Nuclear Exclusion Zone Is Now 40K And Growing

Japanese shrine which is now inside the nuclear exclusion zone in Fukushima province.

Every time I think there is little more to write about the situation in Japan, something horrible happens and the drama of the collapse of the entire ‘We shall save the world’ story of the faux-environmentalists continues to unfold.  Or rather, devolve into toxic radiated dust.  The saddest part of this story is, I was against the nuclear solution since day one since I have personal reasons to loathe and fear anything associated with nuclear powers.  Since my earliest nightmares of childhood, I have seen over and over again, the ghastly outcome of any nuclear situation.  It is, in the case of my damaged thyroid system, deeply embedded in my soul and mind.


Of the many potential dragons of destruction one must fear, the nuclear dragon is only beat by one other: an asteroid strike on the planet.  This is why I am furious whenever the space programs that are for observing space and reaching the asteroids are cut.  This is very insane.  We desperately need to see what is entering the orbit gravity pool of both our earth and the sun.  We fail to see and destroy any asteroid can lead to the near-total annihilation of literally all living things.


The spectre of global warming pales in comparison.  A warm plant has hosted tons of life forms in the past.  Acid seas, on the other hand, are most dangerous which is why controlling acid rain is hyper-important.  The shift from worrying about the very real and horrible consequences of acid rain to the issue of CO2 has been a total catastrophe for the environmental movement.  Suckered into insane, expensive and useless solutions, the end story was the endorsement of the only destructive thing worse than an asteroid was settled on as the solution.


Right now, we shall pause and have a memorial moment for all the farm animals that are now going to be put down due to radiation poisoning and to remember that we are killing whole sea ecosystems with radiated water off Japan.  And we shall also bow our heads in sorrow for all the children who will now have thyroid problems that might even kill them.  And to remember the workers at Fukushima who are literally the walking dead and who are working to death, on top of all of this.  And remember the many dead from Chernobyl which is over a million so far (people are still dying from that event).


Finally, Tokyo Electric has thrown in the towel:  Japan says battle to save nuclear reactors has failed.  Yes, they were hoping, just like at Chernobyl which was run for years after the catastrophe, poisoning many workers for years!—yes, they believe they can’t run this plant anymore…well, sort of:


Tepco’s announcement came as new readings showed a dramatic increase in radioactive contamination in the sea near the atomic complex.


The firm’s chairman, Tsunehisa Katsumata, said it had “no choice” but to scrap the Nos 1-4 reactors, but held out hope that the remaining two could continue to operate. It is the first time the company has conceded that the at least part of the plant will have to be decommissioned.…An emotional Kastumata apologised for the anxiety the crisis has caused.


“We apologise for causing the public anxiety, worry and trouble due to the explosions at reactor buildings and the release of radioactive materials,” he told reports in Tokyo late on Wednesday. “Our greatest responsibility is to do everything to bring the current situation to an end and under control.”


He said the “dire situation” at the plant was likely to continue for some time. The pressure to make progress also took its toll on Tepco’s chief executive, Masataka Shimizu, who is in hospital being treated for exhaustion.


The poor guy who sits safe in Tokyo is now sick and has to be in the hospital?  While the real workers are stuck at the plant, fighting desperately  under medieval conditions?  In the good old days, former chiefs has much more guts than the present generation.  I still remember one of them killing himself at a news conference after apologizing.  It would be a big TV hit in Japan if Mr. Shimizu were to drive a sword into his belly on TV while his aid slits his throat.


Vanishing act by Japanese executive during nuclear crisis raises questions // Current

Amid rumors that Shimizu had fled the country, checked into a hospital or committed suicide, company officials said Monday that their boss had suffered an unspecified “small illness” because of overwork after a 9.0-magnitude earthquake sent a tsunami crashing onto his company’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.


After a short break to recuperate, they said, Shimizu, 66, is back at work directing an emergency command center on the second floor of Tepco’s central Tokyo headquarters.


Still, company officials are vague about whether they have actually seen their boss: “I’ll have to check on that,” said spokesman Ryo Shimitsu. Another staffer, Hiro Hasegawa, said he’d seen the president regularly but couldn’t provide details.


