US Predator Assassin Drones Murder Gaddafi Grandkids

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One of the ugliest developments in modern US military theology is the business of using robot remote controlled killing machines to attack people in CIVILIAN settings.  Namely, the murder of whole families targeted by hostile anti-Muslim CIA agents posted in Muslim countries.  Throughout history, people fighting to rule others were regarded with nothing but contempt if they do this via assassinating small children.  Who thinks that Richard III is a fine, outstanding human?  Of course not, he is a classic villain precisely because he murdered two small children in order to gain the throne and squelch a civil war.


Here is Obama feeling down because he is persecuted by deranged Republicans who claim he is an Arab terrorist.  He muses that the main way to win popularity is to wage war with Muslims, thus, earning credit for being cruel.

YouTube – Sir Laurence Olivier (1907-1989)

Under Bush Jr, many children were killed in various ugly ways.  Few tears were shed in the US for any Afghani or Iraqi children.  We did feel somewhat sorry for women who, in Afghanistan, had the same level of civil rights as Saudi women.  But Iraqi women were some of the freest in Muslim countries up until our invasion.  Here is Obama sitting on his throne telling Panetta and his CIA assassins to go forth and kill Gaddafi and any family members who are with him when the assassins show up:

YouTube – Laurence Olivier in Shakespeare’s Richard III — plot to kill the Princes

Here is the latest triumph of the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize:  Son of Gaddafi killed in NATO strike: spokesman


The NATO attack against Gaddafi’s house resulted in the deaths of Saif al-Arab Gaddafi, 29, youngest son of Gaddafi, and three of Gaddafi’s grandchildren, said Mossa Ibrahim, the government spokesman.

Ever since the dawn of hope in Arab lands when Obama gave a rousing speech in Cairo, one that infuriated the GOP/DNC alliance in DC, Obama has retracted everything he said or promised back then and now, thoroughly doused with buckets of innocent blood, he has chosen to slog his way further into more bloody bogs, and above all, he has fallen fatally for the CIA assassination regime which was denounced many years ago when the CIA was caught in a number of assassination schemes.
Ever since the assassination of President Kennedy, the tit for tat world of the back room assassins has caused a fair amount of political chaos across the planet including here at home.  Most of the time, it is lunatics attempting assassinations here at home.  But we know from the past that the people we are fighting overseas are quite capable and very interested in doing this to us.  The more openly we assassinate people abroad, the more motivated they are to do the same, here.  Worse, our assassinations without the UN condemning us or our killers remanded to the Hague to stand for war crimes, the more justification Muslims have to assassinate all the family members down to the smallest baby, of our own leaders.
This is the New American Way Of War.  The most cowardly way to fight a war is via the air.  Especially when one is a great power hammering a much, much weaker power.  In the past, in history, Great Empires sided in local civil wars and the very, very first case of all-out air war against unarmed civilians was when Nazi Germany pioneered wholesale slaughter of civilians in Spain:  Bombing of Guernica – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The bombing of Guernica (April 26, 1937) was an aerial attack on the Basquetown of Guernica, causing widespread destruction and civilian deaths during theSpanish Civil War. The raid by planes of the German Luftwaffe Condor Legion” and the Italian Fascist Aviazione Legionaria was called Operation Rügen


…Due to the apparent low military strategic value that the town represented and the huge disproportion between the defenders’ capacity to respond and the violence of the attack, the bombing has often been considered one of the first raids in the history of modern military aviation on a defenseless civilian population, and denounced as a terrorist act, although the capital (Madrid) had been bombed many times previously.


Guernica (painting) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  • 2003, Monday 27 January: Guernica found covered by journalists with a baby-blue banner and an UN-logo. “It’s only temporary. We’re only doing this until the cameras leave,” said UN-spokesperson Abdellatif Kabbaj. He clarified: “We had a problem with, you know, the horse” (that is, in the background of a camera-shoot).
  • The drapes were installed Monday, 27 January and Wednesday, 29 January only. Other days of the week, including Tuesday in between, there was no drape. On these other days the UN-Security Council’s agenda included Afghanistan, Western Sahara and Lebanon.

