General’s NYT Editorial For Big Libya War

YouTube The Green Table, a ballet from before WWII by Kurt Joos- 1 Intro thru beginning of The Farewells

When we read the thoughts and beliefs of everyone behind the utter and total collapse of Western ‘banking’ we wonder, are these people totally insane?  This is also true when we read the thoughts of US generals.  Shouldn’t they be put in some safe asylum where they could do less harm?  The irrational, insane, ahistorical, bizarre thinking processes they collectively exhibit amazes me.  They are so utterly out of touch with reality, it just baffles me how they manage to not only survive but like the insane bankers, thrive!


Well, I do know why: they are backed by our media and by massive propaganda campaigns designed to keep them insulated from reality while we are as confused and confounded as possible.  Due to blunt force (control of the central banks, control of DC, control of the media and control of our weapons of mass destruction) to keep rolling ever onwards, right off the cliff.


The Pentagon has managed to nearly totally evade any fiscal restraints.  It has doubled spending in the last decade.  Cuts to Medicare and Medicaid are being demanded as warmongers in DC circle the wagons around the Pentagon.  Truly, the choice for us will be, ‘We must die so the Pentagon may kill.’  Will the average American be willing to die a miserable death without medical care so that the Pentagon can bomb more countries?


Just as we have been asked to lose our savings and be put into collective debt to bail out the richest bastard bankers on earth, so it is with the Pentagon: they are dumping any idea that they exist to protect us.  They don’t.  They exist so they can fight Muslims across the planet.  Since there are literally a billion Muslims, this is one humongous job indeed requiring that at least 50% of Americans lose healthcare at home.


Here is a totally insane editorial written by one of our insane generals whose title is certainly prophetic:  Finish the Job –



James M. Dubik, a retired Army lieutenant general who oversaw the training of Iraqi troops from 2007 to 2008, is a senior fellow at the Institute for the Study of War.


Let’s go visit this website run by the Institute for the Study of War and see who runs this joint:  About Us | Institute for the Study of War


ISW’s research methodology relies on both primary and secondary sources, enabling its researchers to develop the comprehensive understanding of the situation on the ground. In order to analyze military and political developments in any given area, researchers must wholly understand the systems of enemy and friendly forces. They must also understand the population demographics, physical terrain, politics, and history of that area. This lays the analytical foundation for understanding the reasons for particular developments and fulfilling their assigned research objectives. Using both primary and secondary sources, our researchers compile data and analyze trends, producing a granular analysis of developments in areas of research, producing an accurate, high-resolution, timely, and thorough picture of the situation. ISW’s research methodology guarantees its success and commitment to improve the nation’s ability to execute military operations, achieve strategic objectives, and respond to emerging problems that may require the use of American military power.


The wife of Frederick Kagan, a Jewish right wing Zionist who wanted the US to double Pentagon spending for these endless wars against Muslims, runs this ‘institute’ which is a spawn of the odious and totally evil fascist organization, the American Enterprise Institute.  This body of delusional people believes firmly in ‘free trade’ and celebrate every time someone gets very rich selling off US jobs and increasing our trade deficit as well as being anti-tax the rich.


So, they conspire to start pressure groups which hire ‘retired’ US generals to push for endless military spending while operating under the wings of the AEI which is very anti-American and quite pro-internationalist wealthy elites running us into the ground.  Naturally, the NYT runs editorials written by this gang.


Even as the Times hosts people like Krugman as token ‘liberals’ who weep about cutting social services, I do note that Krugman also supports AEI’s agenda of outsourcing our jobs even as he lauds Keynesian hyperspending without a sane tax base.  That is, he wants to spend money on both the military adventures and Medicare.  And he does sort of want taxes to go up on the rich.


He keeps the liberals well corralled so they won’t turn against the Times which is pro-spending on Israel and wars to the end of times.  Let’s look at this crazy editorial from the War Institute:


Public pronouncements aside, the unstated strategic aim of the intervention in Libya is to remove Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi and his regime, and things are not going well.


Things aren’t going well in ANY sector of ANY US/NATO wars!  Since we fight like cowards, we simply get tangled up on the ground cheek and jowl with hostile populations who wish us dead and work very, very hard to insure that we do sometimes die despite all the schemes of the Pentagon to protect our soldiers.  The minute we set them up very close in with the people we want to control and rule, they kill us.


