NYC Police Violently Suppress Anti-Wall Street Demonstrators

The Occupy Wall Street Movement Reports 80 Arrested Today in Protests  while few in the US know anything about these protests because the Occupy Wall Street Protest is Being Systematically Ignored by people like the jerks at the NYT although the Wall Street Journal did notice the protests.  Naturally, the police of NYC do their job in the most brutal way possible.  This, at a time, when Hillary and her gang of lunatic Zionists are screaming at say, Syria, for repressing demonstrators.


At least, these American citizens are not being butchered by the IDF like, say, Palestinians under occupation are treated.  No one is dead, yet.  But then, there is little need to kill anyone…so far!  The main thing is, when people demonstrate in, say, Tibet, they are petted and praised by the wolves and ravens of the elite media outfits but if identical demonstrations happen here, it is all about suppression and repression.  Especially when the protests are aimed at the ruling elites, here in the US.


Below are several You Tube videos showing how the protests turned into vicious suppression of peaceful demonstrators:


Sept. 17, 2011

Sept. 19, 2011

From Russian TV, Sept. 20, 2011

Occupy Wall Street protesters punished by NYPD – YouTube

Sept. 21, 2011

Sept. 24, 2011

OccupyWallStreet – Peaceful female protesters penned in and MACED in the street. Police brutality! – YouTube

I have been in demonstrations that turned into riots when the police attacked us, back in the Vietnam War era.  At one point, we thought, if we had only women and children in the front ranks of a march, the police would not shoot at us or beat us up.  Well, they immediately attacked the women and small children, in one case, even hitting a BABY in his mother’s arms!  I was acting as a medic in that case and when trying to reach victims of police brutality, I, too, was physically attacked.


Going against the State is a dangerous business.  When we began demonstrating in front of corporations or facilities run by the military/industrial complex, this is when things became extremely nasty.  Demonstrating in some forlorn park was OK, somewhat. But stopping traffic in front of a major corporation was deadly.


In the Middle East, our rulers take sides so they itch to bomb Syria as Syrian Forces Kill 11, Protesters Plead for Help.  But there is no sympathy for the demonstrators in Yemen because the US supports the dictator there so even as 40 Killed as Violence Rages in Yemen, the sole contribution of our own rulers is to send in Reaper Predator assassin robots to slay even more Yemeni anti-government civilians.


Meanwhile, the oh-so-pious Obama and his Valkyrie Zionist, Clinton, have  Resumed Arms Sales to Bahrain and are quite unembarrassed by America’s ‘Humiliating Grip of Corruption and Tyranny’ in Bahrain.  To placate NATO ally, Turkey, some nifty assassin US Drones Likely Headed to Turkey to Fight Kurds who we support in their rebellion in Iraq!


50 Palestinians arrested in pre-dawn raids in occupied territories yesterday and today,  7 anti-Palestinian Jews were arrested in NYC during their UN protest over Palestine statehood.  None of these NYC protesters were beaten.  The fact is, we are seeing protests rising globally.  And no wonder!  Things are falling apart inside of key empires, in particular, the US, UK and EU are all going under together, all at once.  This hasn’t stopped NATO from being totally warlike.  As Libya is being systematically destroyed, after wrecking Iraq pretty thoroughly, the NATO forces press ever onwards even though the member states can’t afford to do this.


BAE Systems to cut 3,000 jobs in England because the Brits can’t afford to build fighter planes anymore and have no more aircraft carriers such as they used so heroically (hahaha) in the Falklands War which was the last hooray for King and Country.  Now, they are losing the last shreds of their once-formidable military/industrial complex and we will see the same fate here, too, when we also go bankrupt.

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8 responses to “NYC Police Violently Suppress Anti-Wall Street Demonstrators

  1. kenogami

    Yahoo mail cannot filter nigerian scams, telemarketer scams, child porn,
    terrorists bomb making qdvice, but they can filter people wanting to tell their
    friends about the Wall Street protests.


  2. emsnews

    Links seem to be working, at least on my own computer.

  3. emsnews

    Thanks, Kenogami, here is the video of attempts at sending information.

    By the way, Think Progress forced Yahoo to stop censoring most of this.

  4. Bloody trial balloons (censorship) 😦 The authorities know ofc that instant information uncontrolled by them is anathema to their interests.

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