Occupy Wall Street Grows Greater And Greater

The Occupy Wall Street protests are spreading like wildfire.  Mocking the protestors didn’t stop them.  Ignoring the protestors didn’t stop them.  Now that is has jumped the pond and is now spreading in Europe, Africa, Asia and other points, this is alarming the ruling elites who process a lot of their stuff through both Wall Street and the City of London.  They want to either be ignored or admired, not revealed and attacked.  Their campaign to convince people that socialism is evil is faltering in the face of a global contraction caused by wild speculative trading using cheap central bank loans.


Dead center in London is St Paul’s Cathedral which announced a closure due to ‘Occupy’ protesters – Telegraph


It seemed a gesture of Christian tolerance when a clergyman at St Paul’s Cathedral told police to allow anti-capitalist protesters camped outside to continue their demonstration. But the alliance appeared to be faltering yesterday as St Paul’s closed for the first time since the Blitz, claiming it had no choice because of the dangers posed by the growing numbers on its doorstep.


Contrary to what media owners love to say, the vast majority of the world’s population happens to actually love socialism.  This is a huge factor in refugees from no-social service countries moving en masse into countries that have social security and healthcare provided by the state.  In the US, there was a tremendous amount of money and propaganda poured over the medical insurance reform struggles launched by the Democrats.  In the end, the corrupt Congress coughed up a hairball system that doesn’t address any of the major problems about access to healthcare and how to pay for it.


Instead, the reforms were a total failure.  Now, people have to put up with this even more clunky, wretched system which doesn’t fix health problems but keeps the insurance corporations happy.  Meanwhile, Congress  now has a secret committee which is really a death squad, trying to figure out a way to cheat us out of sane healthcare and instead, institute a ‘die in the streets’ system whereby the poor simply die and the elderly go to an early grave.


This will be immensely unpopular but the excuse will be, we can’t afford national single payer healthcare so the fix will be for people without resources or the elderly just have to up and die.  Good riddance, is the message here.  In England, to pay for the City of London’s wild bubble game, they have to now force many Brits into a system whereby they must die so as to clear the way for future prosperity for the very rich.  So, we have there increased taxes on energy to pay for global warming (perish the thought of Britain being as warm as when Caesar invaded!) while cutting energy aid to the poor and healthcare is definitely on the chop-chop block while military spending with NATO in its endless campaigns against Muslims, must continue.


Desperate for more billions for the Walton family so they can buy more new cars to run over people, Walmart has announce they are going to make people work there for under 24 hours a week and then, due to being partial-part time, they will have NO healthcare insurance at all!  Whoopee.  So, taking heart from the wonderful Occupy Wall Street people, a ‘Rebel alliance’ flash protest targets Walmart executives | The Raw Story


A flash mob sporting signs from the “rebel alliance” of Star Wars fame surprised a group of Walmart executives last night when they showed up at a fundraiser in Washington, D.C.’s Union Square, banging drums and playing the film’s famous theme song.


Note that Walmart executives have plenty of money for our rich politicians.  They lavish this on these reptiles who are busy cutting FEMA funds to victims of Mother Nature, Medicare to the elderly, HEAP heating assistance to the poor and elderly, etc.  They think it is funny, how they can control Congress no matter who we vote into office, using profits from exploiting workers ruthlessly.  The more they exploit workers, the more money they have to spend on buying our political representatives and the more they cut social services and increase ‘free trade’.  RESPECT DC has a news site where they publish information about their activities:  Wal-Mart’s philanthropy doesn’t make up for lack of fair wages


We would like to use this proposal as a starting point for good faith negotiations between Walmart and the Living Wages, Healthy Communities Coalition. Our goal is to reach a binding agreement that will ensure both the profitability of your DC stores and an improvement in the living standards and quality of life in the DC neighborhoods that are suffering the most from poverty, unemployment, denial of opportunity and lack of access to affordable, healthy food.


…Indeed, this is a way for Walmart to show that even if we and our fellow DC residents are taxed without representation and disrespected by a Congress where we have no vote, one company is willing to engage, enfranchise and empower us by listening to our concerns, recognizing our aspirations and accommodating our needs as a community.

We look forward to sitting down with you and starting these negotiations.


