No One Really Knows What Is Really Going On In Japan

The difficulties of the latest nuclear power catastrophe are clearly illustrating what is dreadfully wrong with nuclear power: no one knows what is really going on and monitoring a meltdown is proving once again to be nearly impossible to do in a sane way.  The news vacillates between rumors generated by incorrect data, outright deception even self-deception by governments and the Tokyo Power executives.  We constantly struggle to keep up with changes as the relentless forces unleashed by the collapse of the cooling systems continues to relentlessly move forwards.  The serious problem with nuclear power is, when we lose control, we really, really lose control and not for an hour, a day or a week or a year but pretty much forever as far as the truth is concerned.


This sets nuclear power above all other systems as the most dangerous for humans.  We can control it until we can’t and then it is nearly impossible to control, all we can do is try to bury it so it can lurk in some sort of crypt for a long, long, long…geologically long time, far longer than any civilization or human system.  This is also true of all the left over junk created with nuclear power systems: it has to be carefully hidden and controlled and protected not for a day, a week or a year but pretty much forever.  How do we protect humans exploring the earth’s bounty in the far future?


We can’t.  It is impossible.  The main solution for the long run is to put this garbage in a CAVE.  This takes me back to the Cave of Wealth and Death.  That is, deeply embedded in our minds since the last Ice Age is this idea that all the world’s wealth is inside of religious caves where the gods live and where they grant people wishes.  It is in many myths and fairytales.  Inside this cave, if you wish for wealth, you get it but it kills everything.  That is, it unleashes a genie of terrible death.  Much of the mineral wealth until we began removing entire mountains with very modern equipment in the last 60 years, came from caves.  The people digging out this cave wealth since time immemorial often died doing this.


The worst form of slavery for many thousands of years was to be forced to work in these caves digging out mineral wealth.  Even today, many thousands of people die each decade this way.  Oil exploration is the latest incarnation of digging deep into the earth for wealth.  Even if no one dies digging this wealth out, and people die doing this, if the oil brings great wealth to the people who own the lands where the wells are, brings great death as titanic battles for control of this oil rage.  Of course, the more nuclear power plants are built, these wars will target them, too.  Big time.


The latest lies about wars over oil is just hilarious:   Gates: Libya War Not a Vital US Interest.  The head of the Pentagon knows perfectly well that it is a vital EUROPEAN interest but we are fighting Europe’s colonialist wars which we have done since WWII.  Vietnam was a French imperial war and when France was driven out, we stepped in and spent a fortune and killed thousands of US citizens trying to keep the French colonial system going.  In the present case, France wants Gaddafi out and even though a number of rebel leaders belonged to al Qaeda (!!!) we support their conquest.  I assume this is because we plan to supplant them swiftly if they ‘win’.


The other day featured one of the more ridiculous futile gestures ever: the ‘black out’.  Tokyo has a real blackout due to a nuclear power plant complex falling apart quite spectacularly.  I am against these dumb gestures because they are insincere.  They are designed to get the peasants to do without electricity while the elites suck it down in heroic, epic ways.  Here is an example from last weekend’s news:  Wilshire Grand: Billion-dollar building project could light up downtown Los Angeles with commercial images –

A pair of new Los Angeles skyscrapers could dramatically alter the lights of downtown, reigniting the city’s long-running fight over outdoor advertising.  If developers of the proposed billion-dollar Wilshire Grand project have their way, such colorful images as stars, butterflies and waterfalls would fade in and out along the upper floors of both their planned 45-story hotel and their 65-floor office tower, thanks to thousands of tiny lights embedded in the buildings’ surface.


HAHAHA.  We are all supposed to piously turn off our lights and be very, very careful…so rich people trying to make great profits can light up their own stuff like a White House Xmas tree!  Like downtown Tokyo, everything is going to absolutely blaze with advertisement lights.  Note the rise of all those electric billboards on major highways.  The energy hogs will continue to grunt and feast at the nuclear powered trough.  The exhortations for all of us to be very energy efficient doesn’t extend to them.  There is no way they can be satiated, either.  They want more and more and to do this requires we use less and less and build more dangerous nuclear power plants.


