NYT Launches Sneer Attack On Peaceful Demonstrators

No paper is better at openly lying about things than the sophisticated New York Times.  Back when I was part of this huge antiwar demonstration in DC, the Times reporter came to our assembly point before 9am and reported, ‘Hardly anyone is here!’ and then left.  Half a million people finally showed up and the Times refused to report this even after we demonstrated in front of the NY Times building in Manhattan.  Well, they are at it again: sending a stupid female reporter to the site of a mass police brutality action and all she saw was a topless woman who was goofing off on the fringes.


Here is the saner Daily News with the top story being police brutality against unresisting female demonstrators, none of whom were topless.  New York News, Traffic, Sports, Weather, Photos, Entertainment, and Gossip – NY Daily News

We know from a video in my previous story about NYC Police Violently Suppress Anti-Wall Street Demonstrators | Culture of Life News

…that the women were standing in this corral put around them.  They were not assaulting the fat cops that surrounded them.  They did yell to the police to please stop hitting people!  Oh  my.  Time to show US police chivalry!


So, it is plain as day, a cop decided on his own to silence these damsels so he pulled out his mace ‘gun’ and standing right next to them, sprayed them in the face, causing them to scream and fall down.  He then seems quite amused by this demonic display of male perversion and then thinks it wiser to back away and pretend he didn’t do this crime.  The man should be arrested, of course.  He is a criminal.


Well, the New York Times, unlike the Daily News, sent this very stupid woman to report on all this.  It was an editorial choice (I wonder what family connections this reporter has within the organization since she ain’t no reporter?).  We see this from the front page of the NYT.  The Daily News has the attack on the women by the police as a top, front page headline.  The more right wing NY Post owned by international news criminal, Murdoch the Spy, doesn’t have it as a headline story.  No surprise, Murdoch is a pervert.


The NYT, on the other hand, is 100% Wall Street/Zionist rag so of course, it is on the front page since it involves attacking Wall Street but not a top story and the story is all about how there is this TOPLESS WOMAN on Wall Street!  No mention of the women viciously attacked by a brutal Bloomberg cop.



According to the NYT, the Protesters Are Gunning for Wall Street, With Faulty Aim – NYTimes.com which would suggest to me, we aim better?  HAHAHA…right.  Nothing will cause more fear at the NYT than good aim in this case!


By late morning on Wednesday, Occupy Wall Street, a noble but fractured and airy movement of rightly frustrated young people, had a default ambassador in a half-naked woman who called herself Zuni Tikka. A blonde with a marked likeness to Joni Mitchell and a seemingly even stronger wish to burrow through the space-time continuum and hunker down in 1968, Ms. Tikka had taken off all but her cotton underwear and was dancing on the north side of Zuccotti Park, facing Liberty Street, just west of Broadway. Tourists stopped to take pictures; cops smiled, and the insidiously favorable tax treatment of private equity and hedge-fund managers was looking as though it would endure.


Note here that this flimsy excuse for a reporter talks about cops smiling.  In all the videos pouring online today, one sees NO smiling cops.  One does see snarling cops beating up on unarmed and unresisting protesters.


Members retained hope for an infusion of energy over the weekend, but as it approached, the issue was not that the Bastille hadn’t been stormed, but that its facade had suffered hardly a chip. It is a curious fact of life in New York that even as the disparities between rich and poor grow deeper, the kind of large-scale civil agitation that Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg recently suggested might happen here hasn’t taken shape.


Just last week, the brutal billionaire Bloomberg mused about his personal fears that someone in NYC might go hunt him down on the rare occasions he is in the city and not in the tax haven Bahama palace he really lives in, and get his hide.  Whew!  Saved for the nonce!  But hark, I doth hear yon peasants raging.  They might not show up in orderly, peaceful demonstrations.  No, I know from life experience, they explode out of the ghettos quite suddenly, unpredictably and with fire and bombs, not peaceful at all.