He is obviously a coward.  Two days ago, stories started to creep into the international news stream about how the workers toiling in severe conditions were allowed only one container of water per day and were sleeping on the floor with no bedding, covered with lead blankets were were too few so some had to sleep standing up.  So, TEPCO to improve tough working conditions at Fukushima nuclear plant is today’s headlines in Japan.  Calls for Mr. Shimizu to commit ritual suicide are rising.


The Emperor and Empress have been so worried about the internal collapse of Japanese systems, they once again have moved out of the concealed, sealed world they live in to visit victims of Fukushima.


Japan Today

Even though they can do absolutely nothing, at least they are trying to do something social, though small.  The displaced people in this shelter will be very excited about all of this and have something to talk about for a while.  But they were told they would eventually go home.  I seriously doubt this.


As it finally settles in that they are permanently displaced, things will grow ugly, fast.  My dire predictions that a large radius of farmland and towns and even perhaps an entire city may have to be abandoned is slowly coming true, alas:  High radiation outside Japan’s exclusion zone – The Mainichi Daily News


Elena Buglova, an official from the International Atomic Energy Agency, said the reading was 2 megabecquerels per square meter at the village of Iitate, adding that “as a ratio it was about two times higher” than levels at which the agency recommends evacuations.  Iitate is about 40 kilometers from the Fukushima complex where emergency crews are battling to keep radioactivity from spreading.

Just two weeks ago, it was only 15k.  Then expanded to 20 k and then 30 k.  The US military set it at 50 k which now seems to be highly inadequate. Tokyo’s outermost precincts are on the southern edge of this satellite photo above.  The main point is, this exclusion zone is growing at a fairly rapid pace.  For it has been less than a month and already it has quadrupled in size.  It will keep on growing as the winds cease their spring directional flow to the east and being to shift to the opposite direction, blowing the nuclear wastes over much of Japan.


Not only Japan is being irradiated, so to speak.  This is a global matter and like all nuclear situations, it grows over time.  It spreads and accumulates in the ecosystems which is why no sane ecologist would ever, ever endorse anything nuclear for ANYTHING that is big:  Low levels of radiation found in U.S. milk – The Mainichi Daily News


Very low levels of radiation turned up in a sample of milk from the West Coast state of Washington, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday, but federal officials assured consumers not to worry….Results from a March 25 milk sample taken from Spokane, Washington, showed levels of radioactive Iodine-131 that were still 5,000 times below levels of concern set by the FDA, including levels set for infants and children.

This reminds me of my darker parts of a rather difficult childhood. Aside from worrying about Thor hitting me with lightning bolts and rapists attacking me again (I was raped when only a child and the man confessed to me when I was an adult, to my everlasting surprise and horror, he was a scientist) I worried about nuclear fallout. The average American didn’t worry because the government was lying about this, nonstop.  The lies were totally outrageous.

They assured us and still do that nuclear fallout is bad only when it is at a certain threshold.  Only this changes all the time and is based on guess work.  Much of what happens with nukes of any type involves lots of guesses.  Often wrong.  Why is this?

Well, as we saw on this blog, nuclear supporters minimize or eliminate dangers by refusing to acknowledge that nuclear dangers have a very, very long time horizon for problems.  You get poisoned, it takes years for it to do its nasty work.  I suspect, if doctors near the nuclear bomb testing areas didn’t remove half of my thyroids, I would have died like some of my playmates who are very much dead and are victims of what I call, WWIII, the long nuclear night of the Cold War.

No nukes were dropped on our school but the effect was the same: children died because of nukes in America.  Nukes dropped by our own government on our nation.  Children in the Pacific died of nukes during this time, too.  The ones who managed to survive are dying today because of nukes.  This is, in a nutshell, the ‘cancer epidemic’ which is an epidemic and which did begin right at the same time as we began nuking the planet repeatedly.

We don’t know who will die from this nuclear radiation but I am betting, down the road, many people will have to undergo unpleasant cancer treatments because of this Japanese nuclear power plant meltdown.  Shame on anyone claiming to be an environmentalist if they endorsed or support nuclear power as safe and clean.  I won’t even mention all the poor animals who ingest this pollution, what it will do to their babies who drink concentrated amounts of this horrible poison.
The point is, we are poisoning the planet.  We have to stop this and not do it again and again.  Thrice is three times too many.  Desperate measures are being taken to try to stop nuclear dust at the Japanese plant:  Workers to spray resin over debris at Fukushima nuclear plant › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

An unmanned, remote-controlled vehicle will spray the solution in order to affix radioactive substances onto the debris, officials said.  Within the compound, masses of debris are strewn about the plant as a result of explosions, and this is making it very difficult for plant workers to bring the crisis under control.


