Assassin Nation

The US foreign policy system has morphed rapidly into this incredible killing spree machine that operates entirely in the dark aka, aping the KGB and other totalitarian systems.  Back when I was young, the CIA pretended to be merely spying and analyzing stuff when they were really playing an assassination/coup game with the KGB and others.  After some spectacular blow backs, the Church Commission put a stop to the Assassination CIA but this was tossed out after 9/11 and now we are the Assassin Nation, both hands bloody as we try to secure our foreign domination of Muslims with secret prisons, secret deals and more blow back catastrophes follow.


One thing that has totally irked me about 9/11/1 stuff is how the noxious mess created between the CIA and Mossad which led to coddling and enabling some terrorists so they could successfully attack Americans has been buried by the ‘bombs in the buildings’ garbage.  The bombs in the building make zero logical and tactical sense whereas, the idea that both the CIA and Mossad would have known or paid for or assisted Atta and his gang is the real story and one that requires putting Bush Jr., Bush Sr., Cheney and Rice under oath to testify about what they knew or didn’t know about Atta and his plans.


The CIA is very deeply mixed up within Al Qaeda from day one: it is a CIA creation in the first place, for example.  To this day, the CIA/Al Qaeda connection continues merrily onwards as the CIA exploits relationships with Muslim terrorists they wish to use in various ways.  This is a startling mess that Americans seem powerless to penetrate, stop or control since funding, protecting and using Muslim terrorists promotes programs and goals of Zionism.  This is why all the articles coming out this week about our secret military/spy/assassin systems don’t connect all the actors and describe why our nation is entangled in this vast, hideous religious war.


For once, and thanks to two reporters, Dana Priest and William Arkin, we actually have a small tidbit of news about our military/industrial complex and how it has totally warped the CIA into a murderous assassination operation rather than a spy outfit:  CIA shifts focus to killing targets – The Washington Post


●The drone program has killed more than 2,000 militants and civilians since 2001, a staggering figure for an agency that has a long history of supporting proxy forces in bloody conflicts but rarely pulled the trigger on its own.


I wish to pause here for a moment to have everyone read the above very, very carefully!  The CIA doesn’t merely support proxy forces in bloody conflicts, it supported and protected and funded terrorists and assassins of all sorts, all over the globe, for over 60 years now.  The CIA didn’t ‘pull the trigger on its own’ because this would make it look like the KGB and thus, ruin our careful propaganda campaigns trying to paint our government as clean and good, not dark and evil.


The Atta gang was classic: Atta moved his operations to Florida, to a community that has more retired CIA agents per capita than anywhere on earth and right next door to Jupiter Island, the Bush clan’s vacation home.  Atta crossed paths with all of the Bushes with amazing frequency.  Why would a terrorist camp out and train his fighters right where there is hundreds of Secret Service and CIA agents?


Obviously, this is the worst place on earth to train to fly jets into buildings…unless one is doing this with the blessings of the CIA and even the President, himself.  The way the CIA and Presidents operate is simple: they turn a blind eye to things they want to roll onwards while still being deniable.  This permits them to do dark things while pretending to be ignorant.


Bush’s need to be ignorant after the 9/11 attacks was obvious: he went into hiding to get his stories straight so no one would ask any questions about Atta’s odd choice of training grounds and he got huge help from the ‘bombs in the building’ guys who posted all sorts of stuff online to lure people off of the real scent of the real crimes that happened on that day.  This allowed the CIA and the Pentagon to not only continue working with Mossad in creating a new Assassin Nation but also allowed them to increase the dark, off the books activities, knowing that people would fall for all sorts of dumb conspiracy stories rather than track the real stories that are far scarier.


●The CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, which had 300 employees on the day of the attacks, now exceeds al-Qaeda’s core membership around the globe. With about 2,000 on its staff, the CTC accounts for 10 percent of the agency’s workforce, has designated officers in almost every significant overseas post and controls the CIA’s expanding fleet of drones.


●Even the agency’s analytic branch, which traditionally existed to provide insights to policymakers, has been enlisted in the hunt. About 20 percent of CIA analysts are now “targeters” scanning data for individuals to recruit, arrest or place in the cross­hairs of a drone.


The wily Islamic rebels cynically manipulate and use the CIA and the Pentagon to their own ends.  I would surmise that Atta kept his true intentions hidden from his handlers who surrounded him in a cocoon of protections.  He was rather overt in the end, literally pulling down his pants in public and dancing on tables in Florida!  He knew he would not be arrested even then.


