Norway Assassin Son Of Norwegian EU Diplomat

Screen shot from the Norway Assassin’s You Tube video


Unlike the Arizona assassin, the Norwegian assassin is quite lucid.  He may be fabricating information to give to the police and exaggerating his connections to other people but the salient fact we must understand is, he wasn’t some Lumpenproletariat raising a ruckus, he is an upperclass elite who is coldly killing people for political reasons!  This is not insignificant.  We saw here in the US how Timothy McVeigh, a trained soldier, did a nearly identical mass murder.  He, too, was a ‘clean, young man’ who didn’t have tattoos all over or use drugs.  Elitist terrorists are the scariest on earth since they often grow up close to or have their hands on the levers of power and above all, the potential to use nuclear bombs.


We now know the biography of this demented young assassin:  Norway shooting: Anders Behring Breivik’s estranged parents under armed guard in France – Telegraph


Mr Breivik had three children from a previous marriage – Erik, Jan and Nina – when he met Anders’s mother, Wenche Behring, who had a daughter from a previous relationship.  Mr Breivik divorced Wenche when Anders was just one, and went on to marry Tove Øvermo – known as Wanda – another embassy worker.

Anders became the subject of a custody battle, as Mr Beivik and his new wife wanted to raise him in Paris, but they lost their case.
“We never lived together, but we had contact during his childhood,” Mr Beivik told the Norwegian newspaper, Verdens Gang….As a child, Anders used to visit his father at his flat in Paris, and at a holiday home in Normandy, western France.
Mr Breivik, a past supporter of the Norwegian Labour Party, was a commercial adviser for the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attached to the embassies in London and Paris.


The assassin came from a broken home.  The father wanted custody and fought his mother.  She, in turn, probably inspired him to hate his father, we don’t know but this happens an awful lot in divorces.  As divorces spread, we see quite a few social problems spiraling out of this.  Many right wingers want to stop this from happening, yet are unable to do it themselves, they get divorced even more often than liberals.  They have the mess of teen pregnancies, too, as we see from Palin’s messed up family.  The many  multiple marriages of the intolerant right wing is revealing.  Their god here in the US is Ronald Reagan: a divorced man who shoved wife #1 out the door!  The intolerant leader of an intolerant party who hates gays and runs on anti-gay platforms had a gay son.  Their hero was quite a number!


In this case, the father of the killer was a diplomat who virtually never lived in Norway and retired to France.  This is of great concern to Britain and France since they, not Norway, are the home states of this killer.  We don’t know what sort of mixed-up ideas flit through the brain of this young man but we can guess, he was one bundle of mixed-up psychotic problems.


As were most top Nazis!  Crazy people can take over societies.  Over and over again, whether it be crazy Roman Emperors or horse riding maniacs riding out of the central Asian plains butchering millions of farmers, there is a long, long history of crazy, bloody-handed people taking over a military system of some sort and then sending it out to kill and conquer.


Typical of far right wing agitators who work endlessly to demonize everyone and egg on the mentally unstable into committing crimes, Glenn Beck compares Norway shooting victims to Hitler Youth.  Glenn Beck rose to power via the criminal operations run by Murdoch.  Murdoch is a far right wing media owner who is very big on egging on unhappy people and works very hard at aiming them at attacking the poor rather than the rich elites.  The stable of unstable minds he has hired are all focused very much on egging on the working classes to protect the rich and attack the poor.  Murdoch is very rich and would like to keep it that way, of course.


The right wing loves to feel persecuted.  Hitler often mentioned how he was persecuted!  He started his career in political agitation by being secretly hired by the state of Bavaria to spy on and infiltrate socialist organizations that were agitating for change in the wake of WWI.  The National Socialists in Munich were considered socialists back then and Hitler then betrayed his bosses by joining seriously rather than infiltrating and destroying them.  Instead, to the great relief of the elites, he CHANGED the Nazis from socialists into racist nationalists.


He then got the full support of significant sectors of the German elites.  This, in turn, caused him to rise rapidly in power.  He provided the indoctrination and street muscle to attack and kill or intimidate, real socialists.  The street battles raged on and on until the Nazis won.   People forget that Jews were one of the LAST victims of Hitler.  Socialists and free thinkers, homosexuals and the mentally ill were the first.  The first concentration work camps were built to house captive socialists and communists, not Jews.


