Yale Finally Punishes DKE Frat Rats

The repulsive Yale fraternity which spawned not one but two Bush Presidents, was finally, after all these many years, punished for being nasty jerks.  Yale finally censored DKE for being boorish, cruel and obnoxious.  About time!  About 100 years too late, of course.  I always found these sorts of male fraternities to be unpleasant enclaves of sexual infantilism and nurseries for alcoholism.  Back in the sixties, I demonstrated against these organizations and asked they be shut down.  


Last fall, the DKEs at Yale (we used to call them ‘Dykes’ just to get them pissed off) showed their male manliness by marching around the campus chanting about raping women:  Yale Bans Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity for Five Years – NYTimes.com


A Yale fraternity whose alumni include both President Bushes has been banned from conducting any activities on campus for five years, including recruiting, as punishment for an episode last October in which members led pledges in chants offensive to women, the university announced on Tuesday….After the chanting in a residential quadrangle by members of the fraternity chapter, Delta Kappa Epsilon, 16 students and alumnae filed a complaint with the federal Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights accusing the university of failing to eliminate a hostile sexual environment on campus. The department confirmed last month that it had started an investigation.

Way back when I was a campus feminist, I would literally put myself into the path of frats doing stupid things to women.  Using sheer muscle (‘Go ahead, hit me!’ I would yell) I would try to either publicly humiliate them or at least force them to show their true brute nature.  Also, I was a trained fighter and enjoyed sparring especially if the guy thought women were inferior.  Back then, I had a boyfriend who was an Olympic champion saber fighter who was not a creep like many frat rats.
Of course, he could win every sparring we had!  He was great!  But I only saw him when he visited from the East Coast…back to the business at hand, many fraternities focused on training their young charges in the arts of deception whereby they would treat the ‘right women’ correctly and be utter, vicious, nasty bothersome creeps towards ‘other women’ who were maids, servants, waitresses, prostitutes, strange women on the street, etc.
Knowing when to be a creep and when to be a gentleman was a steep learning curve skill for young males, even today.  This double standard of behavior was their shield they used artfully for generations whereby they would do horrible things to women but insure it is to weak, political outcast women, not their wives and mothers.
We see this today: the ‘crazed chimpanzee’ running the crazy gorilla organization, the IMF, paused in his usual occupation of trying to run nations caught in the webs of banking debt, to rape a NYC hotel maid.  All the big shots in France and quite a few people fooled into thinking he was a ‘socialist’ on the left, rushed in to trying to save him.  But all was wasted when the man decided to defend himself by admitting there was sex but the maid wanted it.
The ability to figure out if women ‘want it’ or not is hard for men to riddle out.  It doesn’t help much that women themselves make it rather difficult, too.  There has to be a set of tidy rules for sexual encounters but this shifts all the time as cultures change.  So sex is a minefield.  The main thing here is what is ‘No!’  Women have to learn how and when to say this and men have to learn how to respond when they hear this word.
The organic side of sex makes stopping hard for men which means women have to say it as early as possible, of course.  A general rule of thumb  here is, women have to understand that their position of power grows less as they get closer and closer to having full sex whereas a man’s power grows greater so women must negotiate with the men before, not after sex.
We see with the Schwarzenegger scandal that even after marriage, after children, after many negotiations, the man will still go after the low class maid and have unprotected sex and then keep her around as an extra wife afterwards.  The only negotiations after this was for his poor wife to sue for divorce and demand he be ejected from the mansion they shared.
The governor of California didn’t go to a fraternity, he hung out at Gold’s Gym and became a movie star.  But back to the ruling elite’s hatchery at Yale, here is some information about its founding:  Delta Kappa Epsilon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Stated goal of DKE:  The Cultivation of General Literature and Social Culture, the Advancement and Encouragement of Intellectual Excellence, the Promotion of Honorable Friendship and Useful Citizenship, the Development of a Spirit of Tolerance and Respect for the Rights and Views of Others, the Maintenance of Gentlemanly Dignity, Self-Respect, and Morality in All Circumstances, and the Union of Stout Hearts and Kindred Interests to Secure to Merit its Due Reward.