To this day, the Islamic rebels who the CIA and Mossad think they are manipulating, are actually doing a jujitsu controlling action that takes the immense finances, political power and murderous activities of the Zionists and use it to leverage themselves into power and to increase the greatness of their jihad.  Since the Zionists insist on beating up and torturing little Palestinian boys while destroying olive trees of Palestinians and in general, acting like Nazis in the Holy Land, this fuels the Jihadists and gives them legitimacy.


This is highly important: the hypocrisy of the West which backs vicious ethnic religious cleansing in the Holy Land, is the mantle of legitimacy worn by all Jihadists fighting Zionism.  The US doesn’t give a hoot, how many Muslims are killed except when this gives us an excuse to kill them, ourselves.  This is why all the rubbish about Syria is so cynical: the Jews in Israel and many in the US hate the Syrians, wish them all dead and fear the lack of a dictator there but can’t resist the idea, they can plant a Saudi-style dictatorship there that would ruthlessly kill or torture the citizens of Syria on behalf of Israel.


The US wishes to assassinate Muslim leaders we don’t control or who threaten the security of the Jewish theft of Palestinian lands.  The problem is, the way we do this is to encourage Jihadists who then are either in our pay or have to also be assassinated like Bin Laden who was a CIA agent who became too troublesome and who made a great target for assassination.


The assassination of Bin Laden was a total diplomatic disaster.  It cost us dearly, alienating Pakistan, strengthening the Bin Laden legend while the odd tossing of his body into the ocean made everything ‘dark’ rather than ‘light of day.’  So many ties between the CIA and Bin Laden exist, it is a nightmare, detailing these.  The fact is, the entire Bin Laden clan was and probably still is, very, very interconnected.


After 9/11, I demanded that the press look into the Bush/Bin Laden connections and they blatantly refused which meant, hiding the true social/political/economic connections between the President of the US and his family’s friends was of highest importance.  This is the true scandal of 9/11 and one that is very seldom mentioned by conspiracy people fixated on the fact that some very unsound buildings actually collapsed when stressed.  Which is a whole other scandal in itself (the buildings could have been much stronger but it was cheaper to build them so they would collapse!).


Here is the second WP story about our Soviet-style government system which can’t find fund to save the people of upstate NY or Vermont after a hurricane but has endless funds for playing games with Jihadists:  ‘Top Secret America’: A look at the military’s Joint Special Operations Command – The Washington Post


CIA operatives have imprisoned and interrogated nearly 100 suspected terrorists in their former secret prisons around the world, but troops from this other secret organization have imprisoned and interrogated 10 times as many, holding them in jails that it alone controls in Iraq and Afghanistan…Since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, this secretive group of men (and a few women) has grown tenfold while sustaining a level of obscurity that not even the CIA managed. “We’re the dark matter. We’re the force that orders the universe but can’t be seen,” a strapping Navy SEAL, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said in describing his unit…The president has also given JSOC the rare authority to select individuals for its kill list — and then to kill, rather than capture, them. Critics charge that this individual man-hunting mission amounts to assassination, a practice prohibited by U.S. law. JSOC’s list is not usually coordinated with the CIA, which maintains a similar, but shorter roster of names…When JSOC officers are working in civilian government agencies or U.S. embassies abroad, which they do often, they dispense with uniforms, unlike their other military comrades. In combat, they wear no name or rank identifiers. They have hidden behind various nicknames: the Secret Army of Northern Virginia, Task Force Green, Task Force 11, Task Force 121. JSOC leaders almost never speak in public. They have no unclassified Web site.


Task Force 11…these people love ‘magic numbers’.  Religion News: Magic Numbers And Terrorism is a past article, one of many, where I discuss this.

Sept. 11 is a magical number day. It marks the point in time when there are 111 days left until the end of the year. 911 is a conjuring number. Namely, it is ‘asupicious’ as well as suspicious. If one wishes to launch something deliberately like a coup or founding a new organization or something, this is the pru-pru-perfect day. The magical significance of this day is buried deep within the Masonic/Kabballistic European community. It is used to make powerful people invincible.


Pinochet is dead. The death of this evil despot reminds us, he conspired with the CIA to overthrow Allende, a democratically elected socialist, the day they picked for this betrayal and execution was September 11, 1973. This wasn’t a random day pulled out of someone’s hat, it is a New World Order day that has been selected, over 100 years ago, as the day for such ceremonial decapitations.

The first Kibbutzim in Palestine was founded on…9/11/21.

 On 9/11/22, a hyper-harmonic magic day, the British and the Rothshields created the Transjordan Mandate which ceded much of Palestine for future colonization.

