Playing With Fire: GOP Will Accidentally Push US Off Cliff

History is like a tsunami. Natural events happen. This, in turn, forces humans to either adapt or die. Evolution is all about adaptations that were successful during times of great stresses. The History’s tsunami pushes things along with a determination we cannot fathom. Historical forces reach far back in time just as tsunamis are created deep in the earth, far out to sea. The sea can even seem to be serene until suddenly, the water rises rapidly, sometimes over 100 feet, and then it rushes ashore, sweeping everything aside.


The suddenness of tsunami events is interesting since it happens to be one of the things my own sleeping mind fears the most.  I have had many tsunami dreams since childhood.  Seeing it happen in real life, filmed by survivors who happen to have video cameras, is frightful yet truthful.  Our unease about tsunamis is due to our own collective pasts: we are the survivors of tsunamis created by asteroids, volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes.


So, humans are very much in fear of sudden water surges with virtually no warning in many cases.  Our brains are always somewhat alert to this and other natural dangers.  We scan the heavens, looking for clues as to storms approaching for the other thing I fear greatly at night in my dreams is the thing I have experienced more than once: being hit by lightning bolts while indoors, in one case, while in a metal frame bed.  Bolts from the blue, too!  Humans have created lightning gods in the hopes of somehow, dealing with this so we can be safe from lightning, though human sacrifices and other magic tricks don’t seem to work all that well (not that I endorse doing this to stop Thor!).


One thing humans do is deny reality, too.  We have very scary dreams at night, most of which most humans cannot remember or want to remember.  These scary dreams happen to everyone and with amazing frequency.  Human brains, when no longer controlled by the higher thinking processes, is prey to all sorts of ancient, historical fears deep in the subconscious.  The subconscious brain is very destructive.  I cannot determine why the survivors of some of the harshest evolutionary elimination processes has turned into a self-destructive machine but there it is: the very things our ancestors did (including cannibalism inside of one’s own family group!) to survive after mega-volcanic eruptions/tsunamis and the biggest driver of human evolution, the Ice Ages are the same things that destroy us internally as well as externally.


History is cruel.  Like the gods, who are incredibly cruel since they are all expressions of the History Tsunami, History sets these natural laws which we follow whether we want to or not.  When we try to change the basic rules, we get hammered by History.  Examples are easy to find.  The Founding Fathers of the USA wanted to be NOT like Ancient Rome which had many slaves and a huge military empire which imported goods from all over and sucked them mainly into Rome.  And then Rome made contact first with India and then China. And began importing from both.  And then ran a huge trade deficit and eventually went bankrupt.


So, our Founding Fathers, worried about the new book at that time, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Gibbon.  A number of them read the book and were understandably worried about the moral, political and economical problems presented within this book.  They worried about copying Rome.  So they decided to avoid Rome’s mistakes!  But instead of looking hard at History and Her Medusa face, fearful of being turned to stone, they instead indulged in some of the most schizophrenic, insane excuses, giving themselves life, liberty and freedom while KEEPING AFRICAN SLAVES!


This was a huge mistake from day one.  As the new Republic grew, it made EVERY MISTAKE ancient Rome made.  There was barely even the slightest change made to avoid the obvious mistakes of ancient Rome.  Just like Rome invaded, say, England, and slew the natives and chased the survivors into Northern Scotland where they lived basically on a ‘reservation’, so did our Founding Fathers deal with the fighting native tribes in North America.


The Indians in Spanish territories were turned into slaves whereas the wild, free tribes in North America were not used as slaves since these were shipped to both North and South America, from the once-free tribes of central Africa.  The hellish choices made by our colonial European forefathers lie like a dark shadow on our nation to this day.  We see this in the budget debates today: many GOP politicians, all of whom were totally silent when first Reagan and then the Bushes ran up huge budget deficits.  But the minute a mulatto President proposes a budget, suddenly they are all in hysterics about budget overruns!


This is obviously a ploy to destroy the President by making it impossible for Congress to do any work at all.  The hypocrisy of the GOP should be obvious to anyone except half of the country thinks this is all about money, not who is in the White House.  The fact that the people angry about deficits were never angry before Obama would suggest their rage is a cover for the real reason they are acting this way.


