Zuckerberg Is Selling Private Facebook Information To Highest Bidders

DELETE YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS!  It turns out, the machinery for exploiting your own information, EVEN THAT SHARED ONLY WITH A FEW FRIENDS has been perfected so that TOTAL STRANGERS seeking to control  you, will have access to ALL your information which many people think, is only for their own friends and family, for example!


Frodo, throw Zuckerberg into the Mt. Doom!  Now!  Zuckerberg lays down the law: One timeline to rule them all – Ideas@Innovations – The Washington Post


This year’s event brought the boldest proclamation yet of Zuckerberg’s Law — a Moore’s Law of sorts for the social media generation. Loosely stated, it means that the amount of content that can be shared online doubles roughly every 12 months. If you shared 50 things this year, you’ll share 100 things next year. The best part about this exponential growth in shared content, from Mark Zuckerberg’s perspective, is that Facebook is now finally positioned to profit from all the sharing and “like”-ing that’s going on across the Web. (Full disclosure: The Washington Post Co.’s chairman and chief executive, Donald E. Graham, is a member of Facebook’s board of directors.)


So, the Zionist war propaganda machine, the Washington Post, is part owner of Facebook?  HAHAHA.  Oh, oh!  Beware, everyone!  They are spying on you, they being WALL STREET.  Yes, the very same entity that millions of humans are demonstrating against this very month.  The same clowns who thought using 11/9/11 as the national warning alarm day are the same people who own and control Facebook.


To borrow a metaphor from the original California Gold Rush – Facebook is now in the position to distribute the picks and shovels — or ”apps” — that enable companies to mine personal profiles for Web gold. With its newest changes, Facebook wants nothing less than to make what you listen to, read, watch and share online widely available to your friends online. This overhaul in the Facebook personal profile — when it gets rolled out to hundreds of millions of users at one time this week — has the ability to impact how we use the Web and how companies are able to monetize our personal information.


This is THEFT.  Not a great opportunity for all of us.  Will we have more information about the corporations mining Facebook for information?  No!  Wikileaks is dying due to being strangled by the bankers and Wall Street and of course, all the governments on earth who need to keep things secret from us all.  They have secrets, many secrets.  We, on the other hand, must be an open book, to be exploited by them, all, without us noticing since this happens behind our backs, in the dark.


Thank heavens, the Zionists running Facebook also have to sell this service to each other and anyone with a check book!  So they have to tell us about this plan.  Will people react negatively?  Netflix was rolling along recently when they decided to hit their customers across the side of the head and now the stock is collapsing and people are running off.  We run off very easily, online.


Wikileaks may die thanks to bankers cutting off access to donations but Anonymous still roars onwards.  And if that is killed, another entity will ooze out of the muck to go after corporate and state secrets.  This is a nightmare for our rulers.  They hate this.  They do love Zuckerman, of course.  He is one of them, a man who thinks humans are cows to be herded and then exploited.


So, if you have a Facebook account, punish this clown.  Close it down.  Move!  I have been forced to move my blog due to censorship not once but twice.  And I never regretted doing this!  They will hound us to death.  This is their job and it is our job to shine light on them.


If people don’t mind strangers pawing over their personal data when they were sold on Facebook with the lie that no one but people one chooses to be ‘friends’ will see things…well, not one of the people who will now ‘mine’ this ‘data’ are friendly.  They are wolves, gnomes and terrorists, they create the commercials we hate to see.  They irritate us all the time, hounding us into doing things that are not so good for us, they want to control us, politically.  Anyone who thinks the ‘data miners’ aren’t also often political operatives…ahem…they will do this!  They must do this!  They love doing this!


Be warned.  Flee.  Find some other service, preferably, foreign. Try Iceland’s services!  Try anyone.  The revolution is online and it isn’t at Facebook.  Occupy Wall Street, watch out!  You are being ‘mined’ for information!

