The Holy Roman Empire Saves The Euro: Analysis As To Why

I like to make predictions.  I do this all the time.  Making predictions is very dangerous.  Below is an example of this sort of thing, namely, I was emailed this link to a woman analyst in England that supposedly makes predictions about currency movements and trade.  She was totally wrong about Germany, in this instance, and the reason for this is simple: she didn’t understand international politics enough due not to being too far from it but…TOO CLOSE.  Since I am now an exile from the ruling class, I get to see everything from the outside.  This is important because distance, in this case, allows for clearer overall sight.


First, let’s look at today’s news.  Obviously, Germany’s leadership has looked into the abyss and decided to throw away much of the future sovereign wealth of Germany in order to keep the creaky, ill-assorted and much too big EU empire going.  So, Merkel’s government survives coalition stress test in euro vote | Deutsche Welle


German lawmakers approved new powers for the eurozone rescue fund on Thursday, in a crucial vote for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition government.


The vote passed with an overwhelming majority thanks to the support of opposition parties, with 523 votes for, 85 against, and three abstentions.


…Merkel tried to assure her coalition – and German taxpayers – that their money would not be wasted by backing the euro. But she did not rule out that the money might be used to allow Greece to partially default on its debts. Critics fear the Germans will shoulder the burden of the debt crisis, and that the rescue fund is becoming a bottomless pit.


I have written extensively in the past about the Holy Roman Empire, that ancient, creaky device that replaced the Roman Empire when it divided in two over church doctrines way back in pre-Christian rule when Diocletian created two power centers, one in Byzantia, the other, in Rome.  When the Christians took over this divided empire, there was increasing schisms until, roughly 1000 years ago, it split entirely in two hostile camps.  Then, the Muslim religion, that arose during the 500 years between the split of the empire in two and the schism in the church, attacked the Byzantine empire and eventually, defeated it.


Here is a map of the first incarnation of the Western Empire.  Note that it emphatically included North Africa, the place being invaded by NATO these days.  The northern African parts were removed quite quickly from Roman control from 600-700 AD.  This war between Islam and Christianity continues to this day, of course.


Quite violently with the Western Empire using mainly the former colony of the New World to do the vast majority of the actual fighting and monetary expense of this latest incarnation of the Crusades.  Back when the Western Empire was collapsing internally and being invaded externally, the seat of military power inside of it shifted in a very, very odd way, that is, the invading tribes of the North took over while much of the southern sector slid into total chaos or was conquered by either the Eastern Empire (half of Italy and all of the Balkans) or the Islamic jihad.


Here is a map showing the Habsburg German Holy Roman Empire in 1600.  The tension between the FrankishCharlemagne empire and the northern German imperial kings began with the division of the Western Empire between three sons of Charlemange.  This internal battle raged for generations in Europe.


It is a keystone, very powerful force deep within the systems in Europe which the EU hoped to override and in the end, eliminate.  Tensions between Germany and France over who shall lead Europe is extremely ancient, very persistent and England’s powers lay in being the fulcrum of tipping the scales to one side or the other, over and over again, for the last 1,000 years.


The EU was created in order to stop this business. Here is an old story I wrote back in 2007 about the difficulties of creating a Holy Roman Empire in Europe:  Diplomacy: A Short History Of The Tragic Babenberger Dynasty Of Austria:


As I have said in the past, the drawing of maps is a very bloody business. I know, as a property owner of vast tracts of land (my section of this mountain), we all patrol our borders a lot and check out intrusions and we fret about every possible inch, disputing the lines, checking the compasses, looking for stakes marking corners that were sunk into the ground 200 years ago. So it comes as no surprise to learn that maps can agitate people into open warfare.


This map created a ruckus in Europe back in 2007:  It seems the German Foreign office asked for a map showing Germany’s historic sphere of influence.


BERLIN (Own report) – On the eve of Germany’s presidency of the EU, German cartographical plans for a “large scale reordering of Europe” have come to light. These maps were produced at the request of the German Foreign Office and are intended for the political and administrative use of German authorities. In these presentations, Germany dominates the area called “Middle Europe” as the country with the largest population. Great Britain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands are excluded. Denmark, Spain, Italy and Portugal also do not belong to “Middle Europe”. Former Yugoslavia up to the Albanian frontier and thirteen other states in Eastern Europe do. According to the themes developed “areas historically ruled by the predominantly German-speaking states” are the most “suitable” for inclusion in the “The cultural space (Kulturraum) of Middle Europe”.