The US, like ancient Rome, overspends on wars, occupations and the huge difference between the richest elites and the remainder of the people.  The moral underpinnings of early Rome totally disappeared during the last 500 years of empire.  Rome rotted internally long before the first barbarian came running out of the woods or riding across the plains to loot the place.  Our Founding Fathers didn’t want internal moral rot yet there it was from day one: SLAVERY is the ultimate moral rot.  Working victims literally to death, buying and selling humans, breaking up families and treating them as animals: this is pure evil no matter when or where it happens and it happens a lot.


This is what killed ancient Athens.  In that case, war prisoners and people in debt were turned into slaves.  Some of the great story tellers and brilliant creators there also were at some point in time, reduced to slavery.  One famous example is the iconic Aesop.  Evidently, his parting words to humanity was to yell, ‘You will all be slaves!’ to the people who pushed him off a cliff.  The US is on the edge of this economic cliff and the GOP is busy pushing it over due to a near total lack of understanding of history, in particular, the parts about slavery.


I cannot fathom how any human can look at slavery and not shudder in horror.  The number of people who try desperately to romanticize or minimize the horrors of slavery is due to lack of being whipped and raped a few hundred times.  I would suggest any person who excuses or advocates slavery be made a slave for at least one year, if not life, to learn how this operates in the real world.


The US is about to go prematurely bankrupt because a significant number of people here hate the man in the White House due to his ancestors.  Others hate him due to his vague attempts at being sort of nice to Muslims.  Others are frustrated with him because he can’t lead anyone anymore.  Which doesn’t surprise me.  The Democrats turned him into Netanyahu’s doorman, a position held by black slaves for many years in the South.  Including in the early White House itself.


After utterly destroying Obama’s status and standing within their own party, they then tried to follow him in fights against the GOP!  This foolish attempt at using him only part of the time as a leader has crashed and burned.  Now, we have a crippled President and Netanyahu won’t fix things, he only comes here to loot our Treasury or steal our military and use them in his endless wars against Muslims.


The final nail in the coffin of Rome wasn’t barbarians from the North.  It was Islam. This arose at the same time the Christians triumphed in Rome and replaced the emperor there.  The other emperor moved to Byzantium where the emperors had to have this continuous rearguard battle with Islam whereby the Islamic forces ate away at it until it was finally eradicated by the Ottoman Muslims (with a huge assist from rampaging European Christian crusaders!).


The US has misspent trillions of dollars first, fighting Russia, now, fighting a Muslim resurgence.  Like ancient Rome, these expensive battles are being done while running trade deficits with China which, along with Japan and a bunch of Muslim despots, holds a huge, staggering amount of US government debt and dollars in FOREX reserves.  And all the GOP has to do is make it impossible to pay ONE month’s worth of interest on these trillions and trillions in loans and bang!  China can officially and legally declare us bankrupt.


THIS HAS HIGH CONSEQUENCES.  The first is obvious: we go bankrupt and all the trillions in US dollars held in FOREX reserves overseas which is one half of all our money, will suddenly be disgorged and used to buy things before the US prints money in ernest, Weimar-style, to pay off creditors demanding payment in whole.  NOT interest payments but FULL payments.


The US made it crystal clear, we are challenging China in the military realm.  We wish to rip China apart and encourage native uprisings…while China buys our debt and keeps our trade dollars in FOREX holdings.  This is ridiculous and we know from History that countries acting like the US fall off the cliff eventually and die.


The US politicians think that they can play right on the edge of the bankruptcy cliff and not fall off.  But stupid people doing dumb things end up falling into trouble.  Ask any teenager how to do this.  The US forgets how History operates: when Europe was playing military games in 1914, a rather fat, rather cruel but not all that unusual for his elite group, was assassinated.  This caused one of the worst wars in history to break out.  Countless people died.


Germany’s bankruptcy in the Great Depression led to millions of people perishing in a series of truly hideous ways.  There are consequences to playing wild dangerous dare games!  When I was young, teens would drive on Roller Coaster Road in Tucson in the foothills.  The game was called ‘Chicken’ and they would drive right at each other and see who would turn first.


Guess what?  They would periodically hit head on!  I was one of the people (our ranch was one of the closest places to this road) who would then summon the Sheriff who would then wipe up the mess.  People died.  The road no longer exists because the city decided to eliminate it in order to stop this.


