Geraldo Lies About ‘Fox News Lies’ NYC Demonstration Chants

Fox News LIARS Visit Occupy Wall Street 10/09/11 – YouTube


There is this You Tube video showing Geraldo being embarrassed by chants about Fox news lying about everything.  But as we shall see, Fox News wasn’t even slightly bothered by the demonstrators.  That is, they manipulated the audio feed to give a totally different impression of what happened.  And that creep, who I knew way back when he was still in college, didn’t mention what was being yelled at him, over and over again: ‘Fox News LIES!’


I got this story from this news feed:  Geraldo flees ‘Occupy Wall St.’ as protesters chant, ‘Fox News lies!’ | The Raw Story.  I knew Geraldo when he was a sophomore at the University of Arizona and met him when he began dating a girlfriend of mine.  Back then, he was a Hispanic kid and against the War in Vietnam.  He was very interested in my own contacts, that is, my unfortunate relationship with the CIA and meddling in my father’s many affairs.  He then was approached by the self-same CIA and eventually, to my great rage, became part of their Propaganda Machine.


For example, he is the jerk who launched the Zapruder film.  This movie was used as an excuse to slowly eliminate the true assassin of Kennedy, Oswald, from the picture and replace him with this unknown ‘shooter’ who was an echo.  This silly con story of ‘a different assassin did the kill!’ was needed because too many people saw the CIA fingers all over the Oswald case.  That is, he was a classic, ‘Open door’ operative.  That is, he was encouraged to do his attack, he was allowed to do the attack, the CIA knew perfectly well, who he was, what he was doing and how he planned to do it and they let it happen, maliciously and deliberately.


This was, of course, treason.  The CIA assassins (who now run the joint entirely from top to bottom!) had to erase Oswald so no one in the public would figure out how the ‘Open door ‘program is run.  So, even as the Warren Report said it was Oswald, they LIED about the next aspect, that Oswald was not an unknown factor but rather, was shadowed and watched very, very closely by CIA operatives hoping he would succeed in his assassination plans…which is exactly how 9/11 was engineered.


Geraldo pushed this fake story very hard and thus, helped hide the true CIA involvement and this is especially noxious to me for I told Geraldo and showed him exactly how the CIA ‘Open door’ assassinations work.  There is no excuse for him to do this and he was fed this film because they couldn’t directly feed it into the media without pesky reporters seeking to figure out why this suddenly appeared in the first place!


To this day, armies of ‘conspiracy theorists’ have bitten the bait on the hook and have cheerfully been reeled in by the CIA assassination gang and dangle there, helplessly flopping about, thinking they are so very smart when they have been led by the nose by cynical geniuses who know psychology and human weaknesses to a T. Today, hardly anyone is demanding an investigation into why Oswald wasn’t under (seemingly) CIA observation before the assassination.


Back to CIA operative, Geraldo, here is another view of the Fox manipulation of the news:  Geraldo Rivera and Fox News crew get an earful from OWS protesters – YouTube

Do note the total difference from the demonstrator’s side of the story and how  FOX lying news has deliberately distorted the sound of the crowd yelling ‘Fox news lies!’ so it is nearly impossible to hear.  This way, Geraldo and his gang of illegal wire tappers and his Zionist boss don’t have to reveal to their audience, this vital information.  So, end of story: Fox News faked this ‘interview’ by deliberately distorting the sound so the demonstrators were not clearly heard, we know from the first video, they were quite articulate and certainly loud.


Instead, they hide this information and it isn’t even mentioned.  Geraldo, true to his past crummy reporting, doesn’t mention what the demonstrators yelled at him.  He pretended he was a proper reporter and not a tool of the State.  He will, as usual, be rewarded for this.  But I assure him, eventually, he will have to face the harsh truth of himself, eventually, he will be forced to look in that mirror and see what an ugly mug he has.  The Truth will eventually come to him, at night, in his sleep, hearing the fierce echo, ‘Fox News lies!’ over and over again.


