Circumcisions And Flotillas And Other Religious Fears

The era of Religious Wars continues to heat up.  Ever since the US decided it wished to lead these wars, they have only expanded in size.  Originally, the US was the beacon of the Enlightenment in that it was religiously neutral thanks to our Founding Fathers who couldn’t stop the barbarism of slavery but did recognize the dangers of religious warfare.  Now, the Chinese communists are carrying the torch for Enlightenment as the US goes down the path of End of Times religious fanaticism.



I am not against religions, the need for a religious basis for the mental construct of our inner minds is hard wired in humans.  This is due to evolution: when the human brain expanded in size and capacity as neural paths were built in, this was due to survival of the fittest.  That is, when the Ice Age crisis happened, the ones who had smaller brains or brains were probably killed (and eaten) by the smarter, more paranoid, more complex tool using humanoids.



This competition between the older evolutionary types of humans and the modern form of humans caused some considerable mental distress in the evolving humans which the brain dealt with by creating religious constructs out of coincidences, happenstance occurrences, and above all, a desperate need to feel as if the humans controlled things such as rain, ice, wild animals and each other using magic.


The use of magic to gain a feeling of control over dangerous natural processes is part of our tool-making brain.  Instead of mindlessly being batted around by Mother Nature who is bloody in tooth and claw and whose rule is absolute, humans used their tool making minds to exert the illusion of control over these natural forces so that even as we suffer the stresses of the world suddenly getting much, much colder, we could still imagine we could control Mother Nature via various magical ceremonies and language usage (chanting magical formulas).

This, in turn, is probably due to the growth of the language parts of the human brain which is far, far bigger than in say, chimpanzees.  We also discovered that using language on other animal life forms, we could convince them to cleave to us and work for us or stay at bay.  The taming of animals is due very much to our ability to talk to them.


Alas, this part of the human brain which may be our strongest feature is also our most dangerous and treacherous part!  It is very powerful and easily deluded and once deluded must remain deluded and it is part of the love/hate complex part of the brain, it is physically very much attached to this and above all, it is the home territory of our sleeping minds, that is, when we lose control of our brains at night and the mind wanders off on its own, the most active part of the brain is the parts where religious beliefs and desire to control nature resides.


Much of what passes for religions are based on this dream world.  These dreams are hardwired in our brains, too, which is why many human dreams have the same basis or even imagery.  The Cave of Wealth and Death is very much at the core of the human mind.  We seem to instinctively know that economic power comes from this dark, hidden place and that if we get too greedy there, we are destroyed.


We don’t know exactly how this evolved but we do think that many of the deep Ice Age paintings in caves is very connected with desires to control Mother Nature, kill animals and deal with Death.  So, on to today’s news as the various religious factions devoted to one of the most dangerous gods concocted by humans, heats up and threatens WWIII.



This rising religious warfare can potentially involve at least 2 billion people, many of whom belong to countries with nuclear bombs.  Add to this problem is the US encouraging religious warfare inside of China while threatening China’s prosperity via wars over various Pacific Islands.


Last night, on the radio, I heard news about this as the smaller nations of Asia took their cue from the US to not negotiate treaties with China over these islands but instead, indulge in dangerous confrontational games which could lead to a shooting war which China will certainly win.  Why?  Well, if China goes to war with the US, China will eliminate our allies in Asia while dumping all their accumulated US debt and dollars and the US will be crippled not because of China but due to the fact that we are at war with Islam and cannot afford to fight a multi-level war where we are totally in the wrong.


China isn’t invading our space, we are invading China’s sphere of natural influence.  And we are most definitely invading Muslim countries and butchering people there.  And one place where our insanity is at its worse is with the Jewish invasion of Palestine.  The mad god of the deadly deserts of Sinai and the Arabian Peninsula is a war god and this shows up in all the various fables and myths surrounding this peculiar god.


Unlike pagan religions where war gods are balanced by love gods and sword gods are hemmed in by domestic hearth goddesses, in this religious matrix, the male god rules all with an iron fist.  And this god calls for wars, endlessly and threatens all of humanity with annihilation even as it drives humans to war.