After getting more Walmart bribes, the GOP and two Democrats sat down on their hands and refused to help the economy or fix anything:  Senate blocks money for teachers, firefighters – The Washington Post


All 47 Republicans voted against allowing the bill to proceed to a full debate, arguing that temporary stimulus dollars for state and local government would do little to bolster the private sector.


Republicans also opposed imposing a 0.5 percent surtax on million-dollar incomes to pay for the aid, as Democrats proposed. They contended that inclusion of a tax increase signaled that the vote was intended as a campaign tool and was not a serious effort to find bipartisan agreement on spurring job growth.


No one in Congress wants to really ‘grow jobs’ because they all, virtually to a reptile, really want bribes from the very rich.  The very rich want to offshore all possible labor and work everyone here, part time with no health insurance.  This way, the peasants will support the very rich who will live high off the oink oink hog while the rest starve or die in the streets with no healthcare.  This ‘third world nation’ plan has a serious flaw: it leads to an internal collapse and repeated insurrections and high crime.  The rich hope to ride above all of this using the military, not the police.  Using assassin rockets and tanks, the plan is to patrol the former first world nations via hiring poor people to shoot and kill poor people.


The voters of NYC passed legislation forbidding lifetime power positions for politicians.  They can’t run over and over again for certain offices including mayor.  Billionaire Wall Street Bloomberg threw aside this and ran, anyway, a third time. He outspent, 10 to 1, his opponent and barely won.  Now, he is pissed that one of the operatives he hired to do some dirty work for him didn’t do it at all, he goofed off:  Operative convicted of stealing from NYC mayor – politics – More politics – msnbc.com


Haggerty was accused of promising the mayor’s 2009 campaign an elaborate poll-watching operation, then spending just $32,000 on the effort and pocketing most of the rest to buy a house. He could face up to 15 years in prison.


In the end, jurors were unconvinced by defense lawyers who often tried to turn their attention to the mayor’s wealth, arguing that Bloomberg’s staff didn’t care how Haggerty spent the money as long as they won.


‘Poll watchers’ are people who try to prevent other people from voting.  So, this guy cheated Bloomberg but Bloomberg cheated all of NYC.  One reason he has been unable to move against the Occupy Wall Street protestors is due to him being ‘dirty’ due to the noxious way he continued in power.  He knows he was wrong to buy the office of mayor.  The only reason he won was due to ethnic support from the Jewish community and his stated plan, back when there was still money, to not cut social services.  Well, he is now part of the ‘cut off everyone but the super rich’ scheme and everyone knows this and he is scared the city might burn down.


London got several recent scares when a match lit major fires and riots raged up and down and all around including a mob nearly scaring Prince Eco-Charles to death.  The Queen was not amused.

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23 responses to “Occupy Wall Street Grows Greater And Greater

  1. Urban Roman

    The police are beginning to realize that their pensions will be stolen as well. Just a matter of time now…

  2. B.A.

    “because they all, virtually to a reptile…”
    So true. I wonder how long it will take before bespoke DNA designers offer the possibility of departing from the human race. The ultimate in exclusivity.

    About the popularity of socialism, I remember reading during the healthcare debate that many young Americans had started declaring themselves socialist. Apparently they had never heard about it before, looked it up and though, hey this is neat.

  3. Joseppi

    “…corrupt Congress coughed up a hairball system..”

    With lots of pubic hairs because of the services they provide for their wealthy patrons.

  4. Peter

    Studies have shown if the USA eliminated the health insurance middlemen and went to a single payer system like here in Canada,costs would drop by half and would eliminate the annual deficit.
    However the CEO’s(some got paid $50million a year!!!)of these might object.

  5. Clueless

    Here we go, the United States of Europe coming up! As much as the Anglo’s will hate being assimilated into the Euro, I see no other option. Smoke and mirrors, feet dragging and twist my arm tactics aside, they will have no choice. http://tinyurl.com/3g43aoj

  6. This was great, thank you!

  7. Clueless

    More dog and pony… At the end of the day it is all about the implied threat of a melt down… When the main players in the game make the rules and owe each other (wink-wink) it is not real money… Except of course for those seated at he table who are unaware they are being played for the chump…

    Same racket as WMD terrorism, only this is financial terrorism. Steering the herd into the corral of their choice…

  8. Carol

    Read Naomi Wolf’s account on how she was arrested for not obeying a illegal order in NYC. She was on Olbermann’s “Countdown” as well, video up at YouTube.