One thing about our brains: the subconscious mind is always operational but can be buried or ignored or bullied during the waking hours but when Hypnos shuts down the ego’s control of the mind and Morpheus takes over, things shoved aside scornfully are suddenly front and center.  Eventually, thanks to You Tube, at least word will get out showing the raw news rather than the manipulated news.


Also, demonstrators should note that this stupid thug, surrounded by his band of bullies who protected him, did this ‘interview’ successfully.  This is why it is all important to not yell from around these creeps but to be more ‘in their face’ in that you move a hand nearby and invade their space so the bulls surrounding the delicate reporter flowers will have to moo and go into the defensive.  This, in turn, causes the prima donnas to retreat because they really are scared of us.


Here is another video from the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations where a Daily Kos writer argues with Fox News and gets some admissions:  Jesse_LaGreca_(the_guy_who_destroyed_Fox_News) – YouTube

More and more people realize, the news is manipulated.  But this has been going on every since there has been a CIA.  ‘Operation Mockingbird‘ was run by the Office of Policy Coordination worked very insidiously and hard to cultivate contacts with media owners and their minions.  The ‘sources say’ stuff we see in the NYT and WP and all the major TV stations is all about this courtship: they hand out secrets they want divulged to the media puppies on their leashes and above all, they punish reporters who tell the truth!


I saw this, first hand, many times.  Any reporter who would look into the real face of the Medusa of the CIA/media interface would be basically turned to stone, that is, suddenly find themselves unpublishable, no jobs and eventually, commit suicide.  This has always freaked me out, greatly.  I was banished into the darkness long ago and am accustomed to having little money and living on the edge.  This is also why I now live on a mountain in a fair degree of isolation.


The point is, taking on this monster is extremely deadly for a reporting career.  Worse, telling the real truth is nearly hopeless due to all the fake stories pumped out regularly by the CIA.  They insure that fake information is dropped into the laps of the reporter puppies who dutifully bark up the wrong trees.  This is why both the CIA-infested reporters, the Bilderberg/Zionist media owners and the Valkyrie in the State Department, Hillary, all howled like banshees at Wikileaks.


The Wikileaks documents were real and many of these cables revealed US/CIA/Zionist schemes to control the media in many countries as well as the US and the outrageous lies they funneled into the news system, designed and conspired to operate as a means of stopping reality and replacing it with ideology.  I also noted little interest in all this in the ‘conspiracy community’.  Indeed, DARPA and CIA operatives there (trust me, please, this apparently ‘anti-government’ conspiracy community is riddled with these operatives!!!) tried very hard to convince the gullible, the Wikileaks documents were not quite real or were manipulated by Assange and his guys to give the appearance of being real, etc.  This desperate attempt to make Assange into a CIA operative and thus, spook away the gullible, was partially effective.


The point is, it is extremely hard to see what is real and what is a hook and line even if one is on the spot where things happen.  This is DELIBERATE.  It is called, ‘Muddy the waters’ so that it is murky and nothing pleases the rulers of America than to have things as secretive and murky as possible.  Obama has decided to go along with the assassins in the CIA in hopes they won’t turn on him (they will) and has allowed them maximum secrecy in the wake of the Wikileaks catastrophe.


I greatly applaud the demonstrators in NYC for trying their very hardest to be heard.  But of course, their voices will be distorted and destroyed as much as possible.  Thank goodness for You Tube!  I wonder how long this will last?  How long, indeed.sunset borger

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37 responses to “Geraldo Lies About ‘Fox News Lies’ NYC Demonstration Chants

  1. Urban Roman

    The thing about the economic contraction we are entering, it is a whole lot more like “draining the swamp”. When the economy was perking along and everybody had all the fast food and cheap fuel and mindless boob tube they wanted, there wasn’t any real desire to investigate anything.

    I expect we will find some alligators sooner or later… however muddy the waters, when they recede, somebody’s going to notice something.

    The thing I find terrifying about your writings, is that they reaffirm the fact that we have idiots/insane people with their finger on the “nukuler” button.

