Energy Problems Join Banking In Destroying Economies

I was frankly shocked when the Fukushima disaster showed exactly how little ‘global warming’ people are when so many of them went on a full throttle attack on anyone suggesting that nuclear power is the most dangerous form of energy, bar none.  The fact is, over time, every nuclear power plant on earth can blow up.  This prognosis is due to understanding history: virtually all places on earth have had wars in the past, therefore, they will have wars in the future.  Not to mention terrorist attacks.  So…no place on earth is safe from wars and many are not safe from earthquakes and since all nuclear power plants must be near water, this means near floods, tsunamis and many water sites correspond to fractures in the earth.  Fukushima DID have a total meltdown as I surmised the first week, correctly.  Thank you!


The brave, heroic workers have penetrated far enough, using robotic equipment and endangering their future health, to see that one of the reactors at Fukushima has a hole, leading to leakage.  Obviously, all the water sprayed at the buildings for a month didn’t do a thing about this since the reactor core is sealed.  And pumping water in is useless because it simply flows out.


Nuclear power plants do one simple thing: boil water so it can be turned into steam!  Basically, nuclear power plants are steam engines that don’t use coal!  This means, of course, no coal smoke.  Scrubbers took out much of the smoke from coal but there remains the problem of CO2.  But as I pointed out in the past, replacing CO2 effects with the equally invisible and much more dangerous radiation effects is no solution to our energy desires.  We love using energy.  It makes our lives much, much longer, in general, not to mention, more comfortable and fun.


Blind ideology led many scientists who fear CO2 to minimize or deny real problems from Fukushima.  This shows us we can’t trust scientists to be dispassionately cool while analyzing something.  I didn’t fear monger when I talked about the disaster in Fukushima.  I simply reported the obvious truths.  Figuring out things means understanding human nature and history.  Since we had the hideous example of Chernobyl as a guide, it was pretty easy to figure out Fukushima.


They are, nearly now totally THE SAME.  This is quite significant!  It means, whatever happens to interrupt the pumps that push water into a nuclear power plant, they can and will blow up and then become totally and utterly unfixable.  You can’t even get in to see how to fix it due to the high and continuing radiation:  TEPCO may delay plan to resolve nuclear disaster


Nearly 10 thousand tonnes of water has been pumped into the reactor so far, but it is unclear where the leaked water has been going. The high radiation makes it difficult for workers to check the site.


You can’t put it underwater again, either:  Plan to flood Fukushima reactor could cause new blast, experts warn | World news |


Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) said water levels had fallen to at least one metre below 4m long fuel rods inside the reactor core and melted fuel had slumped to the bottom of the reactor’s containment vessel.


We don’t know if it ‘slumped to the bottom’, experts can only guess at this.  Since no one could see inside of Chernobyl, I would suggest no one will ever see inside of any of the Fukushima reactors, either.  At least they are all admitting that the Nuclear fuel at Fukushima No. 1 unit melted after full exposure.  In the US, the catastrophe that may hit nuclear power plants in the south is a tornado direct strike event.  Over a period of 100 years, there is a significant chance a tornado can hit a nuclear power plant complex and trigger an event.


The waste disposal problems surrounding nuclear power has bedeviled it nearly constantly due to the harsh reality that this waste is very dangerous for centuries, we can see the hideous problems being generated by nuclear power accidents are nearly unsolvable:  Sewage plants in Fukushima perplexed over how to dispose of highly radioactive sludge.  Anyone want this in their backyards?  Of course not.


Many times, the solution for nuclear waste was to ship it to third world countries.  One reason why the global warming initiatives failed was due to the realization that unlike previous deals with the third world where the industrialized nations ship their wastes to be disposed, the CO2 Copenhagen Accords would shift both tax revenues and industries to third world countries.  This came right on the heels of a massive depression in the EU, US and Japan.


The leaders of the industrialized nations were rescued by a very cold winter that paralyzed Europe.  So popular support collapsed for the Copenhagen deal.  Now, the realization has set in, the first world would become a third world set of nations if this were imposed so no politician will touch it with a 100 foot pole.  On the other hand, having a clean environment is still very popular.


Nothing, absolutely nothing is ‘dirtier’ than clean nuclear power.  As we see, once the genie escapes from the lamp, it destroys everything in its path and the land becomes uninhabitable.  The nuclear bomb tests in Nevada, for example, made that place uninhabitable but it was that way in the first place which is why it was chosen.  But nuclear power plants are plonked down right next to major cities and usually on prime farmlands.  So when they go nuclear, it is very devastating.


