Pentagon Plans For WWIII Continue Towards Conception

When Obama won the last election, the first thing he did was not change the slightest thing at the Pentagon or CIA.  All of his promises to voters were void.  Today, these CIA and Pentagon guys run amok in the world spreading war and encouraging non-diplomacy.  The most dangerous parts aren’t the many anti-Muslim wars, it is actually the raw attempt to surround China with hostile military actions via encouraging Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and other countries to lay claim to countless islands in the hopes this will provoke China into a sea battle with mainly our Pacific Fleet.


This is a great way to begin WWIII.  Right now, the US thinks we can win this with a swift sea battle.  Of course, all our present wars have been mainly against barely armed opponents such as Saddam who was totally disarmed by the UN before we attacked him, or Gaddafi who foolishly did the same thing and now regrets this greatly.  Even with disarmed opponents, we can’t really win our wars so far and each one has bogged us down more and more and cost a fortune which is rapidly bankrupting our empire.


So why imagine for even one second, we can provoke a major war with China and have it end quickly?  The ONLY way this will happen is simple: both the US and China create a global nuclear war event and then kill nearly everyone and blanket the earth with massive amounts of nuclear radiation materials.  Of course, all nuclear power plants will be blown up in WWIII.  There is zero doubt in my mind about this.


At the recent ASEAN-type meetings, instead of diplomacy, all the Asian neighbors of China played their ‘US Military For Free’ cards.  That is, instead of negotiating over the ownership of various islands, they all simply jumped in and laid down unilateral demands.  That is, they all said they would all go to war over these various islands.  Talk about insane!   Instead of restraining people, the Pentagon made many rash promises of military support!   So, here is Gates outlining aggressive agenda for US imperialism in Asia


In a speech given in Singapore on June 4, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates laid out plans for American military expansion in the Asian region and for heightened confrontation with China. His remarks, delivered at the 10th International Institute for Security Studies (IISS) Asia Security Summit, came amid rapidly rising tensions between China and other claimants to the South China Sea….Regional tensions have mounted substantially since Gates’s speech last year, particularly over the disputed waters of the South China Sea. The waters are a vital shipping lane and the seabed contains large oil and gas deposits. The South China Sea is claimed in whole or in part by China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines.

Gates made clear that none of this—including mounting opposition from the American public—would deter Washington. We should expect to see, he said, a “significant growth in the breadth and intensity of US engagement in Asia.” This increased military deployment would establish a “defense posture across the Asia Pacific that is more geographically distributed, operationally resilient, and politically sustainable. A posture that maintains our presence in Northeast Asia while enhancing our presence in Southeast Asia and into the Indian Ocean.”
To this end, Gates stated, the US had deployed its newly-constructed Littoral Combat Ships to Singapore, from where to guard the vital strategic Straits of Malacca. “In the coming years,” he stated, “the US military is going to be increasing its port calls, naval engagements, and multilateral training efforts with multiple countries throughout the region.”

So far, our outrageously expensive navy is protecting shipping lanes so that all the nations that have undermined and destroyed our native shipping industry can ply the Seven Seas and flood the US with foreign imports with impunity and this costs them barely any money at all, it is a freebie thanks to the deluded US policies on trade and commerce.


This fatal policy has us captive to all sorts of nations which are now holding significant parts of our finances and debts.  This emphatically includes China.  China wants to use diplomacy to figure out who owns what islands and where borders begin and end whereas, the US has unilaterally decided to use muscle to decide this so whenever China has a boundary dispute, the US will immediately jump in with ships and war games and side with whoever is in the dispute!


So, since this is a free military backup for territorial demands, everyone has picked out many potential fighting points where the US can go bankrupt and kill our own sailors, fighting for land and water rights for trade rivals who are killing our home industries!  Wow!  My head spins!  This is the definition of insanity.