Bloomberg knows this.  Thus, the Bahamas hideaway.  The youths besieging Wall Street are a faint warning of the tsunami of destruction that will descend if nothing changes.  That is, where are the jobs?  They can’t be invisible forever.  Wall Street claims they produce jobs but reality says, nay, they destroy jobs here at home and move them overseas.



What is most interesting to me is how 90% of the letters so far in the comments section are attacking the Times for having one of the dumbest, bimbo-est reporters on this planet, doing this vital story!  Gunning for Wall Street, With Faulty Aim – Readers’ Comments – NYTimes.com.  The propaganda didn’t work, no?  No!  Will the Times fire this idiot?  Will they call for an end to police violence?  Nope.  Will they do anything honorable?  Never!


In contrast, here is an honest reporter working for CNN:  Dozens arrested in Wall Street protests


CNN called police officials, but they declined to comment further on the extent of injuries or specific use of force. But descriptions by the website and some protesters present affirm the use of mace and Tasers.
One midtown resident, Ryan Alley, claims he wasn’t aware of the protests until he found himself among them. He said he was penned in by police while standing near a group of protesters, pushed against a wall and nearly arrested.

“They turned our backs, put us against the wall,” Alley said. “They’re being very aggressive … half the people here have no idea what’s going on … I’m actually very ashamed to be a New Yorker.”
One woman with bloody lips stood with her hands zip-tied behind her back.
“I wasn’t doing anything and I was punched!” she called out to spectators.


Now, the headline is a lie, of course, but the reporter doesn’t write the headlines.  It isn’t ‘dozens’.  When something is nearly 100, it is inappropriate to say ‘dozens’ which implies somewhere between 12 and 30 items, not 80+.  Note, also, that CNN correctly reports that innocent bystanders are attacked by the police.


Even as the NYT mocks anti-Wall Street demonstrators, the Bilderberg gang is going nuts:  For IMF, Debt Crisis Fears Spread Beyond US and Europe.  Global Zionist, Zoellick, Mr. Bilderberg supreme, frets that things, as run by himself and his buddies, is coming apart at the seams!  Oh, my!  Someone tell the NYT this news.  Wall Street screwed the pooch.  They love being ruling elites but hate being responsible for their failures.


In Japan, even recently with the suicide of the president of a train company that had an accident, one should commit ritual suicide if one screws the pooch in public.  The Japanese people are most annoyed with the Fukushima TEPCO people who insist on staying alive.  They keep checking the news to see if they did the honorable thing.


Well, we didn’t see all too many suicides on Wall Street in 2008.  But then, they were bailed out to their immense joy which is why they are richer today than ever before.  How The 400 Richest Americans Keep Getting Richer | MoveOn.Org shows that taxes went down as the budget deficit soared.  Now, these clowns who were making fun of the brave demonstrators, are rolling in dough and they, not the demonstrators, are responsible for the collapse of global trade, global banking and the bankruptcy of many  nations.


Note, from the above NYT front page screen capture that Obama isn’t getting much in the way of donations from the workers anymore.  The more he saved Wall Street, the more he toed the Zionist line, the more he went to war with all Muslims, the more he put embargoes on oil exporters or attacked them, causing oil to shoot up in price, the less support he has from his own base.  But then, both the GOP and DNC want AIPAC and Wall Street money for TV and newspaper ads and the owners of these want this money, too, so all parties are pleased as punch with the crummy system we have today.

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13 responses to “NYT Launches Sneer Attack On Peaceful Demonstrators

  1. Ben Dover

    Elaine, You’re hilarious! You must know by now that the media are the running dogs of the moneyed elite. How could you expect them to nip at the heals of their masters.

    You are correct that the Japanese at least EXPECT their managers to do the honorable thing when THEY fuck up…and fuckishima clearly qualifies as a fuck up.

  2. When folks stop buying the NYT itll fade , I hope.
    You dont like FOX? Others are buying it.

    Im in LA…I dont buy the LA Times and find most of it junk…
    there was a page one story about a 500 pound black drag queen…

    Oh..Did you read Sunday NYT a year or so back, the mag section…

    2 stories..One from Vincente Fox on how Mexicos immigrants help us
    and a story on sissy bounce..black drag queens in New Orleans..
    dont know what sissy bounce is? search it at youtube.

