No SS Or Military Government Checks In Two Days

The raid on Social Security was set up by Reagan’s gang long ago.  They exploited the warnings that the baby boomers would bankrupt SS by doubling the SS taxes back then, supposedly to pay for the future, and then cynically used this money in the general funds due to Reagan’s vast budget overruns thanks to tax cuts.  These tax cuts have continued all the way up to this year and have been expanded.  So the SS funds have all been used up and the only money for the baby boomers now must come from the general tax revenues, that is, all $3 trillion ‘saved’ is actually money that has to now be paid via the main tax revenues which are running perpetually short due to GOP tax cuts to the rich and corporations and of course, the total end of all tariffs, destroying that ancient revenue base.


As I keep pointing out, this isn’t a budget crisis, this is really the final result of running every system in the red.  The instant the trade deficit ran in the red, tariff barriers should have been raised, not dropped.  Instead, we had this insane dynamic whereby the cure for our trade deficit was always more trade, not restrictions on imports.  We were supposed to export our way out of the mess but we never did, not for one single year.  Nay, instead, the trade deficit only got worse and worse.  So what did our government do?


BOTH political parties had the exact same solution: more free trade, fewer, not more trade barriers.  The reason we have invented graphs and charts is because they show us trends we need to heed.  Understanding any dynamic system is much easier if we can see how they operate this way.  So, the Federal Reserve and our government both create graphs that clearly show what is wrong with our nation and why this is happening isn’t hard to fathom.  Here is the latest trade deficit graph:

ALFRED Graph – ALFRED – St. Louis Fed

The ONLY year we had a ‘trade surplus’ was when we sold our entire military system to the Kuwaitis who then used our soldiers and equipment to reinstall themselves in power.  Otherwise, the decreases in the deficit happened ONLY during recessions and the sale of our soldier-slaves to the Kuwaiti oil elites are the sole times our deficit decreases.  The minute the economy here revives, the trade deficit soars at a tremendous rate.  That is, hockey-stick style, doubling every 8 years or less.


There seems to be zero alarm about this in DC.  This is due to our media working on behalf of foreigners who are heavy owners of our main media systems plus the desire to keep free trade going no matter what.  This is due to Israel, our very first free trade partner, wishing to keep the gravy train rolling even if this means rolling the whole shebang off the cliff.


Fear is rising rapidly.  When we go to the doctors or do business with experts, they all assure us that our SS payments won’t be suspended.  We shouldn’t worry.  I know that in the elderly community, this is the mantra: no one will let SS die.  But I remember the past, I am not senile.  I know that since FDR first launched SS, the GOP has wished it ill and had made every possible move to either exploit it or kill it.  And now the golden goose is going to be slaughtered and there is no way in hell any elderly person will get a penny if the GOP has its own way:  Debt ceiling: Will I get my Social Security check? – Jul. 28, 2011


No one really knows what will happen next week since the U.S. is in uncharted territory. Only one thing is certain: The federal government won’t have enough money to cover all its August expenses. It will be roughly $134 billion short by month’s end, according to estimates.
That hasn’t stopped a whole lot of people from arguing that Social Security has an advantage over other federal obligations. They say the administration can just tap the massive Social Security trust fund to pay August benefits, estimated to total about $49.2 billion.

There isn’t any actual money — or marketable securities — in the Social Security trust fund. Instead, it’s filled with $2.6 trillion in IOUs that the Treasury Department would have to redeem and then issue a corresponding amount of regular Treasuries to raise the necessary cash.

This swap, in theory, would not affect the debt ceiling because the IOUs are included in it.


Seniors fear losing Social Security in debt ceiling drama because the GOP feels they have enough power in the community that hates minorities, these people will vote for them no matter how much harm this causes their own affairs!  This is the end, the bitter result of the Nixon Southern Strategy whereby the money gnomes in Wall Street join up with rank racists in the south to form an alliance that would be all about tax cuts, a flood of cheap imports and destroying the unions and Social Security.  This alliance is the base from which all these other things come.


Socialism has been demonized by our elites who, like any elites, would far rather fly in private jets while the peons are subjected to humiliating body searches in airports, the elites want to live in palaces like Louis XIV: The Sun King who built the world’s most lavish palaces and at the same time, waged some quite violent wars which were extremely costly.  This, in turn, caused a lot of good economic sugar rushes but in the end, no one could pay for all of this and it caused the French Revolution.  The end result of wild spending by the very rich and elites coupled with wild wars is always bankruptcy.


