Some Muslim Uprisings Good, All European Ones Bad

Police on London streets after riot

No surprise to me, England teeters on the edge of blowing up and every match thrown on the pile of kindling flares up and then is put down with a massive show of force from the State.  In Muslim nations, active uprisings continue unabated and have pretty much ceased being peaceful and are not increasingly violent with NATO siding against selected governments based entirely and only on a cynical assessment of whether Israel approves or disapproves.  Thus, Saudis can viciously attack peaceful demonstrators but Syria can’t fight armed insurrection.  Syrian tanks attack eastern city of Hamas is typical here, this is a tribal insurrection coupled with demonstrations for political reforms.  The US wants to crack down on Syria a la Libya while endorsing Yemen’s assassin drone CIA war.


All of this is causing consternation as the US teeters on the edge of a politically forced bankruptcy as the GOP works mightily to prevent the US from functioning, all in the hopes of driving voters into voting for a right wing government out to cut social services.  So, Global leaders race to stem panic over US credit rating downgrade


Finance ministers from the G7 leading industrial countries – many of them away on summer holiday – agreed to a series of urgent weekend telephone talks to try to prevent a loss of confidence in the world’s biggest economy. But the uncertainty grew when the Saudi market dropped by a massive 5.5%.  Chancellor George Osborne, holidaying in California, held talks with his G7 counterparts and David Cameron, who is in Tuscany. Officials said Osborne would be ready to interrupt his holiday if a full G7 meeting was called.


Europe is in crisis so of course, since this is summer vacation, no one is home.  All the people who can, go run away from their own countries.  When I was young, very few people jetted around the planet for fun.  Today, hordes of people do this.  The G7 has to have a meeting about the US business because the entire economy of the West is based on the US running absolutely everything deep in the red.  They are not going to have meetings about stopping this, they have to figure out a trick to paper over this terrible fact and thus, continue to help the US run deep in the red in particular, in trade.


Pious talk about how it is important for the US to balance the budget and produce a trade balance are just so much hogwash.  If the budget is anywhere near balance, taxes are cut until it runs back deep in the red.  If it gets too balanced, a war is picked with any number of enraged Muslims who fight back and never surrender so this keeps the military/industrial complex owners incredibly happy.  And the trade deficit: not one nation on earth wants to see the US fix that problem.  Enemy or ally: both are united in this area.  Both want the US to run perpetually deep in the red, the deeper, the better.  Both are utterly, totally and fatally opposed to the US fixing it.


So…our G7 ‘allies’ are actually our enemies.  They do not want us to make any changes that alter the trade relationship we now have with them.  Recognizing this hostility, the US has to ‘go it alone’ in this matter.  That is, we should be imposing severe restrictions on trade until we get some balance back.  Even if this leads to a trade war!  For we are always at ‘war’ in trade: the battles won or lost are in the marketplace and no nation can afford to lose every battle, every day for 50 years and expect to exist as a nation much longer.

Back to the news about the Saudi stocks suddenly going down, here is the REAL reason why this happened:  Gunman killed near Saudi prince’s palace 


“At 1am on Saturday, a person carrying a gun fired at a checkpoint in Abdulrahman Al-Malki Street in Jeddah. He was dealt with swiftly and was killed,” a Saudi Press Agency (SANA) statement said…The men, who were identified as members of the Zahrani family, were “under the influence of drugs” and one of them had a “small handgun,” the source said.


Who are these Zahrainis?  The article makes no mention.  Of course, the Saudi kings can kill anyone they wish to stay in power and the G7 would cheer and applaud even if the victims are doctors treating emergency patients in Bahrain.  Saudi Arabia’s people don’t love the king all that much but since it is a terror state similar in many ways to North Korea and just as paranoid and hypocritical (that is, everyone has to live Puritanical lives except for the rulers who live wild, sybaritic lives) no one can change a thing there and no one in the NATO countries is even slightly interested in supporting uprisings or attacking and assassinating the royals using NATO planes.


