Maria Castro, Primera Hora Employee, Decapitated By Zetas Drug Gangsters

Exactly like the war on Muslims, the War on Drugs creates the very ‘terrorist’ problems we create, ourselves, with our out of control secret police and secret military supplying the terrorists in both cases.  In Mexico, a full-scale war is raging with the military on both the drug cartel side and the Federal Police side being trained in the same schools.  That is, this is the justice system fighting its own employees.  The corruption of US drug money and guns has spread throughout the Mexican police/court/political parties system, it now is raging like a tornado through border towns, literally butchering everyone in the cross fire.


Woman Decapitated In Mexico For Posting On Internet: I changed the headline as information comes in.  Seems the dead employee wasn’t an editor.  Of course, Nuevo Laredo should have published this but didn’t!    Evidently, even as this new story was posted in the US, the newspaper in Mexico still has no comment!

Out of this insane, mangled mess comes yet another story of the Zeta drug cartel murdering yet another journalist.  The bizarre handling of this story by the journalist’s own newspaper is quite revealing.  First, the story in the US media which I noticed today:  Police find decapitated body of Mexico newspaper editor –


Maria Elizabeth Macias Castro, 39, was the editor in chief of the newspaper, Primera Hora.
Her body was found Saturday morning, according to the attorney general’s office in the northern Tamaulipas state. A message “attributed to a criminal group” was found next to her, the office said.


So, CNN didn’t bother to find out who this ‘criminal group’ is so I went to Primera Hora to find out what really happened.  Here is a screen shot of their front page:

First off, the top three stories are the execution of an ex-drug agent in Mayagüez, a game in Florida and a celebrity couple in Mexico had a baby.  Further down is the story of the poor lady who was decapitated by these criminals.  Here is their reporting about their own senior editor being brutally murdered: -Noticias de Puerto Rico sobre espectáculos, deportes y política


Saturday, September 24, 2011
11:56 pm
Mark Stevenson / Associated Press

Mexico. – The decapitated body of a woman was found in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo, with a sign saying she was murdered by his publications in the social networking site online.


What the hell is going on here?  They used an Associated Press story written by someone who wasn’t remotely knowledgeable?  And of course, this AP story is very slim on details of any sort.  There is no in depth story from the dead editor’s own paper?  This shows exactly how scared of facing down these gangsters, many of whom are from the police and government agents of various levels and who are protected by the ones who haven’t gone full renegade.


This all comes in the wake of two bloggers being brutally murdered and hung from a bridge.  Here is a Voice of America story that has a few more meager details:  Mexico Killing Tied to Internet Anti Drug Posting « VOA Breaking News


Police believe the victim, Marisol Marcia Castaneda was killed in retaliation for her anti-drug postings on a social media site.  Castaneda was an editor with the Nuevo Laredo newspaper Primera Hora and had posted information on a local networking site, Nuevo Laredo Live, which features a tipline to help police.

Police say a note, signed with the letter Z, likely for the Zetas Drug cartel, was left near her body warning people against posting such information.  Two other people in Nuevo Laredo were killed earlier this month because anti-drug comments they posted on the Internet.


So, this story has a tad more depth to it!  About time.  There were very few stories about this murder online today.  This story actually has the name of the gang but as is typical of most online postings, it has very precious little information, I assume, because people don’t bother to read all that  much.  I do post LOOOOONG stories here but for a reason: I am interested in analysis and this means, knowing as much as possible and then sharing this with readers who wish to be really informed.  So, lucky for us, we have Wikipedia and here is the entry for the Los Zetas Cartel:


Los Zetas is one of the most powerful drug cartels in Mexico[6] and considered by theU.S. Drug Enforcement Administration as the most violent drug cartel and paramilitary enforcement group in Mexico.[7][8] Los Zetas is a criminal organization dedicated mostly to international illegal drug trade, assassinations, extortionkidnapping and other organized crime activities. This drug cartel, now led by Heriberto Lazcano, was founded by a group of over 30 former Mexican Army Special Forces deserters,[9] and includes corrupt former federal, state, and local police officers,[10] as well as ex-Kaibiles fromGuatemala.[11]


Los Zetas started as the military wing and private mercenary army of the Gulf Cartel, but after the arrest of the Gulf Cartel’s leader, Osiel Cárdenas Guillen, the two entities became a combined trafficking force, with the Zetas taking a more active leadership role in drug trafficking.[12][13] In 2010, however, Los Zetas began to operate independently from their erstwhile bosses in the Gulf Cartel structure.[14][15] The rupture of Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel has led to a bloody turf war, predominantly in the states of Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas.[16][17]