Glenn Beck knows this.  This is why he goes on the attack, comparing the unarmed, peaceful, friendly socialist kids to the Hitler Youth.  He doesn’t mention that they were calling for a boycott against the racist state of Israel the same week they were assassinated by this far right wing elitist gunman.  Hiding the truth is part of the battle for people’s minds.  Across the board, I see religious/racist fanatics frantically running from their own deeds and ideology whenever one of their believers acts violently only to slink back a few weeks later and resume the violent rhetoric that fuels these massacres.


The young man at the center of this latest mass murder by a far right wing racist is quite secure in thinking he will lead this overturning of governments and replacing them with clones of the Israeli state-style of governance:  Defiant Breivik boasts more will die


Rob Wainwright, director of Europol, told the Guardian he had written to the Metropolitan police’s new head of counter-terrorism, Cressida Dick, asking for more officers from Scotland Yard after Breivik boasted of his links to far-right groups in the UK.


“What we’ve seen is an active extremist scene across European countries, including the UK,” said Wainwright. “There are some signs the extreme right have been more active, especially on the internet. They are more sophisticated and using social media to attract younger people.”…


…In the manuscript Breivik describes his “mentor” as an Englishman he identifies as “Richard”, and says his journey into violent extremism began at a small meeting in London in 2002 where a group of like-minded extremists met to “reform” the Knights Templar Europe, a military group whose purpose was “to seize political and military control of western European countries and implement a cultural conservative political agenda”….In his manifesto Breivik said the gathering in London was “not a stereotypical ‘rightwing’ meeting full of underprivileged, racist skinheads with a short temper”. Instead, he claimed those present were successful entrepreneurs, “business or political leaders, some with families, most Christian conservatives, but also some agnostics and even atheists”…


…At 23 years old, Breivik says he was the youngest person at the meeting, and had first been put in contact with others in the group by a “Serbian crusader commander”.


At the end of the sessions, he says, he was “ordinated as the 8th justicar knight for the PCCTS, Knights Templar Europe” – the name he uses to sign off the last entry in his diary before carrying out Friday’s attacks.


…Breivik also boasted about links to the UK far-right group the English Defence League. He mentioned them several times in the manifesto and claimed he had “spoken with tens of EDL supporters and leaders … [supplying] them with processed ideological material (including rhetorical strategies) in the very beginning.”


The EDL – which has staged a series of street demonstrations, many of which have turned violent, since it was formed two years ago – issued a statement on Sunday condemning the killings and denying any links with Breivik. It added that the league was a peaceful organisation which rejected all forms of extremism.


Stephen Lennon, the founder of the English Defence League, told Newsnight on Monday night that attacks like those perpetrated in Norway could happen in the UK in the coming years.


“God forbid this ever happens on British soil. It’s a time coming. It’s probably five or 10 years away,” he told Jeremy Paxman during a studio discussion. “It’s not a threat, it’s a wake-up call. It’s a wake-up call to say: Listen, we don’t want this to happen. We don’t want this to happen.”


The right wing worships at the Might Makes Right altar.  Religions love Might Makes Right which is why, when fanaticism rises, the strongest fanatical organizations arm themselves and then end up imposing religious doctrines on the rest of the people living somewhere.  History is totally clear about this: when the leaders embrace a religion, they immediately ‘convert’ the masses quite quickly and then long eons of persecution of all other religions commences.


The Untouchables of India, for example, were forced into the Hindu religious structure but they are actually the natives of India who had flourishing civilizations before being invaded by the northern tribes who figured out how to tame horses and harness them to battle carriages.  To this day, thousands of years later, the natives of India from long ago live in difficult or even horrific conditions as they are treated as subhumans.


When the Buddhists converted the people of Tibet, they turned them all into slaves.  The Tibetan people then had this draconian rule which featured some very violent aspects including mutilation and torture of anyone who irritated the rulers in the monasteries, terminated instantly during the Chinese communist take over and it was replaced with enforced atheism.  This, again, shows how leaders love to impose whatever pet beliefs they have on the masses via Might Makes Right for it isn’t just the right wing that does this, the far left wing does this, too!