  2. GWB

    “That is, they manipulated the audio feed to give a totally different impression of what happened.”

    Really? Did they manipulate the video feed also? Because the two appear to sync up pretty well. Or should I stop believing my eyes?


    ELAINE: I will explain the obvious: they dampened the audio of chanting so it sounded MUCH MORE MUTED and was FUZZIER while amping up the feed from the voice of their guy, Geraldo. So he sounded crystal clear. While you can barely make out the ‘Fox Lies!’ chant. See? I hope you can understand this simple concept.

  3. Urban Roman

    GWB is right about the “manipulated” bit. Editing, yes. But not really distorted. You can still hear the chanting on the propaganda segment.

    Geraldo is using a microphone that is very insensitive to anything more than about 2″ from it. It is an “outdoor” mike designed to reject outside noise and only pick up nearby voices. It’s for “news”, right? The amateur video is using a much simpler mike that picks up the crowd noise. I think it’s amazing that the crowd made so much noise they were picked up by the professional mike. Note that Geraldo is shouting thoughout the interview, because he cannot hear himself.

    Also interesting to see the gray-suited security dude in the far right of the amateur video. Looks like he’s ready to whip out his piece and shoot some hippies, eh?

  4. MikeM

    GWB, while politeness may be part of your vocabulary, I’d guess it’s also a personality trait you have not implemented into your own life.

    Sorry to put it like that, but that’s the way it appears, I hope I’m wrong. I appreciate skepticism, but not when accompanied with a totally blind biased opinion. Your handle says much about you. Here…have a laugh, or not:


    Meanwhile, Elaine, I barely recollect you mentioning you lived in Az before.

    I don’t mind being way off topic, as I know your interest in the world is at least as intense as my own. My personal geological explorations introduced me to E Clampus Vitus through some great placards meant for public consumption, mostly throughout the geological wonderland of eastern California, from top to bottom..

    The Panamint valley:

    Mono Craters, on the southern rim of Mono Lake:

    The Wiki link to them:

    Best to ya, and all ya love!


    ELAINE: I mention Kitt Peak all the time. It is in Arizona. I mention Arizona a lot, actually. I grew up there, for the most part.

  5. reader

    oswald couldn’t have made that second shot so fast. it’s been tried over and over again. there was a second shooter on the knoll. and why kill all those witnesses if it was only oswald?

  6. GWB


    “See? I hope you can understand this simple concept.”

    Oh, I see. You wanted “The Fox News lies” chants to be louder because FOX NEWS….lies. And of course all of the other MSM outlets are as pure as the driven snow.

    You realize liberalism has been proven to be a mental disorder?

    And MikeM, I get all the laughs I need by watching the Stupid Obama Voters video on youtube. Thanks anyway.

  7. Urban Roman

    Fox News *does* lie, GWB. Geraldo was going to just read his little script there, with the token black guy, and have the crowd as a backdrop. Why, there must have been hundreds of them! (ha) The 1%ers are starting to worry, so the Foxbots are busy lying and calling it “an unruly mob”. They sent Geraldo to show “sympathy” with the “liberals”. But they still don’t hint at changing any of the fraud and abuse from Wall Street, nor even acknowledge that it has been going on.

    And Obama voters are not stupid. McCain/Palin voters are stupid. Neener neener.

    But the fact is, the executive branch is not run by the President any more. As Elaine has repeatedly explained, it is run by a bureaucracy whose only purpose is short-sighted self-preservation and expansion. And this has been the case ever since WWII. You might as well have Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd in the Whitehouse, for all the difference it will make.

  8. GWB

    “The 1%ers are starting to worry, so the Foxbots are busy lying and calling it “an unruly mob”.

    Sure. Oh, look what I found:

    OWS Defecates On Cop Cars, Vandalizes Property, Pelosi Says “Bless Them” (evil cop cars)

    OWS Protesters “Occupy” Air and Space Museum (evil curators)

    OWS Brooklyn Bridge arrests (stopping evil peasants from going about their evil business)

    Mass Arrests at Occupy Boston Protests (evil … evil, evil, evil)

    Hey about this?