The only peace is when one sect or another of this mad desert god wins a war and everyone is converted or dead.  Unfortunately, humans like to elaborate on things so all attempts at creating this monotheistic entity falls apart.  So when the Christians took over the Roman Empire and forcibly destroyed paganism as much as possible, the victory led to an immediate spit between the Eastern and Western Christians, one that endures to this day.


And then the Catholic Church was shattered into many parts that hated each other and fought like devils which is why our  Founding Fathers cut the ties between Church and State.  Islam did the same thing: the same year of great victories led to internal warfare that split the religion in two and the two have fought like devils ever since.  They endanger world peace today just as all the other expressions of this desert war god threatens world peace.


Here is the latest news about all of this: Riyadh will build nuclear weapons if Iran gets them, Saudi prince warns.  The US has decisively sided with the Sunni warlords of the Arabian Peninsula against millions and millions of Shi’ites.  The Saudis are some of the most religiously intolerant people on earth.


Recently, they came into Bahrain to crush the Shi’ite uprising there.  The Yemen wars against their Sunni rulers are driven by angry Shi’ites who hate these people for good reasons.  The British sided with the Sunni desert warlords during WWI when trying to chop up the dying Ottoman Empire.


Worse, the British also needed Rothschild  funding for WWI so they promised Palestine to the European Jews.  So this brought into play one of the oldest expressions of this mad desert god into international imperial politics.  The Saudis are not scared of the Jews who have no claims on Mecca, they very much have a problem with the Shi’ites who do have claims on Mecca.  Since the Sunni oppress and abuse Shi’ites, considering them to all be traitors to the concept of Islam, that is, unity in faith, and the Shi’ites consider the Sunni to be traitors to Mohammed, this faith clash has only one end: a war of annihilation.


This is the problem with the religious part of our brains: it can slide easily into absolutism.  When economic doctrines were debated during the last 200 years, instead of a process of resolving issues via philosophy and debate eroded rapidly into religious mania as leaders of various economic factions hooked into the addictive parts of the human brain where religion resides.


Turning leaders into gods exactly like the Buddhists, Christians and followers of Islam did, failed as the economic doctrines collapsed.  This desire to turn humans into gods is very deep and quite delusional but imposing human gods is a tricky business as the Roman Emperors discovered when they tried to turn their own wretched selves into pagan gods.


We were reminded about Mother Nature’s vast and terrifying powers the other day with the Near-Earth asteroid passeing over Atlantic Ocean.  Humanity should unite to run a sensible space program to track and then remove dangerous asteroids.  These asteroids can instantly annihilate us.  Period.  Worse than WWIII.  Instead, even as we figured out in the last 50 years how terrifyingly dangerous asteroids are, we spend most of our energy and money on war equipment for fighting economic and religious wars.


Barely in US news due to religious restrictions on our information flows, another flotilla is sailing from Greece which is being wracked by IMF/EU riots.  The Jews are very upset that anyone would lift their religious siege on the remaining Muslims living in tiny corners of this religious dictatorship imposed for alien European invaders.


The Jews have to use the US diplomatic power in the UN to keep up this ethnic cleansing regime.  So, Livni tells UN chief: Gaza flotilla a ‘grave provocation’.  The main body of the UN is against the Jewish efforts to starve and destroy the people of the Gaza Ghetto.  Israel’s Jews and their representatives in our government who work for them, not us, are very upset that the Palestinian people are going to the UN to demand they be called a country instead of leaving them to languish as a stateless people under the control of hostile foreign invaders.


Since the US supports the spitting up of China along religious lines not to mention splitting all countries along tribal lines, it is no surprise that the Palestinians can and will demand the same.  Since all our diplomacy is based on hypocrisy, the US will reflexively say one thing and then do the opposite.  The flotillas, run by civilians, disturb the warlike followers of the ancient desert god.


