Police Find Murdoch Hacking Phone In London

Murdoch’s propaganda machine went crazy over the Wikileaks business even while itself was openly hacking people’s private conversations and then publishing the information across the entire planet earth.  Just as our government spies on everyone and above all, does this illegally (we never know this unless some whistle blower gives the information to say, Wikileaks!) so has Zionists working for Murdoch, spied on people in Britain.  Murdoch’s empire should be broken up and his presence in England should be eliminated.  He is not English, anyway.  He is from Australia and is an ‘American citizen’ (sic) for tax purposes.


The chilling facts here are, Murdoch had secret access to Whitehall and used this to commit crimes.  Of course, his criminal operation in England is in the process of being sued to death by the victims of his meddling, rumor mongering and theft of information plus, in one case, actively lying to the victims of a kidnapping/murder.  Exclusive: Met finds secret phone at centre of NI hacking – Crime, UK – The Independent


Specialist detectives from the Metropolitan Police have discovered the existence of a secret mobile phone within News International’s east London headquarters that was used in more than 1,000 incidents of illegal hacking.


The Independent has established that the phone, nicknamed “the hub”, was registered to News International and located on the News of the World’s news desk. Operation Weeting, the Metropolitan Police’s hacking inquiry, has evidence that it was used illegally to access 1,150 numbers between 2004 and 2006.


The previous head of the London police had to resign in disgrace because he was bribed by Murdoch’s gangsters to look the other way or even actively participate in the criminal activities of the Murdoch machine.  What is really funny in today’s revelations is how Murdoch’s top staff hacked the phones of his own reporters!


Tom Rowland, a journalist and former television producer, whose phone was hacked 60 times between 2004 and 2006, and who has been given “core participant” status in the forthcoming Leveson inquiry, was told of the “NOTW hub” during an interview at Operation Weeting’s headquarters in Putney, London…


…The former reporter claimed that the newsdesk executives at the tabloid “kept their cards close to their chests”. He said reporters “would be told precisely where a person would be at a given time, so we could go and intercept, photograph and question them. That person would be surprised at how we had discovered their whereabouts. In retrospect the obvious explanation is that a voicemail was left somewhere in which the person had declared their intention to be at a specific location at a specific time.” The “hub” was described by the ex-reporter as being “at the heart of the NOTW newsroom”. He said that it had been used to conduct hacking “on an industrial scale”.


Murdoch lied in Parliament.  He lied to the police.  He lied to the media.  He always lies, his business is to peddle lies or to make lives miserable for ‘celebrities’ who get hounded to death.  His private life is kept secret while he hunted down and then exposed to public ridicule, everyone else.  This is the ultimate power used by governments such as were used against Assange of Wikileaks fame.


He irritated them so they hunted down every detail of his life and found two ladies who are not totally pleased with his sexual performance in bed and thus, were persuaded to say that he should go to jail for not being perfect (compare this with the IMF chief who cheated a maid out of payment for sex or raped her, either of which was pure evil and he got off, scot free).  The entire apparatus of State Power was leveraged against Wikileaks and Assange and now Wikileaks is dying due to being unable to raise funds.  But Murdoch hoped to get off scott free, too, like the IMF French rapist/sex payment cheater via his many powerful connections with rich, political operatives who run whole countries and depend on him for propaganda pushes.


That is, he propagandizes on their behalf, lies for them, peddles their lies as truths and in turn, they would protect him.  Alas for this bozo, he irritated connected people who are rich and who are at the top and who have their own significant powers and they forced this investigation and they intend to destroy him now.  Eventually, they will bankrupt his organization via lawsuits, if nothing else.


Most news media get away with bad information, outright lies and character assassination.  I have been in the news more than once in my life and getting them to correct salient, obvious facts is very, very difficult if not impossible.  I learned this when I was still in high school and won a scholarship award.  The paper spelled my name wrong, had the wrong age, and I couldn’t get them to correct it properly.


So, I learned to be cynical about this when still under the age of 16.  People, in general, believe news stories.  But they are not always true.  On the other hand, people who don’t believe the mainstream news anymore, due to obvious lies, often transfer their trust to just as bad liars as the mainstream news.  This is the problem with reality and life: liars abound.  They are legion.  They are the basis for many operations such as say, religions in general.  Or banks.  Or governments.  Who do we believe?


This is a real problem for all of us and we have no solutions except to have MANY sources of information: I read the news all over the world in other countries, in other media forms, in other languages, every day.  I read books, I read magazines.  I go out in the world and see and do things, checking out what is going on with my own eyes.  And then I apply history to the present since the past is the future.  History never dies, it alway rules us.