The shock to Norway is the biography of this cold blooded right wing murderer: he mainly grew up in France and England and got many of his nutty ideas there, not in Norway at all.  Scotland Yard called in over Breivik’s claims he met ‘mentor’ in UK.  The far right wing organization he probably communicated with has run away from him and denies they had any connection just like all the right wing, violent Christian groups in the US ran away from Timothy McVeigh only to slink back into talking violence again.  Every time someone takes up the sword here and assassinates an abortion doctor, this is thanks to rhetoric by Christian right wingers.


The Atlantic Monthly was bought up by a rich man who is a Zionist and he turned it into this lunatic rag.  Here is how upperclass elites are now twisting the latest right wing massacre of innocent, unarmed socialists, into something totally opposite:  Right Can’t Be Blamed for the Attacks in Norway – Joshua Foust – International – The Atlantic


Joshua Foust is a fellow at the American Security Project and the author of Afghanistan Journal: Selections from


Indeed, much of the Western’s left’s quasi-triumphalism over the Norwegian tragedy revolves around it’s complete non-relationship to Islamic terror. Here, so many seem to celebrate, is the proof they had finally sought that right-wing politics are not just annoying and wrong, but actively dangerous. That this creates the exact same mentality of the Pamela Gellers of the world, who think the actions of a few crazed militants is representative of Islam as a whole, has so far not prompted much restraint in the commentary industry. (Though, I suppose asking a pundit to be restrained is a bit like asking an alcoholic not to drink at a bar.)

I’ve yet to see where right-wing European xenophobes have actually advocated murder or violence to advance their goals. What, then, motivated Breivik to murder?

People take action for a complex mixture of reasons. They feel motivated, yes, just as often by inflammatory words as by personal experience. Breivik’s manifesto gets caught up in questions of “reverse discrimination,” whereby the racially pure white Norwegians are allegedly beaten down and excluded by those terribly minorities — but as in the U.S., which has debated on occasion whether anti-white sentiment is a natural consequence of affirmative action, 99.999999% of all Norwegians who feel this way do not translate that anger into violence.


Right wing xenophobes have very definitely advocated murder and violence as a solution!  Good lord, if nothing else, history is totally and utterly clear about this!  Nazis are extremely dangerous and intolerant!  As Zionism reveals itself more and more as undisguised Naziism, we have to realize that the ideology itself calls for violence since there are few peaceful ways of ethnically cleansing whole populations.


Of course, one could deport everyone and then convert the remainder or impose an Untouchable class on them or turn the ‘others’ such as say, blacks, into outright slaves!  There is no sane, safe or pleasant resolution of the desires of the extreme, racist right.  And racism is all about what they are.  That is, they long for the Holy Grail of Purity of the People that is, this is rank, Ice Age tribalism at work.  Why are we all lured into tribalism?


Well, we evolved this way.  Humans are mutant apes. Over and over again, as humans evolved via the harsh doctrines of evolution, the successful humans were the ones who could hunt not just animals but other, non-tribal members.  Homo Sapiens evolved quite rapidly between half a million years ago and 70,000 years ago under the whip of the last Ice Age cycles.  Once humans were armed with bows and arrows as well as spears, they then ruthlessly hunted down all rival hunting tribes and killed them off or drove them away from good hunting into starvation.


Then, humans spread out very rapidly, conquering the entire planet by 12000 years ago from the Arctic to the Antarctic.  Humans did this very rapidly because they finally eliminated most other humanoids and needed vast tracts of land to harvest game.  The beginning of agriculture is due to running out massive amounts of free range game to harvest especially after the last Ice Age ended.  This, in turn, led to even greater and faster population growth and humans began serious warfare against each other, desperately trying to drive out various populations and replace them with themselves.


We cannot escape our own genetic past easily.  The desire to kill others and to drive out others is very strong in us.  At the same time, the desire for cheap labor can override the desire for racial purity!  This is why southern whites brought in and bred slaves.  Many times, sleeping with the slave women to increase numbers while enjoying compulsory sex (rape, in other words).  Then, the fear of the slaves drove southern whites mad.  Increasingly, they had to figure out ways of keeping slaves from killing them and taking over a la Haiti.


For the last 50 years, Hispanics were considered cheap labor which could then be deported if they got out of hand.  So a flood of Hispanics were allowed into the country and now the right wing agitates to send them all back out again.  The desire for cheap labor always comes in conflict with desire for tribal purity.  The Nazis wanted slaves, too, for example.  The Israelis bring in foreigners in large numbers to work as cheap labor, people from mainly Asia and Central Europe but then, the Jews freak out because these same semi-slave laborers are scary!  So they must be kept under tight control and Jews are not supposed to marry these foreigners, etc.


