Kosovo Serbs Fight Off NATO–EU Encourages Ethnic Warfare

NATO troops move in on Kosovo Serb roadblocks – YouTube

One of the worst wars to hit Europe began in the Kosovo region of the Austro-Hungarian empire.  This has been a flashpoint for wars since the Roman Empire.  NATO, after invading yet another oil pumping nation, has also been simultaneously at work, chopping up even further, the carcass of Yugoslavia.  When Kosovo suddenly declared themselves a new country three years ago, this ignited yet another ethnic cleansing operation deep inside Europe, one that matches the Zionist ethnic cleansing to a T.

Betrayed by the EU and US, the Serbs have gone into full revolt.  They feel, correctly, that if the entire planet is going to be chopped up into hostile ethnic camps, then why can’t they do this exactly like the Kosovo Muslims?  The resistance to being suddenly on the wrong side of an ethnic border has motivated them to actively fight for their rights so Kosovo Serbs Stop NATO Troops Removing Roadblocks which they set up to separate themselves from the hostile Muslims who suddenly changed the borders on them.


Imagine if you are in New Mexico and suddenly, slightly more than half of the residents there suddenly make it a separate country and then close the borders to say, Texas?  This is very possible a future event here, indeed, the chopping up of the US along ethnic/religious lines is very much our future because our country embraces, enforces and demands ethnic cleansing in Palestine.


What is particularly scary is how the EU is turning itself into the Holy Roman Empire a la the Habsburg incestuous rule of Mid and Eastern Europe.  As the Ottoman Empire rotted away, the Russian and German empires fought over control of what became briefly, Yugoslavia.  The Western Europeans fear the Serbs so they work hard to chop their territory up in this region.


Today, the EU, which is falling apart rapidly, is still trying desperately to control this region and to divide and weaken the Serbs.  So, Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan – Serbia faces tough choices on path to EU


A cynic might say it was coordinated.   (ELAINE:  It IS ‘coordinated’ quite deliberately!) On Wednesday, the European Commission recommended that Serbia become an official candidate for membership of the European Union, and dangled the carrot of accession talks if it stops obstructing the independence of its former Kosovo province.


On Thursday, NATO peacekeepers in majority Albanian Kosovo launched an operation to close smuggling routes in the mainly Serb north and squeeze Serb roadblocks erected to halt the encroachment of Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian authorities.   (ELAINE: Think—Gaza smuggling tunnels!) Liberal Serbian daily Danas said the message to Serbia from Brussels was clear: “European Union or Kosovo”.


Serbian President Boris Tadic — who likes to say “there is no alternative to Europe” but whose government props up northern Kosovo — has some unpalatable decisions ahead. “What’s being asked of them (Serbia) is to give unmistakable signals that they accept both the territorial integrity of Kosovo and its de facto statehood, which amounts to recognition in all but name,” said Marko Prelec of the Brussels-based International Crisis Group think-tank. (ELAINE: This is on par with Israel’s demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a state only for Jews, not the natives.) Serbia lost control over its southern Kosovo province in 1999, when NATO bombed for 78 days to halt the killing and expulsion of ethnic Albanian civilians in a counter-insurgency war under then Yugoslav strongman Slobodan Milosevic.


In 2008, after years of stagnation and legal limbo, the territory of 1.7 million declared independence with the backing of Western powers. More than 80 countries have recognised it, including the United States and most of the EU. But a small slice of Kosovo’s north, where Serbs dominate, is resisting…


Let’s go back in the news to February, 2008:  Germany Recognizes Independent Kosovo 


Germany joins other major European powers, France and Britain, in recognizing Kosovo’s independence. The United States was one of the first states to recognize Kosovo’s independence on Monday. Serbia has also recalled its ambassadors from Washington and Paris. Kosovo unilaterally announced its official split from Serbia on Sunday, despite strong opposition from Belgrade and Moscow.


Palestine went to the UN to demand recognition as a state and the US spent nearly all of our diplomatic capital, twisting arms to insure that Palestine NOT be a state at all and to force them back into ‘negotiations’ that are basically a gun to the head, demanding they hand over all of Palestine to foreign invading Jews.