Note the threats: if we don’t conserve and don’t use nukes, they will use lots of coal burning plants and this will presumably destroy all living things because it will be as warm as the Eocene.  Which had lots of animals and plants but don’t look at that fact.  The problem is acidity of water: this can cause a crash in ocean life which is crashing anyway due to human actions like dumping tons of plastic in the seas and overfishing.


Let’s look closer at the mess in Japan again:  NHK WORLD English:  Radioactivity forecast system down

A computer system that forecasts the spread of radioactivity has not been working due to malfunctioning monitoring posts around a troubled nuclear power plant in quake-hit Fukushima Prefecture.  The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency says it does not know when the system will be back in operation.  The system, called SPEEDI, predicts how radioactive substances will spread in case of radiation leakage from nuclear power plants, based on measurements taken at various locations, prevailing winds and other weather conditions.

This story shows us that all the elaborate systems set up to give us information can and do easily fail or give us false information.  Generally speaking, potential catastrophes hitting nuclear power plants will happen coincidentally with other catastrophes which will damage any monitoring systems.  Of course, the real dangers of nuclear power plants is these things being deliberately destroyed by humans attacking the power plants.  History is glaringly clear about this: wars WILL happen and they WILL destroy nuclear power plants and this WILL destroy the habitability of any region within a 50 mile radius of these INEVITABLE war events in the future.

Inside New York’s Indian Point nuclear power plant –

Indian Point receives its power from the same electric grid to which it contributes. If the power goes out — and it briefly did only three weeks ago due to a utility technician’s error — backup diesel generators kick in to keep the plant functioning. That’s exactly what happened during the recent outage. Each of Indian Point’s two reactors have three auxiliary diesel generators, and then there are separately located backups to those backups as well as diesel-driven fire pumps that can keep the spent fuel rod pools filled. It’s all designed to avoid the kind of catastrophe that occurred at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi plant.


Plant managers spend lots of time thinking about potential emergencies and how to avert them.


“Our plant is designed to handle the worst natural disaster. Our people are trained. We have many layers of redundancy,” said John Dinelli, director of operations at Indian Point.  The plant is built to withstand at least a 6.0-magnitude earthquake, greater than the region has ever experienced, though researchers at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory warn a 7.0 is not out of the realm of possibility since they have determined the plants is built near the intersection of two active seismic zones.


Just as trailers seem to be tornado magnets, the best way to find hidden double fault intersections is to ask a nuclear power builder to choose a great place to put a nuclear power plant!  They are the equivalent of an earthquake dowser.  I bet they take a forked stick and walk around, looking for these fault zones (just joking but then, maybe not!).


Yesterday in Japan, a Tsunami alert as new quake hits eastern coastline while Workers flee Fukushima after radiation readings soar because Extreme radiation was detected at No.2 reactor.  At first, due to poor monitoring in this disaster, they believed that Nuke plant radiation 10 million times high.

But the Japan radiation spike report ‘mistaken’

Not that we should then relax and think this is all over:  Fukushima’s Cooling Efforts Are Delayed by Spilled Water (2) –

The radiation level at the No. 2 reactor was measured at 1,000 millisieverts an hour, Japan’s nuclear safety agency said. That’s higher than the dose that would cause vomiting, hair loss and diarrhea, according to the World Nuclear Association…Tepco said it needs to drain the water to determine where it came from. Muto said it is possible it came from the fuel in the reactor.


Tepco initially said the radioactivity in the No. 2 reactor was caused by iodine-134, and was 100 times higher than the last report. The company corrected that information at its news conference, without specifying what element was causing the radiation levels.