Of course, this map really agitated the Russians.  This is the combined German/Austro-Hungarian empires of pre-WWI vintage.  The fact that the foreign office in Germany wanted to view this map was of great interest to me.  The thing here is, one has to understand the German elites.  Being the offspring of quite a few generations, on my father’s side, of these elites, I have a fairly close inside view of how they think and act.


Just as my mother’s side was a long line of elites in England and Norman France, one sees things from the perspective of the ruling elites,  naturally.  Ancient desires and battles loom much closer to the surface.  Germany hasn’t renounced its role as the head of the Holy Roman Empire.  It merely has clothed it in somewhat different garb.


Understanding that Germany’s leaders do NOT want to crawl under a rock and hide is most important.  Understanding why Germany is pissed off about bailing out Greece, Italy, Spain and above all, France, is key here!  One cannot ignore the past, it dwells deep inside all systems, it is all systems in the end.


As we see from the Foreign Ministry in Germany, the above map clearly shows who Germany is interested in bailing out.  Why?  Well, when you ‘bail out’ someone, they have to follow your rules.  That is, you get to rule them!  Duh!  So, if Germany bails out is true ‘sphere of influence’ this means they will control it more and more, over time.  This, Europe fears greatly.


Right now, to keep its Eastern Watch of the Holy Roman Empire going quietly along, Germany is going to take on the huge expense of bailing out the parts of the EU empire that don’t belong to Germany and never will.  The Nazis tried to ally themselves with Italy and Spain and then forcibly rule France and Greece, etc.  This was an obvious and massive failure, it flew in the face of history and was violently repudiated just as the attempt to take Russia, the Orthodox Eastern Empire’s bulwark of power, out was a total failure, too.


Sorry about this long introduction, but on to this prediction by Pippa Malmgren | September 2011 Policy & Markets who claimed the Germans would ditch their Holy Roman Empire can go turtle in the debates about spending money on parts of the EU empire Germany can’t rule:


Meanwhile, the German Finance Minister recently gave a historic interview:  German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble: ‘There Is No Unlimited Support’ – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International


Schäuble: Still, we would be a strange government if we didn’t prepare ourselves for all eventualities, however unlikely they may be.” What eventualities might he mean?

.Well, he spells it out later in the interview:


SPIEGEL: In historical terms, there have been only two solutions to these kinds of problems: either inflation, which devalues a country’s debts more or less by stealth, although it does the same to citizens’ assets …


Schäuble: … or, in the past, a war, which is nowadays, thank God, impossible — precisely because of the process of European unification …


SPIEGEL: … or at least a monetary reform.


His reference to “monetary reform” is telling. He did not say “fiscal reform”. Fiscal reform would potentially cure the problem. Instead he says “monetary reform” meaning Germany pulls out of the Euro and prints DMarks again. He totally rules out either Eurobonds and or bailouts when he says, “There is no collectivization of debt, and there is no unlimited support.” This is consistent with the views expressed by Otmar Issing to Bloomberg back on August 15th[vi] when he said in reference to Eurobonds, “That is a catastrophe,” adding “that he does not understand why politicians in Germany would agree to such a thing given that they would threaten Germans with higher taxes or cuts in government spending.” It is clear to Shauble that this debt crisis threatens the institutions and agreements that hold the Euro and the European Union in place. If you want an EU to survive this impending blow then you need to start thinking about new agreements that can replace the ones that will be damaged or destroyed by these events. This is why he is talking about a new EU Treaty[vii].


Her conclusion, after looking at mere monetary matters was, Germany would not bail out the EU.  I know the Germans are very angry about bailing out the EU.  But I also said, they would do this because they must do this to preserve their own internal empire!  That is, Germany’s CITIZENS didn’t want to do this but the ELITES did!  They had to sound angry while doing this but they did this, OVERWHELMINGLY.


What do the Germans want?  They want control of things.  Naturally.  They are the apex of the EU, they are far above their French rivals who neglected to build a sovereign wealth system, for example.  France, on the other hand, has its own center of power and is using this, just as Germany is.  The tension between both will lead eventually to another schism and this will follow nearly exactly the lines of the previous Holy Roman Empire and the French empire and they will battle for dominance in southern Europe and Eastern Europe with England being the fulcrum of power politics, as ever.