The news that no one would get a penny in government checks, not even the supposedly well-funded SS Trust Fund, is causing problems overseas where our festering wars are draining the Treasury:  Mullen hears litany of budget, debt worries from troops as he travels Afghanistan

And the top question on their minds Saturday even as bombings rocked the city around them, was one the top U.S. military officer couldn’t answer.

Will we get paid?

“I have confidence that at some point in time, whatever compensation you are owed, you will be given,” said Mullen, who is making his 15th trip to Afghanistan, just two months before he retires. But, he noted, “There are plenty of you living paycheck to paycheck so if paychecks were stopped it would have a devastating impact very quickly.”


What he basically is saying is, the troops will not be paid.  They will get the money, eventually, but if there is a limit to the budget spending as the GOP demands, SOMEONE will lose funding and I guarantee the military troops on the ground will be hit hard, just like any peons here in the US.  They are NOT profitable for the elites who run the military/industrial complex so they can loot the Treasury.  Like any dying empire, the point is to make money via war, not fight for honorable reasons or protection of the people.  After all, the People are peons to these creeps.


Here is an example of how insane this entire debate about who to stiff is: money for our overseas adventures in Muslim lands is going to go on forever since this is a wonderful thing for Israel.  As drawdown approaches, U.S. commanders in Afghanistan reluctant to leave for obvious reasons: they are making their buddies in DC very rich.  They fully expect to ‘retire’ and then have billions of dollars shower on their heads.  Eisenhower, when he left the White House, lived a middle class life. When Reagan left, he flew immediately to Japan to collect $2.5 million in bribes from the Japanese who were overjoyed at his opening the door to endless imports.


I called for him to be arrested when he came back from that trip.  Instead, the media said this proved he was a great leader, not a traitor!  See how foreign governments loved him!  YES, they certainly did!  He made one-way trade possible for them!  Now, even tongue tied leaders like Bush Jr can make millions a year in giving ‘speeches’ to foreigners and business people seeking to get rich, quick.  And this means running trade deficits with America.


England also runs trade deficits and has an evil banking system which, like in the US, has latched onto the entire economy and all assets of Britain in order to capitalize their loans.  So, like in the US, since the entire country has been used to create credit out of thin air to save international bankers and traders like Goldman Sachs, the cuts in social services is grinding away, aimed at making life hell for the elderly in particular:  Cataracts, hips, knees and tonsils: NHS begins rationing operations.


Even as Britain leads the way with cuts in social services while at war with Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the people of Yemen, etc, this seems endless and it certainly is endless as Talks on long-term Afghan-U.S. partnership stalled.  The US wants to be a partner while assassinating families all over the place.  An impossible situation. Imagine the police sending in assassin drones to get criminals a la bin Laden’s murder.  Indeed, destroying whole neighborhoods will be the solution since it would be cheaper than fixing what went wrong.  Kill the peasants!


What is really sad is, we are coming to the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and the crimes we have committed since then are being swept under the rug even as we will see officials trying desperately to justify our anti-Muslim wars under the excuse, 9/11 allows us to copy the Nazis and IDF.  We will not see at the 9/11 memorial this memorial:  Under fire from afar: Harrowing exhibition reveals damage done by drones in Pakistan


Images of a severed hand, a child with half his head blown off, mangled body parts, demolished homes, a mosque reduced to rubble and the blood-splattered clothes of a woman held aloft by her widower have been converted to QuickTime films by the Beaconsfield gallery and projected, unedited, on to a giant cinema screen which plays on a loop. There is video footage of a lone drone hovering above a village in Miranshah, which resembles a fly on the camera lens. The background noise is of children playing and a rooster crowing.

There is another image, of an empty grave. Eighty mourners attending a funeral were struck by a missile and killed before they could bury the body. A local man who was digging the grave lies mutilated beside it. Similar images are regularly printed in local Pakistani papers, fanning the flames of anti-Americanism. A recent Pew poll found that 97 per cent of respondents viewed drones negatively and 69 per cent now view America as the enemy.


The buildings rising around the WTC site have had immense cost overruns of 100%+ which is similar to budget overruns by the Pentagon.  Privatization, another Reagan insane idea, was supposed to save us money.  Instead, it, too, caused immense, endless budget overruns, too.  Wars that were supposed to last days or weeks thanks to the monster in the Pentagon’s budget, the Air Force, the part of the military that is by far the most expensive, are running for years and years with the ground grunts taking the brunt of it while the fly boys sit at home, playing human-target video games with assassin drones.