This is the crux of the matter: even as the news is corrected it isn’t replaced with good information.  They just don’t know.  Japan is a major first world country that was proud of a fake reputation of being conscientious and careful.  This was all a front used to keep out imports.  So they were always fussy about this problem or that difficulty.  They pretended they wanted only the best when all they wanted was for the foreigners to fail.


Now, they are being hammered by this as other countries lock out Japanese exports due to these being contaminated.  The Japanese government hates this and is anxious to resume business as usual with them locking out everyone else while prattling on about how superior Japanese food and goods are compared to everyone else.


Finally, long after any other country would do this, Anti-nuclear activists hold rally in Tokyo.

Anti-nuclear activists have staged rallies outside the Tokyo Electric Power Company headquarters to call for the closure of all nuclear power plants in Japan….The organizer of the rally said about 1,200 people took part in Sunday’s demonstration.


Germany had instantaneous popular anti-nuclear power demonstrations within three days of the nuclear reactor meltdown.  The US and UK media praises the Japanese people for being ridiculously passive and helpless.  They don’t riot!  They don’t attack the government!  They don’t seem able to fight back at all!  They don’t even flee!  Well, they do flee, some of them.  The elites have been quietly clearing out of Tokyo.


This is fatalism.  Suicidal fatalism which has characterized Japan for quite a while which is why their Great Depression has turned into a total social catastrophe with birth rates falling like a rock and people just giving up and passively waiting for death.  School children are locking themselves into their small tatami rooms watching fantasy shows and playing video games until they die.  Across the entire Muslim world, young people are taking bravely to the streets to fight their own governments.


The US government really hates this and wishes they would all be like the Japanese and go home to their hovels to die.  But can’t say so openly.  But this is what they secretly think.  In Britain, there was a recent huge demonstration against the government social cuts.  This irritates the bailed out bankers and their puppet regimes in the West.  They don’t want us to do this.  They want us to imitate the suicidal, flaccid, helpless Japanese public!


As the Japanese display amazing helplessness in the face of important prods to wake up and take control away from the elites, the Reactors may create highly radioactive seawater with much Higher level of iodine 131 detected in seawater as High radiation detected 30 km from Fukushima plant.  This isn’t just in Japan!  Radiation In Mass. Rainwater Likely From Japan as that stoic, unresponsive country exports nuclear radiation across the entire planet.


Here in the US we have a lot of people who think like the Japanese and are passive about dangers right next door:  Nuclear plant next door: Mom concerned, but staying put –

As for Schiller, she doesn’t anticipate an earthquake near her home anytime soon. But if something does happen, she said, “We’re going to be the first ones to find out.”…In a national CNN/Research Corporation poll of Americans who live near nuclear power plants, nearly 60% said it’s unlikely that a disaster or accident would put their families in immediate danger.


In addition, nearly 60% of poll respondents said they didn’t think local emergency services were prepared to handle that kind of situation…


..The Limerick plant, which first went online in 1986, can keep electricity flowing to more than 2 million homes, its website says. It’s awaiting NRC approval to increase its capacity, and the plant’s owners intend to apply for a 20-year extension to its operating license.


Here is the rub: in Japan, the plant that is destroying the earth’s environment via spewing nuclear waste over the entire planet earth, was supposed to be shut down by now.  Instead, they extended the life of this dragon and were in the process of rearming it with plutonium, of all things!  Only one was equipped with this very dangerous fuel when the entire complex was destroyed.  You can bet NO nuclear power plant will EVER be decommissioned if we slumber away like the suicidal Japanese public!


They ALL plan to extend the working life of these giant complexes!  This goes without saying.  All promises to not do this are quietly thrown out the window.  Each year these things exist and as they accumulate spent fuel rods, etc, as things inevitably age, the chances of a collapse of the systems grows greater and greater, not smaller and smaller. Add to this the invariable increase in the type of fuels from one system to a hotter system, we get Fukushimas across all countries over time.  .