On 17 March 2009, Deputy Spokesperson for the Secretary-General Marie Okabe announced that the Guernica tapestry had been moved to a gallery in London in advance of extensive renovations at UN Headquarters.

Covering up the famous picture of Guernicia so that the US could demand an illegal invasion of Iraq infuriated me back then.  It still angers me.  Now that the UN is doing absolutely nothing to rein in US military assassinations of civilians, the tapestry is gone for good, it seems.  It is ironic that this was sent to the assassins in London until ready to return to the assassins in New York City.  One thing is certain: we hung the Nazis for this sort of thing.  Whereas, we slather prizes on our own war criminals.  Since no one can stop the US, it gets worse and worse each year.  Obama’s choice of the top assassin to run the CIA means the crimes will escalate to infinity:  Under Panetta, a more aggressive CIA


On the morning of Aug. 5, CIA Director Leon Panetta was informed that Baitullah Mehsud was about to reach his father-in-law’s home. Mehsud would be in the open, minimizing the risk that civilians would be injured or killed. Panetta authorized the strike, according to a senior intelligence official who described the sequence of events.


Some hours later, officials at CIA headquarters in Langley identified Mehsud on a feed from the Predator’s camera. He was seen resting on the roof of the house, hooked up to a drip to palliate a kidney problem. He was not alone.


Panetta was pulled out of a White House meeting and told that Mehsud’s wife was also on the rooftop, giving her husband a massage. Mehsud, implicated in suicide bombings and the assassination of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto, was a major target. Panetta told his officers to take the shot. Mehsud and his wife were killed.


…Apart from a brief stint as a military intelligence officer in the 1960s, little in Panetta’s résumé appeared to merit his nomination to become the 19th director of the CIA, but his willingness to use force has won over skeptics inside the agency and on Capitol Hill. Said one former senior intelligence official: “I’ve never sensed him shirking from it.”...


…(Panetta speaking:)  “Any time you make decisions on life and death, I don’t take that lightly. That’s a serious decision,” he said. “And yet, I also feel very comfortable with making those decisions because I know I’m dealing with people who threaten the safety of this country and are prepared to attack us at any moment.”


Mehsud’s followers and their al-Qaeda allies vowed to avenge his death, and within months they put into motion a plan that culminated in a Dec. 30 suicide bombing that killed seven CIA officers and contractors at a base in eastern Afghanistan.

As usual, the US was indignant that a brave Afghani paid back the CIA for their cowardly assassination.  Since we use robots, we don’t fear being killed.  But the people we are fighting aren’t so scared of death.  They are quite willing to sacrifice their own lives in order to teach us a sharp lesson.  Almost all of Pakistan is so irritated and angry about our assassinations, they have been actively driving out or killing US CIA agents and their lackeys.
Despite the disastrous consequences of this style of cowardly fighting, the US insists on doing more and more of this sort of nonsense.  At this point, Pakistan is rapidly moving from ‘ally’ to ‘enemy’ and is moving more and more into the kind embrace of the communist Chinese.  We lost Afghanistan long, long ago.  The influence we wield there is threadbare to naked.  We can only pour a trillion dollars into a bloody cesspool only to see our many assassinations counteract any moves to control via money and ‘training’.  Eventually, this will end with total defeat of the US.
The UN most certainly did not give the US permission to assassinate anyone.  The US even openly said, we would not do this.  But the desire to assassinate, like we see in Richard III by Shakespeare, becomes overwhelming.  Instead of becoming more and more moral, Obama has become more and more cynical and evil.  When he was told that under the cover of NATO bombers, he could sneak in some Predator Drone assassins, he green lighted this scheme.