This is what makes the entire right wing business so pathetic.  It cannot work.  It is inherently unstable.  The conflict between needing slaves and cheap labor flies directly in the face of racial purity.

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36 responses to “Norway Assassin Son Of Norwegian EU Diplomat

  1. James

    I’m a little surprised how much the web is balking when searched for ABB’s 1500 page read. Please delete this post for any reason, since most will find redundant and to some degree it creates complicity.

    Click to access 2083+-+A+European+Declaration+of+Independence.pdf

  2. JT

    “Typical of far right wing agitators who work endlessly to demonize everyone and egg on the mentally unstable into committing crimes, Glenn Beck compares Norway shooting victims to Hitler Youth. ”

    Oh the class and dignity of Mr Beck.
    This is the guy who shed tears for america due to socialist takeover?
    Can’t he wait until the childrens bodies are cold before he starts jackaling the corpses.

    Even the most extreme right wing group here had the decency to shut down their blogs completely for 24 hours honoring the dead.
    But not this guy.

    In Norway 100 000 people showed up for memorial march in show of unity.
    No words of hate.
    “We wanted to show up to show solidarity.”
    “We wanted to show that Norway is united.”

    The other kind of patriotism.

  3. Poor analysis, Elaine. You can’t blame Islamic immigration into Europe on “the Right Wing”. The “financial elite” who flood the country with cheap labor are never the same group as the racists.

    If you believed what you say, or followed your own logic out to its conclusion, you would be advocating for segregation.

    That is all the Norwegian terrorist wants: freedom from attack by the Muslim immigrants.

    Don’t people have the right to be free from violent colonization in their own country? That is all he wants.

  4. There’s one thing missing from your “analysis” Justin: some evidence that Norway or any western European nation for that matter is under “violent colonization” from Muslim immigrants. Furthermore, this rabidly pro-zionist, anti-Muslim lunatic’s actual target was the indigenous Norwegian Left.

  5. Duski

    Justin, huh what? So guy goes on a rampage and kills 80-90 random people and you think this as coherent behaviour? Also he wanted to try and stop muslims and marxism from spreading, although those two ideologies have pretty much never coexisted.

    Islamic immigration on Europe? Immigration has happened all the time throughout history, every types of people moving every where, nothing new here. Also which kind of people do you think vote for far-right wing elites, racists or liberals? Really?

    Also tell me, if you will, how many Norwegians have really died at the hands of muslims in their own country lately? I think one crazed guy took out plenty in one hit by comparison.

    Fear is a strange thing. Even if you are in a huge majority, living almost safest life possible on planet earth, still you can start to fear someone attacking you and colonizing your country. And, to stop them for killing you, you need to kill your fellow peoples first to really make your point! Just crazy.


    ELAINE: These were NOT ‘random people’ but rather, a far right wing neo-Nazi sort of guy aiming for and murdering liberals, leftists at a party event (camping, in this case!). This is very much a political crime, not random at any level.

  6. JT


    This guy has constructed his manifesto very well.
    He talks about all the right things that people are not happy with.
    Immigration, EU, loss of jobs, the good old nation state days, bank bailouts, globalisation.
    He also knows that in all Nordics countries the Social Democrats have been losing popularity (they used to be the largest party in Norway, Sweden and Finland but at the moment are not in charge anywhere).
    Many people blame them for problems.

    People also are very unhappy with immigration issues and the supression/denial of conversation of the very real problems it causes (political correctness).
    He hand picked everything he knows will push right wing peoples buttons here.

    But this “knight” is as much of a hero as Manson was Jesus.
    Don’t buy into his lure.
    He is a manipulative, intelligent and pragmatic psychopath.
    He has no other agenda than his own.

  7. floridasandy

    i think you are really stretching to come up with this one……

    not your best work, IMO.

  8. Justin / JT

    Breivik attacked about 80 – 90 Innocent people and caused their death.

    The Labour Party, [and its ilk around Europe with its ‘ youth camps’]
    will kill Euro culture,,,give it a another generation or 2 or 3.
    Demographics is destiny.