Why the fascination with this number? It is now set in stone that 9/11 means death, doom and destruction? Was this due to bin Laden? I would suggest not. For this number, to my shock back in the 1970s, was chosen for the new ’emergency’ numbers we were supposed to call when bad things happened. Prior to this, one dialed ‘O’, the last number on the rotary phones. I said, ‘Dialling a 9 and then two 1s is very difficult if one’s hands are shaking.’


I could think of better combinations. Waiting for the old rotary phones which were the majority back then, to rotate back to the starting position before adding two more numbers was, to my mind, insane. But to use this to mean ‘death, doom and destruction’ was key to the satanists who foisted this number on us.


9/11/11 is a very big magic number day…for the Zionists and the CIA and all other magicians working in the ‘dark matter’ side of our empire.  They would love to pretend this magic number stuff is purely Jihadist but I would suggest this is another jujitsu action of Jihadists: they all know about the need for magic number days and what this means in the religious/astrological realms and so they exploit this for their own ends.


The recent killing of all of the Bin Laden assassins is interesting to me because the US was celebrating these killers as great heroes for breaking into Bin Laden’s home and shooting his family dead and terrorizing the surviving members.  This was an act of high cowardice, not bravery.  Bravery is when you fight in a battle with honor, wearing uniforms.  The definition of a ‘terrorist’ is someone who doesn’t wear a uniform and then invades your home in order to assassinate you and kill anyone in your family who is in the line of fire.


The guys sent in to kill over and over again until the Muslims figured out how to hunt the assassins and kill them, is not honorable nor brave men, they were rank cowards.  Atta and his gang were called ‘cowards’ after 9/11 but they were at least brave enough to sacrifice themselves while assassinating people whereas our own assassins want to come home and live normal lives.  This is why the most cowardly assassins on this planet are the guys using robot assassination machines via remote control from various obviously illegal places in the US.


They are openly war criminals and should be prosecuted.  The fact that our President, who got a Nobel Peace Prize, is expanding these cowardly, amoral and mad-magical operations is a sign that our imperial rot has gone totally to the core.


Here is the official site online for the overall group formed to fight cowardly, amoral and evil, dark battles with Jihadist who are on our side or against us, we never know which since it is secret:  SOFIC 2011



This page shows these guys at a convention that is used by private industries to suck at the Federal spending teats.  The Tea Party is OK with this since Zionists took over that loopy organization.  The fact that Zionists dare to openly talk about leaving Americans to die or suffer economic losses after a hurricane, just so this operation can expand even more in size, shows us clearly where this is going in the long run: we die, they party, the guys building these religious war systems hope to engulf us in a Final Battle called WWIII or the Apocalypse.


The Jihadists have the exact same goals, too!  Which is why they don’t mind working closely with people who they think are devils.  The goals of this USSCOM operation has nothing to do with protecting the US since the Jihadists attacking us here at home are often employees or friends of USSCOM and the CIA’s dark matter operators in the first place.  The Zionists know that we need a dose of fear every 10 years or so or else we will stop the Crusades in the Middle East.


The recent invasion of Libya, using al Qaeda operatives formerly tortured by the CIA but then persuaded to work with them…ahem!  Jujitsu time, big time!  I see this operative taking over Libya and then…the rest is obvious.  The CIA and EU/US oil corporations hope to control all the Libyan oil profits and if a Jihadist takes over the country, this will fail.  Of course, now the CIA has to kill Mr. Belhaj.


In Libya, Former Enemy Is Recast in Role of Ally –



In Bangkok, Mr. Belhaj said, he was tortured for a few days by two people he said were C.I.A. agents, and then, worse, they repatriated him to Libya, where he was thrown into solitary confinement for six years, three of them without a shower, one without a glimpse of the sun.


Now this man is in charge of the military committee responsible for keeping order in Tripoli, and, he says, is a grateful ally of the United States and NATO.


And while Mr. Belhaj concedes that he was the emir of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which was deemed by the United States to be a terrorist group allied with Al Qaeda, he says he has no Islamic agenda. He says he will disband the fighters under his command, merging them into the formal military or police, once the Libyan revolution is over.


Many a dictator got into power via US-backed coup and then irritates the US so he is cut down again and replaced by another dictator.  In this case, the proliferation of Jihadists taking over things is endangering the Zionist plans for domination and instead of rethinking ‘What the hell are we doing?’ like drunk gamblers, the Zionists in the US and Israel have doubled down and hope to beat the House this way.  It won’t happen.  History says, the Jihadists will grow stronger and stronger and the Zionists will go bankrupt.