DKE also has championed an organization call Restore Our Associational Rights (“ROAR”) which campaigns for the freedom of fraternities and Greek organizations in general to operate without interference and discrimination from university administrations or others….


Traditionally an Eastern Seaboard fraternity, DKE’s Yale chapter had an early reputation as a Southerner’s fraternity…DKE members have included five of forty-four Presidents of the United States: Rutherford B. Hayes, Theodore Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a member of the Alpha Chapter of DKE at Harvard…In 1967 the New York Times reported on “frat-branding” – the alleged use of a hot branding iron to make a “D” shaped scar on new fraternity members. The fraternity’s then president George W. Bush stated that they were “only cigarette burns.”[2]

Back when Bush Jr ran for President, I wrote extensive letters and editorials about his DKE and Skull and Bones activities and demanded Yale investigate and then close down both operations.  Since many Yale presidents belonged to either or both gang operations, they steadfastly refused to even curb these organizations, much less, remove them entirely.  I pointed out the many Satanic ritualist actions and beliefs behind these operations to no avail.
Nay, the media hosted many people who defended the Yale operations and who mocked anyone who dared to point out the obvious.  Operating boldly in the open while being allowed total secrecy meant that rape, theft (YES, DKE steals stuff!  And the Skull and Bones steal human remains!!!!)  and above all, CHEATING, these centers of nefarious activities were well protected.
When I was in college, it was the cheating on tests that really irritated me.  The most valuable parts of all fraternities was their files on professors and various courses.  Most professors would look the other way for fear of losing jobs if they fought with the frats over cheating.  So the non-frat kids would have to compete with rank cheaters in getting grades and honors.
When I was in college, I tried to organize demonstrations at graduation ceremonies whereby we would jeer, ‘CHEATER!’ every time a frat rat got his degree but no one wanted to do this for fear they would be kicked out of school.  So the tradition rolled effortlessly onwards.   Not all fraternities were run this way, of course.  Just key, important ones.
My present husband belonged to a fraternity but it didn’t do these things.  But the tradition of doing these things hangs very heavy over our oldest institutions.  Countless women students have been raped on fraternity row for generations after integrating females with males on campuses.  I pushed for orientation to include warnings to young, often still teenagers, females to not go to any frat parties and to beware of entering any frat houses because of this.  To this day, no university issues these warnings.
So the frat rats get to run wild.  Here is some original news about the DKE event:  The Yale Herald » Blog Archive » DKE chant stirs campus controversy

At around 9:30 pm on Wed., October 13, groups of Delta Kappa Epsilon Phi (DKE) pledges were seen marching around Old Campus, dressed in suits and ties. They were chanting, among other things, “No means yes, yes means anal.” The chanting went on for at least 30 minutes. Many freshmen and upperclassmen heard the chanting, with one even catching some of the spectacle on cell phone camera.


YouTube – Student footage of frat pledges on Old Campus, Wed., Oct. 13


Controversy quickly ensued. By 11:55 pm, Sally Walstrom, MC ’12, public relations coordinator for the Yale Women’s Center, sent a mass email informing board members and affiliates of the Women’s Center that DKE pledges had been chanting “violent and misogynistic slogans around campus.”….


At least there was one angry group willing to go after these guys!  According to the female students at Yale, these clowns went to the Women’s Center to chant this in a very aggressive way.  Here is some more information: they also chanted about having sex with dead women.  In front of the Women’s Center.


YouTube – Yale Frat Pledges Rape Chants

Now, here is a very funny skit from ‘The Bombastic Bushkin’:  YouTube – W “Wins” Presidency of DKE Fraternity

A very funny skit!  I like the part at the beginning where the Skull and Bones buddies help Bush stuff the ballot box.