  9. ‘For the last 50 years, Hispanics were considered cheap labor which could then be deported if they got out of hand. So a flood of Hispanics were allowed into the country and now the right wing agitates to send them all back out again. ‘

    And soon you are talking about the Nazis. Oh please.
    If you read Brimelows work and he is correct how much has the Mexican
    population increased in a century? 5x? 10x? 15X?

  10. The shooter was a gay satanist dressed as a christian lamb. Prove me wrong. And the political reaction to his shooting proves everything he was talking about. White nationalists painted as the enemy. Bingo! Mission accomplished.

  11. JimmyJ

    The rabid right wing in the US and Western Canada like to imagine themselves as the torch bearers for some sentimentally imagined founding sensibilities, and won’t accept responsibility for their rhetorically bred bastard children such as the likes of McVeigh and Breivik.

    I see it with local friends all the time. It’s hard to imagine them personally subscribing to such actions, but to a T they are all well armed and full of their own hyperbolic opinions. So it’s easy to see where the wayward children of some of them end up. Or perhaps, to be honest, if it weren’t for some moderating wives, many more of them might damage their kids irrevocably. But, hypocritically, they would be the first to assign capital punishment to the likes of these extremists. Witness Jens Breivik wishing his son dead.

    Of course I know some ex-communists locally that were well armed radical ideologues in their time. As a now passed friend used to say, the graph’s axes aren’t right wing to left wing, but anarchist to totalitarian. And either extreme is bad for our health.

  12. @shochuhzulu He was a gay satanist? Really? Do you have any proof?

    If he was gay, he was probably in the closet. And yet tried to convince people that cultural conservatives are really ‘pro-gay.’ The ‘pro-gay’ positions he took are no different and no less disingenuous that those positions taken by other fascist parties like the BNP, groups and lone wolfs since the original NAZIS of the early 1930s when Hitler originally pursued a policy of don’t ask, don’t tell. Yet the original Nazi Party had all pro-gay opinions suppressed beginning with the burning of all literature of Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institute of Human Sexology in May 1933, confirmed the Party’s antigay animus in the purge of the Sturmabelitung (Stormtroop) on 30th June 1934 and set in stone in the Nurenburg Laws of 1935.

    And he quoted right-wing CHRISTIANS (Christ-psychotics more like) and TEA-PARTY types from the United States. How do you ‘splain that?

  13. Duski&Coldtype: I encourage you to look into the statistics related to the violence committed by immigrants in Norway. It is clear you are simply unfamiliar with that data. Breivik grew up in Oslo, which is by all accounts, a hell hole today, in line with the worst American inner cities, and by his own account, he is well-acquainted with a great deal of violence done by the Muslim immigrants.

    Elaine, as is obvious from today’s post, would no doubt agree: it is pure folly to allow mass Muslim immigration into Norway. There is only one way this will end: violence.

    Elaine attempts to blame it on the Right, but in Norway’s case it is the Left to blame for the immigration. That is why Breivik targeted Leftists. As he puts it, you don’t clean up the water until after you stop the leak.

    Breivik also makes one point Elaine is also quite sympathetic to: the rights of indigenous people to be free from colonization. He is, let us not forget, an indigenous European. His people have every bit as much right to their homeland as the native Palestinians or Native Americans.

  14. Justin,
    Of course its ‘pin the tail on the other side’ time.
    Rights for whitey?

  15. ED M…..
    RE: shochuhzulu..

    I think hes making a bad joke, that theres not much point in saying hes ‘crazy’ ‘evil’ right’ ‘from a left country’, he killed and he got caught,
    Do his motives matter?
    Hes being called a ‘christian’ by the media so shochuhzulu calls him a satanist.

  16. Paul S

    “The right wing loves to feel persecuted.” Absolutely right. Take the right wing in the US. Their followers are bombarded with the message that Liberals have destoyed all that is precious and valuable. With Fox, with Glenn Beck, with Limbaugh it’s always the same message: the mainstream media is liberal; they don’t tell you the truth. And Liberals in government have taken away your freedoms, etc. Of course this is drivel, it’s factually untrue and ridiculous on its face. What is also important for the right wing to succeed is ignorance. The Tea Party is a prime example of this today. This group has been co-opted by the very people they should be blaming. And the ‘bagger’ faithfull don’t even know it.