Since the EU wants Russia out of the Kosovo/Serbia region, they conspired to back this division along ethnic lines.  Only, being cruel and ahistorical, they didn’t redraw Kosovo’s lines along ethnic divisions, they let it be drawn in such a way that the Serbs there can then be driven out, eventually.  This is conquest by ethnic invasions which we see in the West Bank, for example.


Iraq, once an entire country, has been ruthlessly chopped apart by NATO.  There, the ethnic battle still rage.  Turkey is now fighting the Kurds who want to chop up Turkey further so they can have their ethnic-pure state and this also involves driving out fellow Iraqis who are not ‘Kurds’  who live legally in cities the Kurd radicals want to ethnically cleanse.


This story is happens all over the planet.  As the EU swells in size, as the US empire struggles to take over every possible country and turn them into military outposts, both are working nonstop to encourage ethnic warfare and chop up already small countries into smaller and smaller hostile entities.  We saw this recently in Africa with Sudan, for example, being chopped in two.  African ‘nations’ are rapidly vanishing and being replaced with hostile tribes.


The US takes sides in this, encouraging it and enabling it and arming the insurrections and tribal warfare.  We just saw this in Libya which will be chopped, eventually, into three ‘countries’ all of which will be exploited by the EU just like Yugoslavia.
Here are some more videos of the warfare raging in Kosovo from July, this year: Dramatic video: Serbs attack, set Kosovo border post on fire – YouTube

And from Russian TV, this month’s fighting:  RT – Clashes on Serbia-Kosovo border: 10 wounded – YouTube

Sukob na Jarinju – KFOR troops shooting at unarmed Serb civilians in Kosovo and Metohija – YouTube

Sukob KFOR-a i Srba na Jarinju,27.septembar 2011 – YouTube

Kfor razbio barikadu kod Jarinja – YouTube

Here is the story from last week:  NATO removes Kosovo Serb barricades


Kosovo’s NATO-led peacekeepers confronted crowds of angry Serbs on Thursday as they tried to remove Serb roadblocks in the volatile north of the country.

For nearly three months, Kosovo Serbs have been blocking roads to stop the country’s ethnic Albanian leadership from extending its control over the part of the country populated mostly by ethnic Serbs.

The Serbs reject Kosovo’s 2008 declaration of independence from Serbia and consider the region a part of the larger Serbian nation.

After Kosovo Serb leaders refused NATO’s demand to allow freedom of movement, the peacekeepers in riot gear moved in at dawn Thursday against hundreds of Serbs at roadblocks consisting of parked trucks, rocks, mud and logs.


This action ended today because NATO killed people:  Serb murdered, two wounded in Kosovo attack.  After butchering so many Libyans and participating in murdering Gaddafi (remember, NATO swore at the UN that they were not out to kill Gaddafi), it is embarrassing for NATO to be caught killing civilians, yet again, within Europe.


Of course, the killing of Europeans will rise, not fall, as the economy there collapses.  The offer to let Serbia into the EU is dangerous for the European imperialists since this would give Serbians a vote in their own business and they will vote to pry half of Kosovo out of the ethnic group running it and yes, they have the right to unilaterally do this since NATO and the EU gave Kosovo’s Muslims the right to do this.


Having selective rights is insane.  This naked abuse of the concept of ‘what is right or wrong’ means, no one pays attention to precedent, to rules or to diplomacy.  This is a ‘might makes right’ world whereby the EU and US powers simply choose to suppress or enable insurrections all over the planet.


NATO’s war in Afghanistan is a total, utter and complete defeat:  Afghanistan would side with Pakistan in war with US, says Hamid Karzai



“If there is war between Pakistan and America, we will stand by Pakistan,” Karzai said in a television interview, placing his hand on his heart and describing Pakistan as a “brother” country.


The offer was widely interpreted as a rhetorical flourish rather than a significant offer of defence co-operation. Despite recent tension between Pakistan and the US, open warfare is a remote possibility.

Pakistan is at war with India over the ethnic divisions in Kashmir is a hot flashpoint for WWIII, too.  There are no recognized borders between India, Pakistan and China.  The US has just shoved Pakistan into China’s eager arms while the US has decided to ignore India’s ‘illegal’ nuclear bombs and is now arming India so they can fight over these borders.  India has no intention of letting their captive ethnic population of Muslims the right to behave like Kosovo!  Nor will the US or NATO allow this.  Both want them under Indian Hindi control!