To reassure the public so they don’t act like Germans, the U.S. nuclear agency forms plant safety task force which will not have a single anti-nuclear power expert but will be all government agency officials and nuclear power producers.  The report will be pure garbage.  Due to all the bad news about Indian Point in NY, US officials make NY nuclear site top priority.  They will scramble to ‘fix’ things and then announce that all is well.  Nothing will change.  And the problem of the place being a war target won’t be addressed.


On a side issue here, the passive Japanese public isn’t nearly as passive as the US public when it comes to international finance and trade.  The US public remains sound asleep as even more jobs are being stripped ruthlessly from our dying economy:  Obama links Brazil trip to job growth back home – BusinessWeek

Obama says Brazilians also stand to benefit from increased economic ties with the U.S. He says American companies are contributing to the economic growth that is raising the standard of living for Brazilians, through everything from improved telecommunications services to energy technology.


Brazil already benefits from free trade with the US:  Brazil Trade Surplus Rises In February

Brazil’s trade balance showed a surplus of US$1.2 billion in February, bigger than the US$423 million surplus recorded in the previous month, Trade Ministry data showed Tuesday.


The right wing in the US is all angry as hell at public workers who supposedly are getting rich working for tax dollars.  Not angry at the military/industrial complex corporate heads who are billionaires, no, they are mad at the local low level workers who still have pensions and insurance.  They want them POOR, damn it!  The ‘make everyone a peasant’ process is hard at work here.   They hate unions and blame unions for our economic woes.


Well, the unions are dead, killed by Reagan.  And are we better off?  Nope.  Can the dopes on the far right figure this out?  Nope.  Nor can the dopes on the left who claim illegal aliens and foreign workers brought in here are destroying the US!  They are as clueless, too.  Between the left and the right, the greater bulk of the US public has been left out to die.  If nuclear power plant failures and many colonialist wars over oil (yes, the elites are quite willing to kill millions so they can profit from oil sales!) don’t kill us all, then they will kill us with free trade and a tsunami of US dollars (note: inflation is raging!).


I see no mass demonstrations here.  Not yet.  The harbinger for this might be in Wisconsin where people did demonstrate pretty effectively but this didn’t stop the steamroller for cutting social spending and reducing the wages of workers.  But it may be a sign that we will reject the media story of how heroic the Japanese are as they sit passively waiting to die a miserable collective death.

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11 responses to “No One Really Knows What Is Really Going On In Japan

  1. Jhn

    It is not at all surprising that radiation levels off plant site are rising. TEPCO has spent several weeks pouring many thousands of tons water blindly on the reactor locations. That which does not flash to steam has to go some where. Gravity still operates the same as it always has, as does the wind.

  2. Hammerhead

    Really really? Really, really really? No, really.

    A very female article.

    Whine, bitch, complain, claim victim status. Blame problems on the menfolk and their slide rules and pocket protectors. Evil, evil engineers.

    Earth Mother to the rescue!

    Really really really.

    And if you don’t believe me… she will sic her pet ox on you.

  3. LesserFool

    Elaine, you need to be more careful in reading the news, instead of trying to fit the news into your pre-conceived notion that “free trade is killing the US.”

    The US actually has a $1B/month SURPLUS of trade with Brazil:

    Won’t let me make a post (b/c of link to site showing US-Brazil trade balance? Google it. “US Brazil trade”)

    “Brazil already benefits from free trade with the US: Brazil Trade Surplus Rises In February

    Brazil’s trade balance showed a surplus of US$1.2 billion in February, bigger than the US$423 million surplus recorded in the previous month, Trade Ministry data showed Tuesday.”

    This refers to the SUM of trade of Brazil with all trade partners, including the US. So, they have a trade deficit with the US, but a surplus with the rest of their trading partners.

    Family emergencies, old age, and wishful thinking make for sloppy commentary. Good look with your family emergencies.

  4. Peter

    These plant were only designed for 30-40 years and they want to extend it by 20 years.
    The plant operators also got the NRC to increase the load by 20%!!!
    So the US has a wack of reactors running at 120% design capacity for 50% longer than they were designed for.
    A recipe for disaster!
    Think I will set sail for the southern hemisphere.

