Fukushima Is A Complete Meltdown Disaster

YouTube – The China Syndrome (1979) HD trailer

China Syndrome – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The term “China Syndrome” refers to a possible result of a catastrophic meltdown of a nuclear reactor. Also called a loss of coolant accident, the scenario begins when something causes the coolant level in a reactor vessel to drop, uncovering part—or all—of the fuel element assemblies. Even if the nuclear chain reaction has been stopped through use of control rods or other devices, the fuel continues to produce significant residual heat for a number of days due to further decay of fission products. If not properly cooled, the fuel assemblies may soften and melt, falling to the bottom of the reactor vessel. There, without neutron-absorbing control rods to prevent it, nuclear fission could resume but, in the absence of a neutron moderator, might not.


As I correctly deduced last month, the explosions in Fukushima were not mere ‘outside’ events but signaled the destruction of the innermost cores of the reactors there.  They were definitely damaged by both the tsunami and the earthquakes.  We still don’t really know what is going on inside the reactors since they are invincible to view, that is, we can’t see the actual rods themselves except by opening the containers up!  Then, we get Pandora’s Nuclear Box which is worse than the original which simply made the world unhappy.  This box opening would kill everything near and even far:  N.R.C. Suspects Leak in Core of Japan Nuclear Reactor Was More Advanced – NYTimes.co:


“part of the Unit 2 core may be out of the reactor pressure vessel and may be in the lower space of the drywell.” After the hearing, in response to numerous questions, the agency said that “there are possible leakage paths from the reactor vessel into the drywell.”


It did not say whether the fuel was molten or solid. If molten fuel has left the reactor’s pressure vessel and reached the drywell in substantial quantities, it raises the possibility that the fuel could escape the larger containment structure, leading to a large-scale radioactive release.


A training manual developed by the companies that operate this type of reactor and dated 2009 refers to the possibility of “creep rupture,” in which molten core material begins seeping through a hole in the vessel and creates a bigger hole as it works; the document says the molten core material can “ablate” a bigger hole. It can then burn through the steel at the bottom of the drywell and interact with the concrete, producing carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which could react explosively.


This is a classic case of the terrible pin hole in a real system: anything, even the tiniest pin hole, will expand until the entire system blows up!  Talk about an insane system!  Any system which has this problem is a real problem for humans.  We can’t help but allow situations where a pinhole grows.  If vigilance is required to keep this from happening and this vigilance should be absolute and forever, we know this is impossible for humans.

We have to remove ourselves from any system which requires any form of perfection or it blows up and destroys lots and lots of things or poisons lots of places.  This is why any system using dams to hold back poisoned waters is also dangerous!  That is, all it takes is a small pin hole in the dam which widens and then disgorges all the poisons all at once.  Or nature can take a hand and destroy it via water as we see in floods and tsunamis: any water containment system is very delicate and often right next to natural forces which can open a hole up via earthquakes or weather, etc.
The quest for energy has endangered many habitats.  The noxious oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a prime example.  It hasn’t stopped drilling there.  Dry land drilling in many places also pollutes the land and destroys it for other purposes, too.  Anyone visiting the oil fields of say, Iraq, can see this destruction quite clearly.  The new gas hydrofracting business has the same poison water containment systems problems.  Gold mining has arsenic problems, for example.  The tails of most mines are laced with heavy metal poisons.  Oil-related facilities can and do blow up quite spectacularly as we saw recently in Japan.
Back to Fukushima: the solution to Chernobyl was to encase the ongoing meltdown in cement so it wouldn’t continue to pollute the planet.  This was a short-term solution since the cement has interesting chemical interactions with the active core and now a much, much bigger crypt has to be built.  I would suggest, we would have to keep at this until there is a literal mountain over the hellish fires deep inside.  Each generation would have to add a new layer to this.  Might as well make it a religion so our future generations can keep at this toil without understanding why they must do it.
The pretense that we can clean up Fukushima continues only because of politics.  The populace of Japan waits with bated breath hoping they are smarter than the Russians.  The government of Japan is NOT smarter than the communists of the dead Soviets.  The truth of this will slowly sink in.  But right now, hope arises out of fear.  Sometimes leaders tell the truth:  U.N. chief: More nuclear accidents are likely – The Mainichi Daily News


“To many, nuclear energy looks to be a relatively clean and logical choice in an era of increasing resource scarcity. Yet the record requires us to ask painful questions: have we correctly calculated its risks and costs? Are we doing all we can to keep the world’s people safe?” Ban said. “The unfortunate truth is that we are likely to see more such disasters.”