    Very enlightening.

    She also said Homeland Security froze off an entire block where protesters were marching to the 1st precinct.

  9. Concerned Liberal

    People desire security, many mistakenly associate socialism as a means to deliver that. Socialism undermines their security by allocating resources to those nearest the center of power while undermining the peoples ability to organise production and take care of themselves. Without peoples ability to co-ordinate through free markets the whole system of human co-operation falls apart. A free market is simply the ability to voluntarily exchange goods and services among ourselves.

    The more power we give the center the more power wall street banks and politicians have to restrict markets for their own ends often through managed trade agreements and wars for resources. The social security is just to pay us off to look the other way while they loot us.

    Eventually the illusion starts to break down and we have a period of volatility where protest movements such as the tea party and occupy wall street come to the fore.

  10. rps

    To add to your list of Occupy Wall Street commentary is Chicago news of 130 arrests.
    The Washington Post National: 130 arrests as Occupy Chicago protesters defy order to leave park
    By Associated Press, Published: October 22 | Updated: Sunday, October 23, 7:52 AM

    CHICAGO — Anti-Wall Street demonstrators of the Occupy Chicago movement stood their ground in a downtown park in noisy but peaceful defiance of police orders to clear out, prompting 130 arrests early Sunday, authorities said…….

    Rahm Emmanuel, the friend and protector of Wall Street. Calling him a snake would be an injustice to reptiles.

  11. rps

    Washington has captured our speech with a divide and conquer mentality of us against them. We need to stop identifying politicians as republicans and democrats. Imagine our elected representatives as sports team players and the media is their personal PR advocates. Why? The media is the lifeline of American politics, and government engineering of social and economic policies. Their job is to prevent a United coalition of Citizenry.

    We sit atop the bleachers cheering our team and booing the opponents. It’s time we shake ourselves awake to the reality of the media’ hypnosis of voter division along party lines. Let us remove this worthless labeling of politicians as Democrat and Republican. Instead we must identify them as professional players who’s interests are self-serving. Like most contract players of professional sports teams, it’s all about ‘Sho Me The Money.’

    Well, it’s time we keep a real-time scorecard on individual performances with replays about their get rich schemes of sacking the citizens of this country. In Jerry Maguire, Rod Tidwell earns his money, and he learns that the money must be tied to his personal best,
    “Because it’s not just the money. It’s not just the “coin.” It’s the… – “the kwan”.
    Jerry Maguire: That’s your word?
    Rod Tidwell: “Yeah, man, it means love, respect, community… and the dollars too. The package. The kwan.”

    Where’s our Kwan?

  12. Paul S

    I was both amused and irritated by watching “The McLaughlin Group” today (Sunday). First off, what IS that old geezer McLaughlin STILL doing on the air? You can’t tell me there isn’t anyone out there who can do what he does–and do it better. He’s rude to his guests, constantly talks over them, amongst other things. He did a segment on the Occupy Wall Streeters (OWS). Pure propaganda. No quotes or soundbites from actual OS’ers. Johnny Mac just listed what he claims is their demands: $20 minimum wage, universal health care, and a living wage. I know. Don’t expect better from the MSM. It was funny though. As a student of propaganda, I think they dropped the ball on the OWS story. One second they say that OWS’ers are protesting in 250 cities, the next second they claim that the group is a tiny fringe group. Fringe group. That’s their talking point for the OWS’ers. The sleazy David Brooks, the favorite mouthpiece for the elite it seems (he’s everywhere), says the same thing. They are going to keep to their talking points no matter what. This is sooo typical of an overinsulated elite who think the masses are beneath contempt. The masses will be storming the gates and the elites will still think this way. I guess this is how falling empires happen.

  13. DeVaul

    China’s face falls off:


    Underneath, we see 19th century American capitalism a la New York City.

    Congratulations! Proof that even the Chinese cannot learn from history.

  14. emsnews

    Occupy Wall Street is now global. Some ‘fringe group’! 🙂 The mainstream mouths fear and hate popular movements, they hated the Tea Party and they are scared of the leftists who are rising in rage.

    Wait until we have massive ethnic/religious/race riots.

  15. haha peasants I am not amused…

    And we exist only for their amusement, this is true. How scared should we be?