Already, the attempt to scare off civilians from going to Gaza by killing them by shooting them in the back when they struggled in hand to hand combat with the IDF in international waters has failed.  More brave people defy the IDF and the US military and come in anyways.  The Jews itch to simply kill everyone but are restrained by hypocritical cant by the US which pretends to be some sort of neutral force for good in the world, not the leader of rising religious wars.


Confrontation Begins Before Gaza Flotilla Sets Sail by Apostolis Fotiadis —

ATHENS — Activists are engaged in a harsh confrontation with Israeli authorities days before the international “Freedom Flotilla II — Stay Human” sets sail toward the Gaza strip in an attempt to break the naval blockade Israel has imposed since 2007.
The flotilla will include 10 ships that have already reached Athens. Two are cargo boats carrying medical aid and construction material. The rest are passenger ships carrying hundreds of people, among them politicians, writers, religious leaders, people from the fields of art and culture, as well as 10 members of the European Parliament and 10 MPs from France, Norway, Sweden, and Spain.


“There is enormous pressure exerted on the Greek government by Israel and the United States. It is by now certain that they are going to use all technical and administrative means to discourage us. Their plan will not work. We are ready, and we will begin in a few days,” Vaggelis Pissias, a member of the coordinating committee who was physically abused during the previous trip by Israeli authorities but prepares to sail again, told IPS….After similar talks with the Turkish government two weeks ago, Israel has managed to cancel the participation of the Turkish Islamic organization the Turkish Foundation for Human Rights and Freedom and Humanitarian Relief (IHH) in the flotilla. IHH was preparing to send back the MV Marmara boat. During the previous flotilla in May 2010, the Israeli navy attacked the boat, killing nine Turkish civilians…


…Jane Hirschman of the U.S. delegation told IPS an anonymous complaint was filed when their boat docked in Athens. “Someone, using only a Greek first name, reported to the Greek Coastal Guard that our ship is not seaworthy, meaning that now we are expecting them to carry out an inspection on our boat. We managed to collect info and trail the source of the report, and it is sure it came from the organization called ‘Israeli Law Center.’”


In a similar case, Cherna Rosenberg, a 68-year-old citizen of both Canada and Israel, filed a complaint on June 2 in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Toronto against the Canadian Boat to Gaza. The complaint charges the initiative with collecting funds for and providing material support to Hamas, which governs Gaza and was declared a terrorist group by Canada in 2002.





Many nations wish for strong ties with the US since this means we will spend tremendous sums of money protecting them with our very expensive military and better still, we will let them run international trade deals with us that destroys the US internally but enriches our ‘allies’.  This bizarre imperial business is a direct outgrowth of the Spanish War and then WWI.  It was ramped up greatly by our WWII victories.


To maintain international power, we sold off our own economic well being and turned ourselves into a perpetual war machine.  We can’t stop war spending.  It only increases.  Since we also can’t tax the rich, we have run this on deficits for most of my life and this, in turn, is bankrupting us.


Even as we see our Knesset debate what social services to cut and how to restrict spending in the US, our religious wars expand and our government worries about the poor, weak Palestinians calling themselves a ‘nation’.  So ignoring the pure hypocrisy of calling Gaddafi a war criminal, the US endorses ethnic cleansing and the killing of civilians seeking to stop the Gaza Ghetto starvation policies.


Declaring Hamas a ‘terrorist organization’ when all they are doing is fighting alien invaders of their own country is highest hypocrisy when the US bombs Libyans in support of one tribal group seeking to overthrow Gaddafi.





Desperate to stop civilians from bringing in civilian goods to repair damage caused by Jews bombing Gaza, Israel Warns Foreign Journalists: Joining Gaza Flotilla Is Illegal.   This is beyond laughable.  The US howls with rage whenever China tries to control reporters.  Here in the US, pesky reporters who tell us the real news about Israel are fired.  Actors who are against the barbaric cutting of baby penile parts are hounded ruthlessly and fashion designers in Europe who get drunk and say stupid things are put in prison, but in our Constitution, we have the Freedom of Speech and this emphatically means reporters get to cover the news.