During a brief visit to the explosion site 60 miles (100 kilometers) north of the Ukrainian capital earlier in the day, Ban proposed a strategy for improving nuclear energy security worldwide, including strengthening the International Atomic Energy Agency and devoting more attention to “the new nexus between natural disasters and nuclear safety.”

Ban’s solution is more ‘safety’.  HAHAHA…one thing about humans: we are not safe.  We like to take risks.  Even if we profess we want safety, this flies out the window the instant anyone offers us an easy chance to get something nice.  So, we fret about risks but live as if there is no tomorrow.  I see people who are scared to death of global warming, for example, happily will climb into a jet to fly to exotic places where they can weep in sorrow about how all the living things they love to see there are going to die due to people flying everywhere for fun.
Ban won’t ban nuclear energy systems.  He wants this crazy fractious world to be more careful around them.  So, a tiny pin prick in a containment vessel can widen and turn into a massive nuclear explosion which will then cause nuclear pollution for effectively all eternity?  Wow.  Sorry, but modern weapons can very easily make much more than a  mere pin prick!  Our only working solution so far is to entomb any pricked nuclear power plant.  And the only way to do this is to have humans die from radiation after working hard to dump cement on the violent process.


The news in Japan is not good and the media there is on the story even if the US media is slowly dropping it in favor of other stories:  Nuke authorities vague about radiation exposure limits for emergency workers while the Workers at nuke plant complain about handling of radiation exposure data.  Some of us believe that no radiation is good radiation.  To keep up the fiction that it is OK to be irradiated, the governments chose without any real purpose, to have arbitrary limits.  At the very start of this mess in Japan, the government simply doubled the allowed amount of radiation for workers!  This shows exactly how utterly arbitrary it all is.


After assuring everyone that this radiation, even if the government doubles the doses, is safe, the government suddenly reverses itself and now is going to never let anyone return to their homes near Fukushima:  Japan bans residents from staying within 20-km from Fukushima plant while the U.S. warns radiation near crippled plant could exceed upper limit.  The saddest part here is how the poor people who first fled didn’t take absolutely everything they owned.  Just like with Chernobyl, the government (which is as inept as the Soviets) assured everyone that this was no big deal and then it was only temporary.  Now, it is FOREVER.


Believe me, this is forever.  It would be as if the US dropped a nuke on Hiroshima that never stopped nuking Hiroshima.  The dragon that dwells within is ancient and can live a very long time, far, far longer than mere humans.  Inviting these dragons to live next door is as dangerous as living next to volcanic dragons.  Even if they slumber, they can suddenly waken and destroy everything including blowing themselves up only to go back to sleep to wait another day of destruction.


The horrors continue:  Radioactive leaks into sea were 20,000 times above limit: TEPCO.  This is not double or quadruple, this is astronomically greater than the limits set by the world governments.  Japan is polluting world oceans with dangerous nuclear wastes.  This is like Bikini Island with 20,000 nukes.  I may be exaggerating here but it is continuing not stopping.  So what do we compare this with?  We can’t.  Chernobyl wasn’t on the ocean.  So this is a new nightmare, one that we can only guess will do something or anything.


Far from being stoic, the Japanese people were stunned by the vastness of this disaster.  Now, reactions are beginning to set in:  Arrested MSDF member says he broke law to avoid disaster zone redeployment – The Mainichi Daily News


A Japanese sailor accused of public indecency for taking down his trousers in a local DVD rental shop has said he was trying to get arrested so he wouldn’t have to go back to the earthquake- and tsunami-devastated northeast.


It is a nightmare world along the entire Japanese east coast.  Everyone working there is stressed out.  The more one contains stress, the more psychological damage.  In a society that has few release points breeds suicide.  And the country with one of the highest suicide rates is Japan.  Japan is suicidal  on many levels.  Like the US, the Japanese government refuses to tax the very rich.  Instead, the government piled on debt and now waits passively for outsiders to force them to fix things:  OECD urges Japan to pursue fiscal discipline even after quake – The Mainichi Daily News


The OECD also said in its survey report that Tokyo may have to raise the consumption tax rate in stages to 20 percent from the current 5 percent if it is to stably reduce the country’s debt ratio, while stressing the Bank of Japan should consider purchasing more government bonds in the event of a deterioration of the economic outlook.…The government has set a key fiscal rehabilitation goal of achieving a primary balance surplus in the year starting April 2020, meaning it can forgo new bond issuance in financing its expenditures, except for debt-servicing costs….The OECD hailed such moves, but called on the BOJ to do more when the outlook deteriorates by focusing on reducing long-term interest rates “through expanded purchases of government bonds.”


