US Zionist Diplomacy Turned Turkey And Pakistan Into Enemies

I was rather astonished but at the same time, not all too surprised to see a story about the Prime Minister of Turkey being assaulted by a UN guard right before he was to speak at the Assembly there last week.  The US/Turkish relations, like the US/Pakistani relations, is on the rocks these days mainly due to Zionism and US support of terrorist groups, many of whom end up biting us in the ass in the long run.  But then, it may well be, Zionists want this to happen since it keeps the many wars at full broil which is why Bush studiously ignored warnings about Atta and his 9/11 group.


The whole 9/11 narrative by both our government and anxious ‘9/11 Truthers’ studiously try to bury the real story (how the CIA trains, arms and protects terrorists) because this is key to understanding why our many wars are expanding.  Here is the hysterical war talk from DC, in the pay of AIPAC, beating the military/industrial complex drums:  Sen. Graham: Broad Bipartisan Support for US Attack on Pakistan


The most direct threat yet, it prompted a quick response from the Pakistani government, with Prime Minister Gilani recalling his Foreign Minister from a visit to the United States and ordering an emergency “all-parties” conference to discuss the prospect of a US invasion.


Pakistan didn’t disarm like say, Libya or Iraq, so they have little to fear.  They still have a nuclear arsenal.  The drive to attack Pakistan is simple to predict: it remains a threat to Zionist dominionism in Eurasia and Africa.  Like Turkey, Pakistan is an independent power with a considerable military system and a restive public.  It is a land of assassinations just like Israel, leaders who do something irritating to the ongoing trends towards violence are killed just like Rabin was shot in Israel by a settler right wing Jew.  The assassination business is roaring along today with the Pentagon a major player.


Back to Turkey, here is an earlier story of what that country planned to do when going to the UN:  Turkey to go to UN General Assembly with full agenda



Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay acknowledged in an interview with private CNNTürk on Wednesday that a meeting is likely to take place between US President Barack Obama and Erdoğan on the sidelines of the UN meetings. Noting that the request for such a meeting came from the US side, Atalay suggested that the meeting would cover a whole range of topics, “including terror related issues,” where the minister speculated the issue of northern Iraq would be brought up. The Global Counterterrorism Forum, a fresh initiative by Turkey and US that was announced last week, is also expected to kick off in New York.


Erdoğan is scheduled to address the 193-member UN General Assembly, in addition to having bilateral and multilateral meetings on the sidelines of the meeting, the Anatolia news agency reported on Thursday, citing diplomatic sources. Turkey is also readying to participate in projected Libya sessions in relation to the reconstruction process. The UN sessions are also expected to devote a large amount of time to developments in the Middle East and North Africa.


The Turkish delegation is expected to closely follow developments regarding the Palestinian efforts at the UN. Although the Palestinian bid for recognition at the UN is speculated to be one of the leading topics of the high-level sessions, the strategy the Palestinian officials may pursue at the UN remains unknown. Palestine is expected to apply to either the Security Council for recognition, or to the General Assembly, where such a bid is likely to pass with approval from the majority. However, the Palestinian strategy in the General Assembly leads only to a non-member observer state, much like the position currently held by the Vatican.


Turkish diplomatic sources cited in the same Anatolia report also acknowledged that a UN-led report on last year’s flotilla raid which resulted in casualties of Turkish peace activists in an assault by Israeli commandoes to divert their Gaza-bound ship was not submitted either to the General Assembly or the Security Council. The early September leak of the so-called Palmer Report before its official release date brought Turkish sanctions on Israel, which refused to comply with Turkish demands for an apology, compensation and the lifting of the Gaza blockade. Turkish sources claimed the reason for the absence of the report on the UN scene to be the fact that the report also failed to satisfy Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.


Even the simplest matters such as an honest accounting of the attacks by the IDF on unarmed civilian ships on the open seas, can’t be done at the UN anymore since Israel constantly demands and gets the US to block any investigations, block any resolutions and block and negotiations that requires Israel giving back something, anything.  This mean-fisted, grasping sort of diplomacy coupled with military threats is wrecking any pretense at diplomacy by the US and has exposed us to an increasing number of wars and has driven up hostilities against the US to the nth degree.


Now, here it gets very murky.  It seems that a UN guard of unknown nationality, attacked the Prime Minister of Turkey inside the UN itself!   Here is the story, FROM ISRAEL, and I got it by browsing international news, there wasn’t nary a peep in the US media including the awful New York Times:  Ban apologizes to Erdogan over UN guard assault – Israel News, Ynetnews



Erdogan was assault by a man the Turkish media identified as a member of the UN Guard during Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Friday…Minister of Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Yuli Edelstein, who witnessed the attack, described it as a “very violent incident. Like a scene out of a movie.”