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14 responses to “Zuckerberg Is Selling Private Facebook Information To Highest Bidders

  1. gardener1

    I opened a Facebook account 5 or 6 years ago with an email account that had 100% bogus user information. I don’t care what Facebook does with my faux email identity.

    I never post on Facebook anyway, what a bore. Lots of useless nonsense gibberish and meaningless 140 character ‘conversations’. Meh.

    I don’t have a cell phone either. I almost never answer the home phone I do have. I don’t have an ipod. I’d get rid of the annoying TV in a second except that the rest of the family likes it. I also have no car, I walk to work and take the bus everywhere else I want to go.

    I do have season symphony tickets.

    There’s just too much backround babble and noise in life so that you can’t hear yourself think anymore. All that twaddle drowns out the joys of being alive.

    Fuck Facebook and fuck gas prices and fuck credit scores and fuck text messages and fuck mortgages and fuck car payments–I have none of them. (I refuse to fly anymore, fuck the TSA too)

    I’m done with the foolishness. Finished. Opted out for good and for real.

  2. Duski

    Simple advice is to just avoid putting any really important personal data on anything in the internet in the first place. I never considered using facebook for pretty much anything else than keeping in touch with some friends / people I know. I think it would be silly to put anything important on any site like that, ever.

    I’d still might cancel my account, just on principle…

  3. B.A.

    Funny how they say “full disclosure”. If only…

  4. DeVaul

    I cannot understand what facebook is even for. If you have an account there, anything on your computer can be seen by the facebook managers, so you might want to wipe your hard drive, and put a piece of tape over the camera on your laptop.

    This will not erase all the info on you they already have, but it will prevent them from getting any more.

  5. ooh@ch.ie

    Hi Gardener1, hate to point this out but bogus account info is not enough. Just visiting Facebook sets you up.


    This article may not make sense to everyone, but the comments are worth reading.

    As best I understand it, when you delete ordinary cookies the Flash-cookies, LSO’s, are not removed as they are held in the Macromedia/Flash folder a separate location on your computer.

    If using Firefox with Windows, one might try a plug-in like


    Perhaps other visitors may care to contribute a better explanation?

  6. I tell ya..those billionaire Jews!
    Gates, Soros, Zuckerberg and others!

    Was Ari Onasis Jewish?

  7. notgonnatellya

    on my computer, Facebook, and only Facebook, gets opened with Internet Explorer. I use another browser for everything else.

  8. Urban Roman

    There’s Diaspora.

    If you want, you can start your own pod.


  9. Urban Roman

    I just tried that link and the ‘joindiaspora’ pod is slow this morning.

    Here’s a link to an individual post on diasp.org — it is public.

    And like I was saying, you can start your own pod if you want to rent some server space with a regular ISP…

  10. Notgunnatell……………what does facebook learn or how does it spy?

  11. MikeM

    I now use my Facebook page to broadcast my contempt for this facist police state, and I do so specifically because I know that my disparaging remarks are turned over to the gooberment.

    It’s the best way I can put my “John Hancock” on the current situation.

    Zuckerberg is nothing more than a King George III loyalist, but he’s still a useful pawn.

  12. emsnews

    Good! Mike, that is brave. I hope you kick ass.

  13. DeVaul

    My ancestors considered ridicule to be the best weapon against those who abuse their authority over others, but that was during a time when people valued their reputation and could not create a new one with a PR team.

    Still, it works some, maybe more than we know, so go for it Mike!

    Ridicule them on their own network.

  14. Ponsonby

    At a recent talk sponsored by one of the largest insurance companies in the US, the speaker made two points he said members of the audience should not forget: (1) stay out of Mexico and (2) stay off Facebook. He said that going onto Facebook is the equivalent of handing out your wallet on a subway car. Facebook sells your personal information and what little they don’t sell [yet] is hacked into by teenagers in Europe who are paid to discover whether you are or a member of your family is worth kidnapping. I will remember each of (1) and (2) and you had better too.

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