Wall Street Billionaire Bloomberg Brutalizes Innocent Citizens

The man who maliciously and coldly pepper sprayed a group of young ladies in Manhattan has been identified as Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, a man with a very bad reputation when it comes to violating the civil rights of peaceful demonstrators.  We all call on Mayor Bloomberg to denounce this man’s activities and reassign him to some place more appropriate like patrolling for dog poop in Central Park.

I learned of this news when reading foreign news, that is, from England, in this case:  Occupy Wall Street: ‘Pepper-spray’ officer named in Bush protest claim | World news | guardian.co.uk


The Guardian has learned that the officer, named by activists as deputy inspector Anthony Bologna, stands accused of false arrest and civil rights violations in a claim brought by a protester involved in the 2004 demonstrations at the Republican national convention.


The news has come to the Daily News but its fellow NYC papers decided to either skip this story, Murdoch’s lousy rag, the NY Post took this tactic.  At least the Daily News had an accurate headline as well as photos showing the police brutality:  Activists post identity of NYPD officer who pepper-sprayed ‘Wall Street’ protesters at Union Square

The Bilderberg Bloomberg outfit at the Zionist NYT, on the other hand, has this totally insane story:  Wall Street Demonstrations Test Police Trained for Bigger Threats.  Oh, what a HUGE threat it was for a small clutch of young women trapped inside this mesh cage!  Terrifying!  Absolutely scary!  Attacking helpless citizens exercising their First Amendment rights is so a ‘big threat’.  Especially when they are going after the guys who screwed up our political process via bribes and ‘donations’ and ‘lobbyists’ who own our government and work with Bloomberg to run NYC like it is Albania.


A photographer took pictures of this particular cop, identifying exactly who he is:  Occupy Wall Street March Turns Violent | Davids Camera Craft.  Here is some of his testimony, a very moving story:


I still haven’t washed off the splattered milk from my shoes. We had to use milk to wash the pepper spray out the woman’s eyes. I still hear her screaming in pain, I can’t believe they pepper sprayed a deaf woman. Her sobbing, saying how much it hurt as we held her head spraying milk into her eyes and on her face. The last time I saw her, we had to flee from the police who were arresting everyone on 12th street. She escaped into a movie theater with the help of others because she still couldn’t open her eyes.


After witnessing how much pain she was in I will never forget what this man did on a physical and emotional level to many people on Saturday. He created a war zone. I don’t want to think that all of the NYPD is like this because I also met some very fine members of our cities police force on Saturday. Officers who cared about people and the protesters. I looked around at the police officers who were holding the net around us right after the pepper spray was discharged and they were flabbergasted. Three policemen were in the line of fire and almost got hit. Many of them stared down with sad eyes, not able to let go off the orange barrier to help a human being. They had to do their job but I know concern was in their minds.


Here is an older article detailing how Bologna advanced his career:  After years of trouble-shooting, he gets a precinct

In his 23 years with the New York Police Department, Captain Anthony Bologna, the new commanding officer of the First Precinct, which covers Lower Manhattan, Soho, Hudson Sq. and the South Village, has been all over Manhattan and much of Brooklyn…But his career path changed again when he passed the exam for captain and won the promotion in October 1998 that sent him back to Manhattan South Borough Command. He became acting commanding officer in February 2000 of the Manhattan South Task Force, the unit that responds to special situations like demonstrations and received the full appointment in May the following year.


Hackers now have published online all of his personal information which is quite wrong since it drags his family into the public eye.  Shaming him on the job is one thing, going after his home life is totally wrong.  We can and should demand Mayor Bloomberg get rid of this guy and not let him run security at Wall Street.  He is there to protect ALL the citizens, not just stock brokers and bankers.


This isn’t the only police brutality story tonight:  Miami Police Beat Man With Down Syndrome | News One

.According to police reports, a violent confrontation ensued after officers tried to handcuff Gilberto Powell to investigate a bulge they spotted in his pants.


The War on Drugs is actually a war on all citizens.  And it is a total failure and is destroying Mexico.  A reminder of how our police state is taking over and how our police are becoming increasingly draconian and how we might expect assassin drones to be programmed to attack demonstrators, time to watch Brazil Pt 1 of 14 – YouTube

Watch the entire movie, made in 1985.  The security systems, the actions of the authorities, the constant ‘terrorist attacks’ and the super rich lording it over the proletariat workers and welfare lumpen proletariat: this is a scary future and the scenes where the police bag ‘terrorists’ look right out of the Gitmo playbook and then there are the scenes of torture and how it is turned into a mere job.