It is NOT illegal for our reporters to go into other countries or on the high seas and report what is happening.  Our empire should protect our own reporters but instead, if the Jews wish to censor the news, they strong arm our Knesset Congress into breaking troth with our own Constitution and stand back and let Jews attack and brutalize or kill reporters even in international waters!


This is intolerable.  The US government should warn Israeli/American dual citizens that they are covered by the Constitution even if they are in the Middle East.  They cannot have one rule of law there and demand civil rights here.  This is a very dangerous game since Christians here hope to kill the Constitution and remove the barriers between Church and State and the only thing holding this back is the sad fact that Christian hate each other just like Muslims hate each other.


The brave civilians defying US/Israeli religious powers of war are using the media and the law to force the hypocrites to hew to international standards;  Gaza flotilla organizers demand Greek police provide security for ships.






Meanwhile, in the terrorist state of Israel (remember: terrorism is supposed to be evil and invading other people’s countries is wrong) Israeli army takes down section of West Bank barrier – The Washington Post:


The rerouting of the fence near Bil’in, after long delays, was a rarecase in which Israeli defense officials have been forced to change plans by a court order…The removal of the barrier came four years after the Israeli Supreme Court ruled on a petition by villagers that the route of the fence did not serve security needs, but cut through village farmland for purposes of expanding the adjacent Israeli settlement of Modi’in Ilit, a fast-growing town of ultra-Orthodox Jews…Col. Sa’ar Tzur, the regional brigade commander, told reporters that the new route would restore some 140 acres to Bil’in, leaving about 50 acres of village farmland beyond the new barrier route. Villagers say that the actual area of seized land is much larger than that, including parts of Modi’in Ilit.


There has been great violence at this flash point because the Palestinians tried to stand their ground as illegal ‘settlements’ are deliberately erected on their land.  The UN has condemned this invasion of Palestinian lands but the US backs this so the Security Council prevents anyone from stopping the Jews so the only barrier to this theft of Palestinian farmlands has been brave civilians outraged by all of this, joining the Palestinians.


This, in turn, has brought out the brute in the Jews who lust to take things by force so they even kill peaceful foreign demonstrators.  Again: the deal is, if people are too scared to show up and defy the Jews, then the Jews can steal with impunity.  But alas for them, people do insist on showing up and when they are brutalized by religious maniacs on the Jewish side, they learn to not like Jews in general.


This, in turn, causes the violent and hateful Jews doing these things to feel paranoid about ‘anti-semitism’ even though their very actions create this monster!  Telling the Jewish community that being intolerant thieves is very bad for them all simply raises howls of ‘anti-semitism’.  So people just give up and underground, especially in Europe where Jews have passed laws forbidding religious discussions in public, anti-semitism is growing very fast indeed.


Recently, the Dutch vote to ban ritual animal slaughter, so Jews and Muslims unite  to fight this.  Other ritual, ancient (and often barbaric) things are also being outlawed such as the recent attempts at passing a law to stop circumcision in San Francisco: Lawsuit Seeks to Block SF Vote on Circumcision Ban.


The need for circumcision is typical of the religious mind: it is meaningless in reality, this part of the male  body evolved because it was successful!  If there was a religious ceremony for removing the appendix, it would make some medical sense.  But removing an important part of the male sex organs is pure dream world insanity.



Cloaking this with medical beliefs is also typical.  Science is firm on this: the male foreskin evolved for good reason!  It protects the penis which, unlike in say, horses, can’t retract deep inside the body!  The naked male hangs out and is very vulnerable.  Just as female cutting of the sex organs is evil, so is cutting vital parts of the male sex organs.  Why humans cut or mutilate the sex organs is bizarre but no surprise: sex is very much attached to religion.