Another reason that Pippa was a poor analyst is that, like so many others, she was deliberately selective so she could scare people.  Here is some more information from the interview that I found most pertinent:  German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble: ‘There Is No Unlimited Support’ – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International


Schäuble: I see it differently. We’re experiencing developments that we didn’t foresee. But we’ve always confronted these crisis points and found solutions. Gloomy predictions don’t help much in that respect. But we have to bear in mind that it’s extremely difficult to push through changes if people aren’t convinced that they’re really necessary.


SPIEGEL: In other words, if the euro fails, it will be for political, not economic, reasons?


Schäuble: The two are inextricably linked, but let me say it once again, very clearly: The euro is not going to fail.


SPIEGEL: It will fail if the populations of recipient countries are no longer willing to endure drastic reforms, and if people in donor countries refuse to pay an increasingly large share of support to the weaker member states.


Schäuble: It is the job of politicians, as leaders, to get people on board with this. Those in politics must have the courage to take action, but also the power to convince. I’m convinced that the vast majority of people — and not just within Germany — support European integration.


So, Pippa wanted to scare readers into making stupid FX trade positions betting the euro would fail when the high command in Germany said explicitly and openly, this was NOT going to happen and how he was going to insure it would not happen.  And he was correct and this is no surprise to me since I know the German people: they are ‘ants’ and thus, will go to work to prepare for things and ‘bite the bullet’ and make hard choices and then they will use their power to force the ‘grasshopper’ nations to do likewise…or else.


Why is Germany doing this?  Well, do the other ‘nations’ being reintegrated into the New Holy Roman Empire understand how this works?  They do know their history and are full of unease.  You see, the entire concept of the EU was to rein in German power and use it and keep it under the thumb of basically, the French and English empires.  Only, both chose to be careless and increasingly grasshopper in nature while the grim Germans continued to be more like the ants in China.


The Holy Roman Empire was a collection of distinct states with their own royalty and own languages and habits but were all part of the same system under the rule of the emperors who were more or less successful over time, it varied greatly.  The Napoleonic attempt at cementing the Holy Roman Empire via conquest and marriage to the daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor didn’t save him from being crushed by the Russian tsar, for example, who then retreated back into his natural sphere of influence to resume the many battles for power with the Ottoman Empire.


All of this messy history is crawling all over the rescue of Greece which is in debt more to France than Germany and France is openly scared and is begging Germany to save everyone because France will fall if Italy and Greece default.  And Germany knows this.  And this irritates the French no end!  Trust me on this one!


Here is Pippa talking about FX markets and she is quite about Switzerland:  Pippa Malmgren | September 2011 Policy & Markets


Switzerland announces a peg to the Euro. It was crystal clear at Jackson (Hole meeting of the Fed) that the Swiss leadership expected an historic event to occur which would culminate in a rush into Swiss Francs. They tested the water by announcing a “fee” which would be applied to all non-Swiss purchasers of their currency. Within a few days they announce the peg. In short, Switzerland knows what is coming and has just barred the door to anyone who might try to escape the demise of the Euro by leaping into Swiss Francs.


The statement by the central bank in Canada is similar. I happened to be in Canada when the statement was made. Canadians were deeply confused. After all, to paraphrase, the central bank said, “all the bad things we thought might happen, are now happening, so we are going to maintain a highly defensive position”. In other words, Canada is also gently warning the markets that it will do what it has to do to prevent the currency from suddenly accelerating in the event of a European currency implosion. The Japanese are hinting at this as well. According to Reuters the Finance Minister, “Azumi also said he was ready to step into the currency market to counter speculative moves, although Japan would likely struggle to gain G7 support for intervention.”[xi]


This shows what goes wrong when people don’t understand the true nature of the floating fiat currency system: it is designed to be vapid and drives everyone and I do mean EVERYONE into this endless cycle of WEAKENING their own currencies vis a vis each other.  The core operational methods of this system was set in motion by the Germans and the Japanese when they negotiated with the US to make their currencies stronger: they HATED this.


They didn’t want to do this but the US forced them to do this.  The meaning of the many meetings like the Bretton Woods meetings was to twist the arms of these ‘allies’ who are also dire trade rivals.  This was done when Nixon cut the gold standard.  Some method had to be found to keep the trade flowing but not too much flowing.  That is, the Cold War politics meant the US had to keep Germany and Japan very strong and to do this, the US had to let them export a lot of stuff to our nation.