The history of the news is the same way.  Once of my relatives in England began the first newspaper.  Richard Steele got his news via gossip from prostitutes in London.  They were his reporters!  He would lounge about the pubs, picking up this gossip (in bed, too, of course!) and was very lucky in that he supported Queen Anne before she became Queen and in return, she gave him an estate in Ireland.  Which brings up the topic of the English displacing the Irish and stealing their homeland, another one of history’s ugly epics.


From day one, the very first newspaper, the Tattler, the object of bringing the news to the masses was for ideological, political and economic purposes.  It was corrupted by this motive from the very start.  Aside from natural bias of the newspaper owners and editors, there is a desire to gain financially and in terms of power and news peddlers launch wars, bring people into power, support power or defy it.  Or bring people down, again.


When news sellers are criminals, we get the messes we see in England today.  Our own news media is owned by people who are very rich and want our leaders to protect the very rich and this has widened the divisions here as the rich get richer, as the media pushes tax cuts, as the poor are seen as criminals, as the gulf between rich and poor widens, respect for the media falls.


The rich lie to us because it is easy to do.  But the unease at the bottom is beginning to worry them all.  For example, fearful of losing their audience, some media are breaking ranks and finally pushing information I have known for quite a while.  Here is a CBS example:  CBO: Top 1% getting exponentially richer – CBS News


The Occupy Wall Street movement has, for the most part, been formed around the idea that wealth distribution in America is unfair, and that the economic system is skewed to reward the already wealthy with the highest gains. A new report from the Congressional Budget Office appears to have confirmed that.
Specifically, it has confirmed that the rich really are getting richer.


Between 1979 and 2007, the top 1 percent of Americans with the highest incomes have seen their incomes grow by an average of 275 percent, according to the CBO study (PDF).


In comparison, the 60 percent of Americans in the middle of the income scale saw their incomes increase by just 40 percent during the same time period, according to the study, which was based on a combination of IRS and Census data.


The Murdoch media, on the other hand, is pretending they can’t figure out why people are demonstrating against the very rich.  The article still doesn’t quite state blatantly that this gulf separating the rich and poor are due to the Reagan/Bush tax cuts.  That naked admission of guilt is verboten even in this supposedly open CBS article.  Nor do they connect the theft of all the trillions in the Social Security savings account to the tax cuts to the rich.  Nor does this or any CBS article connect the Bilderberg gang with the tax cuts.  Nor does this or any article at CBS talk about how the very rich are corrupting Congress or are Congress, themselves or why a billionaire is running NYC, for example.


The corruption at the top is directly responsible for changing the rules so that the rich get richer and our government accumulates more and more debts and the SS savings account would vanish.  The corruption at the top comes directly from our news media that supported people who were cutting taxes on the rich.  Bush Jr.’s promise to do this is directly why he was pushed into the White House with the connivance of most of our news media.   Which fully supported the Supreme Court theft.  They wanted their tax cuts!  No matter what!


Millionaires Control 39% of Global Wealth – The Wealth Report – WSJ


According to the latest Global Wealth Report from Credit Suisse, the 29.7 million people in the world with household net worths of $1 million (representing less than 1% of the world’s population) control about $89 trillion of the world’s wealth. That’s up from a share of 35.6% in 2010, and their wealth increased by about $20 trillion, according Credit Suisse.


The wealth of the millionaires grew 29% — about twice as fast as the wealth in the world as a whole, which now has $231 trillion in wealth.


Across the planet, the rich are collecting capital while forcing all governments to run on debt, for the most part.  There are a few exceptions to this.  Germany being the prime example.  Germany had to lean on the US/UK/Swiss tax havens to stop German tax cheats.  Nearly all the rich people on earth are tax cheats.  They starve their own governments to death as we see in the US, UK and Japan.  All three of these ‘top economic and banking’ powers are dying rapidly under a huge burden of government debts even as their richest rich get richer.  This ridiculous thing has only one ending: bankruptcy and revolution.


Looting Libya is a short term, desperate measure.  But Libya’s wealth, though substantial, is a gnat’s kneecap to the levels of debt loaded onto these three imperial agents.  The combined debts of the UK/US and Japan are at least $20 TRILLION.  This is a ridiculous sum.  And do we see taxes on these rich bastards going up?