  17. floridasandy

    paul, will you agree that liberals want bigger government? will you agree that only government is in a position to take away your rights through legislation?

    conservatives want smaller government, with less government intrusion. how is that “driving fear”?

    justin, i certainly can see where his disturbed mind would blame the left for the damage that multiculturalism has done to his country. of course, his expression of that disturbed mind was entirely unacceptable, and clearly showed he was a sociopath with delusions of grandeur.

    here, we have the same situation-with the left pushing massive illegal immigration and multiculturalism, telling us it is “good for us”: and “good for the USA”.

    i don’t see it that way, and see our rising unemployment and falling wages, just as they see it in those countries. British Prime Minister David Cameron, Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Nicolas Sarkozy have all declared in recent months that multiculturalism has failed, in speeches that were otherwise careful to highlight the contribution of immigrants.

  18. Duski

    Justin, I love beheading factless claims:

    “CRIME: Norway still has a relatively low level of crime in comparison to the United States and Western European countries with large populations. The most likely forms of crime, especially in the Oslo metropolitan area, include residential and office burglaries and petty thefts. In Oslo and the other major urban areas, crime has predictably been centered in the inner city and high transit areas. As in any other Western country, especially in urban areas, you should exercise basic security awareness. Although rare, violent and weapons-related crimes are growing in frequency and receiving intense media coverage. These crimes usually occur in areas known to have drug trafficking and gang problems, such as certain parts of eastern Oslo. Reports have shown an increase in rape in Norway, with parts of eastern Oslo, such as Grünerlokka, being an area of particular concern when it comes to this violent crime. You should be aware that instances of pick-pocketing and petty theft are predictably common in major tourist areas, hotel lobbies, train and transit stations, and surrounding areas.”

    Relatively low level of crime in comparison to other major cities = muslim hordes attacking!!! Please. And most of it is pick-pocketing etc.

    If you want to believe the man behind 80+ killings and his stories of dangers, I can’t help you. I don’t think he views the world very accurately to begin with.

  19. Duski

    Also I found story of crime rate being 4 times higher than in New York. But this was done by eastern europeans, not by muslims; at least police claimed that in that story.

    It was from 2007 (I think), dunno about statistics now.

  20. Duski

    Recent statistics:


    “even though Norway is an outlier countries in so many ways, Oslo is a pretty average western European capital in terms of violent crime:


    Clearly, compared to the United States, all western European cities are quite safe.”

    That was about homicides only, though.

  21. Claire Voyant

    You are right.

    Glenn Beck is despicable in comparing the innocent teen victims to Nazi youth. His remarks are nothing less than justification for mass murder and an open call for further violence. Beck didn’t even offer an apology on his next show. Instead, he said that if we can’t use Hitler analogies in “logical conversation” then “we are going to be a society of gas chambers.”

    Hold Beck accountable and hit him where it hurts — his advertising dollars. Tell advertisers to drop Glenn Beck. Unleash outrage on station managers at key stations and let them know how we feel about Beck’s shameless hate speech.

    Media Matters is one group spearheading an anti-Beck protest. I’m sure there are others. Take a stand against giving sociopaths a soapbox and putting their kind in control of our politics and corporations. They lack conscience and compassion, and in fact they are proud of it. Cut off their ‘air & water’ — money and market forces are the only things these extremists will understand.

  22. emsnews

    When I defend nationalist borders, people attack me. When I point out that right wing killers often attack government services (Oklahoma City being a typical, huge example) and liberal, socialist politicians and their followers, people get mad at me.

    I am in the MIDDLE. The liberal left wants no borders at all, which is insane and destructive, and the right wants ethnic cleansing which is insane and vicious.

    The nexus for this is Israel: they want open borders in the entire world for Jews which means, since you can’t have laws in every country saying, ‘Only Jews can have open borders and show no passports’ so the elites (the ones who are Jewish) opted for ‘open borders for EVERYONE’ which is impossible and puts countries into instability pretty rapidly.

    Meanwhile, Israeli Jews are also pushing the ideology of ethnic cleansing and closed borders once all the natives are killed or expelled! This is the core issue: unlike say, South Africa, many Jews holding these two totally opposite positions own a huge hunk of Western media so we have this insane form of schizophrenia holding totally opposite ideological goals at the same time.

    This, in turn, is EXTREMELY unstable and will cause WWIII.