Naturally, our government wishes to reassure us that Despite problems, agency says U.S. nuke plants safe.  There is no way they can say this.  Our plants are fully exposed to tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, meteorite strikes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes and above all, terrorist attacks and nuclear warhead missile attacks.  I don’t see any way of protecting these plants from the meteorite strikes, terrorist attacks and above all, nuclear missiles.  Reagan brought us ‘Star Wars’ but this is a flimsy protection the Chinese already demonstrated, will not work.


People tend to forget the Chinese laser experiment which was a total success whereby they blew up an old satellite.  They have the capacity to do this in a moment’s notice rendering our ‘eyes in the sky’ blind if we decide very foolishly to go to war with China.  The US has been outgunned in this future war since we pushed nuclear Russia, nuclear China and now nuclear Pakistan all to one side against us.  Naturally, none of these countries wish to go to war but if this does happen, we are screwed.


The human tragedy continues to be compounded as the wrecked power plants continue to pump out toxins:  Fukushima schoolchildren’s radiation exposure estimated at half of upper limit.  They are the most vulnerable.  This is certainly tragic news.  No compensation is enough for them.  Even if they are ‘healthy’ they could have already taken on genetic damage which won’t appear until they have children, themselves.  I personally know of two of these young people who were sent to the Grafton Peace Pagoda by worried mothers due to fears this will destroy their ability to have children.


Both girls were looking forwards to going home but we all fear that day will now never come.  This human tragedy has faces!  Not only human, as I pointed out from day one, like Chernobyl, the authorities will now go in and kill all the pets and livestock!  Many have already starved to death but now Japan is going to cull livestock in no-go zone near Fukushima plant: Edano.   Of course, the utility must pay for the damage but can’t:  Japan finalizes TEPCO compensation scheme


The government decided to set up a state-backed institution to keep TEPCO solvent and allocate to the institution subsidy bonds that could be cashed whenever it wanted, according to Kyodo News report…It required TEPCO to take steps such selling its assets and cutting the payrolls to streamline its management…TEPCO’s compensation payouts are estimated to range from 37.1 billion U.S. dollars to 123.5 billion U.S.dollars.


They don’t have $123 billion dollars to hand out.  Like with the banking meltdown, when AIG couldn’t pay any insurance on zillions of dollars of crappy mortgages handed out like candy, the government took all the losses.  This means, taxpayers take the losses.  This is why the GOP is running around screaming that we have to kill Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and all social welfare systems.  We have no money due to it being spent bailing out the bankers.


Well, Japan is three times deeper in public debt than the US.  TEPCO can’t pay for this and neither can the government.  The government’s central bank sits on the world’s second biggest FOREX holdings.  Plenty of money there.  But if even one dollar, and it is mostly dollars, is spent, the yen will rise, not fall, in value.  The government debt doesn’t determine the international value of the yen.  Trade determines this.


Many people bloviating about money don’t understand there is two faces to money: local spending versus international spending.  Japan won’t release a trillion US dollars to fix the messes at home.  This would make the yen the most valuable currency on earth and the dollar one of the cheapest currencies on earth.  This would also cause other dollar holders to release dollars before they lose INTERNATIONAL values as trade resolution devices.


So, the US would far rather Japan take on even more debt than release dollars and ditto, the Japanese leaders who want us to keep on buying their exports while they never buy hardly a thing from us.  So this bizarre and destructive trade relationship can continue to infinity only it can’t.  It is doomed.  Eventually, it will end with a huge crash.  The longer it is prolonged, the bigger and nastier the crash.


If Japan goes to 300% over GDP with this national debt, Japan MUST be declared bankrupt.  No nation goes anywhere near this and survives intact.  Japan is at over 200% negative this year which is far beyond Greece or Spain which teeter on the edge of bankruptcy.  The bail outs for these countries is the same price as fixing the mess caused by Fukushima and the tsunami in Japan.


All that will happen in Europe is some social disorders.  In Japan, it is more like a massive nuclear war has hit.  On the other hand, the EU is dissolving rapidly and will eventually vanish into more wars.  Europe moves to end passport-free travel in migrant row.  Right wing parties and far left parties are gaining ground as workers freak out over foreigners taking jobs.  And along comes Greece angered by S&P rating cut .  Germany is now bailing everyone out and GermanExxon CEO: Wall Street Is Driving Up Gas Prices By 50 Percent (VIDEO)s get increasingly angry about this and an angry Germany is a dangerous Germany.