The US got some small relief via the Bretton Woods deals.  But then, a mere 10 years later, Japan discovered that if they didn’t let US trade dollars recirculate back home again, they could make the yen weaker and weaker, insidiously.  So, the typical FOREX holding of a central bank was usually a couple billion.  Japan began to pour in more and more trade dollars until it reached a trillion dollars in 2000.


Germany didn’t do this, at first.  When the euro was launched, currency traders made fun of it.  Because it was WEAK.  Yeah!!!  Germany was HAPPY.  The exporters won!  They exported like crazy to the US.  The US was flooded not only with Japanese exports but German exports, too!


Then, China began the holding of trade currencies only, unlike Japan, China held everyone’s currencies.  Yen, dollars and euros.  All three got stronger not just with the yuan but with each other as the Chinese decided which ones to dump into their FOREX holdings which is now the biggest on earth, bar none, dwarfing even the huge Japanese holdings.


This gives China huge power over FX markets.  No one trading there, even top elite banking powers, can withstand a Chinese currency storm if they dump ALL of these holdings.  Europe cannot afford to do this because, even though everyone wants a weaker currency, they most emphatically do not want a DESTROYED currency.


They want a slightly weaker, not Weimar collapse in the value of paper money!  So, the Germans will seize control over Europe’s FX market system via controlling CREDIT CREATION and the fear of the non-Holy Roman German sphere of influence countries is, they will be denied the right to create credit.  But the Germans don’t want a powerful euro.  When the euro became too strong for export trade starting in 2002, the Germans didn’t like this.


The grasshopper nations loved it because they could buy foreign goods not from Germany but from Japan and China!  And go all over the world, going to parties and on vacation!  Whoopee!  Fun.  The grim German ant colony, on the other hand, was staring at destruction as the industrial base in Europe began to collapse.  Thus, the need to have a weaker euro but not a dead euro.


Germany will keep the EU going but will the other EU nations want the Germans to do this?  Ah!  That is the real question here!  They may exit.  So the ring fence Germany will create will be for them to have the euro for their sphere of influence and all the other imperial parts of the French or Byzantine empire can go off to whatever they wish and basically, collapse.


THIS is the future, not Germany going off the euro.  The Germans are being assured of this and I believe this is what will happen in the end. The only question is, will France exit the euro?  England didn’t join precisely, in the first place, even when joining the EU, to be the fulcrum, already with their own currency!  See?  This is how analysis works: you look at the oddest things and above all, history.

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32 responses to “The Holy Roman Empire Saves The Euro: Analysis As To Why

  1. JT

    What a great article.
    Elaine you are one smart lady.

    I agree pretty much on every point.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Wonderful analysis.

    In regards to royalty, do you think the elites will allow the masses to continue to believe in sham governments or go back to various monarchies?

    And the impending fracture of the US is always in the cards too.

  3. Hehe, interesting arcticle again 🙂

    So the Euro-Nord option is very much in the thoughts of the Germans and in effect the Euro is the Neue Deutsch Mark…

    I remember Bretton Woods and how the US exported their depression by force. I wasn’t impressed at the time. Such power ploys are deeply resented and do leave their marks.

  4. Billibaldi

    So it is not about Athens, it is about Paris. The old-timers were right, a re-united Germany would end up dominating Europe. Everybody was expecting tanks not banks.

  5. Old Ari

    Kaiser of course was a rendering of “Caesar” .

  6. Clueless

    One of the best article’s you’ve written Elaine. Kudos. Your analysis on Pippa Malmgren spot on. She is part of the play to keep the dead cat bouncing on Wall Street, to maximize their exit from the dollar while drinking champagne. The smart money is already in Europe.

    You didn’t miss the Swiss peg to the Euro either, I’m impressed. Good catch.

    However, you do need to pay more attention to what is happening in China, they are teetering, lot’s of Chinois Wall Street type shysters scurrying to the US with their hoard, bank runs, window dressing of finances, etc. Their fragmentation is coming.

    Enjoy watching Wall Street drinking champagne while laughing at the protesters (1:07 into the video):

  7. Melponeme_k wrote:

    “In regards to royalty, do you think the elites will allow the masses to continue to believe in sham governments or go back to various monarchies?”

    Germany is a whole different kettle of fish than the British. The British parliamentary system is, much like the US system, rotten and set up to protect the elite.