  23. JT

    @Claire Voyant

    I’m sure Hitler Youth were pretty ordinary nice kids too and should not have been killed by psychopaths.

  24. Dusky, thank you for the research, but please read carefully. Norway as a whole has relatively now crime level. As for Oslo, which is the area we are concerned with: “Although rare, violent and weapons-related crimes are growing in frequency and receiving intense media coverage. These crimes usually occur in areas known to have drug trafficking and gang problems, such as certain parts of eastern Oslo. Reports have shown an increase in rape in Norway, with parts of eastern Oslo, such as Grünerlokka, being an area of particular concern when it comes to this violent crime. ”

    The point being, NONE of it would be a problem without immigration. If you were a native Norwegian, why would you consent to your city centers being turned into crime zones?

  25. JT


    The rape and petty crime statistics for muslim immigrants are dreadful and not published anymore due to equality laws.
    Even the mug shots are not published and people are not told if a perpatator was black or white due to equality laws.
    (this happens when you take socialism too far).

    And slums have started to form which is of course not popular amongst lower classes living in bad neighbourhoods.

    That was the truth that could not be spoken out loud here previously.
    Our immigrant policies of high social spending and unemployment benefits have failed miserably.

    But that has nothing to do with this wannabe psycho or the right to kill kids.

    There is an anti-immigration party in Norway which you can vote for and try to change things.
    And now these issues are discussed a bit more openly.

    The whole Scandinavia has already moved to the right and the social democrats are losing power.
    The change is just incredibly slow since they had 40 years of rule and all bureaucrats and government workers are traditionally social democrats.

    This psychos war was totally imagenery and unnecessary and his demons do not really exist.

    We are moving right and US is moving left.
    Democratically not with boms.

    At least I hope so because that is the right way forward IMO.

  26. charlottemom

    Elaine …so glad you show Breivik’s connection to the EDL. EDL uses masonic, knight templar symbols and imagery to lure and attract the futbol hooligans to fight for a “noble European cause.”

    Just as european countries are turning on each other vis a vis their intractable economies and bailouts…out comes this panEuro killer, educated in UK, influenced by EDL and zionist and masonic writings attempting to spark a white european “spiritual” re-unification against the Muslims.(shhh not the elite/pols/bankers!)

    Ironic, because individual euro countries are getting their pockets picked by banks, forcing firesales. Headfake — blame the muslims while europe sinks deeper into neofuedalism and dark ages thanks to banking elite..

    lastly, the EDL also has a zionist bent.. members waving israeli flags at their protests. Curious…EDL And a small but growing jewish membership!

  27. i don’t see it that way, and see our rising unemployment and falling wages, just as they see it in those countries. British Prime Minister David Cameron, Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Nicolas Sarkozy have all declared in recent months that multiculturalism has failed, in speeches that were otherwise careful to highlight the contribution of immigrants. -floridasandy

    You mean you actually fell for this? What has failed is neoliberalism, utterly. Immigrants are the convenient scapegoats for a system that crashed and burned in 2007/2008 after 35 years in the catbird seat with nothing but blind faith to back up its preposterous assertions. Wake up.

  28. Paul S

    floridasandy: It isn’t that liberals want bigger government. It’s that Republicans want NO government–except to execute wars. I have always found it interesting that conservatives, especially neo-cons, have this deep hatred of government. That isn’t what is so striking about cons and neo-cons, imho. Here IS what is kind of startling though: the cons have this bitter hatred of government, but what do they so fervently want to use to wage wars all over the world? The government!! Not just military means either, although they get off on bombing people. But the cons also like to use economic sanctions–imposed and enforced by governments!–to achieve their world domination fantasies. The simple truth is that when neo cons and cons talk about hating the government, they are being frauds and hypocrites. They DO however have a genuine hatred of the US Middle Class.

  29. Justin,
    Is the same true in USA?
    I read 2000 [?] here are killed each year BY ILLEGALS in USA.

    Are USA crime stats ‘cooked’ [blacks and white categories, but immigrants put in with white SO IT LOOKS LIKE WHITES AND BLACKS ARE EQUALLY VIOLENT BUT if there were 3 categories B,W,Latino itd be way different ]?

  30. @90404 Sometimes bad jokes must not be allowed a free pass.