We have to grow up and learn from History and learn real lessons, not make up stuff to please our prejudices or hide from the truth so we can do stupid things.  Fixing what is wrong with America isn’t easy: it is our trade deficit and our wars.  The very two things our government not only refuses to fix but has zero desire of fixing!  Balancing the budget is impossible if our economy runs in the red.  And no nation at war with multiple countries and one quarter of humanity can be solvent. Wars are, by their very nature, budget busting events.  High-Profile Assassinations on the Rise in Afghanistan is just one dire headline as our assassination wars backfire again and again.


Attack on Afghan government compound kills 19 shows us how History works: if there is one nation on earth or rather, one hell hole, that is most dangerous to try to conquer, it is Afghanistan.  But here is the really scary headline:  US to continue spy flights after jets ‘pursued’ by China over Taiwan.  Our military thinks that buzzing around China’s borders, sailing in Chinese waters, making military deals with China’s neighbors won’t cause WWIII, they are nuts.  History tells us clearly, we will not win WWIII.  Not even a slight chance of it.


No bankrupt empire ever wins a major war with a solvent empire!  History is totally crystal clear about this!  Over and over again, no less.  Since the first empires in Egypt, Iraq, India and China.sunset borger

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27 responses to “Playing With Fire: GOP Will Accidentally Push US Off Cliff

  1. “China can officially and legally declare us bankrupt.
    THIS HAS HIGH CONSEQUENCES. The first is obvious: we go bankrupt” Yes, Elaine and this is why Obama is seen as an idiot. As a white man I can honestly say his color makes no never mind to me. What if he was set up as Shaka, to destroy the nation by bankrupting us through war abroad and violence at home? How many times do I have to say it before people believe me. All this guy wants to do is play golf and read teleprompters and his wife just wants to go on vacations with an entourage. As for Rome, let it burn, as long as they get a mansion on the beach, so what? He is a useful idiot. And you and the rest of the press bemoan the idiocy of politics, but what if the end game is to destroy the country? Then they are all geniuses, and well paid geniuses at that. I’m of the opinion that they (the real handlers) know PRECISELY what they are doing. Zionists, Neo-cons, call them what you will. I prefer TPTB. It’s in their mind to bring down Rome. They are the barbarians at the gate. On with the bread and circuses!

  2. Clueless

    Elaine said: “The US is about to go prematurely bankrupt because a significant number of people here hate the man in the White House due to his ancestors…

    The US has misspent trillions of dollars first, fighting Russia, now, fighting a Muslim resurgence…”
    Oh my, the race card. That was unexpected.

    Wrong. The US is going bankrupt because that is part of the plan — it will renege on it’s debt. In case you missed it, here is a dandy way to float and prep the minds of the conditioned… Using the Tea Party to do it is a brilliant strategy, not too sloppy!

    Who’s going to stop them, the Chinois?!!! Good luck with that.

  3. Clueless

    More on the US global economic strategy to bankrupt the global economic system. The final cut will be to forgive its own debt.

    However, I personally think Prof. Hudson’s sense on China’s financial capacity is overstated. The window dressing of the Chinese economy by its leaders is already out of the bag. What can be seen is only the tip of the iceberg.

  4. emsnews

    I see NO CARS in America on any roads if we play this game. We can’t go selectively bankrupt. It will be all or none.

    We will hammer Europe, all the oil lords, ALL of Asia especially Japan, we will hit everyone. And then we expect ships to appear here to disgorge more goods?

    More oil ships? Who are we kidding here?

    Our nation has offshored way too much stuff to do this game. Back when we produced most of what we consumed, it was a different story.

  5. emsnews

    As for my point about the emotional reasons behind the sudden ‘We are in debt!’ doom talk of the GOP: please explain why they said and did nothing when Bush was president. His white skin and upper elite background has a lot to do with the GOP supporting huge budget deficits without so much a murmur.

  6. JimmyJ

    The reason irrationality grows:

    Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society.

    SCNARC Director Boleslaw Szymanski, the Claire and Roland Schmitt Distinguished Professor at Rensselaer [said] “Once that number grows above 10 percent, the idea spreads like flame.”

  7. emsnews

    Yoiks. I used to work for RPI, by the way. Delusions are easy to spread and defy logical information and other important real things. All religions attest to this power.

    This is why I fear organized religion. It is OK to have beliefs but the need to have doctrinaire beliefs that require an all or none approach to reality (with a heavy emphasis on magic and make-believe miracles) means the only way the believers can be happy is to NEVER BE CHALLENGED.

    They hate this. They want affirmation, not arguments.

