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Nuclear Exclusion Zone Is Now 40K And Growing

Japanese shrine which is now inside the nuclear exclusion zone in Fukushima province.

Every time I think there is little more to write about the situation in Japan, something horrible happens and the drama of the collapse of the entire ‘We shall save the world’ story of the faux-environmentalists continues to unfold.  Or rather, devolve into toxic radiated dust.  The saddest part of this story is, I was against the nuclear solution since day one since I have personal reasons to loathe and fear anything associated with nuclear powers.  Since my earliest nightmares of childhood, I have seen over and over again, the ghastly outcome of any nuclear situation.  It is, in the case of my damaged thyroid system, deeply embedded in my soul and mind. Continue reading


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The Neo-Liberal Economic And Nuclear Meltdown In Japan

The medical emergency within my own family has worsened so I couldn’t post yesterday and things may be interrupted here periodically as we cope with events.  I will write about the failures of our present medical system soon enough, though.  Now, on to international news:


The global catastrophe of Fukushima and the near-total annihilation of much of the upper east coast of Japan has evidently stopped the neo-liberal economic agenda of Japan.  Key elements of this system is an export-based economy, no unions with constantly dropping wages, cutting corporate and profit taxes while railing against the obvious deficits that are caused by these policies.   Continue reading


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First World Economic System Based On Oil And Nukes

cs_hem_1h_movall_12.gif 540×540 pixels

From an email from Joel, a correspondent from Tokyo: Continue reading


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No One Really Knows What Is Really Going On In Japan

The difficulties of the latest nuclear power catastrophe are clearly illustrating what is dreadfully wrong with nuclear power: no one knows what is really going on and monitoring a meltdown is proving once again to be nearly impossible to do in a sane way.  The news vacillates between rumors generated by incorrect data, outright deception even self-deception by governments and the Tokyo Power executives.  We constantly struggle to keep up with changes as the relentless forces unleashed by the collapse of the cooling systems continues to relentlessly move forwards.  The serious problem with nuclear power is, when we lose control, we really, really lose control and not for an hour, a day or a week or a year but pretty much forever as far as the truth is concerned. Continue reading


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Honest Environmentalists Vs Fake Environmentalists

storybrookeripples: OX and dog blog


Here are some photos of my oxen and myself showing what a real, live, true ‘environmen-alist’ looks like.


Yes, such people and animals really exist and none of them fly to Cancun to complain about how CO2 is destroying the planet.  They grazed at home and worked in the woods.  My carbon footprint is positive, not negative, since I have 20 acres of woodlands and 5 acres of fields.  An NO NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS._

This is real environmentalism, not the fake kind.  Recently, Madonna had to terminate her ‘elite school’ in Malawi, Africa due to the fact that $4 million was spent and not one thing was built.  This is what happens to most ‘charities’ as we see in Haiti.  Right after the earthquake there, billions were pledged to fix the place, millions of kind people felt pity and donated money and…nearly nothing was built.


In the Japanese earthquake, the government is building emergency housing which is exactly what a government is supposed to do.  Haiti doesn’t have a government and Malawi pretty much doesn’t have one, either.  We are assaulted by ads from ‘charities’ and other movements which promise to save the world, save people, save polar bears…and most of this is used to make life really comfy with a huge carbon footprint for the people collecting the loot.


This is why things really don’t seem to get better.  If we pass laws changing say, pollution standards, things do get better but we always have a pay off.  For example, cleaner air in Europe and America=hotter temperatures since dust and debris shielded the ground from the sun.  Ergo: as we clean up, we get hotter.


Paving roads cleaned up dust, too.  So…it gets more sun, dries out more and black pavement is very, very hot compared to say, grass.  The air is cleaner and the planet gets hotter.  I planted trees in NYC as I was part of the Arbor Society.  I also belonged to the Prospect Park group that revived that beautiful park.  Trees are good for the environment.  They cool things off greatly.

Prospect Park on a hot summer day is significantly cooler than the rest of NYC, for example.  Planting trees is good.  The human population of the tropical regions of the earth are exploding in population.  This, in turn, has led to stripping down the forests and eliminating trees.   This is bad.  The solution is better medicine, more vaccinations and birth control.  So fewer babies are born and the ones that are will live instead of dying before 18 years.  During which, they often give birth, by the way.


The infinite nuclear power solution is a complete catastrophe as we see in Japan, a first world country that is being ruined by nuclear power:  Radiation fears mount again in Japan after plant workers injured | Reuters


Radiation fears escalated in Japan on Friday after workers suffered burns as they tried to cool an earthquake-crippled nuclear plant, while the government sowed confusion over whether it was widening an evacuation zone


…China, meanwhile, said two Japanese travellers arriving in the country were found to have very high levels of radiation.


It seems that the nuclear core of the MOV reactor that has deadly plutonium (named after the God of Death, of course!) has cracked.  The core is exposed to oxygen.  The energy has to go somewhere so it goes out the crack.  Note also that Japanese anxious to escape this are carrying this toxin with them.  This is why the Chinese are making people coming from Japan to go through a radiation detection system before entering China.


This takes me back to Chip and Dale.  They produced the manure to put in my garden and it created really nice veggies.  But it had to sit first and cure.  This produced methane gases.  I was thinking of using their body wastes (poop) to create methane gas for cooking and heating but they died before I could build the holding tank and set up the system.  But it was my plan before my husband became too ill to help me build this and run it.


