GOP Hits Future, Not Present Retirees

The raging debate about budget deficits, funding increasing wars and social services in the dying US imperial homelands has turned increasingly ugly.  The GOP solution to destroying Social Security and healthcare systems is to have a 55 year cut off point.  This means, the baby boomers will still have some socialism while their younger siblings and children shall have none at all.  This idea of splitting the generations from each other is courtesy of all the elderly who support the Tea Party.


This, in turn, is typical of GOP hypocrisy: denounce social services while gobbling it up, themselves.  Worse, GOP politicians happily feed at the Federal retirement and healthcare trough.  Never do they pay their own way.  The latest gambit of doubling the national debt when a Republican is President and then demanding a balanced budget when a Democrat is in charge is leading the entire party into a hubristic situation which will probably bite back if it weren’t for the easy ‘Get Into The White House Free’ card: racism.


We just saw 300 fellow Americans lose their lives in a string of horrific tornadoes that tore through the deepest parts of the Deep South.  As the survivors pick through the wreckage or are being rescued at hospitals, we shall see all pretense of ‘big government is evil’ dropped in favor of ‘bail out the Deep South from disasters…but no one else’ sort of reasoning.


One despairs of the lessons being learned even the hard way.  So, even with obvious reasons to support a realistic nationalist government staring everyone in the face, we see the GOP still pursuing their ‘small government is good when Democrats run things’ game plan:  Boehner flirts with debt default if Dems don’t accept Medicare cuts | The Raw Story


Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said the House may refuse to vote on raising the debt limit, which could force the United States into default in the next few months — potentially inciting an economic calamity.


“If the president doesn’t get serious about the need to address our fiscal nightmare, yeah, there’s a chance it [the debt limit vote] could not happen,” Boehner told Politico in an interview published Monday evening. “But that’s not my goal.”


The fiscal nightmare was caused by several things: a massive, expensive Pentagon running out of control as the US digs itself deeper and deeper into a huge number of wars against Muslims, underfunding of our government due to cynical tax cuts by Republicans under Bush and which were extended recently as the GOP yelled for more tax cuts and of course, the banking crisis which was caused by Congress giving rich bankers everything they wanted plus more.


There have been virtually no reforms of the banking system since the collapse.  It now sucks the oxygen out of all other financial systems especially our government.  And to make things particularly bad, the GOP refuses to even tax the rich bankers who are now speculating in things like oil futures so that we pay through the nose for oil.  Oh, and oil is expensive due to our wars in oil pumping nations.


The GOP push to kill Medicare and Social Security is very popular with their demented base.  Here is a poll from last year showing how GOP propaganda lured many voters into supporting destroying both social services:  The Economist/YouGov Poll March 20-22, 2010

It is obvious that conservatives hated extending any healthcare benefits to be pure evil.  The fear is, their own care would suffer as undeserving Americans who have less money pollute the systems.  I can see where some of this comes from.  One of the issues in major cities is how emergency care is in shambles due to illegal aliens and poor people who can’t get to regular doctors come pouring into emergency rooms.


Of course, if we had a true national healthcare system, this wouldn’t happen.  In other countries, people go to clinics for help.  In South America and places like that with poorer healthcare systems, the poor have second class or no healthcare in many countries whereas in Europe, which is ‘first world’ they have social healthcare systems that operate properly.


The GOP knows that their voters are cynics: they know they are getting healthcare from the government as they retire but they want LIMITED care for others who might compete with them for access to doctors, etc.  So, someone has to be denied healthcare paid by the government while others get gold-plated care.  This is why the GOP offer of ‘you buy insurance with government vouchers which are added onto your own private insurance’ which then limits the number of people who get say, heart surgery while elderly.


This way, the middle class will get first world healthcare while we doom half of the nation to having third world healthcare.  When everyone gets the same thing, this crowds the clinics and makes waits for expensive surgery much, much longer.  Rationing healthcare based on income is great for conservatives.  So long as they don’t subsidize healthcare to competitors seeking to see the same doctors, they are happy.