Hell’s bells, the New York Times editors read Jewish news from Israel just as I read it!  They know this happened!  The US government knows this happened!  Congress knows.  Everyone knows except the American people.  I still don’t know who this demented guard is and what happened to him.  The fact that the Jewish media reported it at home and hid it in the US signifies that perhaps the guard was someone Jewish?  I have no idea but censorship usually happens in these cases.  If the guard was say, from Finland, then this would not have to be kept secret.


Highly insulted by all of these things, Erdogan: Israel-Turkey Relations May Never Be Normal Again



“We gave our warnings to Israel. This is the reason for war. This is something you cannot do in international waters. But as a great state, we have been very forgiving. That’s why we have been very patient,” Erdogan said in an interview on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” to be aired on Sunday.


Turkey has demanded that Israel apologize, pay compensation and lift the Gaza embargo.


“If these demands are not met, the relations between Turkey and Israel will never become normal again. We have got nothing against the people of Israel but against the attitude adopted by the administration of Israel,” Erdogan said.


He continued, saying “if you are insistent on creating a source of unrest, you are bound to become lonelier and lonelier. They used to be great friends of ours. And this solitude is Israel’s fate under these circumstances.”


He questioned why Iran should be banned from having nuclear technology while Israel is allowed to be the only country in the region with nuclear weapons.


The US media also has studiously prevented any information about Israel’s secret nuclear programs to be revealed in public.  Congress does this, too.  So do all our Presidents even though they know all about this for generations.  This multi-level, multi-generational conspiracy to hide vital information from the whole world.  Meanwhile, the calls for Iran to not do what Israel and the US does with impunity, have floundered due to too many people, thanks to Mordechai Vanunu blowing the whistle.  A man, by the way, totally ignored by our media which censors the news here.



Turkey, trusting the EU and US NATO allies, has no nuclear arms and I suspect, is beginning to regret this.  The US insidiously operates on the fringes of Turkey to arm Kurdish rebels, such as in this week’s news where PKK terrorists kill six soldiers in Siirt military post attack for example, just like the CIA encourages any and all tribal/religious uprisings except in Palestine.  Lately, the US media has joined the Pentagon in howling about the New Bin Laden, that is, the Haqqani tribal group in Afghanistan.



Here is the  latest successful military action of this clan, fighting us effectively:  the main CIA office in Afghanistan attacked by snipers using an abandoned building, one of many which were built half way with US tax money generously poured all over corrupt Afghani political toadies placed in power by the Pentagon’s invasion:

2 die in U.S. Embassy shooting incident in Kabul due to the attackers knowing very well, how the CIA operates, which secret buildings (the hotel where they operate is totally secretive!) and where the weak spots are.  Just like they knocked off all of the assassin ‘heroes’ who slaughtered bin Laden, totally illegally, with their secret invasion of Pakistan.  Yes, all of this slaps us back, hard.  As I predicted, the bin Laden killing was the straw that broke the camel’s back and now all our negotiations and plans have collapsed.


Of course, the Taliban and Pakistanis are being blamed for all of this!  The Taliban went very much on the warpath after bin Laden’s assassination.  This, incidentally, is why Geronimo wasn’t killed or executed after capture: the government figured, quite correctly, that this would make things worse so they were most careful to keep that chief alive and well as much as possible.


The Pakistanis are spilling secrets now including the obvious secret, that the CIA created Haqqani network: Rehman Malik.  The Zionist US media is still studiously ignoring this information.  Congress is ignoring this information.  The President pretends this is still a secret.  I see a pattern here!


The small wars raging or being cooked up in Muslim backyards is small stuff compared to the big kahuna:  China still needs to build up defense capacity: ambassador to Japan – The Mainichi Daily News


China’s military is not “strong enough” yet when its population of 1.3 billion, 22,000 kilometers of land borders and 18,0000-kilometer coast line are taken into account, Cheng said in lecture in Tokyo.


Cheng also quoted Chinese military and security officials as saying that Japan’s defense policy is not transparent as the Japanese Self-Defense Forces have stopped providing information to China.


The two countries should promote defense exchanges to eliminate mutual distrust over military matters, he said.