Here are past stories of this particular clan which has lived lives of the Nomad for the last 900 years:  Faris Ahmed Jamaan al-Showeel al-Zahrani – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


He was arrested in Abha by Saudi police on August 5, 2004 on charges of terrorism.[2] His capture was considered a serious blow to Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia.[3]


Four weeks prior to his arrest, al-Zahrani wrote an article in which he said he was evading the Saudi crackdown. Several weeks before the arrest, al-Zahrani said, in an interview with the online publication Voice of Jihad: “I would like to reassure the people who love me…I am careful in my movements and contacts, and I take all necessary precautions.” In the same statement, al-Zahrani rejected an amnesty that King Fahd had offered militants in June.


More about this family:  List of militant incidents in Saudi Arabia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


2005 29 June The security services issues two new lists of wanted persons. List A includes 15 names of persons suspected of terrorist affiliations and who are thought to be in the Kingdom. List B is of 21 names of persons suspected of terrorist affiliation, who are thought to be outside the Kingdom. Number(16) on this list is Mohamed Othman Al-Zahrani, 44, Saudi.


The US will move heaven and earth and make a million deals with a billion devils to keep in power the most despotic, evil, corrupt rulers in Muslim lands if this means we can get them to support Israel’s activities and give us cheap oil (relatively speaking, of course).  Here is today’s editorial from the supposedly ‘smart’ people at the NYT who are mainly Jewish writers and or owners.  This editorial is the official voice of the people running the NYT: Palestinians and the U.N. –



All share blame for the stalemate. Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has used any excuse he can find (regional turmoil, the weakness of his coalition government) to avoid negotiations. He has blustered and balked at President Obama’s prodding. Republican leaders in Washington — who seem mainly interested in embarrassing Mr. Obama — have encouraged his resistance.


Arab leaders haven’t given the Israelis any incentive to compromise. The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, seemed to give up on diplomacy when Mr. Obama could not deliver a promised settlement freeze. We see no sign that he has thought even one step beyond the U.N. vote.


To have any chance of inducing the Palestinians to drop their statehood bid — and finally move the peace process forward — the United States and its partners should put a map and a deal on the table, with a timeline for concluding negotiations and a formal U.N. statehood vote. The Security Council and the Arab League need to throw their full weight behind it.


We see no sign that Washington or the Israelis are thinking beyond the incremental. The United States can veto a statehood resolution. But all sides will end up paying a high price.



The dishonesty here is just amazing.  The sole people responsible for no meetings, no negotiations, nothing are entirely, totally and utterly the Jews.  The international Jewish power brokers and the Israeli Jews have united in this: they want to give the Palestinians nothing, nothing at all, ever, forever.  This is the goal, the plan and the end result of any ‘negotiations.’  So, when the Jews violated UN decrees about building illegal houses and settlements in Palestinian neighborhoods and lands, the Jews told the entire world to jump in a lake and die and did this with total impunity.


Now, the dunderheads writing this editorial, that is, that darling international Bilderberg terrorist,  Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr., knows perfectly well that the Palestinians had to suspend talks when the Jews poked them in the eye and sneered, ‘We will give you nothing and take everything, try to stop us!’  What was there to negotiate?  The Jews hope to steal as much land as possible under cover of pretending to negotiate: they are buying time to steal more.  The Palestinians know this, all Muslims know this, the entire world knows this.  But even so, Arthur pretends to be puzzled by this and blames the victims who are being ripped off and seeing their homes stolen by foreign Jews.


The stupid ‘land swap’ deal is so ridiculous, it is just amazing to me to see ‘smart’ Jews offer this without sniggering but then, they are sniggering, they know perfectly well, they want to trade habitable lands, water rights, Jerusalem in exchange to giving the Palestinians some of the least habitable desert mountains on earth, a lunar landscape that doesn’t connect Gaza with the West Bank.  That is, they are offered exactly nothing in this exchange deal cooked up by crooks who comprise of the top committee of AIPAC, the same guys who own Congress.


The key to reducing US wars with Muslims lies in Jerusalem and it is firmly locked away and guarded by dragons.  So the US stumbles onwards towards bankruptcy as taxes are cut on the rich who use this to fund AIPAC and move their wealth overseas and the mess rolls heartlessly onwards.