This mess is so great, the US has lost nearly all anti-war politicians who fall for the ‘We won!’ garbage:  What Happened to Howard Dean, Anti-War Champion? – Conor Friedersdorf – Politics – The Atlantic



On Wednesday morning, for example, he went on MSNBC, where he praised President Obama for the war in Libya. “It’s very smart. You don’t put boots on the ground. You don’t commit trillions of dollars to a war in Iraq,” he said. “You do it with the other tools that we have that frankly work much better over the long term because you don’t get a lot of public resistance — drones, special operations forces, use of intelligence agencies. That’s exactly what he did.”


First off, we didn’t spent a trillion dollars invading either Afghanistan or Iraq.  The money was wasted OCCUPYING these places.  Libya will be no different.


And…good lord!  So long as Americans don’t die, it is OK?  This is the very dark road that leads to WWIII: nuclear bombs annihilate entire peoples so this means no real combat for us and voila!  We win.  This terrible deal was first made in August, 1945.  We have never gotten over this.  We always think, in the bitter dark of night, ‘Maybe we should just nuke them all!’  And yes, this was said about Afghanistan after 9/11.  Not one Afghani attacked the US.  Yet, we wanted to kill every last man, woman and child there, via remote control.


This temptation is our own darkness.  And the only thing that stays our hand in this is naked fear we might see some retaliation.  Even that is fading, fast.  We still rely on the UN to disarm everyone we plan to assassinate.  But I believe no sane leader will ever, ever let UN inspectors in, again.  Never.

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16 responses to “Assassin Nation

  1. Urban Roman

    Yeah, I too wonder what the MOTU have planned for this next Sunday.

  2. tono


    Where did you get the example date about Transjordan mandate by Rothschild , after reading your post , I started to look up into google without success.
    there is only 16/11/22 as valid date but without mention to Rotschild

  3. Urban Roman


    It’s in the referenced article:
    , about the British and their disposition of the remains of the Ottoman Empire.

    I suspect Transjordan will be to the USian Empire as Cuba was to the Soviet Empire. A little outpost “over there” where the empire wants some influence, which will necessarily be abandoned as the empire falls apart. Though it’s hard to predict a precise date when that event will take place.

    And, little known fact, you can also dial emergency services at 112 on your mobile phone, and I suspect quite a few landline systems. On a rotary dial telephone, 112 is almost the fastest 3-digit thing you could dial. It can’t be 111 because that number overlaps with some international area codes.

  4. ‘After 9/11, I demanded that the press look into the Bush/Bin Laden connections and they blatantly refused which meant, hiding the true social/political/economic connections between the President of the US and his family’s friends was of highest importance.’

    Corporate Media, that Washington Post you had mention y’day.
    Isnt there a book’ House of Saud, House of Bush’?

  5. JT

    “Rome monuments attacked by vandals”

    Western civilization is coming to an end, the vandals are in Rome.
    We’re all going to die.

  6. Everything you said about the CIA and al CIAda is true. However, no one flew planes into buildings on 9-11. 9-11 was the biggest LIE PSYOP in history and it has been immensely successful in every way, including the mind control of the minds of Americans on the tenth anniversary of 9-11.

  7. Dupree

    For thousands of years, Libya’s Leptis Magna and Sabratha remain untouched by the Arabs in spite of the bloody conquest and ethnic cleansing by the Italian Colonial armies in the first half of the twentieth century..

    I spent many pleasurable days touring these Roman “ruins” while assigned to Wheelus Air Base in the 1960s.

    Sad what NATO, Ray Mabus, Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton have done to that country.

    They should be sitting in the dock at the Hague!

  8. Dupree

    What Ray Mabus, Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama have done in Tripoli and what Anderson Cooper, Brian Lamb, Wolf Blitzer don’t want you to see.

    So, where’s Christiane Amanpour-Rubin?

  9. Dupree

    Sorry, that’s Sirte.

  10. Dupree

    And Americawonders why it reaped the whirlwind on 11SEPT2011, assuming it wasn’t an inside job.

  11. Dupree

    You wanna’ know what else happened on 9/11 in 1940?

    1: FDR ordered unprovoked attacks by the US Army Air Corps and the US Navy on German Merchant and war vessels in International waters.

    2. In Washington, D.C., ribbon-cutting ceremonies for the construction of the Penatagon were conducted.

    3. Charles Lindbergh gave is Des Moines, Iowa Peace Speech.

  12. Dupree

    That’s 11SEPT2001.

    It’s my bedtime.

  13. Dupree

    As Monty Python would say,

    “Now for something completely different.”

  14. Dupree

    Lindbergh’s peace speech occurred on 11SEPT1941 as did the FDR attack on Germany and the Pentagon construction ceremonies.

  15. Dupree

    The Pentagon construction ceremonies were NOT attacked by FDR’s Navy and Army Air Force.

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