  31. CK

    There are 2.5 times as many whites as the combined black and hispanic populace. On an absolute number of crimes basis the numbers for each group are about the same. On a percapita basis whites are 1/7th as likely to commit a crime than either of the others. The per capita statistics are not much supportive of importing a new population and race to replace the existing one.

  32. emsnews

    If you watch reality shows like ’48 Hours’ (which is online at A&E as well as other sites) you see that the vast majority of murders are mainly in drug or minority communities. There is a LOT of chaos out there and the wholesale removal of good paying factory jobs is directly responsible for this deterioration in the lower classes of ALL types. Add to this the ‘gangsta culture’ celebrated by Hollywood and recording companies and we get a Perfect Crime Storm.

  33. The Christian terrorist portrays himself as a new Knights Templar fighting a crusade against Muslims.
    Far from being that, he is a vain, arrogant, narcissistic quisling who actually had facial plastic surgery in USA while eating steroids since 15 years age. A childhood friend reveals that the terrorist boasted about girlfriends, but he never met any of them. In 2004 his friend saw a picture off the terrorist dancing on top of a bus in a gay parade, but the terrorist franticly denied being gay, as any right-winger Christian would do.

    The manifest is a mixture of copy and paste, badly edited, writings by bastards like the Una-bomber, American right-wing hate-thinkers, Robert Spencer, British-Egyptian Bat Ye’or, to the Norwegian quack “intellectual” Fjordman. The terrorist claims Fjordman as his mentor. This Fjordrat is now hiding in his burrow whining he never thought anyone would act on his ranting for war against society and killing of traitors. Hundreds of hate-writings in Norwegian by several dozen of alias on the web has been traced back to just 3 ISP address.

  34. emsnews

    All very true. The conflicted personality usually does various terrorist acts. World leaders often are conflicted personalities (Mao, Hitler and Stalin come to mind but there are MANY of these!) and the question is why do so many obviously insane people gain so much power? And of course, even if they are not previously psychotic, the power they gain makes them psycho!

    So…if we cure all these psycho fanatics, this would mean life here would be much nicer…except getting to these guys usually is quite violent and in turn, turns non-psychos into psychos themselves!

    This is due to our brains evolving for the last 2 million years based on survival of the fittest and the fittest were…PSYCHOTIC apes! That is, killers.

    The genes for this are quite complex and the role this plays in the expansion of our brain size is still not explored very much because people prefer to imagine that psychotic humans are unusual and not the norm.

    Alas, this is the ‘norm’ and we need social rules, regulations and restraints to stop this. Rulers, by definition, don’t have many restraints and the more power they have, the more psychotic they become. This is especially true of religious leaders who can get their poor believers to imagine all sorts of goofy things! That is, go totally insane, collectively.

    This is why rulers like Mao and Hitler and all those ilk love to make themselves into gods. They want us to worship them while they go totally insane, killing millions of people. Yuck.

    The cure: civil laws that prevent people from attacking each other over religious and sectarian and tribal differences. That is, liberalism.

  35. CK

    So it is your contention that laws are what prevent people from being human? Liberalism is at heart a negative. It is based on the principle of letting people alone, of not intruding into their beliefs and of only intruding into their behaviours when those behaviours impact directly on the liberal.
    Those old slave owners that wrote the U.S. Bill of Rights were liberals. They believed in trying to keep governments in check and throttled and allowing people to do what they could with what they had. The folks who wrote the constitution, not so much.
    The Declaration of Independece was a wonderful and high faluting fraud, the Constitution was mostly designed to make a strong executive and create quasi-nobility ( the senate ). The Original Articles of Confederation, and the First Ten Amendments to the Constitution are the high points of American Political Action. The Anti-Federalist Papers are probably the high point of American Political Theory.
    Believers are not so generous in their ability to allow people to exist unimpeded. The believers in the faith or la razza or the colour are required to meddle in their neighbours lives and behaviours. Religion, Race or Clan; meddlesomeness is the second most human affect. The first most is envy.
    Anarchy is a wonderful thing in that it does not require meddlesomeness or faith or belief and harnesses envy into production.
    “As long as it harms no other, do what you are able.” Lovely thought, perfect law, impossible to implement.

  36. cdiddy

    You libtards never fail to suprise you should all pull your heads outta ur arsses cos your delusional..demoralized..morally bankrupted souls….

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