There is an article today about this movie, by the way, which is curious and rather frightful:  The Hollywood Big Shot and Israel’s Nuclear Triggers » Counterpunch


One of the more bizarre revelations – although Scotland Yard on the payroll of those promoting war criminals was pretty odd – concerns Rupert Murdoch and the producer of Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in America. It seems that Arnon Milchan is not only a big Hollywood producer but he also traded nuclear triggers with Israel and did a deal with Murdoch for $200 million. Presumably, the nuclear inspectors shuffling around the IAEA HQ in Vienna still manage to get to sleep at night. Maybe they even get to watch Milchan’s films, starring his pals Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who he apparently match-made.

.Anyhow, then came Murdoch.


The director Terry Gilliam whose Brazil was made with Milchan-money said in Los Angeles Magazine, a decade ago, that “personally, I don’t know anyone who has ever made any money with Arnon.” Cynics might say that given Murdoch’s poor business sense (MySpace etc.) he was obviously a good partner proposition. In the same magazine piece, Milchan boasted “I consider him one of my best friends, and I think vice versa.” That’s quite a statement given he was trying to buy MGM with Murdoch’s Australian rival, Kerry Packer a year before he made the deal with News Corporation.


How strange is this?  A guy playing footsie with Mossad and top Israeli powerbrokers also funds movies like ‘Brazil’?  The murky world of playing games with our heads…Hollywood is a machine set to manufacture our responses to stuff that is being set into motion and this movie is deeply disturbing because step by relentless step, it’s world reality is being superimposed on our once ‘free’ land.


We now have torture and Obama refused to prosecute torture by the CIA, we have ‘rendition’ where even the wrong people are kidnapped and then tortured, we had children tortured, we send out hit squads to murder people and their entire families, we use robot assassins, on and on it goes!  All of the justifications for these inhuman actions are verbally justified by characters in the movie, Brazil.  And we see these in the news media that looks the other way when people are murdered, tortured, abused, intimidated and lied to.


Lastly, tonight, the Black Caucus, a group I worked with 30 years ago when it first started, has expressed great unhappiness with Obama who has decided to service AIPAC and the Bilderberg gang rather than American citizens.  Maxine Waters Fires Back: Tell Obama “We’re Not Complaining” | News One


Representative Maxine Waters has fired back at President Obama after his speech at the Congressional Black Caucus this weekend in which he told the audience to “stop complaining.”


Waters, who recently told a group of Black voters to “unleash her on Obama,” was shocked by the president’s direct comments at the Black community.


“He would never talk to the gay, lesbian, or Latino communities in that manner,” said Waters. “I’m really kind of confused as to who he’s speaking to.”


Ah, Maxine, he does speak this way to the Palestinian people!  And yes, he does talk this way to antiwar people, too, for that matter!  We are the non-people, the non-citizens, the vermin underfoot.  We are to be corralled, attacked, kidnapped or assassinated, this is the future for us if we don’t stop this deadly machine.  There will always be political ‘terrorists’ on the left or the right but the crushing path of tyranny as the solution to this is totally wrong.  It leads straight to hell.


MORE NEWS:  Protester allegedly arrested for filming ‘Occupy Wall Street’ | Raw Replay

Gonzales was allegedly handcuffed and hauled off to a police van after she was ordered to stop filming and refused.

“We sat inside one of these police vans, 16 of us, for two-and-a-half hours with the doors closed,” she told a reporter from Democracy Now. “We couldn’t breath in there, and there was a man in there who needed medical attention. He had a big, huge laceration on his eyebrow.”

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2 responses to “Wall Street Billionaire Bloomberg Brutalizes Innocent Citizens

  1. JT


    Front page news here.
    “Main stream media in the US silences over Wall Street protests..”
    10 days 1500 demonstrators at most, 80 arrested, peaceful demonstrators sprayed with mace etc…
    MSNBC, Fox, CNN not even one mention in 10 days.

  2. Speaking of Police Brutality and corruption Elaine….
    Maxine is under investigation, shes been taking money
    and she visited Cop Killer Joanne Chesamire in Cuba.

    so there!!!!

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