Here is a typical example of the hysteria this issue arouses in the Jewish community:  Marmur: Circumcision and bigotry –  This writer claims, as usual, that ‘Christian anti-Judaism has in modern times been hijacked by secular enemies of religion. It’s manifest as anti-Semitism, often in the guise of pseudo-science or out of feigned commitment to human rights. Male circumcision is usually maligned as “genital mutilation.”’


So, according to supporters of this primitive magical rite sneer at us that calling genital mutilations ‘genital mutilations’ is a crime?  The Jews were once famous for the ability to debate.  This has degenerated into name calling and rank insanity.  This loss of sanity is serious.  Instead of being a beacon for liberalism as great Jewish thinkers in the past, modern Jews are increasingly intolerant, irrational and vicious.


A very bad combination of traits for a minority religious tribal group.  The Jews who supported civil rights in the US has turned around and now support no civil rights not even freedom of speech as they fight off people who want to stop this tribal dominance games being played by Jews all over the world.


Even as the West joins with the Jews to impose ethnic cleansing in the Middle East, there has been some minor progress in stopping the anti-Serbia nonsense:  World court quashes ethnic cleansing case against Russia.  I am happy some sanity has been shown but even as a UN expert repeats ‘ethnic cleansing’ claims the Jews in Israel and the US get madder than ever.  from March 21, 2011:

Israel’s expansion of Jewish settlements in east Jerusalem and the eviction of Palestinians from their homes there is a form of ethnic cleansing, United Nations investigator and US academic Richard Falk told the UN Human Rights Council as it prepared to pass resolutions condemning Israeli behavior in the West Bank.


The “continued pattern of settlement expansion in east Jerusalem combined with the forcible eviction of long-residing Palestinians are creating an intolerable situation” in the part of the city previously controlled by Jordan, he said…Israel declines to deal with Falk or even allow him into the country, accusing him of bias against the Jewish state.


Locking the door and expelling any civilians or diplomats who insist on seeing what is going on there and talking about it is typical of totalitarian states like North Korea.  North Korea Closes Universities For 10 Months so the government can force the students to work in factories, etc.  How terrible that place is!  But then, this is what Israel and the US are becoming, bit by bit.  Going down the road of assassinations, robot killing machines, preventing free speech, attacking civilians who film the police or military while they commit crimes of aggression: we are moving down the wrong road here!

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35 responses to “Circumcisions And Flotillas And Other Religious Fears

  1. Peter

    Thank God I’m an atheist! 😉

  2. DeVaul

    This is a great article on Jewish religion and I am glad you wrote it even though it will outrage nearly everyone with a religious bone to pick.

    Jehova IS a death god and always has been. It is a little amazing that few can see this other than non-Jews, but then the reach and extent of Jewish religious propaganda for the last 2,000 years makes it understandable.

    I really wish there was some way to transport all Jews to another planet so they can duke it out amongst themselves for the title of “Most Holy in the Eyes of Jehova” without exterminating all non-Jews in the process, but I doubt my wish will be granted.

  3. mile

    God may have made potatoes but he did not plant them where i could get any, so obviously he was not putting to much mind to my well beings, and thusly me to he…or she as the matter be…………..

  4. rockpaperscizzors

    Religion is the last refuge of virulent bigotry, glorified violence, and celebrated ignorance. These antiquated patriarchal systems functioned to maintain the status quo of the power structure to enforce subservience of the masses. The subjugation, defamation, and oppression of women and children as witnessed in religious driven societies that perpetuate male domination and control are gasping their last breath.They fear their truth of irrelevance as humanity moves forward. Religions are as relevant to modern day society as are the horse and buggy as a mode of transportation; passe and quaint. Religions have eclipsed and nearing the end of their demise. They will go to the graveyards of gods and fables where lay Athena and Zeus.

    “We do not want churches because they will teach us to quarrel about God.”
    Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

  5. Shown on Israel TV but not US:US supplied D-9 rolls over Rachael Corrie.

  6. The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I am come that you might have life and life more abundantly. John 10:10

  7. charlottemom

    I enjoyed this very thoughtful piece and will reread it. thanks.

