GOP And Democrats In Close Alliance…Only For Zionism

Once again, an Afghani soldier trained by NATO forces has used this to attack NATO forces.  9 Americans were slaughtered in this suicide attack.   Meanwhile, finally, Hamas and the PLO have joined forces and are now ready to demand the UN create the state of Palestine.  This was brokered by the Egyptians.  This has utterly unhinged the Zionists so the DC Zionists are in full bellow about how to stop this from happening.  The US is tearing itself to pieces over cuts to healthcare, social services, retirement money, wages and other important things at home, all of which is dropped when the real rulers of the US, the Israelis, demand they be bailed out yet again.  This is very much like so many issues that are supposedly of great importance to our rulers, for example, global warming.  That is, if they make money off of the concept, they are eager for it but when it comes to doing the right thing and stopping something they, themselves, are doing, it suddenly doesn’t happen.


That is, pious talk about peace in the Middle East is dropped like a hot potato when any moves towards that actually happens.  The Israeli Jewish Zionists are warmongers.  They start wars, they love wars, the egg wars on, they need wars to survive.  They created Hamas and funded it so that Gaza would be split off of the West Bank.  Once this was done, they got to impose an eternal war barricade on Gaza while at the same time, it was open season for attacking the West Bank and vigorously thrusting out all Palestinians still there.  Well, once the revolution in Egypt happened, the vital third party needed to help the US and Israel’s Nazi ethnic cleansing scheme fell apart.  The door locking the ghetto literally sprang open and real diplomacy began to happen once again, to the great horror of the Zionists.


The issues surrounding Israel are unwittingly coming to the fore.  That is, Congress is screaming about not paying Abbas any more money to keep his people suppressed and oppressed.  Congress figures, this would be popular at home since 99.9% of US media outfits hate Palestinians and love Zionists (easy to guess why this is so!) so half of the public also goes along with the media and thinks our best ally  on earth is Israel, even more so than say, England.  But cutting the miserable tiny amount that goes to Palestinians is a drop in the bucket compared to the billions lavished on Jews in Israel.  The GOP has turned its gun sights on an ancient target for them: foreign aid.  Being Zionists, they also are talking openly with the Zionist Democrats of exempting Israel from this.  Of course, the money spent on Abbas was all about suppressing the Palestinians and enabling Jewish invasions of the West Bank.  It was mere bribery.


But now the Palestinians don’t need US bribes anymore.  They have the Egyptians on their side.  The Saudi Royals also are going to fund them because they are scared of rising Islamic rage.  Since the Saudis have greater and greater oil profits this year, expending a few billion supporting the new Palestinian organization leading to having the UN declare Palestine a state with 1967 borders is a cheap way of protecting their own necks from revolutionaries.  Since Syria is now in chaos, the excuse that the West Bank has to be militarily controlled by hostile, thieving Jews is collapsing.  Since this ‘occupation’ has involved grand theft of Palestinian water, land and goods, ending it is a good thing.  The thieves who moved in under government protections from the US and Israel will be forced to leave.


Of course, they will fight and since 100% of the costs, both diplomatic and money comes from the US taxpayers, fighting is a bargain for the Jews in Israel.  On the other hand, as the US funds revolutions against Muslim leaders we don’t like, as the US mulls attacking Syria now, as Iran increases its nuclear operations since the US can’t attend to this matter due to being involved in other military actions, the Jews are going to try a most dangerous operation: demand even more trillions in war expenses while cutting Social Security and Medicare.  The rage this is causing has barely begun.  The far right doesn’t care because they hate SS and Medicare more than they hate their moms and dads.  Oops, they do hate everything, don’t they?


The GOP has dealt with this matter by feeble attempts at promising their own believers and voters that anyone older than 55 will get the Democratic liberal system but all people with the misfortune of being younger than 55 will get a Republican Darwin Award system whereby they go off and die before age 55.  Perhaps there are several million GOP voters out there who have children and grandchildren who think this is a good idea.  I pity their families.  How nasty is that?  Very nasty, of course.  The point is, in order to fight a billion Muslims requires we die here at home in great numbers except for our military fighting forces and their minions.  And of course, Israel will have lavish Social Security and Medicare for themselves (no Muslims, of course, they are supposed to die before age 55 if not sooner!).


This, in turn, will lead to a racist social system whereby only certain ethnic or religious groups get welfare in the US exactly like it is in Israel today.  This is another reason why I despise Zionists who infest our government.  They know perfectly well, their form of national socialism inevitably leads to ethnic cleansing and denial of government aid and services to minorities but the Jews have deluded themselves into thinking, they won’t be an ethnic minority here.  A very tragic delusion.


