Does The King of Saudi Arabia Have bin Laden’s Body?

The hokey story about dumping a body at sea was the first glimpse of something was wrong in the bin Laden assassination saga.  This lie bothers me no end because it is the dog that didn’t bark in the Sherlock Holme’s story.  That is, this goofy burial  makes zero logical sense at any level and seems to be a cover for the true business.  The US adores thinking that bin Laden was attacking us.  He was not!


He was attacking the King of Saudi Arabia!  He said, the King was corrupting Islam and was therefore an infidel.  Proof was the King inviting the US into the Islamic holy lands to take over Saudi Arabia.  The very first direct attacks on US facilities and people was…in Saudi Arabia.


Since bin Laden’s family is very close to the Throne there, he had a great deal of personal, close information about the royals there.  His plan was to enter Mekkar (Mecca) on a white horse and cleanse the place.  So…the US knows the King is the true target of all the battles in the end and…the King of Saudi Arabia this year cut oil production significantly.  The price of oil shot upwards.


US speculators, using cheap US loans from the Federal Reserve which lends to Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan and others at ZIRP rates, used this cheap loans to run up the price of oil greatly.  This, in turn, made them very rich again and killed the US economy which is now declining.


Finally, the ‘reserve ratio’ for speculating in markets was raised to stop the wild commodity spending which has caused tremendous inflation.  This caused the world price of oil, gold, silver, etc. to collapse suddenly and now gamblers will be wiped out as they can’t pay off loans taken to play the markets.


The economic messes and instability is all tied to politics and especially, diplomacy.  People who try to play economic gambling games without understanding diplomacy and how markets intersect with wars will be stripped of any winnings if they ignore this underlying data.


The Saudi King is scared to death of being dethroned or killed outright.  He, more than anyone on earth, feared Osama bin Laden!  He would, more than anyone, wish for the body.


The US could have killed bin Laden but transported the body to the King.  This way, the King can desecrate it and do other unspeakable things (revenge at last, he cries as he trundles around the corpse, his fat belly shaking!).


Yes, primitive emotions rule there!  Something very queer is going on here.  I suggested a number of years ago, the Saudi royals (my family knows them directly, not via the news!) feared the idea of bin Laden’s bones being borne to Mecca in a gilded box on the back of a riderless horse. So they would want to prevent this.  Now, the US could have dumped the body in the ocean but I DOUBT THIS…because the SAUDIS would be the ones to do this, not the US who they do not trust at all.


Above all, they would not want bin Laden’s skull removed and hiked elsewhere, it might reappear in Saudi Arabia again…with a white horse…mythology is a big issue in real life, people create myths and reenact them all the time.  The recent making a Pope into a saint is a classic example.


We are certainly not at the end of speculation or probable happenings with the bin Laden saga.  But the sudden increase in Saudi oil production may be a sign, they got something they wanted very badly from the US government.

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29 responses to “Does The King of Saudi Arabia Have bin Laden’s Body?

  1. floridasandy

    does anyone else find it a little curious that another audiotape of bin laden, recorded just shortly before the raid, is going to be released now?

    no videotapes at all for a very long time. the last video that i could find was in 2007(and he isn’t actually moving on it. it just looks like a picture of him with the audio.

  2. Christian W

    What a farce all of this is. The White House must be the sickest joke on earth. God help me but I trust the Chinese more, at least they are not hypocrits.

  3. JT


    Someone will take something to Mecca.
    A bloody pillow, strand of hair…

    Bin Laden won his immortality fair and square.


  4. floridasandy

    i still think it is more likely that bin laden has been dead or could be dead(or else they would be releasing actual videos instead of audiotapes). of course, there is no proof either way. i think al queda just uses his name whenever they can to recruit new members.

    perhaps they received intelligence that bin laden was alive in that house and when the DNA came back as no match, instead of admitting a mistake, a coverup ensued. if that is true, it will eventually be exposed.

    i can’t imagine why we wouldn’t take the other people in the house back here for questioning? this is a terrorist that is believed to have been hiding for 10 years and they wouldn’t bring the others back here to find out what they know?

    those witnesses could say anything now and we will never know what the truth is.