The US hands out billions and billions a month to the Afghani puppet/drug lords who run the capital there for us and they want us to stay because we are a huge source of corrupt money for the leaders.  But they neither love us or want to cooperate with us.  This is bankrupting the US which misspent nearly $2 trillion trying to chop up Iraq and Afghanistan into tiny tribal enclaves.


Meanwhile, the tinderbox in Kashmir continues to be a fuse just waiting to be lit!  The right to suddenly declare oneself a ‘state’ if an ethnic group thinks they are oppressed is very powerful.  It is backed, every time, with NATO arms but only if it is not helping China, Russia or Pakistan.



Heavy fighting in Yemen after U.N. resolution | Reuters

Yemeni government forces and opponents clashed in the capital Sanaa on Saturday, a day after the U.N. Security Council urged President Ali Abdullah Saleh to sign a deal requiring him to step down in exchange for immunity.

Yemen said on Saturday it was ready to “deal positively” with the U.N. resolution, which also condemned the Yemeni government’s crackdown on protesters demanding that Saleh end his 33 years in office.


The rule is simple: no one is allowed to revolt or ethnically divide the core EU/US imperial entities but all others are to be chopped up into smaller and smaller, weaker and weaker enclaves.  The EU and US are most anxious to continue doing this to Russia, Iran and China.  While at the same time, preventing this in Sri Lanka, India, all of Europe, the US, etc.  This is the Cold War continuing onwards, relentlessly, along the same lines as before the fall of the Soviet Union.


Note that Russia and China were against the attack on Libya, for example.  They then allowed a ‘no fly zone’ only to see that turn, within less than 24 hours, into a bombing campaign designed to kill Gaddafi.  They know that we are already entering the grey area that leads to WWIII.  Economic collapse within the NATO structure is causing violent desperation as the EU and US seek to egg on their own people into hating Palestinians, Serbs and the Chinese people.


This can have very ugly consequences indeed.  WWIII will NOT be fought via assassin drones.  It will be fought with nuclear bombs raining down on Japan, Western Europe and the US itself while NATO and Israel bomb everyone else.  Forget global warming!  This could change our climate as well as possibly eliminate most humans.  Sheesh.  The things we should worry about the most are the things we control and humans have 100% control over whether or not to have WWIII.



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17 responses to “Kosovo Serbs Fight Off NATO–EU Encourages Ethnic Warfare

  1. JT

    IMO Palestinians will have their state and freedom much sooner than the Balkan problems will be solved.

    Next european war will be in the Balkans.
    And what the hell could be the solution there?

    Serbs are not in favour here in the west.
    (I really did not like the connection between Breivik in Norway being with on camps organized by serb nationalists and they still haven’t solved Olof Palme’s murder, it is a strong rumour it came from there too)

    Bad, bad, bad…
    ELAINE: And they also assassinated an Austrian crown prince!

  2. DeVaul

    Today I was thinking about how the Libyans (if they really are Libyans) were celebrating the murder of Ghaddaffi, (Latest admission is that he was shot while walking with some girls and boys. No concern expressed by the gunman about shooting a man surrounded by children.) as well as their newfound independence. I wanted to say the following to them:

    “Welcome to the New World Order. It’s not what you expected it to be, but it has been around for a long, long time now.”

    One world rule does not make people rich. Constant warfare does. Under a one world government, there would be no need to replace all the guns, missiles, tanks, and airplanes because none would be fired or destroyed; hence, no new orders for more equipment and no rise in stock value.

    It amazes me that most Americans cannot figure this out. The game has been played for several centuries now. I wonder if they will figure it out after the Mexicans, the Chinese, the Cubans, the Africans, the Irish, the Germans, the Poles, the Itlalians, and the Swedes all declare “independence” here in America.

  3. payAttention

    JT, in Serbia, the rumors are strong that while you were basking in your afterglow of neutrality, the Sebs were getting pounded by 44 divisions of the Wehrmacht. They don’t seem to like you very much either.