Even as NATO expands into Eastern Europe where the US has to pay for everything while the former Warsaw states that bankrupted the Soviets, leech off of the US, while NATO expands into wars in Asia and Africa, our stupid Defense Secretary Warns NATO of ‘Dim’ Future –


“The blunt reality is that there will be dwindling appetite and patience in the U.S. Congress — and in the American body politic writ large — to expend increasingly precious funds on behalf of nations that are apparently unwilling to devote the necessary resources or make the necessary changes to be serious and capable partners in their own defense,” Mr. Gates said.


Mr. Gates complained of what he called a “two-tiered” membership structure, “between those willing and able to pay the price and bear the burdens of commitments, and those who enjoy the benefits of NATO membership but don’t want to share the risks and the costs.” He added that some NATO partners are “apparently willing and eager for American taxpayers to assume the growing security burden left by reductions in European defense budgets.”


He criticized NATO nations for failing to meet their commitments in Afghanistan — or for imposing sweeping restrictions on those forces they do send — which he said hobbled the effort.


And despite NATO’s decision to take command of the air war in Libya, the alliance is running out of bombs after just 11 weeks, he said. The operation would fall apart without a continued large infusion of American support, Mr. Gates added, since other NATO nations have not invested in the weapons required to carry out lengthy combat operations.

We are now constantly at war.  It is shocking for Gates to attack Europe for not backing our insane wars even more and then…off to Asia to give every possible country around China a green light to launch a naval war?  What the hell is going on here?  This is beyond insane!  We wondered in the past why Napoleon kept on going to war even as he was defeated over and over again and miserably overstretched when he attacked Russia, for example.  We wondered why Hitler and Hirohito kept expanding their conquests far beyond any possible ability to hold, why do empires suddenly erupt into too great expansion?
The US expansion is due to there being a military vacuum since the fall of the Soviets.  We decided to fill all the empty space on earth which meant, building hundreds of military bases and intervening into hundreds of conflicts and of course, tossing diplomacy out of the door and going nonstop for the use of force.


The President of the US is supposed to curb the military.  Instead, Obama is captive to the exact same neocons Bush relied on.  These guys are nearly always totally wrong in estimation of costs, success and probabilities of failure.  Not one of them has been either removed from any ‘think tank’ or university seat or editorial page roost.  Not one has been executed for misinforming the President and causing severe harm to the safety and care of the US as a nation.  Instead, these clowns now crow about violating China and Russia’s Security Council demand that the US not assassinate Gaddafi:  Top NATO Official: Gadhafi a Legitimate Target.   Meanwhile, 6 in 10 Americans Now Oppose Obama’s War in Libya.


6 in 10 opposed the Iraq war and wanted out when Obama ran for his office and the pull down there was totally fake which is why soldiers still die there and the country is decisively against us.  Obama then said he would have a ‘surge’ in to Vietnam…I mean, Afghanistan.   This insane surge was not a surge, the Pentagon doubled down on spending and troops and this remains to this day, a continuing, bleeding ulcer that is quite unpopular.


The bankers and neocons are fixing all of this by bringing home troops and replacing them with outright mercenaries that cost twice as much.  We can’t do this with the navy.  The navy, right now, is being attacked by no one but is positioning itself so it will be a Pearl Harbor sitting duck for whenever China decides they have to take it out, once and for all time.


Since the US has very poor ship manufacturing facilities…VIRTUALLY NONE…we can’t replace ships we lose.  Since all the major ship building sites are within about 5 minutes missile distance from China, China can take them all out in less than a few hours at the beginning of WWIII.  Russia can eliminate Europe’s remaining fleet production facilities nearly as quickly and all those darling little Warsaw states with their little US NATO bases can be also pretty quickly annihilated.


