Bin Laden Secrets: US Secret Burial

The US killing spree in Muslim lands finally killed Bin Laden.  Oddly, the US then dumped his body at sea.  The excuse the Pentagon gave was, they feared his body would become a shrine.  This, in the face of the fact that no bodies of any Muslim leaders in the Wahhabi sect is turned into a shrine, means there was some other reason for this ‘burial’.  One strongly suspects there was no real ‘bin Laden’ body in the first place.


The bizarre handling of this ‘news’ comes right smack dab on the heels of the news that the US deliberately bombed the isolated, non-military private home of the apolitical son of Gaddafi, killing him and some young relatives.  This very illegal attempt at assassinating Gaddafi, who earlier visited his son there, has raised an international firestorm against the US.


China, Russia and Venezuela are going to the UN to demand the US stop this.  Simultaneously with a recent propaganda surge suggesting the US didn’t deliberately try to assassinate Gaddafi along with his family and furthermore, there were no deaths, comes this bizarre story.  Normally, if bin Laden were really killed, the body would have been shown to the media, for example.  The throwing it in the sea would have been broadcast.


Doing all of this in secrecy means just one thing: there was no bin Laden.  Media Decoder: How the Announcement Leaked is one NYT article that is bizarre.  Why did it have to ‘leak out’?  Like absolutely everything involved with the bin Laden saga, this one is full of questions.  For example, back when bin Laden was enemy #1, the biographer of the book, ‘ Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American traitor,  by a deceased friend of mine, Jim Hatfield   (he liked to be called ‘Jim’, not ‘James’) was released during the 2000 election cycle.


After publishing the book, Jim and I discussed the subject of the bin Laden family in the summer of 2001.  Both of us were quite agitated about the bin Laden/CIA/Bush Sr. connections.  We were both trying to get the NYT and other mainstream media to cover the astonishing story that Osama bin Laden’s entire clan was so closely connected to the Bushes, the two top bin Laden males, the founder of the clan and his eldest son, died in Texas in plane accidents.


I felt that something involving the Bushes, the bin Ladens and planes were going to happen.  The week that the FBI scared Jim into committing suicide, he and I had some very frantic phone calls about impending disaster connected with bin Laden in Afghanistan.  The reason for this was very simple:  I know the CIA and how it operates.  The CIA and the media work very, very closely together.


The infiltration of the media by CIA agents has been proven in the past.  Operation Mockingbird is the most obvious example of this.  When the NYT refused to talk to either Jim or myself about the bin Laden/Bush connections, I knew this was due to instructions that this vital information was to be kept under CIA cover.


Due to our media being very Zionist, I feared that this business was being buried because Israel knew just as much as I, that bin Laden was going to do something nasty and wanted it to happen.  Bush’s popularity ratings were falling like a rock and half of the voters thought he cheated to get into the White House.  The Zionists were eager to have us all rush into many wars with Muslims.


So the curious connections of the Bush CIA, for Bush Sr. ran the CIA back when he first became buddies with the bin Ladens, and Osama bin Laden, were of no interest to the US media even as people like myself were yelling about it online.


Back then, in 2001, I was very, very careful to not talk about AIPAC nor Zionism very much.  I knew what would happen if I opened my mouth about these matters.  I would be ‘buried alive’ or dumped into the ocean and no media would ever interview me again or publish anything I write.  But I decided to go on a frontal attack on Zionists after 9/11.  The Bush clan, the Texas oil barons and the Zionists all had intersecting agendas which focused on getting bin Laden to sponsor an attack on the US.


When the attacks happened, the fall of the twin towers so unnerved Bush and the Texas oil gang, they all huddled in secret for three days, trying to come up with some sort of story that would explain why the US military sat idle while four hijacked jets were used to attack NYC and DC for several hours.


Proof that Bush had zero to do with the fall of the towers should be painfully obvious.  He would not have gone into hiding if he deliberately did this!  DUH.  Obviously!  How insane would that be?  During the three days of missing in action, many Americans began to wonder about all of this.  But once all the media, involved with these secret meetings, came up with a storyline that fit the facts while ignoring some key issues like, why didn’t our military react when the planes were first reported hijacked, were buried deliberately.


Just as bin Laden’s body: dumped in the ocean without comment.  To this day, the US Zionist media has not done any Bush/Bin Laden stories showing us how very close these families were, they literally lived with each other!  No, this is like so many things, the true dark secrets of 9/11.


The rise of the ‘truther’ business was based on a correct assessment that the Bushes really did have some connection with 9/11 but then totally and utterly and very stupidly connected this to the false ‘bombs in the buildings’ fairy tales.  This utterly destroyed any sane push to force the media to tell the truth about the Bush/bin Laden connections.  It utterly and totally buried the Zionist connections to the terrorists and the fact that the very first person to die on 9/11 wasn’t a stewardess, it was the top anti-hijacking Mossad agent from Israel who so happened to be sitting right in the middle of the hijackers and who was dispatched instantly by one of them according to the phone call to headquarters by one of the stewardesses.