    The German democratic system (like the Nordic ones) is far more direct and a better representation of the will of the people with more parties and a better representative system. A situation where the government is as unpopular as it is in the US would not be tolerated and a new election would be declared to form a new government. In the UK it is the ruling party that decides when to hold elections, albeit within a time limit, something like 5 years at most.

    I am far more concerned about some Mammoth EU beaurocracy with an unelected elite of European politicians making (Bilderberg type) decisions in secret and far outside of the will of the people.

    People are not very royalistic in Germany. Royals and aristocracy are seen as something quaint and archaic by most.

    As it happens it turns out I am a “Royal” as well (just learnt this a few weeks ago). I am a decendant in 17 straight lines on my mother’s side from King Karl (Charles) VIII of Sweden (Karl I of Norway)

    I’m so going to tease my friends about this haha, see if they put me on a throne or something 😛

    The current Swedish (Usurper!) King Bernadotte is French, off with his head I say! 😛

    (wait a minute… I don’t want to start a trend here with beheading royals O_O)


    ELAINE: Blame Queen Christina! Bernadotte saw the writing on the wall with Napoleon (he was sent into the north to find allies and found something tons better) and so the Swedes asked him to rule them since they had no STRONG heir. They knew they needed a fighter.

    All original royals began their lines with fighters so this is normal, not unusual. My distant Norman ancestors began as Viking raiders who were drunken troublemakers and rapists. They cleaned up their act…slightly…when they converted to Christianity. Very slightly.

    Anyways, welcome to the club of not-so-royal-bastards! 🙂

  8. Clueless

    In the meantime, JP Morgan donated the largest gift ever to the New York City Police Foundation. Wall Street protesters please take note. (

    An interesting concept that. Financial terrorists paying off the police to protect them as they rob and rape the ants. Hmmm, gives one a totally different take on 9/11, eh?

    Consequently, Elaine’s “ants” are getting restless. I suspect this is going to get very interesting, very soon.

  9. Clueless

    The idiocy of Quantitative Easing explained by Scrooge McDuck. It’s sad to watch something made decades ago warn us about what is happening today. Makes one have to ask, do people really learn anything?


    ELAINE: Yes, I connected to that very cartoon several years ago, back when Bernanke was selected! Good cartoon, by the way. Rare always equals valuable and too much of anything is the old hockey stick business, whatever it is, gold, tulips, paper money, if it is shooting to infinity, it becomes worthless. Odd, isn’t that?

  10. The US really is a third world country. Disgusting bribery there in the form of ‘donations’. Wonder how much they are giving in brown envelopes. $4.6 million is lump change for someone like JP Morgan Chase.

  11. Melponeme_k

    “I am far more concerned about some Mammoth EU beaurocracy with an unelected elite of European politicians making (Bilderberg type) decisions in secret and far outside of the will of the people.”

    But Christian, that is royalty. They just think they can get away with defining themselves in different words.

    This is the Ancien Regime they have been trying to regain ever since the masses murdered the French King and Queen.

    Claiming bloodlines to any of those leaches is no biggie. Every one of us on this earth can trace lineage back to a King or Queen. Those sociopaths were the only ones assured to spread their seed with no moral restraints.

  12. emsnews

    Yes, the dominant class gets to breed but do note the blossom fades at the top over the generations. None last all that many before being toppled often in bloody ways. Inbreeding is most dangerous.

    The outbreeding, on the other hand, is great stuff! So, to keep things from rotting away, royals MUST have sex with the pesky peasants! And that, they did, often and lustily.

    Of course, we see with the Japanese emperors, the dire results of too much inbreeding: they can barely conceive children even if the last 4 generations married outside of the tight, tiny circle.

    The Pharaohs married brother and sister way too much and the Greek general who ruled when Alexander died spawned children who married only each other including more than one brother/sister marriage and Cleopatra was the last of that genetic mess. Asps and adders!

  13. Kunstlers been predicting the ‘burning of the Hamptons’ [eh Ron Perlman]

    ‘Wall Street drinking champagne while laughing at the protesters ‘
    History repeats itself….
    sounds like ‘let them eat cake’.

  14. JimmyJ

    Nitpic alert: Shouldn’t the 3rd paragraph read Hapsburgs, not Hasburgs?


    ELAINE: Oops! Typing too fast again!

  15. billibaldi

    Oh Dear! They put the Iron Cross back on the Quadriga on the Brandenburg gate. We should have noticed. Elaine is right, Der Volk ain’t going back down for anybody.

