Measles Sickens Greater Numbers Of Unvaccinated People

A student at RPI in Troy, NY, recently had to be hospitalized due to his parents refusing to have him vaccinated as a child.  He got a case of measles which is very dangerous if you are an adult.  It isn’t safe to get it if you are a child.  Measles is rare and tough to diagnose and the young man didn’t tell the hospital near RPI that he was without any protection against many common diseases.  So it took time to figure out his case and then he had to be put in isolation since he was very contagious.  


Thanks to antivaccination hysteria, Record Measles Cases In 15 Years, USA.  A number of deadly totally preventable diseases are killing mostly children though adults could die, too.  The concept of ‘herd immunity’ has been a hard sell for people who fall for fear mongering.  Not everyone who gets vaccinated is entirely protected which is why controlling these diseases requires as close to 100% vaccination rates as possible.  In the case of the very deadly, vicious plague, small pox, pro-active global innoculations eradicated this horrible disease.


Just this week, WHO decided to keep the collection of  Smallpox vials around until at least 2014. A 135-Year-Old Piece of Skin Triggers Smallpox Scare at Museum and had to be removed because there is uncertainty about the possibility of the virus still being capable of reproducing.  Viruses are uncommonly stubborn entities.  They have been around on this planet since the beginning of all life forms and they invade all other life forms.  We, like other living things, are biospheres for viruses.


Some of the main pushers of the idea that vaccinations are evil is England so naturally, Measles cases rise tenfold  there as hysterical mothers throw their children into the unloving arms of the Viral Kingdom which then uses them as farms for raising more and more viruses and then using them also as transportation for these offspring of theirs.  Thinking about diseases as farmers, colonizers and owners of your body helps understand why it is so important to lock them out forever via simple, easy vaccinations.


Say, one is fearful one’s child will have some sort of complication from vaccinations.  Well, letting viruses take over your child and render the child either dead or disfigured or blind and deaf or with lifelong health issues that kill them prematurely isn’t a great solution to fears that a child may have autism.  Especially since the autism spectrum effects are most likely genetic and the sudden rise in cases due mainly to people expanding the definition of autism far beyond where it was when I was a child (a child had to be very profoundly effected by this syndrome to be classified as such in 1960, for example).


From the Guardian article above:


More than 330 cases of measles have been reported in the first three months of 2011 – nearly as many as the whole of last year.


Data from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) revealed 334 confirmed cases of measles to the end of April in England and Wales, compared with 374 in all of 2010.


Small outbreaks have been noted in universities, schools and within individual families, while some people caught the disease abroad as Europe faces a rise in measles cases…In the US, health officials have reported 118 cases of measles so far this year – the highest number so early in the year since 1996. Cases were seen in 23 states. None of the patients died, but about 40% were admitted to hospital.


France has 5,000 cases as all of Europe lets vaccinations drop by nearly 30% thanks to poorly researched studies that scared people before being rendered defunct after better studies were run.  Note, too, that nearly half of the patients who got sick with this preventable disease had to be put in the hospital.  It is a dangerous disease.  The legends of the evils of vaccinations has been spread by quacks who like to pretend their magical cures are superior to modern medicine.


It is one of the saddest things to watch, people boasting about how healthy they are while the 85%+ vaccination rates of sane people protect these boasters from the Viral Kingdom which restlessly seeks out these unprotected people.  These organisms are very, very interested in locating them and colonizing their bodies and those of us who get vaccinations protect these walking viral farms from being taken over by the multiplying hoards of hungry germs.


So, if one thinks that vaccinations are icky, just try picturing your body as home on the range for alien life forms.  Aside from the fact that these hungry, hungry critters may eat you to death, the idea that someone else is using you for dinner should scare you sufficiently to embrace vaccinations.

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6 responses to “Measles Sickens Greater Numbers Of Unvaccinated People

  1. RobG

    Sorry to go off-topic, but a very scary description of what is going on at Fukushima (Zero Hedge story, see comment 1315279):

    And I noticed that several MSM outlets are still trying to fly the idea that only part of the fuel has melted and exited the PVs.

    That is nonsense, and here’s why.

    The fuel has ABLATED – not merely melted through – it VAPORIZED through ~6-inches of toughened stainless steel in a matter of hours, and almost all of that time it was still bathed in boiling water and steam.

    People still don’t get that the actual melting occurs extremely quickly, and that it can quickly become much hotter than any blast furnace. This actual molten phase in the PV probably lasted no more than a couple of minutes, or even a few tens of seconds, before the vessel wall/base was simply gone.

    Not merely heated and deformed, but converted to VAPOR – a gas creating froth in a white hot roiling froth of high-pressure partially fissionable metal.

    There were many tones of liquid metal-froth when it finally jetted out, and probably did so near supersonic speed, downward, with incredible mechanical shock and thermal energy and it WILL have without a doubt have blown much of the drywell floor to gravel, in under a second.

    i.e. a molten jet instantly dug itself into a pit of shattered concrete, like a high mass and high kinetic energy malleable slug that instantly created out-gassing and consumed a large areas of the concrete foundation.

    This is TONNES of heavy incandescent metal, a dense froth is accelerated out under both extreme pressure, and also gravity.

    … (there’s more)

  2. leavingtheoffice

    As we all expected…
    “Egypt will permanently open its border with the Gaza Strip, the transitional government said Wednesday, putting it at odds with Israel. The unsealing of the border will give 1.5 million Gazans access to the world for the first time in four years.”

  3. Onion

    I’m a London GP. One of my colleagues was just hospitalised with measles for a week. Measles encephalitis is no fun.

    The tabloids ran big autism scare stories a few years back – we have not recovered in terms of vaccination uptake since then.

  4. Ken 0

    i’m for major vaccinations but there are always trade-offs. ie, using antibiotic triclosan in everything since 1960s has led to higher asthma and superbug rates per JAMA. dumb to keep that up…

    i’m NOT a fan of wasteful guesswork “flu shots” and never get them. i’ve been fine. if a cold or flu could kill me, maybe i shouldn’t be here.


  5. emsnews

    I have had flu shots for many years and never the flu. I like that A LOT. It frankly kills people in my age group (retirees!) so there is double reason to have it. Love it greatly.

  6. JT

    measles, rabies
    Crippled polio children?

    Wealth is being inflated away, laws are no longer followed not our own (banks) or international (torture), children are no longer vaccinated, elderly people on fixed income try to kill themselves, oligarchs and mobsters rule the streets….

    We´re regressing here in the west.

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