It urged the bank to be “cautious in buying high-risk private assets,” referring to the purchases of corporate debt and other financial bonds products riskier than government under BOJ Governor Masaaki Shirakawa’s benchmark policy of the asset purchase program, as such an approach could boost inflation expectations and hence lead to higher long-term rates.


Basically, Japan will have to have TAX INFLATION while keeping things ZIRP so the huge government debt won’t be even bigger.  Since they pay virtually no principal off, they can pile on debt forever so long as it stays at zero percent overhead costs.  But of course, it isn’t really zero, it is a small amount but due to infinitely adding on debt, this small amount has steadily grown and now is on the verge of blowing up as the economy fails.  Japan’s exports last month fell by a catastrophic 78%.  Since the entire economy is nearly totally based on exports, this is a very nasty collapse.


The domestic economy has been starved for generations.  It is so feeble now, it can’t resurrect itself easily.  The willow-the-wisp business of exports only is dangerous if it cannibalizes the local economies.  Japan was able to keep going for years this way only due to propagandizing itself into believing that Japanese local goods are superior to imports.  So food inflation, for example, could rage in a ZIRP economy.  The ZIRP business was totally focused on foreign export situations and this was achieved via holding trade dollars in an immense FOREX holding while starving the nation itself of this foreign loot.


Even now, this loot which is in the trillions can’t be tapped to rescue the Japanese people.  It has to stay in the vault to support foreign exports.  So Japan madly exports while unable to service the people at home.  Right now, the government is telling nearly a million refugees, there is no home building for them because the government can’t afford to do this and has no materials for this.  This insane solution, basically telling people to drop dead, while massaging exports that enrich only a very tiny minority in Japan, is what is killing our nation.


For we are even more insane.  Our Pentagon is supposed to protect us, not bankrupt us.  Our Pentagon is running mad across the planet starting more and more and more wars…Libya is a total disaster with our ‘side’ losing…and in order to keep dominating the planet, we have to have more and more expensive, exotic and fragile weapons systems.  The pin prick here is financial: any time we fight anyone, we lose immense amounts of money.  Fighting barely-armed peasants, some of the poorest on earth in Afghanistan, cost us a trillion dollars so far!  .

The peasants there spent what?  A million?  If that!  No, they fight with immense courage and bravado.  And cunning.  And are bankrupting the US.  The more battles we ‘win’ the more we lose the real war.  Which is financial.  Here is the latest obscene and insane example:  Lockheed Martin F-35 Operating Costs May Reach $1 Trillion – Bloomberg


The long-term cost estimate, which includes inflation, was submitted to Congress on April 15 in a report obtained by Bloomberg News. It assumes 8,000 hours of flying time for each of the 2,443 aircraft over a 30-year period. The Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps have their own variations of the aircraft, with the last in the fleet to be produced in 2035…..For example, the latest estimate assumes that F-35 components will break more frequently than older aircraft, he said. The Pentagon is trying to develop “a more refined number,” he said.  The $1 trillion estimate is in addition to an estimated $382 billion in development and production costs.


As our nation goes bankrupt trying to export its way to wealth while killing domestic industries that should be producing stuff here at home for home consumption, as our nation goes bankrupt due to trying to dominate the world militarily while all our trade rivals ravage our cities and towns here at home by exporting successfully to the US, we are seeing some of the most fragile, silly, useless weapons ever being created.  Even when we won two major wars with industrial Germany and industrial Japan, both soon swamped the US in world trade and rose to be close rivals to the US and ended up both destroying and then taking over huge parts of our domestic markets and industries.  We lost WWII if we look at the economic outcomes.

Japan lost its own internal war by conceding too much power to the very rich exporters.  They, in turn, sucked their own nation dry.  China watches this nervously since they imitated key elements of the Japanese game.  The leaders there know of the dangers besetting Japan and are anxious to avoid this at home.  There are many forces at work here.  This is as if we were handed a riddle to solve:  how can we exist here on this limited planet?  We want infinity.  And infinity is fixed by the null factor: it ends suddenly.