  16. JT

    Funny fact about euro.
    None of the 17 member countries could join at the moment.
    None of them meet the requirements.

    Austria, Estonia Finland, Luxembourg and Netherlands are the only ones that only fail with inflation (since that is too high everywhere of course).
    Germany fails with inflation and deficit by a bit.
    All rest are broke.

    And the new eurobonds will be Aaa because the lilliputs are fine.
    Looking good…

  17. The current Swedish king is in big trouble, true to his species he’s been whoring about big time and neither his queen nor the Swedish people are very impressed… .p

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  19. JT

    Good picture IMO.
    Land of the free?

  20. Apparently a NYT journalist was arrested as well in the Occupy Wall Street arrests :p

    Here is a fawning (The Guardian fawning to the establishment? Well, I never…) but interesting interview with William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary.

    “The Foreign Office as a whole is at its busiest, I’m told, since the second world war.”

    You can just tell how pleased the Brits are to finally restart the old Empire engines properly. And they tease Germany for “not pulling it’s weight” in Libya.

  21. reader

    i love your history posts elaine

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  23. Bible prophecy or Revelation 13:1-4 foretells that a Beast Regime will arise to rule in all of mankind’s seven institutions and ten world regions. A revived Roman Empire, whose power rivals that of Charlemagne, will arise out of Eurogeddon, that is the Gotterdammerung of nation state leaders and short sellers and bond vigilantes, Revelation: 13:3. And it will be ruled by a Chancellor, the Sovereign, Revelation 13:5-10, and a Banker, the Seignior, Revelation 13:11-18. The Diktat of these two will flow through a Fiscal Union as the Fiscal Sovereignty of former sovereign nation states will have been waived by national leaders. Freedom and Choice are vestiges of the former Neoliberal Regime. Neoauthoritarianism is the new regime which will be enforcing debt servitude.

  24. Anaxagoras

    Your analysis, Elaine, is excellent, again. Here at the periphery of the collapsing EU empire, we have a lot of reasons to see through the persistent fog of Brussels propaganda and sheer media idiocy. Yes, for some of us it’s crystal clear: Germans are coming again (starting with Greece) with banks this time, not tanks. They already have send here a Gauleiter named Horst Reichenbach, a Herr Schäuble’s courtier, to supervise the economic dismembering of our country and its conversion to a German colony full of Free Economic Zones (in reality Arbeitslagers — work camps with Chinese wages and Chinese working conditions).

    The funny and pathetic thing is that Sarkosy has asked Papandreou (the clown posing as our prime minister) to let him send a team of “specialists” too to supposedly help us set up a functioning state (implying that for one and half centuries we didn’t have any). Those pesky French are trying desperately and in vain to prove that they still have the upper hand too.

    Yes, we are living in historical moments. Germany is making its moves adopting financial means as a political tool. According to you, it is trying to revive the Holy German Empire. According to me, Germany is building up its Fourth Reich — connotations with the Third Reich are intentional. Following closely their every statement, decision, speech, article, analysis and interview for the last two years, I can assure you that the German elites remain true to their historical (or racial?) DNA. And as the financial means of control are politically weak when things start to deteriorate, expect at the near future a fall back to true and tested German methods — for instance, Wermachts or Schutzstaffels (SS) — or to modern day mercenary atrocities. I was a small child when they came the first time around and I still remember vividly those brutes — the “ant people” indeed, as you call them.

    You are right, Elaine, on the reasons why Germans are going to “rescue” Greece — keeping it of course moribund and helpless: It is the lever they need in order to establish their supremacy in Europe. But, unfortunately for us and for them, they didn’t stop there. Obviously they believe that having Greece under their boot is a great economic and political opportunity — the old German geopolitical dream of having access to the Mediterranean come true plus the economic value of one more German colony. But in so doing they repeat their past errors extending their control far beyond their imperial grasp…

    As you so astutely note, this is the old Byzantine-Ottoman Lebensraum. The edge between Christianity and Islam on one side and between Orthodoxy and Catholicism on the other. And it is a region of coming chaos in the immediate future: Turkey flexing its muscle as a regional power. Israel actively coveting the Mediterranean energy resources using Cyprus and Greece as proxies. Balcan balances remaining always fragile. Greek-Turkish enmiries daily faux-dogfighting over the Aegean. North Africa nations seeming to wake up. Russia always with strong feelings for fellow Orthodox and geopolitical aspirations of its own too. And US seemingly withdrawing from the area at the moment.