    Diane Sawyer: #Occupy Protests In ‘More Than 1,000 Countries’ (1000 countries, not a lie?)

    Had enough?

    Here is one more:

    “So extravagant are the patterns of thinking, emoting, behaving and relating that characterize the liberal mind that its relentless protests and demands become understandable only as disorders of the psyche.” The Liberal Mind reveals the madness of the modern liberal for what it is: a massive transference neurosis acted out in the world’s political arenas, with devastating effects on the institutions of liberty.”

    Dr. Lyle Rossiter, Jr., M.D

    Sorry, but I can’t be beat at this game. I’m just that good. Thanks for playing.

  9. Urban Roman

    I take it you are one of those McCain/Palin voters I was talking about…

  10. Joseppi

    Today’s self-serving plot is……Shady DEA drug informant meets with Iranian, who has a criminal past, about plotting to assassinate Saudi ambassador to US. FBI busts the evil doer and the security state apparatus boosts of another victory. Everyone wins on this one, Saudi’s are indebted to US for being protected from evil enemies the Shiites, US portrays Iran as the clumsy evil…everyone wins, except of course the truth.

  11. I heard the “Fox News Lies” chants quite clearly. Saw no problem.

    RE;The Kennedy assassination. What the hell have you been smoking?

  12. emsnews

    See? The ‘second gunman’ is now religious dogma! And the CIA sits pretty, knowing that it is all BS. And can’t be proved at all. Like all the ‘open door’ assassinations, it get slathered in conspiracy stories that are based on very little actual or no evidence and thus, can’t be used in any way, shape or form.

    That is, in some court, some day. Instead, it becomes a story to be told and retold like the Bible.

  13. emsnews

    About the ‘Fox news lies’ chanting: Geraldo NEVER MENTIONED THIS. He didn’t ask about this. He refused to interview anyone about this even though he was totally surrounded by people more than happy to tell him. The ‘interviews’ of offsite individuals was NOT news, the demonstration itself was the news and FOX news refused to talk about this…AT ALL. End of story.

  14. Fox, Rush Limbaugh, O’Reily, CBNC etc, they are obvious propaganda machines experts at ‘catapulting’ the line of the day.

    Very often these ‘line of the day’ are thought up by think tanks or advertising companies. You can tell because suddenly several different channels start to use the same little tag to attach to a group that is to be destroyed.

    A favourite trick is to turn the truth 180 degrees and claim that they stand for the opposite of what they really intend. They simply claim that the oppontents really hold low ground while they hold the high ground. So for example, if they really want to enrich the elite, what they do is claim that their opponents are engaged in ‘class warfare’ and targeting emotional centers of the brain instead of the rational one.

    By claiming that their opponents are engaged in class warfare they cloak their own class warfare (kill the weak, ‘death to the peasants – garden of eve for us’) and try to press the emotional trigger point that anyone challenging them is a jealous commie bastard (because decades of propaganda has brainwashed most americans to reflexively think of socialism as something inherently evil). So to be engaged in a ‘class war’ against the ruling elite is supposedly something shameful and lowbrow. When the truth is the opposite, the looting of the American people is unaccpetable, callous, and cruel.

    Fortunately the American people are at long last starting to wake up, and more and more people are starting to tune out their tv sets and see through the propaganda machine. That is what the Occupy Wall Street movement represents and that is what is so scary to the elite.

    Also, pertaining to Elaine’s article, remember how the MSM destroyed Howard Dean’s campaign by distorting his shout by manipulating the sound.

  15. Also, isn’t it funny that the fingerprints of the CIA is all over the Kennedy assassination, just like their handiwork is all over the 9/11 attack.

    Look who benefited from the Kennedy assassination. Allen Dulles and other creeps pulled the strings to cover up and soon the CIA and MIC went into overdrive. There is no denying that it is people like the Dulles brothers that have been running things for decades in Washington DC from behind the scenes.