Starting WWIII is insane but look!  The neocons are insane!  And our military is infested with End of Times lunatics who think Jesus will come magically to rescue them when they try to incinerate everyone on earth.  Of course, Jesus, if he were real, would consider anyone lobbing nuclear bombs to be total demons and would destroy these people in particular.  But then, believing in things that are the opposite of reality is what beliefs are all about.  People who imagine they are godly, acting like demons have plagued the Church since its first days.  But then, the God himself is a demonic destroyer!  So I suppose this is logical sense, in a dark and ugly way.


As support for these many wars rises as our government refuses to raise the debt ceiling and talks nonstop of cutting off Social Security and Medicare, there is a Senate Report that Slams Nation-Building Efforts in Afghanistan.  Yes, it is not working.  Whatever forces we have there, China can roll right over them on a land war.  We can send nuclear missiles all over the place but again, we have to think of the consequences: WWIII and the annihilation of America as a habitable place.  Is this price too high to pay?


Of course!  Just as all the hot talk in top circles in the US about wiping out our debts to China are monetary nuclear war: we will be destroyed if we dare do this option.  But desperate lunatics are thinking of doing this because they think they (not us!) will survive WWIII in various bunkers and then emerge to a Paradise set up by Jesus for themselves.  Yes, they will make WWIII and then rule afterwards.  Got that?


This delusional belief scares me.  Our military has a secret budget for building huge secret cave complexes.  This is the ultimate Cave of Wealth and Death where greedy people, after wrecking everything totally, hide in these caves hoping to be super-rich and utterly powerful after killing everyone on earth.  This is the Final Solution and is tied into religion as well as technology.  Ever since the first nuke, plans to retreat to caves and then rule a dead planet has been the official military policy for the US.  And it is classified, of course.


I grew up inside of this insane culture.  I will never forget my own family saying, ‘When there is a nuclear war, we aren’t going to let you inside to survive.’  I said, ‘Trapped in a cave with you guys is like going to hell.’  My parents hated me for being anti-nuclear war.  They hated my talk about WWIII and my attempts at telling people the secrets of the ruling elites.  That is, they plan for some form of WWIII that would kill people but leave the planet habitable.  But they can’t do this.  Why?


Nuclear power!  That is, the need to nuke all nuclear power plants to cripple and destroy enemies is logical.  So this renders the planet mainly uninhabitable.  Perhaps, this is the only thing that protects us from WWIII because we have to avoid doing this terrible thing.  Fukushima shows us how deadly this will be and it wasn’t even nuked!   A mere earthquake did the job for us.


Here is what China thinks about our crazy expansion of military war obligations in Asia and Europe:  China Rebuts CIA Director’s Remarks, Accuses US of Trouble-Making


The Communist Party-controlled Global Times newspaper quoted a policy expert Thursday commenting on written remarks provided by U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Director Leon Panetta to a Congressional panel considering his nomination to be the next U.S. secretary of defense.


In the remarks, reported by the Bloomberg news agency, Panetta said China appears to be building the capability “to fight and win short-duration, high-intensity conflicts” along its borders.


All nations must be prepared to fight and win short-duration’ wars on BORDERS.  Our empire, on the other hand, doesn’t bother much with protecting our own borders but wants to go to war far, far away!  China will inevitably dominate its neighbors because it is big, strong, smart and its leaders are not traitors fighting for foreign nations while ignoring protecting itself or saving its own economic base!  China is not for sale to aliens.  The US is totally sold out which is why we are being asked to spend a trillion a year protecting our trade rivals who are destroying our nation!

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26 responses to “Pentagon Plans For WWIII Continue Towards Conception

  1. William Bennett

    “our military is infested with End of Times lunatics”…….any link available that lists names? or are you just generically referring to the lower ranks?

  2. Melponeme_k

    This site was founded by a man whose children faced extreme religious racism while in the service.

    The problem of fundamentalist Christians in the military has spread like wildfire throughout our armed forces. In essence they no longer serve the country or constitution. They serve the idea of rapture.

    The only thing he doesn’t address is the fundamentalist movement in Judaism which is directly supporting extreme christians. He needs to make that connection in order to stop all of these insane people.