I read regularly and have debated with Justin Raimondo in the past about all of this and this week, we had a direct tit-for-tat which is instructive.  That is, I have been taking Justin to task for a while due to his economic partisanship whereby he attacks all liberals on all fronts all the time rather than building antiwar bridges.  He recently had a column,Hypocrites, Left and Right about how evil partisan passions are and then proceeded to attack all liberals on all fronts all the time in the same article!


In ‘Mr. Y’ and the Decline of the American Empire by Justin Raimondo, he talks about a recent anonymous report by two Pentagon think tank guys who were so scared of Zionists, they dared not append their real names (!!!!) and instead of going after the real problems, he used this as an excuse to attack liberals and above all, modern social services for citizens of wealthy nations.  The idea that the US is really a poor nation runs alongside the idea that the US is the richest nation on earth.  Of course, both are true!  The problem is, the gap between poor America and rich America is growing at a super-fast pace as jobs are removed from poor America and sent to China and other nations while rich America pockets the profits and refuses to pay taxes on all of this.  The tensions from this are growing as jobs vanish.  With a new unemployment level being reset at now 9% rather than 6%, with unemployment in minority communities soaring to over 25%, the US is headed towards internal civil war.  Here is what Justin thinks about social programs:


In short, we are not going to conquer the world, and it’s time our rulers recognized the economic and military reality: so give it up, guys! America’s fifty-year global rampage is about to come to an end, whether we like it or not.


This is precisely what libertarians such as Ron Paul have been saying for years, and this is the real key to a left-right, progressive-libertarian alliance. As Paul has pointed out on numerous occasions, we could fund all the lefty-liberal pet projects like government-run death panels healthcare and free Twinkies for all if only we would give up the Empire.


Odd, isn’t it, how right wingers think of liberal healthcare programs as ‘death panels’.  To be replaces by GOP healthcare which is…nothing for anyone!  If you can afford insurance, then you get it, if you can’t, you die!  Lovely.  These social programs including retirement, are ‘Twinkies’ to these moral midgets.  Justin has no children so he doesn’t know what happens if you have sick or disabled children, for example.  He is rather a young puppy so he doesn’t know what happens if one has health problems in general or how cruel or crude private health insurers really are when you need to tap into your insurance funds to stay alive.  They go from being very solicitous to extremely brutal in no time flat.  They hate you and hound you and deny payments and try desperately to trip you up so they can cancel the insurance.  This heartless system has many Americans reduced to bankruptcy and poverty when simple health issues happen.  Thus, the desire to fix it.


This, in turn, has been thwarted by lobbyists in Congress who make all sorts of dirty deals with our representatives there.  AIPAC is one of the biggest of the lot.  Helen Thomas to address anti-Israel protests during Netanyahu’s visit to U.S.: she actually cancelled this but the demonstrations will still happen.  Netanyahu is our real President. He gets the full attention of Congress and whatever he proposes, they pass nearly unanimously.  When Obama goest to the Hill, he is lucky if 70% of the Democrats listen to him.  The GOP slaps him down nonstop, every time.  This is why he isn’t our leader and Netanyahu is.  Maybe we should petition Netanyahu to protect our social services here!  Except, this would mean cutting elsewhere and that means cutting trillions from the wars against Islam.  A no-can-do matter.


Here is a little of the debate Justin and I had in the last 24 hours which clearly illustrates the childish level of discussion I generally have with right wing pro-free trade/let the poor and elderly go to hell gang:

emsnews's avatar - Go to profileemsnews69p· 1 day ago

Our wars with all Islam are joined at the hip with our wars for controlling oil profits. Which we are losing since the Muslims increasingly are moving towards China which is not at war with all Islam, and China will gain all the profits. As we walked into these endless wars, China’s government-controlled oil company, Sinopec, has become one of the biggest corporations on earth. 

What troubles me about libertarians is their fantasy that a country with zero social services will triumph on this planet. How odd is this? There are no first world countries with zero social services! Indeed, virtually all have more not less than the US. And China is striving for that ideal, not the libertarian ideal of zero social services! 

Indeed, as the communists there wrest away economic power from the free trade/no tax/free credit gang in the West, we should be logical here: who do we imitate? The wretched, insane US system which has bankrupted America and ruined our sovereignty or the Chinese model which is very intent on nationalist power, rising social services and wages and a stronger population? 

It is obvious: we have to examine China’s methods and see what went wrong here. China’s government controls the energy markets, ours has a system that loots the population and leaves them all paupers!

10 replies · active 12 hours ago

Hey “ems news” — why don’t you take a one-way trip to China? I’ll take up a collection for your travel expenses. Oh, and don’t forget to send us a postcard from the Gulag! 