Restrictions to access of all things is what being rich is all about!  Keeping people away is what a ‘gated community’ is all about.  Locking out populations is important.  This requires government systems that operate on behalf of the conservatives seeking to restrict access to everything under the sun.  This is why our roads are nearly uniformly built and run by governments but public transportation is starved of funds.


The cynical scheme of locking out potential healthcare consumers is falling apart as more and more riled seniors who understand why we can’t have only a minority get government rationed healthcare, are attacking Republicans this spring:  RAW VIDEO: Rep. Faces Hostile Crowd At Orlando Town Hall – Video – WFTV Orlando


If we view the video, the packed audiences are no longer scared of ‘death panels’ and ‘Obamacare’.  They know that the GOP death panels are people who will prevent the undeserving getting any healthcare at all.  So, if you have the minimal healthcare insurance under the GOP privatization plan, you die.  If you have lots of money or work for someone who has insurance for you, then you get to walk past the dying on the sidewalks outside of hospitals and access gold-plated care.  What a wonderful world that will be.  I have seen its kind when in third world countries.

GOP Representative Ryan is feeling some heat:  Angry voters castigate GOP over Ryan budget plan | The Raw Story

Teacher Kathleen MacAvaney, 48, was among those who didn’t buy it. She told Ryan that he’s forgetting his roots and asked him to consider a plan presented by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party that protects social programs while making deeper inroads into the debt.


“When we were growing up both of us lost a father. Both of us had mothers who took Social Security benefits to help our families get through a very difficult time,” she said as her notes trembled in her hands….


Republicans owed their November 2010 rout of Democrats in large part to Americans over 65, who went for the president’s foes by a 59-38 margin four years after splitting evenly in the 2006 mid-term contest.


Ryan’s plan aims to limit the potential political damage by keeping benefits intact for people currently 55 years old or over while selling younger voters on the idea that the cuts are the price of saving the popular programs.


I recently had to deal with the limitations of Medicare when we had to put a relative into a nursing home temporarily to recover from a series of serious medical hospital interventions.  The system is labyrinthine.  The rules are set up so that a retiree loses all of their income stream if they are in a nursing home for more than a month.  The younger generation, saddled with epic school debts as we defund public universities and overcrowd classrooms, are not going to inherit even a penny from their parents the way things are now rigged.


Only if the parents are very, very rich, that is, the top 1%, will they see anything unless their parents die suddenly in a crash or some such event.  So we get a devil’s deal whereby 99% of the people get either zero care of any sort or they have to become poor before qualifying for care.  Of course, this is the fearful ‘care will be worse’ which 78% of the Republicans worry about.


But of course, their solution is to have 25% of the population (of which most are ‘conservatives’ since they have insurance, etc) get special care above all other people while retaining their ability to hand off inherited wealth while the top 1% gets to get richer and richer thanks to virtually no taxes on incomes earned via investments.


This top quarter of the population is very happy with the status quo which is killing jobs, reducing incomes and working fellow Americans and foreigners to death.  Here is a classic example of the sort of thinking these predators indulge in:   The Real Reason Stocks Keep Rising – Advisor Intelligence – – Forbes


My stock portfolio, on the other hand, is doing just fine, thank you. Who cares about the fiscal debauchery of the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain)? Who cares about the out-of-control level of U.S. Debt?..The answer, my friends, is not blowing in the wind. It’s earnings. Plain and simple. Albeit early in this latest array of quarterly earnings reports, 81% of the 124 companies so far to report earnings from the S&P 500 Index and 71% of the 188 companies in the MCSI World Index have reported earnings per share figures that have beaten the consensus analysts’ estimates.


Indeed, profits of those 188 companies reporting to-date in the MSCI World Index have beaten forecasts by nearly 9%! What gives?…Oddly enough, bad news is actually good news. You see, U.S. productivity, which is a measure of employee output per hour, is now increasing at an unusually high rate of 4%, the fastest pace since leaving the depressed recession of 2002. And what causes this thrust in productivity?…is the fact that wages as a percentage of revenues keep falling!