European support for the NATO invasion of Libya is collapsing.  Also, as real news comes from that land we are systematically destroying, shows us that the rebels are actually gangsters out to torture, loot and rape.  The stories about rape and looting by Gaddafi’s side have nearly vanished as the truth emerges so McCain tells Libyan rebels: end abuses or risk US support .  The US and Britain has tried to unilaterally seize Gaddafi’s foreign savings and hand $20 billion to the rebels so they can do more looting and raping.  Meanwhile, a Top Libyan rebel commander shot dead by his own rebel buddies and he deserved this.


Now, we see these are not freedom fighters but in classic CIA actions, are despotic gangs seeking to take over by force and then end all the social programs of the previous ruler.  In Gaddafi’s case, like Afghanistan under the communists, he has social services, free education, civil rights for women, etc.  Compare Libya to the oligarchs of that religious repressive regime in Saudi Arabia who give women zero civil rights, they can’t even show their faces in public, drive cars or live independently!




Exclusive: Inside Darpa’s Secret Afghan Spy Machine | Danger Room |

§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§China: U.S. Debt Crisis Is Giving Democracy A Bad Name

The Pentagon’s top researchers have rushed a classified and controversial intelligence program into Afghanistan. Known as “Nexus 7,” and previously undisclosed as a war-zone surveillance effort, it ties together everything from spy radars to fruit prices in order to glean clues about Afghan instability.

The program has been pushed hard by the leadership of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. They see Nexus 7 as both a breakthrough data-analysis tool and an opportunity to move beyond its traditional, long-range research role and into a more active wartime mission.

But those efforts are drawing fire from some frontline intel operators who see Nexus 7 as little more than a glorified grad-school project, wasting tens of millions on duplicative technology that has nothing to do with stopping the Taliban.

“There are no models and there are no algorithms,” says one person familiar with the program, echoing numerous others who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss the program publicly. Just “200 lines of buggy Python code to do what imagery analysts do every day.”


Finally, the Former Intel Chief Dennis Blair tries to stop the madness: Call Off The Drone War (And Maybe the Whole War on Terror).  Obama cannot be blamed for this mess since he wanted Blair to run the War on Terror and finally wind it down.  But the Knesset and their kneeling dogs in Congress didn’t want this so they forced Obama to yield to Netanyahu and Blair was thrown to the dogs, instead.  Panetta and his ilk were elevated and they have doubled the drone wars rather than killed it off.


This is so pathetic.  In the Star Wars sagas, the robot drones that kill guys wearing robes and carrying swords and such are the BAD GUYS.  Yet, the same country that produced, created and enjoys these movies is behaving like Darth Vader.  Panetta, a fat little toad, has boasted that the killer drones are the ONLY game in town for fighting the Muslim uprisings.  Blair has revealed that we are spending $80 billion a YEAR on Black Ops/CIA games in Muslim countries.  This is insane.  The reason they hate us is Israel and our lopsided programs that undermine their countries and makes Israel a nuclear power able to menace unarmed neighbors.


Blair says we spent $20 million per ‘terrorist’ killed.  He dares no mention how many innocent people are also killed.  This is insane, of course.  It is not economical.  But then, our trade deficit is the opposite of ‘economical’, too. And cutting taxes on the rich during a war certainly is not ‘economical’, either.  But our elites have done all of these things.  This is because they want to do these things.  Which is why some previous revolutionaries talked about how governments and the rich make their own ropes by which they hang themselves.  When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope we use.

  – Joseph Stalin


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16 responses to “No SS Or Military Government Checks In Two Days

  1. I. M. Nobody

    If that is how I am to meet my end, so be it. The part that makes it easier to take is that like King Louis, they will one day learn that it does not end well for them either. Stiffing the troops will speed the arrival of that day.

  2. emsnews

    As of this minute, the cowards in DC are sufficiently scared, they announced they will pay the troops but not anyone else. Then, they can order the troops to kill anyone assailing them in the future, of course.

  3. DeVaul

    Holy Crap! I cannot believe someone said that to troops in a war zone. Even mercenary legionairres are not THAT stupid. They now know they will not be paid at all. You cannot tell them that at some future date, after they are dead, their wives and children “might” get paid. I guess the rich think they can stiff the troops because they are on the other side of the world, and perhaps they are right. Plenty of time to sail for greener pastures.

    I really don’t know what to believe anymore. Is this all political theatre, as the media claims, or is it really two trains about to collide at full speed, as random reports and statements from outsiders suggest?

    I wondered why the crisis came now, since the fiscal year does not end until September 30th. Perhaps the problem is that all spending problems were pushed off until the last month of the fiscal year, when it finally became clear that there would be a shortfall during the last month. This is how many Americans operate their household budgets, and why foodbanks and loan sharks see an increase in demand at the end of the month.