Where do we find these people? Sheesh!

RED DAVE's avatar

RED DAVE· 23 hours ago

Hey, Justin, the USA (300 million +), I believe, has more people in prison than China (1 bilion+). I believe, by the way, that the Gulag was a feature of the old USSR, not China. 

Are you smoking some of that good SF weed and then posting here?
Stop being an @ss and using Justin’s name. He ain’t dumb like you–U nitwit,keep doing crap like this and without real anchorman Raimondo,this site will disappear. 

RED DAVE's avatar

RED DAVE· 22 hours ago

In other words, censor myself or be censored. Not bloody likely.
First of all, who is winning the economic war? Yes, we are at ‘war’ with trade issues! All major wars between states revolve around exploitation of trade, etc. England wanted to lock Germany out of Africa and Asia during the Victorian era and got into a very hot series of wars with imperialist Germany over trade issues! 

China, like our other trade partners, has been winning the trade wars with the US. Ever wonder why? Who is losing this war? Who is actively working with communist China to move US jobs there? Eh? Take a peek! 

Why, they are our darling ‘capitalists’! And the Chinese know this! They went way out of their way to court our capitalists and lure them into China. The plan was to let these Americans imagine they would be running China. But of course, they aren’t and can’t. The Chinese communists run China even today! 

The capitalists in China cooperate with the statist Chinese communists to wipe out US industries. A win-win for China. A key part of this plan was to ‘fatten the goose’ by getting the US industrialists very rich with paper money while selling the US industries to China. But each deal in China forces our own industrialist capitalists to HAND OVER POWER TO CHINESE and have them first as equal partners and then pushed out of China, bit by relentless bit. 

Trust me on this, I know the Chinese leadership really well.

RED DAVE's avatar

RED DAVE· 14 hours ago

Chinese capitalists are competing against US capitalists. US capitalists move US industries abroad. Chinese capitalists screwing Chinese workers. 

Sounds like business as usual for the bourgeoisie.
By the way, do note that our Merchant Marine has vanished (He is dead, Jim!) whilst China’s Merchant Marine is now one of the biggest on earth? Figure this riddle out and you will figure out how your precious ‘capitalists’ already decapitated our economic trade system.


The US is very angry that Egypt has changes governments.  Egypt warns Israel: Don’t interfere with opening of Gaza border crossing is a story seen in the Jewish media in Israel but not seen in the US.  With our Congress 100% involved in running Israel from here and funding Israel’s aggressive military and social security state, one would think our Jewish-owned media would have endless stories about Israel.  Instead, it is mostly a black hole of nothingness.  We are barely given any news at all except in one vital area: if any Palestinian dares kill any Jews, this is headline news, big time.  Otherwise, all is quiet on the Eastern Front.


The pandering has gotten totally out of control:  Matzah balls at the White House: Obama hosts third Passover seder This, too, is via the Jerusalem Post, not the Washington Post.  The Washington Post as gone totally over to the Zionists.  Which means, no news.  When one Passover event was held at the White House, this was supposedly a sign of growing tolerance and love of minorities.  But we see clearly that minorities are not loved, they are under attack.  Except for Zionist minorities.  The need for more and more Jewish celebrations in the White House runs alongside the birther movement whereby right wing racists tie themselves in to pretzels trying to prove Obama isn’t an American citizen.


Blacks didn’t get American citizenship until many, many years passed.  Recently, a black GOP candidate in the Midwest claimed that the 3/5the rule in the Constitution empowered blacks before the Civil War.  That is, it meant they had a vote.  This insane proposition is a talking point for Confederates.  The 3/5ths rule was all about giving voting majorities to slave owners who restricted the right to vote.  Turning things backwards on themselves is a favorite tactic of reactionaries.


Liberals have to justify things.  Reactionaries often have to bury facts.  The queerest thing of all for the US and the most toxic, is that there really is an area where right wing racists and left wing public officials agree: Israel!  This dark alliance is celebrated as some sort of anti-racist act but instead, is hyper-racist.  This is a key issue.  The Jews in Israel are extremely racist and preside over one of the world’s most racist legal entities.  From top to bottom, Israel is totally racist.  The racist Jewish leftists in Congress join happily with the most rank racists in the GOP to pass bills passing on Israel’s war and social costs onto the American public even as the Jewish liberals decry the termination of US social services here in the US.