This means a constant churning of soldiers who wear out, psychologically, pretty fast.  When the US suddenly invaded Libya while studiously ignoring hundreds of Bahrainis and Yemenis being shot right next to our many bases around Saudi Arabia, our ambassador and our lying bastard President claimed that this was done to protect citizens of Libya, not kill Gaddafi.


Of course, this was a naked lie.  Lying to the UN is normal.  In between Hillary picking the pockets of other diplomats, our staff there is all about vetoing anything critical of Israel and finding various excuses to attack Muslim leaders Israel hates.  And Israel loves the Saudi royals and the rulers of Bahrain and Yemen and they hate Syria’s leader and of course, Gaddafi.


So the pretense of protecting the Libyan people is dropped in favor of attacking Gaddafi’s offices.  What they itch to do is to bomb his homes and other places where he and his family would try to hide.  Just as our ‘disarm Saddam’s WMD’ instantly turned into a full scale invasion ending with Saddam being hung, so it is here: we are out to kill and this general wonders why we pussy-foot around our true intentions.


Like any good Nazi foot soldier, the ends justify the means and the whole point of any action is to kill or assassinate some leader we don’t like.


Bombing is extremely effective against targets that are clearly distinguishable from civilians and friendly forces. But Colonel Qaddafi’s forces are using a classic defense against air superiority: get as close to your enemy as possible. That means that the use of air power alone has had the perverse effect of putting those forces even closer to the people we are trying to protect.

We have zero desire to protect any Libyans which is why the people we are protecting get upset every time we kill them.  Of course, the US using cowardly long range air bombing raids is irritated that the ‘enemy’ won’t stand in lines like in pre-Napoleonic battles, waiting inert for cannonballs to fall in their ranks.
We complained bitterly during the long Vietnam War that the communists fought dirty.  They would move silently right into our midsts on the ground and then fight us hand to hand!  How dare they!  We, on the other hand, bombed Southeast Asia constantly from the air!  That is fair!  That is good and holy and legal.  Fighting up close where people have confusion is evil.
One of the first cries of unfair fighting lobbed at the Nazis was their use of airplanes to bomb cities!  The US bombs cities almost as an afterthought.  Bombing cities is our goal!  We think it is good because…well, we won WWII with Japan and Germany by bombing civilians!  So it is good!  End of story.


America could pull out, making a tacit admission that the intervention was a strategic mistake. But a resurgent Colonel Qaddafi would likely seek revenge against the rebels and those who helped them. Moreover, NATO’s resolve would be called into question, as would America’s.


Oh, it is much, much worse.  Gaddafi will attack us.  Here at home.  We went and attacked his home and in the past, when this happened, he would return the favor.  He loves tit for tat fighting every bit as much as the Taliban who excel in this sort of moral battles.  He disarmed foolishly hoping to be joining other dictators and shadowy rulers and disregarded the dire lessons of Saddam: if you disarm, NATO will attack from the air!


Now, he is very angry and muttering to himself, ‘So, the Iranians are right after all!’  I detailed yesterday how Russia and China, as I predicted last year, are now arming Pakistan and other countries the US has tried to control via terror, and are now happily gliding upwards in power as the US goes bankrupt to China, trying to bomb dictators here, there and everywhere.


We know that Libya, full of sweet crude oil China would love to have, better yet, love to SELL to EUROPE…China will arm Gaddafi in the future.  The US gambled on using al Qaeda Gitmo releasees sent to Libya as our CIA undercover revolutionaries (again!) and this proved a total failure as the revolution collapses.


When Gaddafi goes to the UN to demand the US and EU pay to fix everything, Russia and China will back him.  Or the EU countries, led by Germany who was and still is against this Libya war, will quietly make peace with Russia and will pay off Gaddafi.  Who will then focus his ire back on the US.


Here is one astonishing statement of General Dubik:


If Colonel Qaddafi falls, the United States and NATO will have a responsibility to help shape the postwar order, including providing security to prevent a liberated Libya from sinking into chaos.


Good lord.  This idiot presided over the mess in Iraq.  Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died in brutal combat in cities during our reign there!  We destroyed much of the civilian infrastructure and presided over religious chaos.  The cities were clean and quiet under Saddam.  They became bloody hell holes under our rule.


This war crime hasn’t been properly addressed.  None of our crimes are heard in any court since NATO controls all international war tribunals.  Being totally and hopelessly unfair and downright evil, defeated opponents of NATO are put on Soviet-style show trials while the criminals who terrorize much of the planet get off scot-free.  Hitler loved his Luftwaffe and so does the Pentagon:


So far, we have chosen an instrument — airstrikes — that is powerful but cannot attain our humanitarian or strategic aims by itself. The charade is over: America has intervened in a civil war with the de facto aim of regime change in Libya. Washington must now accept that decision and face its consequences.