  5. ercel

    @ Ms. Elaine
    As you mentioned “bin Laden’s family is very close to the Throne”, yes it is. And as you know Bin ladin Group is the richest family in Saudi Arabia. What does it mean? If Osame Bin Ladin were a true enemy of Saudi Throne, the Saudi royals would have completely ruined the “Bin ladin family” in Saudi Arabia and no one could have saved them. Because in Arabia and in Middle East every family or clan is responsible from his own family members. Also both Bin ladin and Saudi throne have long, long arms in this territories, espaecially in Pakt. and Afgn. If Saudi royals really wanted Osame Bin Ladin firstly this task would have been carried out by his own family, Bin ladin Family. The Saudi Throne would demand that either from bin ladin family or from Pakistanies. There was no such a request in the past. If it were it would have been carried out by now. How can you reconcile this basic traditional clan rule and no conflict between Bin ladin family and the throne. If one member of the clan,i.e. OBL, is attacing the other clan, Saudi throne, how could the saudi royals would give so high privilege to the Bin ladin Group? Is it possible? Non sense… So your analysis about the hostility between Usame Bin ladin and Saudi Throne is totally baseless.


    ELAINE: That isn’t how it works. The bin Ladens turned against this wayward son long ago. His daddy is dead, too. So scotch that! In these tribes, various members fight each other all the time. The solution is seldom ‘kill the entire family’ since they are all quite related. Lots of marriages from many children. The founder of the bin Laden family had what, over 50 (!!!!) children?

  6. ercel

    The enmity between Usame Bin ladin and Saudi Throne is impossible.
    If I were the owner of Saudi Throne no one would have assured me about “Bin Ladin Family” and their good intention. Who would be so sure if a member of other clan is attacing you and your kingdoom?
    So there is no real fight between Usame Bin ladin and the Saudi Kingdom.

  7. Dibbles

    We can speculate about ObL’s demise until the rapture, but nothing will be proven or achieved. We could still be debating about who actually killed JFK too. But to what avail?

    In spite of conspiracy stories around the world, the “official” story is what it is. ObL was not an ally of the US. Neither is the Saudi tribal royal family who fund the madrasahs that promote the same extremist doctrine as ObL. I say it’s time to cut them lose. We owe them nothing. The Bush family ties are not our obligation. On 9/11/01 any mutually beneficial relationship came to an end.

    I’m ready to engage in the Post-9/11 era and accept that truth will have to be what the civilized world accepts as “official”.

  8. alex lemas

    Well we put all those Nazi’s on trial. They put away a lot of people, ten million or so. We didn’t murder them. We put them on trial and then hung them. Showed pictures of the necktie party

  9. JT

    @alex lemas

    I can´t wait.
    When can we expect the hanging of Bush and Cheney?
    They killed rougly million people just for the heck of it and for some oil revenues.

  10. floridasandy

    dibbles, you certainly are correct that we are going to have to move past whatever happened -because it is what it is, and nobody in the media has any interest in questioning anything that goes on anymore.

  11. Dibbles

    No Alex lemas we did not put all the Nazi’s on trial. The Nuremberg trials were military tribunals, held by the main Allied forces. Unfortunately rogue elements of what was later to become the CIA changed identities of some and recruited them in an operation known as Paperclip. The Soviets did same and this began the “Cold War”.

    The Nazis were an army in recognized countries. The ObL gang are international murdering religious zealots with no official homeland or rule of law.


    ELAINE: Absolutely correct. Far from going after Nazis or Japanese war criminals, many of them we courted and protected including the founders of our rocket programs, etc.

  12. Dibbles

    floridasandy, I don’t think it’s possible to prove anything outside of “official” explanations. And you are correct…the media has no interest in anything that isn’t quick and attention grabbing.

  13. Steve Murgaski

    Christian, everyone trusts the Chinese more than the White House. The US doesn’t bother with reality anymore. It lives in a post-modern fairytale where the spin doctors can spin straw into gold, if they just spin hard enough and long enough.

  14. ooachie

    dibbles tell me what is rapture, floridasandy movepast is a way of saying no accountability, thats not good enough.
    1 trillion and no spectacle, I dont think so! perhaps the helicopter crashed on departure not arrival?
    What proof exists for the death of obl, none.
    do you expect anyone to believe those who said
    Saddam had wmd.

  15. ooachie

    Dibbles have you ever considered proof by contradiction?

  16. floridasandy

    i guess we are never going to interview the wife.

    According to Pakistani intelligence sources, she is in Pakistani custody in Rawalpindi, the home of the country’s military and intelligence establishments; so it seems unlikely that she will be turned over to the United States. (NYT)

    an eyewitness who is not actually an eyewitness.

    a woman who lived with the actual OBL for 6 years, according to their stories, and has nothing to offer in the way of any information? really?

  17. ooachie

    Steve none trusts the Chinese to do anything except be Chinese, in that they are Chinese.

  18. Dibbles

    ooachie I’m not sure what proof by contradiction is.

    The Rapture is a belief by some evangelical and fundamentalist Christians that Christ will return and all true believers will disappear and ascend to heaven, leaving the rest of us poor earthlings to figure out what happened to our friends and co-workers. Poof. Magic. (And magic thinking.)