They can’t even send in humans!  The US military has offered some of our robots to do this work.  Thousands of US soldiers were irradiated and sucked in radioactive dust at the nuclear testing grounds in the Pacific and Death Valley/Nevada testing grounds.  Many of them died prematurely or had to go through very unpleasant cancer therapies due to this.  Now, people are scared to go into nuclear dust situations and for very good reasons.  I still say, send in all the top executives of Tokyo Electric to do this.  Afterwards, they can commit ritual suicide.


Here is the website run by the EPA telling us what Protective Action Guides | Radiation Protection we can take in a nuclear accident:

RELOCATION: why is that in the list?  Well, this is where you have to abandon pets, belongings and homes and flee forever.  How do we decontaminate an area?  Well, as I pointed at with Hanford nuclear facility’s town and systems: it has to be encased in cement and deeply buried forever!  And then not inhabited for a long, long, long time.  Perhaps, the next ice age or later.  Or wait for Yellowstone to bury it under even more lava.


The government doesn’t say this, of course.   They make it sound like a bunch of Hispanic illegal alien maids will come in and mop up the mess and then be deported.  Instead, it is can’t be cleaned.  It has to be buried.  Maybe, we should put pyramids at these sites as a warning: this is tomb, death dwells here until the universe ends (if we use Thorium!).


Already, this is happening:  Police suspend effort to remove corpse near troubled nuclear plant due to radiation.  Maybe robots could be dispatched.  There are some scary Japanese anime about a nuclear dead planet where only robots can live.

Hi No Tori:

In the middle of this total catastrophe, the stupid actions taken by Japanese imperialists before last month are coming to light and causing greatest consternation in Asia:  S Korea slams Japan’s approval of textbooks making claim to islets › Japan Today



‘‘We express a strong protest and demand an immediate retraction (of the territorial claim),’’ foreign ministry spokesman Cho Byung Jae said.  He said South Korea remains firm in its response to Japan’s attempts to undermine South Korea’s territorial sovereignty over the islets, called Dokdo in Korean and Takeshima in Japanese.  Cho also said the history textbooks ‘‘rationalize and glorify a distorted view of history’’ and that’s ‘‘deeply disappointing and regrettable.’‘


I pointed out all last year that Japan’s elites are totally insane and made a stupid deal with the US that we keep our troops and bases totally in Japan including NUKES which were SECRETLY set up there while the Japanese elites lied about this and in return, we would back Japan in any territorial demands against South Korea, North Korea, China and Russia.  A great way to launch WWIII.  Eagerly, the Japanese elites joyfully expanded territorial demands.


This stupid business should have never happened.  But the Pentagon is also insane, worse than the Japanese military leaders who learned nothing from WWII just as our military learned all the wrong lessons from the Vietnam War. Sympathy for the poor Japanese people will collapse in Asia if the elites continue to misbehave.  Already, the Chinese are glaring at the leaders in Tokyo and letting them know, if they continue their imperialist ways, a really  nasty sleeping dragon will waken and the mess in Fukushima and the entire east coast will be replicated in full.  Something the slumbering Japanese people better wake up and consider seriously as the outcome of present Japanese leadership policies.

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14 responses to “Nuclear Exclusion Zone Is Now 40K And Growing

  1. Dibbles

    Thanks again and, yes, please let’s mourn for all innocents, including animals, who will suffer and die prematurely.
    “Since my earliest nightmares of childhood…deeply embedded in my soul and mind.”
    My apologies for being somewhat OT, but I want to share small victories whenever they occur since it helps keep us going. I know we’ve discussed this topic in the past, and it has relevance to your post because it’s what happens when lawful democracy does not hold violators – no matter how “righteous”, expert or financially powerful – accountable. (Short of easy words, I wonder how TEPCO will try to atone for the disaster they’ve unleashed on the Japanese people and the world in general.)