  16. GWB

    LOL. So Geraldo is suppose to ask a bunch of stoned hippies why they are…chanting…”Fox News lies”? And I’m sure you believe that one of them would be able to provide some type of coherent answer. And you would be wrong.

    All they would do is keep chanting as they were told. And further embarrass themselves(and you).

    Now it’s the end of story.

  17. Yes, yes go GWB good doggie spewing the old Kevin O’Leary and other regurgitations… gotta deflect the real issues by any means.

    “Soros backed low budget occupation movement by stoned hippies with guitars and “nothing burgers” bla bla bla”


    “O’Leary : So what exactly is everyone complaining about? And also give me a sense of how much momentum this movement has because it’s pretty nothing burgers so far – just a few guys, guitars. Nobody knows what they want – they can’t even name the names of the firms that they’re protesting against – very weak, low budget.

    Hedges : I wouldn’t agree with that assessment at all. They pulled thousands of people into the street last night and here in Washington when everyone marched past the Bank of America, they were shouting Shame! Shame! Shame! They know the names of these firms and they know what these firms have done not only to the American economy but to the global economy, and the criminal class who runs them.

    Fill-in for Lang : Well Kevin made this point that nobody knows what they want. What do you say to that? We know that this is a very diverse group, there are many different agendas at play … what is the sense you have of what this movement would like to see happen?

    Hedges : They know precisely what they want ; they want to reverse the corporate coup that’s taken place in the US and rendered the citizenry impotent and they won’t stop until that happens and frankly if we don’t break the back of corporations, we’re all finished anyway since we’re rapidly trashing the ecosystem on which the human species depends for survival. This is literally a fight for life – it’s that grave, it’s that serious. Corporations, unfettered capitalism, as Karl Marx understood, is a revolutionary force – it commodifies everything – human beings, the natural world which it exploits for profit until exhaustion and collapse. The bottom line is we don’t have much time left – we are on the cusp of perhaps another major banking crisis in Europe, defaults in Greece, followed by Spain, Portugal. There’s been no restrictions, no regulations on Wall Street – they’ve looted the US Treasury, they’ve played all the games that they were playing before and we’re about to pay for it all over again.”

    Transcript of CBC interview with Chris Hedges.


    ELAINE: Thanks for the interview. It is great that someone out there can say the obvious! Hedges is right.

  18. GWB

    “Fox, Rush Limbaugh, O’Reily, CBNC etc, they are obvious propaganda machines experts at ‘catapulting’ the line of the day. “…

    LOL. For the sake of argument, I’ll give you CNBC. Since Bill O’Reilly is on Fox, that makes 3 (three) outlets.

    The real propaganda comes from ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, HLN, PBS, NYT, LAT, WaP, USA Today and almost every college. Liberal bias is rampant in the MSM and they make no apologies for it. Yet, the liberal bias of the “Fifth Estate” is largely responsible for the unfortunate position our country finds itself in. It has permeated the economic, political and social fabric of our nation.

    The brainwashed masses, unknowing pawns who serve a master that despises them, continue to do their bidding by attacking the few outlets that dare challenge them.

    It is interesting that you talk about the “line of the day”. I doubt you listen to Rush, but I do. And he frequently applies actual audio of the “line of the day” to the MSM outlets I listed. It is quite humorous to hear so many talking heads saying EXACTLY the same thing.


    ELAINE: Rush also yaps the ‘line of the day’ on the right! Duh! THEY ALL DO THIS because they work for rich bastards. Rush is a rich bastard which is why he lies to you all the time.

    Also, ‘line of the day’ propaganda is neutral: that is, if one looks at any information system, one sees this everywhere. For example, in the ‘conspiracy’ belief systems complex, all conspiracies have to be identical and all have to be all-encompassing. That is, they are all cookie-cutter regurgitations of the same ‘facts’ while leaving out a lot of information that contradicts these facts.