  19. Bin laden is Schrodingers cat, has been for sometime ,always will.
    CBC smeared any doubters last night by lumping them with moon landing skeptics. All the kings men on this one.

  20. emsnews

    You should find it funny that anyone who thinks ‘outside of the media box’ are crazy, well…HAHAHA…look, when people really do question things, they always get lumped in with people who fall for every crazy story hatched by liars.

    This is why so many nice people who fell for a number of conspiracy websites (which are nearly always wrong about nearly everything!!!) are unable to accept the idea that bin Laden was or possibly still is alive.

    Accept new facts! I throw into the mix, the idea that he is still alive to see what other things stick to it. If I find proof otherwise, I surmise off of that, instead!

    I strongly suspect at this point in time, the Saudi king could answer much of my questions. Certainly, Mrs. bin Laden and the 12 year old daughter would be most interesting to meet and interview. But the Pakistanis are hiding them!

    Wow! So many questions about that pair. So very many. They are ‘valuable’ in more than one way and we will hear from them later. Will the king of Saudi Arabia pay good money to have them brought into his custody? I wonder…

  21. anon916

    Please don’t go all conspiratorial on the OBL slaying. You’ve been pretty good at offering a cogent arguments against all the others. Why now with OBL?

    Is the government lying, of course. Fearing an inquiry, it seems they are just backtracking to the truth of the operation details to cover their tracks when/if a formal investigation is performed (unarmed OBL, no shots fired, etc).

  22. seraphim

    What goes around comes around! OBL dreamt of a Caliphate, maybe for himself! He was good for the East. But he might have dreamt to replace the Saudis, which was a no go. Therefore revenge. But who put this ideea in his head in the first place? The big players of the Great Game? The Big Zbig? Sounds to good to be true!

  23. floridasandy

    anon, can you tell me why we wouldn’t have taken all those witnesses back here for questioning?

    it isn’t unreasonable to ask these questions, and it certainly wouldn’t make a person a conspiracy nut.

    they conveniently lumped all the birthers with the deathers-as if it was the same issue.

  24. floridasandy

    call me a dearther, because there is a dearth of actual evidence.

    waiting for the new tapes supposed to come out today.

  25. emsnews

    HAHAHA….good one, Floridasandy! Dearth means ‘famine’ in very old Saxon English, by the way. We starve for lack of information.

    This is why we have coroners: to find out how and why someone has died. And all cultures have many rules about disposal of the bodies, too. Death has many facets we have to deal with to keep things orderly. This bin Laden business is ridiculously disorderly and veiled from view which leads me to suspect many things, any of which can possibly be true. We don’t know but should demand to know.

  26. seraphim

    May sound funny now, but I stumbled upon a post of a certain Travis McGee of October 25, 2001 titled “Will Osama Appear in Pakistan?”. Some few lines are worth reading: “He will stay in Pakistan because it has nukes and medium range rockets… He wants to be seen as the Mahdi…and to do that he needs the adoring masses… His “miraculous” escape from the Amriki bombers and his secret journey to Pakistan will “prove” that the hand of Allah is protecting and guiding him…To ensure his safety he will at all times be surrounded by millions of fanatics in densely packed slums where we can not bomb him or send in troops… Even if snipers or precision Hellfire rockets “take him out” on his balcony, we may only kill an OBL double, allowing “the Mahdi” to be “resurrected from the dead” for new appearances, driving his power and influence still higher into the stratosphere. This scenario has been his ultimate goal all along I believe. I wonder if anyone at NSC, CIA, NSA or DOS has prepared a counter move to this very possible, even likely, scenario?”.

  27. Dupree

    We put them on trial and then hung(sic) them. Showed pictures of the necktie party…

    And that Jew Jamboree necktie party hanged seven German soldiers alleged to have been guilty of the Katyn Forest massacre in Poland. The truth was know to Jackson and the others judges and prosecutors that it was the Red Army that ordered the liquidation of the Polish victims. The liquidation order at Katyn was signed by Stalin’s Jewish commissar. David Irving has posted the order at his website.

    In 1989, Gorbachev confessed that was the Bolsheviks and not Germany that were responsible for the war crimes at Katyn.

    Maybe that is why Chief Justice Stone of SCOTUS refused to take part in what he referred to as Judge Jackson’s “high grade lynching.”

  28. Dupree

    This is why we have coroners: to find out how and why someone has died.

    An autopsy probably would have revealed if the corpse in their possession had been on kidney dialysis treatment.

    A 2001 report from CBS’s Dan Rather claimed OBL had been treated for kidney failure in a Pakistani hospital.

  29. Dupree

    You know my method, Watson:It is based upon the observation of trifles.~Sherlock Holmes

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