  5. Claire Voyant

    And your point is …????

    What does your comment contribute to this conversation, except misogyny?

    Reading for comprehension is definitely not your strong suit. You’ve managed to miss the point of the entire post. Congratulations.

    So … just to clarify your point (assuming you do have one) — You would prefer that no one question the information put out by big energy companies to obtain something that is in their own short-term financial interests, but probably not in the interest of the public health?

    And in particular, you would not question or hold accountable those so-called ‘experts’ who (as with Tepco/GE) have badly misjudged every calculation except next quarter’s profits? (And have done so for years).

    Just one of the key points of today’s post.

    OK. I see we have one vote for blind slumbering passivity. A vote FOR living in a totalitarian corporatist society, where reasonable questioning and dissenting views are mocked.

    BTW, the online dictionary says that a ‘hammerhead’ refers to someone of rather low intelligence … synonyms include ‘blockhead,’ ‘knucklehead,’ ‘dunderhead,’ etc.

    Just sayin’ …

  6. DeVaul

    Well, that is where King George II built his ranch and bomb shelter, right next to his friend’s ranch and bomb shelter — the Rev. Moon Sun (something). He can jet there in a few hours, I suppose. We will just die.

    We don’t need earthquakes or tsunamis to have a disaster here. Nepotism, cronyism, influence peddling, cost cutting, bribery, corruption, incompetence, hubris, and a host of other normal human behaviors was enough to set off Chernobyl. Does anyone really believe these traits do not exist here?

    Radiation is falling on us right now in North America from this Japanese plant, and the so-called experts keep telling us that it has not reached Chernobyl levels yet. That right there is an example of the kind of thinking that stands behind all nuclear reactors in America: “let’s just lie”.

  7. DeVaul

    The new problem at the nuke plant:

    What to do with the flood of water used to cool the rods, which now is preventing workers from doing anything?

    “That has left officials struggling with two sometimes-contradictory efforts: pumping in water to keep the fuel rods cool and pumping out — and then safely storing — contaminated water.”

    This is the nuclear riddle no one can solve.

  8. emsnews

    being very human, I do make mistakes. But in general, I don’t. Brazil once had a trade deficit with the US which, due to not being part of NAFTA, couldn’t exploit things but today, with Obama signing away the last of our jobs, yes, Brazil now can do what all other ‘free trade’ nations have done: ream us out.

    Wages are much lower in Brazil than here. That is the issue.

  9. “wars WILL happen and they WILL destroy nuclear power plants and this WILL destroy the habitability of any region within a 50 mile radius of these INEVITABLE war events in the future.”

    Well this is a pretty safe bet. Your fulfilled prophetic utterance ratio will go up. I wouldn’t want to live near a nuclear missile silo when the war starts, either.

  10. Clueless

    This has to the Humor of the Month! Goldman Sachs Employees Told Not to Leave Japan (

    When you work for the Great Satan (same initials, how quaint) you should be used to the heat, eh? 😉

  11. DeVaul

    One reason for all the secrecy is this:

    Chernobyl had 180 tons of fuel rods present, both used and new. Fukashima has 1,750 tons present, all of which is stored in just six box-like containers called reactors, three of which have blown up and are fully exposed now.

    I too suspected the earthquake damaged the reactor core casings because the plant looked fine on the outside even after a huge tsunami washed over it. I saw no damage on the outside. I am also sure that the earthquake dislocated or split the pipes and valves that knocked out the cooling system.

    I saw an article on Thorium at another site, but did not bother to read it. The title gave away the ludicrousy of it: “Thorium is our Future”, or something like that.

    You are right Elaine. Most of humanity could live without infinite energy, but the super rich would not be able to go without it for any length of time. In their minds, nuclear war is an acceptable “option” when it comes to ensuring the continual flow of infinite energy.

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