They have also carried out multiple massacres and terrorist attacks on civilians, such as the 2011 Monterrey casino attack, where 52 people were killed,[18] the 2010 Tamaulipas massacre, where 72 migrants were found dead,[19] the 2011 Tamaulipas massacre, where 193 people were killed,[20] the massacre of 27 farmers in Guatemala,[21] and the2008 Morelia grenade attacks, where 8 were killed and over 100 were injured.[22] In addition, sources reveal that Los Zetas may also be responsible for the death of 249 people at the 2011 Durango massacres[23] and for the 2010 Puebla oil pipeline explosion, which killed 28 people, injured 52, and damaged over 115 homes.[24]


This is the problem in all guerilla wars: the people closest to the authorities tend to be the guerillas.  This is our basic problem in our many wars raging in Muslim countries.  When ‘terrorists’ are targeted by our robot assassin killing machines, the information comes from people inside various governments who are interested in eliminating rivals or terrorizing their own people.  In Yemen, a tribal battle for power has raged for many years and the US sides with the pro-Saudi royal faction.  So we murder peasants all over the place who retaliate in like kind, assassinating our own toadies such as the successful attack on the palace which nearly killed the Saudi puppet rulers who fled into Saudi Arabia.


The US continues this insane battle despite mass demonstrations against the US, Saudi Arabia and the puppet ruler of Yemen.  This is true in Bahrain where the US military dominates the landscape, it is a major base of operations, so the US supports the brutal suppression of popular, peaceful demonstrations against a corrupt government and Saudi Arabia brutally suppresses this, too.  With full US blessings and military support, of course.


In Mexico, when the present right winger took over, everyone expected the mayor of Mexico City, a liberal, to win.  But just like in the US, the rightist was sort of shoved, a la Bush Jr, into office where he spends a great deal of energy, insuring no liberal gets their hands on any power.  The war on drugs is extremely unpopular in Mexico and quite unpopular in the US since it has only one function: to increase the profits of the illegal drug trade!  I always felt, if people wanted desperately to be addicts, we should give them whatever junk they wanted.


If they want to stop, it is a psychological/medical problem which they can attend to by going to doctors, not going to prison.  The money from the drug trade on the street is extremely tempting and has destroyed many civic systems and entire governments.  When the US invaded Afghanistan, the Taliban had chocked off the drug business.  Once we invade, it blossomed and today, our government of Afghanistan is extremely corrupt, costs us a fortune, we have helped the drug lords flood much of the world with heroin and our invasion made the War on Drugs a total farce, here at home, exactly as the Vietnam War did exactly the same.


Our War on Drugs was launched by Nixon who was directly responsible for sending our military into a series of drug producing countries all of whom ceased doing this only after our military was driven out and the communists finally took over.


In today’s news is this story:  Mexican Drug Gang Decapitates Investigator in Homicide of … and there was last week’s story of the Dumping Of 35 Bodies Seen As Challenge To Zetas Cartel


(Catholic Online) – U.S. officials confirmed the firefight and were on alert to any gunmen or Mexican residents attempting to flee the gunfire in Matamoros. Another U.S. official says they have similar information as to Lazcano’s death, but have not yet confirmed it.


It was the second gun battle between the two cartels in as many days. The Gulf Cartel captured 11 alleged Zeta hit men in the downtown area of Matamoros on Thursday. Sources say the squad of six men and five women were part of a larger group of up to 60 Zetas who attempted to seize control of the plaza, or drug corridor.


The previous evening, Matamoros residents went to sleep with the sound of automatic weapons fire, grenade explosions, screeching tires and sirens after a large number of Zetas made their way into the city shortly after midnight.


The Herald received information that at least 13 people were killed in the Thursday encounter, with 11 individuals captured.


This war can’t be won via pouring in more troops. On the other side of the border from this violent Mexican town lies our own Laredo and here are the crime stats:  Laredo Crime Statistics : Texas ( TX ) –

The city violent crime rate for Laredo in 2009 was higher than the national violent crime rate average by 32.78% and the city property crime rate in Laredo was higher than the national property crime rate average by 99.66%.


