7.2 Earthquake in Kurdish Turkey

The world has seen a fairly big number of earthquakes this last 5 years.  The latest one hit Eastern Turkey which is not only a very active earthquake zone but also an ethnic tension zone.  The area around Lake Van is where the Kurds, the former Armenians who were removed during WWI, are concentrated plus the near by borders are with Iran and Iraq, two nations NATO wanted to or did invade.  And Turkey is a key NATO country which as been alienated by US/Israeli actions this last year.

IRIS Seismic Monitor – Recent Earthquakes


The earthquake has killed well over 100 people and many of them died due to cement buildings pancaking.  This happens all too often and it leads me to wonder if maybe cement structures have inherent weaknesses like we saw with the WTC buildings, for example (the world’s most cement-heavy buildings, ever, by far).  Here is some information about the latest quake:

.Latest quake leaves experts torn – Hurriyet Daily News

Some buildings collapsed and emergency teams were trying to rescue people believed to be trapped in a building in Van, near the Iranian border, state-run news agency Anatolian said.

It said 50 injured people had been taken to hospital in Van, but did not give details on how serious their injuries were.

Television pictures showed damaged buildings and vehicles, crushed under falling masonry, and panicked residents wandering in the streets…the epicentre was at the village of Tabanlı, north of Van city, the agency said.


Many big quakes are at around 10km deep.  This one has some at that depth but it has quite a variation of depths especially the first two big quakes.  The second one was twice as deep as the first!

Turkey is, like Japan and Indonesia, worried about quakes since it is caught in a gigantic pincher between the mass of Eurasia and both Africa and Arabia.  The Arabian Plate is like a big, two-edged knife which is slicing into the belly of Iran and the rib cage of East Africa.  As Africa moves slowly but relentlessly northwards, it shoves Arabia north and to the side into Eurasia.

As with Australia which floats merrily along on its continental base platform while the front of movement is causing chaos, violence, volcanoes, tsunamis, mountain building and island erections as the planet’s surface is shoved forwards and upwards by the rapid movement of Australia.  Meanwhile, nothing at all happens to Australia.  The Arabian plate does have some activity but no where near as violent as the land it is slicing into.  Same with Northern Africa.


No volcanoes (Africa’s volcanoes are where the Arabian Plate is slicing into it), little mountain building.  But Greece, Turkey, Italy: they and the many islands in the Mediterranean are very active, very heavily reacting to the pressure of Africa.  Eventually, the Caspian, Crimean and Mediterranean Seas will be crushed totally and all the European countries on the Mediterranean Sea will be higher than the Himalayan mountains.


I was happy to see an older news story which agrees with my analysis:  Geologists to study eastern Turkey quakes – CNN


Scientists from the University of Cornell have received a 400,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to embark on the threeyear study of the Turkish Plateau, the youngest continenttocontinent plate boundary region on Earth. It is also one of the least studied.


.In eastern Turkey, the collision process is only about 10 million years old and depicts what the Tibet plateau looked like 25 million years ago. In other words, Turkey could have mountains like the Himalayas 20 million years from now, according to Eric Sandvol, a geology department research associate at Cornell.


Not just Turkey but all of Europe will be totally different in 20 million years.  Also, since much of the continental masses will be totally lopsidedly scrunched up at the North Polar regions, global warming won’t be even a slight consideration, humans or no humans.  Super-warm climates generally coincided with eras where the landmasses were equatorial, not polar.


I also found this interesting story from last summer concerning earthquakes in Turkey:  Latest quake leaves experts torn – Hurriyet Daily News

July 26, 2011:


A magnitude-5.2 earthquake that occurred in the Marmara Sea on Monday night has divided experts as to whether the temblor could be a precursor to further quakes.

Although experts at the country’s main seismological observatory, Kandilli, said the earthquake was standard for the Marmara Sea, other scientists believe more seismic activity might be on the way.

“This is normal activity for the Marmara Sea,” said Doğan Kalafat, director of the Kandilli Observatory. “There is nothing to cause panic now. I advise our citizens to remain calm.”


I don’t think it was a specific precursor.   But look at California this week, not one but two Recent Earthquakes in Berkeley, California, United States

Each month for the last 2 years, activity on the northern and southern ends of the earthquake zones there have been shaking like jello.  This is not a good thing.  Many quakes also are arising on either side of the San Andreas but virtually none in the middle of the actual San Andreas, itself.  This is really going to blow and not in the distant future, either.