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7 responses to “Fukushima Is A Complete Meltdown Disaster

  1. CedarS

    I don’t mean to bore anyone but this anecdote may provide more insight from an industry perspective.

    I work on two Honda programs thru my company and since the earthquake, communications have been spotty (even email) to Japan. We learned after the first two weeks, the main facility (north of Tokyo) was temporary abandoned and workers were crowded into a western Japan facility. Employees were working in shifts around the clock on a limited number of computer terminals. Data that was scheduled to be sent by my company at the end of April was suddenly changed to late March-all due to limited time and access to computers. In the meantime, scheduled dates, official meetings, data transmissions with Honda Japan are being missed on a fairly regular basis.

    So far there have been no official delays to the programs but we are now hearing the work in Tokyo is being actively shifted out of Japan. To what extent is anyone’s guess at this point.

    All is not well.

  2. adamm

    8000 hours per j35 2443 planes 1 trn$.. and of course that 2443 will be phased in over a 20? year period. SO on average, with attrition the avg fleet will number .. as a guess. no more than 1500 aircraft so that a total flying time of 8000×1500 = 12 million hours. 1 million million USd/ 12 million hours = approx 100 000 USd per flying hour. Not counting the original build cost, just operations.

    Not to worry, in a few years a MacDonalds burger will be 1000$ and a gallon of gas similarly.

    OR, alternatively; those planes will all be scrapped and/or sold to rich Chinese; just like the Su USSR planes were sold off after the USSR fell. The latter is more likely.

  3. BeN

    Ranger uranium mine, in Australia’s finest wilderness area is also posing environmental problems. With a Fukushima style lack of foresight, it looks like they didn’t plan for a extended rainy season in a monsoonal region and also in the style of Fukishima they have tried to loosen regulations to accomodate an unfolding crisis.


  4. DeVaul

    Thanks for those calculations, Adamm.

    I always suspected the cost of flying our jets was outrageous. Just the jet fuel alone is so expensive (not to mention the cost of transporting it to the other side of the world) that burning it up flying around looking for something to shoot is just insane. And when they do shoot something, it is often a hut full of women and children.

    There are two worlds competing for space in the human mind: the real world (jet fuel burned up for no real reason, innocent people butchered) and the abstract world (arrival and departure times within mission parameters, zone of patrol covered 100% during flight mission, potential targets marked for future inspection).

    The latter is winning, of course. Humans are so caught up in abstractions that they cannot see the obvious, nor deduce or infer anything from the obvious. They are too preoccupied with their “portfolios”, their logged flight hours, their overtime pay, the “stats” of their favorite sports team (in many cases, several teams), sending and receiving emails, tweets and twitters, and finally, how other people view them, but not how they view themselves.

    Things like honesty and fairness, justice and mercy, truth and right action do not show up in graphs or charts, nor do they accumulate in portfolios or paychecks, so they are shoved out of the mind to make room for abstract nonsense.

    There is no cure for this that is not also deadly and catastrophic.

  5. Long rambling day before Easter post follows…:

    DeVaul says:

    “Things like honesty and fairness, justice and mercy, truth and right action do not show up in graphs or charts, nor do they accumulate in portfolios or paychecks, so they are shoved out of the mind to make room for abstract nonsense.”

    I think I could present a few graphs that speak to honesty, fairness, justice, and truth. With respect to “right” action, I can’t speak to that because in my mind the term “right” ought just be used directionally. I prefer the terms “proper” or better yet “correct”. It is easy to gripe, but much harder to actually act to improve things.

    It is so enlightening to go back and read much of what has been posted here at Elaine’s site because I think this is perhaps the best way to judge accuracy and intent. If you have been correct in the past and this is on record, then it means what you say in the present ought be taken seriously.

    As to Fukushima….”fuuu kuuu shi ma”, it is such a HUGE mess that it cannot be hidden for long. Anybody interested in a job I know about in Tokyo? No takers? That is no surprise to me. I wouldn’t go there either. It is a complete meltdown of the Japanese culture and Elaine has been speaking of this for years! She could see this coming and it was only a matter of time. So I think it is high time that some serious thinkers begin to take seriously what she says. She has been correct time and time again.