Even as the NATO nations drown in debt and self-destruction, as riots spread and disorders get worse, we see more silly attempts at fixing things which are doomed to failure since the system is mismanaged and rotten to the core and one of the rottenest of these is Italy:  Debt crisis: Silvio Berlusconi unveils reforms to avert Italian crisis 


For the capital of a nation in the eye of a financial hurricane, Rome was appropriately calm at the end of a fortnight that has seen 11% wiped off the value of shares worldwide, with investors’ fears now focused on Italy’s ability to repay its vast debts.At a press conference late on Friday, Berlusconi finally unveiled the sort of reforms he had been expected to announce two days earlier in his speech to parliament: measures to eliminate Italy’s budget deficit by 2013, instead of 2014 as originally planned, and to give firms a freer hand.


This guy is Mr. Sybaritic.  He loves teen sex. He loves running around, being silly.  He loves corruption.  He loves lying which is why he owns much of the media and it keeps him in power.  He also loves the Pope who is kin to him in so many ways.  That is, the Pope loves power, pomp and pretty stuff and of course, living in palaces, eating dainties while lecturing the rest of us about poverty and making sacrifices. At the core of the problems we face is our rulers living like Pharaohs while we toil to build them huge crypts to lie in when they die.


The idea of social justice has died.  One group of people, the ghetto Jews of Europe, once were huge fighters for liberalism, justice for all, equality and honesty.  Now, the Jewish community is all about stealing stuff, getting deals for themselves at the expense of all others and other greedy stuff.  The Muslim rulers are supposed to live lives of honor to their own god, etc but they, too, live amoral, corrupt, evil lives bent on making themselves happy at everyone’s expense, cruel and capricious.  The ruler of North Korea is the same, too.


Democracy is all about people having a voice in how to run things.  But when things are run to benefit only a tiny minority and these, in turn, use power of the media and government to arrange things so they get richer and everyone else gets poorer, then we get a clash which can lead to all sorts of violent resolutions.  And all the gangsters snarling at Syria for attacking people to suppress them: look at home and see what sort of response these governments have to deal with unruly crowds!

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18 responses to “Some Muslim Uprisings Good, All European Ones Bad

  1. I am [alone apparently, astonished at the bravery being shown by the Syrian people.

  2. GRS

    UK, a former World power, has more horror in store. Oh well Empires do not last forever. USA better learn UK’s mistakes.

  3. JT

    .DJIA 10809.85 -634.76 -5.55%
    .SPX 1119.46 -79.92 -6.66%

    IMO there are only 2 possibilities.
    a this game is rigged
    b old belsebub is somehow involved

    a seems more likely….

  4. payAttention

    These rioters are not important. Great Britain depends on foreign inflows from Middle Eastern, Eastern European and lately, Greek businessmen. You probably did not examine fx rates when you made a big deal out of this. Had you done so, you would see that the sterling has barely budged in three days. Now that is strength! Secondarily, the London miners index may be down, however the last two years of uninterrupted ascent leaves plenty of room for market swings. If you focused on what drives the market, you would gain a lot of insight into which news matters. The sterling is telling you that some arson in a remote and politically insignificant suburb does not matter.

  5. melponeme_k


    These rioters are rioting in the middle of London. That is very important. It doesn’t matter if the money is coming from someone or somewhere else, if the countrymen are rioting and setting fire to infrastructure there is no sovereign strength.

    These rioters need to demonstrate in front of Buckingham Palace and cut off that royalty delusion for good and all. And they must be vigilant against that kind of crazy thinking. We weren’t in the US and now we have millions of Little Lord Fauntleroy locusts eating at our sovereignty.

  6. payAttention

    They can riot anywhere they want, in fact they seem to be rioting everywhere tonight and it doens’t matter a bit – the sterling is up. Let’s not forget that the new democratic Libyan embassy has opened today so add those investors to the many others who want to keep their money in London.