Yup, ‘productivity’ is all about reducing wages.  Then, profits rise.  If this means shipping all our jobs overseas, all the better.  Then, the winners in this productivity wage reduction game get to buy good insurance and thus, don’t need government insurance for staying alive.  Since workers have fewer resources, less healthcare, little ability to buy insurance, this means they won’t clutter up expensive hospitals.  Thus, they go off and die after working for the capitalists who want to make money the easy way.


This way, the media can be hauled in to tell workers, they must kill off welfare families and then they will be allowed to see doctors.  Dutifully, most people will turn on the poor and do whatever it takes to crush them.  Of course, this will save no jobs nor will it provide gold-plated healthcare for the workers.  They will have to content themselves with being disposable entities whose retirement costs are too expensive therefore, they MUST be worked to death.


This dynamic is just beginning.  Enough workers still have reasonable healthcare insurance to fool themselves into thinking this will continue.  Every penny for healthcare means a worker might retire some day.  And then compete with the rich for resources.  This idea that these are unnecessary humans is at the heart of conservative ideology.


The Nazis made a big thing about this.  The ‘socialism’ in Nationalsocialist thinking is identical to GOP thinking: socialism is great when aimed at the ‘good’ people, the ‘right’ people, the ‘deserving rich’.  The people who fall between the cracks or who are expendable: they should not be cared for.  They are unnecessary.  This pseudo-Darwinianism survival of the fittest is at the core of Naziism.  And it can’t be discussed openly in public but has to be thoroughly disguised.


YouTube – Ron Paul – End Medicare, Social Security & Medicaid?

Ron Paul believes that if we have a primitive non-first world medical and retirement system, people will have a happy day where prices are cheaper…and doctors would flock to America to work for pennies, too!  Yup.  And of course, cheap is what the rich want us to have.  They can afford expensive, after all.  Especially if they have a monopoly on limited resources.


So, if they have heart problems, this will be instantly serviced properly.  If workers have hearth problems, they die off and thus, don’t burden society.  The ideal system is one where workers commit suicide or die in working accidents before age 55.  This, incidentally, is how things worked for thousands of years in slave states and feudal societies.  Why this is viewed favorably by more than 1% of the population baffles me.


I am the spawn of generations of landed gentry who got their lands via killing people.  This did have some hazards in the form of dying in battle occasionally but this is why armor was so important.  Riding down the peasants was easy, they had no armor.


As England celebrates the idea of nobility which is bloody in tooth and claw is rather funny, do note that the royal males all wear uniforms.  The conservatives are a limited generation, often not nobility at all, who thinks they can become a new nobility if only they can run over the peasants who have no protection and crush them so these new nobles don’t have to share anything: there is an important lesson here.  Peasants do have uprisings.  More than once.

I think this is a very bad idea.  Social systems and a patriotic, strong government that looks after the citizens not foreigners, is a good thing.  As the GOP talks about killing off Americans, Obama authorizes 25 million dollars in aid to Libyan opposition.  The GOP does the exact same thing, Bush and the GOP cheerfully dumped a trillion dollars in debt on us all so they could take over Iraq and Afghanistan.  And happily spent another several trillion for tax cuts for the rich.

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8 responses to “GOP Hits Future, Not Present Retirees

  1. melponeme_k

    I hear a lot of people talking lately and most are wise to the thievery now. But things aren’t dire enough for action yet.

    The rotten wedding is all the news on the US TV. Even though we threw out those rotters from our country. Our elites envy and desire for those leeches is so unseemly. The whole thing disgusts me.

  2. mike

    online banking bill pay 7 bucks a month…try to prepay health insurance to no avail, duslike being tied to address, dislike adding another predatory vulture in my pocket..?……

  3. Mr Bill


    You said “The latest gambit of doubling the national debt when a Republican is President and then demanding a balanced budget when a Democrat is in charge…”. And you called it hypocrisy.