    The media owners have an agenda: wealth and power. They go for this ruthlessly, left or right. They don’t give both sides of any stories, they give only their own sides. NO ONE gives ‘all the news, all the time’. It is humanly impossible.

  19. GWB

    Hedges : They know precisely what they want ; they want to reverse the corporate coup that’s taken place in the US and rendered the citizenry impotent and they won’t stop until that happens and frankly if we don’t break the back of corporations, we’re all finished anyway since we’re rapidly trashing the ecosystem on which the human species depends for survival.

    Fail. Anyway, speaking of trashing have you seen the litter these liberal pigs leave behind. They are disgusting.


    ELAINE: All pigs are created equal only some pigs are more equal than others. Since you are a dupe for right wing propaganda, you should attend to your own sty which is really muddy and stinks to high heaven.

  20. No fail. The people will eventually break the backs of the coorporations and the rich elite. No tyrannt has ever lasted very long. When they get too greedy, like now, they always fall. History is crystal clear. The rich are afraid, correctly so.

  21. GWB

    The only thing they are afraid of is running out of champagne while watching you clowns. Word.

  22. Erm, who is this “master that despices them” exactly? And I’ve heard that meme often 1. Media has a liberal bias. 2. College education is full of liberals.

    You do know that those media you mentioned are owned by the big coorporations of the US?

    GE owns the NBC and the CNBC.
    Disney owns ABC and ESPN
    Time Warner owns the CNN
    Fox is owned by the criminal Murdoch ofc.
    WaPo, and the NYT, are Zionist war mongering rags. WaPo is owned by Kaplan inc. (listed on Wall Street) which also specizlies luring students into debt traps and harvesting them for debt.

    etc etc.

    Clearly there are masters behind the US MSM and yes, they do “despise the masses” since they feed them mostly bullshit.

    I don’t see this “libarel bias” and I wonder which few “outlets that dare challenge them” exactly you are talking about?

  23. GWB: “The only thing they are afraid of is running out of champagne while watching you clowns. Word.”

    Yeah, the rich don’t even share their cake anymore.


    But we know how that ends don’t we.

  24. And you forgot the coke, I bet there elite has tons more cocaine than there is grass outside with the protesters.

  25. emsnews

    The French aristocrats were pretty drunk when the mobs came raging into the palaces.

  26. Urban Roman

    Reports I have read from other old farts who remember the 60s have said that the OWS rally is reminiscent of that time, but that there is no marijuana smoke in the air. And that they have ejected a number of apparent provocateurs from their midst — people who show up with racist signs, for example.

    Obviously GWB has swallowed all the spew from the fascist sock puppet side of the popular media, and prefers that flavor to the other. Both puppets (all MSM) are attached to the arms of the same corporate entities. More of an octopus than a Punch and Judy show, but it’s pretty much the same thing.

    Maybe some of the folks who are so worried about hygiene and litter could head downtown and donate some time picking up? And some portapotties… ? Nah, they’d rather sit home shaking their fists at Fox Noise. And editing PBS out of their channel list so they don’t have to see it while flipping thru t osee if anything else is on.

  27. GWB

    “The French aristocrats were pretty drunk when the mobs came raging into the palaces.”

    People who reference the French Revolution when talking about OWS amuse me. They, like you, fail to mention what happened after the “mobs”.

    To wit: Reign of Terror

    The guillotine became the symbol of a string of executions: Louis XVI had already been guillotined before the start of the terror; Marie-Antoinette, the Girondists, Philippe Égalité, Madame Roland and many others lost their lives under its blade. The Revolutionary Tribunal summarily condemned thousands of people to death by the guillotine, while mobs beat other victims to death. Sometimes people died for their political opinions or actions, but many for little reason beyond mere suspicion, or because some others had a stake in getting rid of them. Among people who were condemned by the revolutionary tribunals, about 8 percent were aristocrats, 6 percent clergy, 14 percent middle class, and 72 percent were workers or peasants accused of hoarding, evading the draft, desertion, rebellion, and other purported minimal crimes.