So, since we broke our word to the UN and tried to kill Gaddafi after swearing we won’t try to do this, we should ‘face the consequences’?  Which to me seems to be, putting Obama and all of his generals on the dock for war crimes, no?  That is the consequences according to international laws and rules of engagement!
What this general really means, the ‘charade’ of fighting to protect civilians should be dropped and we just go for total naked domination and butchery.  So it goes: diplomacy dies and tyranny rises from the ashes.

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8 responses to “General’s NYT Editorial For Big Libya War

  1. RobG

    Your comment about the banksters is echoed over at Nathan’s Economic Edge blog:

    The bottom line is that the banks are NOT making money the old fashioned way – via prudent lending. The large banks have morphed into something completely unrecognizable… they are now behemoth corporations that control the production of money, they control and manipulate all the markets, and they speculate in the same markets that they own and control. Oh, and while they are doing that, they are busy marking their debt and derivatives to a fantasy model of their own creation! Nice business model. The truth, of course, is that the large banks are insolvent, as in BROKE when their REAL assets are compared to their liabilities. These banks literally own the “FED” and they have totally captured politics and economic policy.

    It’s quite the bizarre situation when you pause to really think about it.

  2. RobG (April 26) is saying unit 3 had a nuclear explosion and threw fuel rods 2 miles away. (Again Elaine is right from one of her first posts on it):

    Gundersen Postulates Unit 3 Explosion May Have Been Prompt Criticality in Fuel Pool from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.


    ELAINE: We could see things shooting out of the building when it exploded. And yes, this was pretty easy to call. The problem with global warming/pro-nuclear activists is how they blind themselves to contrary incoming data which is why we can’t trust them or others equally wedded to some ideal or idea.

    One MUST look at ALL data when figuring out things. Often, I have been forced to reconsider ideas based in incoming data. I find the emotional part of detaching myself from previous ideas to be painful so…I do it as much as possible.

  3. mike

    but that a war with a billion plus Muslims could be paid for with just the money spent on healthcare of 50 percent of 100 million people…?

  4. alex lemas

    The Banks will just put the entire country of Libya in massive debt. The IMF will lend some stooge government a trillion dollars in loans and Betchel, Halliburton, Brown Root will head into the country. They want the debt not the oil. They want the future.

  5. jdmlist

    “The future Mr Getts, the future.”

  6. Dibbles

    So much for “civilian control of our military”.

    I sometimes think the 2000 elections was the symbiotic banking/military coup and we are witnessing the end of democracy. How else to explain our inability to have representative impact on Pentagon budgetary constraints, or reel-in militarization of our society? Or the right-wing corporatism of the Supreme Court which hijacked the legitimate 2000 elections process?

    Right-wingers selectively hate our government, it’s representatives and public employees, but love those sacrificing for military service and conquest. Someone needs to tell General Dubik that do-overs don’t count in war, and don’t dispel the legitimate rage of earlier victims. But those promoting brute force have no use for learning, I guess.

    I know you have issues with Ellen Brown, but here is a good article that points out our militarism and global banking, Libya and other muslim nations. Terrorism indeed…


    Yes, those behind western banking are insane – psychopathic to be more direct, and historically so it would seem – devoid of conscience and intent on world dominion. Decades, even centuries of crafty, stealth planning while funding political campaigns offering little more substance than momentary distraction. I’ve witnessed decades of decimation and privatization of economies and populations in south and central Americas, southeast Asia, the former Soviet Union – all demonized before plunder. And now the US population.

    My fear is that in the near future we will become just another discarded remnant of the nation-state with its’ usefulness to the pursuit of central banking’s global conquest (“globalism”) fully spent. Americans need to wake up and become engaged in collective, substantive issues again. But what are the chances? So far, many Americans seem to be willing to send other Americans to premature deaths by war, or promotion of withholding and privatizing what is due our citizens – from adequate medical treatment to environmental protection.

  7. larry, dfh

    What a wonderful ballet! It is important to appreciate how a country where this was an artistic standard, and which had just lost and ENTIRE generation of young men in war, could embark so soon on another futile killing spree. The forces of propaganda must have been very powerful.

  8. emsnews

    Joos had to flee the Nazis. They hated his ballet I linked to…they really hated it.

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