  8. Clueless

    @ Elaine: I understand your doubtfulness, but try to think outside the norm of what you know. Stop thinking in what you know, but in what can possibly be. This situation will affect the whole world, it is not just about the US, or Japan, or China, but the whole global economy. It will cause the internalization process in all countries. Since the US with its fiat currency has “Zimbabwed” the whole world — all regimes will be forced to internalize and develop their local markets. With the price of oil going through the roof it will not make sense to export anything, but to build locally. Figure it out.

    About the Chinese, they have beaucoup problemas which they are already unable to censor — so much leakage. Also their people are not “quiet Americans” who complain and do nothing, these guys kill their own elite. This will only get worse in the months to come. Just watch. In the mean time, read:

  9. I have a standard rant about Afghanistan.

    “I used to play a game called Pax Brittanica, which simulated world conditions from 1880-1916. In that game, Afghanistan was a region that was 1) most likely to revolt, 2) a real pain to conquer, and 3) cost more to govern than could ever be extracted from it. Furthermore, should anyone ever be dumb enough to actually invade it, the mere act of occupying the country would be enough to give at least one major power, if not two, cause to declare war. In the games I played, no one ever messed with the place.

    If a friggin’ game can figure that out, why can’t people do so in the real world? Yeah, I know, Osama bin Ladin and the Taliban. Still, the above wisdom should have been enough to convince people to get in, get the job done, and get out.

    I still stand by this piece of wisdom I gained by being a gamer geek.”

  10. Clueless

    Here is a video of the Chinese government hurriedly trying to bury the remains of the Bullet train crash astern China’s Zhejiang province. According to a microblog from a local radio station, about seven excavators and bulldozers arrived at the scene and began crushing and burying the wrecked train coaches in full swing. Net users shared the post furiously, accusing the government of destroying undesirable evidence that may embarrass them and jeopardizing lives of undiscovered survivors. Even after officials had repeatedly stressed it is part of the clean-up effort, and that there had been no vital sign detected, a survivor was found in the remains of the train coaches, leading netizens to abhor the hasty and cold-blooded decision.

    00:17: a survivor was carried out while the excavators were tumbling a train car.
    02:08: one of the spectators asked, “What if there are still lives inside?”
    02:25: another spectator said, “How can they bury the cars here?”
    02:38: “There must be living people inside. Just now they got one out.”

  11. Clueless

    Speaking of going over the cliff, here is a good comp to the GOP mentality with regard to money. Goodness, they even look alike. 😉

  12. emsnews

    The Chinese government is crazy, of course, it is a dictatorship. But it isn’t suicidal. The US ‘elected’ officials who are filtered through our media system and a wacky voting system that should have been heavily reformed after the 2000 fiasco, puts in power a bunch of outright traitors.

    It doesn’t have to bury a train crash, we barely have trains! It doesn’t have to cover up things, the media does this itself for its owner’s own ends (news about Israel).

    Chinese people are angry and pushing back. Americans are deluded and mainly pretty passive. But this passivity will vanish, fast, when reality begins to really bite.

  13. charlottemom

    I gather from your piece that you think congress should raise the debt ceiling to prevent US bankruptcy from occuring? Is that it? Or should US delay the inevitable bankruptcy? A more debt for a pretend recovery? How can an (further) extension of credit amount to real growth in the US? truth is US is bankrupt and borrowing more won’t change that. And the idea that Obama, treasury, fed can do NOTHING is willful on their parts. They’ve been initiating stealth bailouts and manipulating capital markets for the last several years.

    Does a refusal to raise the debt ceiling (borrow more money) really amount to a default? These are two separate issues. The world in lockstep will follow S&P pronouncements and move their enormous monies where exactly?

    I agree with you stop the wars, slash defense, etc You make good points.

  14. OC

    Thought u might want to know someone had just place a US$1 billion dollar bet that US will loose its AAA credit rating….seems like he has insider information and it’s a sure bet…

    The link to the article is here:

  15. Wu Wei

    “This situation will affect the whole world, it is not just about the US, or Japan, or China, but the whole global economy. It will cause the internalization process in all countries. Since the US with its fiat currency has “Zimbabwed” the whole world — all regimes will be forced to internalize and develop their local markets. With the price of oil going through the roof it will not make sense to export anything, but to build locally.”