In 2009 the city violent crime rate in Laredo was higher than the violent crime rate in Texas by 16.14% and the city property crime rate in Laredo was higher than the property crime rate in Texas by 50.96%


History isn’t some parlor game we indulge in, it is the guiding light on being able to see the future.  Looking into the past, I see a simple thing: all our allies supported by our military system and our form of government ends  up with vast illegal drug businesses at constant war with our government with agents of the government engaged in BOTH sides of this war.  Only after a country stops being an ally of the US, stops participating in US training and paramilitary operations, when a country ceases to be ruled by US puppets, when the people rise up and actually have a serious change in the entire system, it stops.


In other words, religious fanatics and or fanatical communists stop the illegal drug businesses!  That’s it!  That is the end of the story.  The US actually creates these drug wars!  The battles of the paramilitary government agents fighting each other and fighting the US government are all due to the profits from the lucrative US illegal drug markets.  US addicts, fleeing from real life, wanting to live in a fantasy world whereby they feel good thanks to addictive drugs, is the engine of all this.


Either we sponsor communist take overs of all governments suffering from addictive drugs (ahem) or…we stop letting addicts drive us off the economic cliff!  Addicts=high crime rates of every possible sort from murder to theft.  Our prisons bulge with people sucked into the gangsta/drug/high crime world and it is sucking in more and more people as real jobs that build families and enrich communities vanish overseas.  Time to call it quits.  It is so easy.


But then, note how we have to focus on various goofy things that make no difference!  We talk about Mexican illegal aliens while not talking about the US illegal drug markets destroying the entire civilization down in Mexico.  This is OUR problem WE caused.  We can fix it with a stroke of a pen.


MORE NEWS:  There is a good Beeb story about the drug wars which mentions the ‘election’ of the President, Calderon, being rather murky at best and his militarization of the war on drugs leading to it getting very bloody plus the fact that the US ‘accidentally’ armed the drug gangs with that gun purchasing business whereby they pretended to be tracking illegal guns when actually, the government of the US was really arming the drug gangs:  BBC News – Mexico cartoonists mock Calderon’s war on drugs

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14 responses to “Maria Castro, Primera Hora Employee, Decapitated By Zetas Drug Gangsters

  1. Urban Roman

    Yup. If you really want to promote some industry, have the Americans declare war on it.
    What a concept!11!1one!!
    “The war on steel”
    “The war on solar power”
    “The war on …


  2. emsnews

    HAHAHA. Yup. War on something and this means actually promoting it. You are a genius. 🙂

  3. BrownEagle

    That is from puerto rico. is from mexico.


    ELAINE: Thank you for the correction.

  4. OC

    What happens when all the former US mercs, military and cops realize that they are cheated by the Feds…will they set off on their own ‘business’ ??

    Is US following the path of Mexico??

  5. nclaughlin

    Urban Roman, thanks for the link to James McMurty.

  6. Zazen

    You made a mistake. Adress of Primera Hora Nuevo Laredo is:
    You simply showed us Primera Hora de Puerto Rico which is just “.com” and not “” But don’t worry. There’s even less info about that women in her own newspaper…

  7. emsnews

    Yes, it was my mistake, an easy one to make. And it is sad to see so little information. Many of the dead in this Mexican/American war are little noticed, so very sad. I grew up on the border of Mexico and it was not remotely this violent.

  8. We are under a “government of laws”, not a “government of men”. But if someone can plant drugs among your belongings, and if you are then required to prove that the drugs are not yours (which you can’t), then you are under a government of men, namely of those who are willing to plant evidence. Therefore the reverse onus of proof cannot be valid in any jurisdiction.

    More: .

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  11. Henry Hub

    I have to say that for years I was completely puzzled as to why the United States invaded and pursued a war in Afghanistan. There is nothing there of value! Never mind the nonsense that they attacked us from there.
    Iraq I can understand. They have large amounts of oil and they were a threat to Israel. But Afghanistan?
    But I slowly realize there is one thing in Afghanistan of immense value – Heroin. The Taliban had completely cut off the production of Heroin.
    Now with the U.S. there, the Heroin trade is flourishing.
    The big Wall Street banks launder most of the billions of drug money through their system. As in Mexico The United States power interests are the biggest beneficiaries of the world drug trade!

  12. Afghanistan is more complex than heroin trade, but I agree that if you follow the money, and US foreign policy moves, it all tends to point to Wall Street banks in the shadows.

    Afghanistan is an intelligence war first and foremost. The US, Pakistan, Iran, Russia et al are all pulling strings from behind the curtains.

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