The US has decided recently to up the ante in the Pacific.  So Japan eagerly went on the imperialist warpath and began to have hostile, armed confrontations with China on the high seas.  Instead of using diplomacy, the US and Japan thought they could intimidate China.  This foolish push has been crushed by Japan’s near-total collapse due to many natural and human events, the tsunamis, floods, typhoons, earthquakes and above all, Fukushima catastrophes has destroyed Japan’s financial position, increased government debt to an amazing degree and devastated the countryside.


China is a rising political, economical and military power and this is inevitable.  It is a Great Empire, not a small, broken up country with a weak government and no nuclear bombs.  Instead, it is the world’s #2 economic nation, #3 economic power if the EU is called ‘one entity’ (but not for long!) and has a billion people and a great landmass that is strategically situated.


Japan, on the other hand, is our most exposed Asian frontier, right next to China, very vulnerable and in steep decline.  Japan’s fall from #2 economic power to some unknown level (I believe, the country will eventually be taken over by outsiders) is a black hole in Asia and one the US should be more aware: we can’t depend on Japan to stop China’s inevitable rise.  Using Japan cynically as an excuse to nuke China means, of course, Japan will be vaporized first.


The Japanese people should wake up!  The US will cynically allow this or enable this or even do this in some weird CIA secret, undercover terrorist fashion, most likely, giving terrorists access to nuclear bombs and then letting them unleash it on Tokyo.  I put nothing past these lunatics.  They really think they can win a full scale war with China!  That is, a no holds barred war, aka, full nuclear war.  This insane idea is due to hopes that we can stop all nuclear bombs from China while China can’t stop our carpet bombing of all Chinese civilians.




Back to the UN, China supports France’s efforts on Palestinian issue: Chinese envoy – People’s Daily Online: France suddenly decided to not support the US/Zionist plans to prevent the Palestinians from having anything at all.  Then, China backed France just as China carefully backs Germany in some surprising ways when it comes to economic matters (Germany being the world’s #4 economy as well as the #2 sovereign wealth country).  The NATO/Zionist front is cracking.


The Quartet is no longer playing fiddle together but instead, are attacking each other while at the same time, due to Tony Blair and the US representative being total tools of Zionism, it can’t do even one tiny thing to get things moving in ‘negotiations’.  The Zionists want a full surrender of the Palestinians and nothing to be given to them at all, not one olive tree, not one village of mud huts.  Nothing at all except full surrender.


This demand for a full surrender is still standing.  Congress wants this.  The President wants this and above all, our media owners demand this.  They stand united.  They don’t care that we lost a trillion dollars trying to control Afghanistan and Iraq.  They don’t care that they are turning our former allies, Pakistan and Turkey, into enemies.  Indeed, many people the CIA and Pentagon arms suddenly, magically, become our enemies.  Terrorists we arm then attack us.


When we arm Muslims, we arm them most carefully so they cannot attack us effectively.  The problem with this is obvious: Pakistan has nukes.  And if Pakistan helps Turkey get nukes, too, well, why not?   We didn’t do a thing to stop Israel from arming itself with enough nukes to annihilate a quarter of humanity in their fearful ‘Samson Option.  Just as Nixon secretly expanded wars in Asia while in ‘Peace negotiations’ in Paris with the Vietnamese, so it is here, yet again: ever-expanding, often secret wars while demanding peace talks in the UN.


This all goes back to the poor Palestinians: the endless, hopeless and useless ‘peace negotiations’ must go on and on forever.  There can be no resolution to this because it is a long, secret war against the natives of Palestine who are being systematically destroyed by the Zionists.  Congress knows these ‘negotiations’ are an excuse for more fighting and more conquests.  The President knows this.  The media is pushing for this, quite cynically and deliberately.


They all know this.  And they don’t want us to understand this or stop this or hinder this in any way, shape or form.  The connections between all of this and Wall Street is important, too.  These are all one and the same: the same system that has destroyed our economic base and off shored our industries, the same system that cut taxes while fomenting endless wars first with major Muslim countries and eventually, China, the same system that makes its profits from the military/industrial complex is also very Zionist and filled with End of Times Dominionists who think  they will win the Apocalypse, aka, WWIII, hands down.  This is insane.  Scary as hell.  And so far, immune to US public opinion which is running more and more against these wars.  Time for another terrorist attack, abetted by, paid for by and trained by the CIA!

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19 responses to “US Zionist Diplomacy Turned Turkey And Pakistan Into Enemies

  1. billibaldi

    The attack on Erdogan kept him from being in the General Assembly when Abbas was making his speech. What a remarkable coincidence.