  8. Elaine~

    Your not going to like this, but your position on religion, as is with my own, is not unlike that of Adolph Hitler.

    Yo might want to check out David Irving’s Hitler’s War. And you know that Hammerhead is already convinced that your into the fourteenth re-reading of Mein Kampf.


    ELAINE: Hitler was all for ethnic cleansing and this meant replacing Orthodox Serbs with Catholic Germans, for example, in the East. The Poles were doomed by Hitler, too, even though they were Catholics, they were Poles therefore, slated for death. Ditto, any Jews of any country.

    I am TOTALLY against ethnic cleansing and when Zionists hide behind ‘antisemitism’ so they can act like Nazis infuriates me. This doesn’t mean idiots like Irving are correct: the Nazis were totally evil people! Sheesh. They didn’t kill working slaves on arrival at the death camps, they killed the children and elderly. Then worked the slaves to death. How horrible is that? This killed MILLIONS of people!

  9. kenogami

    It is known that Hitler greatly admired the Catholic Church, for the way it had stayed in power for so long by controling and brainwashing people. Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows that Elaine is NOT a fan of the Pope or the Catholic Church.

  10. kenogami

    “That is, when the Ice Age crisis happened, the ones who had smaller brains or brains were probably killed (and eaten) by the smarter, more paranoid, more complex tool using humanoids.”
    Not necessarily. It is known that Neanderthals had a bigger brain than Cro-Magnons, that they buried their deads with flowers and trinkets, that they took care of and fed their olds and their cripples. But they became extinct.
    Were they more civilized and less agressive than our ancestors?


    ELAINE: The Neanderthals used much less advanced weapons. They never used the bow and arrow, for example. Might makes right. As we humans know all too well.

  11. kenogami

    “Activists are engaged in a harsh confrontation with Israeli authorities days before the international “Freedom Flotilla II — Stay Human” sets sail toward the Gaza strip in an attempt to break the naval blockade Israel has imposed since 2007.”
    These activists are heroes, brave, generous and just men and women. One of the things that shocked me greatly when the first Freedom Flotilla went to the Gaza concentration camp last time is that the Israelis confiscated and destroyed all the toys that the activists had brought for the Palestinians children. What kind of evil sociopaths would destroy toys for poor and starving small children?

  12. floridasandy

    china didn’t invade our space?

    i guess that is all a matter of perspective.


    ELAINE: So far, I see no Chinese naval military bases in Cuba.

  13. seraphim

    Trouble is that in “pagan religions”, the “sword gods” (like Ares-Mars) were not hemmed in by “domestic hearth goddesses”, but by Aphrodite-Venus, “the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth”.

  14. EMan

    In essence, EMS says “I don’t hate religion, I just think all religions have hateful war/death gods” except my Mother Nature goddess. Baloney. The true teachings of the world’s major religions are of peace and love. The problem is who does your religion say is worthy of love and should be loved? If it isn’t EVERYONE regardless of some arbitrary characteristic, it’s not a “good” religion (in my opinion). That’s why I’m a Christian.

    People use religious identity as one convenient difference to define someone else as “other,” which then makes it “OK” to fight / harm / kill the “others.” If religions didn’t exist, guess what, there would still be wars because it is human nature to be tribal and animalistic! People would be fighting wars over race (which of course happens) or “country” (which of course happens), or some other group characteristic, INDEPENDENT of religions. People don’t have wars BECAUSE of religion. It’s an excuse, used by people / entities which can only be described as evil, to get people to hurt each other, which in turn destroys the person doing the harm as well. For in reality, at our core we are all the same and all connected. Elaine’s constant railing against religion is her master’s way of trying to lead people away from the one true God, who is pure love and consciousness, who wants us to love every one of our brothers and sisters, and not ever go to war.

  15. EMan

    And another thing, saying we should “fear” Mother Nature because she is so powerful, reminds me of what’s really important. Jesus said (Matthew 10:28) “And do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather, be afraid of the one who can destroy both soul and body in Gehenna.” Elaine has commented here in her many discussions with “demons” in the “Outer Darkness” that all they really want are souls. So make your souls shine with love for God and others, and you have nothing to be afraid of. You will not become lost, even when Elaine tries to tell you to worship and fear Mother Nature, that Jesus is dead, and God is a vengeful, hateful desert god.