    NW Jesuits to pay largest sex abuse settlement in U.S. history

  2. Joseppi

    “Shame on anyone claiming to be an environmentalist if they endorsed or support nuclear power”

    How can any individual who believes in personal/collective responsibility think that they have the right to use energy produced by a means that requires their progeny to safeguard this toxic fuel for thousands of years – This moral crime is beyond rational justification and defies any self serving logic.
    And yet, in this mad hatter world we reside in – the nuclear industry is perceived to be stronger post Fukushima, thanks to the dominant media’s misinformation, and the distraction of the 24/7 sporting event like commentary on the colonial meddling in Libya.
    Is there anyway to stop this continuing madness or will it be this collective madness that ends the world as we know it?

  3. emsnews

    There is no really unified left or right, there are a constellation of beliefs some of which can exist totally exclusively of others. Both on the left and right, people imagine they are saving the earth and humanity. But when examined closely, there is no such thing.

    Thus, many people give up and fall into sheer hatred. They want people to die! They cease caring and think a better world will come only after a lot of people die. These historical forces ebb and flow and we are flowing towards the ‘maybe we should have lots of people die!’ ethos.

    No surprise, the planet has record numbers of people now and there is a lot of stress on all systems due to this. But the problem for me is, the crusading spirit in the scientific community. Always a very dangerous thing.

    I saw it up close as a child. Communism was evil so we were going to fight it by…killing lots and lots and millions and millions of poor peasants! Teach them a lesson!

    Yup. And to stop communism, we were going to annihilate all living things on this planet. That is what WWIII is all about. And we are armed to the teeth to do this but not against communists who no longer exist but against Muslims who do very much exist and seem to have zero desire to cease being Muslims so far.

    Which is most toxic, this is all caught in the gears of the Apocalypse machine. One that I feared much more than the anti-commie machine.

  4. DeVaul

    There is no way now to stop the madness. The loss of “a way of life” will cause people to do even more desperate things. Acceptance that a “way of life” has come to an end is not part of human psychology in general.

    Japan is toast. Two reactors have melted and the other two will melt down also. The other two will be abandoned by workers who do not want to die for Tokyo Electric, so they will be neglected and melt down too. This is part of the “human” chain reaction.

    As the radiation spreads, fewer and fewer people will risk their lives to keep these nuclear plants safe. Notice that no nuclear experts or foreigners are volunteering to go in and help stop the meltdowns. How telling!

    Where will the Japanese go? Who will accept them? Who wants a large group of radioactive refugees to enter their country with radioactive particles on their clothing?

    The rich have left, so only those who were duped into staying and being contaminated are left. Each day they become more contaminated. When they realize the game is up, they will get into boats and try and leave. This is what all refugees do.

    Each day that goes by, their chances of fleeing to safety diminish rapidly. No one wants radioactive refugees.

  5. emsnews

    To clarify the above, the ability to kill a billion+ peasants without too much danger (cough….cough) to the elites in the West was done by scientists who created the first machine that would do this from far away, the nuclear and then hydrogen bombs, first delivered by plane and the soon after, by rocket.

    Without scientists assenting to killing massive numbers of people using assassin robot rockets, the elites would have to do this the old way, that is, themselves, their sons, up close, in personal. Like in the good old Medieval days. Even unarmed and no armor or horses, suppressing peasants was dangerous, hard labor for the elites. Still is, thus, the Predator drones backed up by a huge nuclear arsenal.

  6. Joseppi

    Psycho Apocalypse machine – The psychologically of a booming population of oldsters with a diminished will to live due to the aging process and the lack of energy to fight against collective suicidal tendicies is a real factor in the near future. Combined with Apocalytic religions with moral absoluteness and ideological fanatics, and also taking into consideration shrinking resources and financial engineering depravity, we realize that we have a loudly ticking nuke time bomb.
    Today’s world forces one to hunker down in the domestic ‘Be here now’ bunker with a happy face and a ‘what me worry’ picture on the walls.
    If only “pure” science and the knowledge it bestows upon humans had not been tragically taken over by the merchants of greed and destruction there may have been hope.
    Quick back to the bunker…..

  7. @Joseppi: If only “pure” science and the knowledge it bestows upon humans had not been tragically taken over by the merchants of greed and destruction there may have been hope.

    Ditto religion. In fact, there is a good argument that the two major apocalyptic religions, Christianity and Islam, started out as scams much like Mormonism.