  2. Meanwhile the US apparently has offered Turkey to buy or lease Assassin drones for use against the Kurds

    Talk about a poisoned “gift” by the US. If Erdogan wants to be a man of integrity he should stay well away from such things but I guess the hatred of the PKK runs deeper in Turkey than such considerations.

  3. Ben Dover

    The viets used to boil the seed rice they tithed their chinese overlords, resulting in famines and starvation to the chinese.

    the japanese tortured and raped the citizenry. Former japanese command offices in Chanchung were turned into public toilets.

    mao killed off all the smart chinese, and killed off many of the females due to the one child policy/ law of unintended consequences followed.

    working with the chinese, they are eager to learn but not creative. a PhD engineer sucks and would be roughly equivalent to an undergrad degree in the states. the chinese men are neither lovers OR fighters.

    china is yet another zionist bogey to fix attention to and give americans someone to blame. i give them 5 years max until their implosion.

    “I Be Bank” indeed

    that is all.


    ELAINE: I would beg to differ. We have Chinese family members via marriage and if you think they aren’t very intelligent, think again! This is pure racism.

  4. Mao was insane. The current Chinese leadership is very intelligent indeed.

  5. why..what will happen in China in 5 years>
    they are buying huge parcels of land..maybe the size of germany in africa
    the africans dont like em [ one more hateful colonist enemy]

  6. Alex Yam

    @Ben Dover

    LOL we could start a pissing contest over who is better at what but as a Chinese we believe it’s always better to others underestimate you.

    At the end of the day the US is a teenager who is refusing to grow up, that’s all there is to it. The EU is their close friend but even they can see what the problem is now.

    The US made so many bad moves it must now maintain imaginary enemies in all aspect of life: military, finance, commerce, knowledge, hell, even the internet is now a war zone.

    It’s just laughable from the Chinese perspective: The US created so many “blood enemies” why the hell would China even be on the enemy list? China is just a business competitor on the opposite side of earth, if the Americans really think they are so advance why are they afraid of someone so far away? Imagine someone at the opposite end of your town placing all kind of weapons right outside your doorstep. Supposedly this is to stop you from making friends but what ended up happening is it lets you see who your real friends are so you ended up making better friends.

    A lot of Americans/European is constantly living with this broken logic: They believe China is running a system that is so flawed they’ll no longer matter when that system collapse.

    But the obvious question to people with IQ over 90 is this: If the intelligent and hard working Chinese can survive/come back/strive from any kind of fucked up situations/systems/gridlocks, what do you think is going to happen to the Chinese when a supposedly “much better” system replace the “bad” one?

    Uh, no, Americans/Europeans don’t think that far, their brain shut down long before that question came up.

    The US only has a hammer in its toolbox that’s why everything looks like a nail.

  7. adamm

    The world is in the soup all right, and the heat is being turned up. It is evident, if one does not only watch MSM or football, that the world is awakening to the realities of how things really work. The internet has created this awareness, in real time almost. An unintended consequence perhaps. But a welcome one for the vast majority of people.

    There is no certainty in an arena full of rabid dogs, even if one of them is the biggest and meanest of all. We all know that a great strength is usually also the weak point ala Achilles heal tale.

    SO those who have the most money, shall die by the weight of debts piled on. THose with great aresenals will have them blow up in their faces. Navies venturing into fierce seas, shall be sunk. And so on.

    There is certainly more going on or is it we are just taking more notice. We being the small minority that is not captivated by reality tv, sports, etc etc.
    A tiny minority but growing.

  8. We will see WWIII, after which the Chinese will march on the weakened Western nations, and after WWIV the Elites will have their population problem solved and the means to create their total world control system, which they are working toward night and day restlessly, while we argue about which pimp should be president.

  9. Alex Yam


    Hi, where does your avatar come from? I’ve wanted to ask you for a long time, It’s very funny, lol.

    p.s. A paragraph was lost from my post above due to a bad copy&paste job, there should be a paragraph about how the US recently started to blame China every chance they got on any news related to “cyber attacks”, which is laughable because the US are supposedly the much better hackers.

  10. phil

    The Control Freaks running our Financial Asylum must climb one last war on the road to their NWO.

    Conquering Iran gives them the Middle East, and then Russia for control of central Asia … leaving China with little say in the matter.

    Imagine, controlling the world from Deep Underground Military Bases.

