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Far Right Wing Assassin In Norway Kills Nearly 100 People

Once again (and again and again and ever again) a far right wing Christian goes totally insane and decides to embrace terrorism against liberals and leftists.  The latest example of using murderous violence to get one’s own way is the horror unfolding in Norway, a fairly peaceful country compared to say, the UK or US.  I got a hold of the Mirror save of Utøya Gunman Anders Behring Breivik’s Facebook Page and Photo Gallery from a useful website, Public Intelligence.  Mr. Breivik is a mirror image of the Oklahoma City bombers. Continue reading


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Stop The Fukushima Zombie Nukes!

Click here to see the Chattanooga Zombie Protest over TVA Nuclear Plans‬‏ – YouTube



This anti-nuclear power demonstration is from America and I am happy to see people take this seriously, yet creatively.  Alas for the Japanese people displaced by Fukushima, they really are ‘zombies’ and other Japanese are scared of being contaminated or touched by them!  The news out of Japan this week is extremely grim.  Yet, it remains business as usual as Japan finally ran a trade surplus this month after running many deficits.  Japan’s elites will roll onwards relentlessly while a literal cancer eats away at the fundamental social systems of Japan as well as real cancer that will plague the Japanese for generations if not forever. Continue reading


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Feds Gave Out $16.5 TRILLION In ZIRP Loans!!!!

What can one say?  Congress forced the Fed to be audited and the Fed fought this tooth and nail.  This audit by the GAO is a one-time affair.  It clearly shows how our central bank was looted in order to capitalize FOREIGN banks and enrich PRIVATE bankers.  This is DISGUSTING in the EXTREME and I am PISSED OFF, as usual. Continue reading


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No Budget Deal, Rich Want More Tax Cuts

Yesterday, a family member called me in great excitement to announce that the Gang of Six had a budget deal.  I expressed total skepticism and indeed, this deal collapsed rapidly.  Now, there is a new deal whereby Obama agrees with the GOP who control Congress, we need to REDUCE taxes on the rich even more and then plug some of their loopholes in the tax code!  Talk about insane. Continue reading


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Pentagon Cuts Are Totally Fake, There Are NONE

The present budget talks are all about cutting the butter from our economy and increasing war spending.  But our political leaders in both parties don’t mention this.  Instead, they are now pretending they will cut our military budget, too.  This is a TOTAL LIE.  They know this but pray that no one else notices this con game.  Today, an analysis of the military budget was released.  It has some very, very interesting graphs.  It shows clearly who is driving the US into bankruptcy and it happens to be the fly boys, the guys in the sky, the winged fiscal menaces.  Our navy is actually the cheapest of the services! Continue reading


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Murdochgate: Slime Creeps Closer To Cameron Creeps

Murdoch is a Bilderberg conspirator who is one of the enablers of that secretive group of NATO elites.  Wealthy Britons prepare to flee because the weather is too cold and wet (more proof that my words of warning about global warming worries of the elites are fake) and anticipation of higher taxes coupled with fears that the machinery they set up in London is now grinding its gears, badly.  So they are fleeing to…Spain and the US and Australia?  HAHAHA.  Odd places, indeed, all on the same track as the UK only they are, ahem, warmer and drier (except for NYC which has other attractions such as Wall Street).  Murdoch played both sides of the political aisle and in this way, co-opted all parties in governments in Europe and the US as well as Australia, of course.   Continue reading


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Cops And Robber Barons Mowed Down In Britain

Watching Murdoch, right on the cusp of gaining nearly total control over vast swaths of English-speaking media systems, going down with his yacht, is most amusing.  Like many such predatory capitalists, he gained his economic power via bribing and corrupting the political system and the police systems.  Then, as per all classic situations, hubris set in.  On the heels of hubris comes vengeance and the ancient people of yore knew this and we should know this, too. Continue reading


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