Back to Turkey.  Here is a map showing the fault lines there and they are nearly all lined up with each other running from west to east.  The green zone here is the area which seems to have particular squeezing going on with many, many more fault lines than anywhere else.  Therefore, it is more likely to have more frequent quakes.

Here is a map showing the ethnic layout of this key region:  Kurdish-inhabited_area_by_CIA_(1992).jpg 982×802 pixels

In the news this month is some pretty hot fighting going on here, especially along the Iraqi border.  The Kurds and Turks have been shooting at each other.  The plan to rip apart all countries into small ethnic enclaves is being exercised upon a NATO member and it was basically launched by the US government when we invaded Iraq.  This is a most bizarre business.  Azerbaijan is still ‘at war’ with Armenia, for example, but Armenia was let into the EU before Turkey, even!  Which has irritated the Turks, too.


One last, side story here:  Many years ago in  NYC, a female cat of mine, ‘Fearless’ had sex with a rare cat from Turkey, a Turkish Van – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:


Many van-patterned Van cats have a small mark on the coat between the shoulder blades.This mark is called “The thumb print of God”. This mark can also be seen in red and white van-patterned Turkish Vans, i.e. the Turkish Van cats of classical color. The spot on the left shoulder, resembles the shape of the print of a thumb due to the presence of the agouti gene, which is responsible for tabby coloration and always present in red color in cats, giving rise to lighter and darker tones in the red marks of Van cats. The mark on the left shoulder can look as if the coloration was pressed out from the center to the periphery under the pressure of a finger. The Kurds call this mark “the thumbprint of God’s right hand”, and consider it a sign of good luck. There is a local legend telling that God blessed the Van cat by putting his right hand on it as the cat left Noah’s Ark. In the places on the cat’s coat where the Creator had touched it (head, shoulder and tail), the flaming marks appeared.[11][12]


This legend gives no explanations as to why the cat had been blessed by the Creator. The tenth century Persian historian Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari’s, recorded a legend that may give the answer. According to this legend, Noah caused a pair of cats to come from the lion’s nose to deal with rats that tried to make a hole in the bottom of the Ark.[13][14] That this story was well-known in the region is proved by the existence of a Persian proverb saying that “the lion had sneezed, and the cat appeared”.[15][16]


She had only one kitten, George.  He was huge.  He had a pair of spots on his head like his dad and like his dad, the tail looked like a racoon’s tail.  And best of all, he loved water, would jump into a fish pond to eat, swam rivers, would plunge into the bathtub with me and play in the sprinkler in Tucson on a hot day!  He was a fantastic cat.  And ferocious fighter, very much a lion of a cat.

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9 responses to “7.2 Earthquake in Kurdish Turkey

  1. Elaine – Kurds and Armenians are two separate groups – you seem to conflate them in your third sentence here.

  2. emsnews

    I mention their OVERLAPPING territories! They are NOT the same, I thought this would be painfully obvious.

  3. Johnny

    How about the theory that the earth is just getting bigger. Like a balloon being blown up. Slowly it enlarges and creates the havoc.

  4. phil

    The Turkey earthquake was NOT the work of Mother Nature.

    The quake was a calling card from Uncle Sam via his HAARP scalar wave energy machine.

    Same thing happened in Japan, and Haiti, and lots of other places … where
    the slaves mistook peace for freedom.

  5. emsnews

    Wow, are you a believer that the elites are gods? HAHAHA.

    Talk about bizarre. They are people. Wretched people. And they can’t control volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes or much of anything real. Mother Nature is far, far, far more powerful than they. Far more powerful.

  6. phil

    Check out latest listing of Turkey earthquakes.

    HAARP *&^%$#@ Mother Nature again!


  7. emsnews

    Many ‘lakes’ are actually volcanoes. Especially dangerous one is the lake in Yellowstone. It sits right on top of one of the world’s most dangerous calderas!

  8. Albert Koscheski

    The series of megaquakes that started with the February Chilean quake (2010), the September New Zealand quake (2010), and the March Japanese quake (2011) has matched the oppositions of Saturn in the spring and the Jupiter opposition in the fall. Scientists call this “perturbation”, when an inner planet passes between the sun and an outer planet. They discovered Neptune bt seeing perturbations in the orbit of Uranus, and later Pluto when Neptune was perturbed. If tiny Pluto so far away can perturb giant Neptune, how much is earth perturbed by Saturn and Jupiter. If this theory is correct , then we can expect a megaquake on North America’s west coast to complete the square around the ring of fire. In April of 2010 an east Turkey quake was followed by a 7.2 in Baja, so if the energy is there, megaquake soon west coast.

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