    End of preaching 🙂 Wow, Elaine, reading you for 3 years really brings out the religious side of me, which has no choice but to vehemently disagree with you.


    ELAINE: No gods love us. If they did, why would they talk all the time about killing us and warn us, if we don’t obey various bizarre rituals and rules, we will be tormented or killed?

  16. EMan

    Speaking of circumcision, isn’t it just a cultural tradition? People should be free to do whatever they wish to their bodies and those of their children if it is not harmful to the children. There is nothing “magical” about it. I do believe science has shown that circumcision can lower the risk of contracting STDs.

    Since you’re speaking against the Jews and talking about circumcision, it’s interesting to revisit the Bible (Genesis 34), to see the cunning brutatility of the Jewish people, which they seem to be proud of:

    When someone raped Jacob’s daughter Dinah, Jacob’s sons convinced the whole town of Schechem to get circumcised, saying they would then intermarry with them if they were circumcised like their tribe. When all the men were laid up after being circumcised, Jacob’s sons murdered them all in revenge for raping their sister! Note, nowhere does it say “God commanded” them to do so. It’s just another story in human history about “us” versus “them” tribal violence.

  17. James

    I wanted to make sure my sons never experienced a ritual circumcision. However, my uncle who was born in poor health and left uncircumcised explained that at age 35 he underwent the procedure when married, because he was tired of trying to not “smell like tuna” if he didn’t wash several times a day. He also mentioned that women are not completely silent on the subject with each other, since a less than hygienic encounter with an uncircumcised penis can be enough to mark a man. My wife strongly concurs on this last point. Anyway, my sons are circumcised, and any comments that might help them do the right thing for their potentential sons would be appreciated.

  18. seraphim

    James, there is a silly joke about smelling like a fish. It goes like this: When Eve was taking a bath in a river a fish found his way up her thighs. Since then the question is: “Is Eve’s c… smelling like a fish or the fish smelling like a c…? I never thought that the fish was a tuna! Anyhow, was your uncle at fault or his wife? Tell your sons to ponder the question!

  19. emsnews

    Humans evolved with various smells as sex signals or a way to PREVENT sex. This has been eradicated by perfumes, etc. Unlike dogs, we can’t simply smell each other up. The other day, I wrote about a study that showed how women no longer can choose the right mates for an obscure but important enzyme due to perfumes.

    Human noses are nearly useless compared to say, dogs or lions.

  20. DeVaul


    You know, I would not expect anything less than pure vitriol from a Jew like seraphim. Non-Jews cannot be recognized as human beings by Jews. Instead, they are “pagans, heathen, infidels, witches, blasphemers,” and so forth who must be exterminated by their very good god.

    I seriously doubt that seraphim is an expert on non-Jewish religions, so I would advise others to ignore his remarks about religions he despises.

    Most non-Jews are usually left unable to speak after witnessing Jews foaming at the mouth and screeching at each other regarding something even they admit was written down over 3,000 years ago. Sometimes though, a great non-Jew like Chief Joseph can collect himself enough to put into simple words how we feel about the Jews and their insistence that we join them or die.

    Thanks to rockpaperscissers for that great quote from the past. As usual, it applies today and even to this blog, where the Jews spit and foam at the mouth once again.

    BTW, when I was a kid, I tried to read the bible so I could fit in with my friends. I distinctly remember reading page after page of Jehova commanding the Jews to raze this or that city, kill everyone above the age of 15, and enslave the rest. I was deeply disturbed by this. I was only 12. I have never heard of any other god commanding his followers to do such things on a regular basis.

  21. seraphim

    As DeVaul’s post does not make any sense, I could not but laugh.

  22. DeVaul

    Oh, I believe you know exactly what I am talking about. You just have no reply.