  4. I wrote recently in article We Are Witnessing The Beginning Of The End Of Democracy In Europe that a Super European Government is coming. Between The Hedges relates Sueddeutsche Zeitung reports Italy is prepared to give up “all sovereignties necessary” to allow the creation of a European central government,” citing Foreign Minister Franco Frattini. The European Union’s existing contracts should be extended or changed if necessary to incorporate a “stabilizing finance mechanism,” according to the report. The ECB should gain a “political role,” while remaining an independent institution, Frattini said.

    Because of the severity of a soon coming sovereign debt and banking collapse, Eurozone Leaders will waive national sovereignty, and announce regional framework agreements. Bible prophecy foretells, One Leader, the Sovereign, Revelation 13:5-10, will arise to speak for and to the Eurozone; and together with his partner, the Seignior, Revelation 13:11-18, will provide seigniorage, that is moneyness, based upon their combined word, will and way.

    The European Super Government will be a type of revived roman empire, and will feature a Fiscal Union, whose New Charlemagne, will rule with diktat, enforcing structural reforms, austerity measuyrs, and debt servitude. The people will be amazed by the new seigniorage, that is the new moneyness, and follow after the Beast Regime of Neoauthoritarianism, giving it their allegiance as held forth in Revelation 13:3-4.

    The prophet Daniel in Daniel 2:31-43 foretold that great leaders would arise as history unfolds. These have included Nebuchadnezzar ruling Babylon; Cyrus and Cyrus and Darius ruling Merdo Persia; Charlemagne ruling Rome; Tony Blair ruling Great Britain, Angela Merkel ruling the EU, and George Bush, The Decider, ruling America with Unilateral Authority. Soon ten kings will come to rule, each in his own regional power base.

    And, the statue of kingdoms seen in Daniel 2:31-43, communcates that God has oradained two iron kingdoms, these are the combine of the UK and Europe, and US Dollar Hegemony. And God has ordained the Beast Regime, the Ten Toed Kingdom of Regional Economic Government, to rule mankind.as the seigniorage of Neoliberalism fails.

    The coming President of the EU will be one knowledgeable with the scheme of framework agreements. He must be a fierce leader as he will have a whole spectrum of angry people o deal with. A leading individual for this position is Herman Van Rompuy, as he orchestrated the original Greek bailout, and as who the Daily Mail reports as saying, the age of the nation state is over and the idea that countries can stand alone is an ‘illusion’ and a ‘lie’

    Eventually, the Beast Regime, having seven heads, symbolizing mankind’s seven institutions, and ten horns, symbolizingd mankinds ten world regions, being mired in the clay of democracy and the iron of diktat, will crumble. The Sovereign will gain the upper hand, and install a one world government, as foretold in Daniel 7:7, with one world bank, and provide global seigniorage as presented in Revelation 13:5-18.

  5. “WWIII will NOT be fought via assassin drones. It will be fought with nuclear bombs raining down on Japan, Western Europe and the US itself while NATO and Israel bomb everyone else.”

    That last remark bears repeating. Wonder if they quoted this on the evening news for a week and discussed it with the experts, if people would wake up at all. This is of course the exact description of where present events are leading us.

  6. DeVaul

    For those of us who do not follow the minutiae of Jewish religion, history is a pretty good guide to what will happen next in Libya, and elsewhere.

    The goddess of history may be a mean bitch who writes in human blood, but she does not lie.

  7. Elaine….did you read of the Finnish Priest arrested ?
    If not check ……………………………………………………creeping jihad .com

    ‘India has no intention of letting their captive ethnic population of Muslims the right to behave like Kosovo’
    BAA…US Friends of mine lived there for 15 years. India has already ceded
    east Pakistan, Pakistan [and Ceylon?]..
    Meanwhile 10000-20000 Hindu temples there have been destroyed by Muslims..

    at least you are consistent [tibet /china, kashmir/india].

  8. JT

    Serbia will join the EU and pay this price.

    Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Turkey there is even talk of Libya joining the EU.

    Interesting times. Can EU jump religious borders as easily as political or national?

    I am not one bit religious but I think it might be impossible to try to add muslim countries to the EU.
    Nobody of course dares to talk about it.
    It is not very fashinable to say that EU is 100% christian.