    Hello Clueless…. RANT MODE ON: well, that’s really what this globalized free flows of capital galore hell hole world needs. How can a nation be expected to fully develop itself when they’re forced to export goods/services to other nations through dollar hegemony? We can never expect a country to become fully developed when it has to rely on only one motor an economy has, viz. export. Worst of all is that all of this export in this dollar economy ruled world has to be funded by capital from abroad, dollar nominated capital (or dollar derivatives such as the euro etc), which is of no use to anyone who is not the sole issuer of the dolla dolla bill (basically every exporting nation on earth). What we have today is that exporting nations are exporting raw materials, labor etc for worthless fiat dollars in return, money any of these nations could have created themselves by issuing sovereign credit. Worthless dollars that can not be spent at home because all the goods have been exported. Financial imperialism through financial terrorism. It’s a bloody trap!

    We need this shift away from exporting that is only enriching the dollar economy to domestic development. Domestic development should be every nation’s top priority: full employment, proper infrastructure, health care, schools, agriculture etc etc. All of which can be funded with sovereign credit, no need for foreign “capital” denominated in a foreign currency, and no, no need for any loans and debt either! When all these things have been achieved then we can start thinking of exporting to other nations.

    So, domestic development >>>>>>>>>>> export.

  16. The GOP in the House passed a bill that the entire Democratic / Independent Senate Caucus plus six Republican Senators voted down forthwith. Now the Senate is voting on its own plan; the House GOP no doubt will shoot it down. The US will default, or get very near to it.

    I cannot see any upside to this for the Democrats. The Republicans, since they own or otherwise control the media, will turn merde ($#!t) into gold. I for one am sick with the Republicans literally getting away with murder and the Democrats bending over backwards to conciliate these criminals or even particpate in their crimes, yet get punished for it.

  17. @ Jimmy J (Comment 6) Which is why we have to get a handle on the end-times Christians in this country… otherwise by 2015 we’ll have a high-tech police state run by a group of people holding to bizaare beliefs. Every aspect of our lives will be regulated including our thoughts, but there will be no social safety net or even charity from these parasitical megachurches. Resistance will be futile. And yes, they will start WW3 with China if they get the idea. And use nukes.

  18. Clueless

    @ Elaine: I sincerely commiserate with you, as well as agree that the passivity of the American people will vanish once reality sets in. Unfortunately, it will be too little, too late. I have come to the conclusion that the global crisis that is quickly unraveling has been planned and put in motion since long — we are just starting to get a glimpse of the end game, and it won’t be pleasant.

    @ OC: A few posts back I said that a US default was a given… Thank you for the article, which completely validates my point. It won’t be long now…

    @ Wu Wei: Hoi, you are on point. However, we shall be saying good-bye to dollar hegemony shortly, which means two things, 1. the Euro will shine. How long depends on, 2. when WWIII begins. Regardless, it’s going to be a bumpy ride so prepare yourself..

  19. OC

    @ Clueless,

    There is plenty of time left…just look at Wiemar Republic of Germany and the former Soviet Union. At least 5 – 8 years for economic collapse, another 5 – 6 years for a new leader to rise from the ashes. Hopefully it is for the better..after all we can only hope at this stage…

  20. Winston Churchill said we always do the right thing after doing everything else. Now eighty years later it will be the Chinese who will demand we chart a course of right action. Will we? I’m not so sure.

  21. Clueless

    @ OC: Some people get it, some people don’t. Here is one that does.

  22. emsnews

    Ron Paul is from Texas, a place I once lived in and didn’t enjoy much at all. It is very easy to be delusional there since, thanks to LBJ !!!! they have a huge hunk of the space/spy/military complex paid for via DEBT.

    This is why Texans whining about the budget annoy me so much: every Texan president made this much, much worse.

  23. Clueless

    Well whether he is a whiner or not is immaterial — he was right!

    This is going to get very interesting, very soon…

  24. emsnews

    Paul’s solution is to kill off the elderly, forbid abortions and starve the poor. It would go a long ways towards invoking a revolution of some rather astonishing violence.

  25. Dupree

    Unlike C-SPAN, thre are no “plunging necklines” over at PressTV, but Iran seems to have the best “scoops” in the world.

    PressTV on the US debt crisis:

  26. Elaine you are right…markets are plunging right now. I am an owner operator and the load board at the company I am leased to is down over 10,000 posted loads a day vs a year ago.Very sad for us truckers since we had a decent spring with rates recovering but the tea party reactionariies got their wish…a recessionary economy running into 2012!

  27. emsnews

    The US is dead center in World Trade. Ergo: we stumble, the world falls.

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