    Perhaps you could quote some lines from one your jew books, but then you probalby know that such things mean nothing to non-Jews. Trouble is with Jews that without lines from their Jew books to throw back and forth, they really don’t really have anything constructive to say.

    For non-Jews, it’s actually funny to watch Jews become flabbergasted when they realize their Jew books are suddenly irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

  23. seraphim

    Oh, please, I have an incipient hernia and to much laughing can aggravate it.

  24. Dupree

    An Open Letter of Hate written to Alice Walker by a Zionist Jew in occupied Israel.

    Obviously, the Jewish writer is unaware that Alice Walker is the former wife of Jewish lawyer/rabble rouser Mel Leventhal. Mel Leventhal came to Mississippi in the 60s along with SNCC, COFO, ACLU, CPUSA , the Freedom Riders(sic) , etal., and ended up marrying Alice Walker in a Jewish ceremony in NYC in 1967. They returned to Mississippi and their marriage was “billed” as the first legal inter-racial married couple living in the State of Mississippi at that time.

    Mel Leventhal is now associated with a front organization that bills itself as “champions of justice in Mississippi.”

    I don’t think Mel and his former SNCC, COFO, ACLU, CPUSA warriors will joining Alice Walker in boarding that flotilla ship for Gaza

    Where is Hammerhead?

  25. Dupree

    Richard Cravatts does not live in Israel.

  26. Dupree

    Oh, please, I have an incipient hernia and to much laughing can aggravate it.

    Botched circumcision by the Mohel?

  27. Dupree

    I should have said, “botched Bris.”

  28. seraphim

    As I can see stupidity is after all contagious. If you watch too much Seinfeld.

  29. Nalu Girl

    Not to excuse the wrongs done by Israel, but Hamas has repeatedly stated that they will not recognize Isreal’s right to exist, and in fact will not stop until Israel is eradicated.
    I just finished reading a very interesting (and funny) book named “God Hates You, Hate Him Back”. It is an accounting of the inaccuracies, self-contradictions and bloodthirstiness in both the Old and New Testaments.

  30. Dupree

    Where is it written that Israel has a right to exist on stolen Arab land?

    The ancestors of the Khazars occupying Palestine never laid eyes on the “Promised Land.” There is NO ansesreal bond to Palestine!

    I say burn all the damn bibles, but they’d find some other document in a cave somewhere– hidden away by some sheppard. Or some other international equivalent to an eminent domain” for Jews only, lying in the British archives,

    The final solution to the impasse in Palestine is the creation of the state of Isratine, but the fellow that suggested that has seen his country attacked and Libya is now being eradicated by being bombed into the Stoneage by Obama, Killery and Ray Mabus.

    Seriously, the US would be better off buying off every Jew in Palestine that wants to emigrate to the country of his/her choice. But first , cease sending all non-humanitarian aid to Israel. Then make them an offer of one million dollars per Jew.

    Most would emigrate to the US and spend the money into the economy, most likely into the stock market, the “rackets” or into organized crime. Either way, it stays in the US and would not be going back to the Kosher Nostra in Tel Aviv.

    Save us from Mabus !

  31. Dupree

    That should read that there is no “ancestral bond” or claim on Palestine.

  32. Dupree

    Oh, please, I have an incipient hernia and to much laughing can aggravate seraphim

    I have looked into your problem with the “incipient” hernia and I am led to conclude that the “aggravation” results from the latent effects caused by lugging that Torah around the synagogue during your bar mitzvah.

    In order to avoid any more flareups from the latent effects of lifting the too-heavy Torah, I suggest you refrain from engaging in those “dancing around the golden calf” rituals .

  33. seraphim

    Hopeless! Don’t watch Seinfeld. Let’s move on.

  34. For those thinking Circumcision is good or [in infants] tolerable should read
    ‘RAISED AS A GIRL’…………………………..!!!!!

  35. DeVaul..Read ‘DARK SIDE OF MAN’ for more info on genocide/tribe/religion link.

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