  8. Alex


    Hello Elaine, been following your blog for a long time, but only decided to post now because your posts about Japan recently hit much closer to home (I am from China Hong Kong).

    You’ve already posted a lot of what I want to express so I thought I’d just offer some Chinese perspective for you and your followers on this made-in-Japan crisis.

    As Chinese, we are still holding major grudges against the Japanese for invading us back then (not because of the pathetic small number of killings but because of making us lose face, which is considered punishable by death), for STILL worshiping Japanese war criminals in their shrines, and for being another traitor of Asia and became yet another spineless western lap dog.

    So in our mind we simply regard this earthquake as a long overdue “Punishment from the sky”, while in public we might pretend to be sad, say all the right and polite things, but really we’re more sad about the loss of sushi and unique local vegetables from Eastern Japan, and more sad about the quake not hitting Tokyo instead.

    This incident has totally shattered Japan’s illusion of being highly advanced and capable, I mean what kind of idiots run out of water 50 meters away from the ocean with the whole world watching? Over the years we’ve already been watching this little mud patch on our front yard slowly crush under its own weight, this quake simply sped up the process.

    Thank you Elaine, rock on.


  9. DeVaul

    Interesting perspective, Alex. Can you tell us how the Chinese view Americans? If you want to split it between the government and the average citizen, that’s ok. Just curious.

  10. Alex Yam


    Hi DeVaul, you’ve always been respectful to others so I’ll respect you and give you the honest and balance answer.

    Chinese consider themselves one of the wise elders of the world, therefore we see America (government,people,culture,the whole lot) as the clever teenager of the world:

    Energetic, quick thinking, clever with new ideas, good at new technologies, arrogant, always trying to prove himself, wants respect but disrespect others, irresponsible, living in a dream, not thinking long term, careless with money, created too many enemies, and just like you and me growing up, eventually reality will smack him in the face and make him learn the difference between being clever and being wise, and start to behave like adults.

    Do you remember the first time you look at a teenager and thought “why waste time on ego trip instead of making more money?”, this is how the Chinese see Americans at the moment.

  11. emsnews

    The Chinese hubris is this pride. This is why China didn’t take the first European armed ships seriously. Japan did.

    Both China and Japan tried to fix that problem in 1500 by closing their doors. This worked, barely, until 1800. After the Napoleonic wars, Russia expanded across all of Siberia to the Pacific and began to take over Manchuria.

    Britain ruled the Seven Seas at last and began tearing apart India, China and other empires. Japan, again, took this much more seriously than proud China and ended up so powerful, they joined the Europeans in destroying China.

    Then, after WWI, with Europe devastated and losing power rapidly, Japan singlehandedly began to devour China. Butchering millions of Chinese people.

    The mess still is in this world, Japan hasn’t even gone nearly enough towards making reparations to China for that! Nor has Britain, for that matter.

    The Chinese now have to think about how they will rule the world. For revenge? Or for other ends? Only they know.

  12. Alex Yam


    You’re right, it was certainly the stubborn pride and ignorant that let us down, when we look at our ancestor’s foreign policy in the 1900s we shake our head in disgust and disbelieve.

    Instead of using the world’s 51% GDP back then to build a navy, the “Empress” Cixi (A palace maid who reached the top by playing place politics, someone with complete disregard to the outside world) decided to spend multiple times GDP worth of money on her “birthday palace” instead.

    It may be a hundred years ago but this important lesion is still in every Chinese’s mind. It has taught us and keep reminding us arrogance will lead to huge failure and NEVER to underestimate the outside world again and always prepare for the future.

    China now has a billion people with internalized anger working like no tomorrow, to get back (in their mind) what was once theirs.

  13. DeVaul

    Thanks, Alex, for that information.

    My wife it Thai, and she thinks I “waste” money, but then later (years later) she realizes that I was right not to save pieces of paper when we needed real things for the future.

    Still, she cannot fully let go of her obsession with money, nor can her Asian friends. I find this strange, as money is really just an abstract concept from my point of view, and I feel it is better to have a rifle in the hand than a promise in the future.

  14. GREAT REVIEW! I agree with all you said in your article, especially at the end of your article. Thank you, this info is very valuable as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your great blog:) Isabella S.

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