  3. Paul S

    What’s going on here is a classic example of being “hoisted by your own petard”. Gates really has no choice but to make these threatening remarks. The US military “shield” in the Asian region of Ops is what actually binds its “allies” to the US. Deep down inside, Gates and many of the US ‘elites’ know this to be true. Or maybe not? Maybe US elites really are so delusional they think they can flip off and otherwise antagonize China and nothing will happen? I guess this is what occurs when an Empire has collapsed, but doesn’t know it yet.

  4. William Bennett

    Thanks for the link, but still would like to know if it has yet infiltrated the policy making ranks and if so, who are they? When then candidate Bush answered that his favorite book was the Bible, it didn’t occur to me how portentous that was. Several years later PBS ran a 2 hour special documenting how religion influenced Pres. Bush and he in essence confirmed its authenticity when he proclaimed God was instructing him about his higher mission in the middle east.

    Ever since then I had been waiting for one journalist with the cajones to ask him directly whether he believed in “the rapture” and had a part in it. To my recollection he was only asked that once (don’t remember who asked). Rather than defuse it with a simple “no”, he let his deflection smirk suffice, i. e. too far fetched for a president and moved on to the next question. So other than circumstantial evidence about Pres. Bush, I do not know of anyone in a policy making position yet implicated…….although that doesn’t mean they don’t exist and hence the reason for my question.


    Gates knows better.

    His NATO buddies are aware that if they are not careful they will be held to account by the International Criminal Court.

    First up, when he ceases to have a diplomatic passport , will probably be Tony Blair. he is despised in the UK and the government can’t protect him from the Scottish legal system which is oddly independant.

    Fact is the only existential threat perceived by EU countries is Russia cutting off the gas supply in winter and EU is absorbed in re-designing the financial system after its catastrophic failure.

    No country expects Russia to come marching through Poland, and Greece can’t afford to have any war with Turkey, who are popular with most of europe and are for non-sayanim europeans a valued NATO member.
    Israel hates Turkey, which possibly explains Gates rant, which well endowed think-tank is he going to leech off?.

    Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.
    Sun-tzu, The Art of War. Strategic Assessments

    Aircraft carriers present a big fat target for missiles. Why does China want one? maybe to impress the neighbours.
    “The Chinese rarely mention weapons projects unless they are well beyond the test stages.”

  6. Old Ari

    Be careful eileen, if they put you in Gitmo, they can keep you there for ever, The first concentration camp in the US since WW2.

  7. Dupree

    The first concentration camp in the US since WW2.~

    Yes, and the Niesi were put there by then California Attorney General Earl Warren who later became Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. Go figure.

    An arguement can be made that incarceration assured their own personal security from vigilante attacks , but the fact that their property was auctiioned off to the highest bidder without compensation is unconscionable.

  8. emsnews

    The Japanese showed us how to take down aircraft carriers. If you put a nuke on a kamikaze pilot or better still, robot kamikaze jet, even if you shoot it down, the explosion will still ‘clear the decks’ pretty much of everything.

    Yes, these can be used IN PEACETIME to ‘project power’ by moving nuclear armed missile robot jets from point A to point B to menace anyone who irritates you. Of course, this can trigger WWIII, too. But then, the US is expanding this platform for the Final War so China has to do this, too.

    As for the fundie Christians joining the military: they are a huge, huge problem. More than one study has detailed this. Atheists don’t like fox holes. Fundamentalists do.