    Maybe EU will reach Jerusalem one day?
    Turkey+Syria+Lebanon –> bingo?

    Bad, bad everywhere.
    Hope we can stay cool, calm and practical that is what we need.

  9. ooh@ach.ie

    Germany is following a path that perhaps makes sense to the OWS people and is summed up by a speech given by Dr Axel Weber on 23Nov2010.

    “For countries with an ageing population like Germany, it is a matter of rationality to save more than to invest domestically since the number of investment projects with good prospects is declining, whereas households want to maintain their level of consumption in old age.”

    “When it comes to correcting intra-euro area macroeconomic imbalances, the bulk of structural adjustments has to be undertaken by the deficit countries themselves as it was there that domestic developments became unsustainable in the years prior to the crisis.”

    Both quotes from Dr AxelWeber
    link http://www.bis.org/review/r101123a.pdf

    Asking the deficit countries to sort out their domestic situation is not one world government and Its not about one world government, its about managing a complex economic system.

    The system is changing fast and while the media emphasises Greek, Irish, Portugese, Spanish financial woes, scratch a little deeper and maybe the rotten foundations are the extraordinary interconnected liabilities of the French, UK and American financial institutions.

    The Greek people can probably handle a default. But!

    A default on Greek debt will collapse the French banks, bringing down the UK banks and ultimately evaporate all US banks. This is because they are chain-linked by financial derivatives.

    The only reason Germany continues to try to hold the financial system together is because it buys time to prepare for the outcome.

    Leads back to Libya, where do you get oil when you can’t pay for it?

    As for Kosovo it is the location of Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo was carved out so a massive military base could be built.


    “Shortly after site preparation began at Camp Bondsteel, a 36-inch natural-gas pipeline was discovered under the camp”.

    Seems pretty obvious why Serbians are not happy.

    Its a stretch to say Serbians are not in favour in western europe, its very certain that everyone who is aware of Kosovo’s role in heroin is not pleased.


  10. floridasandy

    devaul, i disagree about one world rule not making people rich.

    that is exactly what makes people rich, like one bank, one government, etc.

    it keeps CONTROL of the wealth concentrated at the top, which is the point, isn’t it?

  11. DeVaul

    But where does the wealth come from?

    It’s like Rhett Butler in “Gone With the Wind” said:

    You can make a lot money building a country, but you can make a fortune destroying one. [my paraphrase]

    One world rule is not possible among so many aristocrats who want to be the top dog. I have never seen them cooperate on that issue, so there will not be any one world rule — just endless wars in pursuit of one.

  12. Please don’t think I am patronizing, but it is natural for people across the Atlantic not to understand the magnitude of the dramatic and shocking shift from freedom and democracy to tyranny and oppression that is happening in Europe. Things are moving so fast now, that they change by the day. Of course the global corporate media is hiding everything that is going on in Europe and the only medium still free from censorship to give us a clue, is the Internet.

    My own country, Greece, is now undergoing a dramatic shift towards this direction, which is so fast, you might miss it if you blink. Oppression and tyranny have replaced the former parliamentary democracy via a parliamentary coup d’ etat. Not only that, but Greece is now officially under political Occupation by Germany, Holland, France, Finland (the “creditor” nations), the Euro banks and Wall Street (i.e. the infamous “Troika”). A German Regional Commander (Gauleiter) is being stationed here to oversee the extraction of the Greek sovereign wealth, which is siphoned to Berlin, to the above mentioned countries and their banks, as we speak. His powers, we were told, include supervising the PM, the ministers and the whole of the Public Sector. He is backed up by 500 German, Dutch and Finn bureaucrats, who have the authority to control Ministries. So it is decided. “Democratically” of course.

    The Parliament is thrown out of the picture. From one hand it serves them right, they caused all this, disregarding the will of the people. But at the same time, this means the Constitution is now a worthless piece of toilet paper and the regime has changed suddenly to Cleptocracy, the Rule of Pirates, Thieves, Bankers and Invaders.