    Let me share some hard information that I recently found that fully validates your comment.I was recently looking at historical data for the US government debt from 1791 to 2010. I found that, from 1970 until 2010 the US debt has risen steadily on the average rate of 4.8 percent compounded annually. That is, the debt has grown each year by about 4.8 percent of the previous year’s total – from about $2 trillion in 1970 to about $3.6 trillion in 2010. No surprise here, this is just hockey stick growth. It is disturbing that the government continues to compound the debt at such a steady rate.

    The surprise that fully validated the hypocrisy was the observation that the growth rate increased above the 4.8 percent average for every GOP administration since Ford, and decreased below the 4.8 percent for every DEM administration. I would guess the debt compounded around 6 percent for REP and around 4 percent for DEM. The shift was like clockwork. The only outlier has been OBAMA, who has been compounding the debt more like the REP administrations.

  4. CK

    So the supply of healthcare providers is a government created and sanctioned oligopoly, this means that the supply of health care providers can not increase when the demand for health care increases. So the government in its wisdom raises the demand for healthcare and tightens the supply even more. Now what do you think will happen?
    A little thought? Healthcare will be Rationed but not by any market price discovery mechanism. Anyone with a pair of eyes knows that whatever level of health care they now enjoy will be decreased by obamacare. Unless that is, you are a federal employee, in that case parasite health insurance comes out of the productive to pay for you.

  5. Fred

    Given that entitlements that you adore are 2/3s of the national budget(really!), you dont think that cutting them along with everything else is fair?
    I agree that defense should be massively cut, yes, to really national defense not national offense, but the only way to reduce the ongoing debt calamity is to break promises that had 0 chance of being fulfilled from the day they were made. SS/Medicare/Medicaid:one giant ponzi. You know this!

  6. emsnews

    Defense has doubled. Healthcare is an open sore. We spend like fiends on the dying of old age. While not spending more on social healthcare (pollution matters, food matters, good habits matters, etc).

    The present system is broken. But draconian cuts isn’t the answer especially with Congress getting gold-plated healthcare themselves. 100% at our expense!

  7. DeVaul

    @ Fred

    No system is meant to last forever.

    If Reagan had not stolen the SS trust funds to pay for his MX missiles, and if the SS surplus that came in every year since then had not been handed over immediately to the Pentagon, SS would have lasted at least 30 to 50 years longer than it now will.

    It is sad to see someone look the other way when the Pentagon steals everything from SS and Medicare, “loses” 2 trillion in 2002, and expands its wars without a separate war tax (which would show that 75 cents of every federal tax dollar goes to the Pentagon) and instead zeros in on healthcare systems that do not destroy lives or entire nations like the Pentagon does.

    You, Fred, are that person, and until you demand an immediate 50% cut in military spending and reinstatement of the wealth tax on those who raided the treasury, your solution of cutting healthcare will do nothing to stave off our bankruptcy.

    BTW, you will notice that the military budget increases 2 times or more (it is NEVER cut, contrary to what you claim) for every cut in social services. Please explain to us how this is sustainable, Fred.

    And do it in detail, like you would with SS or Medicare. Give us figures, or fractions, if you like.

  8. DeVaul

    Oh, and another thing:

    What exactly is your plan for stopping the Pentagon from tripling its budget for next year, Fred?

    Or stopping Jamie Dimon, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Hank Paulson, Bill Gross and that whole gang from raiding the treasury — AGAIN?

    Is your solution to our financial problems to take a baseball bat to your poor neighbor?

    Once the poor have been sucked dry, the ruling aristocracy will go after the upper middle class (there is no more middle class) because they always need more money to pay off their huge losses in the stock casino.

    This is when the “bourgoisie” suddenly side with the peasants, after looking the other way for decades. It is also why the peasants often prefer to see them get fleeced rather than revolt to protect their wealth from confiscation by the elites also.

    You can beat the poor all you want to, Fred, but it will not be enough for the super rich. Unless you are part of the top 1%, they will come after you too, and your poor neighbor will remember how you treated him, and take glee in watching you get fleeced.

    Take this as an undeserved fair warning.

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