  7. Ali

    I live in London and the rioting was outside my house last night. These are just thugs who organise themselves via text messages. They’re just looting random shops and are not politically motivated at all.
    What this is doing is strengthening the police because now no one will call for cuts to the police service. The reason for this rioting is only because, the numbers of thugs are too great for the police force of London to deal with. Once people realised this they were all at it.

    The rioters are not driven by any political agenda. They are just kids from the poor areas looking for a bit of excitement. Im not saying that they won’t have any political significance but, none of them were out because of the government debt or the markets crashing.

  8. Ali

    Seriously, it’s not even that violent. it needed 10 riot police to disperse about 200 people last night. I was standing in the middle of it I never felt threatened. Some guy got dragged out of his car and then his car was trashed but they didnt beat him. This is just extreme naughtiness. No one is stopping it so it spirals.

  9. emsnews

    Thanks for the inside view of the riots. When there is great unemployment of youth, we get these sort of looting expeditions. This is why keeping one’s youth employed is of highest importance. US cities writhe in agony due to heavy crime rates of young people who have nothing better to do and no potential future except prison and this is why our prison population is one of the biggest on earth and why this is bankrupting all the states, paying for holding these unemployable youth.

  10. Dupree

    I’m still wondering why the botched Kill Team # 6 mission–billed as a Ranger Rescue operation–included a canine and his handler?

    The dog didn’t deserve his fate.

  11. Ali

    I guess these are the real anti-cuts riots. Have to agree with you – I has to be massive unemployment and poverty that has driven this.

  12. emsnews

    The kill team that was set up and then massacred got their comeuppance a la the Indian Wars whereby the natives would fight back fiercely every time they were betrayed or had leaders assassinated.

    This is EXACTLY why the general going after Geronimo did NOT kill him! And why the government treated Geronimo well, not a la Gitmo! They wanted the fighting to stop and guess what?

    It stopped.

    Naming the assassination thing after Geronimo insulted the Apaches who protested darkly but couldn’t stop it from happening and they still mull this over…bad stuff, bad Geronimo Lightning jujitsu here from beyond his grave and wherever his skull is hidden.

  13. Dupree

    Before General Custer meet his just fate at Little Big Horn, he had been engaged in the torture and the mass hangings of Confederate POWs during the “Wilderness campaign” in the Shenandoah Valley. Colonel Mosby warned Custer and Sheridan that reprisal executions would be conducted if the practice was not stopped. And not until Colonel Mosby was forced to carry out the reprisal hangings did Sheridan and Custer end the mass hangings of Confederate POWs.

  14. Dupree


    …Mosby struck back with vengeance. On October 11, guerrillas ambushed and killed Lt. Col. Cornelius Tolles, Sheridan’s chief quartermaster, and Dr. Emil Ohlenschlager, Sheridan’s medical inspector.

    Federal retaliation swiftly came on October 13, when Union colonel William Powell ordered the execution of Ranger A.C. ‘Ag’ Willis. A small tree was forced over double, and a noose was put over young Willis’s head. Then methodically attached to the tree, the tree was released. Willis’s body shot up into the sky; he was dead before he returned to earth. Near the end of October, Mosby received word of the earlier executions of his men and decided to retaliate in kind, hoping to ensure proper treatment for any of his men captured in the future. He informed Lee that Custer hanged six of his men and ‘It is my purpose to hang an equal number of Custer’s men whenever I capture them.’ Lee approved the action and so reported to Confederate Secretary of War James A. Seddon, who responded that he ‘cordially approved’ the orders. A brutal military policy was now receiving ‘cordial’ civilian approval….

  15. Dupree

    And the new Army’s Union Dress Blue Uniform has adopted Custer’s wearing of a “cape” and riding boots

    Did someone say “pimp.”

  16. Dupree

    Ray Mabus, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta and Barack Obama belong in the dock at the International Criminal Courts at the Hague.

  17. I dont claim to know 1% of what you do about these matters.

    I do know there was one city that didnt have black riots in the 60s…
    Chicago. Daley gave orders of ‘Shoot to kill’ and that kept the city calm.

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