Here is a good editorial about all of this.  This is a reply to the campus newspaper’s editorial attacking not DKE but the Women’s Center:  “For God, For Country and For Men”: A Yale Alumna Speaks Out : Ms Magazine Blog


As if Yale wanted to dig itself deeper into its hole of offensive language, the school’s most prominent newspaper, the Yale Daily News, published an editorial by the staff entitled “The Right Kind of Feminism.” Rather than offer an opinion on the news story itself, it focused on the faults and radical nature of the campus Women’s Center and engaged in classic victim-blaming. Presumably written by the paper’s two men opinion editors, the article included such gems as:


‘In recent years, the radicalizing echo chamber of the Center has failed to represent the broader spectrum of women on campus after acts of public misogyny. While the Center spent their time painting murals of their own vaginas, the rest of women were left without a public voice…


…As the Center responded with histrionics, what could have been an opportunity for our campus to maturely and gracefully reprove public stupidity and affirm mutual respect turned into a daylong, private spat.


And, my personal favorite:


‘Feminists at Yale should remember that, on a campus as progressive as ours, most of their battles are already won: All of us agree on gender equality.’


How on earth can one ‘reprove gracefully’ this sort of aggressive, vicious stupidity?  I say, the Women’s Center should have used baseball bats and whacked the DKE frats in the kneecaps!  All the Women’s Center did was send out angry emails.  And I bet, with no obscenities or threats, just demands that the school police these drunks better.


Jerks openly blasting their noxious behavior in public have no right to private, quiet reprimands.  They should have been arrested.  Not because of just ranting about raping women but doing it to women struggling to control the ranting frats.  That is, this was totally hostile.  It wasn’t done as a joke.  It was a threat.


As a woman who organized for women’s rights on campuses long ago during the last Ice Age, many women would be scared to even visit my orientation day table for fear they would be mocked, abused or even shoved around by hostile male students in particular, the frat rats.


Male students in 1969 would come up to me and physically threaten me.  I loved this because they would expect me to retreat, instead, I would invite them to do real physical battles.  Fun for me!  This irritated the campus cops who would threaten me, not the male frats.  I did have a huge advantage: my father was the head of his department on campus ergo, I had some muscle.


Which I used ruthlessly to push forwards the women’s rights issues on campus.  I also sued the University at every possible turn.  Using lawsuits based on the newly-passed Civil Rights Act was a great tool.  And did this make me popular or unpopular?


HAHAHA.  Very,very unpopular.  To win fights, you have to fight and women were not supposed to fight, we were supposed to BEG.  On our knees.  Today, young women don’t realize how dangerous it was to fight the system.  You could literally be killed.  But someone had to do it.


Here ia an old editorial from some time ago which referred to the period when Yale finally let women in (1969) which I find rather funny because I went to Yale that year to give a women’s right speech:  http://www.yale.edu/wff/gendermatters/pdf/GM_Rhode.pdf


The “Woman Question”

Deborah L. Rhode Ernest W. McFarland Professor of Law, Stanford University


William F. Buckley’s recent collection of speeches recounts an experience at his fifteenth reunion that captures the flavor of women at Yale “B.C.”: before coeducation, as we used to put it. It was 1969 and he was seated next to the then Provost watching two “striptease artists, both of whom obviously put their hearts into their work.” After they finished, the Provost was asked: “what is the official Yale position toward this?” The Provost looked sternly in the direction of the empty stage and replied: “Yale’s position is that the Second One is better than the First.”1…


…Similar skirmishes involving traditionally all-male enclaves occurred in every corner of the campus, as well as its outposts in other cities. Sacred terrain was gradually, but not always gracefully, surrendered. The New York Yale club (ELAINE: Run by DKE and I spoke there back in 1978) was a site of longstanding struggle. Women kept escalating their demands: first to use the main entrance, then to infiltrate the second floor lounge, and finally to have equal access to the swimming pool.13 Mory’s eating club held out for a valiant interval, unmoved by pickets, mass resignations, and boycotts. It was only the threatened loss of its liquor license that forced introduction of women members.