This warmongering left-right alliance is the problem.  Alas, people like Justin Raimondo will side with the same people out to destroy our social services no matter what so he becomes part of the problem.  That is, racists and Zionists are pursuing a course that will destroy our nation economically as well as politically.  When choosing sides, we must look at all aspects of what is going on.  I don’t see a single Zionist wishing to end Israel’s social safety net.  I don’t see any racists in the South turning down US Federal tax dollars to fix the horrors of the tornadoes that ravaged them.  I do see both joining hands to force us into a long social death march so they can continue to fund many wars.  This is what is wrong.

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15 responses to “GOP And Democrats In Close Alliance…Only For Zionism

  1. DeVaul

    So Justin, a writer for, responds to your detailed comment with “America! Love it or leave it!”.

    Great. With “progressives” like that, who needs enemies?

    I try to teach my daughter to listen to others and use common sense, but maybe such things cannot be taught. I don’t know yet. I just know they do not exist in our current institutions and have not for a very long time.

  2. rps

    A more effective reply to Ramondo’s rant, “Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk” (Thoreau).

    I wonder that perhaps many join the GOP for one reason, it’s the last refuge of virulent bigotry and glorified ignorance.

    Elaine, I applaud your tireless determination to educate the unwilling.

  3. alex

    Bravo Elaine for speaking up about the true nature of our best “friend” Israel! Almost nowhere is the non pro zionist side of the news available to most readers. There is actual fear for some to publish anything not to the liking of the “mob”. Thanks again for speaking your mind

  4. Dupree

    So Justin, a writer for, responds to your detailed comment with “America! Love it or leave it!”.

    With a name like “Rambo,” what can we expect.

    Lucky Lindy said it most eloquently on 11September1941:

  5. Dupree

    Oh, it’s Ramondo. Other great writers at though, including John Pilger and Dahr Jamail.

    Jamail was on site during the seige of Fallujah by US national guardsmen and US Marines, and reported on the many atrocities committed by US troops against women and children there.

  6. Dupree

    On this day 8MAY2011, the 70th birthday anniversary of James A. Traficant, I nominate Jimbo for US President.

    He couldn’t be bought and spent seven years in the jail to prove it.

  7. Dupree

    The “touchy, feely” kind of guy?

  8. Dupree

    Jimbo sacrificed his political career to save a wrongly accused Cleveland citizen/ consituent, John Demjanjuk, from the hangman’s gallows in Jerusalem. He exposed the Zionist OSS Director Neal Sherrand the DOJ’s Robert Mueller role in destroying exculpatory evidence to frame Demjanjuk for being the “mythical” Ivan the Terrible of holocaust lore. The documents to exonerate Demjanjuk were found trashed in a dumpster behind the DOJ offices and retrieved by Traficant’s investigators.
    After being released by the Israeli Supreme Court, Traficant personally flew to Jerusalem and brought Demjanjuk back to Cleveland. In a short time after his return, the DOJ’s Michael Chertoff–later DHS Czar– was able to deport him to Mannheim, Germany where, today, he is presently on trial for being , you got it, Ivan the Terrible.

  9. Know what I mean you younger generation…

    Careless and Reckless is so



    End it now.

    Because if you are a careless and reckless generation, then there will be wars, and if there are any more wars, then there ain’t gonna be any more afterwards….

    NO WHat I m

    ken fell in love with a false e p…

    OK, so do you know about the Spanish inquisition or about Bill and Ken the flower pot men?

    Then grow up would be my advice….

    Out and over

  10. Dupree

    , if you don’t then let me explain=gibberish

  11. Dupree

    OK, so do you know about the Spanish inquisition…

    The Spanish Inquisition,I know. Don’t know about Bill and Ken.

  12. Dupree

    Know what mean about gibberish?

    Yes. You speak it well.

  13. Dupree

    By the way, if you want some backup supporting documentation regarding JP Morgan, well today is your lucky day because I have it.

    Funny that you ask that question. The 1935 assassinated Governor of Louisiana,Huey P. Long–his assassin was the Jewish physician, Dr. Carl Weiss–wrote a book, My First Days In the White House.

    In the book, he outlines his plans to institute his Share the Wealth plan on becoming President. Ben Victor Cohen, FDR and Standard Oil had him “Whacked” in the Louisiana Capitol building. In his book,Governor Long was able to convince all the US plutocrats, industrialists and oligarchs to go along with his plan to limit incomes to something like $10,000,000 in 1935 dollars.
    There was only one holdout:JP Morgan.

    I always wondered why JP Morgan was “targeted” by the Kingfish.

  14. Dupree

    Listen to the Kingfish. Why did your people kill him?

  15. Dupree

    Not one response or comment on Lindbergh’s peace speech. Unbelieveable.

    Now that I’ve given up all hope, I feel better.~Woody Allen

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