  3. Melponeme_k

    Just think and be wary. When all these militarized, “police” bullies are given the pink slip because the toadies they protect (who sipped wine in the faces of these hapless demonstrators) don’t want to pay their salary anymore, we will all have to deal with them as rogue agents who will be snapped up by the mobsters. It happened in the former Soviet Union and it will happen here.

  4. Claire Voyant

    The right to assemble is effectively dead in NYC.

    And the media are complicit enablers of a corrupt police force.

    From AmpedStatus:

    “On at least two occasions, Saturday September 17th and again on Thursday night, Twitter blocked #OccupyWallStreet from being featured as a top trending topic on their homepage. On both occasions, #OccupyWallStreet tweets were coming in more frequently than other top trending topics that they were featuring on their homepage.

    This is blatant political censorship on the part of a company that has recently received a $400 million investment from JP Morgan Chase.”

  5. emsnews

    First Yahoo and then Twitter, eh? Yup! No shock to me. They blathered on and on how Twitter helped the students in Muslim countries and then went into TOTAL PANIC HERE knowing this can happen here, and in Europe, too. Thus the naked censorship.

  6. Joseppi

    We have entered a world where the unfettered self-interest greed of global corporatists disguised as the Free Market have taken control. There seems to be no peaceful resolution to this bondage, except maybe complete systematic exhaustion.

    A protective fascist like defense system has metastasized and encapsulated itself with corporate controlled media managing perceptions, Frankenstein think tanks intellectually justifying misdeeds, while politics mandates obedience.

    The hostage like situation today does not bode well for the future of the majority of sleepwalkers or those few malcontents sensitive to social injustice.

  7. phil

    When young men are fighting for peace the world over, the first order of business, according to the manifesto, is to keep women quiet and placid on the home front.

    The Powers That Wannabe FUBAR awakening women to the joys of anarchy.

  8. JP Morgan eh….

    Tony Blair (the guy who thought it perfectly fine to bribe the Saudi’s to the tune of 1 billion pounds) is on JP Morgan’s payroll

    Not too long ago Blair worked for JP Morgan who wanted to fix a loan for a Russian robber baron through… GADDAFI… heh


    I bet JP Morgan is deeply involved in the new “banking” set up with Libya over Libyas money in overseas banks. Just like JP Morgan effectively controls the banking aspect of all major deals done in Iraq.

    How about the NYT take a closer look at JP Morgan? hehe

    I noticed the propaganda piece against the Haqqani network claiming the (former CIA supported network) is the Sopranos. Erm, I think NYT can find more real Sopranos far closer to home.

  9. Dupree

    After reading Huey P. Long’s My First Days In the White House, I always wondered why Governor Long had singled out JP Morgan as the lone dissenter among the Rockefellers, Mellons, Fords, DuPonts and the other financiers and industrialists that Long had approached to go along with his Share the Wealth social programs.

    He must have perceived him as an enemy and Long predictated that he would be assassinated:His last words were,”Lord, don’t let me die, I have so much work to do.”

    Jewish assassin Dr. Carl Weiss shot dead the Governor inside the Louisiana Capitol Building in 1935. Long had made plans to run in the 1936 Presidental election to oppose FDR. The consensus in the South at the time was that “The Jews and Standard Oil killed Huey P. Long.” There was no investigation into his murder and much of the evidence was destroyed.

    The “Jews” being FDR’s Jewish “Braintrust” beginning with Ben Victor Cohen. One of the leading conspirators to “kill Huey P, Long” was Hodding Carter, Jr., the father of Hodding Carter, III, President Jimmy Carter’s State Department Spokesman. Jimmy knew his history, and appointed him, anyway.


  10. “It only takes 20 mins to shift the blame”

    Very telling pictures comparing two editions of the NYT covering the story of the mass arrest of Wall Street occupiers. Clearly showing how the spin doctors work.

  11. Judith Miller is the norm at the NYT, not the exception :p

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