    Add to this the deepening financial crisis, the rapidly deteriorating political and military strength of Greece, the terrible economic ordeal of the Greek people and, above all, add Germany’s inroads here and its imperial dreams and you have a really explosive situation. God help us all.


    ELAINE: I have been intending on writing about the Israeli/Greek oil thing, I read the Turkish and Israeli newspapers. Exactly like all the islands between China and its neighbors, there is oil and fishing rights at stake, big stuff coming down. We, on the other hand, go for stealing oil by invading whole countries, forget forlorn islands.

  25. This is why I love your blog. What a great article!

  26. kenogami

    the inbreeding that ruined the Hapsburgs:

    This is what happens when royals do not have children with peasants.

  27. emsnews

    The Hapsburg inbreeding results are identical to dog breeding whereby lap dogs have more fur, bigger heads, extended chins and squashed faces.

  28. kenogami

    Very amusing, Elaine. The pure breed himalayan and persian cats have long hair, squashed faces, almost non-existent noses that create breathing problems for them. They sometimes require surgery of the nose and they have genetic defects like Cryptorchidism, polycystic kidney disease, and others.
    I love cats but not the pure breeds that are often ugly and sick.
    The most beautiful and healthiest are the maine coon, the norwegian forest cat, and the siberian cat. They are very big cats, they survived hundreds of years in the cold nothern forests; all the dumb ones and those with genetic defects died of hunger or cold. They are also affectionnate cats.

  29. Great TRUTH to READ after PROTESTING here in San Francisco.
    FINALLY Apathy is WANING.
    The Apathy and down right CONFORMITY was nauseating me big time.
    Some of the CORPORATE robots were FOO FOOING Us.
    Fleet Week has started and this will put an interesting twist on the course of events to come.CAN’T WAIT.
    The RULES set by organizers give us credibility.NO SMOKING,DRUGS,VIOLENCE,
    The RULES are BEAUTIFUL and so are these fellow young PATRIOTS.
    Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Freedom and we are the 99 percent group of citizens all of us.
    We make a MOTLEY CREW.

  30. By the way why aren’t we all BITCHING about the new tech bubble and the fact that those worthless IPOs are being diced and sliced and added to the tranches of the latest derivatives from hell.
    This collapse will be a DOOZIE and be assured some Goldman Sachs CRONY WILL GET RICH GOING SHORT.
    After all they have no FIDUCIARY ETHICS WHATSOEVER.yet they have OLD MONEY CLIENTS
    The new ticking time bombs are set to go BOOM SOON

  31. Dennis Hald

    I’m the Holy Spirit. Dennis Hald (Dennis Blond Hald Jensen)
    King of Kings
    King of countries
    King Solomon
    King of gold
    King of the Church/temple.
    Jesus Blood line
    First man to be declared as a living holy shrine.
    And so on

    King of the Sun God.

    I am also King of the Holy Roman Empire.
    The holy Empire is mine.
    I live in Exile, in Denmark. Denmark is my own country.
    It is my job to fill the National banks
    I can not do because of Nazi Pigs
    We also used to look at Genocide
    I can not do so because of Nazi.

    I am the Holy empire, the one whit the most nuclear weapons, I have them in space and so on, international law, I above it
    Back in the 80’s the gold reserves were used to by weapons.
    The were a court trail, man was convicted to die.
    The Holy empire is for mankind, and man judge itself

    We started Noah’s ark projects, collecting of DNA, Seeds and so on.
    A new chapter to bible were aske to be released, in that chapter.

    We did not run into hiding,

    I’m also known as the guy behind terror, Riot after riot, revolutions and more.
    Several time we forced the UN, EU and many stats into their knees.

    The Holy empire is for man.

    Once the royal line of man were in trouble and in desperate need of help
    The old Pharaoh king, heard about it and we were saved.
    We became the Pharaoh king, through married
    We honor the Pharaoh king for his mercy for first man

    The Royal line of man is the first human being
    They became all man have worth shipped, and honored man

    Back in the 90’s up to 20xx
    People could bring the EU, Nato, and UN to it’s knees
    They would swear a pledge to the star.

    All of the work people did were for nothing
    millions people dead
    Man once again started up Cleansing of people………..

    All of it is because of Denmark.

  32. You left out ‘To be…or not to be…that is the question’….as well as ‘Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.’

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