  16. I’d say Occupy Wall Street is as much an import from overseas, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that all over the world people are starting to demand that the elite be held responsible for their actions.

    What people have been thinking they have started to voice. The first steps in the OWS protest may be tentative, but once the momentum gets going it is hard to stop.

  17. Urban Roman

    Paul S,

    Yeah, I was wondering where McG got that list of #OWS demands too.

    The pundits’ talking points are that it is a fringe, widespread, leftist, rightist, white, minority, elitist, hoi-polloi, unfocused non-group with this *specific list of demands* (that we just made up). They are working, unemployed, young, old, feverishly organized, randomly assembled, and financed by evil communists like George Soros.

    With the bobble-heads throwing such a hissy fit, I’ve gotta figure the OWS movement is having some success.

  18. emsnews

    The mass demonstrations and riots of the sixties also threw them all for a loop. So, they increased social spending greatly (the Great Society stuff of LBJ).

    This time, they are experimenting with the Russia/French royal response to too much war spending, too much money to the rich. This, in turn, will cause the Russian/French revolutionary response.

  19. Paul S

    What is more than a little shocking to me is how many ignoramusses are still out there, still swallowing the MSM’s propaganda hook, line and sinker. I’ve spoken with some of them. I never reveal my thinking on the subject, that just turns them off. It’s astonishing. These folks have absolutely NO CLUE what the OWS protest is about, but they DO know the protestors are idiots. Immature, unemployed young college grads with nothing better to do. That’s who they think are the OWS protestors. I think this proves what the expert con artists have been saying all along: the best and easiest marks are the ones who think they are too smart to be conned. I used to be a right wing, true blue republican myself; I know facts are completely meaningless to these fools. How much reality will it take for the non-wealthy who still swallow the agit-prop they are getting fed from places like Fox? Ya got me. I guess some of these folks will be living under Martial Law and STILL blaming those dastardly folks who compose the “liberal elite”.

  20. DeVaul

    I read somewhere that people go insane in herds, but only come to their senses one at a time.

    If you look at Nazi Germany, this is most true. Even with their cities in ruins and enemy armies crossing their borders, many Germans still believed Hitler could somehow save them and win the war….

    Whoa! I am sitting here at my mother’s house while she sleeps after an operation and I just saw on cable TV (which I don’t have) that there will be a “test” of the emergency broadcast network on November 9th and that we should all have an emergency preparedness kit ready. Is this a hoax?


    Why would they pick that day? Did anyone else see this?

  21. Anyone remember the colour coded system for “Terrorism threat level”? It was complete bullshit from start to finish, but it was designed for a reason. It’s pretty obvious why they chose 11/9. They are aiming for the emotional and instinctual parts of the brain. Human beings have two basic instincts. Fight or flight. It is either or and it can be observed in most human behaviour. They feed the fear, but not too much so people go into fight mode, unless it serves their interests (GW I & II, Afghanistan, WWII). The propaganda diet fed to the US people is fascinating to observe. What is tragic, as Paul S pointed out, is how effective it is.

    So many Americans don’t know down from up anymore. Bullshit baffles the brains, and they get caught in labyrinths of bullshit but believe it is the real world. You cannot talk with such people, because they have no real points of reference, only such served them by their brain washers, and words don’t have any real meaning anymore beyond the code loaded for them by their masters. To such people the word “liberal” has an emotional aspect (among other things) that is part of the code for the group that uses it. It is not a rational word anymore but a slur, and I find it very difficult to understand what they mean exactly when they use it.

    Then again, all groups uses such “coded” words. Here on Elaine’s page we often use words such as the “rich elite”. Still, I do like to think that we are at least half-way rational in our analysis of the current goings on 😛

  22. Clueless

    Here we go… The first casualty of the American Fall…

    An Iraq war veteran was critically injured after riot police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of anti-Wall Street protesters near San Francisco, supporters said Wednesday.

    Police initially said they had no reports of injuries, but Highland General Hospital spokesman Curt Olsen confirmed that Marine veteran Scott Olsen had been admitted and was in critical condition.

    A statement by the group Iraq Veterans Against the War said Olsen was suffering from a skull fracture after being hit by a “police projectile.”

    The veteran survived Iraq, but may not survive Oakland. What a tragedy. Watch it here:

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