    Estimates vary widely as to how many were killed, with numbers ranging from 16,000 to 40,000; in many cases, records were not kept or, if they were, they are considered likely to be inaccurate.

    pwned again liberal stooge.

  28. GWB

    Urban Roman: “Maybe some of the folks who are so worried about hygiene and litter could head downtown and donate some time picking up?”

    This really says it all doesn’t it. Mom! My room is dirty. When are you going to clean it? ROTFLMAO.

    Your inane statement typifies OWS.

  29. emsnews

    This is why, dear GWB, you should not be so ridiculously clueless: these raging mobs showed up due to the contemptuous elites laughing at them as they starved to death or were taxed higher and higher while the elites removed their own obligations to fund the state! DUH.

    Happy mobs don’t kill you. Enraged mobs do.

  30. GWB

    Happy mobs don’t kill you. Enraged mobs do….

    Whatever. Love your blog, sorry to read about your father (what a life), hope your hubby is getting better.

    Till we meet again… Peace out.

  31. Paul S

    I used to have alot of respect for Geraldo Rivera. His coverage of the OJ Simpson trial was great. This is why Rivera’s current behavior as a reporter is so disturbing to me. Rivera KNOWS how to be a real reporter. But now, like a good little Fox lackey, he spouts the Fox talking points–for a paycheck. Geraldo Rivera is a sellout. Bought and paid for by Fox. BTW: the OWS protestors need more than chants of “Fox News Lies!’. The need signs that say it as well. It takes serious–and obvious–editing to get signs out of the picture.

  32. DeVaul

    My understanding is that Geraldo made his name by secretly videotaping the inside of an insane asylum to show the world how the patients were being mistreated.

    When I saw some time ago that he was a Fox News reporter, I was flabbergasted. I agree with Paul S. He obviously sold out at some point. He no longer fights for the poor and oppressed, he works for the rich.

    Once you sell your soul to the demons of the Outer Darkness, you can never get it back. Oblivion is his destiny.

  33. Claire Voyant

    @gWB “People who reference the French Revolution when talking about OWS amuse me. They, like you, fail to mention what happened after the “mobs”. To wit: Reign of Terror.”

    The English, French and Russian revolutions all reached brief crisis points (a reign of terror) ending in a counter-reaction or dictatorship. Equally brief, in its turn. The American Revolution did not experience a Reign of Terror.

    GWB, does the ebb and flow of history terrify or amuse you?

    When systems break, they re-set.

    Your own terror, or nasty amusement, does not matter a whit.

    It does not stop the process.

    The system’s going into re-set mode. As it must inevitably, when things get very far out of balance.

    Elaine’s blog exposes the mechanism of a broken system. She observes and chronicles the fatal flaw, the inevitable breakdown, and the re-set.

    These historical forces are impartial, they do not respond to political name-calling or labels. Left/Right divides are meaningless anyway, when the entire system is coming down.


  35. Did you know Geraldos mom is JEWISH?

  36. JimmyJ

    My sole earliest memory of Rivera, one that says it all I think, is the silly “Mystery of Al Capone’s Vault”. I can’t take him seriously about anything and never could. I guess he’s an effective CIA tool for other tools.

    Interesting comment Elaine about the conspiratorialists ignoring Wikileaks. I note that after Waco and Ruby Ridge, among other craziness, that you never heard much from the real right wing fringe, due to every out-there Church or Minuteman like organization being penetrated and/or dismantled.

    Of course you read the Survivalist blogs and there are anarchist individuals a plenty. But organizational effectiveness, such as it was, looks to have ended years ago. Not simply due to the amusing paradox of anarchists being in a collective.

    The ‘Tea Party’ doesn’t seem a real threat to fascist elites but more like a milk bottle with a nice looking nipple.

  37. emsnews

    The FBI and CIA are busy trying to egg Muslims into terrorist attacks these days. All over the place, it is hard to keep up with it all. Must write about it…yuck.

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