    The Greek PM Papandreou, a modern day Ephialtes, and his sidekick Venizelos, a fat disgusting Mussolini analogue, are now off the loop. Decisions are now taken without consulting them. As Sarkozy stated: The European wealthiest nations leaders “are now called to take decisions for countries that never voted for them”. From now on either an election will take place (with the Papandreou stand-in Samaras probably continuing along the same path before he is overthrown by people cladding torches and pitchforks) or a military coup, for or against German and banker take over.

    We will probably call this period, the Second Occupation. This time, the Wehrmacht didn’t invade guns blazing and executing peasants, and Luftwaffe Stukas aircrafts diving and dropping bombs on civilians. This time, it is a full scale economic invasion, backed up by economic WMD’s, and aimed to cripple the Greek economy, its market and send the whole Greek society to hell. This time, it is a total war on Greeks and an effort to convert them to a German colony. Famine, Shock & Awe tactics, Police brutality, daily black Media propaganda, 30% unemployment rate (60% in youth) and total lies by journalists and politicians are the WMD’s of choice. Take the recent example of being blackmailed by the government to either paying a certain heavy property tax through our power bill, or living without electricity for the rest of our days. The Greek society is now being offered as a sacrifice to the money demon Mammon, in an effort to averting the collapse of the money system. The systematic economic torture of the Greek people is done to avert the other Southern nations and Ireland from deviating from the religious dogma of Calvinism, T.I.N.A. and Neoliberalism. All Heil Thatcher!

    However, I feel they picked the wrong time to do this. The EU is collapsing financially as we speak. Now the focus of the Eye of Sauron is on Italy, which unlike Greece (a mere 2% of the total Euro GDP) is Too Big To Fail. The feeling we all have here is that the Eurozone and the EU are being ripped apart by historic forces beyond anyone’s control. We are living in historic times, similar to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    So please forgive me while I use my infamous evil laughter when I read about putting Kosovo into the EU. Or Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Australia, or even Disneyland for that matter. This belongs to the category of corporate media doublespeak fairytales. Serbia will never be a part of the EU, for there won’t be any EU. The collapse of the EU is probably a matter of days, or weeks. Maybe months, if they flood the Eurozone with worthless paper that *they* will call Euros. And only if this cr@p circulates and doesn’t get diverted straight to hoarder accounts.

    We all have this pre-Berlin Wall collapse feeling that we can’t explain. Just look at the Janus look alike, the evil Merkozy’s faces when they were asked about Italian debt crisis. Their despair says it all! Our glorious leaders have no answers!

    T.I.N.A. you Eurob@st@rds. That is T.I.N.A.but collapse. After that, when your FIAT electronic coffers are worthless, if you still want my Lebensraum and my country, then by all means, come and get it!


    ELAINE: Thank you for the information. Yes, this is a war between classes, societies and nations. But then, trade in general is very much all about power politics which is why I hammer relentlessly away at this subject. Sovereign wealth is power! As Greece is discovering. The US has the least sovereign wealth on earth, you know. We carry the greatest international debts which are owed to Germans, Chinese, Japanese, OPEC people, etc. They own us. More so than Greece is owned by foreigners. Much more so.

    You are our future! I feel your pain!!!

  13. I don’t think Merkel and Germany are the real architects for this disaster. This mess was triggered (but not designed) by Dubya the Tool when he sent his Waffen SS to the ME oil fields and launched the Credit Bubble of all time. Ever since then the western world has been sliding towards the abyss. This credit bubble spread to Europe and undermined the foundations, and now the floor is starting to shift.

  14. emsnews

    No, it all began with the damn Derivatives Beast which crawled out of the Cave of Wealth and Death way back in Reagan’s day. And it would not exist if we still had the gold standard. When the floating fiat currency system gave birth to the free trade scam, we saw the birth of the euro, the expansion of the EU which is a free trade confederation, NOT a country, we saw the elements appear that would create the present conditions: no control over one’s sovereignty coupled with a flood, a total, immense flood of floating paper crap which we call ‘money’ but 90% of which is credit.

  15. To my thinking, maybe I am wrong, there was still time to stop the disaster before Bush flipped the funny switch. If there had been the political will and the public awareness back then. Instead the opposite was done and now it is too late.

  16. It’s like back tracking dominoes isn’t it.

    No doubt the Reagan presidency was a disaster, but then you have Nixon and so on.

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