All the salient points were buried.  When Kissinger, a notorious Zionist Jew, was chosen to investigate 9/11, I literally broke down laughing at the news.  This naked attempt at using him to bury the truth was so obvious to everyone outside of the Zionist orb, they had to drop him and choose someone else.


Then, the report itself had to be heavily censored and the parts censored were all the parts about the Saudi royals, the bin Laden clan and the Bush connections to both.  Since then, all calls to properly investigate these important matters has vanished as all this does is rouse an army of deranged people who can’t get over the fact that some crappy buildings designed with no internal honeycomb-style supports collapsed when jets slam into them…I can’t believe how totally off the true story anyone can be!


Now, the secret burial and all the secrecy of the killing (IT WAS A DRONE ASSASSINATION!) runs alongside the brutal murder of Gaddafi’s son and some poor children.  The Muslims fighting the US won’t go away, this empowers them.  They can rightfully say, the US didn’t kill him.  Further, the US claimed several years ago, there was no bin Laden to hunt down.  And that he was dead, anyway.


So proving that we assassinated him should be obvious!  And destroying the proof is obviously a sign that there is no proof.  This is yet another twist and turn in the CIA labyrinth.  This muddies the waters that are already totally  murky.  And this is exactly what the CIA needs: to wipe out witnesses who might spill beans.  After all, imagine putting bin Laden on trial!


In a real courthouse with real lawyers working on his behalf.  With no muzzling of CIA secrets.  With all the relevant documents forced into public.  No censorship!  Wow, wouldn’t that be amazing???  As I noted back in 2001, the very last person on earth that would be put on trial would be bin Laden.  The US would do everything in its power to prevent this from happening.


And this statement still stands.  Obviously, there was no need to assassinate him and then like typical criminals or cowards, secretly bury the body at sea to hide the evidence!  Good lord, what has happened to our nation?  Are we celebrating this garbage????  I am just, as usual, aghast.

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11 responses to “Bin Laden Secrets: US Secret Burial

  1. Greg

    terrible analysis as usual when it comes to anything regarding Bin Laden or 9/11.

  2. It has been my understanding that Osama bin Laden died in December 2001 of kidney failure.

  3. charlottemom

    OBL palacial compound sounds oddly like a prison of sorts. The whole thing rings hollow.

  4. emsnews

    No, they did kill him. I figured out why the secret burial. I know that no one will believe me but…ah well.

    Trust me on this matter. And no, the buildings falling aren’t the top clue as to what is going on here. It is a total, utter distraction.

  5. Paul S

    I think bin Laden was terminated because he was no longer useful to the elites running the wars. I think the powers-that-be have known Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts for quite some time. Hell, bin Laden and Leon Panetta have probably been golf buddies the last 2-3 years. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Or maybe bin Laden was going to spill the beans about something he shouldn’t, so the decision was made to terminate him. It’s a good publicity move if nothing else (I wonder if the elites have the nerve to pull out the “Mission Accomplished” banner out). BTW: it strikes me as an odd coincidence that shortly before the announcement of bin Laden’s death there is this huge game of musical chairs in the Obama adminstration involving the likes of Panetta and Petraeus getting new jobs. Their job titles change, but the players do not; a wholly inbred ruling elite. All of them are likely hemophiliacs. The insane US ruling elites cause foreign policy disaster after foreign policy disaster, but guys like Panetta never lose their jobs. Meanwhile, the masses sleep…

  6. CK

    And meanwhile, the supposed old Number two in Al quaeda is a “renegade” american Jew.
    So now Al quaeda’s new supposed number 1 is that same American Jew. Irony is a dish best served quietly.

  7. Matheus

    I believe Elaine´s statment. Bin Laden never was or he was killed on december 15 2001

  8. emsnews

    No, Bin Laden was very much alive. I never ever said he was dead before this.

  9. A. G. Phillbin

    Elaine, the one thing you may not have noted about this story is this:

    Find a good map of Pakistan on the web, on that would include medium sized towns, such as Abbottabad, where the action supposedly took place. Now, find the nearest patch of ocean. It is approximately 600 miles to the south.

  10. notgonnatellya

    bin Laden is dead. Well, he’s been dead, and that’s why there is no body. Zionists took down the Towers. Wake the eff up, Elaine.

  11. floridasandy

    there are so many holes in the official explanation.

    the only plausible explanation (which would be brilliant really) is that they brought bin laden back to secretly interrogage him but didn’t want anybody to know.

    of course, i don’t think anyone in this administration is that smart, but i could be wrong.

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