  9. Paul S

    The problem with the ‘fundie’ Christians is they think the Rapture is coming. Elaine (as usual) is right; this attitude/belief is a huge problem because reality doesn’t matter to them. These guys plan on being gone by the time the REAL sh#t hits the fan, so their attitude is bring on Armageddon. The sooner the better, so FTW. I recognize this belief system of the ‘fundies’ quite well. I used to be a dyed-in-the wool right wingnut. That was how my belief system was constructed. It isn’t a fact-based belief system, it is based on one’s prejudices. It appeals to the irrational side of the human brain. The people manipulating you feed you false and/or misleading information to get you to conform to what THEY want you to believe. I would wager you that the people selling this Rapture business are making out quite well financially. But wait…don’t they know you can’t take it with you? LOL

  10. DeVaul

    “Atheists don’t like fox holes. Fundamentalists do.”

    That’s a great comeback to the tired old phrase that the army always uses. You should have someone put that on a bumper sticker and sell them to supplement your income. I bet a lot of people would buy them.

    To William Bennet:

    My first cousin came out of the air force (he was a navigator on a nuclear bomber under the SAC program) talking incessantly about the end of the world, the rapture, the apocholypse (sp?) and a host of other strange beliefs that were a far cry from the Greek Orthodox wedding we all attended when he got married.

    Why would someone who never talked like this come out of the air force with all these strange beliefs? The army has never really been in the religious business, but perhaps the air force is. It was a total shock to all of us, and a mystery.

  11. Johnny

    Its all something to do on the way to the graveyard.

  12. Mr Bill

    Do we have a trifecta for WWIII?
    – US military thrashing about trying to initiate more conflicts around the world.
    – Gates chastising the US military ally, NATO, for their limited commitments to the
    various ongoing and future wars the US military dominated Western Europe / North
    America alliance has contemplated.
    – Panetta, responding to Congressional questions, basically declaring that he, the new Defense Secretary, considered the Defense Department budget. irregardless of its size, did not have a significant impact on the overall deficit crisis in the USA.

    Hmm! Somebody in the Halls of Power of the US Government certainly seem to itching for a fight.

  13. Alex Yam

    I wonder what are these lunatics waiting for, what is stopping them from hiding in a cave and start WWIII now?

  14. Paul S

    Alex: did you read the latest? The US has a guided missle warship in the Black Sea–and Russia doesn’t like it. The boys in the Pentagon aren’t waiting around for things to happen. Warmongering at the MIC never sleeps. I can just imagine the meetings that are going on in the MIC’s war rooms right now: “OK. We put a warship just outside of Russian waters and let’s see if the Russkies are dumb enough to actually DO something about it.” To alot of these war room “warriors”, this is just a glorified video game.

  15. Alex Yam

    @Paul S

    Yes I can see they are dragging everyone into wars and they don’t seem to care if everything ends in flames.

    What I am wondering is why aren’t the lunatics nuking everyone already. If they have a safe cave and “end of the world” is what they’re looking for then it’s much simpler to just nuke everyone and hide then running around provoking people for the past decades.

    Maybe there are other forces stopping them (some kind of bigger “game rules”), or there is some kind of optimal result they’re trying to achieve that doesn’t involve everyone on the surface dying.

  16. DeVaul

    Yours is a good question, Alex. It is hard to answer because it involves the human psyche.

    For some unknown reason, all warmongers need an “excuse” to start a war. Even Hitler had to stage a “raid” on a German radio station to justify his invasion of Poland.

    One might ask, as you have, “why bother”? Well, in my opinion, it seems that all sociopaths and psychopaths need to feel that they are not at fault, that it was “someone else’s” fault. Fault makes a person look bad, and sociopaths are preoccupied with how other people view them — not who they really are, but simply “how” they are viewed.

    I believe that it is this psychological element peculiar to sociopaths and psychopaths that prevents them from just going berserk without some form of justification. Their need to feel self-righteous and “pure” is every bit as important as their need to destroy other people’s lives.

  17. Alex Yam


    I think you nailed it, these type of people (across all walks of life) always seem to have some weird need for excuses, they need to act like some “movie character” in their head to impress people (but really they’re just trying to impress themselves).

    Sometimes it’s sad when you realize the future of the entire human race, current population 6.8 billion, is decided on ego trips between less than 1000 people.

