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30% Berlin, NY Students Smoked Pot

Here is the front side of this huge billboard in our community, on Rt. 22 in Upstate New York.  The goal, I presume, of this campaign is to discourage students from smoking pot.  I don’t see quite how this would work since to me, it looks as if a fair hunk of the students do smoke pot!  But what is hilarious for our tiny community is the other side of this billboard:


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US Diplomacy In Full Collapse Under Bloody Clinton Methods

The last shreds of pretending to use diplomacy have fallen away and the US now stands naked as a global aggressor who plots to assassinate whoever we choose even after lying to the UN about our intentions.  That is, the brutal US/rebel murder of Gaddafi is the second half of the illegal killing of bin Laden.  Both bodies of these victims have been hidden away in unmarked graves but the bloody fingerprints of the US is on both.  Both men encouraged ‘terrorism’ but our way of dealing with it via lying, cheating and assassinating, makes us the same as both only much worse than either.  The US use of robot assassins is growing and now Israel is doing the same and eventually, these things will be used by absolutely everyone including drug lords and that is going to be a fun world to live in!  Not! Continue reading


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Second Blizzard This Week: More Global Warming News

We had well over a foot of snow here on my mountain and in Western Mass., double that.  Millions of people along the Northeast lost power due to branches that still had leaves, falling onto wires.  One man was electrocuted by fallen wires, a friend of ours, fleeing their home in Conn. had a tree branch fall on their windshield, breaking it.  This is most unusual to have this sort of cold and snow before Halloween.  The fact that we had not one but two entirely different snow storms in less than 5 days is extremely unusual. Continue reading


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Northeast US October Snowstorm


Here is a picture of my house I designed and built (literally, by hand, myself and family members) over the last 20 years, taken last week when the forest here was turning gold and red in the fall.  It is still fall but now this is what it looks like: Continue reading


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EU Is Not Saved–And More Police Brutality Against OWS In US

The riot in Oakland has reverberations.  The police have probably brain damaged an Iraqi war vet and this reminds me so much of how Israeli Jews take care of anyone protesting apartheid policies: they brutalize and even kill demonstrators after provoking a riot by attacking them, usually, at night.  The scheme for clearing out demonstrators at night is now failing since Occupy Wall Street’s denizens are hip to these plans and are now actively resisting this. Continue reading


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Police Find Murdoch Hacking Phone In London

Murdoch’s propaganda machine went crazy over the Wikileaks business even while itself was openly hacking people’s private conversations and then publishing the information across the entire planet earth.  Just as our government spies on everyone and above all, does this illegally (we never know this unless some whistle blower gives the information to say, Wikileaks!) so has Zionists working for Murdoch, spied on people in Britain.  Murdoch’s empire should be broken up and his presence in England should be eliminated.  He is not English, anyway.  He is from Australia and is an ‘American citizen’ (sic) for tax purposes. Continue reading


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VIPR Program Apes Soviet Union Travel Controls

Homeland Security was imposed on us by the neocons thanks to 9/11.  The controls imposed have turned us all  into Palestinians.  Much of the system rigged by the Zionists running Congress and the White House ape the controls put on the Palestinian people internally in Israel.  They are brutally and thoroughly funneled, searched, homes raided and beaten up by the Jewish authorities.  Jews can travel anywhere they wish and even commit grave crimes and nothing happens.  But the Palestinians are all treated quite brutally.  Just as here: the police are increasingly brutal and the controls on our travel are being tightened even as the top 1% evades all travel constrictions. Continue reading


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