    SS is 2/3rds of my income, so I will be wiped out if the checks do not arrive, but I have also been preparing for this day as best I can. I only wish my family members had helped me instead of obstructing my efforts. Even now, they still think that money will somehow just “fall from the sky” and all will be well. I’ve given up on trying to warn them. The level of psychological denial is just too deep to penetrate by mere words alone.

    If this had happened last spring, at least people could have been sent out to start gardens and farms, but now with winter approaching and no extra food available, I just cannot believe how utterly craven our plutocrats are. I hope they are each hunted down and shot one by one. I believe this is what Joseph Stalin did, which was wise since they all plotted to bring him down.

    After reading a short biography of him on Wikipedia, I can see many similarities between what went on in Russia during the revolution and what could happen here after our bankruptcy. Because we are rather isolated, most of the fighting will be between ourselves.

  4. tip o neill

    Q: do other nations have this d-celing farce> ? web search says no data available
    l. poor pay cash
    2. command economies / nations order rationing
    3. W’s nations oft default (Arg. 1899) or issue permanent debt, UK’s guilt bonds. No data on if they vote to inc. their d. ceilings in a farce

  5. Dupree

    Seriously, you might want to checkout thpre-1941 speeches of Adolph Hitler. YiouTube also has video of his speeches with english subtitles.

    A compilation of his earlier speeches can be found in My New Order published by Reynald and Hitchock of Cornwall, NY and published in 1941. I found an original copy in an antique store for $10.00.

    In Orwell’s 1984, antique stores were forbidden and it’s easy tp see why Big Brother didn’t want the dumb goyim to know what life was like before the revolution.

    The book is available at Amazon and you might want to checkout the reviews.

  6. Dupree

    David Walker says, “Dump the Pentagon!” last Monday.

    Han anyone noticed the plunging neckline f the Washington Journal moderators. The female ones, I mean.

  7. DeVaul

    So a deal has been reached with a simply phone call. Hmm…. I cannot help but wonder if this had anything to do with the imminent opening of the Asian markets on Monday — the last day Asian dollar and bond holders can get rid of their dollars before America defaults on Tuesday.

  8. floridasandy

    america isn’t going to default, and some of you dopes keep falling for the same thing -the sky is falling with the chrysler bailout, GM bailout, bank bailout, etc.

    every scam is ALWAYS a dire emergency..,…

    it is like lucy and charlie brown with the football.

    they would extend the mandatory debt ceiling date if an agreement wasn’t reached.

    it is what it is.

  9. @DeVaul, Stalin (Lenein?) wasn’t the only one who went after the oligarchs and plutocrats in Russia. In the past decade Vladimir Putin did the same thing and he threw a lot of them into prison and shut down or renationalized their businesses, his political opponents first! Our pathetic news media, print, audio, video and internets were all crying, “Look what that villain Putin is doing to all these nice men!” Well history has proven the wisdom of his actions; Russia has come back from being a basket case to a regional power.

    And once the plutocreats here collapse the system either deliberately, indifferently or incompetently? You’re probably right; we will have infighting. With the well-armed, well-financed, stirred up by end-times Christianity authoritarian 22% with at least *half* the police and the military alongside of them, against everybody else.

  10. DeVaul

    Well, Ed-M, I believe you are probably right about this:

    “With the well-armed, well-financed, stirred up by end-times Christianity authoritarian 22% with at least *half* the police and the military alongside of them, against everybody else.”

    I live in Kentucky, and it is scary to watch it develope day after day.


    Yeah, those Soviet doomsdayers were real “dopes” to believe their system would collapse, and what about those “silly” Argentinians who believed their government would go bankrupt and steal all their life savings, and what about those “idiot” Zimbabweans who thought they would be hit by hyperinflation? Bunch of dopes! You’re right. We have nothing to worry about. Back to “fun-in-the-sun” Florida good-times!

  11. When does China foreclose ?
    Not paying us Veterans the money they promised to pay will be devastating and dangerous.
    Some Veteran will not be able to deal with the extreme STRESS of being stabbed in the back and do something heinous..Then the VA will spend millions prosecuting him or her.
    That is when reality will become a TOO MUCH TOO LITTLE TOO LATE MOMENT..

  12. emsnews

    According to what I saw this week in the mental hospital, a FLOOD of people (including some vets) came in after August 1st due to the debates in Congress and the stress this caused in the more damaged parts of the population.

  13. Dupree

    Cheer up, Elaine!

  14. Dupree


    My attempts to “embed” videos seem to fail.

  15. Dupree

    And for all you 40s Big Band Fans. It doesn’t get any better than this:

    Mir Bist Du Schon( by Charlie and His Orchestra.)

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