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Circumcisions And Flotillas And Other Religious Fears

The era of Religious Wars continues to heat up.  Ever since the US decided it wished to lead these wars, they have only expanded in size.  Originally, the US was the beacon of the Enlightenment in that it was religiously neutral thanks to our Founding Fathers who couldn’t stop the barbarism of slavery but did recognize the dangers of religious warfare.  Now, the Chinese communists are carrying the torch for Enlightenment as the US goes down the path of End of Times religious fanaticism. Continue reading


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Chinese Sovereign Wealth Versus US Sovereign Debt

As I repeatedly warned, China’ possession of both the world’s biggest FOREX holdings of other, mainly dollar, floating currencies, the world’s largest holding of other countries debts, but also has probably the world’s biggest Sovereign Wealth Fund available for investment and purchases.  So China is no longer saving money but spending money and this is keeping much of the other G20  nations afloat.  Bailing out the EU is just one of the startling uses of all of this creditor wealth.  China also is refusing to bail out the US because we foolishly decided to use the Pentagon to project power in Asia.  So we will be ruthlessly reduced to printing money which then causes inflation.

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Creditor Power China Bails Out EU

The geopolitical war between the US and China continues with China using its creditor powers and trade and the US using raw military power.  Every time the US imagines they win a round by adding more military bases and making more military obligations to foreigners, the more China does a run around behind all of this bristling raw power and scores hits against us in the heart of NATO and Tokyo. Continue reading


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High Diesel Prices And Fukushima Killing Free Trade Shipping

My ex-husband worked in international shipping for over 30 years.  It is interesting watching it grow to monster size thanks to free trade and now, its collapse.  The financial earthquake and tsunami that wrecked this game is continuing to rumble but it has been added to by real, natural earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes.  Not to mention, floods.  On top of all of this is the totally human-generated problems of war.  The US and EU insist on one war after another aimed at taking over and controlling seething masses of angry Muslims who happen to live on top of world oil reserves. Continue reading


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Germans Send Their Nuclear Waste To Tennessee

Global free trade has turned the US into a garbage can.  We suck down some of the stupidest import items, remember the flood of teddy bears from China?   And in return, we dismantled our industries and now have to be like any pathetic third world nation and take in nuclear waste from rival traders who run huge trade surpluses with us.  Here is the latest example: export power Germany is shipping their nuclear waste here. Continue reading


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90% Flood Victims Didn’t Bother To Buy Subsidized Flood Insurance

The snowmelt in the Cascades has barely begun.  Floods are expected.  In California, the hydropower dams have so much water running through, they are producing too much energy for the rest of the system.  In various states in the center of the North American drainage system there are massive floods.  The latest is in North Dakota where rivers that are usually quite low in volume are flooding very badly.  This brings up the problem of flood insurance which is 100% a government function. Continue reading


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7.2 Earthquake In Alaska

Alaska just had a big earthquake and a tsunami warning but there was no tsunami which probably means the Pacific plate which is being driven under the North American Plate didn’t have any great change in status.  That is, nothing really happened except deep down, not at the surface.  No subsidence or oceanic landslides.  Looking at the data, the earthquake was probably too deep in the earth to cause these sorts of changes which cause tsunamis. Continue reading

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