There were issues of sexual harassment as well, although women students had neither a name nor a remedy for the experience. 


DKE was all about the good, upperclass, untouchable even after marriage women and the lower class, dirty, sexual and business slaves of frustrated elitist males.  For this reason, I targeted especially DKE for censure.  I despised them when I was 16 years old and when I am now 60 years old.  It is not just their misogyny that irritates me, it is their class conscious beliefs that angers me the most.


We see this in the news this week with the rape of a hotel maid.  Unlike the Assange affairs which were consensual sex and obviously so since the two ladies invited him into their homes and then kept him there after sex and never did they make a loud row about it all until much, much, much later.  In the NYC rape case, this was an employee of a hotel who was working and who reported it immediately to the police.


In the case of Arnold of California: Shriver’s dad warned her that her future husband would probably break her heart.  She married him anyways.  When her dad died, Arnold revealed the truth which she already suspected.  Breaking her heart.   And all the DKEs broke hearts, too.  Many women simply buried their pain and let their husbands run amok.  But this was wrong back in the past and today.


Teaching young men to be jerks is stupid.  Yale finally, finally is doing something about this.  About 200 years too late, I may add.  But beyond the mild punishments (DKE should be eliminated), I fear that Yale won’t do a proper lesson here, that is, teach young men to understand class differences as well as sex differences and teach them to treat lower class working women better.


Hell, teach these brats to treat lower working class MEN better, too!  Indeed, our schools teach students to abuse workers.  Classes are taught whereby the students learn how to outsource and offshore jobs, how to break unions, how to make workers poorer and themselves, richer!  This is the real crimes going on in schools today!  The justification of the rapine of the working classes of this entire planet: this is the crimes I really get riled up about.

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8 responses to “Yale Finally Punishes DKE Frat Rats

  1. The mausoleum at Yale University in New Haven Connecticut. This is the fraternity tomb of The Skull and Bones Secret Society, to which generations of the Bush family belong. This tomb is right next to the University grounds, but not by coincidence. Even the name YALE has symbolism built into it, as does everything in this 3D illusory plane, to one extreme or another. Remember, it’s shape and sound association that the luciferian Thinkers use as their tool of manipulation. Applying the substitution rule of changing the G or J, or a Y, as in the Hebrew tradition, but this time in reverse:

    YALE = Y-ALE = JALE = JAIL, or a place of imprisonment.
    Or as an anagram:
    YALE = an anagram for YELA = YELLAH = YELLOW, as in YELLOW STONE, a very important subliminal.

    YALE = ELAY = LA, or AL-LAH = ALLAH, or LA suggesting Los Angeles

    The J can sound like a Y in the English language, and there is no G or J sound in the old Hebrew, just the Y or Yod sound.

    The Order of Death – the Skull and Bones Society – the Order of the Rose. All linked through symbolisms. This symbolic jargon leads back to the conjuring up of the 3 dimensional world just a few thousand illusory years ago. This is a 3 dimensional world, where the number 3 is repeated endlessly throughout this illusory plane. Why? Because 3D causes everything to have a BELIEVABILITY PERSPECTIVE when perceived by our 5 SENSES, or a pyramid triangular trojectory. This is why the TRIANGLE PYRAMID is the STRONGEST SYMBOL, or SHAPE, associated with the luciferian Mindset. Wherever you see symbolic writings or objects suggesting the number 3, the luciferian Mindset is working its magic. How frequently does this triangular symbolism show up? Quite simply, everything 3D is actually suggesting a triangle formation in extremely subtle and subliminal fashion. This is called the VANISHING POINT.

    The logo for the Skull and Bones fraternity along with the number 322. Here is the symbolism and interpretation.

    The CROSSED BONES represent the point of the intersecting lines of the zodiac circle. The Cross of Sacrifice. The zodiac circle is cut into 4 seasons by the intersecting lines. These intersecting lines are the source of the word SEX, as in inter SEX ion.These intersecting lines are where the male and female sexual contact occurs symbolically. The sex hexagram is formed by overlaying the male and female triangles in a mirrored fashion. This is symbolic of the sex act. This sex act occurs in the centre of the hexagram, at the very point of the 2 intersecting lines. This intersecting point is also referred to as the eye of the penis.