Meanwhile, the US is going under due to high gas prices.  This is due to our own darling banking gnomes who used ZIRP loans to play speculation games.  This is leading to hearings in Congress which is owned by the bankers and oil corporations.  So, they turn on each other and blame each other for this mess both created:  Exxon CEO: Wall Street Is Driving Up Gas Prices By 50 Percent 


During last year’s Wall Street reform bill debate, Cantwell was the top Congressional proponent of reining in the $600 trillion derivatives market, which currently allows traders to place bets on everything from subprime mortgages to the price of corn without either regulatory oversight or market scrutiny.


Last year’s legislation required the CFTC to write new rules cracking down on excessive speculation in the oil and food markets, but the regulator has been slow to act, despite Commissioner Bart Chilton’s urging. On Wednesday, Cantwell joined 14 Senate Democrats and Sens. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in signing a letter asking the agency to curb excessive speculation as soon as possible.

As I keep saying, the Derivatives Beast is extremely dangerous and instead of being killed off in 2008, was rescued and now has to keep on growing at a mad rate and is going towards infinity due to NAKED GREED.  The gnomes are never happy with lots of money.  They want infinite wealth and total power.  And they know their beloved Derivatives Beast is like nuclear energy: once it is released, it will go to infinity and this is fine with them.
Killing it off totally is the only solution.  They don’t want this so Congress will snuff around it, they will restrain their greed periodically but won’t release control of this business to be regulated and this is why Ron Paul is a total waste: he believes in little to no regulations.  Talk about insane!  There are many libertarians who think natural forces will ‘regulate’ things that are economic.
The ‘natural force’ that regulates it is a total blow up of systems and then rebuilding from the wreckage.  Not a wise system.  A very dangerous system.  One that ends in wars and revolutions every economic cycle.  Congress could fix this but can’t since running for election means going to bankers, Zionists, foreign powers, people who run nuclear power plants or drill for oil and gas, etc, for funds.  So they coddle these guys and let things passively happen.
Just like in Japan where the rich control politics.  Most rich people make their money doing business with China so Japan, China urged to expand ties despite disaster in Japan.  Actually, the militarists in Japan were pushing for taking islands from China and using the US military as the means of intimidating China into handing over some islands.  This is now dead in the waters of Fukushima and now Japan is begging China for help.  And on top of this, the Chinese FOREX holdings sit there, waiting to explode in US faces anyways and Japan has to make China happy, not angry.  So Japan is finally, painfully surrendering to Chinese power.
While the US passively lets our own corporations and banks loot the people here!  Good lord, talk about suicidal.  High oil prices hurt our economy.  Even though it makes the top 1% of our population extremely happy.

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16 responses to “Energy Problems Join Banking In Destroying Economies

  1. Alex Yam

    So after nearly 2 months the idiots in Japan finally admit there is a big hole in the bucket, while everyone around the world has been pointing that out for months.

    Fukushima is MUCH WORSE than Chernobyl, Chernobyl didn’t have idiots washing fuel rods with water then dump the waste into the ocean.

    They should have started building a huge wall and roof around the plant a month ago and just let the core melt, dump some metal around the core to melt and seal it while spreading the heat. But no, the Japanese morons decided they had to share their idiocracy with the rest of Asia.

    What kind of morons makes decisions like this? Not only did they drag us into their mess but they didn’t even benefit themselves, now it won’t be long before their entire country’s underground water channel is dangerously radioactive, so no more clean fruits and vegetables, no more sushi, no more hot springs, no more safe water for their kids, anyone or any animal eating or drinking those will be contaminated, that’s why even their women’s breast milk was detected radioactive.

    It’s just pathetic.

  2. melponeme_k

    “now it won’t be long before their entire country’s underground water channel is dangerously radioactive, so no more clean fruits and vegetables, no more sushi, no more hot springs, no more safe water for their kids, anyone or any animal eating or drinking those will be contaminated, that’s why even their women’s breast milk was detected radioactive.”

    Not only that, no more seafood for anyone in the world. They dumped that mess into the ocean, and guaranteed it hit major currents that spread the filth worldwide.
    All of the elites in Japan should stand trial for this, they are all responsible.

  3. BeN

    Well done Elaine. You’ve been spot on from the start on this one.

  4. Vengeur

    I’m wondering about the saftey of fish like alaska salmon, since depending on the the type,( Coho, Sockeye, etc) spend several years at sea maturing before they head back to fresh water to spawn.