    We’d be building cities on Mars by now if we didn’t spend most of our time/resource killing each other.

  18. “This fatal policy has us captive to all sorts of nations which are now holding significant parts of our finances and debts.”
    Buckminster Fuller was one of the first authors who opened my eyes to the matrix I was indoctrinated in. The 12 years of brainwashing I had in public school and continuing in college was beginning to be broken. BF talked about the balance of power and the necessity to create scarcity in order for the elite power grid to remain in control. The book “The Unseen Hand” by Ralph Epperson delves into this topic and talks about the Iron Mountain initiative which laid out the necessity to maintain an enemy and a balance of power. It’s so one nation never gets too strong and this way the Bankers always get paid, because they can use war as a viable threat. We have almost arrived at the Elites goal of a one world government run by them. Although there is a split between the Eastern and Western Elites still. The Elders of Zion do not dictate policy in Beijing, although they like to think they do.
    “they think they (not us!) will survive WWIII in various bunkers and then emerge to a Paradise set up by Jesus for themselves. Yes, they will make WWIII and then rule afterwards. This delusional belief scares me. Our military has a secret budget for building huge secret cave complexes.”
    These so-called Christians you speak of are no more Christian than Bush or Obama, both of whom pretend to be something they are not, as Machiavelli instructed rulers to behave. The apostate Jews follow the Talmud and these apostate Gentiles follow their own brand of false doctrine. It all leads to the same road of destruction. Jesus said “satan came to steal, kill, and destroy. I am come that you might have life.” So who is leading us to destruction? The ones who want to destroy true Christianity are the very ones who want to destroy the rest of the world. And they follow satan, not Jesus. Yes they think they will survive and there are so-called Christians who believe they will be raptured out of the earth while the rest of the world is destroyed. But false prophets have always existed, and wolves have always dressed as sheep.

  19. “So who is leading us to destruction? The ones who want to destroy true Christianity are the very ones who want to destroy the rest of the world.”

    Actually true Christianity was destroyed a long time ago by the Roman Empire and replaced by a false Christianity that first appeared on the scenes in the early to mid 100s CE. Real Christianity was more like a blend of non-Zionist Orthodox Judaism and Budhism.

    Modern Christianity tends to make people behave like undisciplined children when it isn’t tempered by humanism.

  20. Dupree

    Fact is the only existential threat perceived by EU countries is Russia cutting off the gas supply in winter and EU is absorbed in re-designing the financial system after its catastrophic failure. ~

  21. Dupree

    …BF talked about the balance of power and the necessity to create scarcity in order for the elite power grid to remain in control. The book “The Unseen Hand” by Ralph Epperson delves into this topic and talks about the Iron Mountain initiative which laid out the necessity to maintain an enemy and a balance of power. It’s so one nation never gets too strong and this way the Bankers always get paid, because they can use war as a viable threat.~. ~shockuhzulu

    The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.~H. L. Mencken

  22. Dupree

    Even Hitler had to stage a “raid” on a German radio station to justify his invasion of Poland.~ DeVaul


    He did employ photographic proof and factual reports of atrocities committed by the Poles against the ethnic Germans within the former German territories ceded to Poland under the punitive terms of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, aka the Treaty of Versailles and to which Der Fuehrer referred to as that “instrument of mass extortion and abject humiliation.”

    Check out Hitler’s War by David Irving.

  23. emsnews

    Irving was wrong about nearly everything. His desperate rewriting of history is so painfully obvious.

  24. Dan Gilfry

    Jewish America will not win this war. It will be wiped out at an early stage by Russian nukes and natural catastrophes! Iran will put an end to the Nazi Occupation Forces in Palestine while China neutralizes Jewish India.

  25. emsnews

    And most of us will be dead or suffering in other horrible ways.

  26. Pingback: Years And Years, I Warned Bush And Obama About WWIII And Have Proof | Culture of Life News

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