Apr 23, 2011 … Obama gave approval Thursday for two armed American Predator drones to operate over Libya, according to Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

This is a war crime.  Now that it has killed Gaddafi’s youngest son and his children, it is definitely a war crime.  Since the other Security Council Members, Russia and China, warned the US not to do this, but of course, England and France were delighted with this idea, so we have a very divided Security Council running on very old lines from the Cold War.  Not that this is a good thing!  GOP Presidential candidates are running around like lunatics, using cuss words to describe how they hope to steal oil from Muslims, it is a dangerous game being played whereby all Muslim oil producers may end up in an alliance with China and Russia.  This, in turn, will doom Europe, Japan and the US to economic collapse if it comes to a head and it will at this rate.
These assassins are not cheap at all.  Bush Jr and Obama both spent many, many millions trying to kill people in civilian settings:  General Atomics MQ-1 Predator –

Unit cost, ~ $4.5 million. Developed from, General Atomics GNAT … Following 2001, the RQ-1 Predator drone became the primary UAV used for offensive attacks.


Unit cost, US$10.5 million for Reaper with sensors

The rank hypocrisy of the NATO countries is dripping all over the place when talking about Syria’s suppression of an internal revolt:  BBC News – Syria: ‘Six killed’ in Deraa as troops seize key mosque

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague voiced alarm at the reports of hundreds of deaths, saying: “The Syrian government has failed to heed repeated calls by the international community for restraint.”

Um, the only voice for ‘restraint’ is from…CHINA!  Yes, the evil commies of China want us to tone it down!  Dripping with innocent blood, the bloody NATO countries are huffing and puffing about the violent methods of suppression being used by Syria’s rulers…who don’t use Predator drone assassinations to win over the populace.  Unlike with the US where the killers are hidden deep inside our big country, the people battling in Syria have managed to kill soldiers and fight back.  No one can fight off a drone.  Except I bet many minds are hard at work, figuring out some method to do this.  Eventually, drones will be useless.
We have to remember, the first machine guns were used against stone-age natives in the US Great Plains and Southern Africa.  Gunning down barely armed ‘savages’ and then MASSACRING the women and children…ah, yes!  Within 20 years, these machine guns were turned against the Great Powers who then massacred millions of soldiers this way.  So it is with the Predator drones: they will be used to assassinate political opponents and religious fanatics and others here, there and everywhere…in the US itself.  Not to mention, Europe.
And guess who will be making and using these?  Here is some interesting news from China:  Pakistan tests nuclear-capable cruise missile.  China accepts the fact that Pakistan must be armed with nukes.  Guiding how these are used politically is the trick now.  Since the US insists on an assassination war with Pakistan, this means we get to play the real thing, big time.  Imagine a nuclear Predator drone slipping nearly silently into the US and then blowing up Congress?  Of course, they could do it so that these are instead, surgical strikes on the private residences of all US politicians at the top!
We legalized this, after all!  What a ridiculous thing.  Even brutal nobles in the Middle Ages recognized what was ‘chivalrous’ and what was despicable.  At least, while fighting each other (peasants never counted as humans, of course).

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22 responses to “US Predator Assassin Drones Murder Gaddafi Grandkids

  1. Panetta never read “How to win Friends and Influence people”? Even the Sicilian Mafia has a strict code against killing children. Well, I suppose cowards have no honor.

  2. OC

    Just like a Greek tragedy – those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they made them mad first…

  3. CK

    Oh pshaw, it’s eggs and omelets time again — just sometimes the Most Magnificent Country that Ever Has Been, The SHINING City on the Hill, has to break some really young eggs for its tasty omelets.

  4. CK

    The Fantasy story that is Shakespeare’s Richard III, is about as true as the Iraqi’s tossing babies out of incubators and playing catch with them on their bayonets (’91), the Huns, grinding up belgian babies for food (’14), the Libyan army being issued Viagra so it can rape longer(2011), Most of the stories about The Hussein boys (2001-2006).

  5. emsnews

    The point here is the portrayal of a man accused of assassinating children. Any man who does this is regarded as a cad. By the way, the children DID die in the Tower. Their bodies were hidden. Found centuries later under a stone step and were reinterred in a proper royal grave.

    Who killed them? Richard is in the end responsible since they were in his care.