  5. Joseppi

    Sayonara to Zen tea ceremony

    Radioactive material above designated safety limits has been detected in tea leaves harvested in 5 municipalities in Kanagawa Prefecture, neighboring Tokyo.

  6. Onion

    From Barry Ritholtz, a direct quote from Congressman Grimm of New York (R-NY) on why a whistleblower bill should be watered down to protect corporate interests:

    “…but I wanna just strongly disagree with my colleague from NY that has left and it’s this idea that the whistleblower we’re protecting is the public. And that corporate America is not. That’s a fundamental problem that we have of ideology.

    These corporations, a lot of the plumbers and all the different unions and teachers and every other person in America, they’re invested in these companies. Their pensions are invested in these companies. It’s corporate America that’s providing all the jobs that we all talk about, creating jobs, who do you think is creating these jobs? This is where America works. This is where America invests. These corporations are the heart and soul of our public…

    So to think that we’re pitting corporations against the public is just is this demonization that has to stop. The idea that we want these companies to succeed, not at the expense of a whistleblower, that’s drawing a divide that is not there.”

    The senator is an out and out fascist who would be quite at home in Mussolini’s Government

  7. wuen


    I agree that in a capitalist system, regulation is a necessity. I can’t imagine a capitalism system functioning without regulation.

    When society measure the success of a business by the amount of profit, there are occasion when company cut corner like TEPCO to increase profit. This cutting corner increase the risk of dangerous accident that is not visible to society.

    To live with less regulation is to adopt a different system than capitalism. Is it possible?

  8. Yes, you got this one right Elaine. The truth will out on this one, simply because it’s hard to hide a runaway train. Some events can’t be hidden from public view. Ignoring it won’t make the radioactivity go away.

  9. John

    It’s corporate America that’s providing all the jobs that we all talk about, creating jobs, who do you think is creating these jobs?

    The small businesses currently being crushed by layers upon layers of gub’mint regulations . . .which the ginormous corporations always seem to have exemptions for – oddly enough!

    I have reached the limit of my patience with the corporate/government collusion, and the resultant widespread usury of the public.

  10. floridasandy

    yeah, that ron paul sure is wacky:

    except for when you actually listen to him and don’t buy into the BS


    ELAINE; I have a disabled husband on worker’s comp plus I am retired and need Social Security. Ron Paul wants to kill my husband and I. So I don’t like this at all. Not even slightly. The entire GOP is out to kill me. So I hate them, too.

  11. DeVaul

    What shocked me was finging out that we in America have hundreds of these nuclear power plants all over the country. Before Fukushima, I lived under the impression that we had maybe 10 at most. I still have no idea how all these plants were built given the strong opposition to them everywhere.

    My own state has none, but we are surrounded by states that do. They form a kind of “ring of volcanos” around us, so we will not escape destruction when one west of us goes nuclear. It will blow right over us, and when it lands in all the streams and lakes, Kentucky will die.

    It is a sobering thought to know that everything you have worked for can be destroyed by some stupid, arrogant scientist and a greedy general who wanted to pad his bank account and military pension plan.

    When are these idiots going to hang?

  12. CK

    @Devaul who asked:
    “When are these idiots going to hang?”
    Yesterday or Tomorrow. Reference the Jam question as answered by the Red Queen.
    This has been another edition of short answers to rhetorical questions.

  13. fub duck

    Nuclear power is statistically the safest, cleanest and yes, HAPPIEST form of energy generation out there…at least until the final tally of fuckyoushhima is made…but that will be decades. Just like bush said…we do what we want…it takes years for thigs to wind through the courts.

    The final solution is to build nuke plants near the axis of evil countries…ie those without central banks…and run long dropcords.

    Elaine, you missed the boat again

  14. isha

    Several critics – if not all – questioned his motivation, including New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, who wrote that Dylan “sang his censored set, took his pile of Communist cash and left.”

  15. JT


    “On November 3, 2010, Department of Homeland Security agents at O’Hare International Airport detained for questioning Mr. David House, a computer programmer and U.S. citizen who lives in Cambridge, Mass., upon his return from a trip to Mexico.”

  16. emsnews

    Yes, our government is repressing all sorts of political things. This is quite popular, too. People are scared. But then, when the real political storm comes…that is, when the US finally and totally embraces Israeli-style ethnic cleansing, then we will see bloodshed worse than we see in the Middle East.

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