Nope!  The GOP, for example, is running on the flat tax platform where the rich pay even less in taxes!  Talk about irresponsible, insane and cruel.  All of Europe, Japan and the US are talking nonstop about defunding the poor, social programs, the elderly, schools, etc.  Kill it all off, they yell, make the rich, richer.  Murdoch is very rich.  He isn’t happy.  He needs more money.  He supports more tax cuts and cuts in social programs.

Raw Video: Protesters Clash With Oakland Police – YouTube

Actually, the Oakland cops, when I tangled with them back in the sixties, are nasty.  The people defying them are very brave.  The government, the rich, the media owners, all want to stop Occupy Wall Street.  They want rioters to go home and die.  If not, they get to die in the streets.  Riots are spreading across the First World countries even as revolutions are springing up against their own dictators, many of whom work with the rich elites in Europe and the US.  This movement of people is going to grow greater as social spending is cut.  Much greater.  Nothing will stop this force because it is being forced on people.


Obama, today, announced that our children will only pay 10% tithes on their student loans.  If Congress, totally corrupt and evil, passes this.  And this won’t pass the GOP.  It cuts the costs of debt, not tax cuts for the rich.  But this won’t save our kids.  A 10% lifetime reduction in income isn’t a good thing at all.  We used to pay for colleges via collective taxes.  But no more.  Now, kids must pay their own way.  This is a bad thing in the long run.  Very bad.  Especially if they graduate and find that all those engineering and computer jobs have moved to China!

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8 responses to “Police Find Murdoch Hacking Phone In London

  1. larry, dfh

    This ‘debt reduction’ program could be good for students, as it is pegged to 10% of income for 15 years. Well 10% of Zero aint much.
    This last Spring I attended the graduation at Cornell University. The president, in his speech, was very proud that 47% of graduates either had jobs, or were going to grad. school, up from 42% the previous year. Less than half of the graduates had somewhere to go other than their parents’ house. It is unbelievable that half the kids graduating from such a school don’t have the skills necessary for all those ‘high tech’ jobs the media keep telling us are unattainable by our poorly-trained youth. One thing the media has always been good at: blaming the victims. Whether it’s ‘revolting savages’, or ‘pinko unionists’ or ‘scary Negroes’, it’s always the victims who are out of line.

  2. Paul S

    The student loan program in the USA has ALWAYS been a rip-off of the student; that’s the way it was designed. I have personal experience with this. Here’s how it works. You apply for–and get–your student loan, but it doesn’t go directly to you. It goes to the school for which you applied for the loan. They get to keep your money and collect interest on it for a while. Then the banks get their cut. When I got my student loan, the bank giving me the loan got to take a 10% cut right off the top. I forget the phony name they gave for this fee, but it was 10%. In addition, these loans are guaranteed by the government. Talk about a Sweetheart deal! The banks can’t get these kinds of loan terms ANYWHERE else, not for an automobile loan, not for a Small business loan. The only way you can match this kind of Sweetheart deal is if you are Goldman Sachs or J Pirate Morgan and can bribe your way into getting the taxpayer to cover your massive losses in Derivatives gambling/fraud. Student loan practices have needed reform from the very beginning, but you can see who calls the shots. The schools are scamming their students and the banks get loan terms that are almost impossible to match anywhere else.

  3. billibaldi

    Point of Information,

    Rupert Murdoch is not a US citizen for tax purposes, the family trust in the Bahamas is for that. He is a citizen due to laws regarding the ownership of radio and TV stations.

  4. We used to pay for colleges via collective taxes.


    Now, kids must pay their own way.

    Especially if they graduate and find that all those engineering and computer jobs have moved to China!





  5. ELAINE…………….

    ‘Actually, the Oakland cops, when I tangled with them back in the sixties, are nasty’
    What do you expect? They couldnt be as bad as the oakland criminals!
    Look at who they have to hunt down.

  6. emsnews

    The fact was, they were not hunting them down, they were in Berkeley, pestering US!

    True story: after the Oakland cops attacked us on day, the next day my doorbell rang and a motorcycle cop was there, asking me for a date!!!! HAHAHA. I went on a date with him! We had fun.

    He was sad about being a cop but did it for the money, naturally. Poor guy.

  7. Jason & Dana Hegna


    Very good reporting, ma’am. It appears that your self-introspection keeps personality bias to a minimum. Kudos.

    The most sophisticated ‘main-stream’ news available to us (other than via the INET) is from Amy Goodman’s Link-TV.

    “If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.”
    – Charles Darwin

    “Experience demands that man is the only animal which devours his own kind, for I can apply no milder term to the general prey of the rich on the poor […of the rich on society].”
    – Thomas Jefferson


    Dana (& Jason) Hegna

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