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Understand The Berlin NY War Memorial

I live in the very small and shrinking town of Berlin, NY.  It grows smaller and smaller as free trade grows bigger and bigger.  As global warming heats up, my cold northern town sees population leave for much hotter places.  It is literally dying, slowly.  Today was Memorial Day and I wish to remember the people of this town and how they fought and died in many wars for two centuries.  And how things have changed and I fear, not for the better but in some ways, more like the worst of Rome in decline.   Continue reading


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US Military Empire Expands Bases While Economy Collapses

Our President is out wooing the world which means signing more compacts and making more deals with nations that will undercut our sales in the world and litter the landscape with more US military bases defending people who we should not defend at all (that is, nearly every country on earth outside of China).  The Eurozone is falling apart internally and the US tries to prop the EU up just like Japan and this is really digging our own grave.  We can’t do it.  People have to face reality.  We are going to be bankrupt thanks to all of this generosity or grandiosity. Continue reading


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Ellen Brown Wants To Imitate Dying Japan’s ZIRP System

As always, there is tremendous misunderstanding about the nature of a gold-based currency system, the nature of ‘What is credit?’ and misunderstanding the role ‘capital’ plays in not only economic systems but monetary disciplines.  Ellen Brown is immensely popular because she is peddling this snake oil idea that we can merely print our way out of our international debts.  And that infinite government debt is a good thing so long as it is ZIRP in nature, that is, costs nothing at all.  But the collapse of Japan shows us starkly the dangers of a ZIRP system.  Instead, Ellen thinks that Japan’s system is GOOD and is operative, not defective!  I am just gob-smacked by this delusion. Continue reading


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Italy Prosecutes Seismologists

Predicting exactly when an earthquake will happen is impossible.  One can predict the probability of an earthquake happening, but not an exact hour.  There seems to be accumulating various clues as to preconditions for earthquakes that may help predict them.  Right now, Italy has arrested some geologists because they couldn’t accurately predict a recent earthquake.  This has many seismologists very angry and scared.  I think it is insanity. Continue reading


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Top GOP AIPAC Creep Throws Granny Under The Budget Bus

There are a thousand reasons to not allow organizations that work on behalf of a foreign nation to bribe Congress.  Here is a classic example.  McConnell, who is one of the top recipients of AIPAC money, has announced he will not pass any debt ceiling unless he can also strangle grannies, first.  Now, the Jews bribing this guy to represent Israel’s interests really would like to have the debt ceiling raised but it is a lesser issue compared to bribing the top Republican Senator to take care of Israel rather than American citizens.  So McConnell’s voters don’t have a fair election since almost all the corporate ads are for this creep.  This is why we need campaign finance reform and why GOP appointed ‘judges’ are rapidly killing that off. Continue reading


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Federal Reserve Games Destroys US Economy

Thanks to the earthquakes and tsunami and above all, the nuclear disaster, Japan’s debt ratings are beginning the inevitable downward slide.  But the entire country is heading this way due to internal social collapse.  The US is seeing a return of depression status due to the government stopping all deficit spending due to no budget being passed.  And the Federal Reserve is annoyed that it had to tell us, Bernanke gave Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan as well as a bevy of European banks that pay no taxes here, over a trillion dollars in ZIRP loans which is basically free money. Continue reading

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Measles Sickens Greater Numbers Of Unvaccinated People

A student at RPI in Troy, NY, recently had to be hospitalized due to his parents refusing to have him vaccinated as a child.  He got a case of measles which is very dangerous if you are an adult.  It isn’t safe to get it if you are a child.  Measles is rare and tough to diagnose and the young man didn’t tell the hospital near RPI that he was without any protection against many common diseases.  So it took time to figure out his case and then he had to be put in isolation since he was very contagious.   Continue reading


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