    Begs the question….why has she and so many others been marginalized off to the side? Are so many so zombified that they have no interest in the “truth” or in fair debate? Accurate news anybody? Is there anybody freaking out there?????

    OK, we had Katrina, then the Gulf Oil Spill, now Fuku-shima, and of course wars happening all along. Now in the Middle East and Africa (places where the People have had enough of so-called elite leadership), all sorts of skirmishes are popping up….almost too many to keep track of. What does this foretell? War is in the air, don’t you think? And the pathetic leadership in this short-lived country (seem likely to me) acts as if they have been caught with their pants down or as if they could give a flip. I don’t think they really care.

    If I had been President, Ghadafi would be a dead man or in court already. A day or two after it all started, when there was much disarray a group of 8 (or maybe 16) would have dropped down into his compound on the fly, and with one swift sneak attack that would have been that. Simple. Instead we now have a costly and prolonged civil war across the ocean that benefits no-one. What a waste. What poor leadership the so-called elite demonstrate. Elite my ass.

    I think it is time for a REVOLUTION! One that happens before too many are too hungry to even fight. Jefferson was correct about liberty and blood. I think his timing was off, but I think he was correct that it must occur on occasion to keep minds and hearts fresh!

    I don’t know about you all, but I pray for a Revolution. 1776-style, but with an internet twist so that it can go GLOBAL. And this time, we don’t have to overcome the obvious slavery issue. But slavery still exists for those who are swamped by debt. Time to put an end to that is what I think. Time for some bankers to be metaphorically (of course) swimming with the fish……

    Time for heads to roll!


  6. Clueless

    @ Ken: The elite know exactly what they are doing, everything that is unfolding is going according to a scripted plan. What is happening in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Ivory Coast, Bahrain, Syria in 2011, was outed by Gen. Wesley Clark in 2007. Do not make the mistake of thinking the elite are incompetent morons, they are not. They are extremely intelligent, remorseless sociopaths.

    Ever wonder why the trend in glamorizing bloodsucking vampires in movies today? People are being conditioned to unconsciously accept and embrace sociopath behavior. This is just one facet, there are many. 😉

    Anyway, here is Gen. Wesley Clark saying it like it is. Oh, and by the way, to all Republicans and Democrats alike, please note, this interview happened right after 911. Convincing proof that there is no difference between the two parties, and that democracy is only a figment of naive American minds.

  7. Clueless –

    The “8” or “16” who would have silently and effectively infiltrated Ghadafi’s compound (in my imagination) would have been ELITE, but those who currently have much power, wealth, and influence are NOT. But, I do agree that many of these so-called “elite” individuals (not all) are indeed remorseless sociopaths with no empathy who are so disconnected from the harsh realities that most must confront day-to-day. I suspect they must somehow rationalize their hurtful behavior, but I sure know I would not want to be in their shoes. I doubt many of them are happy.

    Like so many others, what I am mainly is INDIGNANT with the status quo. It is beyond frustrating because I know there is plenty to go around (for everyone) and there is no reason for these sociopaths to be calling the shots. The good news is that the WORD is finally starting to get out (especially amongst the younger generations) and when it reaches critical mass, I believe change can be swift and vast and this change will take on a life of its own. It will be unstoppable. The alternative is a dead end road for everyone…..like lemmings going over the precipice.

    I think the precipice can be avoided and those who perpetuate suffering of innocence will recieve discriminate justified retribtuion – in most instances they will likely deliver it to each other like a bunch of crazy bobcats clawing and scratching each other’s eyes out. Then the rest of us can go about our work towards improving the commonweal. It won’t be easy but when (if) it happens it will be a Renaissance!

    All I want to do is live in my small place (recently acquired from foreclosure for which I could tell a whole nether story), work together with my neighbors, and perhaps get a small vineyard going. It is good to dream, and I proclaim no harmful intent, but it seems to me that it has reached the point where (figuratively speaking of course) heads are going to have to roll. I pray that the heads that roll are those whom are deserving of the aforementioned justified retribution. Now or never it seems to me.

    I pray for peace and I pray for solace.

    Happy Easter to all those who celebrate the Ressurrection – what a hopeful story it is, although I’m not sure why Jesus “had” to be killed in the first place. That is a story that had already been told many times.

    I’m ready though for a new chapter in the story that speaks to the bounty that is here for all of us to appreciate. Sort of like the Garden of Eden that is not taken away!


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