    PENIS = PEN, or PENT, the number 5, or Sacrifice. IS = EYES

    The crossed bones are the male and female bodies which form a sex ritual symbol. This sex ritual symbol – the CROSSED BONES and the SKULL together, both originate, and are symbolic of the hexagon, the 6 POINTED STAR, the oldest sex ritual symbol in the world.

    The SKULL is the SCHOOL, that houses the BRAIN, and is the receiving apparatus of all the knowledge that the luciferian Thought Process chooses to implant within the brain.

    The symbolism of the ROSE/EROS, or EROTIC SEX being equated with the SKULL/SCHOOL/6, or SEX POINTED STAR lies in the fact that life goes on in illusory eternal fashion by performing the sex act. In other words, when humanity is taught, schooled, or skulled, as the pupil of the hexagon rose, life regenerates endlessly. This is the hypnosis factor, the Trance State, that humanity is manipulated into believing is reality.

    To the luciferian Mind this is synonamous with the phrase – ROSE FROM THE DEAD/or EROS, SEX CONQUERS DEATH. To have sex, to procreate, is to rise above death. The more sex you have the more alive you must be. What we see then, at the very point of these 2 bones crossing or intersecting, is the EYE of the PENIS and the petal lips, the ROSE lips of the VAGINA performing the ritual sex act. Of course, the rose has a bud as does the female sexual anatomy; the clitoris bud. It’s from this understanding and symbolism that a very important ancient female fertility goddess was called ISIS/EYE SEES.

    ISIS = I SEE = I SEA = EYE SEE = ICEY a subliminal relating to the melting Ice Caps = All Seeing Eye.

    The crossbones represent the crucifixion cross of Jesus. Therefore, the Christian Cross is a sex ritual symbol like any other.

    NUFF SAID for now!

  2. Paul S

    So DKE is banned from campus for five years? Big whoop. How about expelling ALL current DKE members from Yale? Period, stop, end of discussion? This is yet another tale of ultra spoiled rotten rich kids who are out of control; morally and ethically bankrupt. BTW: just imagine these creeps running companies. When you get right down to it–and as a general rule I do NOT advocate violence, but with these spoiled rotten rich kid punks I’ll make an exception. These uber spoiled rotten rich kid punks don’t have ANY problem a good, old-fashioned beat down wouldn’t solve. A 5 year Frat ban? Just window dressing. Put some teeth into the punishment or don’t bother.

  3. garth

    Is there anything you haven’t done in life?

    Or anyone you haven’t met?

    Are you…like the female Highlander?

  4. charlottemom

    “Since many Yale presidents belonged to either or both gang operations, they steadfastly refused to even curb these organizations, much less, remove them entirely”

    Not a coincidence. DKE is and has always been a feeder frat (members pledging frosh year typically) for Skull and Bones (exclusively for vetted jr and seniors only).


  5. CK

    If you gotta pay for it it ain’t free … speech. If you won’t fight for it, the majority will abscond with it.

    Thoughts thought and words uttered which are not specifically endorsed and majority approved are forbidden.

  6. @Garth
    I’m waiting for the autobiography to come out. It will be comparable in size to the OED when it’s finished. But more interesting.

  7. kenogami

    ” Stated goal of DKE: The Cultivation of General Literature and Social Culture, the Advancement and Encouragement of Intellectual Excellence, the Promotion of Honorable Friendship and Useful Citizenship, the Development of a Spirit of Tolerance and Respect for the Rights and Views of Others, the Maintenance of Gentlemanly Dignity, Self-Respect, and Morality in All Circumstances, and the Union of Stout Hearts and Kindred Interests to Secure to Merit its Due Reward.”
    Seems to me a flawless description of George W. Bush.

  8. seraphim


    Good laugh! Can’t wait for more!

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