  6. CK

    It’s good to be King, until it isn’t.
    Balls said the queen, If I had two I’d be King; and the King laughed because he had to.
    Kinging it makes one theoretically responsible for much ( almost onmipotent like the various heaven’s fantasies) but directly responsible — not so much.
    Still and all, Richard III is one of the
    meatiest villain roles any actor can land.
    Ian McKellan’s version set in the 30’s in an
    almost fascist England is a masterpiece,
    subtle, the limp, the hump, the sociopathy
    all underplayed just enough.
    It is a physically demanding role as well as
    an intellectually difficult part to play.
    Iago is easy by comparison.
    Speaking of Meaty roles, I recently watched
    Pacino’s Shylock from Merchant of Venice.
    That man has some acting chops.
    Long ago and far
    away I tried to trod the boards, but I too was not made for the “sportive” life.

  7. Sorry, no sympathy for Kadaffy, he could have got his children away to somewhere. He has murdered so many

  8. hans

    Sorry, no sympathy for Kadaffy, he could have got his children away to somewhere. He has murdered so many


  9. DeVaul

    He has not murdered any American babies, and does not spend a whole lot of time trying to figure out how to. We murder Libyan babies.

    Women and children will die in any civil war, but when foreign powers intervene to massacre people on a large scale, then that changes everything. Now, the rebels have less sympathy for their cause — having called on help from child murderers.

    They miscalculated badly. Even if they win, they will face the drones themselves when they form a government that we do not approve of, and no one will feel sorry for them when their own children die in infernos.

  10. DM

    ziff house says:
    May 1, 2011 at 5:00 pm
    Sorry, no sympathy for Kadaffy, he could have got his children away to somewhere. He has murdered so many

    Much more than just “silly”. What sort of pathetic excuse for a man would make a statement like that?

  11. Steve Murgaski

    A NYT story on this reports, with a straight face, “American and NATO officials have said they are not seeking to kill Colonel Qaddafi”. Official pronouncements get reported without question, no matter how ridiculous. Ain’t it grand to have a free press holding the leaders accountable?

  12. jdmlist

    A life is a life. Moral distinctions are irrelevant.

  13. No , i may be pathetic but i will stick by that. KD has loads of money ,he knows he is a target, all his offspring could be living in Switerland. This is the game he chose to play. I’m no fan of the USA but i think they got one right for once though probably for the wrong reasons. I’ve seen no sympathy here for His victims.

  14. Gadhafi has not been allowed to leave and his family can’t leave. His people put out diplomatic feelers that would have permitted him to leave for exile, with dignity intact; but these proposals were rejected by the rebels. Before this latest outrage by NATO, he offered a ceasefire, one that was rejected by NATO as “not credible”.

    Now that the foreign military has murdered his son and grandchildren, he will fight to the end. Mission Bloody Accomplished.

  15. Copeland, i would like to see an artcle backing your assertion. I agree, after Mar 18 it would have been difficult [but impossible?] for his family to escape. i have just reviewed acticles in the Telegraph from that time, prior to Mar 18 Kadaffy was defiant as he remains today, ” Gaddafi launches airstrikes agains Benghazi”, ”Human rights watch warns of risks of atrocites” , i suspect the safety of his family was the least of his concerns.
    He role was the same US dictator/puppet that Saddam was, when they act independently they have to go.

  16. CK

    Most of the Boomer generation are now Grandparents. Targeting and murdering anyones grandchildren is not a winning media strategy. Someone bright enough to understand this has just arranged for the USA to bring back Osama and kill him and lose the body.
    So self congratulations time and Ghadaffi’s grandkids disappear from the mighty wurlitzer of infotainment.

  17. floridasandy

    very astute observation, CK

    buried at sea, indeed.

  18. emsnews

    I am assuming the secret burial was to hide the fact that his skull was removed first. I have strong reasons to believe this.

  19. Pingback: Killing Kids–for what? « Dregs of the Future

  20. CK

    I don’t think Obama was a member of Skull and Bones. I am sure a bunch of his advisors are.

  21. emsnews

    The Pentagon is filled to the gills with Bush Jr and Bush Sr and Cheney buddies who know very well, these guys wanted bin Laden’s skull. Obama isn’t one of them, obviously.

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