Methane gas is unbreathable and farmers sometimes die, working around or in holding ponds or areas holding cow dung.  At the same time, it makes corn production much better which is why farmers fertilize fields up here in the Northeast with cow dung in spring!  The dung is also warm.  It really doesn’t freeze up since it is an energy producer that works nonstop.  If buried for a million years, it would become oil.

Oil, coal, cow dung, rotting forest leaves and uranium are all things that, even when ‘inert’ are not inert at all but produce heat or energy…when closed off from oxygen, they are silently active but when oxygen is let in, they burst into fire, so to speak.  That is, they have various states of activity levels and to create fertilizer or electricity, we RESTRICT these processes so they don’t burn out of control but rather, have a safe level of heat expression which we use to create steam.

All of these energy systems for electricity turn things into steam that turn turbines.  Water energy doesn’t do this, it like wind, turns the turbines directly.  But most others create steam.  Solar doesn’t do that if it is directly streamed for use but mega-solar energy plants are all about turning it, too, into steam.

Solar energy-generated steam doesn’t produce any toxins.  Nuclear power doesn’t, either…EXCEPT when it does and then it does this until it stops which can be thousands of years later if we are unlucky.  Once humans cease taking care of Chernobyl, the concrete there will fail and water will enter and it will then leave again, as steam.  And of course, pollute the planet over a wide range.

Jeffrey St. Clair: Inside America’s Most Dangerous Nuclear Plant

The more plaintive the cries for Indian Point’s closure, the more money Entergy spreads around to politicians with reputation for flexibility in these matters. Already this year, Entergy’s New York Political Action Committee—ENPAC New York—has doled out more than $25,000 to New York politicians alone. Everyone got into the act from Pataki and Clinton to Democratic congressman Eliot Engel to lowlier foot-soldiers for the nuclear plant, including two state assemblymen; commissioners from Westchester and Orange counties; Bronx Borough president Adolfo Carrion; and state comptroller Alan Hevesi, whose election campaign was endorsed by the Sierra Club….

…Political money isn’t the only tool in Entergy’s bag of tricks. In late October, community activists in the Bronx reported that emissaries from Entergy were canvassing black and Hispanic neighborhoods in New York City and Westchester County with an ominous warning: If Indian Point closes, air quality in urban areas will deteriorate and more blacks and Hispanics will develop respiratory illnesses. The Entergy reps told people that new coal-fired power plants would be built in their neighborhoods and urged them to sign a petition….Entergy is in a unique position to know, since throughout the Southeast the company has targeted its power plants in black neighborhoods, where it has heralded them as bringing economic engines for impoverished communities…

…The petition drive…was run by a group calling itself by the lofty-sounding name: “The Campaign for Affordable Energy, Environmental & Economic Justice.”

The group was supposedly based in Manhattan. In fact, it was created and wholly funded by Entergy.

Here is their website.  It is insane in the extreme.  Seriously:  CFACT

It is very slick and the people, unlike me, get paid really good to write endless lies.  And the stories about Japan are totally insane.  They claim this means the hundreds and hundreds of nuclear power plants are safer because…we are learning lessons in Japan!  HAHAHA.  We learned NOTHING after Chernobyl.  Instead, we were told, this was due to the Russians being stupid and la, la, la, la.

Well, now, it is the fault of Mother Nature being herself.  If She didn’t exist and this were a static planet, then all would be well, la, la, la, la.  And renewable doesn’t work because we like to fly through the air, race cars and light up cities to the nth degree!  We don’t want to stop doing this so we should use dangerous nuclear power to keep on doing dumb, useless things.

Here is one article I find rather interesting:  Nuclear safety: Reactors that can’t meltdown | CFACT

So far, all assurances that nuclear plants will not melt down have proven to be wishful thinking.  They are inherently unsafe.  By this, I mean, all nuclear power plants will be destroyed eventually in wars.  Why do I say this?  History tells me this!  All the places that now have nuclear plants have had raging, out of control, deadly, wild wars in the last 500 years sinc the invention of gunpowder!

Since one of these nuclear power countries, the USA, has nuked another one, Japan, in the past, this is even more pressing an issue.  This will happen in the future because this is how human history operates: anything that happened in the past can and will happen in the future.  Otherwise, why bother with history?  It would be meaningless.  Instead, it is a powerful teacher.  One we dare not ignore.

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Symbolic Black Outs Are Stupid

I am a big believer in rational thinking.  This is a difficult process whereby one has to change one’s mind due to incoming data and one has to weigh many factors when considering structural systems in order to take into account reality.  The uproar in the ‘environmental’ community this month clearly illustrates how doctrine, wishful thinking, bizarre solutions to difficult problems can tear apart a community and set into motion very destructive forces which have a multi-generation, even a multi-eon disaster horizon to consider. Continue reading


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China Rolls Merrily Onwards As NATO Goes To War…Again

As the sun sets on US economic power, our military power continues to blaze brightly but it is like a nuclear power plant running out of control and setting everything on fire: it is destroying us.  China is going to outstrip our economic power by 2030 and they are at war with no colonies at all.  Half of NATO has merrily run off to war in former African colonies but the greater burden of this still falls on the US taxpayers who are being told to work until they are much older to pay for all of this and pay for bailing out the richest bankers on earth. Continue reading


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