  11. emsnews

    The underground bases are part of the Cave of Wealth and Death complex, aka, Hell. You see, all mythologies and belief systems of even the most primitive tribes on earth all agree that the passage to the Afterlife is via some sort of cave system. On top of this, all believe that great power is found there, too. And even Stone Age people believed that ‘wealth’ in the form of magic food and fuel and water, is in these mythological cave complexes and the unifying part of all of these myths is that once one enters this Cave of Wealth and Death, IF one is greedy and stupid, one tries to be infinitely powerful and rich, one is immediately destroyed by the gods.

    Building our military into a cave-dwelling robot assassin killing machine is part of going into this cave and finding only one’s own destruction. Note: ALL of our nuclear arsenal is in deep caverns or the tunnels and the guys running this are deep in the earth AND also deep under the ocean’s waters, hidden entirely from view. This lurking murderous monster can wipe out humanity.

  12. DeVaul

    I’m just astounded that a senator would talk openly about attacking Pakistan, as if we just don’t have enough wars already. Perhaps that is the problem — from the perspective of a U.S. Senator, all of whom are psychopaths as well — we just do not have enough wars. This “millionaire’s club” or “billionaire’s club” receives most, if not all, of its money from the military/industrial complex in the form of donations and stock appreciation and dividends.

    The military/industrial complex cannot “make money” or be profitable if peace breaks out everywhere. Who needs a new order of tanks, halftracks, trucks, helicopters, etc if there are no wars to use up the current inventory? It is really quite simple from their point of view. They want more money and to hell with everybody else.

    And true to form, Israel has ordered the building of 1,100 more homes for Jews in Arab areas, thus ensuring that no agreements can be reached that might lead to peace. Bibi reminds me of the character in the movie “Kingdom of Heaven” named Reynauld de Chatillion — in the movie, he wanted to loot, pillage, and wage war and to hell with everyone else.

  13. @ALEX

    The avatar is a popular image of Shaka Zulu or Illustrious Dictator, a.k.a., Destroyer pictured as an African Shaman/witch doctor in complete head gear. What Shaka succeeded in doing to his tribal enemies, the Zionists will succeed in doing to all the European tribes through their puppet, Big O.

  14. emsnews

    Obama wasn’t their puppet at first, he had his own ideas. But when both the entire GOP and most of the DNC in Congress openly attacked him when he didn’t kiss Israeli ass, he shut down and now lets them run things entirely. He surrendered to them.

    The entire country is in the grip of racist Zionist ideology and this has been enormously appealing to racists here who dream of making America a ‘Christian’ state rather than a civil country with equal rights. This is a deadly force at work and I am seriously upset about this.

    It is religious dictatorships which we see in the Muslims, too, but more importantly, it is here, at home, where it is brewing. The idea that citizens have no rights, only privileges based on one’s tribal or religious beliefs is extremely noxious and totally at odds with the revolution of 1789 and the separation of church and state.

  15. “The entire country is in the grip of racist Zionist ideology”

    This didn’t happen overnight. It has been an ongoing spiritual struggle between two opposing ideologies. Since human nature is quite predictable, the Zionists have used their money and power to manipulate it quite well to serve their own purposes and promote their particular ideology.

    It is not only a danger here, but will ultimately lead to massive depopulation of many tribes and nations. An ideology based on racial supremacy and backed by the madness of power will drive us to war that will decimate the planet.

  16. emsnews

    And this war is called ‘The Apocalypse’. It has been long in the planning. The author of this monstrosity even joyously said, the believers in the gods would, themselves, be the deluded devils (thus, the Antichrist stuff) who will, while believing they are good, are actually creating the Apocalypse itself!

    And lo and behold, to my great irritation and horror, this is coming to be! The people claiming they love their various gods are the very ones who will cause this mass extinction event.

  17. Yes HUMANS not GOD are the ones responsible for creating the Apocalypse. The prophets merely foretold that this is what would happen (due to the predictability of human nature). True Christians believe only an immortal God can save mankind from total annihilation, which is why the Milllennium (not the Apocalypse) is our goal and our great hope.

  18. emsnews

    It is worse: by writing the Apocalypse, this gave a blueprint for it to happen! Yikes. To this day, the real scary shadow of it is the world’s many nuclear arsenals with the biggest, by far, in US hands. And many people who control this arsenal here are Dominionists.

  19. Then the only logical course of action if this is inevitable (as I believe it is) is to take steps to prepare yourself, both financially and mentally, and above all spiritually. All real value lies in eternal possessions, not material possessions.

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