. emsnews

    The good people in Egypt, etc. are working on this process. They just forced out the replacement ministers in several countries! AMAZING!!!!

    They also forced the home arrest of Mubarak and his ghastly family! They tried to flee. These are not dumb people, they have to struggle to gain a foothold, the people of these countries seeking real change.

    We tried ‘change’ here by voting for Obama and got shafted. The stuff hitting fans in Egypt will hit US fans, too.

  5. I wish I could believe in good change for our country. But even if we did have an outright people’s revolution and got rid of the sociopaths running things, I fear an outside entity, such as Russia or China would take advantage of the chaos and step in and take over before order was restored.

    I honestly think the only hope (beyond Divine intervention) for freedom left in this country is a military coup headed by patriots, with about a million to none odds of that ever happening in our lifetime.

  6. wellwell

    “A wizard should know better!” LOTR

    This applies to all of our so-called wizards, financial and political, who should have known better these past few years. Now it’s up to the rest of us to “know better” when it comes to choosing our future. As Elaine demonstrates in her articles, reason is the only way – rigid, unthinking ideology or theology, accompanied by ethnic chauvinism, will guarantee that we will never know better.

    Unfortunately, as Russell Means has said, Americans have lost the capacity for critical thought. This starts at the top; Nelson Mandela had it right when he said that George W. Bush didn’t know how to think properly. I try to stay positive, but it does occur to me sometimes that maybe the American aircraft carrier can no longer turn itself – there is nobody left on the bridge.

  7. nah
    Hydraulic fracturing waste contains radioactivity at levels higher than previously known and is sometimes hauled to sewage plants that cannot safely handle it and then discharged into rivers that supply drinking water
    So we can pump MILLIONS OF GALLONS of concentraded benzine cyanide 15 miles under the earth… and wonder later like does this shit cause earthquakes??? really what do earthquakes cause..
    if we are this desperate… nuclear is the only serious long term solution

  8. Pingback: Trump Lock-out Pentagon Procurement Officers From Taking Jobs With Manufacturers | Culture of Life News

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